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Large Corporations Like Toys R Us Make The Rules
Posted by on
I have a small business called toysareruss, I get a threatening letter from Toys R Us about a cease and desist from any and all uses infringing name, TOYSARERUSS and TOYSRRUSS. Specifically, to avoid swift and decisive LEGAL action by TRU (TOYS R US), I must immediately transfer the owned domain names to TRU or any other name that is confusingly similar to the R US family. I am just wondering why TOYS R US has a monopoly on the WORD "ARE" and my name "RUSS". These large corps have 100s of lawyers on retainer to fight the little guys. If you go to the Large corporation domain providers they will sell the names to you, you can buy THETOYSRUS. COM PLUS 10 other r-us combinations from Go Daddy, another large corporation. You get a provider, spend money do design a site, buy your products from large Corps, all done on the pretense of opening a small business to make a couple dollars. And then the LARGE CORPS. sick there attorneys on you to surrender your hard work to them, well there ought to be a law against selling those names that are similar then the small guy gets screwed.. And yes I am going to court with TOYS R US to voice my opinion about how they operate this SCAM.
P. S I don't sell there kind of toys...
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User Replies:
Ben There on 02/02/2011:
This is not a scam, but simply Trademark 101. Most large companies were once small companies, and TRU put a lot of hard work building the brand to what it is today. Letting an online sex toy operation use a name that is pronounced exactly the same is like saying they don't care about the brand.

By the way, why did you pick the URL toysareruss when your site already has the name "The Dxxxx Depot"? Are you hoping people looking for TRU accidentally find your site with a typo? I am assuming you had heard of TRU before you purchased the domain name.
msnanny on 02/02/2011:
Ben There hit the nail on the head. +1
jktshff1 on 02/02/2011:
what they all said.
spiderman2 on 02/02/2011:
I don't even know what kind of toys you are selling and I don't want to know, but you are trying to use their name to direct people to your website. You really can't truthfully say that you think they are trying to scam you when you are trying to scam them.
Anonymous on 02/02/2011:
Court? Don't be so quick to part with your money, voice your opinion in an email to them instead.
ChuhBaca on 02/02/2011:
I'm guessing Toys R Us was established first. What did you think they were going to do? For example, I would not attempt to do business under the name "Disnee Land" without expecting that eventually Disney would take notice; and they would be right to do so.
PepperElf on 02/02/2011:
ben is perfectly correct.

you cannot take a trademarked name and misspell it and assume it will count as a unique trademark. That would be like naming your company Dysney. you won't win.

Why don't you try something more original. Since you said your name is "Russ" perhaps you can use "Toyranasauruss Rex". (I'll even let you take credit for the idea - hey I'm in a good mood. kind of)

it will be different enough from Toys R Us. And it may work well for the adult industry. Heck you can even use the name to market your own brand of toys.
Anonymous on 02/02/2011:
Pepper, if I ever open my own business, I'm coming to you for help with the name
Anonymous on 02/02/2011:
While everyone who replied to this is correct, even those in the "Other comments" section, you need a lawyer to deal with this. Do not just agree to cease and desist without exploring the costs that that would mean to you, if any. Need a lawyer, not a complaints site.
Ytropious on 02/02/2011:
Toyranasauruss Rex, that's a good one!
Mike in FL on 02/02/2011:
I hate to tell you this, but Toys R Us is in the right here. The web domain name you selected creates "brand confusion" and any judge this goes in front of is going to side with them on those grounds. Also, being the kind of company that caters to families and children, they DO NOT want their name associated a business that sells sex toys.

Just pick another name, one that can not be confused for another company's, and move on. It's less expensive and you'll be able to focus on the job of selling your product.
PepperElf on 02/02/2011:
thanks, ytrop. it could work for him as a brand name.

I mean the t-rex was one of the larger dinosaurs.

and size matters, especially in the adult industry. *grin*
Anonymous on 02/02/2011:
If I were TRU I'd be mad also they are a toy store for kids they don't want folks to get directed to a sexy toy site.
madconsumer on 02/02/2011:
sounds like the big box store is pushing you around. see if you can consult a trademark lawyer and see what options you have. the name you are using sounds like theirs, but you can also trademark your own version.

very helpful.
Ben There on 02/02/2011:
I fear the OP might also one day run into an issue with Home Depot... His Dxxxx Depot logo uses similar stenciled lettering with the tag line very similar to "The Do it yourself" store...
PepperElf on 02/02/2011:
ben, seriously?

