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Don't use Toshiba PCs for corporate or other secure work
Posted by Techwrite on 12/28/2005
I'm a IT consultant, and until recently used my Satellite A-45 on the job. Then, when the CD-ROM failed a few months ago, Toshiba refused to sell me a replacement CD drive. Their Tech Support reported, "It's against our policy to sell replacement parts to consumers - you are required to bring it to an authorized repair center". The A-45's CD drive is proprietary, so even after exhaustive research, I couldn't find a generic replacement.

I went back to Toshiba and pointed out that a) the drive is a simple swap, b) I was willing to pay for it and release them from any warranty obligation, and c) my pc was full of secure data and applications; I could not do without it, and certainly could not hand it over to anyone else.

I also pointed out that, as a former coordinator of tech support for a chain of 13 pc/electronic stores, I was certainly capable of removing the failed drive and plugging in the new one. All to no avail. I had to remove all the secure data and applications from the pc, install them all on another pc, drive the Satellite to a repair center, and wait several days for it's return.

Had I known in advance of Toshiba's policy, I would NEVER have purchased a pc from them. I wouldn't buy so much as a toaster from someone who won't provide parts.

After hearing about this experience, several heads of desktop support at medium-sized companies have dropped any consideration of Toshiba laptops, and another medium-sized company that used Toshibas for their entire national sales force will now start moving to Dell. And I have advised my current employer (with more than 25,000 consultants, worldwide) to continue to rely on Dell laptops.

I have managed desktop support for both Dell and IBM laptops in the past, with users scattered all over North and South America, and both companies have jumped through hoops repeatedly to keep my users up and running when I was in a bind.

I really had no particular complaint with the A-45 - CD drives can and do fail on every brand - but Toshiba's parts policy turned this into a disaster. Their policy suggests that they intend their products only for household, entertainment, or light academic use. That given, it would appear that using Toshibas in a business environment, where security or deadline issues exist, poses a significant (and avoidable) risk.

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Posted by disgruntled on 2006-01-03:
I agree 100% as to Toshiba's terrible repair policy. They also won't offer a replacement or refund for laptop with multiple problems.
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No Refund No Replacement Policy
Posted by Disgruntled on 05/08/2005
PATAGONIA, ARIZONA -- I purchased a Toshiba laptop computer directly from Toshiba's web site. Within two weeks the display failed and I had to have it repaired. It was more than three weeks before I got it back and it worked for another two weeks and then failed again. This time they replaced the mother board and the hard drive. Toshiba failed to set up the return paperwork properly and I had to spend an extra week attempting to get everything straightened out. I asked for either a replacement laptop or a refund and was informed that it was not Toshibas policy to do either. I asked to be an exception since I had basically no use of the laptop and the months were clicking away.

If anybody is interested in purchasing a Toshiba laptop then I recommend purchasing it from a local store so that if it doesn't work you can take it back and get another one. Something that Toshiba is not willing to do.

I have been a Toshiba customer more a long time. I have one of their large screen TV's, a digital camera, my wifes laptop is a Toshiba. I have a policy also; not to buy anything that is built by Toshiba.

Update on 12/22/2006 I forgot to mention that I also made a Better Business Bureau complaint in March 2005. Toshiba responded back to the BBB on October 2006 (just short of two years) and said that they didn't have any address or telephone information to get in touch with me. That's interesting because I bought the laptop directly from Toshiba, registered the warranty with them, had two repairs done by them and entered all the information on the BBB complaint form. Anyway, Toshiba finally broke down and did the third repair (another defective display) at no cost to me. The repair shop installed two new fans in an attempt to repair the re-ocurring heat problem that causes the computer to lock up. I recommend purchasing HP laptops, both for the quality and the service.

