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8111 Lyndale Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55420-1196
1-800-348-2424 (ph)
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Toro lawn mowers sucks
By -

BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- I bought this brand new Toro LX500 tractor from Home Depot for $1600.00. I had nothing but trouble with this mower since I had it. 1st it was dumping too much gas in the cylinder. Now the transmission is gone in it. Called Toro & they won't do anything about it. Toro should just go out of business if they are not going to stand behind their products. This is the worst mower you can buy. I have already had to have it fixed while it was under warranty and now that the warranty is off I'm still having trouble with it. I spent all of the money that I had trying to buy a decent mower, but now I've only had it for 3 years and I can't use it at all.

The different small engine businesses that I have talked to around my area have said that everyone that brings in their Toro to be fixed has a transmission that is irrepairable. Now I have no more money and no mower. What is a poor person to do with a company like this? I can't even afford a goat to eat the grass. I think that Toro should recall these transmissions.

Toro Lawn mower Blades
By -

FLORIDA -- Slightly more than two years ago I bought a brand-new Toro 22" recycler mower which came with a three-hole mulching blade. At the start of this mowing season it was time to replace the blade and I came to discover the blades are not generally available. After spending the better part of an afternoon, I was finally able to locate one in an adjacent town, for a price-gouging $25.00! If in the market for a mower, my advice would be to make sure to get one with a universally interchangeable blade, I'd particularly beware of the Toro line.

By -

STORRS, CONNECTICUT -- Bought a Toro LX425 2 years ago to the day when the Kohler Courage engine gave out coincidentally along with the warranty. Had nothing but problems with this thing, specifically the Kohler Courage 600 Engine, which constantly smoked and sounded like an old greyhound diesel bus on a cold winter morning. The engine just never sounded right and the vertical and overhead cam idea just begs for problems. It never wanted to start and the battery came from the factory (like the other reviewer said) dead. Stay away from both Toro and especially Kohler! Both ain't companies ain't what they used to be. Briggs & Stratton, I'm BACK!

Poor Customer Service
By -

I purchased a Toro LX425 riding mower from Home Depot and the first time I tried to use it discovered the battery was dead. Called customer care and was told to boost it using my car and jumper cables - That didn't work. Called customer care again and was told to buy a battery charger and use that to get the battery going - That worked, at my expense. Then, after the second use under normal usage conditions, when turning a corner, the blade became bent and the pulley belt severed. When I called customer care they told me to get the parts at the local dealer and replace them, so I did.

I tried the mower again, and again I had to charge the battery for an hour, and the pulley severed yet again, with no bent blade this time. I emailed Toro customer care through their website twice over the course of a week and each time received a message on screen that said I would hear back in 2 business days. But they never contacted me at all. Absolutely nothing. I wrote a letter to the president of Toro and what seemed to be a low level manager called me and told me that Toro sells the mowers to Home Depot and they in turn sell to consumers, and that said I should be contacting Home Depot with any problems I have with the mower (but that is another story altogether).

Never owned a Toro product before, and other than this, I never will again. Really surprised by their lack of customer service. I now have a useless mower that I just paid $1500 for and have used for less than 5 hours. Also, I have spent several hundred dollars on the battery charger and the replacement parts. My grass is very tall.

Resolution Update 08/06/2008:

Update! Well, Toro is still missing in action. As far as Toro is concerned I am stuck with their poorly built mower. However, Home Depot came through for me. Although this whole problem is not Home Depot's fault, they have stepped up to the plate and allowed me to return this crappy mower and receive a full refund. They even reimbursed me for the money I spent having the mower repaired. Home Depot is great. Toro sucks!!

By -

Just wanted to say after reviewing other people's belt problems on this site, I called the local Toro dealer in Grand Rapids MN Burggraf's and the service dept ordered me three update kits for my mower. I had fast friendly service and all of the parts and labor was free. I thought I'd mention that the warranty will no longer exist after 2011 so take care of the problem asap. The three kit numbers are ** ** **. Happy mowing!!!!!

Toro: NOT the company they used to be....
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have owned a Toro Timecutter Z4200 for about three months now. I purchased it Feb. 24 2008. In April the deck belt broke under mild usage. I did not have time to put it in the shop so I just purchased one ($56.00 is a little much if you ask me). I installed it and mowed about 30 feet of my yard, and the motor came apart. Yes a hole in the side of the motor developed after a few knocks and a crunch noise. I was not happy about the belt breaking, so imagine how I felt about a blown motor.

A letter to the president of Toro and a letter to the customer service manager yielded NOTHING, no reply, no "sorry", no "I don't have time for your problem" - NOTHING! Me and Toro "customer no-service" are no longer on speaking terms. My question to them was simple: "Should a $2500.00 mower have to be worked on when it has less than 4 hours of run time?" Don't be fooled, the big chain stores repress unfavorable reviews on big ticket items. I searched the web for complaints about the ZTR and there were none. Stay away from Toro, they ain't what they used to be.

Resolution Update 05/27/2008:

The customer service manager resolved the problem by extending the warranty....I am somewhat happy now, still the fact remains that it took over a month for someone from the corp. office to contact me......

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