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Babies R Us gift registry return policy stinks
Posted on
NATICK, MASSACHUSETTS -- As I was expecting my first child to arrive in late November of 2011, I registered at Babies R Us. The sales associate as well as the manager assured me that I should register for more items and that they would take items back when I delivered my child and closed out the registry. Yesterday, I went to Babies R Us to return a few items I received in duplicate and was informed that I had reached m return limitation for registry items. The total I returned was a little over $56!!

I asked the associate to explain the policy as I said this is the first time I am returning for the registry and have the gift receipts and she said she didn't know. An associate manager was asked to come and help and all she could state was that the computer said you reached your limit and there's nothing we can do and also could not explain the policy and to all Corporate to discuss.

I contacted Babies R Us Corporate and the person (Rissa) that took my call also could not explain the return policy for git registries. She provided me with a complaint number however will not be surprised if I never get a call back since Babies R Us are probably betting on people not realizing the policy or just not willing to complain.

I am surprised that they misled me and my husband into registering for more and that we could return everything without an issue. I am extremely disappointed in Babies R Us and would recommend others to ask about the policy prior to registering as it is NOT documented on any of the documents they provided and also do NOT recommend giving them business since they are out to lie to parents that are registering.
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onlooker on 01/10/2012:
Please continue to pursue this, perhaps someone has the same name and or similarly input name and the returns got mixed up.
Registry should have recorded the individual purchases right - so duplicates could have been avoided by their registry being up to date and correct??
If they can not explain it and it is just the computer - there could have been a glitch somewhere.
I hope you are enjoying your new baby.
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Lost all baby shower gifts - they sent to wrong address
Posted by on
PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY -- For those considering baby shower registration with Babies R Us - take heed.

My wife and I, following seven calls with different customer service representatives, several hours of explaining our situation (each time we called the previous conversation's notes couldn't be located; for example on 12-24-09, "There is no reference to the reference numbers you gave me" (a customer service representative)), some tears and a lot of hand-wringing, have finally decided to involve the Better Business Bureau and publicize the outrage perpetrated upon us.

On Sept. 27th '09 she and I visited a store here in NY and registered with a clerk at their Baby registry desk. Unbeknown to us at the time, the woman incorrectly entered our home delivery address. However, we have the original form she copied into the system and our address is correct - we accurately wrote down where we live and she copied it.

Our last call on 12-26 was with two representatives and a supervisor. The supervisor agreed an employee of Babies R Us was at fault for incorrectly entering the address, but that her department (shipping, ordering(?)) was unable to remedy the wrong. They had sent the goods to the address on file. What put the icing on this burnt cake was the supervisor, in wrapping up the call, making the off-the-cuff remark, "You know, if I had been you and had so much riding on my baby registry, I would have checked the web-site and made sure the address was entered correctly." Wow. That's analogous to telling a customer who brings a receipt to the grocer for potatoes overcharged at the register they are not due their money back on the incorrectly keyed item because the customer didn't check the receipt before they left the store. Absolute hogwash. Furthermore, we work in customer service and to utter this sort of condescending smug remark is something one simply just does not do.

If we ever receive the twelve items that have been purchased by friends and relatives (changing table, baby monitor, baby carrier, diapers, etc.), at this point it will seem a miracle. For a company as ubiquitous as Toys R Us to be so unhelpful when the error is clearly on their end is baffling. We know they are wrong, they have admitted as much, but at every juncture their representatives have refused to step up and have passed the buck. Lost records, transferred calls and impotent service all contribute to our sadness at not getting things we cannot afford on our own.

Just remember, dear reader if you have gotten this far, that yes, they are ultimately just things. We can, and have been, living without them. And we are blessed with the greatest gift of all, our healthy infant (11-day old) son. But as long as I have the fire in me, and the unshakable drive to provide for and protect my family, I will sing out loud and clear to those who will listen.

