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Rating: 1/51

SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I will be sharing my experiences with multiple websites. I was supposed to get the first month of the warranty for free in April 2015, but TotalProtect took the monthly fee from my account anyway. I had to call my bank and place a stop-payment on the transaction. The bank gave me my money back and got reimbursed from TotalProtect.

When I filed my first claim on May 14, 2015 to have my air conditioning unit repaired, the technician calling himself "**" from the vendor company A to Z Heating & Air in Auburn, GA arrived on May 19 and demanded payment of my $75 deductible prior to doing any type of work. I refused and called TotalProtect customer service to verify this policy, which the technician ("**", whose actual name is "**" or "**") claimed he "had to do or he would get in trouble." He then lied to a representative named **, claiming I did not want to pay the deductible.

I spoke with ** and let her know in front of "**/**" that I had no problem paying the $75 deductible, but this technician needed to do some work before demanding payment. The customer service agent "**" agreed with me and told "**/**" the technician that he at least had to do a diagnostic on the air conditioning unit before demanding payment. This is when "**/**" got angry because he was told to do work before demanding payment and proceeded to write an invoice stating that my unit had a pre-existing condition.

When I paid the $75 deductible and asked for feedback regarding the repair, the technician said that "TotalProtect would call with the details." I called TotalProtect and spoke with a very rude senior manager named **. Claimed he would follow up with the vendor, but was too lazy to look up the correct vendor phone number. I had to provide with the vendor's phone number. ** later called and left a voice mail, claiming that TotalProtect would not repair my air conditioning unit.

** proved to be very arrogant and lacked common sense, siding with the vendor before gathering all of the facts. He really could care less about the company's clients and should be terminated because there is no telling how many other customers have had horrible experiences with this person. Is apparently not very good at basic math, because the company lost my $600 warranty because they cheated me out of a $75 deductible and a repair that they are responsible for. UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE CHEATED OUT OF YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY AND YOU WANT TO BE TREATED RUDELY, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

Total Ripoff. Do Not Use Them.
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Rating: 1/51

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- This company is a ripoff and finds reasons not to pay. I signed up in January and my plan became effective February. I called when there were loud noises from my AC unit. They took a few days to reply after the claim. You continuously have to call and push to get help. They finally had Four Seasons come and the guy was very rude. He ended up rescheduling because he couldn't fit in my attic. After he came back they told me the insurance needed to pay for a new compressor and he would let them know. I signed the paper and he left.

A week goes by and no reply so I called the insurance for them to say I need to send in my home inspection to show my unit was okay when I purchased the house. I sent the paperwork and they said allow 3 business days. 7 days goes by no reply so I called again. This time the excuse was that although the inspection showed my unit was fine when they checked that the service tech said it looked like my unit was tampered with. This is not true and why wasn't I told this last time. I asked for a supervisor who told me the tech said my contractor was 10 days old so this is pre-existing. Each time I speak to someone it's different.

They said we could pay for a second opinion out of pocket so we did. They advised we need a new contractor. I sent the report in and a week later no reply so I called. They said it will still be a pre-existing condition and the claim is still denied. Why let someone get a second opinion if you're still going to deny. I asked if they even called the second tech and the representative said no they did not. But they called the first guy. I need the information from the second tech.

They are very unprofessional and give different reasons to prevent them from having to pay. I asked for a corporate or upper level contact and they would not get one. I am going to file a complaint with BBB. I have an infant and 8 year old who are without heat. February is when it started getting cold. We had to buy heaters. This is unacceptable. I am beyond angry. I was given inaccurate and inconsistent info. Bad customer and tech service.
Paid out of pocket for second opinion and still denied.

Horrible customer support
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Rating: 2/51

FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- My tenants hot water heater was not working. They sent a plumber over who took apart the gas burner and didn't put it back together. He wrote a ticket saying the sensor was not working due to lack of maintenance. First let me say, our lack of maintenance made the heater last three years beyond the warranty. The plumber left me a message saying the sensor doesn't work and there was a backdraft from the chimney. He also said he does not service this area.

