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Modular home purchase
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RICHMOND, INDIANA -- The problems with this home and company began at the time of purchase. After signing the final paperwork, it was next to impossible to get any information from our salesperson. She would not return our calls or update us on delivery dates. We were given delivery dates, and never notified when that had been changed, which happened several times.
Even before purchasing a home, upon walking through other display models which were sectional homes and not considered modular, we were informed by our sales person of items that would be automatically upgraded if we purchased the home. Such as upgraded lighting fixtures, upgraded porcelain sinks and faucets, an upgraded Whirlpool tub and wood baseboard trim. We were told that these items were included with the home and we did not need to pay for the upgrades. Upon walking through a Shult modular home display model, these items did appear to be upgraded, and items were pointed out as standard such as the upgraded lighting fixtures, and silver brushed metal doorknobs on all kitchen cabinets. However upon receiving our home none of the above-mentioned items were upgraded or included. The lighting fixtures were very cheap, similar to the ones in the sectional home. The wood baseboard trim was made of pressed wood and not solid Wood. The bathrooms sinks and Whirlpool tub were plastic. There were no knobs or handles on the kitchen cabinets. Later, when working with a Shult repair man we were informed that many of these upgrades were in fact not standard and must have been made on the display homes by Tom Raper . We were shown several pictures of different style fireplaces to choose from. The one we received was not the one in the photo that we had chosen. We were told the fire place had a remote and was fully automatic. We were not informed that in order for the blower to work, which is necessary when the fireplace is on, a switch on the fireplace had to be manually turned on and off each and every time.
We paid for a change to be made, removing the wood trim from the transom between the kitchen and living room. Upon receiving the home, there was no transom. We never received a refund for this.
We were given a spec. Sheet stating that the garage walls would be constructed of 7/16 OSB. Upon construction, the side walls were instead constructed of Styrofoam insulation. When we questioned this change, Sarah Reeves of Tom Raper homes, denied that the spec sheet came from Tom Raper. It was insinuated that we received it from another company and were trying to say instead that it was from Tom Raper.
During construction of the garage and set up and finish of the home, there was a point where we were told we needed to get an electric base meter in order for construction to continue. We did so, although the meter was to be included and had already been figured into the construction costs. We were never refunded for this. We were also told by the electric company that any standards -based meter is supplied free of charge on new-home construction.

On more than one occasion our salesperson actually screamed and yelled at my husband when he had called her to ask questions.

When our complaints and problems were not been taking care of, We were told by CSR Sarah Reeves, complaining to her supervisor would do us no good because it would all come back to her again anyway. We did bring to the attention of Mr. John Whistler some of these problems, and she was right, it did little to no good.

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disgruntle on 04/08/2009:
This is a follow up to another comment I made a few months earlier. I just had a 2,000 ft colonial modular house put up in CT about a year ago by a so called reputable company that has been in the business over 25 years and advertises on TV. My experience has been bad. Just had 2 building inspectors, one state come in and while the house is not structurally defective, they agree that modular homes in general get by with the minimum code requirements. Green lumber is often used, collar ties are absent, bridging for floors is minimum, bolts in the attic holding the two sides of the roof can be crooked. Unless the setting crew is very experienced the units can be not flush with each other. Never mind the buttoning up crew who finishes up the siding,sheet rock,etc. What does this mean? In my case, humps and dips in the roof, shingles not wind rated, bouncy floors that creak,sheet rock cracking all over the place because the wood dries in a year on account of being sheet rocked immediately and not as a stick house which has time to dry, inverted corner,floor and flooring joists and roof trussels not aligned so you have dips in both, a primary jack stud holding up the roof completely broken, siding falling off, concrete porch cracking with two large shrinkage cracks, the list goes on. Modular homes are typically built under a week and that means quality is down the drain and you have little control over the outcome. I had three strikes against me. The modular company in PA that built an inferior product,the modular company in CT that did not give a damn even though they were supposed to supervise everything, and the setting and buttoning up crew they provided that was completely inexperienced and also did not give a damn. Don't do it. Never again modular at all.
Sandy on 08/10/2013:
Thank You for posting this review.It makes me stop and think about building a modular home as I intended.
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