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Terrible Sales person
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HUNTLEY, ILLINOIS -- Wow, this place really takes the cake. I have been car searching for 3 months now and the sales person Adam was really a jerk. I had previously dealing with Al who was really a nice guy and would have paid the extra if he was the sales person. Adam sorry to say was not polite at all and basically told me to shop somewhere else when I gave him my offer. He could have been polite when I told him what I was looking for and said I am sorry I cannot do that for you. Manners really do go a long way. I am looking for a car and my son will need one next year. We will not be going there to buy.
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User Replies:
KevinTX on 08/28/2012:
Happened to my wife and I one time too.. salesman was SO rude basically telling us we could not afford the vehicle (which was out on a drive)... he sent us on our way after handing us his business card! I dropped it into one of the showroom cars and purchased the same vehicle at another dealership. :) His loss.
FoDaddy19 on 08/28/2012:
As a former car salesman myself, all I can say is "don't take it personally". Some salesman will cut you loose in an instant if they feel that you are going to haggle constantly. It's not worth it to spend a lot of time on a deal that may end up as a "flat" for the salesman.

My rule of thumb was three rounds of negotiation (three trips to the "tower" where the GM's were). If no deal was struck after that, I would cut the prospect loose, or maybe pass him/her off to another salesperson. There are salesman who make the same amount of money selling 8-10 cars a month as those who sell 20+ cars a month. My guess is that Adam was one of those guys who only sells a few cars a month, but each of those deals has a huge profit margin. Nothing wrong with it, but there are risks involved, like alienating potential customers, but it's a risk that he's willing to take.

If you're willing to check your emotions,ethics, and decency at the door, there is money to be made in auto sales. It allowed me to pay off my mortgage in 7 years.
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False Advertisement
Posted by on
CLINTON, WISCONSIN -- **name removed** quoted an 2005 Ranger via email at 12,000 on March 3rd. On March 5th via telephone, **name removed** denied quoting me 12,000 but insisted the vehicle was available at "closer to 16,000." I feel **name removed** is using false advertisement to lure in customers.
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User Replies:
yoke on 03/06/2007:
Why not show him the e-mail?
snoopy3 on 01/27/2011:
I agree with FALSE ADVERTISEMENT above. Tom Peck are a dishonest and cheating dealership. They have plaques that display they support of Little League teams, but the false exterior of generosity masks their cheating ways.

Mt personal experience is some Sales people at this dealership LIE!

I bought a trade-in car from this place and after one evening thinking back about my experience I will say that the sales person I dealt with and his manager have a good-cop-bad-cop routine down to an art. They also lied to me on at least 3 occasions - 1) belt tensioners cost $5, 2) 2004 Sienna LE do not have belt tensioners, 3) they fixed a problem about a squeaking belt. Moreover, they do cheap fixes and hope you do not call out their dishonesty. I know dealers are not known to be the epitome of truth and honesty, but my experience at this place was not good.

If I had spent more time thinking and verifying all the misinformation I got, I may not have bought the car, but at that moment I did not have a clear head. I want to share my experience so you will be prepared if you choose to deal with them.

After coming home on Saturday evening, I did not drive the van until Monday morning. However, it could not start. I could hear the alternator ticking, but nothing more. I swapped the new battery with an older one from my other car and the van started smoothly. As I looked closer, the new battery was underrated for the van. It had a CCA of 540 which is way lower than what websites of battery sellers recommend (at least 640 CCA ). They did place a new battery in the car, but were too cheap to spend $19.40 more to get the correct one. I managed to get Tom Peck Ford to replace the battery (as it was under warranty) and had to pay $19.40 to get one of a higher CCA. With these litany of poor service, dishonesty and penny pinching behavior, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this dealership. It is not worth taking the risk and getting lied to and cheated.
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