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Bad prescriptions left and right.
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DUNELLEN, NEW JERSEY -- We've been going to Towne Pharmacy of Dunellen NJ for 25 years. They are running out of drugs lately. They shorted the lady next in line and she complained. We step up, different drug, got the prescription filled for 40 pills. Went home and counted 30. They denied it, but made good. Our last two visits were to fill prescriptions for antibiotics to treat critical infections.
Like medicine in a third world country.
Towne Pharmacy. Never again.
It could kill you.
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Principissa on 07/25/2009:
Um if your pharmacy is purposely shorting you on meds, you need to report them to the state. What happens if and when someone gets the wrong medication and winds up dying?
Nohandle on 07/25/2009:
blet, if you've been doing business with this pharmacy for 25 years they obviously have done something right in the past. Has there been a change in ownership? I'm not excusing any mistake in a pharmacy, whether an error or intentional, but something sounds amiss here.

Princi, I got home years ago and proceeded to put my bagged prescription drugs in my medicine chest, which happens to be the cabinet over my kitchen sink. I opened the bag and had someone elses scripts inside. The folks at the pharmacy were beside themselves when I called to let them know. It happens. Be careful anywhere you get your scripts filled.
RobioM on 01/27/2011:
Same thing happened to me.
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