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Rating: 1/51

LATEXO, TEXAS -- I would not recommend this company for the following reasons. Bad business practices, slow to respond to a claim, false statements among other things. When I called to find out about their services before signing up with them I specifically asked about service technicians in my area as I live in a rural area and had had trouble with another warranty company finding service techs to come out here in the country. I was assured by the lady on the phone that they had plenty of companies in the area to perform service for Total Protect. I asked and was told several times that they had people in the area.

I called in to file a claim on my AC unit not working properly on the 31st of July. The temperatures were in the high 90's and heat index of over a 100. I was told that I was being placed on the "high priority, emergency list". I called back two more times and was told the same thing and that they were having trouble finding a service tech, this after I had been assured there were plenty in the area. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was given several different excuses and never did speak to one and was basically told not to call back that they would contact me when they found someone to come out and check the AC unit.

Meanwhile the temperatures were steadily rising until they were over 100 degrees. A week later I finally got a call from a service tech from a city that was over an hour away and he came out and diagnosed a bad evaporator coil. Said he would call it in when he got back to the shop. Another week passed before I got a message to call Total Protect about my claim. When I called they told me that I needed to give them the ok to order the parts and that I would have to pay another $185 out of pocket after already paying my $85 deductible, said it was for reclaiming and disposing of refrigerant and fixing the drain pan.

Also said it would take two to three business days before the parts came in and then the service tech would call me to schedule an appointment. Can't help but wonder if this will take another two weeks on this "high priority, emergency claim" to be fixed. As far as I can tell there was nothing wrong with the drain pan. I told them that I didn't think I should have to pay for all that when it took two weeks for them to get back to me even though it says in the paperwork that they don't cover it. I think that they should have paid it due to the heat and how long it took them to take care of this "high priority, emergency claim".

Of course they refused to and they were oh so sorry and apologetic about the delays. I feel as I was lied to about service people from the very beginning just to get my money and they do not care about the customer even if they call it a "high priority, emergency claim". I am seriously considering canceling my account with them after my AC does get fixed. Also I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I think Total Protect has very shoddy business practices and care not about their customers, but only about getting the customers money.

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Rating: 1/51

SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I will be sharing my experiences with multiple websites. I was supposed to get the first month of the warranty for free in April 2015, but TotalProtect took the monthly fee from my account anyway. I had to call my bank and place a stop-payment on the transaction. The bank gave me my money back and got reimbursed from TotalProtect.

When I filed my first claim on May 14, 2015 to have my air conditioning unit repaired, the technician calling himself "**" from the vendor company A to Z Heating & Air in Auburn, GA arrived on May 19 and demanded payment of my $75 deductible prior to doing any type of work. I refused and called TotalProtect customer service to verify this policy, which the technician ("**", whose actual name is "**" or "**") claimed he "had to do or he would get in trouble." He then lied to a representative named **, claiming I did not want to pay the deductible.

I spoke with ** and let her know in front of "**/**" that I had no problem paying the $75 deductible, but this technician needed to do some work before demanding payment. The customer service agent "**" agreed with me and told "**/**" the technician that he at least had to do a diagnostic on the air conditioning unit before demanding payment. This is when "**/**" got angry because he was told to do work before demanding payment and proceeded to write an invoice stating that my unit had a pre-existing condition.

When I paid the $75 deductible and asked for feedback regarding the repair, the technician said that "TotalProtect would call with the details." I called TotalProtect and spoke with a very rude senior manager named **. Claimed he would follow up with the vendor, but was too lazy to look up the correct vendor phone number. I had to provide with the vendor's phone number. ** later called and left a voice mail, claiming that TotalProtect would not repair my air conditioning unit.

** proved to be very arrogant and lacked common sense, siding with the vendor before gathering all of the facts. He really could care less about the company's clients and should be terminated because there is no telling how many other customers have had horrible experiences with this person. Is apparently not very good at basic math, because the company lost my $600 warranty because they cheated me out of a $75 deductible and a repair that they are responsible for. UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE CHEATED OUT OF YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY AND YOU WANT TO BE TREATED RUDELY, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

Complete Replacement of Air/Heating Unit
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Rating: 1/51

OLIVE BRANCH, MISSISSIPPI -- Our story. Our air conditioner went out on a Thursday. We called TotalProtect to get a tech out to see why. They arrived on Friday. The unit was approx.. 20 years old and needed replaced - completely. The tech said we can have it completed by Monday. Great! Or so we thought. The cost of the replacement (via the tech TotalProtect sent out) was around $10,000. WHAT!!! We called TotalProtect on Monday to see when our unit would be replaced. They said they hadn't gotten the paperwork from the tech's company yet. I called the tech's company and they said they would send it right over. We called TotalProtect on Tuesday to see when the replacement would be installed.

