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Hidden Hold Fees on Account When Making Online Purchases
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Rating: 1/51

CROSSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Toys R Us will bill twice when Items ship separately. I placed an order for less than 100.00 dollars, and the following few days, I had different charges showing up in my bank account as each item shipped at different times. When I spoke with Toys R Us, they said the initial payment of 99.81 was just a hold on the account and that each item will be billed as it is shipped. Although it does not tell you this when you are making the purchase, I was informed that somewhere in the depths of the Toys R Us Website, this policy exist.

I only use this checking account for online purchases, so therefore, I only had the money in the account to cover the purchase items, not twice as much as the purchase items. When you call customer service, they just tell you that the hold will not come off the account until the last item is shipped. WELL, YOU GOT IT. THE LAST ITEM HAS NOT SHIPPED, and now my account has been hit with four different shipping bills including the initial total payment I made when I purchased the items.

My account is in the red since I only use the account for specific purchases and the supposed hold won't drop off my account until last item ships. I have paid now more for the toys in NSF fees than the toys cost me. This is a terrible company for online purchases. I just want people to be aware to have twice as much in your account if you are planning on shopping with Toys R Us this holiday season.

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Rating: 1/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Toys-R-Us at Christmas time because they had promo gift cards for certain items. I purchased more than I originally wanted and racked up a $40 gift card. At check out, I specifically asked if there was an expiration date. He said, "no. It's a gift card." Cool. I'll save for my step daughters birthday in July. I took card and put in the compartment in my purse for future use, grabbed all my bags and kept it moving; long lines!

I went to use it for its intended purpose and it expired in February. I would have let my son use it long ago, had I noticed! I never looked. He answered my question. Rang me up. Card went away. I contacted customer service thinking they would have good service like other retailers such as Amazon and replace my card. Ha! No assistance. Just an apology. I informed them neither me or my family will shop there again! With stores that have same or better prices with better customer service, I don't need them! Terrible customer service. If you ever have a bad experience with customer service, LOOK ELSEWHERE!

Terrible (or Typical) Customer Service
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In May of 2008 I purchased a swing set for my son's birthday (In July) from as it was on special for $100.00 off. Normally, I would never purchase something so large online, but they were out of stock at all my local stores. I immediately received an email telling me that they were out of inventory but that my item would ship as soon as they received more in stock.

In June, I called to get a status on the item and to see if there was any movement and was told not to worry that there was stock of the item and I should be receiving mine shortly. I was told that they would contact the shipping department and get back to me ASAP. I went on holidays without a concern that my swing set would be delivered. Boy was I wrong. I returned from holidays and it still hadn't been delivered, so I contacted them once again. As soon as I reached someone in customer service and told them my order number, they told me that they would have to cancel my order.

CANCEL MY ORDER?!?! "I don't understand. I ordered this item in MAY, it is now July and now you'€™re telling me that you have to cancel my order???” I'm sure you can imagine my state of mind as this customer non service person told me, all while apologizing, that my order had to be cancelled.

I asked if there was anything she could do and explained that it was for my son's birthday in July and that they've really left me hanging. She told me that I could go to the local store as they now had stock and I could purchase one there for $100.00 more than I paid online. I was shocked. I told her that they had not had any stock at the store when I made my purchase and that the company had sent their inventory to the store rather than to their customers that had already paid for the item.

I asked if she could contact the store on my behalf and explain to them the situation and see if they would be willing to make good on the purchase. She told me that she couldn'€™t do anything, so I asked for her supervisor. After being placed on hold for 20 minutes, I was then hung up on (Just to add to the frustration). I called back and spoke to another useless customer non service person and asked to speak to a supervisor and had to explain my entire story all over again, and this new person suggested that I shouldn'€™t be buying swing sets online (Nice!!), and then finally passed me through to a supervisor.

I assumed that talking to a supervisor would help. I assumed that might care for one second about a customer (with 2 very small children / customers) that was done wrong by THEIR online site, but of course, they didn'€™t. The supervisor told me that even though they have the item in inventory at the store level and even though it was entirely their fault that there was nothing, absolutely nothing she could do to help me. So I asked her what my next step would be and she told me to write a letter.

