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Toshiba Regza flatscreen TVs
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At the end of December last year (2009) we purchased 2 flatscreen TVs, both Toshiba Regzas but two different models. Within a couple of months the 42 in. one developed 'garbled' audio problems and the store picked it up and took it for warranty repair to the regional authorized Toshiba repair shop. We were advised that that particular model had a known problem and needed to be retrofitted but the part was on back-order for some undetermined length of time. After waiting, doing phone follow-ups, etc., months having passed with still no repair and return of the TV, I finally (and with great difficulty) managed to get Toshiba to give us a replacement TV (different model chosen by them). This matter was concluded 2 to 3 months ago and now guess what?! Last evening the other Toshiba TV, a 40 in Regza, developed a problem. Suddenly red lines running vertically appeared across the screen - first starting more on the right and then in fairly short order spreading across to cover the lefthand side also. On looking on the internet I am finding other customers who have experienced this problem, sometimes coupled with the same audio issue we had on the other Toshiba TV, and sometimes singularly.

Having had an overall horrible experience with Toshiba regards the first TV with the audio problems I do not relish the thought of probably having to 'do war' with them now over this 2nd TV that may be 'out of warranty' by 2 or 3 days since it is only just over the 1 year mark since purchase.

I did receive a phone call from a law firm regarding the first TV issue advising that they were preparing a class action against Toshiba and wanting to know if I wished to join it. Toshiba had finally replaced that first TV with another model just before this call came in to me so I explained that the problem had ultimately been resolved. I was advised to hang on to the law firm's phone number in case I experienced additional difficulties. Looks like it might be a good thing I did just that in light of the fact we now have problems with the other Toshiba television. However, I will first phone Toshiba today and see what their attitude is this time around. If the set is just out of warranty and if the repair is somewhat inexpensive then I will probably not balk at it. However if the repair involves a costly part I will not stand for being sold two basically defective TVs.
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AngieL on 12/30/2010:
Moved From Other Review: As an update to my recent posting regarding problems with 40 inch Toshiba Regza TV ....

I phoned Toshiba yesterday to notify them of the failure of the 2nd of the two Toshiba TVs I bought at the end of December last year and they gave me the phone number and name of their authorized repair facility for my region. I described to the Toshiba employee who answered my call that as of the day before many vertical colored lines in bands had appeared on the screen and remained there and that we had tried changing out the satellite box with another to ensure that it was the TV, not the satellite box, that was malfunctioning. I then called the repair facility and spoke with the same person who had attempted to secure for me earlier this year the part needed to fix the garbled audio problem on my 42 inch TV (this was the one I posted about that sat for months as the Toshiba authorized repair person, despite trying very hard, could never secure a part from Toshiba to fix that one, ultimately being resolved by Toshiba (kicking and screaming all the way!) replacing the set with a different model. When I described to the repairman the lines that had appeared running down the screen vertically he told me he didn't even need to come out and see this set - he knew right away what was wrong as he has seen this before and that it meant the panel had gone bad. He then went on to say that to replace a panel is cost-prohibitive since this replacement costs more than buying another television. I called Toshiba back to tell them this and they said they were sticking with the repair call route. I told them that I was not prepared to pay for a service call on top of having a 'dying' television (as the repairman described it) just to have the repairman tell me in person that the panel had gone bad (obviously, I am not going to pay for a panel replacement that is more expensive than buying another set). Toshiba they said they didn't know what they could do for me - meaning nothing. I told them I would not accept that answer and that I demanded, especially in light of having trouble with both sets of theirs I bought, that they work toward arriving at some reasonable resolution of this latest problem. I was then put on hold briefly while a 'supervisor' was consulted, ultimately being given a fax number to fax in a copy of my sales receipt. This was done by the store immediately after and no, I have not heard back from Toshiba yet. I also placed a call to their corporate office to express my thorough dissatisfaction with their quality control procedures on sets they release for sale on the market and was told somebody would call me back. I did not get a return phone call yesterday and it remains to be seen if anybody will call me back from any Toshiba source unless I phone them again (which I will do). Meanwhile, my plans for today are to contact the BBB and the State of Kentucky Consumer Affairs office. I have left a message for the lawyer who had called me previously to notify me of the class action he was preparing to advise him that my problems with Toshiba are not over after all........sigh......
John on 03/30/2012:
My Toshiba Regza 40 inch just started with the red lines.Purchased August 2009. I guess will have to buy another. I will not buy Toshiba products again.
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Toshiba REGZA 32" LCD -- DO NOT BUY
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I purchased a 32" Toshiba REGZA LCD (32HL67U) in August 2008. Yesterday, the display portion of the unit stopped working, although the sound still comes. So basically, the TV is worthless. I contacted Toshiba customer service and they are completely unwilling to do anything for me, even though I spent $700 for a TV that lasted less than 20 months. Here's a copy of my correspondence with them in chronological order. As you'll see, Toshiba doesn't value its customers, so I suggest you not become one.

