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Memory card reader never worked
Posted by Ghuntington on 02/17/2013
I bought a Toshiba Satellite L765D laptop in January 2013 and just put a memory card in the slot ... nothing happens. A computer tech who was here suggested that I get a card reader and attach it via the USB port.

Not happy about this situation but I don't want to send the computer back to the company to have a new card reader put in.

It is under warranty but I don't want to be without my computer plus I think I am responsible for shipping charges.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-17:
You may simply need a driver installed. Was the person who visited you there on a service call under the warranty, a friend, something else? If it was a service tech out on a warranty call, suggesting you add a USB card reader makes no sense.

Have you called them for support? The issue that you describe can be solved over the phone, or at least they should be able to examine the computer and diagnose the root cause (hardware or software(driver)) of the problem.

Have you looked to see if your computer believes all the devices are working properly and have drivers?
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-17:
SD is limited to 2GB, SDHC goes beyond 2G. Or as noted could be a simple driver needing to be installed, repaired or updated. The Satellite L765D sounds like a nice unit, trust you can get it working before having to send it to heaven knows where to be checked out.

(Keep the Geek Squad away from it unless you never want it to work right again)
Posted by MRM on 2013-02-18:
Thats insane in the membrane! Its a one month laptop and you shouldnt have to fix it that early.
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Horrible Experience With "Customer Relations"
Posted by Chicanegrl86 on 01/23/2013
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- In March 2012 I purchased a Toshiba Thrive tablet with what I thought was a 1-year warranty. Everything worked perfectly and has worked perfectly until now, January 2013. My tablet charger never leaved my bedroom. It stays plugged into the wall by my bookshelf and I plug in my tablet to charge when needed, which is anywhere from every day to once every few days, depending on how often I use it. Last week when unplugging my tablet, the pin that plugs into the tablet from the ac adapter, broke off.

I thought I could just order a new adapter online and get it in a few days, rather than wait the month or more for a replacement from Toshiba. Cut to less than a week later, I get the part I ordered and... it's not the part I ordered. Seller is trouble, I'm working on getting a refund, but that's a different complaint. I realized the safest way to get the appropriate adapter, since after wading through the internet for hours still yielded me a scam, I'd just suck up the wait and get the replacement from Toshiba since I thought I still had time on my warranty.

First person I spoke with, who wouldn't answer any of my questions and was incapable of speaking clearly (I had to ask him to repeat himself several times, since he couldn't form coherent sentences), eventually told me that my specific problem wasn't covered by my warranty and that I'd have to buy a new adapter. I'm upset, obviously, but I need an adapter. He puts me through to "sales"... which is apparently just the toshibadirect.com call line. Not actually freaking Toshiba.

I get another person who can barely speak coherently who tells me that the website has no appropriate adapters for me... I ask to actually speak with Toshiba about this and order the part directly and not from an online store but am only told the same thing. She refuses to respond to or even acknowledge that request. I asked it several times and she just kept repeating herself. I had to ask to speak to a supervisor multiple times as well before actually getting to speak to a supervisor.

This is the first person I spoke with who I thought was actually going to be helpful. He had ALL of my information-- model number, name, address, etc. I repeat my problem again, since apparently none of that goes through in transfers. At this point I'm struggling to keep back the tears because I'm getting so incredibly frustrated at speaking to these brick wall robots. This guy addresses my problems, apologizes, and then directs me to acclaim. Toshiba.com and explains the process I need to go through to get a replacement, and how it won't cost anything and will arrive in a few weeks, etc.

Everything seems to be going fine until I get to the end where the site says the part is unavailable for replacement. Now I get to speaking with an acclaim customer representative - my FOURTH representative at this point - who has me repeat everything. I gave her the reference number for the last guy I spoke to (only reference number I got by the way), so she has all the information. She then says that no, I don't have a warranty and I have to order the part.

Oh, but the part is unavailable. Completely unavailable from Toshiba. Nothing else. She then tells me I'll need to pick it up from a store... except that I had to order the tablet from the internet because no stores near me actually carry Toshiba Thrive ANYTHING. I'd already checked nearby stores before I ordered that scammy adapter!

