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Best Buy Is Selling Toshiba Laptops W/An Expired Toshiba Warranty

DENTON, TEXAS -- Within 2 days after the (late 2011) purchase I registered my new laptop with Toshiba. Almost immediately I started having some technical issues with inconsistency of processing speed, screen lock, flickering and frequent shutdowns. Contacted Toshiba who were very difficult to deal with. First they claimed they had no record of my having registered the laptop with them. After providing them with details about the confirmation email I received from Toshiba after having done so just a day or two after purchasing it, they still required me to register it with them again, so we did so right then.

The Toshiba Representative then asked me about the issues I was having with the laptop. So I described the symptoms and told him that after doing some research I discovered a couple of issues with how the laptop was configured by Toshiba which are likely the root cause of these symptoms, and which with time could cause more serious problems with my laptop.

By running a test provided by Microsoft which scans your computer to see if it could be upgraded to a 64-bit OS (keeping in mind that it already is a 64-bit OS) in which the results indicated that the system did not qualify due to insufficient RAM which did not meet the minimum amount required to run a 64-bit OS.

I also informed him of the fact that most of the drivers installed on the laptop were 32-bit drivers most of which were also available in 64-bit. Then after putting me on hold for a long time, he came back to inform me that the serial number I provided was for a laptop that had an expired manufacturer's warranty, and he went on to say it had expired more than one year ago. I explained that the laptop was purchased new just days ago and that it came in a factory sealed box. He then referred me to Toshiba's Warranty Department to see if I could resolve the issue.

He both gave me a phone number and forwarded me to them at that time. After holding about 25 minutes a recorded message then told me, "We apologize, but we will not be able to take your call today due to excessive call volume. Please call again on another day."

The next day I found out the phone number I was provided was not a working number (but I could have written it down wrong). So after getting back in touch with Tech Support, I requested that in addition to transferring me to the Warranty Department again, to please send me an email stating that Best Buy sold me a laptop with an expired Toshiba warranty and that you are referring me to your Warranty Dept. so that I might resolve the issue, and, to please include the phone number to their Warranty Dept. in that same email, which he did send.

Again, the attempt to transfer me failed as I experienced a repeat of what happened when transferred the first time. That same afternoon I began using the number I was provided in the email I requested, and after calling the number for about a week, I was finally able to reach the department. After discussing the issue with a Toshiba rep in their so called Warranty Dept., I was told they could not do anything about the expired warranty, however, due to my unique situation they would be willing to allow me to purchase an extended warranty provided I could show my purchase receipt.

At that point I requested that she send me an email stating that "my warranty was expired for more than a year, and that the only thing they could do was to sell me an extended warranty." She stated that she would not do this and that because my manufacturer's warranty had expired so long ago they are not obligated to offer me the extended warranty, and that I should be thankful for being offered the chance to obtain this. I asked if the laptop had been registered by someone else over a year ago. I also asked if there was a record of who activated the warranty over a year ago. I got no answer to either question.

In complete disbelief, I just wanted off the phone at that point. Now I intend to take the issue up with Best Buy. Can't wait to hear why they are selling this Toshiba Satellite C655-S5049 without a manufacturer's warranty. Not to mention, they are also selling it as a package which includes a Kaspersky anti-virus software program that is for a 32-bit OS which does not function properly on a 64-bit OS. (It even states this right on the inside of the Kaspersky box!)

I am shocked and dismayed at both Toshiba and Best Buy and I highly regret having done business with either of them. After reading all these horror stories about Toshiba, how could a trusted organization such as Best Buy (who no doubt knows about these Toshiba issues) even consider selling this Toshiba crap to their unsuspecting loyal customers, moreover without a manufacturer's warranty? This must be why they have this particular laptop on clearance. So is Best Buy the trusted organization we thought they were? Obviously not anymore.

Does Toshiba really care about their customers as they claim? Obviously not. They are obviously trying to keep their stock value from cratering due to poor quality control of the manufacturing process by using these unethical practices at the expense of both their loyal and new customers, at the cost of ruining their own reputation and any good will they might otherwise develop or maintain with their customer base. A failed effort and a failing organization in either case. Hope the CEO does not commit suicide out of shame like they sometimes do over there.