We were told it would be 48 hours for their people to "investigate" prices for a new unit and for approval. Fine. 48 hours later we called again. We were told then that the unit would arrive in 3 days. Fine. We called Fri to ask what type of unit was ordered and where it was coming from so we could be ready for it. We were told that no unit had been ordered and that there was a problem with the pricing. Now in the mean time the temps here were in the mid to upper 80's and we have 5 dogs that get hot fast and fight when upset. We are cooling our house using fans.

We finally talked with a "supervisor" that said TotalProtect would only cover just over $900.00 for a new air conditioner/heating system. WHAT??? $900 for a complete system? I then called a air conditioning company that we use at my job and they had a unit that could be put in for $5500. After over a week without air we finally got TotalProtect to agree to send us a check for the $900+ and got the local company to install the new unit.

Now it is time for another payment to be made to TotalProtect and we have decided to cancel the service (which we were told we could do at any time). The Customer Service Rep told us that we could not cancel the service for 3 months because we were under contract for a year. WHAT CONTRACT? WE NEVER AGREED TO ANY SUCH THING!! We are now going to stop the automatic payments from the bank and to Hell with TotalProtect.

Horrible customer support
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Rating: 2/51

FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- My tenants hot water heater was not working. They sent a plumber over who took apart the gas burner and didn't put it back together. He wrote a ticket saying the sensor was not working due to lack of maintenance. First let me say, our lack of maintenance made the heater last three years beyond the warranty. The plumber left me a message saying the sensor doesn't work and there was a backdraft from the chimney. He also said he does not service this area.

The first CSR I spoke to told me he said I needed a new sensor but he didn't order it and that they would review the ticket to determine what they would do. I asked for it to be escalated as there were children in the house and temps were expected to drop. Each time I called, the CSR gave me a new story. But each time they said in 48 hours I should get a call back from a manager.

I called three times on Saturday, they kept me on hold for a manager. They failed to say that the 48 hours does not include the weekend. The first call was on Wednesday, on Friday the original plumber went back to reassemble the parts he took apart. On Sunday my husband went out and purchased a water heater because we didn't want to leave the Tenant without hot water another day.

When I finally got to speak to a manager on that Monday, she was going to compensate me with 100.00 for the purchase of the new heater but then noticed that on the ticket it said the plumber changed the thermo coupling. No one in the approximate 20 calls I made ever mentioned that he changed anything. Hence, they closed my ticket.

Apparently this company does not stand by their word and with the notes they supposedly had how did not one CSR notice a part was changed! So disappointed in the lack of customer care and the lack of understanding by the managers. By the way, we tried to speak to another manager. Two weeks later, still waiting for a callback.

Heat Exhaustion!!!
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I have been a Total Protect customer since May 2015, a friend recommended them. In August 20th (Thursday) I submitted a claim regarding my air conditioner. Claim number and a telephone number for a vendor was given. So I want to share this whomever would like to read it.

August 21st a very nice Customer Service Agent from Total Protect cancelled the first vendor (a one-man company with a full schedule. I am in Florida. 95 degrees outside, 105 inside, no A/C) And conferenced me in with a new vendor, Healthy Home Heating and Air Conditioning, that asked to treat my request as an EMERGENCY. I believe they have more technicians. One went to my house, diagnosed the problem and left. He told my son he was going to order the part and be back Saturday August 22nd; unfortunately my son forgot to ask of what year.

I called several times and no one knows anything. All they know is that they ordered the part and have no idea when it will arrive or if it has arrived at all. I don't understand how they can't track a package in this day and age when I can track a letter and they post all the information on the web. Maybe they used Pony Express.

I had specified that this was an emergency. I live in Florida where it goes to 95 degrees daily and it gets hotter inside my home. I could have dealt with that for a day or two but not a week or more. I've had to send my Dog to a friends because she couldn't handle the heat. My son and I have also been experiencing heat-related issues, medical problems which are obviously starting to cause problems. As of today, August 26th, we are all clueless as to why we haven't even received an ETA on the work that needs to be done or even when the part is to arrive. Again anything can be track nowadays.

They Don't Cover What They Say They Will
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Rating: 1/51

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I had Total Protect coverage for my AC, ceiling fans and garage door. My garage door broke and would not open. They sent out a company to look at it and I was informed I needed a new garage door opener. Total Protect then told me that I wasn't covered. I said I was covered for my garage door and they said yes but not the garage door opener. My garage door does not open so therefore does that not mean the door opener is broken, or did they just mean they covered the actual opener and would cover for a new battery? This company completely scammed me... I paid 6 months of coverage and when I needed them they bailed. STAY AWAY from them!!!