On one hand, I know it is not the fault of a specific Toys R Us employee, but one the other, if this is happening as much as it is happening, then shouldn't they be taking it further up the chain to tell their bosses how unhappy consumers are with their service? What is my incentive to purchase from their store again? I would honestly rather spend more money at another retailer that is willing to go the extra mile or to at least act like my problems are a concern for them than have to deal with the arrogance of a company like Toys R Us.

Never purchase from Go to a store, get the product in hand, make sure it hasn'€™t been open before. Even better buy from WalMart, Costco, Sam'€™s Club as they all have excellent return policies. Good Luck. An Ex-Toys R US Customer.

TOYS R US Website Sale Ad FAIL!
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Rating: 1/51

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY -- This retailer had posted a sale on their website and sent subsequent emails to solicit sales. The Ad ran – “20% off your regular-priced toy purchase of $100 or more.” I then looked at the “details” of this ad to make sure that I was in compliance with the items I selected to purchase. I was even suspicious of this deal and decided to call the 800-869-7787 number to verify that I would get the sale prices for this transaction. When I got a hold of a man, and after numerous sessions of being on hold, he assured me that I would get the 20% taken off after I make the purchase.

I was curious to see how they would “charge me back” the discount as the man stated they would. I clicked send order on the web order and waited for the discount but it did not come. I decided to call back and confirm that this was protocol. A woman answered and said that the discount is displayed in the shopping cart when you are placing the order IF IT IS A PRODUCT THAT QUALIFIES FOR THE DISCOUNT. I asked her, “How do I differentiate if something is on sale or not?” She said that I have to keep adding items to my cart to see if the discount is shown.

The items in my cart did not match any of the items listed in the details of the sale announcement. The original order was placed at 7:32 pm on 8/13/2012. I called back a third time at 9:30 pm the same night and spoke to ** (the only person kind enough to share a name) and requested that the order be terminated. He was quick to tell me that he cannot cancel the order at his level, but he would have to send it to a supervisor. This is 2 hours after the original order was placed.

He told me that there is a possibility that he will not be able to cancel the order and that he could send me a shipping label via email to ship the purchase back. He informed me that it will take two days to get the email to send the shipment back. I received a reference number from ** ref # **, hopefully to check on my order termination.

Toys R Us has created an impossible-to-win shell game with its online customers. Everyone that plays this game will lose while TRU gets positive sales. The level of difficulty to take advantage of this sale is so high that everyday people easily give in. These tactics are shameful and I will not allow TRU to take advantage of me.

I desire to see Toys R Us company redesign their online sales website and make it easy for their customers to see which items are on sale and which are not by adding clearer language, icons and text. Target, Walmart and other honorable retailers have done it, so I know it is possible. If they would like to sell me the products above for $124.51, that would be a good faith effort to show that they take this accusation seriously and are willing to fix these problems.

Toys R Us Magic Blue 160 GB Asus Disney Netpal Issue
By -

Hello. I have to tell you that dealing with Toys R Us has really made me very disappointed. I picked up a computer (Disney Asus Netpal, Magic Blue, 160 gb) for our son's 7th birthday. I got it 10-25 since it was on sale and was able to do it for X-mas, his birthday is 12-26. The store in Downer's Grove, IL put it aside and I picked it up. The receipt said Blue netbook, so it was never questioned. Fast forward to birthday. The computer in the box was pink. Over the next 2 days, we called every Toys R Us, waiting patiently for each one, knowing it was busy after the holidays- at least 3-4 hours were spent on this.

We went to the store in Aurora who said they had it, only to get there and find it was the 16 gb blue. The numbers, sku numbers... were consistently mismarked. Today, Bloomingdale (45 min. away) said they had it, after they checked many things. I asked the man in electronics, who, by the way, was very nice, to be absolutely sure and look in the box that it was 160 gb since we kept encountering discrepancies. He assured me he did this. My husband drove out there. It was the blue 16 gb.

