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Don't Buy Tabeo
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
My daughter was overjoyed to receive a Tabeo Tablet for Christmas. I was not as thrilled as I noticed right away there was a problem with the batter holding a charge. It would be charging all day and then she would only get maybe 45 minutes of playing time before it had to be plugged back in to charge. I wanted to return or exchange it right away but my daughter was reluctant because she didn't mind that it had to be constantly plugged in to charge. Then less than two weeks after having it the charging mechanism inside the Tabeo came loose and was moving around inside the tablet. We can no longer even plug it in to charge it because that mechanism is broken. As if its not bad enough that Toys R Us is selling what it knows is a defective product they are handing it like a non issue. The store refused to do an exhange for us even though we had the receipt because it was past the 30 days allowed to do exchanges and because the gift giver had purchased a protection plan. I had to have the gift giver file a claim online to replace this defective product. We have to mail the defective Tabeo back and then wait a week to get a gift card in the mail so that we can go and purchase another defective product! (Please note that you will never ever get your cash back from Toys R Us even if the defective product is their fault!! They will only exchange for another bad product!! Is this customer service really ??) What about the poor people that didn't get the protection plan ? They are out $150.00 for something that Toys R Us knew was defective ? This is a HORRIBLE COMPANY! So now when we get the gift card in and go back to buy another defective product because we have no other choice we also have to buy another protection plan because the chances of this happening again are 100% because they have not fixed or even acknowledged this issue !! What a SCAM!!! I will never buy from Toys R Us or any of their affiliates and I will tell everyone I know not to buy from them!! Awful experience for myself, my daughter and the gift giver!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/07/2013:
I'm not sure if you bought the tablet or if it was a gift from someone else, but did you read the reviews? The reviews are horrible, the most common complaint is poor battery life. It does have a 1 year limited warranty, maybe you'll have better luck with a replacement.
CrazyRedHead on 01/08/2013:
Since you are past your 15 days return time you should contact the man. Most electronic stores have a 15 day return policy on elctronics. You would have experienced this at Best Buy, Electronic Express, Circuit city, Walmart, Target, etc... as well.
Frustrated on 01/23/2013:
I purchased a tabeo in dec 2012 and I tried to read reviews but could only find like 2-3 and they weren't bad reviews. The tabeo worked for about 2 weeks, my daughter told me it wasn't working so I thought it wasn't charged so I plugged it in for 2hours and it had sign of being charged I tried a different outlet and when I tried to disconnect the charger from the tablet the port on the tabeo came out a ways. I called Toys R Us numerous times to exchange but that had none in stock and told me to call back. I called back once or twice a week and was told the warehouse was out of stock and they've had many complaints about the same issue. I asked my niece if hers worked and she said hers was broke and come to find out hers only worked for about 2 weeks to. I finally took both of the tabeo tablet back yesterday after having the product for 33 days. And I do not like that they have to put all the money on my debit card even though for one of them I paid cash. I'm hoping that I receive the $363 refund back on my card in a reasonable time.
gramma on 02/14/2013:
Same complaints here! I bought one for my grandchildren as a Christmas gift and my sister-in-law also bought them one. We pre-ordered them and received them in mid October and they were given at Christmas. Within days my son knew there was something wrong as the tablets would not hold a charge. He installed the recommended update...nada. Within 5 weeks we had to send one back for repairs and before it was back the other one stopped working. My son was thoroughly disgusted by now and so I called ToysRus to see how to get a refund. Although the customer service rep was very sympathetic to our situation(of course he was, he knows its a crap product) we are out of luck as the 90 window for returns has expired. Call Tabeo direct he said. OK...I can see where this is going to go. Thanks ToysRUs for not only selling what you know is crap but for not trying a little harder to insure customer satisfaction, when you KNOW there is a problem. This grandma won't be spending another dime with them.
williamsburg, VA on 02/27/2013:
Defective product out 179.00 bucks won't. They won't take return. Toys R US should be ashamed!!! Crooked in obtaining and doesn't care about public purchase. Will never buy another product from Toys R US
barb on 03/06/2013:
Rob on 05/09/2013:
Usually don't post about products but wanted to give Tabeo a fair representation. We bought 2 Tabeo's for our then 5 year old twins. Right out of the box they didn't hold a charge for very long. We updated the patch and it holds a charge for hours of playing time. So they have played them for 4 solid months now and the charging adapter pushed inside the Tabeo on one of them. Just called the service number on the back, they are going to replace it with a new one. My kids love their Tabeo's and any problems(charging and charging adapter) we have had have been fixed easily, quickly, and for free (they sent us prepaid UPS shipping label even).
Another Sucker on 05/13/2013:
We purchased the Tabeo two days before Christmas and right after New Years, all programs disappeared. Tried to reset with their assistance, nothing. Received a replacement in the mail, worked for less than a week, no charge. Waiting to hear back from customer service. Based on the above comments, I'm thinking we're out of luck.
Mother's Gift on 05/26/2013:
What a waste of money everyone who has purchased this item should be refunded I will not step foot in a toys R Us store again
Rina on 07/10/2013:
Does anyone have a number I can contact about possibly getting my refund for two Tabeos I purchased? Toys R Us basically told me its not their problem! I'm disgusted!
donna on 07/12/2013:
Bought grandson tabeo one month later , screen frozen. Can't even turn off to restart. Have extra warranty, I'm hoping I get gift card to purchase different item.
Denise on 07/24/2013:
We also purchased two of these and what a piece of crap. I just sent them a letter and I am also contacting my attorney generals office and the bbb
Colleen on 08/07/2013:
My son received Tabeo for Christmas and we are now on our 4th one!! I didn't take the extended warranty through Toys R Us so basically every time I call Tabeo support, they send us a new one BUT found out it's refurbished!! I asked if I can get a new one and the guy said they only send out new ones if they are in stock because they wouldn't want me to wait 2 months for a new one! Makes NO sense to me! I should have added extra money and bought the least I know tht still would be working properly! I am so disgusted as well!!!
Jan on 10/26/2013:
I received my on line order today and two items were not working. When I called their customer service number, I was told I had 90 days to return it. Since their customer service people don't want to give money refunds, I specifically asked for cash refund. I didn't break them and the advertising for the item is very misleading. They don't tell you that you can't replace the batteries and the batteries in mine were already dead. When I said I would not shop with ToysRus again, the girl got really sarcastic about it. I have read so many complaints about ToysRus, I doubt that I will get my money back. It's a very irresponsible company
Very upset mom on 12/03/2013:
I brought my daughter this Tabeo tablet last year. I am now sending back the third replacement. This thing will not hold a charge, applications doesn't work and the volume doesn't work. The worst of it all is the tech support is horrible. They create a RMA and never send out a prepaid label to send the crap back. And when you call to ask why it wasn't sent they act as if it's your fault. They say it takes 24 hours and then they put it on customer service saying there backed up and is only first come first serve. This tablet and company is terrible. I recommend that no one ever uses Tabeo anything again.
Leanna a. on 12/26/2013:
I bought the tabeo2 for my daughter and its been working great!!! She's had it for 4 months and I let her play with it only sitting down on the table or on her bed and I only charge it she doesn't because she would probably miss up the charger port, but other than that it works great last about 5 1/2 hrs. Also you can contact droid there the creators of the tabeo's!!!
Jen on 12/31/2013:
I just bought my son the tabeo 2 for Xmas and the next day it froze I took it back to the toysrus in Southgate mi and they are the rudest store ever she told me I would have to return it and buy another one I said I got this one in sale for 119.00 they are 149.00 right now I am not going to pay more for your mistake she said its nothing we did I said toysrus is the only company that sells this it is toysrus fault it's your produce I said what happens if I return is and you don't have any more she said will that's the end of it then I said oh no it isn't I paid for this and the warranty I went to the toys rus in dearborn mi and they replaced and even replaced the screen protecter that I had on it they were great but I. General I try not to shop at Toys R Us
Jackie on 01/03/2014:
Wow I'm having this same problem no battery charge learned lesson can you buy a replacement battery
stacie on 01/28/2014:
My daughter received a Tabeo for her birthday 11/2012. It was a gift from her grandmother. We are currently waiting on the FIFTH replacement Tabeo!! Tabeo company refuses to give us a refund. When the fifth replacement legs here I plan on taking it the Toy 'R Us to try to exchange it for a competly different product.
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Your Workers Have Complaints Too
Posted by on
Every day, I'm seeing more and more complaints about this company. For the return policy, its hard to know who was wrong or right, it depends on what happened. But this one is about working at the company, and why I'm actually happy for a lot of you that don't want to shop at our stores anymore.