She says well I'll have to get it online. Try searching for the right adapter online, it's just about impossible because of all the scams. I spent hours researching sellers and parts and I still got a scammy part. But she has no recommendations. Nothing. I can't get a replacement, I can't order the part. I'm in actual tears by this point, having gone through this ridiculously frustrating experience.

In short: I'm transferred multiple times because nobody will speak clearly or answer questions, I'm told one thing and then told the opposite thing, I'm told to buy a product from them that isn't even available, and then told, basically, that I'm SOL. For a product that isn't even two years on the market or one year in my care.

Just another reminder to never buy anything Toshiba ever again. I should've known better honestly, after all the horrible things I went through with a Toshiba Satellite laptop several years ago. No change in customer service.
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-01-24:
If you ever do find the correct adapter do not leave it plugged into the wall. Besides wasting electricity there is a small chance of fire.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-24:
The Thrive is a great tablet and had been available at killer pricing. I am aware that they did ruin into a problem with the transformers but it wasn't with them physically breaking. That's why your not getting it covered under warranty and likely why you're having an issue with finding a replacement.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-01-24:
Chicanegrl86, you have a very valid review and complaint. Sorry there are those that chose to diminish the importance of what you have to say and have no awareness of consumer issues. Anyone can see your primary issue is with the Toshiba "Customer Relations". Yes, Toshiba "Customer Relations" is pretty bad, thanks for the review.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2013-01-24:
I wonder if you can just check the specs on the original one and get one to match? You need to match the voltages, polarity and the plug size and that should work. I bet there's something being sold out there that would work. If you google notebook power supplies you'll probably find a company that has something and would talk to you about it.

Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-25:
Sorry if my comments came across as anything than intended OT. I have both a relative and a friend who own Thrives. They have some great connectivity with an HDMI output, USB and microSD. They became readily available, prior to Christmas for $199.
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-25:
Sorry if my comments came across as anything than intended OT. I have both a relative and a friend who own Thrives. They have some great connectivity with an HDMI output, USB and microSD. They became readily available, prior to Christmas, for $199.

They did have an issue with a batch of their transformers that would burn out spontaneously. I'm sure the issue had caused them to run low in replacements.

That's a great idea Whiteduck. Not sure how but the suggestion should be rated as helpful. Targus use to do just such a product that may work. It has changeable voltages, polarity and interchangeable tips. They sell for $79.99.
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Toshiba Notebooks bad experience.
Posted by Kurtadam43 on 08/16/2012
Toshiba Satellite Notebook, Photo date 8/15/12
Toshiba Satellite Notebook, Photo date 8/15/12
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Toshiba Satellite Notebook in 2006. I also added on an additional three-year warranty.

From 2006 through 2009 I sent the Notebook for repair once each year. This repair situation was quite upsetting.

Now let me get to the point of this report: During the six years of ownership of this Toshiba Notebook, I used it for a total of less than 200 hours. During this period, the notebook was handled, maintained and cared for with the utmost care and diligence.

A few months ago it stopped working. Nothing I would do would turn it on.

I called Toshiba and was informed that the repair would be a flat fee of about $300.00 dollars. I declined their offer for the obvious reasons.

I took the notebook to a local, well-established computer repair service. They checked it thoroughly and reported that it was a defective unit and needed a new motherboard installed.

The chief technician said “This notebook looks brand new, just as if I just unpacked it.”
I told him the history of the notebook and my experiences with it. The technician added “Well it looks like you got a lemon.”

Lastly I called Toshiba and spoke with a Customer Relations Case Manager. I told her about the problems and what the independent technician had told me. I also asked if Toshiba could either repair the Notebook at a discounted rate or provide a suitable discount on a new Toshiba Notebook. The reps answer was NO!

So that is the report. I have a very lightly used and cared for Toshiba notebook in my possession that is DEAD! If it was working, I could probably sell it on Amazon as a “Like New” notebook in “Mint” condition.

So beware of your purchases from Toshiba and do not count on any customer relations or care.

