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Total Protect Home Warranty
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Totalprotect/total Concept SCAM
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Rating: 1/51

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I called Total Protect (Homesure Of America). This company uses so many different names, not sure which one is correct. It took 3 weeks to get my A/C fix, and it was total chaos. The 1st day I called in the claim, the representative told me to call the company they recommended myself and set up an appointment. I called the company and they told me to leave my number and they will return my call. I never received the call from Total Concept A/C repair Co. I called them back after an hour and they were closed!!!

It took several more calls to get them to respond. Total Protect told me that I had to wait 48 hours for them to respond, I guess my family is just supposed to burn up here in TX. The part had to be replaced and I had to wait on authorization for that and then Total protect waned to order the part themselves to save them some money. Days went by and I had to call to see if the part was in.

Total Concept sent 1 lightweight to install the A/C. And he couldn't get it off the truck with the dolly and his Co. refused to send someone out to assist him and it was getting real late and I had to help him down load the A/C and after 4 hours and the A/C installed, the Tech. realized he had the wrong A/C!!!. This entire nightmare took 3 weeks.

The next day Total Protect sent 2 300 pds. techs to install the correct A/c which took all day. Once all was done I called Total Protect to cancel their service because I should not have to pay my money and receive BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE from them and the company they recommended. The Representative at first was being all apologetic until I told him I want a cancellation number. He had the audacity to tell me that THEY had just paid out all this money for my A/C and I need to stay with them until my contract end.

I had to remind him that Total Protect didn't pay out anything, I paid for that A/C I have been a customer since 2009 and never filed a claim until recently and the representative started threatening me, saying I was going to have to pay the remaining of my contract, so they can get some of the 1,275 back. I told him that he need to add up the amount I paid since 2009 and I guarantee I have paid for this A/C and then some more.

They are all about lining their pockets and can care less about their customers, we are all a number. I have never experienced such unprofessional, uncaring people in my life and I got bite twice at one time with Total Protection and Total Concept and my ordeal or should I say nightmare was A TOTAL MESS.

Stay Away from Total Protect Home Warranty (also known as Homesure of America Inc)
By -

FRISCO, TEXAS -- This is the worst company I have had to deal with ever! I am a mortgage customer of Countrywide and in 2006 they offered Total Protect to me as a Home Warranty service - and since it offered an easy monthly deduction along with my mortgage payment, I signed up. My front-loading washer broke down in early July 2008. I called Total Protect on July 9, and logged a claim. They assigned a contractor - Authorized Service Center (Garland, TX) to service my claim. STAY AWAY FROM AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER TOO...

On July 10, ASC sent a tech who pronounced the master control board in the washer defective, said they would order the part and be back. After a few follow up calls, the tech returned on July 17, popped in the replacement board and the washer would not work. He then said that Kenmores were not great - and I should have bought a Maytag and also said he had to program the board - however he did not know how to - cause there were too many models" and said he'd be back the next day to call the manufacturer and program the board.

The next day (Fri) he never showed up and after several calls to ASC they informed me they'd be back on Monday. The following Monday (7/21) when I called ASC - they informed me that I had to call Total Protect to send them a "recall" order - since they had FIXED the machine and it failed. In spite of my several attempts to explain that the washer had not been fixed ASC was adamant that since they put in a part the machine was fixed regardless of whether it worked or not! Even though I was incredulous I had no choice but to call Total protect. They promised to send the paperwork in a few minutes.

When I called ASC for a service appointment the next day (7/22) they claimed that they had not received the order. So for the next 3 days Tues, Wed, & Thu I kept calling ASC and Total Protect until they both relented and sent the tech out to my house on Friday - 7/25.

The tech came in called the manufacturer and was still unable to get the washer working. Apparently the manufacturer told him it might not be the board, it could be something else and asked him to check the door latch. Now the tech appeared totally clueless and asked me to sign something, which I refused to. I called up ASC's office manager who basically threatened me - "Do you want the tech to leave or for us to complete your work?" I told them that I obviously wanted the washer to be fixed. In any case the tech left and till this day (8/1) he has not come back.

After that I called Total Protect on 7/25, 7/28, 7/29 and 7/30. They stalled in connecting me to supervisors and when the supervisors stalled - I ask to speak to someone higher. They gave me the name of a director - with an email and fax #. I have written a 5 page letter to him outlining what's happened on 7/30 and emailed and faxed it - however there is no response or even acknowledgement of my complaint. The crux of the issue is this: Total Protect is supposed to pay me $500 towards the purchase of a new washer when they deem it unfixable.

The supervisor that last spoke to me on July 30 told me that they would pay me $300 - because they had paid $200 to ASC for fixing my washer. I debated with him that they had not fixed anything, and that my washer still does not work. I told him that in addition they had also "run" away with my $60 deductible, and that ASC should not get a dime. He kept sounding like a broken record and told me that I have to option to either take the $300 or they could send another tech from another company - and he would assess it and we could go from there.

