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Posted by Starcevichsue on 05/12/2013
I wish I could say something positive but I cannot. I made a phone payment to them using my card. My service was stopped because they said the card was declined. So I made the payment by check over the phone. When I checked my checking account the card payment had gone thru as well as the check payment so they took a double payment. I was in time to stop payment on the check. They told me it had been a mistake. So one more time I used my card to make a one time payment for a certain amount. When I again checked my bank account they took out that payment twice doubling the amount that was authorized. They are nothing by crooks and I don't think anyone in customer service has any idea what they are doing except how to rip people off. I would not recommend them or their service to anyone.

I don't know what I can do legally about this but I will make their life a living nightmare when I get ahold of them again.
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Horrible Customer Service
Posted by Carlos762 on 03/30/2013
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I have been interested in upgrading my Blackberry since last year. I opted to wait for the new Z10. I signed up for updates and patiently waited. During the wait I became impatient and frustrated. I called customer service and was offered a Note II at a great price. When I agreed and tried to purchase it like all my other phones. I was told I now had to pay full price and could not do what I had done before. I call back a couple of weeks later to purchase the phone and now the phone is out of stock.

Last week I'm at a BestBuy and see the new Z10 and a Blackberry representative She explains it's the nationwide release that everyone should have it. That she'd be more than happy to sell me a phone through AT&T. I tell her no thanks, going to stick with T-Mobile. I go to your store, and once again you don't have it. I call customer service a couple days later, and again you don't have it.

On March 26th I get an email saying phone is available. I call customer service and ask if it's online only, or also in stores. "Amber" says stores and that she will be glad to check. We pick a corporate store and she calls for me to check stock, at your Dadeland Mall store ( Dadeland Mall (1301) 7535 DADELAND MALL STE K4050
MIAMI, FL 33156. 305-668-0050).

She calls me back and says she spoke to store, and they have them in stock. I change my schedule around and head to the store immediately. When I get there, two reps attempt to help me. Young guy checks my account and calls girl over, who claims to be the manager. Neither one of them decide to give me their names, neither one of them was wearing a name tag. They both go on to ask me who called me? When I tell them no one called, I called customer service. They proceed to tell me that the stock they have is for "their customers" and they cannot be selling phones to other stores. I explain I'm not from another store, that I called customer service, and last I checked I was a their customer. Manager says "they didn't speak to me" I go on tell them to look at my account and the tenure. That I've been a customer for over 10.5 years.

Apparently that meant absolutely nothing to them, and I am told they "cannot sell me a phone, because I'm not on their preferred list." I become irate and tell them that was BS and ridiculous. When I ask for the managers card, she gives me a blank generic store card and refuses to give me her name. I call customer service and specifically tell the representative that I was livid and would do my best to contain my anger and not use every expletive I could think of. I slip one word in and she tells me she understands but to keep calm. Looks at the notes, and ask me for info on the store.

She agrees with me, what I was told was ridiculous. That if customer service sends a customer to a store, they should be able to sell me a phone. Puts me on hold and calls the store. When she comes back on, she now has "Kenneth" on the line. He says "it was ridiculous to turn me away, just come back to the store and he will take care of it." Now all of the sudden, they can sell me a phone? I slip another expletive (sh*t). That I was not going to do that. At this point because of their inadequacies, I had wasted two hours of my day, and as a consultant that gets paid by the hour. I had now lost more than what two phones cost me. That I should have been sold a phone when I was there, not given some excuse that "I was not on their preferred list" "Kenneth" goes on to tell the representative on the phone, "just hang up on him".

At this point I become even angrier because I cannot believe his audacity. Where has your customer service gone to? I hang up on the representative to gain my composure. Few minutes later I call back your support to get names of the reps and your representative once again gives me the run around. I am beyond disgusted. Is this how a loyal customer with such tenure gets treated? This entire incident was a complete lack of respect for my time, and years spent with the company.