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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-08-16:
You're three years outside of the extended warranty. I don't think it's reasonable to expect them to do anything for you after that amount of time has elapsed.
Posted by Whiteduck on 2012-08-16:
Things age whether you use them or not. Some things age even more when they're NOT used... That's why most things are warranted by time and useage (miles driven and years owned). I understand your problem, but can't really fault Toshiba for not coming thru for you. Would have been great customer service on their part if they had, though.

Posted by trmn8r on 2012-08-16:
I understand your frustration, but I agree with the previous two replies. Just as you have obvious reasons for not paying to have it repaired (by the way an additional and excellent one is that it is outdated), Toshiba has obvious reasons for not offering a discount on repairing a 6 year old piece of electronics.
Posted by leet60 on 2012-08-17:
Older notebooks/laptops were designed with the jack for the power adapter spot soldered to the motherboard. Over time plugging and unplugging the power adapter can cause the solder point to loosen or break. This will prevent the computer from being able to power on once the battery is drained and there will be no power to charge the battery. The cost to repair this is minimal - less than one hour time for an experienced technician as it involves opening the device and replacing or resoldering the power jack. Many, many times I have had a customer bring a laptop with this issue to me, having been told the motherboard needed to be replaced - not once was this the case. You may want to take the laptop to another repair shop to see if they will check this for you.
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Best Buy is selling Toshiba Laptops w/an Expired Toshiba Warranty
Posted by Priorart17 on 01/14/2012
DENTON, TEXAS -- Within 2 days after the (late 2011) purchase I registered my new laptop with Toshiba. Almost immediately I started having some technical issues with inconsistency of processing speed, screen lock, flickering and frequent shutdowns . Contacted Toshiba who were very difficult to deal with. First they claimed they had no record of my having registered the laptop with them. After providing them with details about the confirmation email I received from Toshiba after having done so just a day or two after purchasing it, they still required me to register it with them again, so we did so right then. The Toshiba Representative then asked me about the issues I was having with the Laptop. So I described the symptoms and told him that after doing some research I discovered a couple of issues with how the laptop was configured by Toshiba which are likely the root cause of these symptoms, and which with time could cause more serious problems with my laptop; 1)By running a test provided by Microsoft which scans your computer to see if it could be upgraded to a 64bit OS (keeping in mind that it already is a 64bit OS)in which the results indicated that the system did not qualify due to insufficient Ram which did not meet the minimum amount required to run a 64bit OS. 2) I also informed him of the fact that most of the Drivers installed on the laptop were 32bit Drivers most of which were also available in 64bit. Then after putting me on hold for a long time, he came back to inform me that the serial number I provided was for a laptop that had an expired manufacturer's warranty, and he went on to say it had expired more than one year ago. I explained that the laptop was purchased new just days ago and that it came in a factory sealed box. He then referred me to Toshiba's Warranty Department to see if I could resolve the issue. He both gave me a phone number and forwarded me to them at that time. After holding about 25 minutes a recorded message then told me, "We apologize, but we will not be able to take your call today due to excessive call volume." "Please call again on another day."

The next day I found out the phone number I was provided was not a working number(but I could have written it down wrong) So after getting back in touch with Tech Support, I requested that in addition to transferring me to the Warranty Department again, to please send me an email stating that Best Buy sold me a Laptop with an expired Toshiba Warranty and that you are referring me to your Warranty Dept. so that I might resolve the issue, And, to please include the phone number to their Warranty Dept in that same email; which he did send.
Again, the attempt to transfer me failed as I experienced a repeat of what happened when transferred the first time. That same afternoon I began using the number I was provided in the email I requested, and after calling the number for about a week, I was finally able to reach the Dept. After discussing the issue with a Toshiba Rep in their so called Warranty Dept., I was told they could not do anything about the expired warranty, however, due to my unique situation they would be willing to allow me to purchase an extended warranty provided I could show my purchase receipt.

At that point I requested that she send me an email stating that "my warranty was expired for more than a year, and that the only thing they could do was to sell me an extended warranty." She stated that she would not do this and that because my Mfg Warranty had expired so long ago they are not obligated to offer me the extended warranty, and that I should be thankful for being offered the chance to obtain this. I asked if the laptop had been registered by someone else over a year ago? I also asked if there was a record of who activated the warranty over a year ago? I got no answer to either question.