A tenant in the building of the incorrect address responded to a note I posted in the lobby and was able to reunite us with four boxes, including the changing table and the baby monitor. So that is a relief. However, there are several remaining gift items unaccounted for. Babies R Us has not responded to my email and I am still unable to get a straight answer from them on the phone.
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Ben There on 12/27/2009:
Would you feel comfortable asking some of those friends and family members to file charge backs with credit cards? I bet the manager will change his mind once their mistake starts hitting his bottom line, making him look bad to corporate.
yoke on 12/27/2009:
Babies R US was wrong and they admitted the mistake but the manager was correct in stating that you should have looked on the register to verify everything was correct, not just the address. Have you tried to talk to the people who have been getting your gifts. I am sure they are not to happy about getting all these deliveries either.
Skye on 12/27/2009:
I also was wondering who was getting the gifts?? As Ben says, have friends and family do chargebacks, you never received the items, so refunds are due to them.

elreymomo on 12/27/2009:
The items were delivered and signed for at another Apt. 4A two blocks away. So far, cannot retrieve them. I was able to get into the building and found one package in the hallway addressed to our name, but have not received a response to the note I left to the resident at the erroneous address. There may still be a response yet; the holidays popular time for travel.
Skye on 12/27/2009:
Thanks elreymomo for the update! Hopefully, you will be able to retrieve all of your items.

Congratulations on the future baby!
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Severe Problem with Babies R Us Baby Registry!
Posted by on
If you are thinking about registering for the BabiesRUs baby registry online, be aware that as of August 2006 there is no way to check who ordered your items or where they were ordered -- even if you call the store. So if you don't receive them, you cannot let the purchaser know. This is a huge oversight on the part of the programmers of the registry database, as undelivered items can be forever in limbo. You can't notify the purchaser, and the purchaser assumes they were delivered to you.

No only do you never receive the item, but it all probability the purchaser has been charged for an item that you didn't get.

On all four of my items that were purchased on BabiesRUs online, I have a problem with delivery on all of them.

#1) Someone has purchased the toy firefly that I registered for. I never received it, and I spent 45 minutes arguing with the people at BabiesRUs who say there is absolutely no way for them to tell me whether the item was:

1) shipped
2) bought in store
3) or who it was purchased by

I about hit the roof. They said they needed an order number and basically it was the purchasers job to check up on the item and that I could do absolutely nothing to find out who had purchased it so that I could let them know that I didn't get it. They can't even tell you if it was ever shipped or if was purchased in-store or not!

They patiently explained that the purchaser could track their order online if they wished, and that they could see whether it was delivered. I responded that even if they did bother to track their order (which a lot of people won't do), it could very well be marked as shipped and delivered -- even though it never arrived. So if it is marked as delivered on the purchasers end, regardless of whether you actually received the item, they are charged. You never receive the item and according to BabiesRUs there is no way to remedy this situation.

#2) The other three items on that BabiesRUs registry that I registered for: the musical play garden, snugli comfort vest and swaddle me wrap, all say they were ordered twice, but I only received one each of them. But of course, that's another thing that BabiesRUs can give me no information about whatsoever. So it's possible that there was a technical glitch (and the orders really weren't placed twice) OR two people somehow ordered the items and I never got the second person's order. And there is no way for me to check up on this at all.

So if you know anybody who might be thinking about registering with BabiesRUs, please tell them that the BabiesRUs system will not allow them to check up on any information about their ordered items! I was shocked. Seriously.

