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Warranty-Defective Laptop
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SPRING HILL, FLORIDA -- Laptop was purchased in late November2005 from Best Buy here online. Was given as Christmas present in Jan. 2006. Computer worked fine till battery needed recharging. Battery would not recharge I traveled over 60 miles to Toshiba Rep. who saw that laptop was new and barely used. They took 1st battery and sent it to Toshiba. I received new battery but again it would not charge. So now I am told it could be the Motherboard. The warranty of 90 days is over and I am stuck now with nothing.When this was purchased, no one was told about a 90 day warranty
. Everyone I tell this story to can not believe any computer has only 90 days on its warranty. I feel TOSHIBA knows it had a LEMON as a laptop and it has covered itself. I personally would never buy another TOSHIBA product. I would do without rather than buy their brand.
Toshiba you should be ASHAMED.
Don't use Toshiba PCs for corporate or other secure work
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I'm a IT consultant, and until recently used my Satellite A-45 on the job. Then, when the CD-ROM failed a few months ago, Toshiba refused to sell me a replacement CD drive. Their Tech Support reported, "It's against our policy to sell replacement parts to consumers - you are required to bring it to an authorized repair center". The A-45's CD drive is proprietary, so even after exhaustive research, I couldn't find a generic replacement.

I went back to Toshiba and pointed out that a) the drive is a simple swap, b) I was willing to pay for it and release them from any warranty obligation, and c) my pc was full of secure data and applications; I could not do without it, and certainly could not hand it over to anyone else.

I also pointed out that, as a former coordinator of tech support for a chain of 13 pc/electronic stores, I was certainly capable of removing the failed drive and plugging in the new one. All to no avail. I had to remove all the secure data and applications from the pc, install them all on another pc, drive the Satellite to a repair center, and wait several days for its return.

Had I known in advance of Toshiba's policy, I would NEVER have purchased a pc from them. I wouldn't buy so much as a toaster from someone who won't provide parts.

After hearing about this experience, several heads of desktop support at medium-sized companies have dropped any consideration of Toshiba laptops, and another medium-sized company that used Toshibas for their entire national sales force will now start moving to Dell. And I have advised my current employer (with more than 25,000 consultants, worldwide) to continue to rely on Dell laptops.

I have managed desktop support for both Dell and IBM laptops in the past, with users scattered all over North and South America, and both companies have jumped through hoops repeatedly to keep my users up and running when I was in a bind.

I really had no particular complaint with the A-45 - CD drives can and do fail on every brand - but Toshiba's parts policy turned this into a disaster. Their policy suggests that they intend their products only for household, entertainment, or light academic use. That given, it would appear that using Toshibas in a business environment, where security or deadline issues exist, poses a significant (and avoidable) risk.

No Refund No Replacement Policy
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PATAGONIA, ARIZONA -- I purchased a Toshiba laptop computer directly from Toshiba's web site. Within two weeks the display failed and I had to have it repaired. It was more than three weeks before I got it back and it worked for another two weeks and then failed again. This time they replaced the mother board and the hard drive. Toshiba failed to set up the return paperwork properly and I had to spend an extra week attempting to get everything straightened out. I asked for either a replacement laptop or a refund and was informed that it was not Toshibas policy to do either. I asked to be an exception since I had basically no use of the laptop and the months were clicking away.

If anybody is interested in purchasing a Toshiba laptop then I recommend purchasing it from a local store so that if it doesn't work you can take it back and get another one. Something that Toshiba is not willing to do.

I have been a Toshiba customer more a long time. I have one of their large screen TV's, a digital camera, my wife's laptop is a Toshiba. I have a policy also; not to buy anything that is built by Toshiba.

Update on 12/22/2006 I forgot to mention that I also made a Better Business Bureau complaint in March 2005. Toshiba responded back to the BBB on October 2006 (just short of two years) and said that they didn't have any address or telephone information to get in touch with me. That's interesting because I bought the laptop directly from Toshiba, registered the warranty with them, had two repairs done by them and entered all the information on the BBB complaint form. Anyway, Toshiba finally broke down and did the third repair (another defective display) at no cost to me. The repair shop installed two new fans in an attempt to repair the re-occurring heat problem that causes the computer to lock up. I recommend purchasing HP laptops, both for the quality and the service.