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Double billed every month for 6 months
Posted by Nes2334 on 01/17/2013
DENVER, COLORADO -- I have been double billed every month for 6 months, T-mobile has freely taken money from my checking account even though I am not enrolled in auto pay program. I have been charged $340.00 dollars for a $210.00 account for six months or longer. The bill has never been correct and I have spent hours at the retail outlet working with the manager because calling customer support is pointless, you just get the run around. WORST company I have ever had to deal with. DON'T ever do business with them or they will screw you over.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-01-17:
How do they have access to your bank account if you are not enrolled in an auto pay program?
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-18:
I had the exact same question as CC.
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Deplorable Business Practices
Posted by Ravital on 10/15/2012
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Long story short:

1. Walked into local T-Mobile store with two AT&T phones and unlock codes, asked about their Monthly-4G plans.
2. I was promised that since the AT&T phones were smartphones with 4G capability, I could get 4G service.
3. Successfully unlocked both phones.
4. Successfully activated both phones with new T-Mobile SIM cards (took multiple phone calls and multiple visits to the store, but got it done). I PRE-PAID $60 for 1 month of Monthly-4G for each phone, plus $10 activation for each phone, total $140.
5. AT THE STORE, I checked both phones. Everything worked fine, except 4G. Then and only then, I was told by the agents at the store that web browsing would probably have to remain at 2G levels, because these particular AT&T phones had some hardware lock from AT&T that the unlock procedure could not remedy.
6. Ported both my phones back to AT&T, went back to T-Mobile store, to get refund. The phones had been active on the T-Mobile network for all of 3 hours. T-Mobile agent says, "No refund."

This is NOT "buyer's remorse." I did not "change my mind" - a specific feature was represented as available, and only after I paid, it turned out to be unavailable.

This is not a "coverage issue either: Other, T-Mobile phones, get 4G performance in the same area, in the same store. ONLY AFTER I PAID it turned out that there was in fact a T-Mobile web page that listed compatible AT&T phones that would deliver 4G, and neither of my phones was on that list.

So, if someone had advised me of that before the purchase, I would not have made the purchase.

Clearly, a refund is due.

Wrote to T-Mobile Customer Relations. There is no email address or phone number for T-Mobile Customer Relations, only a P. O. Box in Albuquerque, NM. Received response that clearly demonstrates they did not read, or did not understand, my detailed explanation of the above.

I would have, in the future, replaced my phones with T-Mobile-branded phones, and would have loved to use their service for many years, with our without a contract, but they seem to believe it's worth throwing that away over $140. Seriously misguided people.

Contacting my State Attorney General.
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Posted by OhOkay on 2013-12-07:
Nope. No refunds on prepaid services. Once the transaction is complete it can never be refunded. The rep just made an easy sale. #commish
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Posted by Bolt_pro on 07/26/2012


Customer Service: Lame Duck Reps that have no power...don't even bother speaking to them. (A+ Very Nice and Willing To Transfer You)

Tech Support: Not really technical and have no power...pass these folks up unless you want them to tell you to reboot and rebuild your phone, because that will solve your problems. (C Good speakers but still have very little knowledge of the actual phone or power over solving complex issues)

Escalation Department: Dense (F - Futile attempts at reason)

If there were a way to place LESS THAN ONE STAR I would. Let me tell you of my issues and yes they are mine! I chose, of my own free will, to move from another carrier to T-mobile because of the price and incentives. IT HAS BEEN THE WORST MOVE I'VE EVER MADE and has cost me clients and more money than I saved switching. I joined T-mobiles ranks as a user in November 2011 (a little over 8 months ago) and since then it has all been down hill, let me expound a little:

STEP 1. I chose to take a plan that allowed me to pay for a phone monthly instead of taking a payment plan with a higher monthly fee because I change phones regularly for development purposes and want the best on the market. With a standard contract plan I would have been paying more per month and would have to had paid top dollar for a new handset each time I changed. I chose the HTC Sensation because it was newer and pledged tech that many other phones did not carry. I PAID OVER $400. The phone started crashing, rebooting on it's own, and otherwise not functioning after about a month. T-mobile can collaborate my complaint with their notes.