--Original Message--
Date: 5/11/2010 11:58:02 AM
Subject: TACP Web Email: Product Related Question

Submitted from TACP Web Site on 5/11/2010 at 9:31:19 AM

Model Number:32HL67U

I have a 32" REGZA that I purchased in August 2008. Yesterday, the display portion stopped working, but the sound still came through. I have verified that it is not the cable box because when I switch the volume, the volume up/down graphic doesn't even appear. When I turn it on/off, the display lights up for a split second (if I'm turning the volume up/down the bar appears), but then it goes blank and all I get is the sound. Is there a fix for this? Is this still under warranty? Thanks for your help.

On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 2:07 PM, Toshiba Customer Service wrote:
Dear Michael,
Thanks for writing!
I apologize for the inconvenience.
Your TV had a one year warranty from the date of purchase.  You may have purchased an extended warranty from a 3rd party at the time of purchase. 
Try resetting your unit by unplugging it from the electrical outlet for at least three minutes.  If you continue having difficulty, I recommend having an authorized service center look at your unit.
To find a service center in your area, please reply to this email with your model number and zip code or call our Customer Solutions Department at 1-800-631-3811. 
They are available Mon-Fri, 7AM to 7PM, Sat & Sun 9AM to 5PM Central Standard Time.
Toshiba Customer Service

Date: 5/12/2010 11:05:27 AM
Subject: Re: TACP Web Email: Product Related Question [#2694115]


Thanks for your quick response.

I tried resetting the unit and still no luck.

I must say, I am terribly disappointed in my TV that only lasted 20 months.  I paid around $700 for a product that only lasted 20 months...that equals $35/month.  This leaves a bad taste in my mouth about Toshiba products, a brand I had previously respected very much.

I did have a two-year warranty from where I purchased the TV (Electrograph Systems), but unfortunately that company went bankrupt last year and will not honor their promise.

Are you sure there is nothing Toshiba is willing to do for me? I would hope this is a rare occasion for your product to last this short amount of time.  I would appreciate it if you could inquire to a supervisor to see if Toshiba customer service would like to keep me as a loyal customer.  Or, if you could put me in touch with a manager directly, my contact information follows.

I look forward to your response.

On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 12:46 PM, Toshiba Customer Service wrote:
Dear Michael,
Thanks for writing!
I apologize for the issue you are experiencing with the TV. It is not what we expect of our equipment. Our actual failure rate is less than 1%.
Unfortunately, we would be unable to assist with any repair costs as the unit is outside our manufacturer warranty.
Thank You for providing your Zip Code. I recommend having an authorized service center take a look at your unit.
The nearest Toshiba Authorized Service Centers to you are:
For further assistance please contact our Customer Solutions Center at 1-800-631-3811.  They are available Mon-Fri, 7AM to 7PM, Sat & Sun 9AM to 5PM Central Standard Time.
Toshiba Customer Service

Thanks for your quick response.  I have found Toshiba customer service very timely in their response, but extremely unwilling to offer any help. I'm glad your failure rate is less than 1%, but it surprises me that for that 1% you are unable to offer ANY HELP WHATSOEVER. If I ran my business that way, I wouldn't be in business. I guess this means that you bring in enough customers to offset the longtime customers who buy your products over and over again. I promise I will not purchase any more Toshiba products until Toshiba provides me with more than an address of a repair center. I also promise to repost this correspondence and speak about this negative experience on my blog, Facebook page, Twitter page and other online venues until Toshiba steps up to the plate and values me as a customer who simply asked for a little assistance with an expensive TV that lasted such a short time instead of hiding behind a piece of paper.  


