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Poor Service Total Protect and Total Air Care
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- ATTENTION FLORIDA RESIDENTS: If you have had bad dealings with the below listed two companies in the past year you need to file your complaints the the Florida State Attorney General's Office under the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs. They list a number to call or you can submit the complaint online. Be sure to indicate if you are over 60 and/or a veteran. Filing with the BBB does not really provide any enforcement or resolution. Filing with the Attorney General will provide for investigation, enforcement and resolution.

Total Protect and Total Air Care engage in Deceptive and Discriminatory practices against the elderly and veterans and especially if you are both. They will engage in harassment and lie to you at every chance they get and border elder abuse conduct. They provide fictional names and appointments on calls and laugh and become rude towards you if you attempt to seek resolution. Their work will be of no quality as they lack any customer service or workmanship qualities.

Negligent in Processing Claim
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a TotalProtect home warranty to cover the major systems/appliances in my home. When I tried to file a claim on the AC they sent a company of their choosing out. I paid the $75 deductible. The company they sent said it needed replacing... the coil was leaking. TotalProtect called back and denied the claim. They said the unit needed routine maintenance such as cleaning and the dirt caused the coil leak.

I have contacted 3 service providers to see if this could be the case and all 3 have said no. Even the original company they sent out said when they phoned in their findings and were asked if the dirt caused it their reply was no/not likely. The representative on the phone said: I'm sure it's not but I was a technician and I believe it could have so I am denying the claim. So here I sit in an 82 degree house with no AC. The very reason I have the warranty is to avoid this. They try every possible angle to get out of paying a claim! I plan to pursue filing claim with BBB.

Stay Away from Total Protect Home Warranty (also known as Homesure of America Inc)
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FRISCO, TEXAS -- This is the worst company I have had to deal with ever! I am a mortgage customer of Countrywide and in 2006 they offered Total Protect to me as a Home Warranty service - and since it offered an easy monthly deduction along with my mortgage payment, I signed up. My front-loading washer broke down in early July 2008. I called Total Protect on July 9, and logged a claim. They assigned a contractor - Authorized Service Center (Garland, TX) to service my claim. STAY AWAY FROM AUTHORIZED SERVICE CENTER TOO...

On July 10, ASC sent a tech who pronounced the master control board in the washer defective, said they would order the part and be back. After a few follow up calls, the tech returned on July 17, popped in the replacement board and the washer would not work. He then said that Kenmores were not great - and I should have bought a Maytag and also said he had to program the board - however he did not know how to - cause there were too many models" and said he'd be back the next day to call the manufacturer and program the board.

The next day (Fri) he never showed up and after several calls to ASC they informed me they'd be back on Monday. The following Monday (7/21) when I called ASC - they informed me that I had to call Total Protect to send them a "recall" order - since they had FIXED the machine and it failed. In spite of my several attempts to explain that the washer had not been fixed ASC was adamant that since they put in a part the machine was fixed regardless of whether it worked or not! Even though I was incredulous I had no choice but to call Total protect. They promised to send the paperwork in a few minutes.

When I called ASC for a service appointment the next day (7/22) they claimed that they had not received the order. So for the next 3 days Tues, Wed, & Thu I kept calling ASC and Total Protect until they both relented and sent the tech out to my house on Friday - 7/25.

The tech came in called the manufacturer and was still unable to get the washer working. Apparently the manufacturer told him it might not be the board, it could be something else and asked him to check the door latch. Now the tech appeared totally clueless and asked me to sign something, which I refused to. I called up ASC's office manager who basically threatened me - "Do you want the tech to leave or for us to complete your work?" I told them that I obviously wanted the washer to be fixed. In any case the tech left and till this day (8/1) he has not come back.