STEP 2. I chose to have the SMARTPHONE REPLACED USING MY INSURANCE through T-mobile where they send the same phone (new to me but refurbished) so as to test the theory that the phone is defective and not that actual model/operating system. After reading through countless forums, I found that thousands of individuals were having the same issues and had encountered similar results in working with T-mobile...they were sent a replacement Sensation and/or offered a lower functioning phone for exchange. When I received the phone, as per the tech support member's instructions, I didn't load any apps on the phone because they said it was more than likely an app that was causing the problems with the phone. #1...why in the HECK (No, I try not to swear...but I'm sure someone here would be willing to do if for me!) would I purchase a $400 smart phone and not be able to load apps on it! And these apps are Google designed and published. Way to go T-mobile.

STEP 3. THE PROBLEM PERSISTS...So the second phone immediately has issues, many of which were the same issues I was already encountering with the previous phone...shutting down in the middle of browsing, inability to use the phone when plugged into a wall outlet or computer (Couldn't unlock it and the selection of areas on the phone would randomly select other items not clicked on).

STEP 4: CALL T-MOBILE TECH SUPPORT...AGAIN. By this time (Today, July 26/2012) I have CALLED T-Mobile over SIX TIMES about the issues and each time they tell me something different. Today destroyed my patience and turned me into a raving lunatic! Not really, but sort of...This time I spoke to customer service, tech support, and the escalation department (they send you here when you threaten to leave) and none could or would even consider helping me. ALL I WANT IS A REPLACEMENT FOR THE MODEL THAT I HAVE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! I'm a customer is good standing, I pay my bill each month, I ONLY EXPECT THE PHONE I BUY FROM A CELLULAR COMPANY TO WORK...is that too much to ask? It's like buying a new car and driving down the street only to have the engine blow up! Would the car company say..."Oh, we don't build that engine, we only build the car around the engine and if the engine blows up, it's not our fault!"

STEP 5: OPTIONS LAID OUT BY T-MOBILE FOR ME TO GET A REPLACEMENT PHONE WITH SMART CAPABILITIES. Really, this is what they told me, "Purchase a new phone or take one that is dumb!" That was their solution! OMG(osh), I could have figured that out all by myself! they even told me that they know the HTC Sensation has issues with the Android operating system and that HTC is working on a fix...oh yeah and has been for close to six months. Meanwhile the Sensation isn't made anymore and the problems persist. So my options became as clear as can be...sell my phones for a couple hundred a piece and get the heck away from T-Mobile as fast as my wallet would allow.

PARTING THOUGHTS: TAKE SOMETIME BEFORE CONSIDERING T-MOBILE because they swear they test all phones in use on their system, but don't you think they would have caught a phone like the Sensation that has had so many issues if that were true...MAYBE IT IS NO
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Posted by chibikai on 2012-08-21:
I am having the exact same problem to the letter...
Posted by emeraldlorraine on 2013-05-30:
Scary about the replacement phones being refurbished yet charging full price. Deceitful.
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Customer service at it's WORST!
Posted by Ginger73 on 07/10/2012
NEW MEXICO -- I am very disappointed with how I have been treated by T-mobile customer service in financial care, customer relations & customer care. The responses to my letter inquiries appear to be a form letter with my name inserted. I have asked repeatedly in writing and on the phone to be able to discuss my personal issues specifically. I am fully aware of the early termination policy and am disputing much more than just that. I find it impossible to believe that after all this time I can’t speak to a live person in customer relations. I have previously stated that I have been a good standing customer for over ten years always paying on time. Since April I have been treated like I am a stupid person unable to understand the policies, a scammer-criminal and as though I do not have the financial means to pay the balance. I am a college educated and consider myself very intelligent. It has never been an issue of whether I am able to pay the balance as I have a well above average credit score and always pay my bills on time. As for being treated like a scammer or criminal – almost funny since I have no criminal record whatsoever – If I wanted to scam or not pay I would do just that if it was my nature.. I simply just wanted to be heard and treated fairly.
Last Tuesday I spoke to a female representative In our conversation she was extremely polite and let me tell her my whole side of this dispute. She apologized for my unhappiness and stress over the dispute. She put me on hold and came back to advise me in these exact words “within 3-5 days you will have an account balance of zero”. I said so after the holiday weekend this will be over and I will not receive any more calls. She said for my piece of mind to call the automated # for financial care and verify the account balance cleared. I was so relieved after talking w/Hazel that T-mobile was able to come through and resolve this issue.