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User Replies:
saj80 on 05/12/2010:
Unfortunately, this is the electronics world we live in now. It sucks, but without an extended warranty, your options are to fix the existing TV or buy a new one.
bcd on 05/12/2010:
You have a valid complaint against Electrograph Systems, not Toshiba.
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Stay Away From Toshiba, Worst TV. Worst Customer Service
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LEBANON, TENNESSEE -- I’m highly dissatisfied & DISGUSTED with DEFECTIVELY DESIGNED TOSHIBA DLP TV & Toshiba America Corporation’s extremely poor & pathetic customer service of corporate staff handling complaint.

I have bought Toshiba DLP 72 inches TV model #72HM195. Paying several thousands of dollars on 9/13/06. Within 4 months within less than 150 hrs of usage Lamp failed, Contacted Toshiba.

Toshiba replaced lamp stating usual life of lamp is 6000-8000 hrs but because of shipping & vibrations it must have failed in less than 150 hrs.

Now new good lamp blew up again in 13 months with limited usage of about 500-600 hrs instead of lasting 6000-8000 hrs AS WARRANTED.

Contacted Toshiba customer svc at 800-457-7777 spoke to several customer service reps & supervisor RICK PHILLIPS, Rick stated Lamp has warranty for 8000 hrs or 6 months & not replacing blown lamp since lamp lasted more than 6 months. This lamp lasted less than 10% of warranted life HRS & one needs to use 45 hrs daily to get 8000 hrs in 6 months. Average working family use TV for only 1-2 hrs daily. Rick Phillips could not comprehend or did not want to understand issue; He further stone walled any further escalation & refused rudely to provide any information about corporate & president’s office.

After extensive research found & contacted Mr. J D Powell, Customer solution manager @ 615-257-4094 at Toshiba America Corporation, 1420 B Toshiba Dr, Lebanon TN 37087.

J D Powell stated “Toshiba did realize original lamp installed in TV was defective, so Toshiba warranted defective lamps for 2 yrs. & hence Toshiba replaced that Lamp. Now New replaced lamp has same 6 months /8000 hrs warranty. This again blew up lasting only 500-600 hrs. So technically Toshiba warranted initial pre-installed defective lamp for 2 yrs but equally bad replacement lamp is warranted for 6 months only & flatly refused replacement.

In vain, one more attempt made to contact at Toshiba Corporate HQ, Wayne NJ. Spoke to Barbara Hayes, complaint Manager @973-628-8000. Barbara Hayes is no help either. Beware Barbara Hayes & J D Powell will not return your calls despite leaving several messages so one has to be persistent.

Toshiba knows very well that this is their defective product with defective design but does not want to admit. On line research shows numerous complaints of premature lamp failure & needing replacement every 6 months and on average usage of only few hundred hrs, consistent with our experience. Other brands TV lamp will be lasting several thousands of hours as promised. Toshiba not only failed to provide reliable product but is also deceiving consumers with extremely poor customer service.

Now onwards I decided & expressed to Toshiba corporate officers as well about not to buy any Toshiba product after this traumatic experience of failing to stand behind defective product & providing pathetic customer service for DLP TV I spent several thousands of dollars.

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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 02/02/2009:
The way it is supposed to be is that the warranty on the replacement part continues where the warranty on the original part left off, so from the point of replacement you should have 20 months remaining on the warranty for the part.

The lower limit of 6 months would be if you had less than 6 months remaining on the original warranty.