After that I called Total Protect on 7/25, 7/28, 7/29 and 7/30. They stalled in connecting me to supervisors and when the supervisors stalled - I ask to speak to someone higher. They gave me the name of a director - with an email and fax #. I have written a 5 page letter to him outlining what's happened on 7/30 and emailed and faxed it - however there is no response or even acknowledgement of my complaint. The crux of the issue is this: Total Protect is supposed to pay me $500 towards the purchase of a new washer when they deem it unfixable.

The supervisor that last spoke to me on July 30 told me that they would pay me $300 - because they had paid $200 to ASC for fixing my washer. I debated with him that they had not fixed anything, and that my washer still does not work. I told him that in addition they had also "run" away with my $60 deductible, and that ASC should not get a dime. He kept sounding like a broken record and told me that I have to option to either take the $300 or they could send another tech from another company - and he would assess it and we could go from there.

I was also told that the service call for the new tech + any parts and labor would be subject to the remaining $300 cap and if they could not get it done - basically I get nothing. Also Total Protect would not commit to a timeline. I found this proposition ludicrous, and then wrote to this supposed Director - and I am yet to hear from him.

I have since purchased a new washer and am fighting my case to get at least $500 - my original front loading washer cost a lot more... I also am writing to Countrywide asking them to back up their promotion of Total Protect, and if there is no response from any of these guys - will complain to BBB and also will join any class action suit against Total Protect / Homesure of America Inc.

BTW I tried calling their membership services today and they sympathetically gave me a fax number to refax my letter to their director - and guess what? That number does not exist. Also my email to their director has come back as undeliverable - and that my mail system would try for another 2 days! All this reeks of TOTAL FRAUD. These guys must be put behind bars for misrepresenting and cheating unsuspecting customers. Buyers Beware!

Total Protect Home Warranty Does Not Honor Their Policy.
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Rating: 1/51

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- A technician came to my home on February 10, 2017 to repair my refrigerator (I had called a few days earlier). The technician told me someone will call me later about the options for my refrigerator; whether to repair or replace it. That's been over a month ago and no one has ever contacted me about this neglected claim although they continue to debit my bank account for the monthly premiums in a consistent timely fashion. I reported them to the Better Business Bureau to inform them of the lack of services from Total Protect Home Services.

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Rating: 2/51

Called to verify cracked tank from toilet covered. It would be subject to the repair. Absolutely no tsunami to the tank. Cost me 75$ to hear not covered. They always hassle before paying.

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Rating: 1/51

SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! I will be sharing my experiences with multiple websites. I was supposed to get the first month of the warranty for free in April 2015, but TotalProtect took the monthly fee from my account anyway. I had to call my bank and place a stop-payment on the transaction. The bank gave me my money back and got reimbursed from TotalProtect.

When I filed my first claim on May 14, 2015 to have my air conditioning unit repaired, the technician calling himself "**" from the vendor company A to Z Heating & Air in Auburn, GA arrived on May 19 and demanded payment of my $75 deductible prior to doing any type of work. I refused and called TotalProtect customer service to verify this policy, which the technician ("**", whose actual name is "**" or "**") claimed he "had to do or he would get in trouble." He then lied to a representative named **, claiming I did not want to pay the deductible.

I spoke with ** and let her know in front of "**/**" that I had no problem paying the $75 deductible, but this technician needed to do some work before demanding payment. The customer service agent "**" agreed with me and told "**/**" the technician that he at least had to do a diagnostic on the air conditioning unit before demanding payment. This is when "**/**" got angry because he was told to do work before demanding payment and proceeded to write an invoice stating that my unit had a pre-existing condition.

When I paid the $75 deductible and asked for feedback regarding the repair, the technician said that "TotalProtect would call with the details." I called TotalProtect and spoke with a very rude senior manager named **. Claimed he would follow up with the vendor, but was too lazy to look up the correct vendor phone number. I had to provide with the vendor's phone number. ** later called and left a voice mail, claiming that TotalProtect would not repair my air conditioning unit.