This morning July 10, 2012 when I called the automated info said the amount of $222.30 was still owed. I was once again very upset with T-mobile at this news. I connected to financial care and was treated again as though I was not able to pay the amount.

Today I spoke to a very rude staff member in customer care who used a demeaning tone and raised voice to me when I was explaining my issues (this attitude and demeaning tone seems to be a characteristic of most of the T-mobile staff). I brought up the conversation w/Hazel and was told I must have misinterpreted her information. He finally after a lengthy amount of time transferred me to his supervisor (previously in call said there was no one to be transferred too). The supervisor continued to treat me unfairly in the same manner as the care representative After a lengthy conversation of which nothing was resolved the supervisor terminated the call hanging up on me. Another example of being unfairly treated by customer relations. I find it ridiculous that all I was told is that Hazel would be talked to about being more careful about misleading customers in the future. For the record I was not mislead as I wrote her exact words down and had her repeat them last week. I feel that T-mobile should follow though with what their staff member tells a customer not just send out another form letter with my name inserted.
I paid the past due amount this morning. I still hope T-mobile will surprise me and come through with contacting me with compromise to this payment but am not expecting it.
I do not even expect the letter I wrote to them today to reach intended recipient. All I have wanted is to speak to someone live and be truly treated fairly. I imagine whoever opens the mail at T-Mobile will either share for a laugh with co workers or throw in trash.

I am a good & honest person and do not want to deal with this anymore as it has been very stressful, demeaning & overall a waste of time.

I truly regret ever becoming a customer & will never recommend T-mobile to any friend or family member.
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Tmobile Free Companion Flight Concierge Service & Price Match Guarantee Scam!
Posted by Bugsmom47 on 03/10/2009
T-Mobile advertised a "Free" companion flight ticket for renewing or signing a 2-year contract with the company. What they did not advertise is how buying the ticket through their vendor company would not hook directly to pricing found on the airline's sites and tickets would be double the price. However, you can do a "Price Match Guarantee" where you find a price that is lower than theirs on an airline website for the same flight, they will match the price you found plus add 15% on top of that --so basically you have to pay 15% for your companion flight, plus taxes and fees...so it's not really free (that is a lawsuit waiting to happen...).

Also, when you submit this price match there is a list of things you need to provide (ex. your pin number, screenshots of the fares, etc.)via fax or email. On the site, it says they will contact you in 2 business days. Of course the fine print somewhere says promo terms subject to change without notice-but after a month you would think that if they were revising their official response window to 10-14 business days they would update their user terms on the site to align customer expectations? Also, when you submit this price match via email they don't give you a confirmation number, just automated email that they received it and will be in contact.

I've called this "Concierge" service and been hung up on by an agent when I asked their name because they were so rude, falsely promised my concerns were being escalated to a manager (which I learned from another agent there saying if they didn't take my contact info other than my name there was no way the other agent submitted my concerns to a manager b/c they don't have a file of the Price Matches in their center to access), told that they are really busy and may not make the 10-14 days, that they don't have control on updating the website to say they will be in contact within 10-14 days instead of 2, told it was my fault for not contacting them via phone to do my price match, etc.