The customer sales representitives whom I talked to (both the original person and the supervisor) were very nice, but offered no help whatsoever on any of these problems.
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User Replies:
Ponie on 08/14/2006:
Whatever happened to graciously accepting any gift purchased rather than telling others what you WANT? If you get doubles of an item, donate one to a baby charity.
rhondam718732 on 08/14/2006:
This post isn't about her graciously accepting or not accepting the gifts! She didn't receive them and doesn't want her family/friends charged for something she didn't receive. Baby registries are there for the parents to pick out items they need/want for their new baby - it shouldn't be a problem for them to find out why they didn't receive something. If she doesn't check up on it then Babies R Us may continue making $$$ off of each registry that's incorrect and if no one speaks up then it will continue. The baby needs the item...not Babies R Us.
Noneill on 08/14/2006:
Wow, I really appreciate your post. I purchased 8 items from the BabiesRUs registry. You are right I never thought to check out the ship status. My son (baby's father) said he got some things that were from us, but how do I know they got everything. I will check the order now.

Ponie, registries are a godsend. My grandson was born a week ago but they live on the other side of the country and I have no clue what they need or what they like. This helps me feel like what I got was just right.
Riverhawk on 07/09/2007:
Being I work for BRU I can say your mistaken about not being able to tell if a item has shipped or not , you must have gotten somebody new, which isn't surprising with BSU's turnover rate. They want to start people at Minimum wage, so what they get is incompetence as most are HS kids who couldn't care less if they learn anything or not or show up for work as Mom & dad will take care of me no matter what happens. I got hired in before TRU bought Baby Superstores at a decent wage, that ain't the case anymore, as our store is 23 people understaffed.
Registering for stuff online is not toughtful in terms for the buyer because they have to pay shipping & handling to.
Riverhawk on 04/05/2008:
Riverhawk on 04/05/2008:
With millions of items bought online and you don't have an order # I guess you expected them to just pull yours out of a hat of millions- now that would be a good trick, but not doable. jeeze! Do you people ever think these things through before you complain.
Riverhawk on 06/06/2008:
Most of you don't realize Tru/Bru/Online are like GM with Chvy Divsion,Pontiac Div etc Online has their own management staff and their owm policies that have nothing to do with the other divsions TRU and BRU so how do you expect the store to know what the online store is doing with your orders etc.
Another thing about the Baby Registry is many shopper come in run off a copy of the registry then go to Wal Mart or Target to shop thus the identical item they buy there never comes off your registry and that renders your registry inaccurate as we don't interface with either of those retail chains. So beware thas how many duplicate gifts occur.
Hills on 09/07/2013:
As of today, 9/7/13, still, there is no way you can find out who ordered/purchased on your registry. And during the purchase process, there is no place for you to put any "gift/greeting message". It does not make any sense.
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Great customer service to help with Baby registry
Posted by on
LUBBOCK, TEXAS -- We went to Babies R Us to create a baby registry, and had a great experience! The customer service was great: people friendly, attentive and helpful. One of the employees took us around the store, helping us find things and sharing with us her recommendations and experiences as a mother (she has two small boys). The store looked clean and well-organized. One of the PackNPlays on the display was damaged though and that didn't look good - you would definintely be wary of buying something like that if it doesn't hold up even while on display. Also, we noticed that the price ranges were pretty high, at least for us, especially on larger items like car seats, travel systems and high chairs. Howevver, the selection of merchandize was good, we found almost everything we needed and registered for it. I also received a bag with cupons, magazines, and some freebies like diaper/wipe samples. I really like that! The staff also invited me to their Baby Shower store event the next day. Overall, we were very pleased with the experience at that store! I will definitely go back there and buy things we will need for our precious little one.
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Anonymous on 03/12/2011:
Although I realize you are talking about your store and registry service, I recently used the baby registry on-line to buy someone a baby gift. It worked perfectly, I was able to make a nice purchase and the gift was delivered just a few days later, as promised on the website. I'm not in the US right now, so being able to access the registry on-line is great for me and I can see how it would also be great for people with busy lives.

Thanks for the post :)
Ytropious on 03/12/2011:
BRU registries rock. Try getting that kind of service at Target or Walmart! The reason the prices are a little bit higher is because they have constant coupons that get you 20% off on baby stuff. You can nab all your big dollar purchases for 20% off, which brings them much lower than Target or Walmart. Plus you won't find the selection anywhere. It's an entire store of baby gear!
Skye on 03/12/2011:
Great review. I also loved the free samples, and it was so easy to register, and they were totally organized.