Update on 1/14/2007 Well, here we are a few weeks later and my new display that was just installed has failed again. This is the third bad display not to say the other repairs that have been done on this laptop. When I made the formal complaint to Better Business Bureau my laptop was less than five months old, well within the warranty but Toshiba waited almost two years to respond to BBB and attempted to fix it with no warranty on the part or labor. Can you see what's happening here; delay the repair until after the warranty expires and hope that the customer goes away. If customer makes a formal complaint then offer (after a year and half) to fix it under an extended warranty. What a scam.
Toshiba has stood behind their warranty
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PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been reading a lot of horror stories about various companies and thought I would let you know about my experience with my Toshiba laptop. I previously owned a HP laptop that I was having problems with. I had bought it from Best Buys and knew from previous experience that they would have it for 3-5 weeks. (very aggravating) but at least Best Buys always honored their warranty with me. I left the laptop with Best Buys to be repaired and went home. I need a computer for my job and discussed the problem with my wife. We had been thinking about buying a new computer and decided this would be a good time. We did some research on her work computer and found some good deals at Best Buys on Toshiba computers. I was not crazy about the Best Buys warranty and decided to research 3rd party warranties. During the course of my research I discovered that Toshiba has a warranty for their computer products at (probably common knowledge,but new to me) The warranty was
for 3 years and 1/2 the price of the Best Buys warranty. The warranty covered everything Best Buys claimed to cover. They also claimed that if I had a problem, they would send a box for it free of charge, repair it the next day, and send it back immediately. This cinched the Toshiba for me. I went to Best Buys and purchased the computer. They tried to pressure me into buying their extended warranty, but once I explained the Toshiba warranty to them they said they could not match the service of the Toshiba warranty and left me alone. I have had the computer for about a year now. During that time the speakers went bad, The Dvd rom went bad, and the LCD screen had a bunch of bad pixels. Each time I called the tech support and they sent a box for it. The first time the speakers came back fixed within four day of being sent out. The second time they had the computer for a week and a half because they were waiting for a part. They did give me a $100 gift certificate towards something from their website after I complained about the wait. I sent the computer in for the Lcd screen problem last Tuesday. It came back Friday. They replaced the old one and it looks great. Obviously I am not happy that I have had these problems with the computer. I am happy with how the situation has been handled all three times. Because of the support I will buy Toshiba products in the future. (Standing by their warranty can not be understated.) At the time they had an accidental breakage policy for an extra $99. This policy is now included in their regular extended warranty policy and is still half the price of Best Buys warranty. After all the horror stories I have read on this site I thought I would share a positive story.
Toshiba Satellite
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My Toshiba satellite was purchased less than two years ago, and for the past few month it has been overheating and shutting down on its own. Now all I get is a blue screen. Best Buy says it's probably a hard drive problem. For the amount of money that I paid, I expected too get a computer that would last longer and operate without problems.

But this Toshiba Satellite is total junk. I would recommend any other laptop before I would ever consider another Toshiba.
Toshiba Satellite - Day ONE, Memory Card Reader Slot WON'T READ
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LOMBARD, ILLINOIS -- Bought Toshiba Satellite Laptop at Best Buy on June 10, 2009 - Day ONE, Memory Card reader failure. Day three- spontaneously worked-FOR ONE DAY. Continues to fail without notice and work irratically. THEN Month TWO, ALL EXTERNAL device readers fail, Memory card slot, USB ports, CD/DVD reader, ALL DOWN. Had to REFORMAT (strip everything and start over with SYSTEM RECOVERY. Now, LESS than 90 DAYS out, Memory Card Reader DOWN AGAIN! -- Oh, Did you want to pay for a WORKING SYSTEM? Do some research and avoid this one! Keep shopping!
Toshiba Computers Disregards Lemon Product Issues
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The clock has never kept time properly. In June 2007 I suffered a randomly generated BIOS password that caused the system to be unbootable. On September 3, 2007, I first started having critical issues with this computer. Windows Vista described this problem with a code named "Blue Screen." Apparently the computer had spontaneously rebooted itself due to some unexpected error. On September 9, 2007, the hard drive in my Toshiba notebook computer crashed. They installed a new hard drive and a new motherboard. On November 27, 2007, the USB ports were not working.

The computer had another motherboard put in, as well as a new USB board. The computer is exhibiting the same symptoms tonight that it did just before having the second motherboard and USB board replaced. After several hours on hold I finally spoke with a "Customer Relations Agent." I again explained my situation and was again cited the company policy about exchanges.

When I related to her the repair history of my computer, she said that it "is not rare" for one of their computers to have multiple major system components replaced within the first year.

After spouting off several threats, I was hung up on by this "Customer Relations Agent." I would like this computer replaced.
Faulty DVD player
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LENOIR, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased a Toshiba laptop in July 2006. By June of 2007 the DVD player was not working. I called Toshiba an they suggested I take it to an authorized service center, which I did. They supposedly fixed it but now 4 months later it's not working again. I let a friend of mine fix it who works on computers and he said the DVD player was shot. So either the service center didn't fix it or it broke again, so don't buy a Toshiba laptop. They're not worth the money you pay for them.

I have a 7 year old Dell desktop and a 10 year old IBM laptop and I have never had any issues with them. So don't buy a Toshiba.

Warranty is worthless!
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We have been trying to contact Toshiba about repairing a laptop since January 2007. They told us to contact a company which cannot be reached nor do they return phone messages. We keep being transferred to some place in Manila. Then we are transferred to their Customer relations. We wait for 50 minutes then are transferred and are not told that we will have to give them information. They gave us 5 seconds to give them the information and then they hung up. They need to change the way that they help their customers. In a range from 0 - 10 with 0 being low I would have to rate them a 0 for their customer service.

I seriously doubt if we will purchase anything from them again.
Disappointing Experience
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After reading some of the other comments, I felt had to tone down my rhetoric from "mad as hell" to "disappointed". Wow! Has customer service/tech support changed...

I am complaining about a Satellite M45 computer I purchased for my son in May 2005. We have spent about $150 in troubleshooting a problem with powering the computer on. Since it was no longer under warranty, we sent it to Laptop Repair Services (whom I would recommend), who told us the motherboard needed to be replaced. The cost of the repairs is more than the value of the computer, so we are buying a new one.

We also had problems with overheating and restarting the computer after sleep mode. It appears these are common problems with this model and probably contributed to the motherboard failure.

Maybe I am being naive, but why should the motherboard fail after only two years of use? The $1200 computer I hoped would get my son through 4 years of college has only lasted 2 years.

Needless to say, the replacement computer will NOT be a Toshiba.
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