I know it's popular for the adult industry to copy things from popular media (mainly in how they name some of those movies) but... it sounds like the OP may need a serious company makeover if he keeps doing that.

sure it may be fun to mimick a famous brand but... in the long run it could really hose him over, especially if he sinks $$$ into logo items.

cos if he loses the suit he pretty much has to eat that cost.

it'd be better for him financially to get something original instead of copying other trademarks
Ben There on 02/02/2011:
Good point Pepper - IIRC, poking fun of movies and songs is more tolerated by law as it falls under "satire". This is why its OK for franchises like the Airplane and Scary Movie series, or songs by Weird Al Yankovic. However, copying a company's trademarked assets, like logos, tag lines, etc..., is very different.
GenuineNerd on 02/02/2011:
There was a case a few years back involving PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals), who used the website A pro-meat eating website, called "People Eating Tasty Animals", used the URL, until PETA forced that website to discontinue the use of the URL. Now, and direct you to PETA's website. I think PETA also controls any URL domain name using the name "peta" now.
PepperElf on 02/03/2011:
yeah, although I dislike peta I can see where that would cause issues.

though the sick side of me wants to say "well played!" to the pro-meat organization. even if they lost in the long run.
Ytropious on 02/03/2011:
A lot of this has to do with intent. Did the OP intend to infringe upon the brand equity another company has built? That is for a court to decide, but my judgment is YES.
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Toys R Us Does Not Care For Their Customers
Posted by on
I originally began attempting to contact someone at Toys R Us in regard to a small issue that I have with their return policy. In that attempt I have been shown what little respect or concern Toys R Us has for its customers. At every level, from the employees at the store I was in to the Executive Vic President and Chief Administrative Officer Deborah Derby, I have been treated as if I am just wasting everyone's time and that they wish I would just go away and leave things be. “Documenting my concerns” seems to be the only thing that anyone is willing to do. No one, at any level, is willing to listen to my concerns with their policy or why I have an issue with them. I went through the channels set up by Toys R Us for customers to send their complaints and when that was not satisfactory, I pursued other avenues to get into contact with someone at the company that could address my concerns. At this point, I have given up on anyone with Toys R Us caring or doing anything about my original issue, but I am not going to give up on the issue I have with how Toys R Us treats its customers.
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User Replies:
FlShopper on 01/28/2011:
So what was the issue you had with their return policy?
Ytropious on 01/28/2011:
OK so what is the root issue with the return policy you are having? Details are sorely needed here.

It used to be no receipt no return. Then TRU listened to their customers and started making exceptions with valid ID or if they can find your transaction with your rewards card or credit card used.

You have to understand WHY they have this policy. TRU sells toys. Toys get broken, kids bore of them, kids grow out of them, etc. They'd be out of business if they had a return policy like Kohl's. People would use the toys and return them. Kids would break the toys and get a full refund. It just doesn't work.
Skye on 01/28/2011:
Did the issue have something to do with Toys R Us and you not having a receipt?

Details would really be helpful.
SteveWiginowski on 01/28/2011:
I'm really curious to know what the issue is. I've heard of many issues, as a former worker at TRU.
Anonymous on 01/28/2011:
I came to the conclusion a while back simply put that Toys-R-Us sucks. Once you reach that conclusion and stop shopping there then your shopping life gets better.
Skye on 01/28/2011:
I've never ever had any issues with Toys R Us. It would really help if we knew what the op is complaining about.
momsey on 01/28/2011:
What part of the return policy are you complaining about and what kind of response would you be satisfied with?

I, too, have never had a problem with Toys R Us.
ChuhBaca on 01/28/2011:
Agreed, more details are needed. I would like the address the "I've never had an issue..." comment. Never having an issue means you've never had to experience how they address an issue. That is when you truly find out about a company's customer service philosophy.
Ytropious on 01/28/2011:
Never having an issue could also mean the store tries very hard to prevent any issues to begin with, or if an issue arises they fix it before the customer even knows there was a problem.
momsey on 01/28/2011:
Very true, ChuhBaca.
momsey on 01/28/2011:
Also, since I've been happily shopping at Toys R Us (as an example), I won't let one unfortunate return or customer service experience stop me from going back. So, me saying "I've never had an issue..." means that generally it's a good place to shop.
ChuhBaca on 01/28/2011:
Every company makes mistakes, or drops the ball sometimes. When I worked a retail job, the store manager believed that a 'problem' was an opportunity to wow the customer, and truly EARN their loyalty. He practiced his phisophy and it worked. His store was the highest earning of the grocery chain in the state!
To me, I hear "I've never had a problem" as a series of neutral experiences. Good and bad companies move people in and out every day without any problem.
Skye on 01/28/2011:
I've never had any issues with Toy R Us. I once bought a giant stuffed penquin for my niece, and it was on sale from $29.99 to $19.99. It rang up wrong at the register. It rang up $29.99. I told the girl it was on sale, and she apologized, which of course it was not her fault. She fixed the transaction right there at her register for me. None of this having to go to customer service for a price adjustment as so many other places make you do. There have been a few times I had to return something, and I always have a positive experience, and also have my receipt.