The first CSR I spoke to told me he said I needed a new sensor but he didn't order it and that they would review the ticket to determine what they would do. I asked for it to be escalated as there were children in the house and temps were expected to drop. Each time I called, the CSR gave me a new story. But each time they said in 48 hours I should get a call back from a manager.

I called three times on Saturday, they kept me on hold for a manager. They failed to say that the 48 hours does not include the weekend. The first call was on Wednesday, on Friday the original plumber went back to reassemble the parts he took apart. On Sunday my husband went out and purchased a water heater because we didn't want to leave the Tenant without hot water another day.

When I finally got to speak to a manager on that Monday, she was going to compensate me with 100.00 for the purchase of the new heater but then noticed that on the ticket it said the plumber changed the thermo coupling. No one in the approximate 20 calls I made ever mentioned that he changed anything. Hence, they closed my ticket.

Apparently this company does not stand by their word and with the notes they supposedly had how did not one CSR notice a part was changed! So disappointed in the lack of customer care and the lack of understanding by the managers. By the way, we tried to speak to another manager. Two weeks later, still waiting for a callback.

Heat Exhaustion!!!
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I have been a Total Protect customer since May 2015, a friend recommended them. In August 20th (Thursday) I submitted a claim regarding my air conditioner. Claim number and a telephone number for a vendor was given. So I want to share this whomever would like to read it.

August 21st a very nice Customer Service Agent from Total Protect cancelled the first vendor (a one-man company with a full schedule. I am in Florida. 95 degrees outside, 105 inside, no A/C) And conferenced me in with a new vendor, Healthy Home Heating and Air Conditioning, that asked to treat my request as an EMERGENCY. I believe they have more technicians. One went to my house, diagnosed the problem and left. He told my son he was going to order the part and be back Saturday August 22nd; unfortunately my son forgot to ask of what year.

I called several times and no one knows anything. All they know is that they ordered the part and have no idea when it will arrive or if it has arrived at all. I don't understand how they can't track a package in this day and age when I can track a letter and they post all the information on the web. Maybe they used Pony Express.

I had specified that this was an emergency. I live in Florida where it goes to 95 degrees daily and it gets hotter inside my home. I could have dealt with that for a day or two but not a week or more. I've had to send my Dog to a friends because she couldn't handle the heat. My son and I have also been experiencing heat-related issues, medical problems which are obviously starting to cause problems. As of today, August 26th, we are all clueless as to why we haven't even received an ETA on the work that needs to be done or even when the part is to arrive. Again anything can be track nowadays.

Complete Replacement of Air/Heating Unit
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Rating: 1/51

OLIVE BRANCH, MISSISSIPPI -- Our story. Our air conditioner went out on a Thursday. We called TotalProtect to get a tech out to see why. They arrived on Friday. The unit was approx.. 20 years old and needed replaced - completely. The tech said we can have it completed by Monday. Great! Or so we thought. The cost of the replacement (via the tech TotalProtect sent out) was around $10,000. WHAT!!! We called TotalProtect on Monday to see when our unit would be replaced. They said they hadn't gotten the paperwork from the tech's company yet. I called the tech's company and they said they would send it right over. We called TotalProtect on Tuesday to see when the replacement would be installed.

We were told it would be 48 hours for their people to "investigate" prices for a new unit and for approval. Fine. 48 hours later we called again. We were told then that the unit would arrive in 3 days. Fine. We called Fri to ask what type of unit was ordered and where it was coming from so we could be ready for it. We were told that no unit had been ordered and that there was a problem with the pricing. Now in the mean time the temps here were in the mid to upper 80's and we have 5 dogs that get hot fast and fight when upset. We are cooling our house using fans.

We finally talked with a "supervisor" that said TotalProtect would only cover just over $900.00 for a new air conditioner/heating system. WHAT??? $900 for a complete system? I then called a air conditioning company that we use at my job and they had a unit that could be put in for $5500. After over a week without air we finally got TotalProtect to agree to send us a check for the $900+ and got the local company to install the new unit.

