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Total Protect Home Warranty = Total Consumer Ripoff
Posted by Totally Upset on 01/02/2008
MARYLAND -- UPDATED MARCH 28, 2008 (see new section below)

Total Protect is an absolute rip off. I will be reporting them to the BBB and to County, State and Federal officials as well as asking my Maryland Congressional offices to look in to what is clearly a "Total" unmitigated consumer fraud. I will be happy to join a class action lawsuit against them at any time. By the way, when they answer the phone they do not say Total Protect, they say HMS Real Estate Support Solutions so I assume HMS is hiding behind the name Total Protect to shield it from these numerous abysmal consumer complaints. The HMS website says it sells new home warranties through real estate offices but I could find no mention of Total Protect Home Warranties whatever on their website and the Total Protect website does not mention HMS at all. I will ask regulators to look into that as well.

My heat pump broke down in June 2007, during an extreme heat spell, and Total Protect could not have cared less. After 11 telephone calls over six months with not a single one returned, and after being outright lied to by several of their always-different yet always-incompetent representatives, I still have not been offered anything even resembling a fair settlement. I just spoke to the "floor supervisor" who with the most obnoxious passive/aggressive "I am sorry you are not satisfied" routine, refused to let me speak to the head of the customer complaint unit. He ignored every request I made for reasonable followup on my previous 10 phone calls, gleefully repeating his mantra that they had made their offer (in other words take it or leave it, we refuse to negotiate at all), and then instead of attempting to help in any way insisted on giving me the address for the "disputes department" where I have to send in a lengthy written request. I can just imagine how much "Total" attention that will get! I asked for a telephone number for the disputes department and was told I could not have it.

My sad story follows: after sending several totally incompetent people out to look at my 15 year old heat pump (one of Total Protect's "expert technicians" stole the company truck and disappeared -- I couldn't make this up if I wanted too), and after several ridiculous arguments about whether the unit was repairable, Total Protect agreed to replace the unit, but only with a lower than builder grade model of their choice costing $2,100 (and labor was $700 of that price) when the exactly comparable Trane heat pump model cost $7,440. Total Protect then helpfully pointed out that I would be responsible for a number of "additional fees" that would be charged by their "expert" installer, such as extensive rewiring that allegedly would be required. When I on my own had a reputable local dealer (with high grades from Consumer CheckBook), put in a Trane heat pump (since my other unit was a Trane model), I was informed that no rewiring was required. It appears that Total Protect was simply trying to get as much of their $2,100 back as possible. Even after the installation was completed and when the company that did my installation had no need to comment at all they noted that Total Protect's replacement "offer" was totally ridiculous and in no way a good faith attempt to do a comparable replacement.

Don't ever have anything to do with Total Protect. It warrants nothing but what it wishes to warrant, and It protects nothing but its own pocketbook, and its service is the absolute worst I have ever run into anywhere. I will check with the Maryland Attorney General's Office to determine whether it is possible to bring criminal fraud charges against Total Protect.

March 28, 2008 --- UPDATE --- UPDATE --- UPDATE --- UPDATE

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Metro Washington D.C. The BBB wrote a letter to Total Protect dated January 29, 2008 on my behalf. In a letter dated February 19, 2008 BBB noted that they had contacted the firm and asked whether I was satisfied with Total Protect's response (as I noted in my earlier posting, Total Protect appears to be hiding behind a number of other entities as HMS of the Mid Atlantic States is the company that is rated by BBB in the Washington, D.C. area. Additionally, the claims correspondent who replied to the BBB noted that "HomeSure Services, Inc. has completed its investigation.") So what is the real company,Total Protect, HMS of the Mid-Atlantic States or HomeSure Services?

In any event, I could not believe Total Protect's response. Relevant portions follow:

"The Company approved the replacement of Mr. ___ evaporator coil and air handler. The options offered were a 3.5 ton 13 SEER air handler Payne model PF1MNC04000, a 20kw heater model KFCEH3201F20 and the evaporator coil model B5248HX4QA.

"It was also explained to Mr. ___ that there were non-covered charges of $812.00 that were associated with the replacement of his evaporator coil and air handler. These charges were to be paid directly to the service provider. . . These charges include: duct modification, disposal of the old air handler, air handler electrical upgrades and electrical upgrades which are not eligible for coverage under the Home Service Agreement.

"A second option offered was a claims credit of up to $2,107.65, towards the replacement of a new air handler and evaporator coil. This amount represents the cost the Company would incur had they effected the replacement of the air handler and evaporator coil.

"Regarding Mr. ___ statement that the Company did not offer him a comparable unit, please be advised that this statement is unwarranted, per the terms and conditions of the Homer Service Agreement, the replacement item offered will be a base model that meets all applicable federally mandated minimal manufacturers' standards, performs the same primary function, and has a capacity comparable with the covered item, when available with domestically assembled units. . .

"Mr ___ also requested reimbursement of $7,440.00 for the replacement of his heat pump system; the Company respectfully denies his request. The Company has agreed to reimburse Mr. ___ a claims credit of up to $2,107.65, this amount represents the cost the Company would have incurred had they effected the replacement of the air handler and evaporator coil.

"Also, should Mr. ___ require assistance or wish to speak with a Total Protect customer service representative, he can contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-474-4047. . ." Signed Corinne Georges, Claim Correspondent.

In other words folks, Total Protect will not provide a nickel more than it offered from the outset, $2,107.65 which apparently covers a below-builder grade model that my own heating/AC company said no reputable company would recommend. And, of course, if you subtract the $812.00 in totally bogus charges, Total Protect would have been out $1,295.65 for an entire heat pump system, including installation costs. Does that sound like a fair deal to you? Does that match Total Protect's rhetoric (still on its website) that "Total Protect Home Warranty protects you and your family from costly repairs and replacement of your vital home systems and appliances." Adding insult to injury they also advertise a "$15,000 total annual aggregate cap on claims." And a "Special Limited Time Offer: Increase my annual aggregate claims cap from $15,000 to $50,000 worth of repairs and replacements for all of your covered appliances and systems for just $2.00 more." Those claims alone should justify a class action suit for consumer fraud.

Of course, I replied on March 13, 2008, in a five-page single-space letter and told BBB that the Total Protect response was totally unsatisfactory and that "Total Protect simply took the same arrogant, condescending and unjustified position it has taken for the beginning -- accept our one and only offer because that is all you are going to get from us."

I ended the letter to BBB with, "If you are indeed in the business of warning consumers about companies that do not stand by their commitments, that defraud and deceive, that do everything in their power to mislead and lie to cover up their own incompetence and fraudulent activities, then I suggest you have found a prime candidate to add to your list. And, yes I would ask that you go back once more and see if you can move them off their intractable position, but I have to say after all this I don't think even the Better Business Bureau will be able to do that."

It appears as if I was absolutely correct. Last Thursday, March 27, 2008, my wife received a call from Total Protect saying they were desperately attempting to get in touch with me and they left a number and contact to telephone. When I called that number a very pleasant lady said she was responding to the BBB complaint and she wanted to know if I would be willing to accept the $2,107.65 offer. I asked if she were joking. I asked why I would now accept an offer that I found inadequate, fraudulent and totally unfair. She asked if I could hold for a supervisor. I said yes. After waiting for about 15 minutes, she came back on the line and said she was sorry but the supervisor unexpectedly had been called to a meeting on here way to speak to me. I asked what I was supposed to do. She said the supervisor suggested that I call customer service. I said do you mean you are suggesting I contact the same customer service department that I have spoken to over a dozen times, where I never had the same representative twice, where I had to explain the situation from the beginning each and every time, where their incompetence was only exceeded by their arrogance, and where never once, not once, did they have the courtesy to return one of my calls -- and she responded yes.

I asked if this was just a call to check the box so they could say to the BBB that they had honestly and in good faith attempted to resolve the dispute. She did not respond. I told her I now intended to escalate the issue by bringing in local State and Federal insurance regulators and consumer fraud authorities. I also told her it was my fondest wish to join a class action law suit that might close this company down. When it was clear that she couldn't have cared less, I said goodbye.

I can't wait to hear back from the BBB so I can report to them in detail Total Protect's good faith effort to resolve the dispute. By the way, the BBB rates HMS of the Mid-Atlantic States in the following fashion, "Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaint(s). They also report 105 complaints against this company over the last 36 months and 31 complaints processed over the last 12 months. There also apparently is a BBB listing in Florida under the HomeSure name.