In not being able to resolve with their company, I contacted Tmobile customer service directly today and had a heart to heart with an agent who seemed to defend the crappy concierge and promotion (instead of apologizing and being empathetic like most Tmobile reps do when they feel a customer is upset). But he said he was escalating to management and the shareholders would see my complaints and as a customer since 2003 they do take my complaints seriously.

I did a quick Google search to see if anyone else was blogging on this sketchy promo-and when he gave me attitude that I was only his 2nd complaint in 2 months, the web is saying otherwise.

As a marketing professional, I see so many legal problems going on with this promo and definitely would join a class action lawsuit. They said my day 14 is really tomorrow (although I submitted the Price Match on 2/18 and have all the documentation and in my math it's been more than 14 days as of tomorrow, but I digress...) and if I don't have a call tomorrow offering my price match for my flight request for March 20th I will be filing a formal complaint to the FTC. This was a huge promotional promise that came with a huge commitment of extending my 2 lines for 2 years...I won't sit back on this one!
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Roaming And Early Termination Fees
Posted by Ryk on 10/31/2008
MAINE -- I used T-Mobile as my cell phone carrier for years... perhaps 5 years. Without any problems. Then........

I got a letter from them canceling three of the lines on my family plan, which included 4 cell phones, because according to them I roam to much. I called them to ask if I canceled the fourth line if I would be charged an early termination fee. They said yes, so I explained I would be giving that line to one of the three people they are canceling for roaming to much. They then said they would not charge me an early termination fee for any of the four lines.
My next question was how do I keep my telephone numbers and not get hit with an early termination fee. They said I had to transfer the numbers before they canceled the plan or the numbers would be unavailable to me, and that I could do that earlier then they planned to terminate me and they would not charge me an early termination fee. OK.

I bought another plan from another company, transferred the numbers, paid my last bill and thought we were done with T-Mobile. What a mistake. That was in June 08.

I got a bill for $200 for an early termination fee on the fourth phone. Contacted T-Mobile, they were "so sorry that should never have happened" they would take care of it. They did charge it to my credit card anyway, I called again, "they were still so sorry that should never have happened" they would fix it. They didn't so I contacted my credit card company and disputed the charge. T-Mobile never responded to the dispute, so I was not charged. To date I have not heard another word about that early termination fee.

Then I got a bill for $615 dollars, $600 early termination fees for the three phones they terminated, $15 for two days of service. I called them and again "they were so sorry that never should have happened" they would take care of it. Again they charged my credit card, again I called them, again they were "so sorry that never should have happened". They didn't credit my card so again I filed a dispute with my credit card company. T-Mobile didn't respond to the dispute, they sent it to collections!!!! I have never had a bill go to collections in my whole life!! They are even worse to deal with then T-Mobile.

So after five days of intense phone calling to T-Mobile and the collections agency, today they said "we are so sorry that never should have happened, we have it back from collections, we have waived the early termination fee, (waived as if I owed it in the first place), now your bill is $15". I asked for a written bill stating the amount I own them in a final bill. I would like it in witting that they have "waived" the early termination fees and my final bill it $15. They can't send me a bill because I am no longer a T-Mobile customer!!!!
Is this crazy or is it just me? I have never had anyone tell me they can't send me a bill when they want money from me.

They said I can go to a T-Mobile bill pay, but they still can not print a bill for me. Also the closest one is about 225 mile away from me. I did call them and they can take my payment but they can't give me a copy of the bill, nor can they tell me how much me total bill is because I am not a current T-Mobile customer so I am not in their system!!!

So here I sit waiting, will I get another bill from T-Mobile or a call from their collection agency? If its collections do you suppose they will send me a copy of the final bill? This would really be comical if it weren't my credit we are talking about here. I wonder how long before we will see this scenario on a sit-com?

I do not recommend this company to anyone for anything. This is NO WAY to do business. I wish I could send them a bill for all the hours I have been on the phone trying to sort this out.

