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Toro Dealer Does Not Honor "Full Warranty"
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Rating: 1/51
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- My local Toro dealer, Arlington Power Equipment of Palatine, Il. not only failed to honor the Mfg. "Full 2 Year Warranty" on a snow blower I purchased from them in Oct 2011, but they claimed my machine needed major work, to tune of $160, because of a fuel leak I discovered at the start of this winter caused by a bad carburettor gasket. This problems was deemed not to be a warranty item!.

In addition, they claimed it needed a new spark plug, a rebuilt carb etc. because of "varnish" in the fuel system - in spite of the fact that the fuel was drained out and the engine run dry (as specified in the owner's manual) at the end of the winter season. I recommend that you avoid doing business with Toro or this dealer at all costs
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At Your Service on 12/21/2012:
I'm a huge Toro fan. It is all my family and I have owned for years.

This is, again, a very good lesson to understand insomuch as, just because a product is within a particular warranty time frame, does not mean the service requirements are under warranty.

Best of luck. Get it serviced even if it cost you now. Toro is one of the best snow blowers within the industry.
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Lx 460
Posted by on
Just wanted to say after reviewing other peoples belt problems on this site, I called the local Toro dealer in Grand Rapids Mn "Burggraf's and the service dept ordered me three update kits for my mower. I had fast friendly service and all of the parts and labor was free. I thought I'd mention that the warranty will no longer exist after 2011 so take care of the problem asap. The three kit numbers are 112-6079 122-6080 112-5881 Happy mowing !!!!!
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Anonymous on 05/22/2011:
Great company response and informative review. I love my Toro mower. Never had a problem with it. I keep up on regular maintenance and have the blades sharpened once every two years and it hasn't let me down yet.
Skye on 05/22/2011:
Thanks op for taking the time to share this information with everyone out there!
Susan on 09/22/2013:
MyLX460 has been nothing but repair every time I get it back from the shop. I will NEVER ever buy anotherMTD/Toro product and am telling all I know not to even consider it.
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Toro lawn mowers sucks
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BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- I bought this brand new Toro lx 500 tractor from Homedepot for $1600.00.I had nothing but trouble with this mower since I had it. 1st it was dumping too mush gas in the cylinder. now the transmission is gone in it. called Toro & they want do anything about it. Toro should just go out of business if they are not going to stand behind there products. This is the worst mower you can buy. I have already had to have it fixed while it was under warranty and now that the warranty is off I'm still having trouble with it. I spent all of the money that I had trying to buy a decent mower, but now I've only had it for 3years and I can't use it oat all. The different small engine businesses that I have talked to around my area have said that everyone that brings in their Toro to be fixed has a transmission that is irrepairable. Now I have no more money and no mower. What is a poor person to do with a company like this?I can't even afford a goat to eat the grass. I think that Toro should recall these transmissions.
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Bruce Croak on 03/22/2012:
I too have this piece of crap mower. Thought I was buying quality NOT!!!! I've had numerous belts, weld repairs and had to have transmission fixed for $700!! Now the junk is down again and I'm afraid it's the transmission again. I WILL NOT pay for this repair! I will be their worst nightmare. My advice is to buy ANYTHING but a Toro mower of any kind.
roger on 06/13/2013:
I have had great service from my lx500. I cut 3 acres every week and have only replaced one belt.
Sue Pelinski on 09/07/2013:
Bought a Toro electric 9/5/2012-was hard to push, but dealer would not let me return-lots of BBB, 7 on your side, Toro no help-until posted on Facebook-finally they took it back and I had to pay $100 to get a different Toro-that Toro stopped working in July of this year-took it to Toro repair-paid another $100 and now Sept. 5th this year, again won't start-so fed up I want to cry!
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Toro Lawnmower Blades
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- Slightly more than two years ago I bought a brand-new Toro 22" recycler mower which came with a three-hole mulching blade. At the start of this mowing season it was time to replace the blade and I came to discover the blades are not generally available. After spending the better part of an afternoon, I was finally able to locate one in an adjacent town, for a price-gouging $25.00!

If in the market for a mower, my advice would be to make sure to get one with a universally interchangeable blade, I'd particularly beware of the Toro line.