Congratulations on the soon to be arrival of your new baby :)
Anonymous on 03/12/2011:
Congratulations on your new baby :)

I love my BRU, I've never had a problem and the store is always clean and organized. I actually just got home from BRU and was quite impressed with the service I received. I bought a carseat for our 3rd car and the gentleman who helped me not only carried the box to the counter, but also out to my car and loaded it for me! I didn't even have to ask! I had a shopping cart and was fully prepared to take the box up the register and load it myself!! I *almost* went to Target for the carseat but the website said "limited availability". I'm so glad I went to BRU, as much as I love Target, I don't think I would of received this type of customer service. I wish I had taken down the name of the kid that helped me so I could pass along my thanks to the storage manager!
Ytropious on 03/12/2011:
Sam, if you have your receipt take the survey on it, it goes directly to management.
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Babies R Us registry Waste of time
Posted by on
Among the many complaints on this page, with which I agree completely, let me add the gift registry program as being a joke. Their prices are higher than Target and many other retailers, and they "red Flag" you for exchanges even if you bring gift receipts OR your own personal receipts (ie: internet orders). They hassle you and have no customer service via the call center or web site(s), as they do not fulfill promises and give generic responses. I have been searching for a mailing address to no avail. I emailed the site after a terrible store experience and got a generic thank you note with no effort toward resolution, even though I had spent extensive time on the phone with their "customer service rep" who promies 2 weeks ago someone would get back to me to straighten out the situation regarding terrible in store treatment.
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User Replies:
Skye on 01/02/2011:
Toys R Us Corporate Office | Headquarters
1 Geoffrey Way
Wayne, NJ 07470

momsey on 01/02/2011:
I found the address Skye posted with just a quick google search.

Your complaint is badly lacking in details. Not very helpful.
Ytropious on 01/02/2011:
Your complaint is too generic. I mean what exactly is upsetting you besides them being apparently more expensive then Target. FYI Target red flags frequent returners too! How else are companies supposed to track people who scam the system with multiple returned open items or no receipt returns? Also why in the world would you email customer service ONLINE about a complaint in store? Ask to talk to the manager if you were treated so badly.
Skye on 01/02/2011:
I think it would help us to understand your complaint better, if you gave details as to what is upsetting you. What was the terrible treatment you received in the store?
Anonymous on 01/03/2011:
What promise did they not fulfill? I don't see where Toys R Us claim to have low prices or he a discount chain like target. What exactly was the problem?
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Registry Not Working
Posted by on
On Sept 14, 2008 I went to register at Babies R Us. I was so excited this is our first child and we need a lot.I registered for a ton of things.When I went home I researched some of the items I had registered for on Consumer Reports & changed my mind regarding which product I wanted to register for & I also thought we went a little wild in the excitement so I wanted to delete a lot of things. So I called the 888-babyrus # to see if I made the changes online would the changes also reflect at the stores, she assured me they would. So I went on line tp deleted & changed about 100 items. Never giving a second thought too it. Well my shower was this past Sun. 10/26/08. I received tons of duplicate items & ton of items I had deleted off my registry. Everyone started talking about how many duplicates I received saying they purchased off the registry.

My sister printed the registry at the store the day before my shower & NONE of the changes I made on line took effect at the store & half the items I received we not even taken off the registry(even though the receipt showed my registry number)I called the customer service number on Sun. they said they would have their Corporate Office Contact me. As of today Wednesday I had not heard back from them, so I called again. I was passed around from department to department, hung up on, everyone kept telling me they could not help me I had to speak with another department. I was then left on hold for a ½ hour & hung up on again. I spent a total of 1hr30 minutes no one has helped me or fixed my registry at the stores. I had to update the online registry again to reflect the items I have received, but the stores are still wrong. No one at babies r us will help me correct the issue.