For me, Toys R Us is always a pleasure to shop at. Nice, neat, organized store, with very helpful staff members. We can only guess what the OP is complaining about, because as I mentioned before, details are really needed.
localgod on 01/29/2011:
I"ve never had a problem at TRU...maybe the OP can enlighten us. Why, what happened? Is this a general customer service issue, to which your request went beyond the scope of the local store. Or did was your request outlandish enough that they're hoping, by ignoring you, that you just go away?
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Beware - Purchase a Product From Toys R Us and it may be BadLuck 4 U
Posted by on
MENTOR OHIO, OHIO -- In November 2009, we purchased several toys from the Mentor, OH, Toys R Us store. These toys were purchased for our 4 year old grandson who we knew would be visiting us in February 2010 from the UK. All of these toys were gift wrapped as birthday presents and sat in their boxes in our home until he arrived for his visit on Feb 5th.

One of the products was an Animal Planet Remote Control Dinosaur. After installing the batteries into the product, the product worked okay for about 5 minutes and then quit moving. We tried more new batteries, but the product was defective. As consumers, we realize such things might happen and that it was not the store's fault. But since we had purchased it from what we thought was a reputable superstore, we expected that we could return it promptly to the same Toys R US store for an exchange or a credit towards an equivalent product. We had retained the cash register receipts.

To our absolute disgust the Toys R Us store manager refused to accept the product for either a credit or exchange, and instead cited a store policy of no returns or exchanges after 90 days. We explained the product was purchased as a gift and that it was only opened 2 days ago when our grandson arrived (he accompanied us to the store when we tried to exchange the product). We were not expecting any money back, just an exchange, or if Toys R US did not have that product in stock we would be willing to purchase an equivalent or more expensive product. Nevertheless, the store manager would not move on the company's position. We asked to see her supervisor and we were declined that opportunity. Thus we left the store with a defective product, a sad grandsiobm and a highly tainted opinion of Toys R Us.

As a consumer we have learned a hard lesson......take heed when doing business with Toys R Us.
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User Replies:
Skye on 02/07/2010:
You passed the 90 day mark. Those are the rules. They aren't going to make an exception for you. I understand your frustration, why not try to contact the manufacturer to see if they will help you?

yoke on 02/07/2010:
If you knew he was coming in Feb you should have made sure you understood the return policy before making the purchase. I can't think of any retail store that has a return policy more than 90 days.
Anonymous on 02/07/2010:
When I bought my girls laptops for Christmas, and even in the past for gifts, all those game systems, and RC cars etc, ALL were tested BEFORE they were wrapped. Return policies are just that. I follow them.
Venice09 on 02/07/2010:
I hope the item was not too expensive and that you can replace it with something your grandson will enjoy. I understand why you didn't try the toy before wrapping it. I don't think I would have done that either. The only thing you could have done differently was to make sure you bought the toys less than ninety days before your grandson's visit. I think it's reasonable to expect toys to work without worrying about having to return them. Under the circumstances, I think the manager should have approved an even exchange considering you had the receipt.

You might want to try taking the toy back to a different location. Another manager might be more lenient.
i_am_canadian on 02/07/2010:
If those toys were purchased in November 2009, you must have fallen only a couple of days short of the return period. I think an exchange or a possible store credit would have been approriate under the circumstances. You seem like a reasonable person and that would have been the reasonable solution, but there have been many, many complaints on the service at Toys 'R Us.
I'm sorry this happened to you and I too hope that before your grandson leaves, he has a new toy he will enjoy.
Ytropious on 02/07/2010:
ALL stores would have done the same, not just TRU. You went past the 90 day mark and this is in no way any fault of the store. However, you could game the system by buying a new robot dino and returning the broken one with receipt gotten from the new one. Problem solved.
Anonymous on 02/07/2010:
"You might want to try taking the toy back to a different location. Another manager might be more lenient. "

And that is precisely why stores are tightening their return policies.