This is Oct 31, so this story has taken 5 months so far.....
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T-mobile Customer Service Sucks
Posted by TmobileSucks on 01/04/2006
22102, VIRGINIA -- I have recently had the most horrible experience with T-mobile customer service. The problem began when I placed a web order for their cell phone service. I had inadvertently placed duplicate orders, with one having a wrong shipping address. Upon realizing that both orders had been submitted, I called the T-mobile back office number 1-800-672-5390 included in my order confirmation email to straighten out the problem. The representative who answered my called said "I cannot do anything for you." So, I naturally asked for her supervisor who presumably should be able to do SOMETHING.


To my surprise, I was informed that the ENTIRE T-mobile corporation does not have 1 single mechanism to stop an aberrant order. Adding insult to injury, when I pressed the back office supervisor why then did they include 1-800-672-5390 this phone number in the email and encourage customers to call with questions, this VERY well trained T-mobile employee HUNG UP ON ME. The irony of this is that the whole reason I even bothered to call T-mobile informing them of my mistake was to save their time and also my time and eliminate unnecessary stress. But the rude behavior of this SUPERVISOR I received severely casted doubt in the integrity of T-mobile as a corporation. Except things only get worse...

If any T-mobile representatives out there would care to defend this kind of behavior, I would love nothing more to hear you out.

I called back again, but this time I got bumped around first by their automated phone system and then by 3 other T-mobile representatives, each time, I had to explain to them what I have done. Finally, I reached a sympathetic representative at Sales and although he had no idea how to stop the order, he did try to give me specific instrutions on what to do, which I DID find to be helpful. At leaset he did his job. By this time, I had already gotten tired to trying to explain my situation to everyone, so I asked this representative if he could leave just a note in my file so the next time I called back I wouldn't have to repeat myself again. STRIKE TWO! I was told there is no way any T-mobile rep could leave a note. How backward is that?????? Any T-mobile knows how to provide cellular service? I seriously doubt it.

Nevertheless, I waited patiently all day the next for the delievery of my two phones, but they NEVER showed despite obtaining tracking numbers from UPS. I called T-mobile at around 3:50pm to try to fnd out the whereabouts of my phones. I was quite taken aback when the representative told me that I needed to talk to UPS when on the UPS website it clearly stated that I needed to contact the shipper. The useless rep then said, "Oh, you need to call sales, not customer service." And I GOT DISCONNECTED AFTER BEING PLACED ON TOLD FOR TRANSFER.

Luckily, when I called back, the representative was nothing but helpful. She was on the phone with me for 2+ plus hours, although, again she couldn't do anything because of the asinine T-mobile corporation, she at least tried to find out what's going and ACTUALLY KNEW HOW TO LEAVE A NOTE FOR CONTINUITY IN CASE I HAVE TO CALL BACK.

When I called back again as instructed by the previous rep at a latter time, the call started out bumpy, and although the rep was very sympathetic, he was practically useless. And his supervisor basically lied, because I was told that the duplicate order would be cancelled.

Guess what???

No, the duplicate phone didn't get cancelled. It came with the UPS shippment. If I hadn't intercepted the UPS delievery person, the duplicate phone would have fallen into the wrong hands, easily. The UPS guy was extremely helpful...he helped me refuse recepit of the phone and sent it back to T-mobile. You'd think this was the end... WRONG AGAIN!!!

I got email confirmation informing me that both of my phones had been activated. So, I called T-mobile again (What a mistake), to see if everything is kosher that I should not be charged for any cost of the duplicate phone. Again, I got the same spiel...and I would have to be charged for 2 days of service, even though I have tried

1) to stop T-mobile from even processing the order
2) to stop shipping it out
3) recall the shippment sooner if caught early enough
4) send the shippment back as soon as possible

And just to think...all of these pain and time wasting calls could have been avoided if T-mobile had bother to implement a simple system to override "THE SYSTEM".