So I think that they are defrauding you.
lobo65 on 02/03/2009:
As I have stated on here before, do not buy a rear projection TV. Not only is it a dying technology, but the inconvenience (and cost) of the bulbs dying is enough to turn me off from buying one. Only a few brands are still carrying them like Mitsubishi, and Samsung. Everyone else is embracing LCD and Plasma. OLED sets are the next big thing, but they are still too expensive right now.
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TV Remote -Same button broke on 3 different ones
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PEORIA,, ILLINOIS -- I purchased this television in May, 2005. Within a year, the volume down button stopped working. Toshiba told me it was a bad sensor, and they replaced the remote under the warranty. 14 months after I received the new remote, the same button broke. I asked Toshiba to replace the remote, because the same button broke again. They refused, because the part was no longer under warranty. I wrote to the Illinois Attorney General's office and I filed a complaint. Very soon after that, Toshiba called and said they would replace the remote. & months after I received the second remote, the same button broke again. All of the other buttons worked fine on all of the remotes, except on this third remote, the volume up button was starting to fail. I called Toshiba again, and again they refused to replace the remote. I told them that there is no way I was causing this problem, because all of the other buttons were working, and because I don't believe I could break the same button three times. I sent another complaint to the Illinois Attorney General, and Toshiba never responded. I am stuck with a remote where I cannot adjust the volume on the TV, and I cannot manipulate the menus. Why should I buy a fourth remote that is likely to have the same problem.

Also, two months after I attached a Hi-Def DVR to the HDMI input on the TV, I could no longer get a picture using that input. Comcast tried several DVR boxes and several HDMI cables, but none of them worked. I added this issue to the second complaint with the Illinois Attorney General, but Toshiba never responded.

I would recommend that anyone who does not want to have this experience think twice about buying anything from Toshiba. They obviously don't care about their customers.

I want Toshiba to continue to replace the remote as long as this particular button keeps failing. This is obviously a design flaw and not a end-user issue. I want them to pay to repair the HDMI input. The technology used in this TV was not up to par.
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Developed black vertical lines in screen. Toshiba and many other brands of LCD are failing and Toshiba is fully aware of the problem but playing dumb. Tell them your out of warranty and they blow you right off. They won't make good on the sets.

Just google black vertical lines in LCD TV's and you can't imagine why there's no class action lawsuits out there. Stay away of Toshiba for you next purchase, TV's a lemon and there customer no service is useless.

One good thing though, the customer service wasn't a guy in India with bad English named "Bob" at least in this case an American screws ya.
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User Replies:
andbran on 10/06/2009:
if your warranty is expired what do you expect them to do?
PepperElf on 10/06/2009:
apparently the company is supposed to ignore the warranty and repair it for free anyway, just because
Sparticus on 10/06/2009:
I don't get the impression the author is asking for something for nothing... I'd be pissed if my new TV started failing after 2 years as well. Particularly since LCD tv's are marketed for their long life (up to 20 years the screen is supposed to last).

2 years is ridiculous. Toshiba is a decent brand too. Sad. We went with a Samsung. A friend works in the display business and she told me LG and Samsung are really the only two they ever use... So we went with the Samsung...

Thanks for the review. Good to know about this brand. Curious what other brands are having this issue.
Tom20349 on 10/09/2009:
Thanks Sparticus, your comment is right on the money.
The TV man was out today. The second he saw the TV he knew it was a bad display costing over 1,000 to replace. He mentioned a defect called MURA in the LCD it occurs during manufacturing. I looked this up on line he's not lying. And Toshiba and several other company's are aware of it but refuse to make good on them....Stay away from Toshiba and there Customer no service. I have a great web site that is all about TV repair as well. If you need it. I'm going to have to sell my 2,000 TV I'm still paying for and buy an LG or Samsung. Apparently Samsung has an excellent rep on LCD's Thanks for the input.
PepperElf on 10/09/2009:
In fact, for me to encounter a review for a company I've actually worked for is pretty rare.

