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Poor Customer Service
By -

HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- I recently bought a certified pre-owned car from this dealer and experienced one of the poorest customer service. The sales person was not helpful at all and just wanted me to buy the car and get out. She lied about many things just to sell the car. The first day I went to see the car and agreed to buy it. The next day when I went to pick up the car I saw that driver seat is ripped as if someone has cut it with the knife(4 to 5 cuts). I asked the salesperson about the matter and she said "oh they will fix it in two days" since according to her the "service guy" only works on Thursday and she will call me in the evening of the same day which she never did.

I couldn't call for couple of days and neither did she. After like 4 days I called her and she asked me surprisingly that "a company" was supposed to contact me (she never told me the details about "the company"). When asked about the company she said she cannot give me the details about the company. She hanged up saying that she will give me call back in one hour. The whole day passed and she never called, so I called her in the evening and she pretty rudely told me to call on her cell phone and not the business number and hanged up.

So I called her on the cell phone and she never picked up. I had to call the head quarter to let them know about the situation. Finally (after the complaint) she called back and told me that I have an appointment with service department. She was the worst salesperson I have ever seen.

Oh and the guy in the finance department was the same. Rude and lying who just want to sell you the service. He made us buy the GAP plan saying it is mandatory (which I canceled after doing some research). He just wanted me to buy many insurances and didn't really explain how the contract will work out (in terms of monthly payments and interest rate etc).

Ove all I would not recommend this dealer to anyone. They are all the same from sales to finance to services. Really poor in customer service. I made the mistake already and I will urge others to consider an alternative before going to this dealer.

Hispanic Female Senior Citizen
By -

HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- This happened to my mother at Toyota of Hackensack Dealer. I just want to tell everyone a little story of what their staff did to my mother. To start their staff does not return phone calls. They lie when you get them on the phone. They tell you they will look into the problem and they don't call I am the one that her mother was lied to. I thought I was dealing with trustworthy people but they don't exist anymore.

I called the dealer from Florida I spoke to the sales manager, he had a salesman call me I explained to him what my mother's needs were after I spoke to him he assured me that he would take care of her the price of the vehicle the interest rate was negotiated so I thought with her excellent credit she qualified for 4.99 at 60 months and she did not want gap insurance.

Well let me tell you by the time my mother left the dealer thinking she was getting what I had negotiated she had sign a document without reading and no one explained it to her she left with a 7.49 and a 63 months o and yes they included the gap insurance to the deal I trusted the salesman.

Thanks Mike ** for really cheating a older women from her social security pension I hope you and your finance people can sleep at night thanks for explaining the contract to her instead they put that contract in her face and told her to sign she believed she was getting the deal that I had explained to her she signed the contract thinking she was getting the deal I had explained to her on the phone.

So thanks Toyota of Hackensack for taking advantage of my mother. Oh I forgot I am still waiting for their phone call, it's only been two months. Just wanted to say buyer beware don't sing unless you read first and if you are like my mother please take someone with you that can speak and read English. So Toyota of Hackensack's Finance and Sales department get two thumbs down a big 0 for customer service.

Nice Little Trick
By -

HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY -- I am not going to say much just that my mother got rip off. She was info that the car has Bluetooth, blah blah, etc. She comes home and I see the car and I look at the car to find that there was nothing in the car but a base and they refuse to exchange it for the same one that we have to pay more for it. drove 30 miles to the next dealership and they gave told us they rip us off for a 4k markup Base models are sold for 21k with taxes we pay 25k for a base.

Nice trick, you pull and now don't want to take the car back. Just don't go there. Save yourself the money, gas and your arm. Worthless. My mom doesn't even want to drive the car she still driving her old car and refuses to drive the new car. Good luck if you end up still going to them.

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