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Order Online for in Store Pick---All Emails in Regards to Item Had a Different Total Amount
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Rating: 1/51

JOHNSON CITY, NEW YORK -- I purchased an item online for store pick up and was told and emailed that total was $24.06 (for Wii game and protection on disc). Second email from Toys R Us stating confirming purchase stated total $23.88. Email stating item ready for pick up stated total was $21.59. I waited much longer at store (after getting ready for pick up email) for item than if I had just gone to the store and purchased item off the shelf.

Noticed a sale on the same game that I had purchased online with in-store pickup so I decided to purchase the same game again as well as a few others due to the sale being buy 1 get a second game for $2. After making that purchase I went to customer service to return the online order. She had trouble getting the refund bar code on my printed email slip, mumbled about refunding my money via gift card, (which was NOT going to happen since I had the receipt!). She was able to process my refund and I left the store.

While I walked to my car, I noticed that the refund receipt was for only $19.16. I knew that this was the incorrect amount but since it was cold out and I had my two young children with me I planned on returning in a day or two for correction of my refund. When I got home I got to thinking that I paid quite a bit more via PayPal for the item, so I printed up all my emails in regards to this purchase and called the store. I spoke with some manager who told me to return to the store with my emails and he would look at it. So I loaded the kids back into car, drove back to store, had to tell story to customer service representative before she would get the manager.

The manager arrives. I showed him the emails with the 1st one stating total was $24.06. PayPal was charged $24.06, second email stated total was $23.88, 3rd email stated total was $21.59 and my refund receipt showing cashier only refunded me $19.16. He acted like I was trying to cheat the company by commenting after looking at all the emails that the $21.59 sounded more like the total. Which [snip] me off, seeing that I had the email from PayPal showing I was charged $24.06 for item. I then had to go back out to the car for my license and wait while he refunds my card $5.29.

No apologies for their massive screw up, no apologies for trying to cheat me out of my $5, no apologies or explanation as to why 3 different emails showed 3 different totals and no apologies for cashier giving me wrong refund amount. No apologies for the huge waste of my time and gas on this, let alone the long wait that I had to endure when waiting for the pick up of original item after receiving order is ready email.

I'm totally disgusted with the poor shoddy customer service at Toys R Us. No where else was I ever treated so poorly. Other stores, when I have had issues with something (which was simple issues with wrong items being sent to me etc and was not cheated on my refund due to me) they bent over backwards to make me happy with a sincere apologies and a small gift card for my troubles with promises that my issue would be passed on to higher authority. Not at Toys R Us! They do not care!

Item Purchased
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Rating: 1/51

I will never ever purchase anything from that scam artists company ever again! On February 21, I purchased the Graco Forever All in 1 Car Seat on Babies R Us website for $326.61. A few days later I viewed my bank statement and the money was returned to my account and was taken out again. On the 25th I got an email stating that my order was shipped. On Thursday I got a call from the FedEx driver that he was outside my house, I told him that no one is at home, so he then replied I will return tomorrow the same time with the package. I said "Ok I will have someone there to sign for it."

Friday the 26 the FedEx driver never came. I decided to track my package and realized that it was actually delivered on the 25, so I decided to call Toys R Us, spoke to a representative, and I was told that a claim will be made to investigate that situation and I should get an email within 24-48 hrs which I never did. I decided to call 72 hours later and the representative told me that FedEx stated that the item was delivered so I then replied "So where the hell is my product and why the hell should I waste my time to call If I received my item?" She stated that she will then send in a request for either a replacement or a refund so I will have to wait another 24-48 hours, heard nothing from them nor an email.

Long story short this thing escalated from the entire month of March. I then called back and spoke to a supervisor which then explained that my request was denied due to a glitch in their system and she is going to approve the request for my refund and I have to wait another 24-48 hrs and then 3-5 days depending on my bank.

Tuesday April 1st, I decided to call my bank and I was told that there is not pending refund in my account from Toys R Us so I called Toys R Us up again and another set of ** was said to me so I went ballistic and I also mentioned to them that I will have to get my lawyer involved. I requested to speak with a supervisor and she told me yet another story and I will have to give it another 24-48 hrs. I then said "Ok, but this is the last time that I am calling and I will definitely have my lawyer contact them including the news channels." I'm now waiting for April 3 to receive an email, indicating that my refund is approved.

Cancelling Pre-Orders
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Rating: 1/51

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY -- They initially canceled my pre-orders a few weeks after placing them, then offered me a coupon and exclusive link to re-order them, so I did. Received a confirmation email instantly and then another email a week later saying they were getting ready to ship, then they got canceled again. The problem occurred when I initially ordered from Toys R Us instead of Gamestop, Wal-mart, Amazon or any other seller that had amiibos. Toys R Us ran out, so now I can't get them.