The first complaint I have about them.... Is what my job is. I work as maintenance, but I made the mistake of working for Babies R Us being a guy. Not only do I have my own work to get done, but our women workers like to take advantage of "call the maintenance guy to help". My job isn't just to do my list of work that can easily fill my 4 hour shift (4 hours is what they like to schedule people), but I also have to make up for someone else's inability to lift something. I'm not saying only guys can lift, I work with a couple girls who can do my job better than me. But they get scheduled as a cashier, which means I make up for someone who cannot get any of their work done.

And you can tell a complaint about the 4 hour shifts was coming... The company likes to schedule us for 4 hours, and this isn't a morning shift or anything, we come in at 6 and work till closing and we'll do this 4-5 days a week. Now, when you're making 7.50/hr, that's $30 / day. Now, if it costs you $10 in gas to get to work and home every day, theres an idea of how much we're actually making.

And to go with our minimum wage $100 / week pay. Why do you think paying us every 2 weeks is going to encourage anyone to actually do any work? Every 2 weeks I get a $200 check. I pay bills with it, the next day, I'm lucky to have enough money to buy gas to get to work. For the horrible money that you pay, we need to be paid weekly.

Every day I listen to you "ad" about looking for workers...

You say you have a flexible schedule, but EVERYONE knows that you don't get a retail job if you need them to be flexible. Almost every one of us has our job because we could be there when the store opened, or be there until the store closes.

Exceptional benefits: We get a 10% discount that none of us can afford to use (see the 2 paragraphs about our pay). We're uninsured, or only covered for 911 calls. No actual schedule on raises (or reviews for the chance of a raise). We do get personal / sick / vacation time, but it adds up so slowly that after 1 year, we still don't have enough time to actually enjoy any vacation time. I'd love to see you people in corporate go to work every day with both a toothache and another injury and just have to deal with the pain because you give us NO medical coverage. Its sad, if I QUIT, I can be covered by the state, and also get some foodstamps and actually get to eat dinner every night.

And my last complaint.... I have no idea how to do the job I was hired for, and I get scheduled for it a lot. How many times do I have to call other people for help until your managers realize I NEED TRAINING. I know its more hours you have to let the store schedule, but common sense would tell you that sales wouldn't drop the nights that I'm in that department if I actually knew what I was doing.

AND.... getting a drink of water or going to the bathroom is NOT "stealing company time"


So for the shoppers. This is why the service is so bad a lot of times. To be honest, most of us just don't care about the job, especially the male workers. A landscape company that hires people to work painfully hard for less than minimum wage treats their workers better. The male workers have an unwritten line in their job description that says we have to make up for the slack of them scheduling someone that cannot lift 20lbs in a department with 80lb boxes that have to go up a ladder to the top shelf. We're underpayed for anyone out of high school, we're lucky if we can eat, we have no insurance, we're lucky to be able to afford to take a bus to work, and you threaten our jobs for getting a drink of water during our 4 hours of lifting heavy things...