** proved to be very arrogant and lacked common sense, siding with the vendor before gathering all of the facts. He really could care less about the company's clients and should be terminated because there is no telling how many other customers have had horrible experiences with this person. Is apparently not very good at basic math, because the company lost my $600 warranty because they cheated me out of a $75 deductible and a repair that they are responsible for. UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE CHEATED OUT OF YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY AND YOU WANT TO BE TREATED RUDELY, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

Complete Replacement of Air/Heating Unit
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Rating: 1/51

OLIVE BRANCH, MISSISSIPPI -- Our story. Our air conditioner went out on a Thursday. We called TotalProtect to get a tech out to see why. They arrived on Friday. The unit was approx.. 20 years old and needed replaced - completely. The tech said we can have it completed by Monday. Great! Or so we thought. The cost of the replacement (via the tech TotalProtect sent out) was around $10,000. WHAT!!! We called TotalProtect on Monday to see when our unit would be replaced. They said they hadn't gotten the paperwork from the tech's company yet. I called the tech's company and they said they would send it right over. We called TotalProtect on Tuesday to see when the replacement would be installed.

We were told it would be 48 hours for their people to "investigate" prices for a new unit and for approval. Fine. 48 hours later we called again. We were told then that the unit would arrive in 3 days. Fine. We called Fri to ask what type of unit was ordered and where it was coming from so we could be ready for it. We were told that no unit had been ordered and that there was a problem with the pricing. Now in the mean time the temps here were in the mid to upper 80's and we have 5 dogs that get hot fast and fight when upset. We are cooling our house using fans.

We finally talked with a "supervisor" that said TotalProtect would only cover just over $900.00 for a new air conditioner/heating system. WHAT??? $900 for a complete system? I then called a air conditioning company that we use at my job and they had a unit that could be put in for $5500. After over a week without air we finally got TotalProtect to agree to send us a check for the $900+ and got the local company to install the new unit.

Now it is time for another payment to be made to TotalProtect and we have decided to cancel the service (which we were told we could do at any time). The Customer Service Rep told us that we could not cancel the service for 3 months because we were under contract for a year. WHAT CONTRACT? WE NEVER AGREED TO ANY SUCH THING!! We are now going to stop the automatic payments from the bank and to Hell with TotalProtect.

Horrible a Sheer Nightmare. Stress and Tears
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Rating: 1/51

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- They have about 3 names: Total Protect, Home Sure and one more. It should be a law against this. In mid-summer I have been dealing with them over 27 or more days. They are full of crap. Tried to get me to pay them 260.00 or 210.00 service man did not put it on paper. I paid him 75.00 after I refused to pay him that other fee that he asked me for. He said he charged the freon and it was OK.

I asked him to use a thermometer on the vent to see if it was cooling and he told me it was cooling and I gave him the 75.00 check and he had the nerve to ask me for my driver's license and I refused. He lied and said I didn't pay him the 75.00. He spent more time on the phone with Total Protect trying to set us up. That Monday they sent out another company and he said "I am sorry I can't help you." When they contacted me again they said my portion to fix the ac was 500.00 plus, then they went down to 350.00 last week.

I called an attorney and after copy the contract he could not understand why they would not live up to their agreement. I kept a record of how many times I called them to be talked to like a piece of crap. I and my 75 year old husband with numerous health issues have been traumatized. I call two other people very reputable, and both said that the compressor is gone. They are liars and who wants somebody like that in their homes? I am out of fees to get two other opinions and lawyer fees and my unit is still. I also let my mortgage co. know they are promoting and deducting for a bogus co. It is a shame that this happens. If I did something like this I would be in jail.

They would not even respect or deal with my attorney. We will have to replace air conditioner because the price of repair would be 2,700 and they offer me 663.00 and I was told that would come nowhere near fixing our unit. Please take a few minutes to tell of your experience it may make you feel and I really wish I had taken the time to read their negative review.