Now I have to exchange a ton of things and I am stuck with items I don’t have receipts for. People are still purchasing me gifts and the registry at the store is still wrong so I am sure to receive more duplicates and deleted items. My shower was ruined and I can never get that day back.
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amarys05 on 10/29/2008:
I'm thinking this lady's next letter will be about the store being difficult about her exchanging items. Hope your guests included gift receipts! My friend also has a baby registry, through Walmart, and she has had NO issues with updating her list (yea I check lol)
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Baby registry, what a pain in the A$$
Posted by on
Aside from other issues with their registry already on bad reviews about not receiving info on who purchased what items, in case you never received it.....

When you want to close the registry for personal reasons, now you have to call their customer service for baby registry, it's like trying to cancel a friggin cell phone contract or something. You have to call at their convenience.
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 10/04/2009:
Don't people usually take like an hour to scan all the items they want on a registry? Seems like a lot of work to just decide to cancel it. I'd just tell people not to buy anything off the registry instead of trying to cancel it, seems way simpler don't you think?
Principissa on 10/05/2009:
What if it was canceled due to miscarriage? It's a baby registry and if a person wants to cancel it they should be able to without issue.
Ben There on 10/05/2009:
What does "You have to call at their convenience" mean? Between normal business hours of 9am to 5pm? at 4am on Tuesdays? When the moon is in the 7th house?
Buddy01 on 10/05/2009:
Ben, when Jupiter is aligned with Mars.
Ytropious on 10/05/2009:
Princi if that were the case the OP will most likely try again, and then have to make another registry when the time is right. Overall it seems way easier to just leave the registry and come back to it then cancel it outright. I don't know how easy it is to delete a registry at other places, but I know you can add and delete items online for TRU/BRU. The OP can access the registry online and just blank it out that way too, maybe they're unaware of that.
Principissa on 10/05/2009:
Why? I know when I had my miscarriage 3 years ago I couldn't even look at baby items. There is also the possibility, like mine, that it has left the person unable to bear anymore children. We don't know the reason why this person wanted to cancel and frankly it's none of our business. I do think however that a person shouldn't have to jump through hoops to do so.
PepperElf on 10/05/2009:
only thing I can think of is that ....
they might require a live person to do the canceling and then it would most likely be when the store/center/whatever is open

perhaps they want to make sure the person canceling is the real person and not someone trying to screw over someone else?

Ytropious on 10/05/2009:
I would have to agree about that Pepper, have to confirm the person wanting to delete it is in fact the registrant. Again I say I'm pretty sure the OP can delete it online, and might be unaware of that. If it does have to be over the phone I don't see how normal operating hours are unreasonable.
Principissa on 10/05/2009:
You could be exactly right pepper! I don't know why someone would do that to someone, but today, it doesn't surprise me at all.
Ytropious on 10/05/2009:
Maybe a jilted the current baby daddy left a woman for another and got her pregnant and she wants a little revenge and goes in to delete her registry. What a beotch :P
Principissa on 10/05/2009:
LOL! That's beyond messed up. But with the way people behave today it doesn't surprise me one bit.
gomezd1 on 10/20/2009:
You have to call so that it is completely wiped out of the main server, something a normal associate would not have access to. This ensures no coupons, emails, booklets or reminders.. I think it is a great program! I can't believe a company sets up a service for you that no one else offers and people still complain!! Go shop at Walmart and see if anyone gives you a the time of day! Ridiculous, the self entitlement people have nowadays. Walk back into that store and start thanking some people.. Geez are you serious!
elreymomo on 12/27/2009:
In a perfect world the cancellation could be done online. After all, isn't the account "secure"? We can buy stuff from our own registry and enter our credit card info., but to cancel we have to call? I agree, not ideal. But at least it is user-friendly for those who are buying gifts. As long as the delivery address entered at the store where those items were scanned is correct!
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