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Charged for work not performed
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LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- Rene Isip Toyota of Lewisville TX performs poor maintenance on vehicles and charges for work not performed.

I have had three Toyotas, a camry, tacoma, and a 4 runner. All were purchased from Toyota of Lewisville.

The main reason I am upset is that I took my 4runner to the Rene Isip Toyota for a brake change at 72K miles. I specifically asked to have the brakes changes. We were charged over $300 for the task.

At about 85K miles, I took the 4runner back to get a transmission service, radiator flush, change spark plugs, injector cleaning, and differential fluid change. My wife was complaining that the brakes were making a noise. So, I asked the dealer to take a look at the brakes.

Later that day, the dealership called and reported that all of the requested work was complete. However, there was a problem with the brakes. They said that the brakes needed to be replaced. I told that could not be right since they were changed about 15K miles earlier.

The dealership's immediate answer was that my wife must be driving in stop-and-go traffic and that we would have to pay for another brake change. Now, I am no expert but the original brakes lasted for 72K miles and now they only lasted 15K miles. That makes no sense. Since we have had the 4runner, we have lived at the same location with the same jobs and drive the same way. It is very insulting when the dealership immediately places blame on the customer and shows very little class.

So, the service writer said she would look into this further. Unable to settle the problem the same day, the dealership kept the 4runner overnight.

The next morning, I received a phone call that they had discovered a hand-written note from the original brake job. It said that the mechanic did not change the brakes since the pads were at 60%. But, they still charged me for the entire brake job.

First, I did not ask for the mechanic's opinion. I asked for and was charged for a brake change...not an opinion.

The dealership graciously decided to replaced the brake pads at no charge. However, that is all they did. I expected the entire brake job to be re-accomplished. That would include turning the rotors, new pads, and inspecting the rear drum brakes.

I asked the service manager since they failed to change my brakes the first time but had no problem charging me for it, how can I be sure that the $600+ worth of maintenance this time was done right or even done at all?

He assured me that he made sure it was all done. Forgive me for not believing a word he said. Of course, they had no problem charging me for all of the requested work.

I told the service manager that I would not bring any of my vehicles back. His reply was, "I would not bring mine here either."

I would have felt better if they had refunded the charge for the brake change because I do not feel that I had a full brake change performed. I also expected not to pay the full price of all of the service performed over the two day period.

The worst part of the whole ordeal was that my wife was driving around in a vehicle that could have had a serious safety issue. I mean, most problems don't occur with your car sitting in the garage. It will happen on the road. My wife could have been injured and would have definitely resulted in a lawsuit. But, they don't care about that.

I received the usual four phone calls asking how my service was. All four were given the same comments and the lowest rating possible. I did not receive one phone call from a manager to follow up on the surveys.

This was not the only incident with this dealership.

We took the 4runner in for one of its regular oil changes. On the way home, I noticed a strong burnt oil smell. I figured that it was the usual incompetence of spilling oil on the engine and not cleaning it up.

The next day, when my wife backed the 4runner out of the garage, I noticed some black oil drips on the floor. Since the oil was changed the day before, I expected to see clean oil, not black oil (not that oil on the floor was OK).

So I had her pull the 4runner back in. I popped the hood and was shocked at what I found. The 4runner has an oil filter on the top of the engine. When the filter is removed, the oil drains into a small scupper drain that is about 1" long.

To catch the oil, the dealership will jam an empty oil can between the engine block and the serpentine belt which will wedge the can under the drain and hold it in place. It appeared that they forgot to remove the oil can because it was still there. However, the serpentine belt had cut through the can and allowed all of the dirty oil from the old filter to drain out of the can and, of course, all over the engine compartment.

On another occasion, I took my Tacoma in for an oil change and tire rotation. Please keep in mind that I bought the truck from the dealership with oversize rims and tires already installed.

During this visit, I noticed that it was taking quite some time to have these simple tasks performed. Furthermore, I observed a growing group of employees around the left front wheel of my truck.

About 30 minutes later, the manager came over to me an said they had managed to get a socket stuck in my rim and they can't get it out.

How in the hell does that happen? Apparently, the individual started out using a thick walled impact socket. When he could not figure out why it was such a tight fit, he continued using a pneumatic impact wrench and wedged the socket in the hole. Unbelievable!!

My most recent experience involved another oil change on my Tacoma. Remember that my tires are over-size. After the service was performed, I noticed that the tires seemed a little low. I looked at the work order and, as usual, they had not annotated the PSI. I asked what the PSI was. I was told that they lowered it to 28 PSI. I immediately asked why they did that. They said the sticker inside the driver's door shows 28 PSI. I took them outside to look at the truck and asked them if those tires looked normal. They agreed that they looked low. This truck has a lift kit to accommodate these tires so it is pretty obvious that they are larger than normal. Once again....unbelievable!!!

