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No Problems With Them. Good Service
Posted by Kenneth.sanzotera on 01/24/2013
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- I have had 3 different claims with this company, an A/C unit, a water heater, and my dishwasher. Each claim was handled in a very timely manner, with 2 out of the 3 units being replaced. I have only had to pay my co-pay, and I also opted for an upgrade for one unit at my expense. The only complaint I have would be with one of the service techs they sent out. I called Total Protect after the tech left my house to complain about them and they took note of what I had to say, and thanked me for letting them know.

I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking for a home warranty.
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Rip Off
Posted by Sweating on 06/21/2010
I also have found this company to be a BIG RIP OFF. I have been trying since May 17, 2010 to a happy response from this no good company. I had to pay a $75 deductible for a local company to come out to check my air conditioner. The motor was running hot and the guy turned the thing off from the outside. With him doing that, then I had absolutely no air circulating in my home. I was informed then that unit could not be repaired. So I call Total Protect to see when they would get my system replaced. It has been down hill from then. I have made several call and spoke to numerous people without getting anywhere. Everybody want to say I'm sorry you're having this problem" but nobody was was trying to help fix the problem. I spoke to a couple of people who told me that they will pay $700 toward the repair of my 3 ton a/c unit and my part would be in excess of $1200. I told them they were really stupid to come up with such thoughtless plan. I then asked what was the purpose of having the warranty plan.
I will be following up with the BBB and seeking legal action tomorrow.
This company along with the alias they go under should be shut down so they are not able to misled others.
Let's get the word out about these people and shut them DOWN!!!
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Posted by AtlantaConsumer on 2010-08-16:
I am having a similar issue with Total Protect. In my case they sent out HVAC people who provided a false diagnoses and tried to blame me for the problem. When I got my own HVAC person, they called my HVAC guy and actually lied about the conversation in order to deny my claim. Please update and let us know about your legal battle. If they do not rectify my situation the FTC and Attorney General's will be hearing about this.
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They say the warranty covers anytime 24/7...don't believe it.
Posted by Zakarypiedmont on 07/04/2013
FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Last Friday (6-28), my air conditioner went out. I came home from work @ 4:00 PM. The company was called prior to send an air cond. tech. They gave me a 4 hour window. That day it was 118 outside.@ 8:30 PM, they were still not here. I called the tech directly...he advised me that he would be there shortly. About 9:30, they showed up. After examining the unit they said the fan motor need to be replaced. Ok. After 30 minutes or so they returned saying they needed an additional $150.00, to have the store opened up because it was now after hours I explained to them that I have a home warranty that covers all hours of the day and night.... 24/7. They insisted on the extra money. @ this point my house was still in the 100's. It happened to be the hottest day of the year. I gave them the money @ that point. They returned an hour later and finished the job. I called TotalProtect. The customer service representative assured me I would get my money back because the charge of $60.00 is all I should have paid. All of a sudden the owner of company that provided the service calls me and asked me what happened. I told him. He started screaming at me that it was my fault I should not have given him the money.

This is getting lengthy, so....long story short, TotalProtect now told me it was between him and me. They were no longer going to get my money back. Another words tough luck. You got ripped off. Do not use this company!!!!!
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Posted by eRelations Specialist, TotalProtect Home Warranty on 2013-07-10:
• We would like to investigate and address the specifics of your situation to prevent this from happening again. Please send me an email at eRelations@TotalProtect.com and provide your name, property address and phone number with best time to contact you. We will report back to you as soon as possible with our findings.

– eRelations Specialist, TotalProtect Home Warranty
Posted by Toori on 2014-02-11:
They left me with no Furness when it was declared state emergency in the state of Georgia. They came up with all kind of excuse not to fix my furness. Devestated with a two year child no heat for several days. Still I have not fixed the heat as we do not have funds. Do not fall for this company. They have no heart!!!
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Backed Up Toilets and Shower in Both Bathrooms
Posted by Gncsoub on 06/25/2013
FLORIDA -- I put in a service call on Monday morning for 2 toilets that wouldn't flush and for black water coming up in my shower. We plunged till we had blisters. Total protect gave me the number of a company over 40 miles away who would not be able to come until 4 days later.

I called Total Protect back and told them it's unreasonable to expect 2 seniors to go 4 days without a toilet or shower. The called the company and then told me they arranged for an emergency call and that the company would call me and let me know what time they'd be at my home. They did not call or come. I called Total Protect back around 6 pm and spoke to another person, I asked for a supervisor and after being on hold I was told they couldn't find one.