I was also told that the service call for the new tech + any parts and labor would be subject to the remaining $300 cap and if they could not get it done - basically I get nothing. Also Total Protect would not commit to a timeline. I found this proposition ludicrous, and then wrote to this supposed Director - and I am yet to hear from him.

I have since purchased a new washer and am fighting my case to get at least $500 - my original front loading washer cost a lot more... I also am writing to Countrywide asking them to back up their promotion of Total Protect, and if there is no response from any of these guys - will complain to BBB and also will join any class action suit against Total Protect / Homesure of America Inc.

BTW I tried calling their membership services today and they sympathetically gave me a fax number to refax my letter to their director - and guess what? That number does not exist. Also my email to their director has come back as undeliverable - and that my mail system would try for another 2 days! All this reeks of TOTAL FRAUD. These guys must be put behind bars for misrepresenting and cheating unsuspecting customers. Buyers Beware!

Horrible customer support
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Rating: 2/51

FREEHOLD, NEW JERSEY -- My tenants hot water heater was not working. They sent a plumber over who took apart the gas burner and didn't put it back together. He wrote a ticket saying the sensor was not working due to lack of maintenance. First let me say, our lack of maintenance made the heater last three years beyond the warranty. The plumber left me a message saying the sensor doesn't work and there was a backdraft from the chimney. He also said he does not service this area.

The first CSR I spoke to told me he said I needed a new sensor but he didn't order it and that they would review the ticket to determine what they would do. I asked for it to be escalated as there were children in the house and temps were expected to drop. Each time I called, the CSR gave me a new story. But each time they said in 48 hours I should get a call back from a manager.

I called three times on Saturday, they kept me on hold for a manager. They failed to say that the 48 hours does not include the weekend. The first call was on Wednesday, on Friday the original plumber went back to reassemble the parts he took apart. On Sunday my husband went out and purchased a water heater because we didn't want to leave the Tenant without hot water another day.

When I finally got to speak to a manager on that Monday, she was going to compensate me with 100.00 for the purchase of the new heater but then noticed that on the ticket it said the plumber changed the thermo coupling. No one in the approximate 20 calls I made ever mentioned that he changed anything. Hence, they closed my ticket.

Apparently this company does not stand by their word and with the notes they supposedly had how did not one CSR notice a part was changed! So disappointed in the lack of customer care and the lack of understanding by the managers. By the way, we tried to speak to another manager. Two weeks later, still waiting for a callback.

Heat Exhaustion!!!
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I have been a Total Protect customer since May 2015, a friend recommended them. In August 20th (Thursday) I submitted a claim regarding my air conditioner. Claim number and a telephone number for a vendor was given. So I want to share this whomever would like to read it.

August 21st a very nice Customer Service Agent from Total Protect cancelled the first vendor (a one-man company with a full schedule. I am in Florida. 95 degrees outside, 105 inside, no A/C) And conferenced me in with a new vendor, Healthy Home Heating and Air Conditioning, that asked to treat my request as an EMERGENCY. I believe they have more technicians. One went to my house, diagnosed the problem and left. He told my son he was going to order the part and be back Saturday August 22nd; unfortunately my son forgot to ask of what year.

I called several times and no one knows anything. All they know is that they ordered the part and have no idea when it will arrive or if it has arrived at all. I don't understand how they can't track a package in this day and age when I can track a letter and they post all the information on the web. Maybe they used Pony Express.

I had specified that this was an emergency. I live in Florida where it goes to 95 degrees daily and it gets hotter inside my home. I could have dealt with that for a day or two but not a week or more. I've had to send my Dog to a friends because she couldn't handle the heat. My son and I have also been experiencing heat-related issues, medical problems which are obviously starting to cause problems. As of today, August 26th, we are all clueless as to why we haven't even received an ETA on the work that needs to be done or even when the part is to arrive. Again anything can be track nowadays.

They Don't Cover What They Say They Will
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Rating: 1/51

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I had Total Protect coverage for my AC, ceiling fans and garage door. My garage door broke and would not open. They sent out a company to look at it and I was informed I needed a new garage door opener. Total Protect then told me that I wasn't covered. I said I was covered for my garage door and they said yes but not the garage door opener. My garage door does not open so therefore does that not mean the door opener is broken, or did they just mean they covered the actual opener and would cover for a new battery? This company completely scammed me... I paid 6 months of coverage and when I needed them they bailed. STAY AWAY from them!!!

"Problems not covered."
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Rating: 1/51

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- We have had TotalProtect for 4 years. Each month we pay by them drafting from our account. The last two times that we needed major work done, they tell us that it not covered. Each time we have had to pay a service charge for someone to come out and tell us that the problem is not covered. We could have used this money towards fixing the problem. We had a water leak in the water line at the pressure control valve. It was not covered.

