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Nasty Management and Policy
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBURY, NEW YORK -- NEW YORK, WOODBURY - So, I stopped by the outlet Tommy Hilfiger store at Woodbury Commons for the first time in my life and this will be the last time I will EVER shop at Tommy Hilfiger. I tried buying five polo shirts for my business as a uniform. The girl at the cashier asked "Why are you buying so many of the same thing?!" in a very confrontational tone of voice. So I asked, "Why do you ask?" and she responded, "I'm just asking why?" I asked her again, "Why? Is there a problem with me buying all of these?" She said, "No, just answer my question. Why are you buying this?" I said, "Why are you asking? I'm very curious why you want to know."

I was getting a little upset at how she kept on asking the same question without giving me any idea of why it's very odd of the store to ask me why am I buying so many items. I got very upset and she kept telling me it's a store policy. I kept asking why, and she finally said, "Are you trying to sell these?" OMG. Really? Five shirts? Ridiculous! That's not it.

So I said, I'm very upset at this cashier for waiting for me to get upset to tell me why she was asking. She was giving me a horrible attitude. Then the woman that looked like she was in charge came next to her and said, "It's a store policy and she is required to ask you." I asked if she was the manager to which she replied, "Yes".

All in all, I trusted for the "manager" to at least calm me down and explain it to me as a manager should. Instead, she is laughing with the cashier making me look like a crazy person! She claimed that she didn't know what was happening because it was noisy (I had my toddler with me and she was just playing with her cousin) and that she couldn't hear anything.

Finally she just laughed away, saying, "You have a good day," in a patronizing and condescending manner! More importantly she wasn't even the manager of the store! She is just the cash register manager. Later on the main manager came, but without any apologetic words or neither asking me if anything went wrong and if she could help, none whatsoever!!! What a management! Very disappointed with their people managing and attitudes!!! I was hoping with a well known brand like TH, train their people better or are they trained to do just that?

Bait and Switch, Poor Customer Care
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Rating: 2/51

NY, NEW YORK -- I returned a defective item for a full refund, and I sought to get a full refund of my overcharge fee of 70.00. Pursuant to my other emails to Hilfiger I am very displeased with the conversations I have had with customer service. Everyone is polite, but I am getting the run around about my money. I have my refund, but of course, the solar charger is not working, and I was charged a fee because the Tommy website does not alert the shopper that every time it ask that you correct something in the order it charges your card.

There is no excuse for the order not go through because something is wrong, and yet get charged five times. This is too much difficulty and hardship for a product that does not even work. I made a purchase for 209.99 and was charged 419.99 as the coupon code posted on the order page did not work.

Moreover, I was told the information on my credit card was incorrect and to correct the error and resubmit. Everything was correct and unknown to me, I was charged 419.99 every time I submitted the order as directed. So it is clear there was nothing wrong with the information provided on the credit card as I was charged 5 times. The bank rendered a 70 dollar fee and I need to be reimbursed for that charge as well.

The coat was not the correct price, and I was charged fees due to e-commerce site providing incorrect information. The coat was 50% off and I was charged full price (five times). I looked at my account and Hilfiger did just refund the overcharge for the coat, but did not refund my overdraft fees. Hilfiger charged me 3 to 5 times for the coat, but I only ordered one coat. The bank refunded the 419.99 that they saw several times but then fined me for the 3 to 5 charges.

Moreover, I have called several times seeking to get a return label with expedited shipping so that I may be made whole. I have spent in excess of twice the price for the coat seeking to get one that worked. However, the charge bank is the issue and does not hold a charge nor can it be charged, therefore replacement parts should have been made available. I believe in the concept of solar power and this is why I am trying hard to get a functioning coat. I should not be held responsible for the cost of the coats and a good faith refund issue since the devices does not work, and it appears that both coat might have an issue.

There is a very difficult process to speak with someone at Hilfiger who can be responsible and get things done. I still do not have my money back and Hilfiger has not made any attempt to correct the fact the device in the coat does not function. They said, "Return the coat" and yet, I still have not gotten refunded and it cost me 70.00 dollars just to order a defective item. Hilfiger is not interested in making customers happy or keeping them.