In complete disbelief, I just wanted off the phone at that point. Now I intend to take the issue up with Best Buy. Can't wait to hear why they are selling this Toshiba Satellite C655-S5049 without a Mfg's warranty. Not to mention, they are also selling it as a package which includes a Kaspersky Anti-Virus software program that is for a 32bit OS which does not function properly on a 64bit OS(it even states this right on the inside of the Kaspersky box!)

I am shocked and dismayed at both Toshiba and Best Buy and I Highly regret having done business with either of them. After reading all these horror stories about Toshiba, how could a trusted organization such as Best Buy (who no doubt knows about these Toshiba issues)even consider selling this Toshiba crap to their unsuspecting loyal Customers , moreover without a Mfg's Warranty! This must be why they have this particular laptop on clearance. So is Best Buy the Trusted Organization we thought they were? Obviously Not any more. Does Toshiba really care about their Customers as they claim? Obviously not. They are obviously trying to keep their stock value from cratering due to poor quality control of the MFG process by using these unethical practices at the expense of both their loyal and new Customers, at the cost of ruining their own reputation and any good will they might otherwise develop or maintain with their Customer base. A failed effort and a failing organization in either case. Hope the CEO does not commit suicide out of shame like they sometimes do over there. I speculate that Best Buy either got taken in by Toshiba with a huge load of bad product, or they are in cahoots with Toshiba and bought the defective product at a very low price. If so, they too are trying to cut their loses(or to make their huge gains) at the expense of their loyal and new unsuspecting Customers as well. In my opinion, the very act of selling me that Toshiba laptop was damn near if not actually a criminal act on both of these organization's part. But hey, if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac along with Wall Street Execs can get away with Fraud and Larceny that hurt millions of people, then why cant these guys get away with screwing a few hundred thousand?

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Posted by yoke on 2012-01-14:
Did you buy the display model? Was the computer heavily discounted?
Posted by Mario The Great on 2012-01-14:
Your receipt is proof enough of the 1 year warranty. Best Buy will honor it without exception. They will either repair or replace your laptop. I've purchased several Toshiba laptops from them and haven't had any issues with any of the equipment. Perhaps you received a display model. Either way, the 1 year warranty starts from the date of purchase.
Posted by priorart17 on 2012-01-14:
The laptop I purchased was represented to me as a new laptop, and it was in a factory sealed box. I was told it was last years model and that is why It was merchandised on a clearance table with at least 20 units just like it, all in sealed factory boxes. I chose my particular laptop from this lot of 20 units. I was told by Best Buy and given documentation stating that it had a 1yr mfg's warranty. It was not a display model. Not heavily discounted, but sold at close to the normal price however they threw in the non compatible Anti-Virus software (for 1 month free) and 1 year of geek sqaud service.
Posted by priorart17 on 2012-01-14:
Also, I might add that Best Buy must send these Toshiba Laptops to a factory authorized Toshiba repair center and that they do not work on them at Best Buy. I also found out that Best Buy's return policy only allows two weeks for someone to return a computer. After that they will not replace the product. 30 days for software.
Posted by priorart17 on 2012-01-14:
I will provide info on how Best Buy responds to this situation. Will be seeing them on Monday.
Posted by lexophiliac on 2012-01-14:
I bought two Toshiba laptops from BB in December. Satellite C655D - S5209's, and from all reports from the recipients they are working just fine, no issues yet. They did come pre-loaded with junk, which I chose to delete myself instead of paying an extra hundred per laptop to have BB delete them for me, also updated all drivers. The Toshibas and the Dell bundle I bought were being discounted because they were coming out with newer models with updated processors.

Many local community small computer repair shops offer free diagnostics and low cost thinking- outside- of- the- box solutions.
Posted by Mario The Great on 2012-01-14:
Just remember that the warranty STARTS from the date of purchase. Best Buy WILL honor it. Just take a deep breath, count to TRIENTA and you'll be fine. :) Good Luck!
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-01-14:
I question that Best Buy is widely viewed as a "trusted organization".