Finally, BBB says this business operates under the following names: Cross Country Home Services; Haa of Virginia; HMS Home Warranty; HMS of the Mid-Atlantic States; Home Warranty Service; HomeSure of America, Inc., HomeSure of Virginia, Inc. and HomeSure Services, Inc. The address is HMS National, 1625 NW 136th Ave. Bldg. E-200, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, FL 33323

I will update this posting as I do not intend to let this company get away with this.

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Posted by Paul Harris on 2008-06-20:
I have had the same bad experience with Total Protect. I had a garage door opener stop working. The belt from the motor to the door had broken. I explained what was wrong and was read what was not covered by the operator. She did not know what she was talking about either. The list included door handle, brackets, track etc. I said those were all part of the door, not the opener. The door was installed by one company and the opener by another. The opener came with a motor and a track. When I explained this she agreed that it was covered.
The technican came out to repair the opener. It took 20min to do the work. He spent more time on the phone only to be told that the part is not covered. He was calling the service rep and I was on the phone with customer service. Customer service again read the list of what is not covered. No mention of the rail. The service rep kept telling the technican it is not covered. He would not let me talk to him. Finally, I told the customer service person that I was going to tell the technican to take out the rail and leave my property. He removed the rail and left without being paid. I am waiting to hear from Total Protect.
This company is the worst.
Posted by elfie on 2008-07-09:
Total Protect Home Service Plan has not helped me either. Our airconditioner is not working and we paid our sixty dollars to have someone come out and tell us that it needed a coil and they could not supply us with one. I called Total Protect and they told me that it is in discussion on if they are going to replace our untit. I call and someone tells me that they will get back to me in twenty four hours. It never happens. They have not made one phone call to me at all. They tell me they are sorry and they will give my information to their supervisors. I have to wait on hold for twenty to forty minutes just to hear they can not help me. What rights do I have? I pay for this service along with my mortage. Who by the way suggested this Total Protect Plan in one of my mortate statements. One would think they checked this company out. I am discouraged reading from others they have waited six months and still no help. I wrote to the BBB and they have not sent anything back yet. I also sent a note to my mortage company CWHL. I would appreciate any advice. I will spread the word to all I know that this service plan is not good.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-07-10:
What's it all about...Elfie????
Posted by TiredAndRetired on 2008-07-10:
My experience was not quite as bad as this one, and was not with Total Protect, but with AHS (American Home Shield). We had a Jenn-Air double built-in wall oven that was intermittent in its operation, for four years. Several techs were dispatched to repair the unit, but ultimately, it failed again. Once was on Thanksgiving. When it became obvious it could not be repaired, we contacted AHS and told them the unit was not repairable and we wanted it replaced. They would not have replaced the unit with what we wanted had we not called our Realtor and complained to her. Our Realtor went to bat for us and got us a $2,600 double oven. (basically, these companies are insurance companies---they like collecting premiums but not paying claims).

In another instance, they only would PRO-RATE a new microwave, which would have covered only 1/2 the cost.

One would be better off buying all their appliances from Sears and taking out an extended warranty. I have done this on all major appliances and have more than recovered my money's worth.
Posted by Madison WI Resident on 2008-07-15:
Unbelievable. Thank you for posting this - I was actually entertaining signing up for their "protection". I plan to email my corporate bank along with this (and other) threads to see if they might want to reconsider associating themselves with this fraudulent entity.

I'm sorry you had such a bad experience; stay with it though. You're doing a great service to others, helping them to avoid the same type of problem.
Posted by Madison WI Resident on 2008-07-15:
I just emailed corporate Associated Bank and sent them a few links (including this one) asking if they really wanted to be affiliated with this firm. Associated has provided a list of their customers (and mailing addresses) along with their logo. That, in itself, is bad business practice.

Also take a look at http://www.ripoffreport.com/ and query TotalProtect. Ironic part is the literature says "No inspection necessary" - what a joke. In the fine print on the back it states "Associated Bank, N.A. and its affiliates are not affiliated with Cross Country Home Services, Inc. or HomeSure Companies". Well then why is your logo on the letterhead and brochure? Duh!

Posted by MiaGon on 2008-07-30:
Another victim from Total Protect - HomeSure protection of California, Inc.

I had the worst of the problems. My A/C unit broke completely, I bought that home about 1 year and four months ago; the house is about 18 years old and of course the A/C is the same age. Well, I called Total Protect on 07/10/2008 to file my claim the technician went to my house three days after and I paid the 60.00 "co-pay" for NOTHING plus my monthly payment. I live in California where temperature can rise up to 120º my house is a two story home so you can imagen the heat inside. After waited twenty days for Total Protect to replace the unit or the part I cancelled my service )on 07/30/08) because everytime I called they will be going around the bushes giving me stupid excuses. Representatives are so ignorant, all the would say is "yes I understand how you feel". Last one I spoke with, almost hung up on me because I told her that it was the worst of the companies I ever had an experience with and that I hated when they say, " I'm sorry I know how you feel" whith this fake voice tone like they were angels. I finally told her that they do not know how I feel, sleeping in the floor, 112º hot, and beside last night we had a visitor - a scorpion because of the heat was inside our home. - I have three kids and told the ignorant representative to cancel my claim and my policy, I am not going to put in a risk my kids. My husband and I will pay for the whole unit to be replaced. The only advice I can give is try to save money because ANY, ANY Home Warranty Company will help you that easy, Fidelity Natinal is another one. I changed to Total Protect thinking it was going to be bette - WAS NOT!!!-
Posted by IntDesigner in SC on 2008-08-08:
Thank you so much for posting this. I was actually holding the offer in my hand - sounded like a good deal for a mere 37.95 a month added to my mortgage...

It is now in the garbage.

How frustrating. I am so sick to death of companies treating people like this - the most maddening them is how padded they are/hard to get at. All you get is the same stupid $8 an hour idiots reading replies from a manual. Infuriating.

Good luck, I really hope this gets resolved to your satisfaction.

Best, Leslie
Posted by RanOverTheCat on 2008-12-01:
You should all read your warranties!
Nothing that is denied is stated as covered and nothing that is covered is stated is denied... the contract is specific and provides you with your rights AND your responsibilities....

be responsible and educate yourselves as consumers....
Posted by kammy on 2009-01-07:
Total Protect is the worst company to do business with. I had a new furnace installed. My AC coil was gone also so I had to pay Hanna $1398.93. Ok so far. The heating unit did not work so Total Protect sent out Hanna out on service call for $60.00. He could not get the system to work for more than 4 hours. Called TP and again they sent out Hanna
$ he could not find anything wrong with system Worked for 4 hours then went off. Called TP for another $60.00 they sent out a different service man. He said my chimmney was
bad. Finally after 3 weeks of no heat I called Bryant Heating & they sent out a registered service man. At a cost of $150.00. SAid the system was installed wrong & fixed unit. TO will not reimburse me for all the money I spent on service calls that was caused by original installer that did not do the job properly. I am going to
get out of contract.very unhappy with service
Posted by Totally Upset on 2009-08-27:
Also see a two-year complaint stream on Total Protect that was finally cut off in December 2008 because the complaints about Total Protect were overwhelmingly negative:http://keithelder.net/blog/archive/2006/06/24/total-protect-home-warranty-good-or-bad.aspx. When you are finished reading that complaint stream, look at the 158 reviews of Total Protect, also overwhelmingly negative, at http://www.homewarrantyreviews.com/reviews/total-protect. If anyone were to bring a federal class action suit against these clowns, it would appear to be a sure winner. I am still fighting Total Protect over the claim I wrote about at length above and have received 6,756 hits and a 73 helpful vote approval rating on my posting. I will be updating my story soon as I am now turning to the Maryland Attorney General's Office and the Maryland Insurance Commission. Still "Totally Upset" and Still Hanging in There. It has now become a cause that I hope all of you will join by reporting this sham of a company to your local BBB, your local consumer protection agency, your local radio and TV station, your Congressmen and your State and local Fraud and Insurance agencies and finally to Federal Authorities. If enough people complain, they will be sued or shut down or prosecuted for fraud.
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-17:
If there is a class action law suit against this company, I'd be happy to get on the band wagon. I all ready posted my complaint on this web site so I won't go into it again, but as soon as I am finished with my claim (if I ever am), I will cancel my policy. I may still be calling my lawyer if they don't fix my heat pump over their fraudulent practices and lies.
Posted by total protect is rip off on 2010-04-14:
My god,how did not i read all these sites and all these bad very bad reviews and comment .what did i do to my self so i had to pay and when i needed help i couldn't get it , where is better business bureau to see all these people being riped off by total protect home warranty .my final call was to their repair man to finish repairing what he promised to do which a heat less then a year old and he"s ignoring what i paid and the warranty but listen to this, over the phone he told me (don't call me any more you damn Arab call total protect i work for them )then hang up on me .please i am looking for a best discrimination lawyer out there .final is final i want sleep until i win.
Posted by Fraudhater on 2010-05-04:
Anyone is up for a class action lawsuit against this ripoff, incompetent service company? I am. If you know a good lawyer, then post it up and let everyone join.
Posted by HMSsucker on 2010-07-15:
This company is a ripoff. My heat pump has been broken for 4 months now. 9 service calls, 100 degree weather and $700/month electric, I still have nothing. The two service companies both told me that HMS gives them more money if they reject and not replace the system. Avoid HMS at all costs! Save time and your money!!!
Posted by LakevilleMN on 2010-10-20:
Total Protect = TOTAL RIPOFF. Stay away from that scam. I had a different, very good plan, in Minnesota for 10 years. Switched to Total Protect in August 2010. In October a contractor found cracks in the heat exchanger. Denied by Total Protect, claiming pre-existing conditions. TOTAL SCAM - DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!!!!
Posted by YucaipaCA on 2011-07-01:
Hmmm...am wondering if I signed up for a dud as well with this company because of the inadequate businesses they contract with. Had an appointment for the last 2 weeks to just check out my AC and the contracted entity (Cool Guys-Riverside) decided the night before my appointment that other customers take precedence before my appointment. Called them back to reschedule and never heard back from them! Think I'm going to cancel that Total Protect Gold and save me some money!
Posted by Cat on 2012-01-17:
My heater and AC are one unit. It is old. The heater went out. The service tech said due to concerns of safety the unit must be shut down and we must get a new one. There had actually been a fire in it. When he notified the warranty company they said it is our first claim and they don't want us to think we can get money out of them. They insist that the unit be repaired. It will be getting down to the 20s tonight. They didn't care about the safety concerns. We've been paying this company for a long time. It looks like we will have the same trouble as every one else and we will cancel the policy as soon as something gets ironed out.
Posted by AB on 2012-02-29:
Just recieved an unsolicited letter asking me to sign up for Total Protect which is "now in my area" so I guess they're still in business. Glad I checked your comments before I went any further. Throw out that mail!
Posted by JB Greensboro NC on 2012-05-16:
Monday, May 14, 2012: I placed a service call to Total Protect.com for my Water Heater and Garbage Disposal. A service representative from Triangle Plumbing and Backflow Services came to my home within 2hrs. The service representative checked the garbage disposal and manually turned the motor and removed a rubber piece. The Triangle representative wrote on the service slip: He removed and repaired the rubber piece. According to Total Protection.com: a new garbage disposal was installed, which is not True. I paid the $75 required deductible