I called and the man told me he was sorry- he didn't really look. He went by the numbers even after I told him we had found many issues with this. This was over 2 hours of unnecessary travel and wait time. I called the main number and spoke to **. 7-10 days before we would be contacted. This would run into our 45-day return time. Corporate would call. So winter break will be over and our son won't get to work on his new computer, and now, we can't find it anywhere else. She said she'd escalate it. I called again and spoke to ** who felt bad and understood the boxes and numbers were wrong and assured us it would be resolved.

I have dealt with many corporations. Today, 12-29, I called the main number again and requested a supervisor. ** gave me the supervisor as well as a ref. number which I had not been given previously. I spoke to ** who was nice until the end. She said they cannot check inventory with an item number but must check each individual store and then checked 20 different stores. She said I could return the computer and rebuy it if it comes in again (at the regular price, not the sale price I got it at) or get a store credit since it's opened (but it was to be blue and when opened was pink).

I felt this was very Toys R Us friendly and not consumer friendly. Now my money would be tied up at Toys R Us preventing me from going to another store and I wouldn't even get the sale price if it came in later. She was basically, "Well, that's our policy." Plus, I'd have to go to the store I got it at (45 min. away) and not just any Toys R Us. It's amazing how it was their error (the receipt and box appear to have the blue one but in the box is pink).

She gave me a number for the Asus manuf. who I called. I was told that many pink 160 gb Disney netpals were bought from them but NO blue ones. Now, I was wondering what was going on and what would I be waiting for? Did they ever even have the blue 160 gb? This is a store that professes to be for kids yet they do not take into account how to deal with people. I truly hope this gets resolved.

I Work for Toys R US, Ask Me Anything.
By -

TEXAS -- I've been working for the company for a few years now I will not give out any more personal info than that, so do not ask. But I WILL be more than happy to share my experiences and attempt to answer any questions! I don't particularly care for the company, but over the years, I've come to realize most of the people who whine and moan are complete morons (not all but most). However, I do admit that the return policy could be better (allow store credit on unopened gifts that are resalable.)

Corporate has been steadily cutting back on benefits and pay and general care for its employees. Even it's upper management is in the same boat hell, even the corporate people are getting canned left in right (with the recent internal restructuring of the company). It seems to me like they are desperately trying to salvage the little that is left in hopes of pulling through and stay afloat in this Walmart dominated era or enough to make it appealing to sell off or make public again.

My personal experiences have been both good and bad as far as an employee goes, it's a job what can I say. Some of the practices such as bombarding guests with add-ons like buyer protection plans and loyalty cards and such, but if you notice, most other specialty retailers (Best Buy and Office Max for example) do the same thing and with good reason too; it's one of the few things Walmart doesn't do that's providing a ledge for the specialty retailers to hold on to.

IN THE END, it really depends where you live and which store you shop at. I've met TRU employees (corporate and non) from different parts of the country and 99% of the time, everyone tells different stories on how their stores function. (Some do this, some don't do that. Some have never heard of this nor have they ever seen that.) All kinds of things, from how they handle returns to how they stock the shelf, so experiences are bound to vary from location to location. We're not McDonald where a Big Mac tastes the same wherever you go.

ALL I HAVE TO SAY is READ THE RETURN POLICY! Don't be an illiterate helpless waste of space and read the goddamn information at your disposal. If you DON'T LIKE the rules, then don't shop there (even though most places now have similar return policies, it's not the 1990's anymore people, not even Walmart or home-depot do no receipt returns anymore). DON'T BE A DOUCHEBAG to the employees who are just trying to make a living and or need some extra cash on the side, it's not their fault.

WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND and I've seen that to be true time and time again. If you're not an ** to people, you will find that things work out well in your favor most of the time; you'll encounter people like me who are willing to walk the extra mile to make someone smile.

P.S. If I misspelled something, read between the lines and use some basic 4th grade reading skills. It's called context clues and figure out what I meant. It's not that hard; God forbid someone make some typing errors.