90 days is more than fair. But no matter how long it is, people will still claim they should be allowed to go that extra day or 2 or 5, cause it is 'only a few days'. Look at warranties. We get complaints all the time that a YEAR warranty expired and they can't understand why they are told no.
localgod on 02/08/2010:
The retailer does not have to provide any return, it is done through goodwill. The manufacturer provides a warranty against manufacturing defects. Granted, it is a pain in the ass working with the manufacturer, but the retailer owes you nothing. The retailer does not have to stand behind the product because they do not produce it. If you find the retailer's return policy to your dislike, please shop anywhere else; but keep in mind...a 90 day return policy is a fairly liberal policy.
Venice09 on 02/08/2010:
I forgot to mention to Disgusted Grandpa that he might like shopping at Kohl's in the future. They have an indefinite return policy, and if he uses a Kohl's card, he won't even need a receipt. The children's department, including toys, is quite nice. And the discounts are great, too.

I fully understand the reasons for stricter return policies, and for the most part I agree. However, sometimes a little leniency can go a long way, especially if the item is defective, inexpensive and the customer has the receipt. This particular customer seems worth keeping instead of driving away.

Sure, retailers might not have to accept returns at all, but would you shop in a store under those conditions? I wouldn't. If it ever comes down to that, the smart retailers will jump on the opportunity to attract customers by doing the opposite and offering a return policy similar to Kohl's. The Kohl's in my area seems to be thriving even in this tight economy.
Anonymous on 02/08/2010:
I agree with you 100% Lost.
Anonymous on 02/08/2010:
This is the time you just purchase a new toy, get a receipt, and use it to return the defective one.
Anonymous on 02/08/2010:
I don't recommend purchasing a new item then using that receipt to return an item previously denied for return because intentional deception in order to deprive another of value is criminal fraud. I would never advocate breaking the law as a remedy even if the likelihood of getting caught is fairly slim.

It does however show the absurdity of TRU's rigid adherence to their policy. It's a return policy not the ten commandments. What ever happened to common sense? Judging each case on its own merit? Treating your customer as if you appreciate their business? No, you don't get that at TRU because ya know they got that policy.

Well I got a policy too. I don't do business with short sighted outfits who are more concerned about their policies than the customer. The customer can live without TRU but trust me TRU wouldn't last a month without customers. That's always something they seem to forget. Good review!
Ytropious on 02/08/2010:
...even though there's plenty of place that handle things the exact same way? Lets not go acting like TRU is the only one now.
PepperElf on 02/08/2010:
indefinite return policy?

I'm betting they're going to be getting a lot of "renters" then
aka people who "buy" and item to use it once or twice and then return it - so that they can basically use the items for free.

course what happens to stores like that is that people start trying to return stuff they've used for 2 years, assuming they'll get a refund anyway.

and that's how 90 day return policies are born
Anonymous on 02/08/2010:
PepperElf, I know people like that and they can easily do the same with a 90 day return policy. I however think those type of people are a very small minority of customers. Most people don't act that way.
PepperElf on 02/08/2010:
but there's enough of them
which is why the generous policies go away
Starlord on 02/08/2010:
I do not see what is so difficult to understand. The 90m daysis figured from the date on the receipt. Not the date that the gift was given and used. I have no troubles testing something prior to wrapping it, just be sure to remove the batteries again before wrapping. I have seen electronics ruined by battery seepage from disuse and fully understand the admonition to remove the batteries if the item is not to be used for a long period of time.
Venice09 on 02/08/2010:
Pepper, yes Kohl's takes the risk that "renters" will return used items, but I think their lenient return policy pays off in the long run. Believe it or not, I actually think some people don't take advantage of the policy because they're just grateful that it exists in the first place, for legitimate returns. I have Target and Kohl's at my fingertips, but I usually choose Kohl's for the peace of mind of knowing I can return something if I change my mind or if something goes wrong with the merchandise. They stand behind their products one hundred percent, and that means a lot to me. And like I said, the Kohl's in my area is thriving, so they must be doing something right.

It may not seem fair to treat people on a customer to customer basis, and I understand everyone's feelings about no exceptions, but customer service based on common sense is the way to go these days because not everyone is out to cheat the retailers. I think those people are in the minority, and a good manager should be able to distinguish them from the customers worth keeping.
i_am_canadian on 02/08/2010:
I worked at Payless Shoes last year, they have the same type of indefinite return policy. Anytime, with or without a receipt, no matter how worn out. Yes there are a lot of 'shoe rentals', but it sure makes the employees' job a lot easier.
I will also add however that returns are tracked, and customers who take excessive advantage of the policy can expect a polite phone call from the store manager stating, 'Perhaps our footwear is not up to your standards of quality, you may want to consider shopping elsewhere in the future.'
*Hint, hint*
Venice09 on 02/08/2010:
I have often wondered if Kohl's tracks returns. I hope they do. That would be a good way to weed out the abusers of the return policy.
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Terrible Customer Service...RUDE!
Posted by on
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I called Toys R Us trying to confirm if an order was ready for pick up at the San Antonio, Texas Toys R Us Store. Order #G-2440-02582471-3 was purchased using their store to store purchasing from inside the Huntington Beach Toys R Us Store on 12-18-09 at 9:19 pm.