Tuesday, May 15, 2012: I called Total Protect for the Water Heather and placed a claim. A service representative from Triangle Plumbing and Backflow Service came to my home within 2hrs. He suggested I buy a new water heater for the amount of $499.00. Taking into consideration I just paid a $75.00 deductible, I decided not to pay the suggest amount. I have already paid:

Monday, May 14, 2012: Paid Deductible: $75.00
Tuesday, May 15, 2012: I Placed Stop Payment @ $31.00
Deduction from checking account @ $39.95 for 24 months, totally = $998.20
Grand Total = $ 1,104.20

The grand total should have covered a new water heater and a new garbage disposal. One would be better off buying all their appliances from Sears and taking out an extended warranty. If there is a class action law suit against this company, I'd be happy to get on the band wagon.
Posted by nobody on 2012-05-20:
LOL, "trane". Trane is nothing more than a branding scam. The compressors are all made from the same place, and the coils in trane are all aluminum (not repairable). The real moron here is the person who think's paying $7,500 for a trane heat pump is acceptable. THAT is the rip-off. A/C longjevity has 100% to do with the care that was taken to install, and good maintenance. "Trane" don't mean SHIT!
Posted by chanella on 2012-06-04:
Thank you to all of you for sharing your bad experience with TotalProtect. I am actually in the process of getting a quote from them. I am glad I went extra step, found and read your complaints. Their "protection" just sounds too good to be true to me. If you start a class action lawsuit, I would do everything I can to help. Together as consumers, we must speak up to protect ourselves. Thank you.
Posted by Pam on 2012-08-01:
I have total protect and have not had any problems. I do recommand them.No Problems they have paid or replaced every claim I have filed.
Posted by Terrie ann on 2012-08-06:
I called Cross Country (Total Protect) on 8-01-2012 because my AC had quit working. The repairman came out I paid my deductable and after 2 hours in the attic the rapairman said I needed an evap coil. He said he had to submit it to Total Protect to tell them the Diagnosis of my AC.
It is now Monday 8-06-2012 and 12 phone calls and 3 pages of notes later it has still not been repaired. Every time I call I get the usual response but from a different rep, "Your claim has been submitted for processing...allow 24 to 48 hours and someone will call you back". I am so upset and frustrated that an american company is taking advantage of people, taking our deductables and monthly fees and not keeping their word and repairing our broken units. To think that this company has gone on for this long without anyone filing a lawsuit against them is a miracle. I wish I had done my research before I called and started using them. I am giving them 2 more days and that is it...I am calling an stopping the auto deductable on my account...this company needs to be stopped, but by who? what can we as consumers do so that Cross Country Total Protect can not take advantage of other innocent consumers...If there is truly a heaven and a he-- the owners definitely need to go to the latter.
Posted by Chuck on 2012-10-22:
Thanks for this web site and all of the good feedback. I was considering the service but decided to do some checking after reading the statement "You may cancel the agreement at any time after the 30-day review period
Posted by deli on 2012-12-20:
I was just taking advantage of by Total Protect. They called me a few months ago got me to leave my other provider and switch to them. Some time later my dryer stops working I put in a claim and they tell me it's not cover because it failed due to a maintenance issue. Get this, the issue is that the motor failed... WTH, I asked over and over how I'm responsible for the motor and it's up keep I do not have access to the motor if I had a clue how to access it I would not need them. I immediately cancelled my policy and I will be following up with the BBB, YELP and any other review site... STAY AWAY FROM TOTAL PROTECT, IT"S A SCAM!!!!!!!!! It's a good thing I found out before I spend years paying into them.
Posted by Dave on 2013-04-19:
Total Protect customer for 5 years without a claim - AC went out because of age and although the system had been properly maintain over a glowing 17 history - Total Protects compitent(?) technician wrote his report to say that the system was poorly maintained and failed because of this. Claim automaticly disallowed - no recourse. Normal life span for a unit of this nature is 10 -12 years. No points for trying to stretch the life of the unit to save everyone money. Result - policy immediately cancelled. Do not fall into this money trap!!!!
Posted by Masterguns on 2013-04-28:
I just called in a claim for my a/c unit that has quit cooling. I sure hope I don't have an outcome like any of the above. But I will comment no matter the outcome. More to come.
Posted by Ruben Alcana on 2013-07-23:
Total Protect = TOTAL RIPOFF. Stay away from that scam and they are the worst company to do business with.
It is a ripoff as they just do referrals to service companies to do the repairs. Houston, Texas US please be aware of this TOTAL RIPOFF PROTECTION .
Posted by David M on 2013-07-24:
I got the ad for TotalProtect...thanks for the comments, I'm not buying it.
Posted by Doc on 2013-08-11:
On August 8, 2013 Appliance Comfort Air (Thus far an innocent party in my estimation ) responded to claim xxxxxxxx regarding an issue with my air conditioning unit. They determined the issue to be the evaporation coil not working properly to the extent it could not be repaired and needed to be replaced. They did not proceed
with the repair as they were awaiting authorization from Total Protect.
According to a phone message received from a Total Protect representatives 24-48 hours later, the evaporation coil is not covered. What kind of nonsense is that? It is an integral part of the system. What good is a warranty on system that doesn't cover the system? Apart from being shady, it's wrong and a long way from being over. Stay tuned for those wishing to get in on a class action law suit.
Posted by GERALD LANDERS on 2013-08-27:
my ac went out called TOTAL PROCTECT 3days they came out to fix ac. the tecK came look at the ac and said a total proctect rep. would call me.He said my coils was dirty he rejecter my claim .my ac coils was cleaned 3 months before I filed a claim I e-mailed pictures of clean coils .this co is a rip off a thief an a lie. I WOULD LOVE TO JOIN A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT....
Posted by Michelle on 2013-09-18:
I'll join a class action suit too!! I have the same coil problem as Gerald, above!
Posted by Dee on 2013-09-25:
I have had total protect for a couple of years and it is truly a rip off. I've had the a/c problems and was told the same thing that you all have been told as well as applicance problems. They give you the same excuse everytime. Buyer please beware. It's not worth the headache.
Posted by Myrna on 2013-10-30:
I have had Total Protect Home Service Plan for almost 10 years but now we have problem with them willing to report them to BBB and I'm happy to join a class of action lawsuit against them at anytime.My contract started on 03/12/2004,effective date 04/11/2004 used them like 3-4 times without problem.Problem came on October 17,2013 called them to file a claim for plumbing system there's a leak on first floor bathroom coming from second floor bathroom they send this guy Sam's Heating and Plumbing on 10/16/2013 He check what's the problem and automatically he ask for $ 75 deductible check # 222 then he schedule us on 10/18/2013 he came and replaced the pvc that has a leak and installed a new faucet then I have a guy whose gonna replaced the tiles that was broke when Sam open the wall unfortunately the one He replaced does not level on our wall exceed like 1 insches we call Sam the plumber He said he has to talk to Total Protect Home Warranty while He is here in our house I contacted the Insurance Company He said the Insurance will not pay him to fix this problem and He is charging us $ 145.00 extra my question is who is responsible for this all our coversation was recorded by my daughter,took picture of what He installed,then spoke to the Total Protect Customer Service Rosita she said she will report everything to Regional Coordinator,called them again the following day 2 times spoke to Ashley and Sheneka they said it's already reported but it will take 48 hrs Sat. and Sunday not counted wait till Tuesday 5 pm they will call me but I did'nt got a call from them so I called at 6:05 spoke to Christine she said it takes 30 days before the decision will be granted now Christine said she will inform the Department that is responsible to this issue and she will give me a call tomorrow at 2 pm.Or give me advice if I have to report this
to BBB
Posted by Philip Smythe on 2013-12-16:
Reviewed experiences and have dumped their ad. Great to read reviews before buying.
Posted by richard ropp on 2014-02-04:
Sorry to pooh pooh all of you but I have had good experiences with my air conditioner, washing machine and microwave. It's true it can be frustrating but you can use the technician against them by using what they tell you about the repair. If it's unfixable they will usually tell you. You can use them to fight for you. The reps know nothing about the appliance and you have to make them understand that repairing it would be more costly. I have had several repairs and ultimate replacements. Just hang in there. You can't expect fast service on any of these items.
Posted by William Filber on 2014-02-28:
Thank you all for posting your comments, personal comments from actual customers regarding Home Warranties are the only true reliable warnings. That are so true and meaningful I cannot personally make a more sincere and authentic comment then what have been already made on this page by so many.
Please be aware of these companies, save your money, get the store extended warranties if one is available. Stick with a large and reliable store, such as Sears, Menards, Lowes, Home Depot...etc.
I have not heard of, or have had a positive relationship with any Home Service Warranty Companies. Including Total Home Services, after seeing there offer on my Home Mortgage I was not surprise. Stay away, do not waste you money, save your thirty or forty dollars per month and soon you will have enough to pay personally for the repairs. Good luck people, and God Bless.
Posted by a.t on 2014-03-25:
thanks to every one i was just about to get the policy from them.so i csncelled.
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Total Protect Warranty Is A Rip Off
Posted by Gail1234 on 09/14/2008
MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE -- I read the other reviews of Total Protect Home Warranties, mine was sold to me by CountryWide home Finance, I thought it was a good deal for forty bucks a month, WRONG. My AC unit went out in July, 2008. I called it in, they were going to send me to a company 125 miles from my home, I said no, then they had me call a company who works out of their back yard and the guy who came out to inspect my unit was wearing women's clothing and makeup, said I needed a new unit and he would call it in. The temps was running in high 90's and due to health problems I needed my AC unit to work. It took them a week to approve the replacement, then another week to send the unit to their repair company, the repair company told me I was going to have to pay them another 700 dollars as they were going to have to rebuild the air box because the new coil was not the same.