To think a cell-phone company doesn't even bother to implement something that would make both the consumer's lives, the representatives lives easier... is simply baffling.


If you are representative who works for T-mobile and get yelled at, don't get offended. We are not yelling at you, we are yelling at T-mobile. And you should really quite working for such kind of company, because if they don't care about the customers, they hardly care about you!

All comments are welcome.
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Posted by Ponie on 2006-01-05:
Although I sympathize with your being bumped around by T-Mobile, the cause of your problem is clearly found in the first paragraph of your letter: 'I had inadvertently placed duplicate orders, with one having a wrong shipping address.' I see no way a person could 'inadvertently' place duplicate orders--and one with an incorrect shipping address! I've been a T-Mobile customer for years now and have had only one occasion on which I had to call them. The CSR was polite, courteous, and after extensive research, we found the error was mine. If you're so unhappy with their responses, switch to another carrier, But don't place duplicate orders with them!
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-01-05:
I also do not know how you can place a duplicate order. I have been a T Mobile customer for many years and also a rep with AT&T/Cingular for 5 1/2 years. I agree with Ponie here and I do understand your frustration with the T Mobile system bumping you around. Everytime I called in the representatives were always nice and helpfull. I had a problem at first which ended up with me having an extra line of service, but it was my fault this happened. And being from both sides of the phone here, I feel as though there is some parts of this story missing. Also once an order is shipped, there is NO way to cancel the order and this is not only with T-Mobile. I have dealt with this situations many many times in the past. I am not condoning there yelling at you or hanging up on you, but I have had the phone system hang me up where I had nothing to do with disconnecting the line, and with the call volume so high I could not call the customer back.
Posted by TmobileSucks on 2006-01-05:
Ponie and CrazyRedHead,
If EITHER ONE of you had spent time reading my post, maybe you would understand my frustration. I did not say EVERYONE of the rep was bad, in fact, I mentioned that some were pretty helpful, so don't even try the "I don't understand why you are frustrated". But when you do come upon the asinine reps, you can't help but wonder how a company could operate with such workers.

Ponie, whether you understand or not how duplicate orders can be made is not my problem. But the fact is, duplicate orders were made and despite my every intention of stopping this order, I was unable to and neither was anyone at T-mobile. Think about this, how is it possible that a company like T-mobile does not a mechanism of recalling an order? I ran into a similar problem with Apple once, and guess what? They had a way of resolving such issue. So, don't give me the "We can't stop THE SYSTEM".
Posted by TmobileSucks on 2006-01-05:
CrazyRedHead, for your information, there is nothing missing in the story. Just because it doesn't sound nice doesn't mean the story is not real. Just for one second imagine what I had gone through and perhaps you'd understand where my frustration came from. And maybe you'd be able to provide better customer service next time.
Posted by TmobileSucks on 2006-01-05:
Oh, and here is one more thing for Ponie and CrazyRedHead. You'd think T-mobile would ALSO have a mechanism for preventing duplicate orders especially if only 1 pre-existing cell phone number was being ported into the new T-mobile phone? WRONG! THE SYSTEM when through and assigned me a random phone number for the second phone despite my original request of porting just one (for reasons like...uh there is already another phone with that number....)
Posted by KateM on 2006-01-06:
I would hope you took this as a sign of things to come and stopped service with T-Mobile. In the end you really do get what you pay for and while T-Mobile may be cheap they certainly aren't a good company.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-01-07:
Hey, Tmobilesucks, don't get your pantyhose in a bunch! Red said she 'understands', I said I 'sympathize' with your being bumped around. Neither of us said "I don't understand why you are frustrated". Life is too short.
Posted by Voice of Reason on 2006-01-30:
There are a few important things to remember here.

1. Phone upgrade orders can ONLY be sent to the billing address for your account (unless you pay for it by credit card before ordering). This is to prevent fraud.

Once the order was placed, they could not change it to another address for the reasons above (it might be someone trying to order phones on your account and mail them to someone else).