I contacted Toys R Us and their customer service gives me a generic canned response, so I contacted BBB due to their customer service, which went as well as can be expected, BBB did say that they would monitor Toys R Us account over the next few days for similar complaints, so if anyone has had any issues ordering from Toys R Us website, amiibos or not, I invite you to file a complaint.

Items Paid and Not Shipped
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- I had 3 Layaways online Totaling $533.00. I paid them off a week ago and they are marked shipped. No tracking numbers were provided online or through email. I have not received anything. I have called them several times and no one knows why they have not been sent or what is going on. They keep telling me that they will escalate this and someone will call me. So far no one has. Two of the layaways are Christmas presents and the other was to be a Birthday present for my grandson next week. I have no idea what to do next.

Toys-R-Us Buyer Protection Plan a SCAM
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Rating: 1/51

CANTON, OHIO -- In September 2013, I purchased the Xbox Grand Theft Auto Video Game from Toys R US. I also purchased the Buyer Protection Plan. The video wouldn't load, my son couldn't wait for me to send it in so I purchased another THINKING I would be getting a Gift Card from the Plan. WRONG. It has taken 6 months and three phones calls to be mislead into thinking after I send it back (never got the UPS label the first two times) I'd get a GC. Even though it states in the brochure "Convenient "R" us Gift Card reimbursement on replacement plans, if it's a VIDEO GAME they will only repair or replace!

It doesn't specify this in the brochure nor do the sales reps tell you this. When I asked to speak to a manager they referred me to their legal department - and it's an address only! If I ever go in the store again I will tell everyone not to buy the Protection Plan. A complete waste of money and time!

Bad Experience,will Never Recommend It to Anyone
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Rating: 1/51

MARYLAND -- We bought my son a Tabeo tablet for Christmas. He was so excited to get a tablet, but little did we know that it will not connect to WiFi. It freezes and shuts off, and when I called the support line it is busy and it NEVER rings. Then I sent an email to try to get help the email it is not a real email, so, I went on my computer and found a number for Toys R Us customer service. I got through and they asked me what the problem was and I told them. They went silent for about 5 minutes. I had to continue to ask if they were there.

When they decided to talk to me, they said it is very busy this time of year and to keep calling. I'd like to say, it is very sad they have CEO for this company and they do nothing to help their customers with their complaints. We are the reason they are still open. They do not mind taking our money they just do not want to help us when we have a problem. I will never ever buy from them again, their customer service is very bad and I say this to the executive staff, why are you not helping your customers that are having problems?

Fraudulent Transactions
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE ORDERING, NEW YORK -- Ordered baby bottles online. My account was charged three times. Luckily my bank cancelled two of the transactions. Paid $29.00 for express shipping on November 6, 2013. Today is November 12, and still no delivery. The worst customer service - does not even explain my week of misery from this company. They are rude, degrading and thieves. This order was cancelled on Friday, November 8, 2013 and they charged my account again on Monday November 11, 2013.

After calling the corporate number I was assured the order was cancelled on Friday, so why in the ** is my account for the fourth time getting hit??? When I asked for the Corporate phone number I was told by one of their representatives that they did not have that number. I had to find the number through research. This went on and on for most of last week and now this week so far. Ordering or canceling online should not be this difficult. What is wrong with this company? Today, November 12, 2013 I was told I would get a call back before the end of the business day and never did so tomorrow I will call yet again. Here we go again... what a nightmare!!!

Former Employee Requests
By -

While shopping at ANY establishment please keep these few things in mind. That person behind the register DID go to college. No, he/she is not an idiot because they are paid to smile and take your money. In fact, most cashiers you've ever encountered are uniquely talented and possess exceptional self-control and problem-solving skills.

Taking store credit doesn't really do the store any favors if the product was not purchased from them in the first place. The person who gave you that Wii Fit paid GameStop $200 dollars and you would like us to give you $200 dollars worth of store credit to OUR store? That's why we need receipts.

Whatever you do PLEASE do NOT make ANIMAL NOISES/GIBBERISH TO IMITATE THE CLERK when they ask you if you need batteries or anything else. I am emotionally scarred from keeping myself composed during the MULTIPLE times this happened.

The cashier MUST ask EVERY customer a certain set of questions EVERY SINGLE time. Their jobs are on the line. For them to independently decide who to ask or not is discrimination. What if you really DID want to save 10% that day if only you'd known you had the opportunity? Would you rather they just took one look at you and decided FOR YOU that you shouldn't get a chance for 10% off that day?