Now it is time for another payment to be made to TotalProtect and we have decided to cancel the service (which we were told we could do at any time). The Customer Service Rep told us that we could not cancel the service for 3 months because we were under contract for a year. WHAT CONTRACT? WE NEVER AGREED TO ANY SUCH THING!! We are now going to stop the automatic payments from the bank and to Hell with TotalProtect.

Total Protect is RACIST
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISIANA -- I called them for an appointment. The representative put me down for an appointment and lied and said she could not give me Sears phone number to confirm it. The following two RACIST also lied. When no one showed up, I called back and they DENIED me an appointment over and over again - at least eleven times for the appliances I was calling to get repaired. After they finally came to assess one of the appliances and said they would have to replace it, they lied and DISCRIMINATED against me and never brought it. They kept pushing the date back weeks at a time. They were so RACIST that they disregarded all of their policies in their booklet.

After my clothes started piling to the ceiling and they are still piled to the ceiling, I requested the credit check since it was an option by their own admission and since they failed to deliver me a washing machine repeatedly on the days they promised. As of this day they are so RACIST, that I still do not have the credit check, although they are continuing to debit my bank account for $62.95 every month and the deductible is $125.00 for each service visit if and when they come out. Of course I paid my service visit.

However, that didn't stop the RACIST service man from DISCRIMINATING against me. He lied and said he needed a part for the ice maker and said he'll be back in a week and never ever came back to this day. I guess it wasn't the right area for him. I had to call the company to find out why I had another no show. He was so RACIST, he didn't even bother to call and lie as to why he was DENYING me service I was paying.

This claim has been open for two months with still no resolution on my behalf. Total Protect has undermined their integrity and I will continue to make my complaint known in every means possible every day and to every outlet possible until justice is served for this blatant RACISM in America.

Ripped Off Two Seniors in Their Mid 80's Living on a Fixed Income!
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE AND OTHER STATES, FLORIDA -- I let a joint marketing effort by Wachovia/Wells Fargo (my current bank) and TotalProtect Home Warranty (this company is known under many other names – on my checking account statement it is listed as Cross County Home Total Protection) get the best of me; I did not do required due diligence by going online and searching for information. If I had done the proper research I would have never done business with this TotalProtect; which engages in deceptive practices (LOOK AT THE MANY ONLINE NEGATIVE ARTICLES COMPLAINTS AND A RATING from 365 consumers of 1.5 out of 5 stars).

I'm an 84 year old senior citizen who lives with his 86 year old wife; we are both on a fixed income and can't afford to be ripped off like this. Shame on you Wachovia/Wells Fargo for partnering with this horrible company and betraying my trust. I'm now considering closing my Wachovia checking, money market, way2save, and Wells Fargo financial services trade account. This is what happened:

In Late November of 2010 I received a joint mailer between Wachovia Bank/Wells Fargo and Total Protect Home Warranty advertising two plans for a home warranty with the ease of being endorsed by Wachovia and the money being taken directly from my checking account. Read through the information I was sent and decided based on the marketing material and a one month free offer that it sounded like something worth trying and had nothing to lose. I mailed in the acceptance form and chose the higher pay option; $49.95 a month with a $75.00 dollar deductible on repairs/replacement.

Approximately one month later (late December) I received the warranty booklet and plan information advising me that the coverage would start on January 11, 2011. Part of the plan I signed up for offered a quarterly (4 times a year) preventative maintenance. This was without cost to me and was offered quarterly; I could choose from a list of covered appliances or systems. I called the 800 phone number listed on may warranty booklet on January 28, 2011 to arrange for a maintenance inspection on my air conditioning unit. During the last few weeks I noticed that my home was not cooling as quickly as it did before.