Update on 1/14/2007 Well, here we are a few weeks later and my new display that was just installed has failed again. This is the third bad display not to say the other repairs that have been done on this laptop. When I made the formal complaint to Better Business Bureau my laptop was less than five months old, well within the warranty but Toshiba waited almost two years to respond to BBB and attempted to fix it with no warranty on the part or labor. Can you see what's happening here; delay the repair until after the warranty expires and hope that the customer goes away. If customer makes a formal complaint then offer (after a year and half) to fix it under an extended warranty. What a scam.
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Warranty-Defective Laptop
Posted by RosiePat on 04/05/2006
SPRING HILL, FLORIDA -- Laptop was purchased in late November2005 from Best Buy here online. Was given as Christmas present in Jan. 2006. Computer worked fine till battery needed recharging. Battery would not recharge I traveled over 60 miles to Toshiba Rep. who saw that laptop was new and barely used. They took 1st battery and sent it to Toshiba. I received new battery but again it would not charge. So now I am told it could be the Motherboard. The warranty of 90 days is over and I am stuck now with nothing.When this was purchased, no one was told about a 90 day warranty
. Everyone I tell this story to can not believe any computer has only 90 days on its warranty. I feel TOSHIBA knows it had a LEMON as a laptop and it has covered itself. I personally would never buy another TOSHIBA product. I would do without rather then buy their brand.
Toshiba you should be ASHAMED.
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Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-05:
Someone is pulling your leg or your not telling everything. Toshiba has a 1 year parts and labor on all there new pc's. If the pc is refurbished then it is a 90 day warranty. If you have the original sales receipt, all the better.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-04-05:
Nearly all new computers have 1 year limited. Go to this page, there is a pdf with the toshiba warranty: www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_navShell.jsp?cf=su_wa_ss_stdwar.html
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Toshiba's Poor Customer Service
Posted by Squilmi on 10/22/2009
I originally purchased a Toshiba laptop from Best Buy in August. It came with the 64-bit Vista Home Premium operating system. Come to find out that some of the software I needed to run did not work on Vista 64-bit so I called Toshiba Customer Support requesting that they change my operating system from 64 to 32-bit. They were not able to accommodate this request and I was okay with that. The customer service person I spoke with was professional and courteous so I didn't push the issue and went to Best Buy and purchased the 32-bit version of Vista Home Premium. I had to purchase the full version rather than the upgrade since I was in effect, downgrading.

Well now it is Oct 22 (the release date for the much anticipated Windows 7 operating system). I was provided with a free Windows 7 upgrade with the purchase of my laptop. I called customer service again, requesting that they send me the 32-bit version rather than the 64-bit version and again they said they could not do that for me. I am frustrated and disappointed. I've purchased many computers over the years (mostly from Dell). This is the first time I've purchased a Toshiba. I'm surprised at the lack of willingness that Toshiba has in helping me with what I would consider to be a fairly simple (and inexpensive) request. It seems to me that it would be in Toshiba's best interest to make this accommodation since this has the potential to either develop or ruin a new customer relationship.

Toshiba has so far put a bad taste in my mouth. I am what some of my friends consider a "go to" person when they have questions about their new computer purchases. I will never recommend Toshiba. Not because the hardware is of lesser quality, but because their (lack of good) customer service makes it worth spending a little extra and buying from Dell and knowing that if I have problems, I'll be taken care of. This is the kind of mistake you only make once. Shame on you this time Toshiba. Next time, it will be shame on me.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-23:
It was shame on you from the start.

You bought the laptop with Bit version 64, BUT needed 32. You wanted them to basically reprogram the thing for you, they said no. Then you wanted them to give you the Windows 7 for 32 bit when you actually bought a 64 bit and they again said no.

They can only upgrade you the Windows 7 with the version of Vista that originally came with your computer if you are taking advantage of the free upgrade. THAT is Microsoft.

It isn't their fault you couldn't use certain programs until you changed the Bit version.

You can BUY the full version of 7 if you want, but they will not give you the free upgrade on an upgraded system.