Believe it or not, working in retail is not easy, was never easy, and will never be easy. Survival in retail requires a lot of skill. That is why there is so much turnover. The majority of us do not just sit/stand around twiddling our thumbs. We run a BUSINESS. There is always something to do.

"IN THIS ECONOMY..." In this economy would you like to pay our mortgages? Those working IN the stores are ALSO customers themselves. We take off the name tag, go out into the world, and make purchases of our own. The companies are holding more sales to accommodate the public but managers can not give you additional discounts JUST BECAUSE. Those situations essentially take money out of my pocket and put it in yours. And IN THIS ECONOMY, why would I want to do such a thing?

If you need a personal shopper, please hire one. Need to know if we carry an item? Sure. Want to know if we currently have it in stock? Not a problem. Rattle off a laundry list of items and demand that they are gathered and brought up to customer service ready for purchase when you arrive so you "don't have to wait"? No. We can NOT return an item just because you didn't like it or got tired of it. That would be a RENTAL. We don't rent our merchandise. You bought it, it's your property whether you liked the experience or not.

If you bought something five months ago, DROPPED it, and that delicate little plastic clip broke off, do NOT accuse me of selling you "faulty" merchandise. You can't just come in and exchange old items that YOU broke for brand new ones because you expected them to last forever (that's why we offer extended warranties).

For the love of god stop tearing the boxes open. PLEASE. The boxes provide all the information you need. They have pictures, dimensions, descriptions, manufacturers, phone numbers, and more. If you're going to open the item anyway, use your keys to cut the seal, do NOT use brute force to rip the box down the side, spilling the contents all over floor and make it impossible to sell.

And if you DO decide to buy it, take the one you tore open! You know it has the pieces, you know it's fine because YOU were the one who mangled the package. Don't leave the shredded container on the shelf and pick up an untouched one. It is infuriating. It is selfish. When you get home you probably throw the box out anyway!

Note: Not all customer service associates are good people. Not all customers are cruel. With any and all sales transactions/experiences associates and customers alike PLEASE give each other the benefit of the doubt and remain kind, calm, and polite. No matter what side of the fence you're on humanity is clearly going down the tubes. There is virtually no such thing as honesty anymore.

To The Customers... Listen Here
By -

I've been an associate of TRU for 3 years, for the most part I enjoyed my job, and I get a good laugh from reading the "complaints" people have about the company here. The return policy bothering you? Gasp, you bought something and lost your receipt, and now you decide you want to return it? Nope, rules are rules. Not only does the back of your now lost receipt have the full return policy details on it, but so does the front, the customer service desk, and every register.

There is NO way you can be unaware you need a receipt. Even if you somehow miss the signs and don't read your receipt, it's basically common sense. No receipt no return means no receipt no return. If we made an exception for you, we'd have no policy.

Which leads to customers who think they deserve special treatment. We see hundreds of people come through register/desk/line of sight on our shift daily, and you are in no way any more special than the other X amount of people we've helped that day. If the cashier doesn't want to chat it up with you or laugh at some lame joke you make, deal with it, don't get offended or complain, that cashier has probably been standing there 7 hours and just wants to go home to her family.

And those surveys that print at the top of your receipt? Yeah, don't be an ass and give everything a 1 just because you were mad that we sold out of something and you came in 5 minutes before closing. The company actually cares about those, and you bring a biased jerk doesn't help. I've seen many a good cashier get a "talking to" from management because one of the customers they rang out filled out a negative survey, even if it had nothing to do with them.

Other than being pissed about not having something or a so called "rude" associate (one of those associates mentioned above who doesn't laugh at lame jokes or feel like making small talk) the other complaints are about having to stand in line. You have to stand in line nearly everywhere, I'm sorry if there's 2 people ahead of you, learn some patience.

I'm also tired of people saying that we're "going out of business" or "their company is going down the tubes." Nope, quite the contrary actually. Before our new CEO TRU was having some problems, but we've been growing in the past 5 years and we're opening NEW stores, not closing any. Don't cite facts about a company you know nothing about internally.

Never assume an associate has the power to change anything or is in some way holding information from you. If they say they're sold out of an item and don't know when it will be in, it's the truth. Rarely do we know the exact date a SPECIFIC item will be in. Sometimes we know when trucks come, but if your item will actually be on it is another question, and when it will be filled on the floor is another. Don't try and ferret "secret" information out of the employee, if they knew they'd tell you.