Of the four companies, two have been out of business since the early to mid 90s so most people don't bother reviewing them anymore. Of the remaining two... one is a pizza job that was 18 years ago, and the other... well not many people review the military here.

but still, if there's a review where I can honestly say I've had employment with that company you can be assured I would actually say so.
Anonymous on 10/09/2009:
Hey thanks Tom excellent review and great comment Sparticus. I'm actually in the market for an LCD TV. I'll be sure to avoid toshiba at all cost in favor or Samsung or LG.
CSD on 10/09/2009:
I agree that after two years it shouldn't be failing. But the fact is it is out of warranty.
Tom20349 on 10/20/2009:
Tom20349 on 10/20/2009:
Does anyone here have a clue what "pepperelf" is talking about? Did he mention Pizza?
I assure you pepperelf the next 2.000.00 pizza I buy which is no good I'll add my 3 cents for sure..
Anonymous on 10/20/2009:
The comment that was removed, right in between Sparticus and yours... that's probably what Pepper is responding to. But, since it was removed, now her comment makes no sense.
Tom20349 on 10/20/2009:
To those people here who stand behind the company's "warranty's"... the next several thousand dollar purchase you make and the product takes a dump just after the warranty's ends. Don't come here and say a word. Suck it up and spend another several grand for another set.
When a 2.000.00 TV goes bad in two years it's not a "Warranty" issue per se the company's are responsible to stand behind their new products not just quote that long unreadable warranty. Warranty's didn't make this country and it's products great quality and pride from factory workers did. What's wrong with this country is no more quality products. We once made a TV that lasted 20 years! and those were new products then?? Granted technology has increased costs have gone up but why do the sets last 5 years now on the average? these manufacturers knew exactly what they were doing when they made these set's and they know what corners they cut. Its our rights as American consumers to expect high quality products. I work to damn hard for my money to get taken. You just keep standing up for big business CSD hope you'll change that tune when you get ripped off. And you will trust me. You'll change your tune real quick..
Ponie on 10/20/2009:
My grandmother says she got a wringer clothes washer from her grandmother. It was 30 years old or so when she finally had to toss it because the tub rusted through. Guess they don't make products the way they used to, do they?
CSD on 10/20/2009:
Don't buy anything from Japan then Tom.
Anonymous on 10/20/2009:
Tom, I am smart enough to ALWAYS buy the EXTENDED warranty. It costs up front, but pays off at the end. Especially since Americans today are a throw away bunch. Companies are making things disposable BECAUSE Americans are so wasteful. So, blame your fellow man.
PepperElf on 10/20/2009:
There was an accusation that I or the others here were Toshiba employees because we didn't automatically agree.

My response was simply to list where I have worked to point out how inaccurate that assumption is.

As for something that takes a dump right after the warranty ends... you know, my boyfriend's father has a personal habit... He takes appliances in BEFORE the warranty expires just to make sure they're not about to break.

And most equipment WILL exhibit warning signs that there's something wrong going on before they break.

Preventive maintenance rocks.
Anonymous on 10/20/2009:
pepper, kind of like the human body eh?
PepperElf on 10/20/2009:
Lady S...

Well... back in the Navy we did have a Preventive Maintenance System. And yes it was called PMS.

but it's a valid concept. They found they saved money by doing small maintenance tasks periodically, because those small tasks would either prevent bigger failures from happing down the line...

and sometimes the PMS checks lead to early detection of major failures, so we could get the equipment fixed before it went belly-up.
Tom20349 on 11/16/2009:
Anonymous on 11/16/2009:

And yet you aren't willing to pay for the best.
Tom20349 on 11/16/2009:
Pepper your comment "most WILL exhibit warning signs that there's something wrong going on before they break" is a little ridicules don't you think? you don't really believe that do you??? For the sake of this conversation I should have had some warning sign in the first year and taken it in right....wrong, no warning signs, but nice try. Preventive maintenance? how do you do preventive maintenance on an LCD TV? do you change the LCD oil in it every 3700 hours? Its a TV, you plug it in and turn it on, there is no maintenance. What are you talking about.
I used to repair electronics there is absolutely no rule on how things break or when. PMS? I hope the navy doesn't really have PMS, its bad enough around my house...
Anonymous on 11/16/2009:
Tom, you obviously have to be right, and everyone else wrong, so just go buy another tv.
PepperElf on 11/17/2009:
Tom - nope.

It worked pretty dang well for the military.
They've been using that system for decades and it's saved a lot of repair money.