Toys "R" Us Return Policy

Here is the TOYS R US return policy… “GENERAL RETURN POLICY: Refunds gladly given within 90 days of original purchase date on most items. For ALL refunds and exchanges: A dated sales or gift receipt is required.; Item must be returned in original carton or package, with all parts; A merchandise credit will be given for gift receipt and internet returns; Manufacturers' customer service information is available by calling 1-800-TOYSRUS; We reserve the right to limit or decline refunds.”

“Electronics/Video policy: Video Games-Accessories-Systems; Computer Software/VHS/DVD/Music;
Electronics/ Radio Control/Trading Cards; Collectibles/Consumer Electronics. Refund gladly given within 45 days of original purchase date; A dated sales receipt or gift receipt is required; For refund, item must be returned in factory sealed, unopened package; Opened item can only be exchanged for identical item. Why do they have a policy like this one? It saves the company money and keeps the cost of the product down. Now lets break down their return policy and explain it in depth.”

For all refunds and exchanges: "Refunds gladly given within 90 days of original purchase date on most items." 90 days=3 months. That's a good amount of time for someone to buy an item and still have enough time to give the item as a gift and for the gifted to return/exchange it.

"A dated sales or gift receipt is required." They want to make sure the item was paid for and purchased from their store. They shouldn't have to take back other companies merchandise, that is why they have this policy. They should make sure that the person paid for the item. It would be easy to return an item by taking it off the shelf and going to customer service if they didn't have this policy. It would be easy to steal from the store or even another store and return the item(s) for credit if they didn't have this policy.

"Item must be returned in original carton or package, with all parts." This one is tricky. Sometimes you open a gift, tear open the box, and throw the box away. But, it is the UPC on the box that the store needs to see to match with the receipt. Someone could bring in a similar item that the receipt describes and could return it as that item without the box. Its the box that makes sure they are returning the correct item.

"A merchandise credit will be given for gift receipt and internet returns." Half of this one makes sense to me. It makes sense to get a merchandise credit for a gift receipt. You didn't pay for the item so why should the retailer give you cash back and spend it at another store. But I don't understand why I get merchandise credit if I purchased an item online. Maybe their system isn't capable of tracking the method of payment.

"Manufacturers' customer service information is available by calling 1-800-TOYSRUS." If you have a defective item and no receipt, then you can call up Toys "R" Us to contact the manufacturers number to see if they anything can be done. See below to bypass this problem.

"We reserve the right to limit or decline refunds." The only way I see this policy put into effect is if the store knows that a person maybe found a receipt and stole the items to return them.

Now for the electronics return policy: “Refund gladly given within 45 days of original purchase date.” I'm not sure why it is 45 days and not 90 days as their return policy for all items “A dated sales receipt or gift receipt is required.” See above for same policy detail.

“For refund, item must be returned in factory sealed, unopened package.” You can't open a video game/DVD and expect to get a refund. I could easily buy a DVD, copy it to my computer, burn it to a CD, and return it to the store. I believe this is a copyright law. I feel if I buy a DS lite and I don't like it I should be able to return it. I understand if it were a video game/DVD but not for all electronics. “Opened item can only be exchanged for identical item.” This refers to the above. If I open a DVD and try to return it, I should only be able to get an exchange for the exact same item.

This is their policy and it makes sense. But you can break the policy… If you have a broken item, you can easily buy the same item (now you have a receipt) and return the defective one. Maybe this is why they have the “We reserve the right to limit or decline refunds” in their policy. Don't worry, I'm not affiliated with the company. I have a good friend that is affiliated with the company and told me the details of their policy.

Toys R Us Return Policy Sucks
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- This year, I did all my shopping for toys on I found many great deals, many at half the price of TRU, Target or even Wal-Mart. Plus; I got free shipping on almost all of it. With that said, I ended up spending a great deal for my kids. All of it was great and delivered. Unfortunately, my parents, who live in another state, drove down with a bunch of toys for my kids (They spoil them rotten, I'm their only son). They are not into the internet. So they bought all their toys at Toys R Us.