So to wrap it up, don't try to return something without a receipt, don't get pissed at an overworked or shy cashier, don't assume the employees are all knowing and in some way keeping you in the dark, DO give all 10's on the surveys and THANK the associate that helps you, it may be our job but we deserve thanks for putting up with more crap than you know. Thanks. ^_^

Your Workers Have Complaints Too
By -

Everyday, I'm seeing more and more complaints about this company. For the return policy, it's hard to know who was wrong or right, it depends on what happened. But this one is about working at the company, and why I'm actually happy for a lot of you that don't want to shop at our stores anymore.

The first complaint I have about them.... Is what my job is. I work as maintenance, but I made the mistake of working for Babies R Us being a guy. Not only do I have my own work to get done, but our women workers like to take advantage of "call the maintenance guy to help". My job isn't just to do my list of work that can easily fill my 4 hour shift (4 hours is what they like to schedule people), but I also have to make up for someone else's inability to lift something. I'm not saying only guys can lift, I work with a couple girls who can do my job better than me. But they get scheduled as a cashier, which means I make up for someone who cannot get any of their work done.

And you can tell a complaint about the 4 hour shifts was coming... The company likes to schedule us for 4 hours, and this isn't a morning shift or anything, we come in at 6 and work till closing and we'll do this 4-5 days a week. Now when you're making 7.50/hr, that's $30/day. Now, if it costs you $10 in gas to get to work and home every day, there's an idea of how much we're actually making.

And to go with our minimum wage $100 / week pay. Why do you think paying us every 2 weeks is going to encourage anyone to actually do any work? Every 2 weeks I get a $200 check. I pay bills with it, the next day, I'm lucky to have enough money to buy gas to get to work. For the horrible money that you pay, we need to be paid weekly. Every day I listen to you "ad" about looking for workers...

You say you have a flexible schedule, but EVERYONE knows that you don't get a retail job if you need them to be flexible. Almost every one of us has our job because we could be there when the store opened, or be there until the store closes.

Exceptional benefits: We get a 10% discount that none of us can afford to use (see the 2 paragraphs about our pay). We're uninsured, or only covered for 911 calls. No actual schedule on raises (or reviews for the chance of a raise). We do get personal / sick / vacation time, but it adds up so slowly that after 1 year, we still don't have enough time to actually enjoy any vacation time. I'd love to see you people in corporate go to work every day with both a toothache and another injury and just have to deal with the pain because you give us NO medical coverage. It's sad, if I QUIT, I can be covered by the state, and also get some food stamps and actually get to eat dinner every night.

And my last complaint.... I have no idea how to do the job I was hired for, and I get scheduled for it a lot. How many times do I have to call other people for help until your managers realize I NEED TRAINING? I know its more hours you have to let the store schedule, but common sense would tell you that sales wouldn't drop the nights that I'm in that department if I actually knew what I was doing. AND... Getting a drink of water or going to the bathroom is NOT "stealing company time"

So for the shoppers. This is why the service is so bad a lot of times. To be honest, most of us just don't care about the job, especially the male workers. A landscape company that hires people to work painfully hard for less than minimum wage treats their workers better. The male workers have an unwritten line in their job description that says we have to make up for the slack of them scheduling someone that cannot lift 20 lbs in a department with 80 lb boxes that have to go up a ladder to the top shelf.

We're underpaid for anyone out of high school, we're lucky if we can eat, we have no insurance, we're lucky to be able to afford to take a bus to work, and you threaten our jobs for getting a drink of water during our 4 hours of lifting heavy things...

And for the shoppers, I'm going to apologize for all the workers for the torture you have to go through when you try to buy something (asking if you want the credit card, the protection plan, and now the other card). These geniuses give us a quota on credits. Like, I'll go in and be expected to not just have 5 people apply for credit, but all 5 of them have to have good enough credit to be accepted. Yes, YOUR credit score is the difference between me being a good worker and a bad worker to them.

The customers are constantly complaining about the store give us a reason to make them want to go back there to shop. Because right now, we're all looking for new jobs, and we're avoiding customers, because we really cannot afford to take the time to help anyone, because we have to go carry a crib out, help the girl in baby gear put 15 boxes onto the top shelf, the carry out an entire furniture set (some help getting that stuff off the shelves in the back room would be really nice, the boxes don't say "team lift" just to have some kind of decoration on them, and then we have to somehow get our work done.

But I forgot our female workers in maintenance can get the work done with no problem.... but you'll call me out of my department because once again, you didn't schedule the girl that can lift for that department, because she's the one that called me to customer service to do that carry out.

You need to stop all these complaints. Because when the shoppers aren't happy, they don't shop there, then you give me less hours, and I'm not happy, and I cause more shoppers to be unhappy. Take some responsibility management... I know it's a job, but try actually giving us something to let us care about our job, because right now to most of us, it's not a job, it's a waste of time, and if I had to pay rent... I'd be homeless, because of you...

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