Total Protect Has Gone Down the Tubes - Go Elsewhere
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Rating: 1/51

TUCKER, GEORGIA -- I used to love Total Protect. Lately, I am disappointed in them and hope that they get it together. We had a garbage disposal issue, excuse me HAVE. They sent someone out from Sears who was rude and said that they sent the wrong person. This person ordered the part we needed but said that the plumber would have to install it. We paid the guy our deductible. The guy reported that we did not pay. I called Total Protect. They called Sears. Sears confirmed that this was a mistake. We did pay. They would send information.

Total Protect, manager Terrence required that I also send proof before they will allow the plumber to arrive. I had to go to the bank, and find a way to fax them a copy of the check - front and back and the receipt. They still will not send the plumber out. They said that I have to wait, that they do not have sufficient proof. I asked to speak with a manager and was told no. I asked for a complaint line or corporate number and was told that there isn't one. This company does not care about customers and service. I have gone out of my way to prove that we paid, another company said we paid and they will not allow the plumber to come out. Go elsewhere.

Most useless warranty
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA, FLORIDA -- The contractor went to the wrong house - he then called us and came to our house. He checked the range and washer and we gave him a check of $170.00 (85.00 deductible for each). He was supposed to email the invoice which he never did. The check was cashed by the company and he has ordered the part of range (coil) needed to replace. We have called him million of times and he is very uncooperative. He told us that TotalProtect rejected the claim.

We called TotalProtect, talked to at least 20 people and no one is willing to help. If this issue is not resolved, we will bring a lawsuit, go to TV channel and media blog and BBB as our patience is running out, and Total Protect will get a bad reputation.

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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I've had Total Protect since 2007 and during this time, I have only used this service less than 10 times since I joined.

Within the last 2 summers I have encountered major air conditioning problems each time Total has rejected payment for any replacement parts, saying it was as a result of owners lack of maintenance, referring me to the home service agreement which states "we agree to pay the covered costs to repair or replace the items listed as covered on your agreement coverage summary if any such items become inoperable during the term of this agreement due to mechanical failure caused by routine wear and tear, subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement."

They send independent contractors who only want to sell you their services which of course cost an additional out of pocket cost to the homeowner. In July 2013 they sent Royal Flush AC&H who stated the outside coil was 50% clogged, unit low on freon, inside coil leaking and unrepairable. They contacted Total who disapproved any repair work and left me stuck without air period. Back and forth I went with Total only to get a call on a Sunday morning from some representative who said "sorry" but we are not paying because of owner negligence. With Total it is always owner's negligence.

I then asked them to refer me to anyone who does the work for Total which they provided 4 names. The estimates given went from $1850 to $2600. I chose North Star Mechanical who finally showed up on a Monday, after missing the initial scheduled appointment (which was on a Saturday), and putting me off until the next Monday.

They replaced the evaporator coil in July, now in August, one month later the unit is freezing up, the blower is out and the person who did the earlier work has been fired and Total refuses again to pay and North Star wants more money for something they should have detected when they were out in July, but of course it's the owners fault.

Instead of keeping you with the original company that did the initial work, Total schedules you with company after company which is not a wise decision. Instead of them keeping me with North Star Mechanical they again wanted to send out another company. I had to call in and ask permission to get North Star to return since they had come out and replaced the coils in July. Total reluctantly agreed and instructed me to call North Star which I did.

The technician arrived the following day and reminded me about the service fee without so much as looking at the problem. He then tells me the problem is the blower which needs cleaning which would be an additional $85, he leaves and says he will return the next day. I told him I would contact Total to ascertain if the blower is covered.

I called Total and spoke with a representative who led me to believe the blower was covered only to find out today (8/23) during a conversation with a Total representative that again they would not cover any services to which I responded that I am not surprised, you never do anyway and that I am sick and tired of Total and I would be cancelling the service effective today. The technician from North Star stated to Total that the motor was gone and this would cost an additional $385 plus the $85 for the blower. The technician was up in the attic with the unit on 8/22 but never said anything about a motor until he returned on today (8/23) supposedly to replace the blower.

Prior to his return he had contacted Total and all of a sudden the motor is an issue. I chose Total because it could be included in my mortgage payment, but as of today, I'm through with them. I'm cancelling the membership and searching for a company that will service its clients. TOTAL is a TOTAL waste of the homeowner's money. And if your emergency is on a weekend you can forget it, as they do not have anything in place for the contractor to come on a weekend, possibly because they know it will cost them more money.