To me, you have a manufacturer's warranty in the first year, and the laptop goes to Toshiba for repair as you state. I'm not surprised that BB sold you incompatible software, but I am surprised that Toshiba is unable to resolve the manufacturer warranty issue. You know, since they ARE the manufacturer.

The offer of an extended warranty is totally ridiculous under the circumstances.

I see a complaint elsewhere that the customer pays to send the laptop back to Toshiba, even though their website says that isn't the case. Based on these complaints, I would do more research before ever buying a Toshiba. Good luck.
Posted by priorart17 on 2012-01-14:
Thanks I appreciate the advice. It is just hard to swallow the BS that Toshiba is dishing out to me and many others these days. Something has gone very wrong with their organization. Likewise I know that Best Buy knows about these issues yet still chooses to be a Toshiba retailer. Plus I doubt that Best Buy or Toshiba will consider the insufficient Ram(that does not meet the min. requirement for running a 64bit OS) as something the warranty will cover, nor do I believe they will consider the 32bit Drivers which should have been 64bit as a warranty issue. A buddy of mine who works at Microsoft told me this computer will always be having problems(some of which could be serious and costly down the road) unless these things are corrected. But I will take your advise and count to even TRIENTA FIVE if I have to and hopefully things will work out.
Thanks again and Best Regards.
Posted by priorart17 on 2012-01-14:
I believe that Toshiba knows that the Satellite C655-S5049 was configured improperly and this is why they are trying to mitigate their losses by claiming the warranty is expired and by attempting to charge me more money to warranty the product.
Posted by priorart17 on 2012-01-14:
I will never buy another computer without doing proper research. I was naive enough to think that Best Buy could be trusted or that I could count on them to provide me good advice and guidance with the purchase of a laptop. Never again. Thanks for the Good Luck wish, got a feeling I am gonna need all I can get with this situation. Best Regards
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Toshiba notebook poor quality and poor customer service
Posted by Bbbbbbbbbbb on 01/07/2011
My power cord on my laptop went bad, it was still under warranty and they sent me another one but because I missed the so called deadline to send the defective one back by 7 days they charged be 157 bucks. I called customer service and they would not work with me at all. I hope it was worth it for Toshiba because it will cost them a lot more than the 157 dollars in lost sales in the long run. Why they wouldn't just do the right thing and make the customer happy and keep them coming back I have no idea. Poor management. I will never buy another Toshiba product again!
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Posted by Alain on 2011-01-08:
A lot of large companies these days go strickly by their rules and would rather lose a customer than work with them.
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Moving to Apple
Posted by Perry92101 on 12/14/2010
I purchased a Toshiba laptop from Best Buy. It had the i5 processor, blue ray, WiMax, and all the bells and whistles. First of all I also had to purchase $60.00 worth of antivirus software. When I got it home, after reading 3 instruction manuals, I tried to add my printer but the computer kept freezing up when I tried to load the disk. I also kept getting an error screen. I then tried to connect to Wi-Fi, what a nightmare! I had to call Toshiba 5 times and re-boot my computer 2 times the day after I purchased it. I was so mad, I took the laptop back to Best Buy and traded it in for an iPad. The iPad came in a small box with a couple of papers explaining the electronics. I plugged it in and it worked perfect! No antivirus protection to buy, no disc to upload, and hooks up to the printer with Bluetooth. No more pc for me I'm staying with Apple and Mac from now on!
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Posted by msnanny on 2010-12-14:
Good choice! Welcome to the dark side :)
Posted by MRM on 2010-12-14:
The iPad is not the same thing as a PC laptop. For future reference, just decline the softwares they sell you and download free softwares online.
Posted by werelucky on 2010-12-14:
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Laptop dead after just three weeks
Posted by Sbtn on 09/21/2010
I purchased a Toshiba Satellite laptop from Best Buy on August 29, 2010. Three weeks later, it was booting up to a blank gray screen. I called Toshiba's Tech Support, which quickly diagnosed an irreparable hard drive that would have to be completely replaced. Best Buy only gives you 14 days for returns, so I am now at the mercy of Toshiba. I understand that hard drives fail, but given that mine died after just three weeks of light use, I consider my situation extraordinary and therefore worthy of an extraordinary response. Toshiba does not agree. I am subject to the standard process of waiting five days for a shipping box, shipment of the computer, a seven-day repair window, then standard UPS shipping back to me. In essence, it will take as long to repair my brand new computer as I have owned it. I called Best Buy in the hope of a workaround and was offered replacement with a blank hard drive, meaning I would need to purchase Windows to make the computer usable again. I called Toshiba to request the restore discs, thinking this would sound like a great solution to them. Toshiba will only SELL me the Windows restore discs, again treating me like someone who got two years out of the laptop prior to the hard drive failure. I have never been so disappointed in a customer service experience in my life.
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Posted by bcd on 2010-09-21:
You can restore data to the new hard drive with the recovery discs you created.
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Toshiba Satellite
Posted by Thumperrrr on 09/14/2010
My Toshiba satellite was purchased less then two years ago, and for the past few month it has been overheating and shutting down on it's own. Now all I get is a blue screen. Best Buy says it's probably a hard drive problem. For the amount of money that I paid, I expected too get a computer that would last longer and operate without problems.