I went on line and found a the same coil I had from the company who made my old unit and a new unit like mine right here in my town, Total Protect said I had to accept what they sent and their install company said their charge was for the disposal of the old unit, disposal of freon and rebuilding the air box, I informed them that I was AC certified and would remove the old unit and dispose of it and do the rebuilding of the air box myself, I was informed by Total Protect that I would not be able to do that and the install company said that was their bread and butter and would not allow me to have the new unit to install it.

I finally went out and checked the unit myself, found that all it needed was a new fan motor, went and bought one for 56 dollars, changed the blade and installed the parts left off by the install company, my AC works great and blows ice cold. I paid my deductible when the girl/boy first came out to inspect my unit, he decided it needed to be replaced, and after I made many, many, many heated called and being put on wait for a supervisor who never was around, I finally had enough, Total Protect employees are some of the worse I have ever encountered in customer service.

I was in management for many years and I would never of let a employee treat a customer as I was treated by Total Protect and by Countrywide when I called them to complain of the warranty company they sold me on their letter head. I was mislead into thinking this was a company owned by Countrywide, of course it is not, it is a very low sub standard company who is only interested in ripping off the people who they are suppose to help. I wasted my money paying into this rip off warranty, I cancelled it and I am glad I did. I would advise anyone who is thinking of buying a home warranty with Total Protect or Cross Country, or HMS to put your hand in your pocket on your money and run as fast as you can away from them, they will screw you every time.

Look at their reviews on Total Protect Customer Reviews. on a scale of 5, they have a rating of 1.6 with a total of 321 reviews, 99 percent terrible. That tell you that the company is a Rip Off. The company needs to be disbanded and the people put into jail, they are all criminals riping people off as they do every day. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.
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Posted by gail1234 on 2008-09-14:
Stay away for Total Protect Home Warranty sold by CountryWide home finance, it is a total rip off and you need to run from it,
Posted by Totally Upset on 2009-08-27:
Also see a two-year complaint stream on Total Protect that was finally cut off in December 2008 because the complaints about Total Protect were overwhelmingly negative:http://keithelder.net/blog/archive/2006/06/24/total-protect-home-warranty-good-or-bad.aspx. When you are finished reading that complaint stream, look at the 158 reviews of Total Protect, also overwhelmingly negative, at http://www.homewarrantyreviews.com/reviews/total-protect. If anyone were to bring a federal class action suit against these clowns, it would appear to be a sure winner. I am still fighting Total Protect over the claim I wrote about at length in the "Related Review" listed above titled "Total Protect Home Warranty = Total Consumer Ripoff" and have received 6,756 hits and a 73 helpful vote approval rating on my posting. I will be updating my story soon as I am now turning to the Maryland Attorney General's Office and the Maryland Insurance Commission. Still "Totally Upset" and Still Hanging in There. It has now become a cause that I hope all of you will join by reporting this sham of a company to your local BBB, your local consumer protection agency, your local radio and TV station, your Congressmen and your State and local Fraud and Insurance agencies and finally to Federal Authorities. If enough people complain, they will be sued or shut down or prosecuted for fraud.
Posted by LakevilleMN on 2010-10-20:
Total Protect = TOTAL RIPOFF. Stay away from that scam. I had a different, very good plan, in Minnesota for 10 years. Switched to Total Protect in August 2010. In October a contractor found cracks in the heat exchanger. Denied by Total Protect, claiming pre-existing conditions. TOTAL SCAM - DON'T BUY IT!!!!!!!!!
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Stay Away from Total Protect Home Warranty (also known as Homesure of America Inc)
Posted by Rtx on 08/01/2008
FRISCO, TEXAS -- This is the worst company I have had to deal with ever !!! I am a mortgage customer of Countrywide and in 2006 they offered Total Protect to me as a Home Warranty service - and since it offered an easy monthly deduction along with my mortgage payment, I signed up.

My front-loading washer broke down in early July 2008. I called Total Protect on July 9, and logged a claim. They assigned a contractor - Authorized Service Center (Garland, TX) to service my claim. STAY AWAY FROM AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER TOO...

On July 10, ASC sent a tech who pronouced the master control board in the washer defective, said they would order the part and be back. After a few follow up calls, the tech returned on July 17, popped in the replacement board and the washer would not work. He then said that Kenmores were not great - and I should have bough a Maytag and also said he had to program the board - however he did not know how to - coz there were too many models" and said he'd be back the next day to call the manufacturer and program the board.

The next day (Fri) he never showed up and after several calls to ASC they informed me they'd be back on Monday. The following Monday (7/21) when I called ASC - they informed me that I had to call Total Protect to send them a "recall" order - since they had FIXED the machine and it failed. In spite of my several attempts to explain that the washer had not been fixed ASC was adamant that since they put in a part the machine was fixed regardless of whether it worked or not !!! Even though I was incredulous I had no choice but to call Total protect. They promised to send the paperwork in a few minutes. When I called ASC for a service appoitment the next day (7/22) they claimed that they had not received the order. So for the next 3 days Tues, Wed, & Thu I kept calling ASC and Total Protect until they both relented and sent the tech out to my house on Friday - 7/25.