Rene Isip Toyota has the worst service I have ever experienced from any dealer. They are the Blue-Ribbon Loser. Please, learn from my experience and do not buy from or have your car serviced at Rene Isip Toyota of Lewisville.
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 03/12/2008:
If you've had all of these issues with this dealership, why do you continue to take your vehicles there for repair? Once, OK, I can understand a mistake, twice, I'm done because apparently they aren't trustworthy but at least 3 times according to your complaint???? I would take my vehicles to someone else for maintenance!! I'm very sorry for your issues but part of it is your fault for continuing to patronize a shop that has little regard for quality and workmanship.
Anonymous on 03/13/2008:
I'm confused, why are you asking to have the brakes changed with 60% pad life left??
Aerocave on 03/13/2008:
I agree with MS...If this dealer is that bad, why do you continue to put yourself through this misery--and then complain about them? There are over 2000 Toyota dealerships in the US--go to another one. On another note, if they did not charge you for the brakes the second time, it sounds to me like they did at least, attempt to take care of the "mistake" the first time...
Got shafted on 03/16/2008:
It doesn't matter why I wanted the brakes changed...the vehicle had 74K miles. I wanted them changed. End of discussion. If you have nothing intelligent to say, don't post a comment.
Got shafted on 03/16/2008:
Toyota of Lewisville has a warranty on the tires. You get a free set of tires when the original set wears out. However, you have to take it to Toyota of Lewisville for 5K tire rotations in order for it to be honored. In addition, they give free lifetime oil changes. Believe, me if I didn't have the tire warranty on the Tacoma, I would not take it back. Once the tires were changed on the 4 runner, I stopped taking it there. Perhaps you should know the entire story before you pass judgment.
Aerocave on 03/17/2008:
Perhaps you should not post complaints if you only want to hear "what you want to hear."
thensider on 03/17/2008:
It weould seem to me that our users stated their opinions based on the information you provided. This is a feedback site, and we can only provide feedback on the information here. Its up to YOU to give us the WHOLE story. Now, I see that you have some "perks" with this dealership. Well, it seems that it might save you some time, money, and stress to go elswhere and forget about the perks. they don't sound like they are worth the trouble. Get yourself some new tires at Sears, they have a lifetime warranty as well!
Gzus666 on 05/24/2008:
OK, this sounds like the tech was trying to do you a favor by not charging you for something you don't need. To request brakes when not needed is stupidity and wasteful. As an ASE Master Certified tech who worked for Toyota and Lexus (formerly, have since changed careers), I can tell you the tech most likely noted it, didn't flag the time (this is how they are paid) and sent the ticket back to the Service Adviser. From there, the Service Adviser, who is also paid by commission, most likely thought that the tech forgot to flag the job, and didn't see the notes, as the flag time is usually on the back, the notes are on the front. Sounds to me like you didn't check over the work order, as any dealer I have ever worked for prints the RO and hands it to the customer, notes and all. They did the rest of the service, get over it, I have seen maybe 1 tech in my life who didn't do all the service work, and that was cause he was a thief, and didn't last long before he was fired. Rule of thumb, don't go in and ask for items you don't need, as most techs won't advise you replace something unless you need it.
damzam on 10/30/2009:

My wife got a quote on a car over the phone from one of their sales
associates. After the offer was made, she took our baby twin girls to
the bank to get a cashier's check, and we drove 45 minutes to get to
the dealership.

We show up, check in hand, and tell them exactly what we were told on
the phone. They say, great, why don't you test drive the car before
you buy it. And then, after my wife had driven the vehicle, they

And then the sales manager proceeded to lie through his teeth,
claiming the sales associate who made the offer "wasn't answering his
phone". But the guy who made the offer was clearly in the building--we
were told as such by other employees.

This was a massively painful ordeal, shuttling our baby twins around
to get a cashier's check and driving up to the dealership, and WE

These people DON'T SEEM TO CARE AT ALL that they wasted our time.

They don't care that what they're doing is UNETHICAL.