And for the shoppers, I'm going to apologize for all the workers for the torture you have to go through when you try to buy something (asking if you want the credit card, the protection plan, and now the other card). These geniuses give us a quota on credits. Like, I'll go in and be expected to not just have 5 people apply for credit, but all 5 of them have to have good enough credit to be accepted. Yes, YOUR credit score is the difference between me being a good worker and a bad worker to them.

The customers are constantly complaining about the store, give us a reason to make them want to go back there to shop. Because right now, we're all looking for new jobs, and we're avoiding customers, because we really cannot afford to take the time to help anyone, because we have to go carry a crib out, help the girl in baby gear put 15 boxes onto the top shelf, the carry out an entire furniture set (some help getting that stuff off the shelves in the back room would be really nice, the boxes don't say "team lift" just to have some kind of decoration on them, and then we have to somehow get our work done. But I forgot our female workers in maintenance can get the work done with no problem.... but you'll call me out of my department because once again, you didn't schedule the girl that can lift for that department, because she's the one that called me to customer service to do that carry out.

You need to stop all these complaints. Because when the shoppers aren't happy, they don't shop there, then you give me less hours, and I'm not happy, and I cause more shoppers to be unhappy. Take some responsibility management... I know its a job, but try actually giving us something to let us care about our job, because right now to most of us, its not a job, its a waste of time, and if I had to pay rent..... I'd be homeless, because of you...
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User Replies:
yoke on 10/25/2008:
Have you looked for a new job?
tl1111 on 10/25/2008:
been looking for a new job every day
amarys05 on 10/25/2008:
I work at a store that has many heavy items, and I ask for help to pick them up. Does this make me a bad worker??
yoke on 10/25/2008:
Good Luck, you sound like a hardworking person who deserves better. My husband works at a company that states in the job description that you must be able to lift 50 lbs. He has one girl that does not want to ruin her nails (our inside joke) and will tell him to lift the heavier items. He used to do it, but now refuses. She complained to their boss. My husband reminded the boss it is in their job description. From that day on he has not had to do it. He wasn't trying to be unreasonable, but while he was moving her stuff she would stand around and chit chat.
jktshff1 on 10/25/2008:
Unless a second person is required:
If you are able to pick them up yourself, then the other workers should be able to as well regardless of race, creed, or sex..tell 'em to do it themselves.
Ponie on 10/25/2008:
Can someone get food stamps if they don't pay rent?
DebtorBasher on 10/25/2008:
Thanks for the info...I've always said a lot of companies make it more convenient for people to live on Welfare than to work for them and from the sound of your complaint, I'd say you're working for one of those companies...You mentioned being of high school age, hang in there and do the best you can...good workers are hard to find and someone will see that in you and you'll get the break you deserve...good luck to you.
tl1111 on 10/25/2008:
I'm actually out of highschool and done with college, jobs kind of suck around here. But after getting paid yesterday and realizing I was completely broke today (not even money for gas to get to work the next 2 weeks), I had to go on a rant about how horrible this job is. I actually had to move back home because they surprised me with going from working a 40 hour week to working a 12 hour week. You can't live in the real world with companies like this, and because you have the job (which quitting looks horrible when youre trying to find a new job) you cannot get any government aid. I'd love to see the company go bankrupt so that these managers have to live like they make us live.
notgonnatellyou on 11/11/2008:
Riverhawk on 11/17/2008:
I work at BRU to an agree with some of what you say, but not all.If I were as mesrible as you I'd go cook hamburgers at McDonalds. But, I make well over ten dollars a hr, but feel I'm worth more. For retail you'd have to look long and hard to beat our health insurance, and cost to us.
Yes! paying us every two week had nothing to with motivation upper mgt saw it as a way to save money, just as turning off the music over the intercom sys,and quit giving out baby shower invitations,or no more company profit sharing, and now the economy is in the tank we can't even take vac or earned time off when we want,and now can't even buy supplies we need to preform our jobs. Then there's the twerps in NJ who think generic bed mobiles should be in toys dept rather that furnitue and bedding. or bedrails over in strollers ,car seats and potty chairs, or bassinets over in strollers and acr seats rather than bedding and funiture, gosh some of the things these tweps come up within NJ where they think things should be merchandised are surely morons.
I've ben at BRU for over 10 yrs and I'd say 70 % of the hire are deadbeats that really don't want to work they rather goof off and whine like you.
cheekycc on 03/13/2010:
You are my hero. I do however go out of my way to be polite to all customers and try to make sure they leave happy. It is difficult however to do this when you are penalized for leaving a tiny cubicle you are expected to stand in for 8 hours straight. When a customer walks up to me and asks a question, as I'm stuck in this cubicle and I gladly help them, walk them over to the registry desk, print out needed items or show them where an item is (all while there are no customers in line) I feel the constant stare from management because I left my register. Not only that after making an unhappy guest, happy.. I am given a lecture about leaving my "post" , so yes we do care a LOT about our customers, speaking for myself mostly I enjoy being able to help people. However when we have to stand there and cannot answer a question (due to major lack of training) or have to call someone to help you in a different dept please keep this in mind.
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Order Online for in Store Pick---All Emails in Regards to Item Had a Different Total Amount
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
JOHNSON CITY, NEW YORK -- I purchased an item online for store pick up and was told and emailed that total was $24.06 (for Wii game and protection on disc). Second email from Toys R Us stating confirming purchase stated total $23.88. Email stating item ready for pick up stated total was $21.59. I waited much longer at store (after getting ready for pick up email) for item then if I had just gone to the store and purchased item off the shelf. Noticed a sale on the same game that I had purchased online with in store pickup so I decided to purchase the same game again as well as a few others due to the sale being buy 1 get a second game for $2. After making that purchase I went to customer service to return the online order, she had trouble getting the refund bar code on my printed email slip, mumbled about refunding my money via gift card, (which was NOT going to happen since I had the receipt!). She was able to process my refund and I left the store.