During the phone call to TotalProtect a service claim was opened for me and I was given the name of a local Miami, Florida company called Penguin Air that I could call to arrange for the service and was given a reference number. I called Penguin Air and they arranged to have someone come to my home on Monday, January 31. I was explained that if the service person finds something wrong with the unit he will call TotalProtect and a new claim number will be opened for a repair/replacement claim.

When the service person from Penguin Air arrived and inspected the unit, he advised me that it's low on Freon and he also detected a leak. He told me that it would not make sense to do maintenance work on it since it requires replacement parts for the leak. He said that a call will be made to TotalProtect; to which he did, and was advised to collect a $75.00 dollar deductible towards the new replacement part claim and a new service/replacement claim number was given to him. I paid the $75.00 cash to the service person; since up to that point it seemed to be in sync with the plan information I was sent.

On Tuesday, February 1, 2011, I was left a message to contact TotalProtect via the 800 number and reference my repair/service claim number. I called and spoke to ** who kept putting me on hold telling me she had to refer to the “notes” on my file. After the third or fourth time, she came back and told me that my claim was declined because they deemed it a pre-existing condition.

At this point I quickly realized that what I had been sold was deceptive and worthless since anytime I make a claim they can always use the pre-existing condition clause and nothing will be covered. So I asked ** about the $75.00 dollar deductible I was now charged for a repair claim they have now rejected. She told me that it was not refundable to me. Imagine my surprise, I'm now out $125.00 between the $49.95 monthly fee and $ 75.00 deductible and NOT one stitch of work had been done.

She proceeded to tell me that if the service person had not detected any problems with my unit and had done maintenance work then I would not have been charged the $75.00 deductible. So, in essence; work done = no fee, no work done = $75.00 deductible. I told her that a deductible is an amount paid by a policy owner on a covered claim that is in excess of total repair amount. ** and I went round and round; she was robotic and seemed to have rehearsed the terms and conditions many times before.

I asked to speak to a Supervisor. She reluctantly obliged and I was connected with a Ms. ** (unsure of the spelling). She proceeds to tell me the same thing ** told me. I told her that this was deceptive and did not make any sense to me and I obviously signed up for a plan full of loopholes to the detriment of the consumer. I'm skeptical of any insurance/warranty plans but was misled to believe that this was legitimate since it was cobranded with Wachovia/Wells Fargo Bank.

I asked Ms. ** to cancel my policy and as per the free trial offer, refund the January charge I was assessed. She told me that she needed to transfer me to Member Services. She transferred me to **. I asked ** to cancel my plan and she wanted to know why. After explaining to her how I felt this was a deceptive plan and how I now have to pay for a deductible when absolutely no work was done, she told me that she can cancel me but I will not be receiving a refund. I told her that I signed up as a trial offer and should not have been charged. She proceeded to tell me that my trial offer started on December 11 (that's when they received my enrollment request).

I advised her that after sending in the enrollment form in late November I never received any correspondence from TotalProtect until I received my warranty booklet in late December advising me that my coverage would begin on January 11, 2011. How in the world would I have known I was covered If I never received anything in the mail until late December advising me that my coverage would begin on January 11, 2011? This is plain deceptive and an outright fraud!

Complaint Summary: I was placed on a free month trial without ever receiving any information, policy, contract, or contact information. When I finally received my information and called for service I was on my paying month, so now after cancelling I will not receive my monthly premium refunded. I was charged a $75.00 deductible based on repair/replacement work needed on my unit. This deductible was collected at the same time the preventative maintenance was supposed to be done. I was then contacted and told my claim was denied and I lose the deductible.

I'm out $125.00 without any work being done; this is a fraud and is full of deceptive practices, steps, loopholes. Their intent is to get you passed a trial period you don't even know you are under and then charge you the first month, they then offer quarterly maintenance without a fee. When a repair/replacement issue is at hand they then claim it is a preexisting condition and deny the claim. Shame on you Wachovia/Wells Fargo for partnering with this shady company. TotalProtect is a fraud and has stolen my money!