Unprofessional and Shameful
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- What happened to me was highly unprofessional and outrageous! I placed my online order (which included 3 items on 50% sale) on 01/23/2016. After 5 business days there was still no sign of any confirmation of the shipment, so I sent email to customer service to check the status of my order. The explanation I received was that my order is confirmed and "currently processed for shipment" and that once my items ship, I will receive a shipment confirmation via email.

After waiting for 3 more business days and not receiving any new info, I sent new email to customer service only to find out they don't know what is going on with my order and they asked me to allow 2 more business days to resolve the problem. Finally on 02/10/2016 (13 business days later) I received an email notifying me that my order is cancelled, with no explanation whatsoever.

After I called the customer service requesting explanation, they told me that my order was not processed due to their failure in ordering system. As a solution they offered me to place my order for me again (which would take additional 10 to 14 business days for shipment-time that I don't have because I'm moving to Europe) in order to keep the original 50% off price. However, that could be possible only with 2 items as the 3rd item I originally ordered was no more available!

So to conclude, I was left without my order and any kind of compensation! Very shameful for Tommy Hilfiger corporation. I cannot say enough how disappointed I am, and surely will do everything to inform other potential customers of risk when ordering from Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy Hilfiger Wants to Control Everything Period.
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Rating: 1/51

I have heard that people complain about the Tommy online. However, I ordered few Tommy jacket and polo from their store. I have experienced same thing. TH wants to control my credit card with unusual fees and some weird charging that I never heard about it. Also, TH is going to charge anything with them. Shipping, Refund and return policy, customer service is creating more hidden fee. I do recommend that you must check your credit card statement. I did store return but they charged re-stocking fee and return shipping fee without any notice from local store return. Even though brand new TH watch doesn't work, they are charging you for exchange it.

Poor exchange policy and poor customer service for tourists
By -

I am living in Hong Kong. I bought a Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt last month when I traveled to New York. When I was back to Hong Kong after three weeks of purchase, a hole was found in polo shirt. Then I send email to US Tommy Helpdesk. They said that exchange policy only apply to US. They suggested me to contact the local Tommy Hilfiger store.

Then I went to local store. They said that they don't have same model. What they can do is to fix the hole by needlework. I refused and email to US Tommy Helpdesk again. I emailed them twice but no reply so far. In fact it is easy to solve my problem. E. g. refund via credit card, send the exchanged item to local store... But Tommy helpdesk just select to escape. And I have no way to escalate. As a result, I would recommend all tourists to be careful when they bought Tommy Hilfiger in US.

Discrimination Towards Asian! Rude Manager
By -

I was at Tommy Hilfiger Outlet store in Ontario, ca (Store # 104) this morning. I was told that by a friend they are having a great sale (because she just purchased the night before). I am Chinese with a big family so I buy Tommy as gifts every year for my relatives when I go back, because Tommy cost more over the sea. So this morning when I walked in the store I saw a sweater I like so I asked store girl how many I can buy, she told me I can buy 5 pc of the same item. I went with a friend and both of us decided to buy the same items because the price was awesome.

We did our shopping, however at the check out the manager from the store ** told me she will ONLY SELL ME FOUR! I asked her why, then she handed over me the parallel imports paper, I explained to her I am not reselling them and I can cut off the tags in front of her, then she told me NO. Because she can sell limited number to me, then I told her I asked the other store person, and she told me I can buy FIVE.

Then this ** girl told me, she doesn't care but can only sale me Four in total. SO I asked her if she is discriminated towards me? And why my friend can buy 6 of the same items last night, but I can only buy four? Then she said I was rude and she will not sell to me. The story is not finished yet, she also rejected to sale to my friend, for the reason we are "friends". My friend ended up buying 4 after questioning her.

I am writing this and hope this can get to whoever in charge in Tommy. I feel sad and discriminated. I can provide every information to prove that I am not reselling the clothing. But Tommy needs to give me reason why I am NOT allowed to buy the products I want but others can.