The tech came in called the manufacturer and was still unable to get the washer working. Apparently the manufacturer told him it might not be the board, it could be something else and asked him to check the door latch. Now the tech appeared totally clueless and asked me to sign something, which I refused to. I called up ASC's office manager who basically threatened me - "Do you want the tech to leave or for us to complete your work?" I told them that I obviously wanted the washer to be fixed. In any case the tech left and till this day (8/1) he has not come back.

After that I called Total Protect on 7/25, 7/28, 7/29 and 7/30. They stalled in connecting me to supervisors and when the supervisors stalled - I ask to speak to someone higher. They gave me the name of a director - with an email and fax #. I have written a 5 page letter to him outlining what's happened on 7/30 and emailed and faxed it - however there is no response or even acknowledgement of my complaint.

The crux of the issue is this: Total Protect is supposed to pay me $500 towards the purchase of a new washer when they deem it unfixable. The supervisor that last spoke to me on July 30 told me that they would pay me $300 - because they had paid $200 to ASC for fixing my washer. I debated with him that they had not fixed anything, and that my washer still does not work. I told him that in addition they had also "run" away with my $60 deductible, and that ASC should not get a dime. He kept sounding like a broken record and told me that I have to option to either take the $300 or they could send another tech from another company - and he would assess it and we could go from there. I was also told that the service call for the new tech + any parts and labor would be subject to the remaining $300 cap and if they could not get it done - basically I get nothing. Also Total Protect would not commit to a timeline. I found this proposition ludicrous, and then wrote to this supposed Director - and I am yet to hear from him.

I have since purchased a new washer and am fighting my case to get at least $500 - my original front loading washer cost a lot more... I also am writing to Countrywide asking them to back up their promotion of Total Protect, and if there is no response from any of these guys - will complain to BBB and also will join any class action suit against Total Protect / Homesure of America Inc.

BTW I tried calling their membership services today and they sympathetically gave me a fax number to refax my letter to their director - and guess what ??? That number does not exist. Also my email to their director has come back as undeliverable - and thet my mail system would try for another 2 days !!! All this reeks of TOTAL FRAUD. These guys must be put behind bars for misrepresenting and cheating unsuspecting customers.

Buyers Beware !!!
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Posted by Totally Upset on 2008-09-06:
See my very similar report on Total Protect Home Warranty that can be found at http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=31570
Posted by Mike reedy on 2011-08-05:
I was going to buy a policy but it looks like i should just save my money
Posted by Must be lucky on 2012-07-14:
I'm very sorry to hear about so many bad experiences, but I have had Total Protect for about 5 years now and I LOVE it!! They have replaced my water heater, my washer, ceiling fans, and my oven all on different occations. I have never had a problem and this has been the best insurance investment I have ever made.
Posted by Ron on 2012-12-10:
Anyone seriously wanting to get a reputable warranty offer for your home or business should indeed "stay away" from Total Protect. I opened a claim on 12/4/12 and a repairman was sent from Around The Clock to service my Refridgerator and Dishwasher. He advised me they were probably too old to get the needed parts and that he would suggests getting both replaced to HomeSure (Hereinafter the warranty people). He advised he would write everything up and convey the measurements or models to them.

True to form the warranty people called and said were making an offer to replace both appliances to my delight. They provided model numbers of GE refridgerator as well as dishwasher for me to view from a local Home Depot and let them know if they were acceptable or I could get the Claim Credit amount for both appliances which was $512.00 for the refridgerator and 344.00 for the dishwasher. After checking with my wife on the color I called them and accepted the models and here's the rub
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Ripped Off Two Seniors in Their Mid 80's Living on a Fixed Income!
Posted by Senior On A Mission on 02/01/2011
To: TotalProtect Home Warranty and your Various Other Business Names
To: Florida Office of Insurance Regulations
To: Channel 7 – Help Me Howard – Consumer Division
To: Better Business Bureau
To: Florida Division of Consumer Services
To: My3Cents.com

I let a joint marketing effort by Wachovia/Wells Fargo (my current bank) and TotalProtect Home Warranty (this company is known under many other names – on my checking account statement it is listed as Cross County Home Total Protection) get the best of me; I did not do required due diligence by going online and searching for information. If I had done the proper research I would have never done business with this TotalProtect; which engages in deceptive practices (LOOK AT THE MANY ONLINE NEGATIVE ARTICLES COMPLAINTS AND A RATING FROM 365 CONSUMERS OF 1.5 OUT OF 5 STARS).

I’m an 84 year old senior citizen who lives with his 86 year old wife; we are both on a fixed income and can’t afford to be ripped off like this. Shame on you Wachovia/Wells Fargo for partnering with this horrible company and betraying my trust. I’m now considering closing my Wachovia checking, money market, way2save, and Wells Fargo financial services trade account. This is what happened:

In Late November of 2010 I received a joint mailer between Wachovia Bank/Wells Fargo and Total Protect Home Warranty advertising two plans for a home warranty with the ease of being endorsed by Wachovia and the money being taken directly from my checking account. Read through the information I was sent and decided based on the marketing material and a one month free offer that it sounded like something worth trying and had nothing to lose. I mailed in the acceptance form and chose the higher pay option; $49.95 a month with a $75.00 dollar deductible on repairs/replacement. Approximately one month later (late December) I received the warranty booklet and plan information advising me that the coverage would start on January 11, 2011.

Part of the plan I signed up for offered a quarterly (4 times a year) preventative maintenance. This was without cost to me and was offered quarterly; I could choose from a list of covered appliances or systems. I called the 800 phone number listed on may warranty booklet on January 28, 2011 to arrange for a maintenance inspection on my air conditioning unit. During the last few weeks I noticed that my home was not cooling as quickly as it did before.

During the phone call to TotalProtect a service claim was opened for me and I was given the name of a local Miami, Florida company called Penguin Air that I could call to arrange for the service and was given a reference number. I called Penguin Air and they arranged to have someone come to my home on Monday, January 31. I was explained that if the service person finds something wrong with the unit he will call TotalProtect and a new claim number will be opened for a repair/replacement claim.

When the service person from Penguin Air arrived and inspected the unit, he advised me that it’s low on Freon and he also detected a leak. He told me that it would not make sense to do maintanance work on it since it requires replacement parts for the leak. He said that a call will be made to TotalProtect; to which he did, and was advised to collect a $75.00 dollar deductible towards the new replacement part claim and a new service/replacement claim number was given to him. I paid the $75.00 cash to the service person; since up to that point it seemed to be in sync with the plan information I was sent.

On Tuesday, February 1, 2011, I was left a message to contact TotalProtect via the 800 number and reference my repair/service claim number. I called and spoke to Margaret who kept putting me on hold telling me she had to refer to the “notes” on my file. After the third or fourth time, she came back and told me that my claim was declined because they deemed it a pre-existing condition.

At this point I quickly realized that what I had been sold was deceptive and worthless since anytime I make a claim they can always use the pre-existing condition clause and nothing will be covered. So I asked Margaret about the $75.00 dollar deductible I was now charged for a repair claim they have now rejected. She told me that it was not refundable to me. Imagine my surprise, I’m now out $125.00 between the $49.95 monthly fee and $ 75.00 deductible and NOT one stitch of work had been done. She proceeded to tell me that if the service person had not detected any problems with my unit and had done maintenance work then I would not have been charged the $75.00 deductible. So, in essence; work done = no fee, no work done = $75.00 deductible. I told her that a deductible is an amount paid by a policy owner on a covered claim that is in excess of total repair amount. Margaret and I went round and round; she was robotic and seemed to have rehearsed the terms and conditions many times before.

I asked to speak to a Supervisor. She recluctanctly obliged and I was connected with a Ms. Shulman (unsure of the spelling). She proceeds to tell me the same thing Margaret told me. I told her that this was deceptive and did not make any sense to me and I obviously signed up for a plan full of loopholes to the detriment of the consumer. I’m skeptical of any insurance/warranty plans but was misled to believe that this was legitimate since it was cobranded with Wachovia/Wells Fargo Bank.

I asked Ms. Shulman to cancel my policy and as per the free trial offer, refund the January charge I was assessed. She told me that she needed to transfer me to Member Services. She transferred me to Dolly. I asked Dolly to cancel my plan and she wanted to know why. After explaining to her how I felt this was a deceptive plan and how I now have to pay for a deductible when absolutely no work was done, she told me that she can cancel me but I will not be receiving a refund. I told her that I signed up as a trial offer and should not have been charged. She proceeded to tell me that my trial offer started on December 11 (that’s when they received my enrollment request). I advised her that after sending in the enrollment form in late November I never received any correspondence from TotalProtect until I received my warranty booklet in late December advising me that my coverage would begin on January 11, 2011. How in the world would I have known I was covered If I never received anything in the mail until late December advising me that my coverage would begin on January 11, 2011. This is plain deceptive and an outright fraud!