Company Response 08/26/2013:

We're sorry you're having issues with a claim. Thank you for letting us know. We'll reach out to you directly to discuss your concerns.

Total Protect Home Warranty = Total Consumer Ripoff
By -

MARYLAND -- UPDATED MARCH 28, 2008 (see new section below)

Total Protect is an absolute rip off. I will be reporting them to the BBB and to County, State and Federal officials as well as asking my Maryland Congressional offices to look in to what is clearly a "Total" unmitigated consumer fraud. I will be happy to join a class action lawsuit against them at any time. By the way, when they answer the phone they do not say Total Protect, they say HMS Real Estate Support Solutions so I assume HMS is hiding behind the name Total Protect to shield it from these numerous abysmal consumer complaints.

The HMS website says it sells new home warranties through real estate offices but I could find no mention of Total Protect Home Warranties whatever on their website and the Total Protect website does not mention HMS at all. I will ask regulators to look into that as well. My heat pump broke down in June 2007, during an extreme heat spell, and Total Protect could not have cared less. After 11 telephone calls over six months with not a single one returned, and after being outright lied to by several of their always-different yet always-incompetent representatives, I still have not been offered anything even resembling a fair settlement.

I just spoke to the "floor supervisor" who with the most obnoxious passive/aggressive "I am sorry you are not satisfied" routine, refused to let me speak to the head of the customer complaint unit. He ignored every request I made for reasonable follow-up on my previous 10 phone calls, gleefully repeating his mantra that they had made their offer (in other words take it or leave it, we refuse to negotiate at all), and then instead of attempting to help in any way insisted on giving me the address for the "disputes department" where I have to send in a lengthy written request. I can just imagine how much "Total" attention that will get! I asked for a telephone number for the disputes department and was told I could not have it.

My sad story follows: After sending several totally incompetent people out to look at my 15 year old heat pump (one of Total Protect's "expert technicians" stole the company truck and disappeared -- I couldn't make this up if I wanted too), and after several ridiculous arguments about whether the unit was repairable, Total Protect agreed to replace the unit, but only with a lower than builder grade model of their choice costing $2,100 (and labor was $700 of that price) when the exactly comparable Trane heat pump model cost $7,440.

Total Protect then helpfully pointed out that I would be responsible for a number of "additional fees" that would be charged by their "expert" installer, such as extensive rewiring that allegedly would be required. When I on my own had a reputable local dealer (with high grades from Consumer CheckBook), put in a Trane heat pump (since my other unit was a Trane model), I was informed that no rewiring was required. It appears that Total Protect was simply trying to get as much of their $2,100 back as possible.

Even after the installation was completed and when the company that did my installation had no need to comment at all they noted that Total Protect's replacement "offer" was totally ridiculous and in no way a good faith attempt to do a comparable replacement. Don't ever have anything to do with Total Protect. It warrants nothing but what it wishes to warrant, and It protects nothing but its own pocketbook, and its service is the absolute worst I have ever run into anywhere. I will check with the Maryland Attorney General's Office to determine whether it is possible to bring criminal fraud charges against Total Protect.

March 28, 2008 – UPDATE

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Metro Washington D.C. The BBB wrote a letter to Total Protect dated January 29, 2008 on my behalf. In a letter dated February 19, 2008 BBB noted that they had contacted the firm and asked whether I was satisfied with Total Protect's response (as I noted in my earlier posting, Total Protect appears to be hiding behind a number of other entities as HMS of the Mid Atlantic States is the company that is rated by BBB in the Washington, D.C.

Area. Additionally, the claims correspondent who replied to the BBB noted that "HomeSure Services, Inc. has completed its investigation.") So what is the real company, Total Protect, HMS of the Mid-Atlantic States or HomeSure Services? In any event, I could not believe Total Protect's response. Relevant portions follow:

"The Company approved the replacement of Mr. ___ evaporator coil and air handler. The options offered were a 3.5 ton 13 SEER air handler Payne model PF1MNC04000, a 20kw heater model KFCEH3201F20 and the evaporator coil model B5248HX4QA."

"It was also explained to Mr. ___ that there were non-covered charges of $812.00 that were associated with the replacement of his evaporator coil and air handler. These charges were to be paid directly to the service provider... These charges include: Duct modification, disposal of the old air handler, air handler electrical upgrades and electrical upgrades which are not eligible for coverage under the Home Service Agreement."