2. What COULD have been done was to call and ask to have the order canceled. This could be done within the hour of placing the order. Beyond that, its in the system and being processed and routed off to shipping and fullfilment centers. (and yes, it would be nice if it could be stopped somewhere along that route).

2. You entered the order. Regardless of anything else, or how stupid 't-mobile' or the people who designed the order system may be, they were not the brain surgeons who submitted an order incorrectly online. Yes that caused you alot of headache. But you want to cast stones on people for not thinking something thru or designing something better. Take *SOME* responsability.
Posted by jengelbach on 2006-02-07:
It's clear that some people on this site either don't listen, work for the industry being criticized, or are just plain naive. They try to shift the blame to the consumer, who, after all, is just trying to purchase a service and expecting it to work as advertised. I've run several businesses, and I know that sometimes the customer really is wrong, but being helpful and courteous to ALL customers is part of the cost of doing business. Unfortunately, large businesses have a cost-benefit system in place; that is, it's cheaper for them to alienate a certain number of unsatisfied customers than to try to satisfy them all. That's why this Website exists: to raise the number of visibly dissatisfied customers so that they seriously affect profits. The apologists for the companies who post here are trying to undermine that effort. They are consumer COUNTER-revolutionaries.
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Warranty Exchange Program
Posted by Moon on 08/31/2005
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Motorola V300 phone from T-Mobile and found within 6 months that it had defects in its camera and charging software/hardware. Under the warranty exchange program I was shipped a replacement which I was informed was refurbished. It was defective (would not charge) and I was sent a second replacement which was also defective (flip did not function correctly) and was told I could simply select a different phone at that point due to the multiple unsuccessful exchanges. I opted to wait in order to review the various phones before making a selection and when I called to fulfill the offer, was told that the 90 day window for doing so had expired. I was never informed of this time limit during the entire exchange process nor at my last communication with the warranty exchange department. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor and was instead transferred to a coworker who rudely interrupted me every time I spoke, was nonresponsive to my questions, and tried to ship an undesired replacement phone to me without my authorization. After she informed me she was not a manager she hung up on me. T-Mobile should review these types of incidents and fire employees who have no sense of customer service and use their position of power to belittle and ignore customers with legitimate issues.
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Posted by KateM on 2005-09-01:
Why would you wait over 90 days to place an order for a new phone if your current one isn't working? I guess the better question is why choose T-Mobile? Go w/ Verizon.
Posted by moon on 2005-10-07:
A quick judgement without the facts, KateM. I was offered an exchange for a phone that had software glitches. This does not mean it was non-functional. The two replacements sent were refurbished and defective - aka non-functional. I wasn't informed of the 90day limit, and was out of town for more than 65 of those days. The answer is NOT Verizon... they don't even have a decent signal strength in my major metropolitan area. Only T-Mobile and Cingular do. Anyway, jumping to conclusions only illustrates one's ignorance. Get the facts.
Posted by moon on 2005-10-07:
Since I originally posted this review, I contacted the President's office at T-Mobile by letter twice. Both responses were telephone messages left directly on my voicemail (through the voicemail system to bypass ringing my phone). I sent copies of these letters to the Better Business Bureau and they opened a case. Upon their contact with T-Mobile, I received a call from a Customer Relations Manager at the President's office to resolve the issue. They are going to send out a brand new handset (several choices) at no cost to me with an agreement to a one year contract for service. My current contract with them has expired.
T-Mobile customers with a legitimate concern about Customer Service problems or handset issues should write a letter to the President's Office and CC the Better Business Bureau. For reference, the President's Office phone number is 877-290-6323. A manager of the Customer Relations Team at the President's Office is Jennifer, at ext. 8011.
Posted by laker on 2007-06-04:
My experience with T-Mobile has been like yours...very poor. Yes indeed they hang up whenever you do not agree with them and it appears that is acceptable!
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