While I walked to my car, I noticed that the refund receipt was for only $19.16. I knew that this was the incorrect amount but since it was cold out and I had my two young children with me I planned on returning in a day or two for correction of my refund. When I got home I got to thinking that I paid quite a bit more via PayPal for the item, so I printed up all my emails in regards to this purchase and called the store. I spoke with some manager who told me to return to the store with my emails and he would look at it. So I loaded the kids back into care drove back to store, had to tell story to customer service representative before she would get the manager. The manager arrives, I showed him the emails with the 1st one stating total was $24.06, PayPal was charged $24.06, second email stated total was $23.88, 3rd email stated total was $21.59 and my refund receipt showing cashier only refunded me $19.16. He acted like I was trying to cheat the company by commenting after looking at all the emails that the $21.59 sounded more like the total. Which [snip] me off, seeing that I had the email from PayPal showing I was charged $24.06 for item. I then had to go back out to the car for my license and wait while he refunds my card $5.29.

No apologies for their massive screw up, no apologies for trying to cheat me out of my $5, no apologies or explanation as to why 3 different emails showed 3 different totals and no apologies for cashier giving me wrong refund amount. No apologies for the huge waste of my time and gas on this, let alone the long wait that I had to endure when waiting for the pick up of original item after receiving order is ready email.

I'm totally disgusted with the poor shoddy customer service at Toys R Us. No where else was I ever treated so poorly. Other stores, when I have had issues with something (which was simple issues with wrong items being sent to me etc and was not cheated on my refund due to me) they bent over backwards to make me happy with a sincere apologies and a small gift card for my troubles with promises that my issue would be passed on to higher authority. Not at Toys R Us! They do not care!
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Not Happy With the Protection Plan!
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
WEST COVINA, CALIFORNIA -- I'm not very happy with the Buyer Protection Plan that was sold to my husband and myself when we purchased our Graco Ready2Grow stroller. I bought the stroller in Feb 2013 and after getting a 25% discount for trading in an old pack n' play the sale price was $149.99. Then I added the protection plan for $24.99. The cashier explained how the plan worked and we thought it was great to pay $24.99 instead of full price of the stroller ($199.99) if we ever had to replace it for whatever reason.

At the beginning of July I noticed that the basket bellow the stroller had a rip on the side and I figured I could easily sew it back up and put duck tape over it since I never really carry heavy stuff in there (although it would've counted as wear and tear). Around a week later I noticed there was a small tear on the front canopy, but it was so small that the sun didn't come through and it did not bother my daughter so I figured I would let it go and just report it if it became any bigger.

Yesterday July 21st I opened up my stroller since we were going to the park and when I opened the same front canopy I realized that some of the plastic was broken and now it is difficult for me to make it work. I decided to finally call it in today July 22nd. At first I received great customer service, but at the end of filing my claim I was told by the representative that I needed to go back to Babies R Us and purchase another stroller, then send them a copy of my original receipt and a copy of my new receipt and in 10-15 business days they would send me a check for the purchase amount.

Since I don't have anything else to turn into Babies R Us to get the 25% discount I have to pay the full price for the stroller which is $199.99. My husband informed me that we would not have the money to do that for about two weeks and he brought up a good point when he said that when the cashier explained the process to us she said we would get a card sent in the mail with the purchase amount so that we could go back into the store and replace the product (of course we would have to pay taxes again but that wasn't an issue).

I called back and explained to the representative how I would not have the money to go buy another stroller for a while, since I don't just have $200 lying around, and I asked if there was anything they could do like just send me the gift card for the amount since that is what we were told would happen if we needed to call in and make a claim for the product. The representative was then very rude and said if they didn't get two receipts, one from Feb 2013 and one from after July 22 2013 that there was nothing they could do.

After this happened I looked up other reviews that were somewhat related to my situation and I found one that was exactly like mine, but in a different state. A woman, who used part of her rent money to replace the stroller out of pocket as instructed to do so by the buyer protection plan rep, sent in her first and second receipt but since it would take approximately 2-3 weeks for her to receive her reimbursement she figured she could do without the stroller for a few weeks but not without her rent money for that long. She then went and returned the stroller and got her rent money back, but never received her check for the original purchase price in the mail.

I am now worried about going and spending money out of pocket to replace the stroller and not receiving my reimbursement. Not only would I be out $50 plus tax (which I would have to spend anyway when replacing the stroller for full price [even with the gift card with the replacement amount of $149.99]) but I would be out $149.99 for the stroller and the $24.99 for the protection plan (which should be covering at least $149.99 of the $199.99 that I will have to spend to replace it). In total I would be out $224.98 instead of just $50. This would all be avoided and I would be much happier and much more satisfied if they would just sent me the gift card with the replacement amount of $149.99 like we were told would happen if we ever needed to call in and make a claim on the item.
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Extremely bad customer service based on pure assumption
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BURLINGTON, CALIFORNIA -- To all consumers,

As I work at a company that has strict policy and procedures, I would like to start off with the fact that I am fully aware of return policies and what items are not returnable. I had a difficult labor of 20 hours and upon arriving home from the hospital I wanted to do everything possible to breast feed, I began to nurse. The same day, I advised my husband that in the event that I would like to pump and store the milk, I would like to look into purchasing a breast pump and keep it handy for when I can use it. So, he went to Baby's R Us and spoke to a really nice informative sales person who gave him enough information about the product. My husband also called me from the store in which I as well spoke with the saleswoman who explained the products features, she informed my husband not to open it unless we are surely going to use it, otherwise the item cannot be returned.