And they don't seem the least bit troubled by the fact that THEY LIED

These people have no shame, no scruples, and no dignity whatsoever.
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Pack Of Liars
Posted by on
LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- My wife and I looked in to an offer from Capital One Auto Finance. We were preapproved up to a certain amount. We looked at only one car and that was a 2011 Nissan Versa. The salesman was gracious and helpful answering our questions. We agreed that this was a good car and he took us to Finance. We first had to come up with a down payment which was not part of the preapproval we had. Don't worry they said, write a check for one thousand dollars and they would hold it for thirty days. My wife wrote the check with the understanding it would not get to the bank for thirty days. Then the finance person brought out all this extra insurance for us to purchase. The extended warranty for $1450.00, gap insurance for over $450.00, paint and fabric protection for $500.00. Wen asked point blank and to the point is this necessary, he answered "yes, the lender requires it". I doubted it but kept my mouth shut. We signed the papers and went home with it. Over night we thought about the thousand dollar check the added insurance and did not like the deal. We had a Ford Pickup they had looked at the decoded that rather than a check, we would just trade in the Ford. They had offered $1500.00 the day before but when we got there we were first told that Capital One would not allow a trade in for a down payment. I knew this was a lie and he back up. He then tried to pull a fast one saying that he needed five hundred down to go with the trade in. This was okay with us but when he redid the contract we discovered he was allowing us $500 for the truck. I began to raise hell and he went and got the used car manager. I began to ask the manager about whata he was telling us. No, none of the insurance was required, also would Capital One refuse to finance if a trade in was used as down payment, No was the answer. The finance guy disappeared out his back door and it took some time before he reappeared. We still wanted the car and asked about the original contract and was told he had put it in the shredder and he did not have the key to get into it. We said no deal and got up to leave. He said wait a minute and left us for several minuted. When he returned he reached under somewhere and low and behold he had the original contract. All we had to do was write him a $1000.00 check to be held for thirty days. We left and our grand daughter has enjoyed the car. Insurance is high but well worth. We sailed along for three weeks and on the twenty first day after signing the check it appeared in our bank. The funds were there but it was just another blatant lie told by a person that would not know the truth it it ran over him I contacted Capital One and discussed this with them and true to their word, they investigated it and contacted me with this company lying over and over, No, it is not mandatory to take any insurance from any dealer. No, they cannot be trust to hold a check for any period of time. You better take the time to read the entire contract or better yet take the contract to a lawyer and hime him read it. This will really thrill them. I am filing compoaints to the BBB, I have sent a full report to Toyota, and a letter stating my disgust with the employees this company has hired and uses. Talk about dirty used car salesmen, well it isn't so much the sales men as it is the money grubbing finance department. By the way we were back over there today to cancel the nonmanditory insurance we were forced to put. These funds will be applied to the back of the loan and will reduce the number of payments by 11 months. I am in the process of submitting a letter to the Texas Insurance Commission about the lies I was told. I am anxious and willing to do what ever I can to stop this criminal behavior. BEWARE OF TOYOTA OD LEWISVILLE. Lewisville Texas
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User Replies:
leet60 on 06/24/2011:
I am somewhat confused - if you were "pre approved" by Capital One, there should be no need for financing at the dealer whatsoever. It would simply be a matter of purchasing a vehicle for less than or equal to the amount of the preapproval. If you were "prequalified" that is a different matter. I believe you were indeed misled by the dealer if you had an actual preapproval.
unhappy999 on 06/24/2011:
The only type of insurance other than collusion/comp that might be required is the gap insurance. This would pay the balance should your car get totaled and your car insurance paid less than what you owe on the loan. The GAP insurance would pay off the balance of the loan to the finance company and you would have no more payments. The paint protection and additional warranty are strictly optional. With the warranty that comes with new cars these days, I don't think you need the optional warranty. I bought a new car and the dealer had gone on and on about how good the car was then they wanted me to get an extended warranty. I declined and it did not affect the deal. I an glad you were able to cancel the insurance and save yourself all those extra car payments.
trmn8r on 06/24/2011:
I don't understand the purpose of the check that was to be held 30 days. If it was a down payment, I don't know why they would hold it. If you hand someone a check, you need to be prepared for them to cash it the very next day.

As far as the rest, they were clearly trying to take you for a ride. I'm impressed that after all this you went ahead and bought from them. I would not have.
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Horrible Service
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LEWISVILLE -- Never EVER EVER buy a car or use Toyota of Lewisville for service.

1) I bought a used car from them in March 2009, and talked them DOWN to $12,700. During the purchase process I discovered several things the sales person had lied about, which helped me get the price down.

2) I also bought the biggest warranty available. It has NOT been a good car. Just recently is started making sounds and not running right, doing things like slowing to a complete stop if you let off the gas at all. I brought it in for them to look at it last Friday, they had it until Monday and could not replicate any problems. Then they suggested some totally unrelated not under warranty service items pretending they could have something to do with the problems I was having. I pass on everything except the normal maintenance items recommended for the current mileage.

3) I pick it up on Tuesday and I get about 5 miles away before I have to call a tow truck because the car will not budge. So when I get back I said, "How about I just trade this in and buy a new car." They were happy to offer me $6,000 trade in for the car. I had only put 6,000 miles on it and they were dropping the TRADE IN PRICE to $6,700 less than I had paid 7 month ago.

4) To top it off, the service department cannot figure out what is wrong with the car. So I will be another several days without a vehicle.

I am done with this place. Avoid it if you can. They won't take any responsibility for selling me a lemon. They are giving me lousy service for my warranty.

My worst car buying experience ever, and I have owned a few cards in 25 years.

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User Replies:
skelly39 on 10/27/2009:
Naturally they are going to offer you far less than what you paid for it. It's used. How many times did you bring it in for this problem? Is there a lemon law in your state? Good luck with this. I can imagine how frustrating this is.
Critical_level2 on 10/27/2009:
I am not understanding "doing things like slowing to a complete stop if you let off the gas at all" Most cars slow to a stop if you let off the gas. IF the car kept going at the same speed and did not slow down, that could be dangerous.

If the extra warranty is through Toyota themselves, then any dealer can honor it. If it is then I suggest taking it to another dealer, as they can also fix it under warranty.
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