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Never Purchase Toshiba
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My husband and I purchased a 46 Inch Toshiba and have had nothing but problems with it. We can't get parts or any resolution from the toshiba company. We mailed in a form for the class action settlement suit against Toshiba to get our money back for blown bulbs. No answer from that either as of yet, we hope soon though. Our television has been out of service for over a year. My advice is Don't Buy A Toshiba TV.

Toshiba False Advertising
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I bought this TV for a feature - an on timer - that was listed in the current specification sheet but not included in the product. Toshiba "Customer Service" pointed out tiny print at the bottom of the current spec sheet - "subject to change." The supervisor I asked to speak to basically hung up on me.

Toshiba DLP Lamp Class Action Settlement

All persons who purchased a 2004 or 2005 model Toshiba DLP television in the United States, any time between January 1, 2004, and September 18, 2008. Such persons are Settlement Class Members, and will receive a six-month warranty extension for replacement bulbs. They are also eligible to submit a claim for a cash refund for certain purchases of replacement bulbs. More info:

Longevity of projection bulbs
By -

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- On 02/12/2006 I purchased Model 52HM95 (Integrated High Definition DLP Projection television). I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the picture and sound quality of the unit as well as the aesthetics of the set. However, on or about 05/12/2006 the projection bulb failed. I contacted Customer Support and arranged for a replacement bulb to be shipped as warranty support. The replacement bulb was delivered 10 days later on 5/12/2006, which seemed to be a bit long for delivery of a critical part.

Now, on 12/30/2006 the projection bulb has failed again. This makes twice in less than 10 months for a television that is not our primary TV, only used approximately 5 hours per week. I have contacted Customer Support and the replacement bulb should be arriving today, 1/5/2007 (much better turnaround, thank you). I only bring this to your attention as this does not build much confidence in the quality and longevity of the television. I have sent them a note containing what I wrote above (including the serial number) and asked if there are any know problems with this model or any recalls or service notices that have been issued?

Hopefully, this will not be an ongoing issue. For those of you shopping for a large-screen television, I would definitely give a thumbs-up for the picture and sound; but make sure you get the extended service contract (make sure it covers bulb replacement).

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