I don't understand why you are upset with them. You should be annoyed at yourself.
Posted by squilmi on 2009-10-25:
I don't agree with that. I didn't know prior to buying the computer the limitations of the 64-bit operating system. Yes, that was may fault. I didn't do enough research, but no one at Best Buy explained anything to me either even though I asked lots of questions. I wasn't asking Toshiba to reprogram the computer. I only asked them to send me a 32-bit version of Windows 7 rather than the 64-bit version. I didn't think that was too much to ask particularly since all they needed to do was put a 32-bit version disk in the envelope instead of a 64-bit version. Thank you for your comments though.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-25:
Op, you still bought the wrong system for what you needed. It is up to you to learn to use any product that you buy. No retailer is going to teach you to use it. The retailer probably didn't know the program you were going to use was not compatible. YOU didn't did you?

As for Windows 7. I already explained WHY they won't.
Posted by squilmi on 2009-10-27:
You're entitled to your opinion (though I still disagree). I am not disavowing my responsibility in creating the problem. However, my view of stellar customer service is a company who goes out of their way to help a consumer who makes an honest mistake to ensure that in the end they are satisfied. I was not satisfied. It seemed to me that once they got their money, they couldn't really care less. For this reason, I'll be taking my business elsewhere in the future.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-28:
OP, I wish you luck on finding a retailer who will go out of their way to give you what you consider good customer service when YOU make the mistake.
Posted by yoyo78 on 2010-02-22:
My 3 cents...I don't necessarily think that may be a manufacturer issue actually. My husband bought a Dell a few years ago that came with the same 64-bit system. At first we were like "cool" something different and better...well we came into the same problem-software incompatibility. He did the same thing and called Dell and got the same answer. So, it may be a Windows thing and not the computer manufacturer. I used to have a Dell laptop so I had all my Windows discs from that computer so I just re-programmed it for him on the desktop and that is what he is running now with no problems.
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Toshiba Crap
Posted by Jim Huston on 12/10/2006
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I have been a consultant for over 10 years, so I have used just about everything out there in the way of laptops(IBM, HP, Gateway, Dell) and have nothing negative to say about them until now. Within 3 months, my Toshiba power supply would no longer charge the battery or provide power to the computer. After about 18 months the computer started to overheat and was not reliable. I cleaned the boards and fans and bought a cooling plate so I could use it. I now have an additional systems problem and their solution is to scrap the computer and reload it or buy a new computer. I would not buy another Toshiba if my life depended on it. As a consultant my livelyhood depends on it and I have found the Toshiba to be the worst computer I have ever owned.
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Posted by glc on 2006-12-10:
Which model Satellite was this?
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Very Poor Service
Posted by Jerryma21 on 02/25/2014
I got a new Toshiba Computer from day one, I could not get it to work right The store helped me about 4 times in a week to get it to work . But after 4 times I called Toshiba Co for help. I had the computer for a week and Toshiba told me I would have to pay $159.00 dollars to get help to get it fixed. That is the last Toshiba I will but. I took it back to the store and got my money back.
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If You Want to Fustrate Yourself by a Toshiba Laptop
Posted by Rickkaye2001 on 05/22/2013
The worst laptop I have ever had by far and I have had many.
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Shame On Toshiba!
Posted by CICIJONES6451 on 04/03/2013
U.S.A, CALIFORNIA -- Shame on Toshiba! I bought a "TOSHIBA-SATELITE #C655-SERIES". I am new to the computer, but, as you can see I'm pretty darn handy at the key's. I use the laptop once a week, "IF"! I haven't found the "I can't function with out my computer need yet"! My husband thought I was like "WOW" at learning my smart phone. I didn't even bother to open up the booklet. He was like let's get a computer! I was like yeah!! And, let's spend a $100.00 in repair's, every time we log on!!! So, yeah! We got one as you thought right. Now, let's keep in mind..... I believe, common sense go's along way's.