But you obviously know more than the US Military when it comes to repairs. >:-)

btw I am NOT a he.
yes the military hires us goddesses too =)
Tom20349 on 11/18/2009:
Let me remind you guys of something, I purchased a TOSHIBA tv 2 years ago for over 2000 dollars. Toshiba is in the top ten as being a good TV.
PepperELF your just ridicules, you keep reminding us of your military back ground please stop.
Your not the only female to join the military that we had to carry....
Common sense dictates you have to do regular maintenance on everything! and that if you don't things fail, but not ON A TV... the military didn't corner that market on maintenance. So please stop trying to impress everyone with your military experience.
I maintain my cars, home, lawn mower, computers, etc etc, what makes you think the military only does "preventive maintenance"
Ladyscot??? not willing to pay for the best, uh...what do you consider "the best"...I thought I bought a name brand TV..Could have fooled me.
Any guys have anything to say here,,lots of females arguing with me, about what exactly I am unsure,, probably females who maintain nothing to begin with.
This forum is to exchange information about bad products to help people steer clear of them, that's all I have done here. That's the point of this site,,its not a chat site lady's..
Toshiba is a bad product not because I just say so, read a little you might find the Toshiba REGZA line is having many issues.
I was just informing people to help them, and I get attacked, by girls none the less who most likely never fixed anything worthwhile in there lives to even speak of let alone trying to provoke a fight in the wrong venue.. Ladyscot: It's not about right and wrong??? It's about my personal experience with Toshiba.... and unless have information to the contrary I suggest you simply read and learn and stop trying to pick a fight that you can't possibly win honey..
CSD on 11/20/2009:
I think most here agree with you and would be pissed also. The bottom line is, it is out of warranty. Period.
Ponie on 11/20/2009:
Tom, who's being 'ridicules?' Maybe 'your' being so. Even though I don't agree with all of their comments on many different subjects, I don't try to dismiss them with a sexist remark. I've learned quite a bit from PepperElf and LadyScot. But then if I don't agree with their comments, I don't try to pick a fight. If CSD will permit my stealing his/her last comment: it's out of warranty, period. Case closed.
magdy mirsal on 09/13/2012:
Gentlemen : Toshiba Corporation Greetings

I am a citizen of the Arab Republic of Egypt you purchase a colorful LCD TV Patarrkh 20/7/2011 device color LCD television funding LCD TV 32AV700E brand TOSHIBA
Date issuing company Aljhazmn: 1/7/2010 Revision history device: 1/7/2010 … ELARBY CO FOR ENGINEERING and INDUSTRIES

For reporting error in manufacturing and came to the house to detect on the TV and determine fault in the manufacturing and Iblagny that error is caused by a defect in the manufacturing and Iblagny that will send tend to Toshiba Corporation Arab and delegates will come from the company to replace the device with another device ....
And two days later he called me by telephone a / Mohammed Mahdi .. Department Toshiba Alostbdlaat at Arab Manufacturer
And Iblagny model two does not exist in the company and it will be replaced Li device Bmodel latest ... Provided that they pay an amount of 185 LE ........
Of course rejected this offer because I know my rights as a consumer citizen of a product for the company and a global brand representing company TOSHIBA ....
As usual, let me company did not communicate with me and did not ask me not interested in something my complaint
After three days of psychological and emotional vulnerability ... I contacted your company a secretary: Kariman secretary Haj Mahmoud Arab Arab owner Toshib company and owner of a Toshiba World ..... She spoke with me by telephone and promised Tine resolve the subject and told her that I upset of the company deals with customers in this way others bloodiest and told her that I damaged ... . On the second day called me a / Mansour Khalil ... From the Department of follow-up, operation and Iblagny complaints and that he will be replaced by two connected Model latest condition to pay the amount of 185 pounds and Qaal me that these instructions system Toshiba Arab in dealing with customers and informed you that the nature of my work related Bashraúy for this device where I'm working TV producer and Li work television exposure me daily and I want to Atapaha not Ostata ... And I call on the company to pay compensation and the ability of LE 100,000 from the moral vulnerability which Tdharrth .... Or Taudhany company Toshiba Arab giving me the latest device company produced a device TOSHIBA 42XL700 LED TV with an apology to me personally by the manager of the company ..