It was quite the investment at $500.00 but we made the purchase determined that I will use this product one day. My husband brought it home but I never decided to look at this item because I had a full description when I spoke to the lady on the phone, so there sat a $500.00 item completely untouched in the bag with the receipt. Within the next 3 days I had excruciating pain from the recovery and was given high meds to cope, I was told I could not give my baby breast milk because of the meds in my body. I told my husband that day to return the breast pump to the store and we can always buy it another time. I did not expect the following events to take place.

As I was at home dealing with my pain and trying to care for my first newborn child, my husband calls me all upset, they were NOT accepting the breast pump back. I was furious! As my husband entered the store with their clear bag, an older lady at the counter automatically told my husband, " you cannot return that" already jumping to a conclusion that the item was opened, I fell sick to my stomach when he told me this. She had not even seen the box. Then my husband said what are you talking about? Yes I can, the item is not opened? She then proceeded to call her manager, yet another ignorant employee. The manager looked at the box and accused my husband of tampering with the box. (Meanwhile I was on the phone hearing this) Despite the pain I was going through I told my husband, let me speak to her, I explained how we never looked at the box when we purchased it, what was wrong? She said the seal looked as though it was tampered and the box edges were not flush? This only got me more furious! It's not our problem that the box had a manufacturing defect! She accused us of something we did not do. I even mentioned my personal situation and who in their right mind could even afford to do something like that when they know that they cannot return it once opened, it sure as heck was not cheap!

Apparently all the breast pump boxes were dented in some manner, they also had the spider rope that presses the box inwards. I put through a complaint, again nothing was done. I called back, starting my story off that I was returning a breast pump, she too on the phone automatically assumed I opened it and started telling me the policy, before she continued, I stopped her and mentioned I understood the policy, angry even more, I mentioned, The item was not opened or even viewed for that matter!

That day my husband decided to go to another location to return it, and the funny thing was that the manager there looked at it carefully and said everything was fine, she gave our money back. Weirdly, we mentioned what happened at the other store location and she carefully looked at the seals and said it does not look touched, because of the spider rope, that is what was the cause of the dents and is not the customer's fault!

Going back to the bad Baby's R Us location, The customer service line served as no help, she mentioned a complaint will be put through and it will be brought to the store managers attention, as far as I am concerned, nothing was ever done. Be careful when purchasing any big item with the spider rope or even just the regular sticker seals, the boxes even get damaged coming off the truck which is Not the customers fault! I felt so degraded, insulted and hurt to be accused of something I did not do. Based on my rating below, it is not all store locations, just the one in Burlington.
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Worst online experience
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ONLINE, NEW JERSEY -- I mailed the below letter to Toys R Us today.

Toys“R”Us, Inc.
One Geoffrey Way
Wayne, NJ 07470

To Whom It May Concern:

I placed on an order on your website on Tuesday, August 4th. After I placed the order I called to make sure that it would ship yesterday. The items are for my daughter’s birthday this coming Sunday, September 9th. The associate on the phone assured me that the items would ship out yesterday or today. He provided me with the warehouse zip code. UPS Ground is a guaranteed 2 business days in transit from your warehouse to my home.

This morning when I had not received tracking I called your service line back. This time I was told that my order would arrive between the 9th and the 14th. They stated that there was no way to determine when it would arrive.

What this means is that my order might not ship today. There was no way to cancel the order (even though it has not shipped yet) and refund my money. I am now unable to simply go to the store and purchase her presents in person. No one was able to assist me and I truly was tired of hearing the word unfortunately which the associate used at least 15 times.

So now my daughter’s birthday is approaching and I might have to tell her that she will not receive any presents from her mother. I shop online all the time and this is the 1st time I have run into such a wall when dealing with customer service. It seems that Toys R Us does not know the meaning of going above and beyond for the customer.

If my daughter does not receive her presents on time for her birthday this weekend I will be sure to follow this letter with pictures of her tear stained face as well as post the pictures on your Facebook page with a nice thank you from us. I have been a loyal customer for the past 20yrs. Every Christmas and Birthday I buy presents for my 5 children from Toys R Us. Well no more. The little guy might not count for much for the big corporation but you have just lost this little guy!


Upset Mother
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Anonymous on 09/05/2012:
Do you mean Tuesday September 4?

Did you pay for expedited service/2 day shipping?
Toys R Us doesn't guarantee delivery by a certain date. Why did you wait until the last minute to place the order? You knew you were cutting it close. I'm sorry but I don't see this as any fault of Toys R Us. Most businesses require 1-2 days processing time. You should have ordered sooner.
CowboyFan on 09/06/2012:
If the child has tear stained face, its because the OP did not order in time. Ordering on Tuesday, is not sufficient time to get something by Sunday, unless one is willing to pay a lot extra for shipping, etc. I would not ever assume that an order is going to be shipped on the date of order, but expect their process will take a day or two before shipping occurs. Then with overnight service, the Op might have got it on Friday or Saturday, but that's cutting it close.
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Buyer Protection Plan A Fraud
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CLINTON, MARYLAND -- We bought 2 Ipod touch 4th gens from Toys R Us, we immediately were offered the buyer protection plan and told and shown on the brochure items under 300 dollars are replaced. 3 weeks after Christmas one of the Ipods begin to experience problems, and now the truth comes out about the buyer protection plan. IT DOES NOT GET replaced, you get a shipping label and have to return it to the buyer protection people, when they receive it, they will take a week to process it, then they will send you a CHECK for the original purchase price ... but wait .. that price is minus an gift cards or money off you used and minus sales tax, state tax, fed tax or any other taxes you paid. So since we had used a 10 dollar gift card we don't get that back or the taxes ... so now the buyer protection people will take 3 to 5 weeks (I was told probably 5 or 6 weeks because they are so busy) and they will mail the chceck to you, now we would have been out the 10 dollars, out of the sales tax, have to drive to drop it off, have to take a check to the bank, and have to pay extra to replace the item, their advertising is totally misleading and it is not a replacement plan. Instead of that hassel we went to an apple store used the 1 year warranty they give you free, and walked out with a new ipod since it was a software failure and hardware defect. THAT IS THE OTHER PART THEY WON'T TELL YOU AT Toys R Us they give you 1 use of the plan EVEN if it is a manufacturer defect once you use the plan it is over and you have to purchase a new plan, EVEN for a manufacturers defect that has nothing to do with you. As for the defective item, they fix it and resell it and that is straight out of the mouths of of the buyer protection people. You loose all the way around with a 25.00 Buyer Protection Plan.
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HonestForSure on 01/25/2012:
If you are not given the price of the unit, that is fraud. The 5-6 weeks is bogus. These gift cards can be processed in 7-10 days max. Toys R Us, sadly, contracts this out to "NEW Customer Service Companies," and neither answers the calls or maintains the claims database.