Complaint Summary:

I was placed on a free month trial without ever receiving any information, policy, contract, or contact information. When I finally received my information and called for service I was on my paying month, so now after cancelling I will not receive my monthly premium refunded.

I was charged a $75.00 deductible based on repair/replacement work needed on my unit. This deductible was collected at the same time the preventative mantainance was supposed to be done. I was then contacted and told my claim was denied and I lose the deductible.

I’m out $125.00 without any work being done; this is a fraud and is full of deceptive practices, steps, loopholes. Their intent is to get you passed a trial period you don’t even know you are under and then charge you the first month, they then offer quarterly maintenance without a fee. When a repair/replacement issue is at hand they then claim it is a preexisting condition and deny the claim.

Shame on you Wachovia/Wells Fargo for partnering with this shady company. TotalProtect is a fraud and has stolen my money!

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Posted by unhappy999 on 2011-02-01:
Thank you for warning others about this scam. You are right, most warranties are not worth the paper they are printed on. They always have loopholes and have a reason to deny coverage.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-02-02:
well said
Posted by azRider on 2011-02-02:
yep, most warranty plans are just scams to get money from you. I'd do this. take that $50 monthly fee you were willing to pay to them, open an account and each month place that $50 in there. this is now your emergency fund. when something breaks or needs repair take it from that fund. your going to spend the money anyway, so create an emergency fund for things that break or cases that you were not counting on.
Posted by MTKA HVAC TECH on 2011-03-31:
Moved From Other Review: I am interjecting to the complaint from "senior on a mission" which I just read. I have no connection with the company you are registering a complaint against, Total Protect Home Warranty if I am correct. Not connected in any manner. I am a licensed heating/air conditioning contractor with several Masters certifications and years of experience in my trade. I diligently read your complaint trying to side with you against the warranty company scam.
After reading the circumstances of your complaint I can only come to one conclusion, you are trying to "scam" the insurance company. If I understand you correctly, you signed up for a "free trial period" of one month. The claim for the non working air conditioner was placed the following month, (your free month had expired). You were billed for that 2nd months warranty coverage. A service tech came out to inspect the problem, you paid your deductible. So far, sounds square to me. You got one month free, billed for the second month. Then you put in a request to fix an air conditioner which has a leak and has lost all it's freon. These things don't just happen overnight. Over years copper lines in coils and condensers can develop leaks under the wrong conditions. With my years of training and experience I can only surmise that you were trying to get an existing broken air conditioner repaired or replaced for free, (less your first months payment if charged). REALLY? Do you think you could actually get them to replace your air conditioner, which I assume has not been working for some time, for free?
Unless there are other circumstances which I am not aware of, if so I will gladly recant everything I have just written. If not, shame on you. Please respond if I am missing something here. This seems too obvious as to who the scam artist is. Once again, I have to say, I am in no way connected with the warranty company, I have never heard of them before. Just surfing the web.
Posted by kimbergreen on 2011-04-23:
Mika Havac Tech,

Have you research the web just a little about Cross Country Home Services? Obviously not. This company is not legit. They are EXTREMELY deceptive and are in no way in the business to provide a straight forward helpful service to others. They steal people money again and again in VERY deceptive way, in cahoots with banks or Mortgage Co. who get a 'kick back'. They provide jobs for the phone service personnel and they put money into training them what to say; what NOT to say; How to send out paperwork in deceptive time lines so as to 'trick' the consumers.
Shame on you for being on their side against a consumer of limited means !
Posted by Betsy on 2012-03-20:
WellsFargo never heard of this company. Thank goodness I caught all this information on line. I am sorry to hear about the plight of those two seniors, but, thanks to them, I will be going back to Total or Service America, or just put money aside which sounds even better.
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Home Warranty Service
Posted by Bettylou on 11/12/2008
CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- This company's address is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for those of you who may be looking for this company. I bought this plan thru my mortgage company for an aging home. On 9/13/08 I placed a call for service for my furnace which I have had inspected twice yearly for over 6 years. After the inspection in Sept. I was told the heat exchanger was cracked on the furnace. I called Total Protect for service. It took 3 days to get a tech to the house. I was told it would not be covered because I had taken out the policy because I knew the furnace was in need of repair. The policy was taken out long after I started having a local company check the HVAC system twice a year. It is now 2 months later & still nothing has been done. The 1st tech is apparently no long with the original service company & they do not have his paperwork. They were not going to send another company except my daughter got involved & forced their hand. But it has been for naught. I am still getting the run around with lost work orders, no return phone calls and just total lack of customer service. I am 78 yrs old with heart problems. I am now facing a winter without heat and THEY COULD CARE LESS and are not standing behind their contract. RUN from this company. I will continue to report their TOTAL LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE/CARE to any and all who will listen, including the State Attorney General, the State Insurance Commission, the BBB and I have retained an attorney in hopes I will have heat sometime before next spring.

DO NOT TRUST anyone who wants to sell you a policy thru Total Protect, HomeSure America or Cross Country Home Services. My mortgage holder, Citimortgage, recommended this company. I will be contacting them also about the irreputable company they are "pushing" to their customers. They are another case of poor customer care! STAY AWAY!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-11-13:
What's the attorney doing?
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Please Do Not Buy Total Protect Or Fidelity National Home Warranty
Posted by MiaGon on 07/30/2008
LA QUINTA, CALIFORNIA -- They are so bad. After 20 days of filing my claim with Total protect they have not "authorized" the replacement of the a/c or the part, they told me today that they lost the claim paperwork. Is not enough for them that we are at 120º here in California and that we are sleeping on the floor with our three kids or that a scorpion got into our house because of the heat, does not matter that we spray for bugs, all type of bugs are coming inside our home because of the windows open to let the "air" get in. They just did not care, representatives are a bunch of ignorant people.

This company sooner or later will get what it deserves as well as all the rude, mean, ignorant, stupid and unprofessional employees that contribute with their attitude - they are also consumers and they will be treated the same way they treated me during 20 days that I waited for them to send someone and fix my a/c because they have to pay their nasty karma.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-30:
All these home warranty companies are a ripoff. They give you some peace of mind and that's it. When it breaks, you're screwed. I'd like to see the Feds step in and lay down the law in regards to how these outfits weasel out of actually ever paying for what they claimed to have covered.
I went 9 rounds with one of these outfits years ago. Yep, I lost!
Posted by shallow water on 2009-01-04:
TOTAL PROTECT is totally unethical! Buyers Beware. After 9 days of speaking with 16 different customer service reps, my elderly grandmother's heater is still not replaced. I have gotten a real run around, and have kept a daily log on who I've talked to and what they said. Thus far not one rep has said the same thing twice. This company has been fine with small repair calls, but when an item needs replacement it's non responsive. Most of the reps have been polite, but I've been lied to consistently. Total Protect operates out of Ft Lauderdale, Fl, but under the name "Cross Country Home Services." Sandra Fin is the president, but I've found no way to contact "CCHS" to register a complaint. If anyone has more information that would be useful, my e mail address is vlight12@live.com.
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-17:
I couldn't agree more. This is by far one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with too, not only are their business practices shady, their reps are rude, don't have a clue what's going on and really don't try to help in any way. When my claim is all over (assuming it will be), I plan to write to the president of Total Protect, my mortgage company that "hired" them, and file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and anyone else I can find. I am also quite prepared to sue them if they don't fix my furnace. It's going down to 33 degrees tonight!
Posted by Grace.S. Dallas TX on 2012-04-12:
My mortgage Company recommended this company. I had a flood from nowhere in my house. They sent out a"plumber" who advised me that the claim was not covered and that i should call my Homeowner's insurance and hire him. This scammer reported that I had sewer blockage( which is not covered) therefore my claim was denied. Luckily because I had a pool in the house and Total protect does not cover pools, I also bought home warranty coverage from American Homeshield Home warranty coverage. The AHS plumber came out, discovered that the problem was from my water heater and AHS went on to replace the water heater and fix the flood although I had to pay $600 out of pocket. These Total "Liars" were supposed to write me a letter adn they conveniently forgot to include in the letter that my problem was misdiagnosed by their incompetent and greedy contractor. This company needs a class action lawsuit and if there is any lawyer out there who can handle this, please let's go for it. There certainly is more than enough evidence against them.
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UPDATED:I cannot recommend them, filed BBB complaint
Posted by AtlantaConsumer on 07/23/2010
I signed up for this company through Ocwen my Mortgage holder. When it started to get warm I noticed one of my AC Units was not functioning properly. They sent their HVAC company who told me the compressor was dead. I specifically asked why the compressor died and the HVAC technician could not give me a definitive answer only guesses. Neither of his guesses were due to negligence on my part. After they left I received a call from Total Protect saying my claim was denied as the compressor stopped functioning because of a blocked coil. The report did not specify which coil was blocked.
I called Total Protect concerned about the discrepancy, and how the technician had given me some inaccurate information regarding a Freon leakage, they refused to listen. I hired another AC company to look at my Unit. After about an hour of running tests they determined the compressor was faulty due to a loose wire. Neither coil had any type of issue. I am currently in the process of dealing with the BBB. The company responded to my initial complaint saying the compressor was broken because of my negligence, so I submitted a rebuttal with the information I received from the HVAC company who actually took the time to diagnose the problem. I will update with the outcome.