I speculate that Best Buy either got taken in by Toshiba with a huge load of bad product, or they are in cahoots with Toshiba and bought the defective product at a very low price. If so, they too are trying to cut their loses (or to make their huge gains) at the expense of their loyal and new unsuspecting customers as well.

In my opinion, the very act of selling me that Toshiba laptop was damn near if not actually a criminal act on both of these organization's part. But hey, if Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac along with Wall Street executives can get away with fraud and larceny that hurt millions of people, then why cannot these guys get away with screwing a few hundred thousand?

Toshiba Does Not Care About Their Customers!
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I completely agree!! I just hung up with the Customer Relations Department and am so angry, I told her I was going to boycott Toshiba for their inability to take care of their customers and she didn't even care! I bought a Toshiba Satellite April of 2008. Within 2 weeks, the keyboard was trashed. The letters were literally falling off! I am a business owner and do not abuse what I work hard for. By July, it would not even turn on. I called customer service and explained the problem. That took an hour because the customer service is outsourced to India. I have nothing against any country or race. However, I believe that when there is a customer service issue and they are dealing with the US, they should speak and understand English VERY WELL. Well my agent did not understand me. He would read something, respond by asking me a question, I would explain again, IT WON'T TURN ON! and he would read and ask a question that had nothing to do with what I said! This went on for an hour. I finally hung up, called back and got the same problem. Being extremely irritated, I asked to speak with someone in the U. S.. Make note that I was also transferred many times to wrong departments only to explain my simple but major issue over and over. I was finally connected to the U.S. and within 10 minutes an a Fed Ex number to ship it back for repair. Simple right? NO! I waited 3 weeks to get it back and it still did not work.

They obviously did not even attempt to fix it and didn't even turn it on! I had to go through he process again. Waited another 3 weeks. This time, they replaced the AC Adapter, Keyboard and System Board. The System Board alone would have cost $450. I'm thinking everything is fine. NO again! I tried to turn it on this morning and same problem. It will not turn on. I call, go through India not understanding again. When I finally get the US on the line, they tell me that my warranty has expired, which I knew, and that I would have to pay to fix it since it has been almost a year. I understand the warranty has expired and didn't expect them to do anything under that. However, when you replace an engine in your car and drive it off the lot, you have a warranty on your parts and labor for a time period. If if goes out in a few months, they are going to take care of you. NOT TOSHIBA! She said she didn't know if they even used new parts and wouldn't tell me. She said I had 30 days to send it back. I am so angry. I will never buy another Toshiba.

I have 4 Acer computers in my office and one of them is 5 years old. I have NEVER had one issue in 5 years with any of them. Do not buy and make sure you tell your friends and family not to invest in this horrible company. They will not stand behind their product and they couldn't care less if you are unhappy about it!

Expensive Paper Weight
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Rating: 1/51

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Toshiba Satellite L775D-S722 on September 2011. One week after purchase I noticed the clock would not keep time. I knew the problem was a bad multiplier chip on the motherboard. I called Toshiba technical support and explained the problem. The tech tried to convince me it was a software/firmware problem and could be remedied by doing a restore on the laptop. I told him exactly what the problem was caused by, the multiplier chip and finally convinced him it needed to be replaced.

When I got the laptop back the system had the wrong serial number for the laptop, telling me they never flashed the DCIM. This tells me they just swapped motherboards from another laptop. After about 40 days the original problem resurfaced. I called Toshiba for support and was told, "Yes, we'll fix it again but you'll have to pay to send it back." I had no choice so I paid. The laptop came back with the same problem. I called Toshiba again and was told they were going to send it to their VIP service techs, which turned out to be Sony. They replaced the motherboard again.

30 days after I got the laptop back, I got the message "This is not a genuine Windows product". I tried reactivating Windows with my product key but Microsoft said it was invalid. I called tech support again, they said if you do a recovery, it will cure the problem.

Thirty days later, same problem. I called Toshiba again and was told, "Send it back, no other option." I then spoke to "customer relations" at Toshiba. I was told "Too bad you've had the same problem 4 times but the only right you have under warranty is to have it repaired." I asked him what would happen if it still was inoperable, he said "You can send it back for repair." I asked him if Toshiba cared that they had a defective product, he said "That was just my perception."