Yes, they are in it for the profit, as the program obviously does not include an outstanding customer experience.

Your best bet is to put outside pressure on NEW by contacting your state's division Consumer Affairs, the BBB, and maybe a local Action New Consumer Reporter. Pressure always works.
FoDaddy19 on 01/26/2012:
If you read the terms and conditions posted on their website you'll see this bit of info

"We will replace the Product with a product with similar features or reimburse You for the original purchase price of the Product, at Our discretion, when required due to a Breakdown, including those experienced during normal wear and tear, which is not covered under any other warranty or service contract...."

It goes on to mention the following

"Your Product requires replacement, You will be instructed to ship Your Product to Our authorized service center, per Our instructions. N.E.W. will pay for the cost of shipping Your Product to the Our authorized service center for replacement. You will then be reimbursed the original price of Your Product in the form of a Toys R Us gift card."

There is no fraud here, and they were following their own policy.
HonestForSure on 02/13/2012:
@fodaddy19 - "which is not covered under any other warranty." Uh, other than accidental damage, the Ipod has a 1 year warranty. The plan then is for 3 additional months. Damage claims are also nitpicked as the service administrator would MUCH rather have the customer send the unit to the mfr and fight with them for the first 12 months. A 15 month plan at a minimum is DECEPTIVE, fraud at worst. What does 15 months mean?? That is only an actuarial calculation by the provider, nothing to do with customer experience. Toys R Us should be ashamed of being talked into these programs; I'm sure many of the execs DON'T know the specifics. These programs are EXACTLY why shopping experiences for consumer electronics are horrendous.
curtandy on 03/12/2012:
Exactly what FoDaddy19 said.

My Son dropped his iPod Touch on the pavement 2 months after buying itand the glass shattered. THANK GOD we purchased the replacement plan. If it were the Apple warranty IT WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN COVERED. They sent us a Toys R Us gift card for the purchase price MINUS taxes and rebates/gift cards. We then used the card to purcahse a brand NEW iPod. And yes, I bought another warranty for it. I would say our experience was actually not bad at all. It did takes about 10 wekkes but I chalk that up for punishment for my son for not being responsible with his stuff in the first place. It's been over a year now and he has taken very good care of it now.

You really expected to get a replacement? If so I guarantee it would have been a refurb and not new. And as for the full purchase price? I don't know any warranty that would give you that. Taxes are taxes after all and if they gave you a gift card for purcahsing, then why would you expect to get something you didn't have in the first place?
Crap warranty! on 01/09/2013:
The warranty from Toys r Us is a sham! They label it a 12 minth warranty but its only a few months because they expect you to fight with the manufacturer instead of honoring their warranty . Look up Toys r Us and their ratings are horrible. 1 star out of 5 in every way
Sean on 05/30/2013:
I had no problem the 1st time u did it. I got a gift card for full amount of the item including tax and gift cards I used
hgt on 09/18/2013:
the worst plans to ever buy don't even shop there go to the mama and papa stores much better service and stuff they got me one to many times
Mia on 01/07/2014:
DO NOT buy babiesRUs replacement plan! It's a waste of time and money. I bought a stroller and after 4 months, the wheels started making a grinding noise. I filed a claim and it was denied twice because it wasn't covered. What???? It said normal wear and tear. Really?? Do I have to wait until my wheels falls off??? What a scam!
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Toys'R'Us Overzealous Policies
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WAYNE, NEW JERSEY -- I had an upsetting experience while trying to purchase a toy for my son during Toys'R'Us's "Cyber Monday Sale." I tried to log onto the site Monday night and it was running very slow. I suspect the traffic was just overwhelming, and it took me about a half an hour to get the item to show up in "My Cart." When I went to check out, I selected "Store Pick Up" for the shipping method and proceeded to start a payment with Paypal. I was taken to the Paypal page, but when Paypal tried to return me to the Toys'R'Us website to confirm the payment, the page wouldn't load at all. Not wanting to try it again for fear of being billed twice, I called the local Toys'R'Us on Rt. 31 in Clay. I asked if the item I wanted was in stock and was told they had "a couple" left, so I asked if they could hold one until the website could process the payment. I was told, "No, we don't hold anything at this time of year." So I asked if I could come down there and pick it up and pay for it in the store, since the website wasn't working. I was told that I would be charged full price since the sale was on "online sale" only. When I asked how this is fair, being that the website wasn't working properly, I was told I'd have to talk to the online dept. I asked if there was a phone number, and was given "1-800-ToysRUs." I called and spoke to a representative who told me they were having problems with the "Store Pick Up" feature of the site (which was not true, as it was confirmed later on that the entire ordering process was broken), and was told there was nothing they could do, but that they were extending the sale because of all the issues. I asked if there was a way that the item could be held for me until the website was running properly, and I was told, "No, but you can call your local store. They're the only ones who can do anything for you." So I called the store back and after 15 mins. spoke to the manager, Tracy. She said there was nothing they could do because "we don't price adjust." This upset me the most, because it is a flat-out lie. My family used to visit children in hospitals during Christmas; my brother would dress up as "The Grinch," and we'd give out toys to the children. We were in the Toys'R'Us on Erie Blvd. at the time, and all "Grinch" toys were on sale. My father explained our charity to the manager, and they literally price adjusted an entire register to ring up items at an extra 20% discount! My father purchased 3 cartloads of toys that day. I was so upset that I canceled my "Rewards'R'Us" membership and vowed never to shop from those stores again. Ironically enough, the nicest person I spoke to was the woman who canceled my membership, and she told me they price match other stores all the time and was baffled as to why they wouldn't price match their own store in this situation.
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andbran on 12/07/2011:
I have never known any retailer to price match with their website. by the time sales tax and shipping is added it would have been easier to get it at the store. of course no one is going to put anything ,especially hot items ,on hold during the holidays. you ask a valid question and they gave you a valid answer. you are just upset they did not cater to you.
SteveWiginowski on 12/08/2011:
I'm not sure if it's the same or not, but when I worked at TRU about a decade ago, the website was run by Amazon, I believe. They didn't price match the website back then either. Ordering online saves companies money compared to buying in store, so that may be another reason why they don't price match online prices.