So, for the most part Iv learned my way around the key board. So, after haven my computer oh, about under a year.( Now, I'm the only one that uses it, it dose not get moved, I keep it covered from dust, you get the pitcher.) And, about a 7 month's into owning it, it started to stop typing! And, my page would suddenly go blank with no recover! So, I thought -ell no! Got on smart phone and, pulled up "why laptop stop's typing? Oh my. Comment after comment. People asking same question!! And! No wait that's not the punch line. Over 1/2 the comment's were..... close your eye's.....get ready for this..... they are "TOSHIBA-SATELITE #C655 SERIES owner's!!" Same exact issue! Brand, owning time, everything.

So, I called up the company! Oh yes you guessed right, that was and, is still a night mare. I talked to cherry, and john, mike, wee we and fee fee. And, for a fist full of money we can fix your issue, if you can fix my issue then your the cause of my issue. Its the computer.

And, with that many people with the same issues then its Toshiba!I know someone at the BBB, let's put a little love back at' them. So beware!!!!!!!
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Posted by MRM on 2013-04-03:
I know this is an infeasable soltion, but the laptop is still usable by connecting a USB keyboard to the laptop. You can find a USB keyboard at a thrift for $2.
Posted by Tezrien on 2013-04-03:
Maybe it's just a software glitch. You could always find a local PC shop to look at it for you, or maybe a local high school with an electronics repair class.
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Memory card reader never worked
Posted by Ghuntington on 02/17/2013
I bought a Toshiba Satellite L765D laptop in January 2013 and just put a memory card in the slot ... nothing happens. A computer tech who was here suggested that I get a card reader and attach it via the USB port.

Not happy about this situation but I don't want to send the computer back to the company to have a new card reader put in.

It is under warranty but I don't want to be without my computer plus I think I am responsible for shipping charges.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-17:
You may simply need a driver installed. Was the person who visited you there on a service call under the warranty, a friend, something else? If it was a service tech out on a warranty call, suggesting you add a USB card reader makes no sense.

Have you called them for support? The issue that you describe can be solved over the phone, or at least they should be able to examine the computer and diagnose the root cause (hardware or software(driver)) of the problem.

Have you looked to see if your computer believes all the devices are working properly and have drivers?
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-17:
SD is limited to 2GB, SDHC goes beyond 2G. Or as noted could be a simple driver needing to be installed, repaired or updated. The Satellite L765D sounds like a nice unit, trust you can get it working before having to send it to heaven knows where to be checked out.

(Keep the Geek Squad away from it unless you never want it to work right again)
Posted by MRM on 2013-02-18:
Thats insane in the membrane! Its a one month laptop and you shouldnt have to fix it that early.
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Horrible Experience With "Customer Relations"
Posted by Chicanegrl86 on 01/23/2013
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- In March 2012 I purchased a Toshiba Thrive tablet with what I thought was a 1-year warranty. Everything worked perfectly and has worked perfectly until now, January 2013. My tablet charger never leaved my bedroom. It stays plugged into the wall by my bookshelf and I plug in my tablet to charge when needed, which is anywhere from every day to once every few days, depending on how often I use it. Last week when unplugging my tablet, the pin that plugs into the tablet from the ac adapter, broke off.

I thought I could just order a new adapter online and get it in a few days, rather than wait the month or more for a replacement from Toshiba. Cut to less than a week later, I get the part I ordered and... it's not the part I ordered. Seller is trouble, I'm working on getting a refund, but that's a different complaint. I realized the safest way to get the appropriate adapter, since after wading through the internet for hours still yielded me a scam, I'd just suck up the wait and get the replacement from Toshiba since I thought I still had time on my warranty.

First person I spoke with, who wouldn't answer any of my questions and was incapable of speaking clearly (I had to ask him to repeat himself several times, since he couldn't form coherent sentences), eventually told me that my specific problem wasn't covered by my warranty and that I'd have to buy a new adapter. I'm upset, obviously, but I need an adapter. He puts me through to "sales"... which is apparently just the toshibadirect.com call line. Not actually freaking Toshiba.