Company Response 08/27/2013:

We're sorry you're having issues with a claim. Thank you for letting us know. We'll reach out to you directly to discuss your concerns.

Total Protect Finds Ways To Deny Claim- I Have Proof
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Rating: 1/51

SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- I had Total Protect for years, paying on the bill and not needing service. When I had boiler problems they denied the claim and Countrywide's President's office got involved. Then, years later my pump broke in my dishwasher. After waiting too long, a technician with an exposed rear end came in and did a real dog and pony show--and I had my ADT Security and other security running which was clearly marked. First, he unscrewed the kick plate and then took new screws and screwed them in. Then he told me that the screws that were used punctured the drum.

I said that I had never had service before and he told me that the tub had been punctured for the ten years that I had the dishwasher. I could not see the hole where the screw punctured the tub, but it would have been impossible to use the dishwasher for the last ten years, and since I had their warranty company why would I not have it earlier--as in several years ago? He flipped through a book, called them, and said nothing. He demanded 60.00 which is my deductible, and told me he was ordering a tub. He then, after he got my check, told me that the dishwasher was ruined because the tub was not replaceable.

He called the warranty company and failed to tell them that the real reason (and the one I called about) was that the pump was broken, causing the tub not to drain (the opposite of having holes in it!!!) I think he may have accidentally broken it with the wrong screws and then tried to say it was like that for the last ten years because he said he has seen them installed like that. I called two experts out who said these were new screws and the only thing wrong with the dishwasher was the pump and the only thing causing those symptoms was the pump. This guy stated he was licensed in his trade, and Total Protect assured me he was. He was not.

I received a very hard time from them. Thank God I am a lawyer and I have internal surveillance. I may have just inadvertently gotten valuable evidence. I will go to the ends of the earth on this one as I read about elderly and disadvantaged people being taken advantage of. Please continue to post problems on this company or Mr. Appliance, one of their cohorts.

Totalprotect/total Concept SCAM
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Rating: 1/51

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I called Total Protect (Homesure Of America). This company uses so many different names, not sure which one is correct. It took 3 weeks to get my A/C fix, and it was total chaos. The 1st day I called in the claim, the representative told me to call the company they recommended myself and set up an appointment. I called the company and they told me to leave my number and they will return my call. I never received the call from Total Concept A/C repair Co. I called them back after an hour and they were closed!!!

It took several more calls to get them to respond. Total Protect told me that I had to wait 48 hours for them to respond, I guess my family is just supposed to burn up here in TX. The part had to be replaced and I had to wait on authorization for that and then Total protect wanted to order the part themselves to save them some money. Days went by and I had to call to see if the part was in.

Total Concept sent 1 lightweight to install the A/C. And he couldn't get it off the truck with the dolly and his Co. refused to send someone out to assist him and it was getting real late and I had to help him down load the A/C and after 4 hours and the A/C installed, the Tech. realized he had the wrong A/C!!!. This entire nightmare took 3 weeks.

The next day Total Protect sent 2 300 pds. techs to install the correct A/c which took all day. Once all was done I called Total Protect to cancel their service because I should not have to pay my money and receive BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE from them and the company they recommended. The Representative at first was being all apologetic until I told him I want a cancellation number. He had the audacity to tell me that THEY had just paid out all this money for my A/C and I need to stay with them until my contract end.

I had to remind him that Total Protect didn't pay out anything, I paid for that A/C, I have been a customer since 2009 and never filed a claim until recently and the representative started threatening me, saying I was going to have to pay the remaining of my contract, so they can get some of the 1,275 back. I told him that he need to add up the amount I paid since 2009 and I guarantee I have paid for this A/C and then some more.

They are all about lining their pockets and can care less about their customers, we are all a number. I have never experienced such unprofessional, uncaring people in my life and I got bite twice at one time with Total Protection and Total Concept and my ordeal or should I say nightmare was A TOTAL MESS.

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