I asked the guy how much would it cost because we need it fixed. He said about $200.00 plus we would have to pay the service charge. We have paid way over this amount in the 4 years we were with these bums. We canceled our membership. Never again. We will just set aside something each month to cover home problems that might acute. We are praying that there will be a class action law suit against this company.

Company Response 12/23/2014:

Dear djustthink953 , I'm sorry that the outcome of your claim decision was not what you expected and you have cancelled your warranty with us. We do appreciate that you were a long time customer and value your business. I've investigated your claims to ensure that you received every benefit your warranty affords and tried to reach you by phone on 12/22/2014 to address your concerns. I will try to reach you again. Otherwise, please email me at and let me know the best time to call you. Sincerely - Stephanie

This Company Takes You Money but Gives Nothing in Return
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Rating: 1/51

PO BOX550247. JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- This company is nothing but a call service, they find a way to get out of paying anything!!! We purchased two warranties one on a rental home and another on our personal residents. We pay a total of $100.00 a month. When I called with a claim on the rental home air conditioner they did get the serviceman out, however we were told our coils that had been cleaned a month before was dirty.

We ended up paying a deductible and for cleaning coils a total of $170.00. We have no doubt that we ended up paying for the entire service, it seems the companies that work for the warranty companies do so for referrals. They then find some reason that it will not be covered and ask you to pay more money than it would have taken for you to personally call a serviceman. Why pay a warranty company for this?!! My husband got so mad at one service man that the man told my husband he had worked for them for five years and had never known them to pay for anything other than the cheapest things! Never a compressor or unit.

I would not waste my time if I did not want to keep other from getting into this trap. You can pay for years and still be told it is not covered, what in the world have you been paying for? One of their biggest tricks is to tell you the coils are dirty. My husband always has our coils cleaned, however most people never do. That is an automatic way out for them. DO NOT BUY FROM ANY HOME WARRANT COMPANY!!! You can call the serviceman yourself.

Total Protect Giving Consumers the Run-Around
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Rating: 1/51

MIDWAY, GEORGIA -- Total Protect is a total rip off. I will be reporting them to the BBB and to my Congressional offices to look in to what is clearly a "Total" unmitigated consumer fraud. They are very deceptive giving the wrong extension to their clients, lying about when they receive your paperwork so as not to give you timely service. They are vultures, bandits, thieves, the scum of the earth. I will be happy to be part of a class action lawsuit against them at any time. They have so many names it's not funny.

TOTAL PROTECT, CROSS COUNTRY, HMS Estate Support Solutions. Why all these names? What are they hiding? And why are they using Bank Of America to get homeowner to sign up for their service? Something is very fishy with both of them. We need the regulators to look into both of them.

This Company Will Not Honor Their Contract
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Rating: 1/51

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I entered into a contract for home warranty 09/2013 on 05/2014. After paying $44.95 for 20 months I filed a claim to have my A/C unit repaired and they declined the repair. They claim my fan motor was installed improperly. My compressors were purchased brand new. They also claim I had corrosion on my coil and this caused a leak. However my contract covers the issues with my A/C unit.

This company has found a legal way to steal from consumers. I filed complaints with several agencies. I am filing a lawsuit against this company!! I hope one of the agencies I complained with investigated this company. Please do not use this company for your homeowner's warranty!!!

They say the warranty covers anytime 24/7...don't believe it.
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Rating: 1/51

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Last Friday (6-28), my air conditioner went out. I came home from work at 4:00 PM. The company was called prior to send an air cond. tech. They gave me a 4 hour window. That day it was 118 outside. At 8:30 PM, they were still not here. I called the tech directly... he advised me that he would be there shortly. About 9:30, they showed up. After examining the unit they said the fan motor need to be replaced. OK. After 30 minutes or so they returned saying they needed an additional $150.00, to have the store opened up because it was now after hours I explained to them that I have a home warranty that covers all hours of the day and night... 24/7.

They insisted on the extra money. At this point my house was still in the 100's. It happened to be the hottest day of the year. I gave them the money at that point. They returned an hour later and finished the job. I called TotalProtect. The customer service representative assured me I would get my money back because the charge of $60.00 is all I should have paid. All of a sudden the owner of company that provided the service calls me and asked me what happened. I told him.

He started screaming at me that it was my fault I should not have given him the money. This is getting lengthy, so... long story short, TotalProtect now told me it was between him and me. They were no longer going to get my money back. In other words tough luck. You got ripped off. Do not use this company!!!

Company Response 07/10/2013:

• We would like to investigate and address the specifics of your situation to prevent this from happening again. Please send me an email at and provide your name, property address and phone number with best time to contact you. We will report back to you as soon as possible with our findings.

– eRelations Specialist, TotalProtect Home Warranty

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