Total Protect Warranty Is A Rip Off
By -

MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE -- I read the other reviews of Total Protect Home Warranties, mine was sold to me by CountryWide home Finance, I thought it was a good deal for forty bucks a month, WRONG. My AC unit went out in July, 2008. I called it in, they were going to send me to a company 125 miles from my home, I said no, then they had me call a company who works out of their back yard and the guy who came out to inspect my unit was wearing women's clothing and makeup, said I needed a new unit and he would call it in. The temps was running in high 90's and due to health problems I needed my AC unit to work.

It took them a week to approve the replacement, then another week to send the unit to their repair company, the repair company told me I was going to have to pay them another 700 dollars as they were going to have to rebuild the air box because the new coil was not the same.

I went on line and found a the same coil I had from the company who made my old unit and a new unit like mine right here in my town, Total Protect said I had to accept what they sent and their install company said their charge was for the disposal of the old unit, disposal of freon and rebuilding the air box, I informed them that I was AC certified and would remove the old unit and dispose of it and do the rebuilding of the air box myself, I was informed by Total Protect that I would not be able to do that and the install company said that was their bread and butter and would not allow me to have the new unit to install it.

I finally went out and checked the unit myself, found that all it needed was a new fan motor, went and bought one for 56 dollars, changed the blade and installed the parts left off by the install company, my AC works great and blows ice cold. I paid my deductible when the girl/boy first came out to inspect my unit, he decided it needed to be replaced, and after I made many, many, many heated called and being put on wait for a supervisor who never was around, I finally had enough, Total Protect employees are some of the worse I have ever encountered in customer service.

I was in management for many years and I would never of let an employee treat a customer as I was treated by Total Protect and by Countrywide when I called them to complain of the warranty company they sold me on their letter head. I was misled into thinking this was a company owned by Countrywide, of course it is not, it is a very low sub-standard company who is only interested in ripping off the people who they are supposed to help. I wasted my money paying into this rip off warranty, I cancelled it and I am glad I did.

I would advise anyone who is thinking of buying a home warranty with Total Protect or Cross Country, or HMS to put your hand in your pocket on your money and run as fast as you can away from them, they will screw you every time. Look at their reviews on Total Protect Customer Reviews. On a scale of 5, they have a rating of 1.6 with a total of 321 reviews, 99 percent terrible. That tell you that the company is a Rip Off. The company needs to be disbanded and the people put into jail, they are all criminals ripping people off as they do every day. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

They Are Not Very Honorable
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Rating: 1/51

SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- Our kitchen sink wouldn't drain so we called TotalProtect as we have a contract with them. They sent out a plumber and he wanted to cut into the drain when in plain sight was a plug that you could see would unscrew and give access to the drain pipe that ran outside. We gave the plumber $75 which was our deductible then we got a phone call from TotalProtect saying we were not covered for stoppages. Seems like they could put their horse before the cart. They charged us for stopping our contract but it will be worth it in the long run. Nothing do they cover!

Total Protect Has Gone Down the Tubes - Go Elsewhere
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Rating: 1/51

TUCKER, GEORGIA -- I used to love Total Protect. Lately, I am disappointed in them and hope that they get it together. We had a garbage disposal issue, excuse me HAVE. They sent someone out from Sears who was rude and said that they sent the wrong person. This person ordered the part we needed but said that the plumber would have to install it. We paid the guy our deductible. The guy reported that we did not pay. I called Total Protect. They called Sears. Sears confirmed that this was a mistake. We did pay. They would send information.

Total Protect, manager Terrence required that I also send proof before they will allow the plumber to arrive. I had to go to the bank, and find a way to fax them a copy of the check - front and back and the receipt. They still will not send the plumber out. They said that I have to wait, that they do not have sufficient proof. I asked to speak with a manager and was told no. I asked for a complaint line or corporate number and was told that there isn't one. This company does not care about customers and service. I have gone out of my way to prove that we paid, another company said we paid and they will not allow the plumber to come out. Go elsewhere.

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