NB: 1 - Owner's Manual (catalog) recorded the company to the type of device REGZA while this REGZA code word on the device itself .... This rule marketing mislead the consumer Owner
2 - not the company recorded in the brochure the owner's rights against the manufacturer and therefore the owner does not know the rights of replacement must be mentioned in the booklet.
3 - must be color booklet printing Ki Istia owner of dealing with the Option device easily.
4 - customer service department deals with customers Maammelt ignorant ..

Adjourn this complaint to you is not to personal Nasrty but to learn and inform and enlighten the public Egyptian consumers .. God save Egypt and its victory in the hands take the right of the Egyptian consumer ...

The complaint submitted by:
Television director: Magdy Mirsal
Mobile: 002 01224802557
Magdy.mirsal @
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Why did my CRT Toshiba TVs sound turn off completely?
Posted by on
Our other TV's sound still works so its not the cable, its not on mute, and it doesn't produce sound for our DVD's either. IT was working one minute, then the next it wasn't.

Does anyone have advice on how to fix it? What can be done?
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 03/08/2011:
How old is it? A component may have gone bad. I would guess it is out of warranty?

Best Buy actually has a TV repair division. You can try calling them. Might only cost $150 or less to have someone out. Just a guess.

Or you could probably get a new TV for a couple hundred more.
getoverit on 03/08/2011:
We have a 26" Toshiba CRT TV and there's a setting for switching the speakers off. That's so you can use it with your stereo system.

You press the Menu button on the remote and there's a whole set of Audio settings...treble, bass...all that.

I'd make sure that the problem wasn't something simple like that before I called anyone.
Venice09 on 03/09/2011:
I seem to remember this happening to our Toshiba television years ago. I think getoverit is right. The speakers somehow got turned off, and it was easy to fix through the remote. This sometimes happens to my computer speakers, too. The sound mysteriously gets turned off, and I have to go to the control panel to turn it back on.
trmn8r on 03/09/2011:
Have you tried using the audio out jacks on the back? In the event getoverit's good advice doesn't fix the problem, and the issue is in the amplifier, you could either have a tech look at it or add an external amp/speakers. It depends on your situation, budget and aesthetics. If I couldn't fix the amp, I would add an external one and run it back to the internal speakers if you like their fidelity.
MRM on 03/09/2011:
Consider this a blessing and upgrade to a LCD/Plasma tv.
getoverit on 03/09/2011:
not a bad idea, trmn8r
Anonymous on 03/09/2011:
Great advice trmn84 and getoverit!
trmn8r on 03/09/2011:
MRM -> My 6 year old Sony 130 pounder has an outstanding picture and has been completely reliable. I've waited to see the price of flat panel tvs in the size I would want fall from $1600 to $800, and I'm still waiting. I don't need HD or a higher cable bill, and the size of my tv doesn't bother me. When people see it, they wonder if everything is large.

It could be the opposite of a blessing, if the breadwinner lost his/her job 2 years ago.
Venice09 on 03/09/2011:
I do not think this is a blessing. The last thing I would want is some huge flat screen plasma thingamajig. I don't watch television for visual or sound effects. I prefer content.
anniea24 on 03/11/2011:
Get over it: WE already did the on/off speaker thing with the remote, we don't have a stereo, I don't think my computer speakers will work on the TV.

It's an old TV I bought 2 years ago from someone moving, when my 5 year old Sony WEGA (bought new wouldn't turn on)My older Triniton, that I gave my other son was going strong after 10 years.

I don't have the money to buy a new TV. If someone knows the part it needs, one of my son's friends might be able to fix it. Also, no Best Buys on this island.
Anonymous on 03/11/2011:
Try this website:

If you know someone that can fix the tv, be sure to check out the "How to Get Into the Service Menu" (on the right of the page in blue printing).

I figure anything's worth a try at this point (unless you already did this).

If all else fails, try Craigs List. People are always getting rid of tv's for reasonable prices.
anniea24 on 07/06/2011:
we ended up buying a new TV. First one a Vizeo, worked 2 days. Took it back and got a Sony. I'm just praying that it will last longer than the 2 year Costco warranty.