Working for Tommy.
By -

I am a employee at Tommy Hilfiger, I honestly do not abide by how they are running there business. I have been in the retail industry for 6 years and I gain professional experience within the retail industry. However, I am back to square one with my retail sales career. Working for Tommy Hilfiger no matter how much I tell upper management about my experience within the retail business they don't want to listen. They feel that promoting people within is the way they operate. However, I don't think this is true. I know management that got the job as managers while I am stuck in the same position I was when I first broke into the business..

I have a degree in management and a minor in finance and a good resume. Do you think it is right for me to suffer like this? I believe they run and operate business right however, is it right for a person with many years and good education background and knowledgeable in multiple languages to be in the same position as I was 6 years ago? Or is this just life? I do think they are good in sales of product. I agree that some product carry bad quality however, they are working hard to make sure that their quality or their products are becoming better. I agree, their knits are wonderful, their wolvens are great.

STAY AWAY FROM THE WATCHES! For that you might as well go to China town in New York and get the same watch! Trust! For cheaper or go to fossil their watches at least have a long term warranty. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE DENIM, the quality is very very low. You're better off getting denim at Polo Ralph Lauren, Or even go to the Gap or Banana republic for denim. However, the Quality premium denim is very low compared to different brands. Do you think Oprah owns any tommy hilfiger wear?

Online Store
By -

I just cannot stop thinking about the bad experience I have had. I am a student and want to buy some gifts for my friends whenever I am leaving for my own country. I placed an order for more than twenty items and was told that my credit card information was incorrect; I called the credit card company and was told that everything with my credit card was correct. I called the Tommy Hilfiger online customer service and was told that the limited amount of items is twenty.

I removed some of my items but again, the system says that my card information was incorrect; I called the credit card authorization department again and was told that nothing wrong at all with my credit card; I called the Tommy Hilfiger Online Store customer service again and was told that the limited amount of items is thirteen.

I removed some more items; but again I was still told that my credit card information was incorrect; I called the credit card company again and got the same answer that my credit card information was correct. I called the Tommy Hilfiger customer service again and was told that the limited amount of items is ten.

I adjusted the quantity to nine items and finally I passed the verification and got a confirmation email. I just waited for the shipment notification, but I did not get any email; after three weeks I logged into my account and found that my order had been cancelled.

I called the customer service again to ask about the reasons and was told that he could not do anything for me because my order was cancelled, and he did not even ask me about any of my order information, including my order number, my email address or any other related information, and he was very impatient and rude.

First time when I made a purchase online and emailed to ask about return policy, I did not get any responses; this time when I tried to make a purchase, I found that my order was cancelled without being given any notification and reasons. And when I tried to ask for an explanation, I got nothing.

Jacket Bleeds, Customer Service Ignores
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK, CONNECTICUT -- One rainy day in late May, I wore a red, black, and blue cotton-nylon Tommy Hilfiger jacket (3 months old). Although the jacket is lined, the red on the jacket shoulders bled through the lining onto my shirt underneath. In June I phoned Hilfiger Customer Service, which promised to send me a Return Authorization (RA) so the jacket could be “evaluated.” If found defective, Hilfiger would send a replacement jacket. The RA did not arrive.

In a second call, ** seemed efficient. She requested all the information I had given previously and promised to refer the matter to **, her supervisor, who would phone me. She asked for a back-up email address to confirm, a second telephone number, and promised to follow up personally. No call came, no RA.

A third call: I spoke to **, who was polite and thorough. She retook all the same information. Nothing happened: no callback, no RA. On 7/24/2012, I sent a complaint letter to Gary Sheinbaum, Chief Executive Officer, Tommy Hilfiger North America, and to Sam Sperrazza, Executive Vice President, Tommy Hilfiger North America Retail, TOMMY HILFIGER, USA, 601 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001. No response.

Has Quality Gone Out the Window!?
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I have been wearing Tommy's short sleeve "polo" shirts for over 10 years and have love the feel and design of the shirts, but now I'm not buying them anymore and asked my wife not to buy them either. The quality is gone, shouldn't an XL shirt from Tommy be the same across the board?? I wear XL shirts but now 50% of the time the shirt I buy and wash they shrink! What is the deal, why can't they be consistent in their production and quality!? They've lost me as a customer but worse they've gained one more negative voice.

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