Now they say they'd find another company who could come this evening, and would call me back. I am still waiting, it's 9:15pm. I suggested they cover the cost of a
night in a hotel, since the water in the shower has a very sour odor. They won't cover that. If I find a plumber on my own, they won't cover it. This company will tell you anything they think you want to hear.
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-06-26:
Wait until they finally do come and charge you for it because the problem is a septic tank that needs servicing.
Posted by eRelations Specialist - TotalProtect.com on 2013-06-26:
Thank you for your feedback and we sincerely apologize that you experienced a longer than usual wait time for a getting a service partner to diagnose the failure to your plumbing. We were able to locate a service partner that was able to got out to your home (6/25/13) to diagnose the failure with your plumbing .

We strive to provide the best service possible to all of our customers
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This company will wait you out on Appliance Replacement for months
Posted by Ripoff tigress on 10/08/2011
FORTLAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I went months going to a laundromat while waiting for the warranty company and the service company to make the decision to repair or replace my machine, each blaming the other for the communication difficulties. This tactic worked like a charm forcing me to give up and make my own arrangements. Total Protect/Cross Country/Homesure wins another one......
The AirConditioning was my most recent rip off. I had it investigated on the state level and the warranty company will change the facts, communications and paperwork in whatever way will make them come out smelling like a rose and appearing to be following the fine print, exclusions that do not pertain to the mechanical failure. They also gave authorization to replace my air with an authorization # and part numbers on my phone in my presence. The Service company had the Authorization # and part numbers all approved for a new unit and then the following week were told that Total Protect had spoken to me and denied the claim.
I called Total Protect upon hearing this outright lie and they then proceeded to lie to me about the service company technician having given a second invoice on the claim. Again I checked with the Service Company and they assured me that they and their technician did no such thing either on paper or verBally.
I called back to speak to a Total Protect Supervisor and they would not put one on the phone. I called the Bank that I purchased the Warranty from as an optional product to my mortgage and they got a Supervisor on the line for me.
I asked what the fine line was between when the warranty company covered or denied a claim with the presence of rust and corrosion as normal wear and tear for an older 15-18 year old unit parts. I was told that each claim was a new claim and if rust and corrosion were not cited by the technician as the cause of the malfunction then it was covered.
I checked the written service order for the August claim and there was no mention of rust and or corrosion on the report whatsoever.
When I filled out the Consumer Fraud Paperwork and saw the response that Total Protect gave that division I saw that they even lied to that governing authority. So short of getting a private attorney there is no way to Win against this company that has been fraudulent in more than one claim with me. The part that enrages me is that the Bank involved continues to offer this company as an optional product to rip off thousands of their customers.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-10-10:
This seems to be common behaviour for home warranty companies. The best you can do is warn other consumers to avoid them, which is appreciated.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-10-10:
I agree, Alain. All of this is so typical of warranties and confirms what many people had to find out the hard way. I think consumers are finally getting wise to warranty scams.
Posted by Alain on 2011-10-10:
Eventually they'll catch on, Venice!
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A little patience goes a long way
Posted by Total18 on 02/06/2011
I have found this company about the same as other home warranty companies and have used them for almost 20 years. in the last year when I moved to CA and bought a new condo there was another company's warranty in place so I used them. they were OK, too, but for some strange reason didn't cover fridges. anyhow, now that the initial period is over I'm going back to Total protect because they have a plan which included preventative maintenance and because they were fine for 20 years.
over they years they have replaced a side by side fridge, a dishwasher and a disposal. it all took patience and follow through on my part, but it got done. Financially, I might have been just as well off not to pay them annually and just do pay as I go. I really don't know.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-02-06:
If you were a satisfied customer for twenty years then it obviously worked for you whether you came out ahead financially or not. If home warranties work the way they should, they can offer the peace of mind of knowing you're covered if and when emergencies arise. Some people find it easier to budget that way. Cashing in on a warranty can take patience and follow-up, as you said, but it sounds like you are good at those things. Some people don't want to do their part to get a warranty honored.