In terms of holds, if an item was a hot item or sale item, I wouldn't hold it during the Christmas season. If it was an item that we had plenty, I would be okay with holding it for an hour.
NYE on 01/01/2012:
TRU does not match sales prices if it is an "online only" sale as you describeed, nor do they price match competitor websites, so the store told you correctly. As for the holding of your item, if they only had a couple, what would happen if someone else successfully placed the online order? Who should get it, you or the person who paid successfully? The store did the right thing. If you were upset, you should shop in stores, not online, which caused you the actual frustration.
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How Babies 'R' Us Rips People Off
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Here's how Babies 'R' Us sucks today:

My mom bought me a glider "nursing" chair for ~400$. Looked amazing, had great reviews. It was shipped to the house, we assembled it, and it felt like it was made for a Munchkin. So, we had to disassemble it and return it to a store who would ship it back for us. When we took it to the store, they said they would re-assemble it and keep it as a floor model, which is what I suggested on the phone to them, when I called to see if we could just return it assembled, rather than run the risk of damaging it by disassembling it. No, they wanted it back in the box.

Babies 'R' Us put the $ on a merchandise credit card that I have to use it in the store or online. I found a chair in the store models that I prefer, so I went home to order that one. Well, to have it shipped to my house would cost 200$ for just the shipping alone...I don't think so! So, I opted to have it sent to a store for pick-up. I placed the order only to have it cancelled within the hour, for ambiguous reasons. I decided to call customer service. After a long conversation and the woman offered me a whopping 50% off on the shipping (yay, only 100$ shipping!), I said, "So, unless I pay a massive shipping fee for a freight delivery, which should be the cheaper option, there is no way I can obtain this chair? It cannot be sent to your store so I can pick it up???" "Yes ma'am, that is correct." I told her this is the kind of experience that causes people to say, "I am done with Babies R Us and their inconvenient policies. I will get my chair elsewhere." She obviously didn't care. It's a massive chain. This isn't even a drop in the bucket. And she's probably making minimum wage.

The exact scenario is happening to my mother-in-law who has been trying to order a bassinet for us.

Basically, Babies 'R' Us has a bunch of products that they keep out of the stores, in some mysterious warehouse, and when you want to order them, they slap a massive "shipping" fee on it or else you can't have it. And because my money that I can use for this purchase is on their merchandise credit card, I am basically at their mercy. I'm sure that, somewhere, when my mom bought the first chair that we returned, she, as we all have done, clicked "OK" to a statement that said, "All returned items will be refunded in the form of store credit only." Meaning, I HAVE to spend my money there.

I am unbelieveably frustrated. I just want a nice place to nurse my baby.

Once this is said and done, even if I do have to give them my money for this, I will NEVER shop there again. I hope you will give it a second thought too. Pretty much every other option is better; even Walmart...I can't believe I'm saying that! Gross.

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Anonymous on 01/23/2011:
What does an employee making minimum wage have anything to do with this issue? I'm sure they work just as hard if not harder that those making a lot more.
andbran on 01/23/2011:
why not just go the store ans see what they have in stock? in my opinion this is way simpler than ordering online. not to mention you would not have to pay massive shipping fees. you should be enjoying shopping for your baby instead of hasseling with returning anything bought online.
unhappy999 on 01/23/2011:
The people working there do not set the stores policies. They can not always give people what they want and how much or how little money they make has nothing to do with it.
momsey on 01/23/2011:
We bought a beautiful glider from BRU about three years ago. We picked it out in the store and they had it in stock. Have you tried shopping at the store to see what they have in stock that you can just bring home yourself?
Ytropious on 01/23/2011:
You could have shipped it back, then you wouldn't have had to take a merch credit. Online orders returned to store HAVE to be put on a merch credit. Site to store does not exist for TRU. They have a buy online pick up in store, but only on items that are already carried in the store, it doesn't count for online only merch. Stores only have so much room for cribs and chairs. Most of it has to be online for convenience only. It's a GLIDER, they have some in store why not just pick one in store instead of dragging your feet about having one online? Babies go through a lot of diapers and supplies, I'm sure you'll find something to spend that 400 dollars on, besides, it was a GIFT. It's not like you're out 400.
olie on 01/23/2011:
Regarding the shipping price: These chairs require a big box; they're heavy. That's how shipping companies bill--size and weight.