It took a week to give away the old TV, people came over and tried to take it, it takes 4 men to carry and a truck.
Mike on 08/07/2011:
If you don't have any sound coming from your Toshiba TV speakers, check the small switch at the rear of your TV, it should be in the 'INT SPEAKERS' position! If it is in the 'EXT Speakers' position - you will not get any sound from your TV speakers.
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Toshiba Regza 40” LCD TV is defective and should be recalled
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WAYNE, NJ, NEW JERSEY -- A little over a year and slightly out of warranty, the screen on the TV developed a vertical rainbow which covers about half of the screen making the TV useless. I tried to appeal to Toshiba but they told me they would not warranty the unit. I found several other users on blogs complaining of the same issues. I understand if a product is out of warranty and something minor breaks, but for the TV to become completely useless is unacceptable. Toshiba obviously doesn’t care about their reputation. I will not purchase another Toshiba product.
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redmx3racer on 01/06/2010:
So YOUR TV broke. Please explain why it should be recalled? A couple people on some blogs, or a couple hundred complaints on the internet, is but a dent in the number they probably sold.
memoryx57 on 01/06/2010:
I doubt any of the other manufacturers would do anything either if you had their brand. I do agree that a TV should last longer than a year. But I think the sad truth is that they really don't care that yours is broken. They have your money and they all love to cite " it's out of warranty ". I don't think they ever stop to look at the big picture and what it really cost's them in the long run! I would try a local shop and see if they can do anything.
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No satisfaction
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I have been reading all the reviews on Toshiba. My husband and I had a repair man out today. We are having the same problem that all of you are having. Our TV has a horrible noise in the back and this has been going on for a year and a half. We had to wait on parts that were back ordered. We put new bulbs in and a new fan and the noise continued. We got no help from toshiba. They said that since the TV was out of warranty they could not do anything. Anyway the TV service man told us to scrap the TV it was not worth putting any more money into it. So I say do not but Toshiba. Its a sorry company.
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Toshiba Has Crappy Service When It Comes To Lemons They Sale
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I purchased this 46 inch HD DLP TV a little over 2 years ago. Within the first 7 months the bulb blew out and needed replaced. Toshiba did send me free of charge a replacement to install. Two months later the TV would run for 30 min and then shut off. Toshiba did send a repairman to troubleshoot. This repair man ended up taking the unit back to his shop. Three months later I called to find out the status and I received it back. Another 7 months go by and the TV starts losing color until it got so bad you couldn't watch it.

I called and was told they thought it would be fixed with a little software update. We installed the update and it did not fix the problem. After continue calls to get Toshiba to stand behind this "Lemon" of which they refused, saying it was out of warranty (even though it has been a problem from the beginning). I took the TV to the recommended repair shop (2 hr drive)where it has been for over 3 months. I have been without the TV for 7 months from the time it quit working. I don't know why I said to fix it but in hopes there would become some lawsuit against Toshiba. The repair shop says the part is on back order from Toshiba. The cost of the repair will be $780. Wow, Toshiba should be so proud of their disposable products they sell.

I would recommend not purchasing a Toshiba brand item. I used to work for Sears (they stand behind their products) This is where I will go...and it won't ever be a Toshiba. My friends have all heard of this lemon purchase and lack thereof on Toshiba standing behind their product.
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tnchuck100 on 07/29/2008:
"...Sears (they stand behind their products)" - NOT! Better look again at Sears. They no longer stand behind their product either. Just search this site.
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LCD TV Picture Goes Black
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Toshiba TV picture just went black. No warranty under 2 years old. Purchased at Best Buy they will not stand behind the product since we didn't purchase their warranty no satisfaction from customer support at Toshiba. There is a know problem with this model TV however they claim it is not the same issue. They will not verify previous problems. TV purchased for $850 Toshiba refuses to stand behind their product. Will never buy another product made by Toshiba or recommend to any clients or friends.
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BEJ on 02/24/2010:
Yes it is frustrating when you purchase a high dollar appliance item and it last less than 2 years. If you do not have a warranty then there is nothing either company is going to do. Have you checked out the repair costs--sometimes it is cheaper to just buy new.
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