"A second option offered was a claims credit of up to $2,107.65, towards the replacement of a new air handler and evaporator coil. This amount represents the cost the Company would incur had they effected the replacement of the air handler and evaporator coil."

"Regarding Mr. ___ statement that the Company did not offer him a comparable unit, please be advised that this statement is unwarranted, per the terms and conditions of the Homer Service Agreement, the replacement item offered will be a base model that meets all applicable federally mandated minimal manufacturers' standards, performs the same primary function, and has a capacity comparable with the covered item, when available with domestically assembled units..."

"Mr ___ also requested reimbursement of $7,440.00 for the replacement of his heat pump system; the Company respectfully denies his request. The Company has agreed to reimburse Mr. ___ a claims credit of up to $2,107.65, this amount represents the cost the Company would have incurred had they effected the replacement of the air handler and evaporator coil."

"Also, should Mr. ___ require assistance or wish to speak with a Total Protect customer service representative, he can contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-474-4047..." Signed Corinne Georges, Claim Correspondent."

In other words folks, Total Protect will not provide a nickel more than it offered from the outset, $2,107.65 which apparently covers a below-builder grade model that my own heating/AC company said no reputable company would recommend. And, of course, if you subtract the $812.00 in totally bogus charges, Total Protect would have been out $1,295.65 for an entire heat pump system, including installation costs. Does that sound like a fair deal to you? Does that match Total Protect's rhetoric (still on its website) that "Total Protect Home Warranty protects you and your family from costly repairs and replacement of your vital home systems and appliances."

Adding insult to injury they also advertise a "$15,000 total annual aggregate cap on claims." And a "Special Limited Time Offer: Increase my annual aggregate claims cap from $15,000 to $50,000 worth of repairs and replacements for all of your covered appliances and systems for just $2.00 more." Those claims alone should justify a class action suit for consumer fraud.

Of course, I replied on March 13, 2008, in a five-page single-space letter and told BBB that the Total Protect response was totally unsatisfactory and that "Total Protect simply took the same arrogant, condescending and unjustified position it has taken for the beginning -- accept our one and only offer because that is all you are going to get from us."

I ended the letter to BBB with, "If you are indeed in the business of warning consumers about companies that do not stand by their commitments, that defraud and deceive, that do everything in their power to mislead and lie to cover up their own incompetence and fraudulent activities, then I suggest you have found a prime candidate to add to your list. And, yes I would ask that you go back once more and see if you can move them off their intractable position, but I have to say after all this I don't think even the Better Business Bureau will be able to do that."

It appears as if I was absolutely correct. Last Thursday, March 27, 2008, my wife received a call from Total Protect saying they were desperately attempting to get in touch with me and they left a number and contact to telephone. When I called that number a very pleasant lady said she was responding to the BBB complaint and she wanted to know if I would be willing to accept the $2,107.65 offer. I asked if she were joking. I asked why I would now accept an offer that I found inadequate, fraudulent and totally unfair. She asked if I could hold for a supervisor. I said yes.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, she came back on the line and said she was sorry but the supervisor unexpectedly had been called to a meeting on her way to speak to me. I asked what I was supposed to do. She said the supervisor suggested that I call customer service.

I said do you mean you are suggesting I contact the same customer service department that I have spoken to over a dozen times, where I never had the same representative twice, where I had to explain the situation from the beginning each and every time, where their incompetence was only exceeded by their arrogance, and where never once, not once, did they have the courtesy to return one of my calls -- and she responded yes.

I asked if this was just a call to check the box so they could say to the BBB that they had honestly and in good faith attempted to resolve the dispute. She did not respond. I told her I now intended to escalate the issue by bringing in local State and Federal insurance regulators and consumer fraud authorities. I also told her it was my fondest wish to join a class action lawsuit that might close this company down. When it was clear that she couldn't have cared less, I said goodbye.

I can't wait to hear back from the BBB so I can report to them in detail Total Protect's good faith effort to resolve the dispute. By the way, the BBB rates HMS of the Mid-Atlantic States in the following fashion, "Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaint(s). They also report 105 complaints against this company over the last 36 months and 31 complaints processed over the last 12 months. There also apparently is a BBB listing in Florida under the HomeSure name.

Finally, BBB says this business operates under the following names: Cross Country Home Services; Haa of Virginia; HMS Home Warranty; HMS of the Mid-Atlantic States; Home Warranty Service; HomeSure of America, Inc., HomeSure of Virginia, Inc. And HomeSure Services, Inc. The address is HMS National, 1625 NW 136th Ave. Bldg. E-200, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, FL 33323. I will update this posting as I do not intend to let this company get away with this. BUYER BEWARE!

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