Please use the merchandise certificate to purchase things you know you'll use, like diapers, wipes, and onesies.
Venice09 on 01/24/2011:
I agree with all the comments here, especially the one about minimum wage employees working just as hard, if not harder, as higher paid ones. I believe an employee's performance is based more on personality than wages. I'll never understand why people expect less from employees making minimum wage. I don't believe those employees would be any better at their jobs if they were being paid more.
Ytropious on 01/24/2011:
As someone making close to minimum wage I can shed some light. It's not that low wage = bad service, it's more low wage = less incentive to care about the job. If I get fired from one minimum wage job, it's not like I climbed the ladder and I'm going to be out a lot, I can just go start at another minimum wage job. If you make a lot more, or of you're a manager, there's more incentive to do your job because you'll be out a lot more if you're fired. Not saying from experience, I've never been fired from a job, but that's the general idea.
Venice09 on 01/25/2011:
That makes sense, Yt. But I have to say that all the retail employees I deal within my area always seem to be doing their best despite making minimum wage. I attribute that to the company's ability to hire the right people, the ones they want representing their business. That's why I think it has a lot to do with a person's nature.
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Too Bad Customer!
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Dear: Gerald (Jerry) Storch:

I was looking for the Barbie & The Diamond Castle Playset for my daughter for Christmas. I had looked everywhere. I looked at all the WalMarts, Targets, and KMarts in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces NM. I had also had to travel for work so I checked the Deming NM and Silver City NM WalMarts also. I was not able to find it anywhere.

On 12/12 I went onto Toys R Us web page to try to order it there. They were out of stock but they had this feature that you could get an email when it was in stock. I get email on my phone so I thought that would be great because no mater where I was I would get the email and then I could order the Barbie & The Diamond Castle Playset right then and there, so I signed up for the notifications. The next morning on 12/13 @ 6:30 AM I got the email that said they were back in stock. I got up from my bed and ran up stairs and ordered it over the phone.

The guy I talked to told me that it was in stock and would ship within one to two business days. That would make it ship on 12/15 or 12/16 because it was Saturday. He assured me that I would have it on time for Christmas. The Toys R Us web page also said if you order anything before 12/19 you would get it by Christmas Eve. The guy told me I qualified for some makeup kit for free also I just had to pay for the shipping. I said fine and added it to the order.

On 12/13 @ 7:28 AM I got the email confirming my order with the items in stock and ready to ship. At 10:30 AM I got another email from Toys R Us saying the items are being processed and I would be charged $111.46 for the items with shipping.

On 12/15 without fail the first item was shipped. I went on to track it and found out that it was just the makeup kit from Toys R Us. Not the Barbie & The Diamond Castle Playset that I had really ordered. Just like clock work the Makeup kit arrived from Toys R Us on 12/17, but the item I really ordered still had not shipped out. I then called Toys R Us when I got home from work and the person I talked to said that she was not sure why it had not shipped out but would look into it but I should still not have any issue with getting it here before Christmas. I said OK thanks.

I waited until 12/19 to call again to see what was the stauts because it still showed processing the Barbie & diamond Castle Playset on the Toys R Us web site. When I finally got to a person it was around 12 PM. The lady I talked to told me that it had still not shipped out and could not understand why. She put me on hold for about 10 min and said that she would get an email to her supervisor and they would be calling me back. She also told me I would be getting it before Christmas. Once again Toys R Us was lying to me.

I never received a call from anyone. I got an email @ 4:22 PM on 12/19 saying that the item had shipped. I went on UPS to see when I would be getting it and it only said the billing information had been received. I had to wait until 12/20 to see when I would be getting it. I was glad it had finally shipped.

So today 12/20 I went onto to track my Barbie & The Diamond Castle Playset and what a surprise…. I was not getting it until 12/30. THAT IS FIVE…FIVE…DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS. I am so disappointed. I called Toys R Us again now for the fourth time and talked to another lady. She told me there was nothing she could do for me. She said the package was too heavy or they could have expedited it. Why was I not called? I would have paid the extra to get it on time. I was told I would be called by a manager. It seams to me that the “managers” at Toys R Us are afraid to talk to the customers. The lady on the phone from Toys R Us told me that she would have to send another email to the manager and they would call me. I told her I wanted her to ship me a new doll house and make it two day. Then I would get it by Christmas and I would send back the one that gets here on 12/30. She said that she would send that request to the manager in the email. I asked if I could talk to a manager and she said there are no managers there. I asked it there was another phone number I could call to talk to someone above her and she said NO. I asked how long it takes for a manager to call me and she said, “I don’t know.” I can’t believe this is the way Toys R Us runs it business. I am a manager for a major communications company and if one of my customers, I don’t care who it is, wanted to talk to me I would expect my techs to put me on the phone with them right then and there. I would never treat a customer like Toys R Us is treating me. If we are nothing else in this would we are all connected by the human race. How is it that Toys R Us is so disconnected that they can’t simply talk to their customers? An email has to decide if my daughter is going to have a good Christmas or not. Man Toys R Us you really blew it.

Here is the info. if you would like to do a internal investigation. I sure you will not but I really don’t care at this point. I will also be posting this on every site I can find so that everyone will know what Toys R Us did to me and my child on Christmas.
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Paul6977 on 12/29/2008:
Another fine screwup by TRU. I noticed you stated the person you spoke with said they would have to send an email to there supervisor. Why do you need to know this, and why would they use email and not obtain a supervisor on the spot to resolve a time sensitive issue, TRU often makes mistakes with there outdated and poor customer service skills. We don't shop at TRU at all in any form (physical or on-line) and apparently neither do a lot of other people as they will be going under in January. Bye bye TRU
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