I get another person who can barely speak coherently who tells me that the website has no appropriate adapters for me... I ask to actually speak with Toshiba about this and order the part directly and not from an online store but am only told the same thing. She refuses to respond to or even acknowledge that request. I asked it several times and she just kept repeating herself. I had to ask to speak to a supervisor multiple times as well before actually getting to speak to a supervisor.

This is the first person I spoke with who I thought was actually going to be helpful. He had ALL of my information-- model number, name, address, etc. I repeat my problem again, since apparently none of that goes through in transfers. At this point I'm struggling to keep back the tears because I'm getting so incredibly frustrated at speaking to these brick wall robots. This guy addresses my problems, apologizes, and then directs me to acclaim. Toshiba.com and explains the process I need to go through to get a replacement, and how it won't cost anything and will arrive in a few weeks, etc.

Everything seems to be going fine until I get to the end where the site says the part is unavailable for replacement. Now I get to speaking with an acclaim customer representative - my FOURTH representative at this point - who has me repeat everything. I gave her the reference number for the last guy I spoke to (only reference number I got by the way), so she has all the information. She then says that no, I don't have a warranty and I have to order the part.

Oh, but the part is unavailable. Completely unavailable from Toshiba. Nothing else. She then tells me I'll need to pick it up from a store... except that I had to order the tablet from the internet because no stores near me actually carry Toshiba Thrive ANYTHING. I'd already checked nearby stores before I ordered that scammy adapter!

She says well I'll have to get it online. Try searching for the right adapter online, it's just about impossible because of all the scams. I spent hours researching sellers and parts and I still got a scammy part. But she has no recommendations. Nothing. I can't get a replacement, I can't order the part. I'm in actual tears by this point, having gone through this ridiculously frustrating experience.

In short: I'm transferred multiple times because nobody will speak clearly or answer questions, I'm told one thing and then told the opposite thing, I'm told to buy a product from them that isn't even available, and then told, basically, that I'm SOL. For a product that isn't even two years on the market or one year in my care.

Just another reminder to never buy anything Toshiba ever again. I should've known better honestly, after all the horrible things I went through with a Toshiba Satellite laptop several years ago. No change in customer service.
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-01-24:
If you ever do find the correct adapter do not leave it plugged into the wall. Besides wasting electricity there is a small chance of fire.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-24:
The Thrive is a great tablet and had been available at killer pricing. I am aware that they did ruin into a problem with the transformers but it wasn't with them physically breaking. That's why your not getting it covered under warranty and likely why you're having an issue with finding a replacement.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-01-24:
Chicanegrl86, you have a very valid review and complaint. Sorry there are those that chose to diminish the importance of what you have to say and have no awareness of consumer issues. Anyone can see your primary issue is with the Toshiba "Customer Relations". Yes, Toshiba "Customer Relations" is pretty bad, thanks for the review.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2013-01-24:
I wonder if you can just check the specs on the original one and get one to match? You need to match the voltages, polarity and the plug size and that should work. I bet there's something being sold out there that would work. If you google notebook power supplies you'll probably find a company that has something and would talk to you about it.

Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-25:
Sorry if my comments came across as anything than intended OT. I have both a relative and a friend who own Thrives. They have some great connectivity with an HDMI output, USB and microSD. They became readily available, prior to Christmas for $199.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-25:
Sorry if my comments came across as anything than intended OT. I have both a relative and a friend who own Thrives. They have some great connectivity with an HDMI output, USB and microSD. They became readily available, prior to Christmas, for $199.

They did have an issue with a batch of their transformers that would burn out spontaneously. I'm sure the issue had caused them to run low in replacements.

That's a great idea Whiteduck. Not sure how but the suggestion should be rated as helpful. Targus use to do just such a product that may work. It has changeable voltages, polarity and interchangeable tips. They sell for $79.99.
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