Good review!
Posted by Mary on 2012-09-02:
I checked into this company and it seems they have not been in business this long. What year did you start with them because I went to the Secretary of State's Office and various other licensing/regulatory authorities and Total Protect was not around then. Further, have you done the math for twenty years x 12? You could have remodeled your home. You gave NO specifics, gave no who, what, when, where, how--just advised "patience" so I am not really sure you aren't the President of home protect sitting there writing this. Please tell what was wrong with your appliances and what they paid on replacement. That would add a lot of credibility. Good review???? THAT comment is interesting also.
Posted by Hm on 2014-03-19:
Total Protect is the name of a warranty offered by Home Sure of America aka Cross Country Home Service. The issue with denied claims is that homeowners disregard the warranty booklet when it should be read.
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Do Not Sign Up For
Posted by Chowchow on 01/30/2010
STAY AWAY...Do Not Buy Home Warranty Home Insurance from Total Protect, it is NOT worth its weight in paper. I paid for it for over 2 years and had a furnace problem 12/2 and they came but then when I had a furnace problem on 12/25 they didn't come because the 2nd furnace was not covered under "heating system", I would have to pay extra for the 2nd furnace to be covered, talk about being blind sided, who knew that when you insure your heating system that you must indicate System 1 & System 2, definitely not part of the sign up discussion!! It's like buying a set of 4 tires and finding out that only the right front is covered under the warranty. Definitely makes no sense that someone would cover only 1 furnace on their heating system, a heating system is a heating system!!!
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Posted by NanS123 on 2010-01-30:
They really suck, to be even slightly polite about them. I'm waiting for a class action law suit against them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-30:
Why are you waiting Nans? Contact a lawyer and initiate the class action suit on your own. Get the ball rolling and help the countless others who believe they have been wronged by this company.
Posted by NanS123 on 2010-01-30:
That, is a high possibility
Posted by 410clover on 2010-01-31:
I was told by A Total Protect agent that I could use the Tech I wanted to, as long as the tech was certified??
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Dishwasher Went Down 12/23/13, Still Has Not Been Fixed to Date
Posted by Larry.herro on 02/03/2014
LONDON, KENTUCKY -- Dishwasher went down on 12/23/13, called Total Protect show sent someone out 5 days later. They ordered parts and came back after Christmas to install parts which they determined to be wrong, again ordered more parts. On January 5, came back with more parts this time the tech putting parts on dishwasher ripped a whole in one of the parts by accident and they again had to order another part. January 11, brought yet another part which they determined to be wrong and took out dishwasher to take to parts dept or see if they could determined what part was needed. Tech called and said that they could not determine what part was needed that part was no longer available. Tech says he called Total Protect and requested that dishwasher be replaced but when I talked with them they stated that they were again trying to get another part. I told them I wanted my dishwasher replaced if it could not be repaired and they said they could not do that at this time as their review team had to look at all the info. I asked them why anyone needed to look at anything if part could not be found that obviously it would have to be replaced. Total protect said they would call me in 24 hrs to give me an answer as to what their next step would be, I told them they had better or I would be filing a lawsuit against them. I am still waiting on their call and am in process of filing something thru small claims court. I will be cancelling my policy to say the least, this company should be shut down they are nothing but a scam.
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Posted by eRelations Specialist Total Protect on 2014-02-05:
Larry Herron, thank you for your feedback about Total Protect. We sincerely apologize that the wait time you experienced was not in keeping with your expectations. We want to assure you that your experience was not representative of our turnaround times for service. We are investigating the specifics of your situation and will contact you directly to address your concerns.
-- eRelations Specialist Total Protect
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No Respect for Customers
Posted by Acromanoj on 12/31/2013
I used them for 6 months. Had filed two complaints. First took over two months. Second also was open for 2. I was told multiple times that they are working on identifying the issue and will solve it ASAP. Had to cancel this weekend. I was just not ready to spend any more money on them. Very bad company.
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Dont Get Home Warrenty Scam
Posted by MaryShannon420 on 11/14/2013
I have had home warranty with them since 2006. They have fine print for everything. Their website is a fraud!!!!! Put the money you would pay them back. I am now out a furnace with no money to put a new one in. If I would have put back the money back I paid them I would not be living with space heaters. They jack up service run prices, I had company come out prior to making a claim and the normal service run was 40 dollars. After I placed a claim the service run went up to 75!!!! How does that work? Yesterday I was told I could not cancel my contract until I paid back 117 but today I was able to cancel it. It is one of the worse scams ever. Please please don't give this people your money! Have the money taken out and put into a savings. You will not benefit from a home warranty. They take money from people who want to do the right thing only to be left out in the cold.
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