Come Christmas time, the kids opened their toys. And we had our fair share of duplicate toys. I asked my parents how much they paid for them. And the prices where nearly double of what I paid. I then told my mother that I could take the toys she bought at TRU and get a refund. She told me she didn't have a receipt with her, nor did she think that she kept it.

Not knowing, the new BS Toys R Us policy, I took all those toys there to get a refund, credit or whatever. They flat out told me that they couldn't. My mother who was with me, got upset because she paid good money and told the lady that she lived in another state. And that she drove down with all these toys that she purchased at their store where she lived.

The lady didn't budge and said no. There was nothing that they could do for us because of no receipt. I had to drag all those toys back to my car and go back home. My mother, who is a very gentle person, lost it. She was so angry. I never in my life see her like this. She felt insulted as if the lady was calling her a liar in that she didn't buy the toys from Toys R Us (because the lady made a comment on "how do we know that you bought it from us").

She nor I will ever go to Toys R Us. Geoffrey the Giraffe could kiss my a$$ good bye. And for what, I got my toys at half price on Amazon. Shopping at Toys R Us surely isn't on price. And now, we know it surely isn't on customer service. Never again.

Site to Store Items Shipped Missing in Store
By -

VALLEY STREAM, NEW YORK -- On December 10th I went to the Toys R Us store in Valley Stream to pick up two items that I had shipped to the store, order number **. When I gave the representative my order information she told me it would be an HOUR before they called me to pick up the two items I ordered. An HOUR later I went back to the area where the site to store items were being distributed and was told by a representative that they could not find my order. It took about another hour for them to locate the Tiana doll I ordered and paid for.

Then they told me that were still trying to find the Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse-African American that I ordered. It took about another hour with two managers working on trying to locate my order for them to tell me that they could not locate my order and that the best thing they could do for me was give me the same dollhouse with the Caucasian dolls. I was not happy with this option because it was not what I paid for and ordered.

Then the manager Diane told me to take that dollhouse home and when & if they get the correct dollhouse in they would contact me. I told her that didn't make any sense and if she could contact another Toys R Us for me to see if they had the dollhouse and I would go get the items from there. She told me no she would not be able to contact them and the most she could do is give me a listing of other stores where I could go purchase the dollhouse yet again and then bring the dollhouse with the Caucasian dolls back to the store and return it.

I was very disappointed with how the situation was handled because these items were paid for, I was only having them shipped to the store which I thought would've been a better option. The managers' attitudes were completely unprofessional even after I told them that I had my two-year-old in my car and that this store was quite a ways from my home.

Beware - Purchase a Product From Toys R Us and It May Be Bad Luck For You
By -

MENTOR OHIO, OHIO -- In November 2009, we purchased several toys from the Mentor, OH, Toys R Us store. These toys were purchased for our 4 year old grandson who we knew would be visiting us in February 2010 from the UK. All of these toys were gift wrapped as birthday presents and sat in their boxes in our home until he arrived for his visit on Feb 5th.

One of the products was an Animal Planet Remote Control Dinosaur. After installing the batteries into the product, the product worked okay for about 5 minutes and then quit moving. We tried more new batteries, but the product was defective. As consumers, we realize such things might happen and that it was not the store's fault. But since we had purchased it from what we thought was a reputable superstore, we expected that we could return it promptly to the same Toys R US store for an exchange or a credit towards an equivalent product. We had retained the cash register receipts.

To our absolute disgust, the Toys R Us store manager refused to accept the product for either a credit or exchange, and instead cited a store policy of no returns or exchanges after 90 days. We explained the product was purchased as a gift and that it was only opened 2 days ago when our grandson arrived (he accompanied us to the store when we tried to exchange the product). We were not expecting any money back, just an exchange, or if Toys R US did not have that product in stock, we would be willing to purchase an equivalent or more expensive product.

Nevertheless, the store manager would not move on the company's position. We asked to see her supervisor and we were declined that opportunity. Thus, we left the store with a defective product, a sad grandson, and a highly tainted opinion of Toys R Us. As a consumer we have learned a hard lesson… take heed when doing business with Toys R Us.

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