The Total Protect "Supervisor" Michelle contacted me asking for the report from my HVAC Company. She them called my HVAC company to get them to say I was not maintaining the unit, they told her the unit was in great condition. Next she asked the owner of my HVAC company " Is it possible for a lightening strike to cause a unit to short out" he said yes lightening strikes can short out units. She then called me saying my claim was denied because my HVAC guy said my Unit shorted out as a result of a lightening storm.

I have since gotten a written statement from the HVAC company citing the loose wire and what really is causing the unit to short out, in addition to what really happened in the phone conversation with the supervisor. I will be sending this to Michelle's boss ASAP. If I am still given the run around the FTC and consumer protection division of Florida and Georgia's Attorney General will be receiving complaints.
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Posted by Skye on 2010-07-23:
BBB does not resolve complaints, nor will they get your money back. What does your homeowners policy say about what is and what is not covered, for the unit? Hopefully this can be resolved, if not, take them to small claims court.
Posted by saj80 on 2010-07-23:
Homeowner's policies do not cover appliances, heating/cooling units, etc. You now know that most of these after-market warranties are not worth anything; however, you may be entitled to a prorated refund of your warranty cost. Check your documents, and you should be able to notify the warranty company, in writing, that you want to cancel immediately and to refund your prorated share of the cost.
Posted by memoryx57 on 2010-07-23:
If they're like the rest of the home warranty companies they'll probably never pay regardless of what proof you have. Their contracts are very vague intentionally, so reading it isn't a whole lot of help. It's all in the "interpretation" of the contract. You may consider taking them to small claims court if you feel it's worth it. Good luck, because honestly, you're probably gonna need it.
Posted by Skye on 2010-07-23:
I misread the review. I thought they were talking about a central air conditioning unit, which our homeowners does cover.
Posted by AtlantaConsumer on 2010-08-04:
I just heard from Total Protect they asked me to fax them the documentation from my HVAC company stating my compressor is faulty due to a loose wire not because of the "mythical" blockage which caused the freon leak that never happened, resulting in the compressor to burn out.
I will update everyone and let you know what they say.
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The worst company I have EVER dealt with
Posted by NanS123 on 10/17/2009
My heat pump (furnace) has a cracked heat exchanger. It has not worked for two weeks while they have tried to band-aid fix it. The machine needs replacement since it's 18 years old, we don't want to die from carbon monoxide poisoning! In their brochure/policy it states in no less than FOUR places that they will fix or replace the covered items. They told me that they would only give me $1000. for the furnace that the amount was capped and referred me to fine print. This company pretends they will replace your covered items in big bold print, it's nothing short of fraud. Their customer service is horrible, they hang up on you, they are rude and short. BEWARE of this company and their outright lies.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-17:
Unfortunately, if its in the fine print you're out of luck.
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-17:
Well you can't say one thing and sell your product based on that information and then retract it in the fine print. That's fraud.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-17:
what did the fine print say?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-17:
Home security is not going to replace at their cost an 18 year old unit. It is unreasonable to expect that they would. $1000 for such an old unit is reasonable. Ours went out last year and it was 13 years old.

You got to read the contract. I am going to bet they did not tell you they would replace anything that old. Any reasonable person would expect such a thing to be prorated.
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-17:
Well, that's not what their policy says at all, it's very misleading and I would not hesitate to take them to court over this. It says nothing about replacement value, age, nothing. If it DID say any of that, I'd never have signed up with their company in the first place, what would be the point? It's printed all over their policy info they will repair or replace only for your deductible - period. So, I guess I'm not reasonable since I expect the company to do what they advertise and sell their insurance based on that information, that I've paid for in good faith. And by the way, the company is not called Home Security, it's call Total Protect Home Warranty.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-17:
Their website doesn't give much info. You have to go through the sign up process. If your policy states they will replace the unit, then sue. I doubt it does. If it dopes, I bet there is something about age of unit cap.
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-17:
I'm interested to know why you defend this horrible company so much, do you work for them LadyScot? There is nothing about an age cap on anything, they just do their best to get out of paying for a claim. AND, I do plan to sue if they don't live up to their statements on their policy. I have had no heat for two weeks now, and it's 33 degrees tonight, if you don't think I'm upset, you'd be wrong.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-17:
nan - just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they work for the company.

it's shocking but... pretty much true.

and you didn't answer my question i see... what did the fine print say.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-17:
Nan, of course I work for them. How cold you tell? The fact that I know nothing about them or the fact that I had to look at their website to even know who you were talking about?

I also work for Bank of America, Taco Bell, At&T, Charter Communications. Chase Mortgage and every other company I have played devil's advocate on here for.

I am not defending them. If you can't read my post and get anything other than that out of it, just ignore it. Otherwise, READ your CONTRACT. I have a car that is a junker. It can not be insured. Why? It is a JUNKER.

The website says that MOST, NOT ALL, appliances and units are covered. Yours was, but apparently it was prorated. Which is reasonable and to be expected. Again, IF your contract says your unit is fully replaceable, sue them. If it doesn't take the grand and put down on a new heat pump.

And please, STOP accusing people of working for the company just because they either ask questions or don't side with you. It makes you look childish and ridiculous.
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-18:
You know what, I didn't come here to have an argument with anyone. Least of all, people who really don't have the information I have available nor all the facts or experiences I have had dealing with this company on more than one occasion. I can't sit her and type out all of their fine print, or even get into this any further, there would be no point. My purpose was to warn people to beware of them and their misleading business practices and what they say they will do and then don't. I think all you need to do is go and read what other people say about this company and look at their rating. If you want/need to have your appliances replaced, take the money you would spend on premiums each month and put it in a bank acct for that eventuality of having to replace broken items, you will be a lot further ahead.

That said, I am now worrying more about how to prevent the pipes from freezing in my house since it was 31 degrees here last night and promises to be the same again tonight. So thanks all for your understanding in this matter, and all I can say is I hope you never have to go through what I'm going through.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-10-18:
Thanks for the warning Nan...you bring up an important issue about carbon monoxide poisoning. As for the fine print, you have reminded us all how important it is to read the fine print before buying/agreeing or signing anything. I can guarentee you, that not everyone reads all the fine print and that's the reason companies use it.

Thanks for your review and your warning to others.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-10-18:
with a cracked heat exchanger, the heating unit will not fire up. so no worry about carbon monoxide poisoning.

i recently repaired my heating unit for the exact same thing.
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-18:
No, not any more because it's dead. It was during their initial attempts at band-aid fixes when they kept restarting it and it would run for about 12 hours and the safety's would kick it off.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-18:
Man, it sucks thinking that your warranty covers stuff and it doesn't. Just one more reason I think warranties should be free, should be extended past a year (maybe two?) and shouldn't make people read small print. The OP probably paid for the warranty and now has to pay for the part, too. That does suck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-18:
Our heating unit is out too OP. I am not replacing it just yet. We bought several little radiator heaters and it got down to 30 last night and we were toasty warm. They are about $40 each.

On a side note, our electric company finances heat pumps and adds it to your bill each month. Does yours?

As for arguing, no one here was trying to argue. YOU jumped on that wagon and took off simply because you did not like the questions or the suggestions. Which is what we DO to try to help. How can anyo9ne give you an answer without knowing the facts? YOU chose to ignore the questions and get mad.

Good luck but I would read the fine print. Again, IF it says they will replace, sue. Have I NOT advocated that several times already?
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-18:
I have a little more time now to address this and I'm not so totally upset about it all now, so here's the deal, straight from their new policy they sent me, I'll give you the bold print highlights first, then you all tell me how you would take it:

This is on page 4 of their booklet under How to Use Total Protect:
"No matter the age, make or model of your system or appliance, your service specialist will repair the covered item so it's working properly. If it can't be repaired, Total Protect will replace it."