Fogsmoke in Central Florida
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Starlord on 05/26/2009:
Fogsmoke, go to WalMart. I have a Murray 20 inch mulching mower, and checked at Sears and Home Depot. No luck at either one, and the blades they did have were, as you say, high priced. I found a 20 inch blade at WalMart for $12.97 that is twice as heavy as the one that came off, and it looks like the structure that mulches is stronger. I have not found too much that I need that WalMart doesn't carry.
Anonymous on 05/26/2009:
If you have a drill you ought to be able to get a sharpening attachment. Much cheaper than replacing them.
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Posted by on
STORRS, CONNECTICUT -- Bought a Toro LX425 2 years ago to the day when the Kohler Courage engine gave out coincidentally along with the warranty. Had nothing but problems with this thing, specifically the Kohler Courage 600 Engine, which constantly smoked and sounded like an old greyhound diesel bus on a cold winter morning. The engine just never sounded right and the vertical and overhead cam idea just begs for problems. It never wanted to start and the battery came from the factory (like the other reveiwer said) dead. Stay away from both Toro and especially Kohler! Both ain't companies ain't what they used to be. Briggs & Stratton, I'm BACK!
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Ticked2 on 10/15/2009:
I purchased a 20 HP Cub Cadet riding lawn tractor with a Kohler Courage 600 series engine with a 3 yr/ 120 hr warranty. After the tenth use and with only 11.3 hrs on the engine...It blows a rod! The warranty is 3 months out. However Kohler should stand behind a engine with 11.3 hrs on it. NEVER AGAIN!!! I am looking for more people with similar complaints or recall info.
Gabriel on 01/12/2012:
Hi from Argentina, SouthAmerica. I purchased a new LX425 Lawn Tractor in 2008 in a well reputed local hardware. At the moment I changed 7 broken belts, aproximatelly 2 per summer (here the climate is as California, I crop the grass only in summer time). I had also problems with the battery and I replaced it. Finally the vendor recommended me to send the tractor to the Toro official service in Buenos Aires (800 miles away). I send it, the service delayed 1 month (1 month without croping grass in summer!). They changed some pieces (pulleys, rods, sharpened blades, etc.). I paid almost US$1000 for the freight and service (tractor price in Argentina is US$3200). At the moment I paid twice the price in reparations... When the tractor turns back, it worked fine during about 2 hours, then the belt broked again! I consulted other local service (Husqvarna, no more expensive trips to Bs As...), they replace the belt (original one, imported) and said me that the problem is a design defect related to the angle of the belt when I change the croping level, and recommended me do not change the level (uf!!, OK...). Then I used the tractor at the adjusted level, and the belt worked more time, but finally broken again after about 3 hours. Now I read now some complaints in and in I will remove the grass croping plate and I will use just the tractor for ride in my farm... an expensive toy. I will buy a John Deere in the official dealer. Price here is about US$6000.

Series number of my LX425 "toy" is: Model# 138X60R6744. Serial #1E297H1084. Dom# 5/2007.

Sorry for my poor English.
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Gas Leak on Toro Power Clear 180 & 38589 model
Posted by on
Toro has a recall on the Toro Power Clear 180 but not on the 38589.

This is a very serious matter as everyone has these sitting in their garage. I my case I filled my tank with gas and overnight the tank had leaked onto the garage floor. The house and garage had a high odour of fumes and luckily my house was not set on fire.

I truly think that Toro should stop selling these units until they can resolve this serious safety issues as they have a track record with their small engine products having gas leaks for many years. Just do a Google search and read the posts.

After speaking with the Toro customer service representative today all they had to say was take it back to your dealer for repair. REPAIR - I'm glad that my house did not burn down and that my family and I are alive so that I can still take the unit for repair.

No one should have to loss a family member or their house before Toro can produce a safe product.

I would not recommend this companies products to anyone.

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User Replies:
blmmike on 12/26/2010:
I totally agree with this post. I have same problem with my Toro snow thrower this month. Very dangerous machines. I filed an incident report with the Federal Consumer Products Safety Commission. If you are in market for a snow thrower look at other brands.
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