But this Toshiba Satellite is total junk. I would recommend any other laptop before I would ever consider another Toshiba.

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-09-14:
Maybe you just had a faulty unit. Toshiba Satellite is a good laptop. Your problem is not happening with ALL Satellites.
Posted by leet60 on 2010-09-14:
Laptops, in general, are notorious for overheating. Most are designed with the case fan and vents on the bottom of the device, and most people place the laptop on a table or their lap without adequate ventilation. Thus the huge aftermarket for laptop cooling devices.

Most CPU's have a temperature sensor that will shut down the device when the temperature becomes too hot to try and prevent cpu/motherboard failure.
This is likely the reason for your unit shutting down.

The "blue screen" you are referring too, likely indicates total failure in the case of a laptop - hard drive failure is possible but in the low percentages in this case. You can try replacing the hard drive, which is relatively simple and not too expensive. I would recommend taking it to a local shop and have them diagnose the problem.
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Beware of Toshiba laptop Bios problems
Posted by Bnakano27 on 04/15/2010
My laptop kept shutting down within the first year so took to a service center and they said the bios needed to be updated. I've had five Dell laptops and a Fujitsu and have never had problems with their Bios. It started to have the same problem again within the following year so I called customer service. They said it was out of warranty and sounded like it was a common problem so told me I needed to update my bios again. They gave instructions on how I could do the update online, but while I was in the middle of the process, it shut down again and now does not boot up at all. I spoke to a case manager named Tyler and he was not helpful, only recited their disclaimer and that I should have bought an extended warranty. Showed no empathy at all. I'll never buy a Toshiba laptop again as they are unreliable.
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Toshiba Satellite - Day ONE, Memory Card Reader Slot WON'T READ
Posted by BeenThereDT on 09/05/2009
LOMBARD, ILLINOIS -- Bought Toshiba Satellite Laptop at Best Buy on June 10, 2009 - Day ONE, Memory Card reader failure. Day three- spontaneously worked-FOR ONE DAY. Continues to fail without notice and work irratically. THEN Month TWO, ALL EXTERNAL device readers fail, Memory card slot, USB ports, CD/DVD reader, ALL DOWN. Had to REFORMAT (strip everything and start over with SYSTEM RECOVERY. Now, LESS than 90 DAYS out, Memory Card Reader DOWN AGAIN! -- Oh, Did you want to pay for a WORKING SYSTEM? Do some research and avoid this one! Keep shopping!
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Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-05:
Hmm, kinda sounds like what happened with my HP. The memory card reader doesn't work anymore, it hasn't worked in quite some time and it's only 3 years old. I don't know what it is but maybe internal card readers just suck? If you have a microcenter near by you can get an external USB one for a few dollars.
Posted by MaggieMcT on 2009-09-05:
Yeah, but 3 years is one thing -- failure on day one? Not acceptable. I'd have returned that piece of junk on day two.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-05:
Oh I know, I agree with that being a little extreme. I was just saying idk when mine went, but it went a long time ago and my laptop isn't even that old.
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