Note: this is a covered appliance as it is the only source of heat for the home

Page 6: excerp: "But what if it can't be repaired? No problem. Total Protect will replace the covered system or appliance with a new one of comparable features"

"Based on our research that could save you as much as .... 3,000 to replace a furnace and even as much as 4,000 to replace an AC system" (my system is both)

Page 8: "Does total Protect cover older systems and appliances?" OF COURSE, Total Protect provides repair or replacement of your covered systems no matter their age, make or model. (I am typing this exactly as they have it)

On the last page of the booklet congratulating us for our "good sense" in choosing Total Protect, says once again:

Furnace > Replacement cost without Total Protect > $1,500 to $4,500 >>> Replacement cost WITH Total Protect > $deductible

Here is their contradictory line in the fine print they referred me to: Paragraph 3 Primary Central Heating Systems, last sentence: "In no event shall we be liable for claimes in excess of $1000 in the aggregate per agreement term.

Refer to aggregate agreement amount, 15,000. Annual Claim limit.

There is nothing that I can find in their terms and conditions that out lines what exactly they define "aggregate agreement" but 15,000 is not 1000. Are you confused and mislead yet?

BTW, LadyScot, it's your word choice that comes across inflammatory, perhaps I misunderstood you. However, since you suffer the same fate as me, Home Depot has space heaters for under $20.00 that do the job quite nicely.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-19:
OP, according to websters dictionary (and I had to look it up) aggregate means "the sum of the whole in units".

From what I read by what you wrote, the total liability per year aggregate (TOTAL in sums of units, which would be the replacement value of all your appliances prorated) would be $15000. They are claiming no more than $1000 per each unit.

I am wondering if your total units are 15? Kind of crazy but that is the only thing that makes sense. Like the aggregate total is $15000, and you only had 10 covered appliances, then your total payout would be $1500?

I would try to nail them down to make sure you understand the exactly what they are liable for.

On the side note, I am fearful of any heating unit that you can see the heating element lol. The radiators keep the 'fire' contained. :)
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-19:
What you say makes sense and it's possible that they base it that way, except when they replaced my water heater a few years ago, they only gave me 500. towards the cost and I paid the difference. I really didn't understand it all at the time, I'd had a family tragedy only two weeks before, so I just had it replaced, paid the guy, and didn't think much of it. What I think it is, is insurance double-talk to use as a fall-back when they don't want to pay a claim. Now that I have a more serious item to replace, I'd really like it if they do what they plaster all over their policy. (Who wouldn't). I did ask them about the term "aggregate" (which I looked up too), but they didn't give me a straight answer and then I got sent to the supervisor and never did get an answer or definition.

Today they are supposed to call me and tell me what they are doing and when it's going to be fixed. Let's see if they follow through.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-19:
Nan, let us know. How much was the water heater?
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-10-19:
Take the documentation to an attorney and have them review it. Don't guess, when you can find out. The amount of money is enough to make it worth it to check it out.

Also, This last weekend it got soooo cold, I had to turn my airconditioning off. It was in the high 50's. After our indian summer of 90 degrees last week, it felt so cold. I had to wear long underwear. It was so cold on Sunday morning when I got up, I put things in the refrigerator to warm them up.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-19:

Jr, come to Tennessee and feel 30 lol..We would have been burning up at 50. :)

My mother lives in Ft Myers...man to be there..
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-19:
Hmmm, replacing that water heater was over three years ago. I'm thinking it was 700. and then I had to find and pay for someone to take the old one away. So I paid 200. + disposal.

So they still have not called me today, gee, there's a surprise (not).
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-19:
Nan, that's not too bad then...a new heat pump would run about $2000 or so, so paying half is not bad...but do have your contract reviewed by a lawyer anyway.
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-21:
Wednesday: It's been three weeks since my heat pump/furnace broke down. No one has returned my calls this week. Tomorrow, I'm going to start looking for a lawyer if they don't call me today. This is ridiculous! I'm starting to think I'm going to have to get this replaced on my own and sue them for the cost. I am so frustrated by this!
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-10-24:
Thought update the continuing saga of my heat pump: It's been THREE WEEKS now we have had no heat in our house. I had a voice mail from a lady at Total Protect earlier this week, who left no information, I returned her call four times over the next two days and she never called back. Yesterday in utter frustration, I called the mortgage company and told them that soon, their house will be suffering from broken pluming when all the pipes freeze. The mortgage company are the guys who "hooked us up" with Total Protect in the first place. Well guess what? I got a call late yesterday afternoon from a supervisor apologizing for the wait (blah blah blah). However, she still didn't really know what was going on and promises to call me Monday. What a crock.
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-11-02:
My final update on my heat pump. It's now been just over a month since I had heat in my home. After a lot of fighting, I was about ready to give up and get my neighbor to install one (he works in the business) and give up. However, late last week they finally agreed to replace the heat pump, but not without stipulation. They will pay for the whole unit, but I have to pay for the "un-covered" parts and ALSO the labor. So, what should have been about $500 for the uncovered stuff is now going to be $1100. because they are going to stick me with the labor *sigh*.

To be honest, I don't really care at this point, I'm tired of fighting with them and since they are going to replace the unit, I'm good, it's what I wanted all along. It's still cheaper than buying a new one, but there are still just sooooo many things that tick me off about this on so many levels.

However, as soon as this is all done, I'll be cancelling Total Protect and start putting the money in the bank to earn interest so I don't have to fight for a month to have something fixed or replaced they are supposed to cover.

Anyone who uses Total Protect is asking for trouble and should be prepared for a long fight to get something done.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-03:
Nab, that's good then. At least you will have heat.

Can you pay them over a few months to make it easier?
Posted by NanS123 on 2009-11-10:
Naa, I had the money in my saving account but since I was paying the contractor directly, I doubt they would have taken an arrangement, not that I asked. It's very nice to finally have heat again and I returned all the space heaters I don't need now. Next, I plan to cancel that insurance, who wants to fight for a month to get something done?!?
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Do yourself a HUGE favor. Stay Away from these scammers
Posted by Jojoman on 06/10/2011
P.O. BOX 550247, FLORIDA -- This is far from a favorable review. I purchased this plan through Bank of America back in 2008. I did not need them until April of this year. My furnace was leaking CO2 into my house, so I called them. I did not get a reply for over one month. By then, it had warmed up, and I found that my central A/C was not working. I called again, and one week later they sent out a service man. He told me that there was a hole in my heat exchanger, but needed proof for the insurance company, and that he would be back the next day with a camera. I never heard from him again. I called and called and called, but got and am still getting a complete and utter run around about electrical wiring, and codes and more bullcrap. Everything they are saying is listed as covered in my contract. This was a GREAT company as long as they were taking money from my bank account every month. I have submitted a complaint to my state attorney generals office, and am fully prepared to sue in court if that does not produce any satisfaction for me and my family.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-06-12:
You can also submit a complaint to http://ftc.gov/bcp/consumer.shtm
From what I've seen of the reviews about these 'Home Warranty' plans, a lot of them seem to spend more time figuring out how to deny claims instead of fixing problems. We maintain a household bank account that is used specifically for unexpected home repairs. It means that when something does happen, we can call for service from a reliable contractor (we keep a list in our phone book) and get the problem corrected promptly.
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Total Waste of Money!
Posted by Tcynthia215 on 07/26/2012
I have been without hot water for 1 week. The water heater was installed 4yrs ago and never worked right. It is not working at all and they tell me they are waiting for a work order. Iam so unhappy with them overall this is not the first problem I have had but as soon as this problem is resolved I will cancel its not worth the money and headache when you have to deal with them an their incompetent contractors. SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!
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Posted by KevinTX on 2012-07-26:
Thanks for the warning! I found out the same about AMERICAN HOME SHIELD.

FIXING A WATER HEATER is an easy fix...If it's simply NOT heating, it's probably the heater coil which simple slides out of the front of the unit. You can buy them at Home Depot etc.

Also, doing routine maintenance like draining any sediment helps in keeping them in top shape.
Posted by TotalProtect eRelations Specialist on 2012-07-27:
tcynthia215, We I sincerely apologize that the wait time you experienced was not in keeping with your expectations. We would be happy to look into the specifics of your situation and try to find a way to rectify it. Please send me an email at eRelations@TotalProtect.com and provide your contract number and/or name, property address and phone number with best time to contact you. We will investigate the situation and report back to you as soon as possible.

--eRelations Specialist TotalProtect Home Warranty
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