To sum up, this is obviously a defective product, Toshiba has nothing resembling customer service and they just don't care. So I for one will never buy anything with the Toshiba name on it and their TV ads that say nothing goes out to retail until it's ready is a joke.

Shame On Toshiba!
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Rating: 1/51

U.S.A, CALIFORNIA -- Shame on Toshiba! I bought a "TOSHIBA-SATELLITE #C655-SERIES". I am new to the computer, but, as you can see I'm pretty darn handy at the keys. I use the laptop once a week, "IF"! I haven't found the "I can't function without my computer" need yet! My husband thought I was like "WOW" at learning my smartphone. I didn't even bother to open up the booklet. He was like "Let's get a computer!" I was like yeah!! And, let's spend a $100.00 in repairs, every time we log on!!! So, yeah! We got one as you thought right. Now, let's keep in mind..... I believe, common sense goes a long ways.

So, for the most part I've learned my way around the keyboard. So, after having my computer on, about under a year. (Now, I'm the only one that uses it, it does not get moved, I keep it covered from dust, you get the picture.) And, about a 7 months into owning it, it started to stop typing! And, my page would suddenly go blank with no recover! So, I thought "Hell no!"

Got on smartphone and, pulled up "why laptop stop's typing?" Oh my. Comment after comment. People asking same question!! And no wait that's not the punchline. Over 1/2 the comments were..... close your eyes..... get ready for this..... they are "TOSHIBA-SATELLITE #C655 SERIES" owners!! Same exact issue! Brand, owning time, everything.

So, I called up the company! Oh yes you guessed right, that was and, is still a nightmare. I talked to **. And, for a fistful of money we can fix your issue, if you can fix my issue then you're the cause of my issue. It's the computer. And, with that many people with the same issues then it's Toshiba! I know someone at the BBB, let's put a little love back at them. So beware!!!!!!!

Toshiba won't give me the address to send my replacement part to and my warranty is almost up now
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- The only thing I need is the address to send my replacement part to. I'm only under warranty for a few more weeks and my AC Adapter went bad. I do not have a credit card to go through the process of letting them hold $145 on a card to send me a part, so that I could send them the old one back. ONE of the case managers that actually helped somewhat said I could send my part first, then they will send the new part when they receive it, BUT NOBODY KNOWS THE ADDRESS TO SEND IT TO.

I talked to 3-4 case managers, customer service 4 times, technical support, who in turn, sent me back to customer service. The last call was at 8:24 am today, where the customer service representative had me on hold forever waiting for a case manager, then redirected me to the automated system, then the system hung up on me. All I need is the address that would be on the returned parts envelope that they would send. Nobody in the whole company seems to know this address. And they just cost me $89 for a new adapter and numerous daytime minutes spent. This is the worst customer service I've ever had.

Toshiba On site laptop Warranty is worthless
By -

My son was required by his college to have an "on site" warranty service for his laptop so we paid an extra $180 for that last year. His screen went blank last Sunday and we called their customer service number.

It is now a week later and after at least 15 calls to the service representatives, who are in Manila, I think, we have been told each of the following things when we have called: the part will be shopped Tuesday, the laptop is already fixed, the part was not shipped Tuesday but will go out Wednesday, the repair is not covered, the level 2 technician will call you Thursday or Friday, the technician has been contacted by email and will be calling you, we cannot contact the technician, you will have to call on a Monday to make a complaint.

In addition, we have been transferred at least 4 times where we are put on hold for up to 10 minutes and then the phone goes dead. This is perhaps the worst customer service I have ever experienced. NEVER buy a warranty from Toshiba.

Very Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

I got a new Toshiba computer. From day one, I could not get it to work right. The store helped me about 4 times in a week to get it to work. But after 4 times I called Toshiba Co. for help. I had the computer for a week and Toshiba told me I would have to pay $159.00 dollars to get help to get it fixed. That is the last Toshiba I will buy. I took it back to the store and got my money back.

Memory card reader never worked
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Rating: 1/51

I bought a Toshiba Satellite L765D laptop in January 2013 and just put a memory card in the slot... nothing happens. A computer tech who was here suggested that I get a card reader and attach it via the USB port. Not happy about this situation but I don't want to send the computer back to the company to have a new card reader put in. It is under warranty but I don't want to be without my computer plus I think I am responsible for shipping charges.

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