The item was supposed to be available for pick up at store #7032

Phone: (210)525-8697

When I tried to call and confirm if the order was ready for pick up I was told they don't have that service! I was shocked since I had already paid for it at our Toys R Us store here!

This was the response I got to my e-mail from their online customer service.

Thank you for contacting the "R" Us Team regarding this matter. We apologize, but as we use the United States Postal Service, for tracking needs you may wish to contact them regarding this matter as they would have more specific details about this order. We apologize, but that may be the best course of action. Feel free to contact the San Antonio store you referenced as they may have that item already in the store. We appreciate the time you have taken to contact the "R" Us Team and apologize that we are unable to assist in this matter.

The "R" Us Team

They obviously misunderstood that we paid at our local Toys R Us store here in Huntington Beach, California and my son was supposed to pick up the item at their store in San Antonio, Texas.

This was my response back to them...

He already picked the Item up at the San Antonio store today. The person that answered the phone at that store was very RUDE to me, and also the same person was very RUDE to my son when he arrived there to pick up the item. Even if shipping store to store is not their regular policy that doesn't mean that we should be treated with an attitude by the clerk at the store. It was the Assistant manager at our local store that suggested we pay here and have them pick up at their local Toys R Us store there in San Antonio. She was actually quite helpful.

It is very unfortunate that the San Antonio Toys R Us treats their customers this way. Obviously, they do not value our business! We have many grandchildren we buy for regularly, but we do not plan to shop at Toys R' Us any longer if this is how we are going to be treated! We will be forwarding this on to your corporate office! Regretfully, Mr. XXXX
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User Replies:
Skye on 12/19/2009:
Just curious, what did they do, that makes them seem so rude?? Maybe the time difference between Texas and California had something to do with the confusion, meaning you placed the order and they still needed time to process it. Also, the person who said they didn't have the pick up service may need some more training. Not making excuses, just looking at it from another point of view.

Glad your son was able to pick up the item.
Ytropious on 12/19/2009:
Site to store DOES NOT EXIST at Toys R Us. I have no idea what you're talking about or what you got yourself into, but it was 100% your fault.
Skye on 12/19/2009:
Ahhh, the plot thickens.
Anonymous on 12/19/2009:
Site to store is a Walmart convenience, not TRU.
never shop at Toys R Us again on 12/20/2009:
I only did the store to store option because it is what the Assistant Manager at our local Toys R Us recommended when I mentioned that I would be shipping the item from California to Texas with the unlikely hopes of getting it thereby Christmas! If this option did not EXIST then it was a mistake by a Toys R Us employee to take my money for a service they do NOT offer. In no way did I or my son deserve to be talked to rudely if their companies employee made a mistake! When my son arrived to pick up the item the customer service clerk rolled her eyes and said she new all about the situation. She then made him wait 30 minutes for the manager and then told him he would have to get back at the end of the customer service line which he had already stood in for 30 minutes before. I had just spoke to the manager of that store about an hour prior to his arrival at the store and she had said she would set the item aside with his name on it and inform her employees that all he would have to do is show up and show his identification since she had already been in e-mail communication with the other store Management. I understand that working in Retail during the Christmas rush can be quite stressful, but they don't retain customers by taking out their frustrations on them!
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Canadian Toys R Us Service - Just As Bad
Posted by on
RICHMOND HILL, ON -- I had just about the worst customer service experience of my life yesterday upon trying to return an organic cotton crib mattress cover to our local TRU.
We had our first baby, a 4 month old girl, and have our baby registry at TRU. We've had several baby showers, and have probably directed over $1000 in gift card and product revenue to the company, and I regularly shop at my local TRU Richmond Hill, Ontario store.

I recently purchased a $300 crib mattress there. The crib mattress manufacturer details & sheet in the display claimed it was made of "organic cotton", and also recommended an organic cotton mattress cover be used with the mattress. So I purchased a special cover for $26.99. Upon bringing the items home, I tried to fit the cover on the mattress, and it was too small. I even pulled the mattress out of the crib and forcefully tried to stretch the cover onto it, to no avail. It was simply too small to fit onto a regular crib mattress.
I put the item back in the packaging and kept the receipt.

I tried to return the item quickly but due to travel and finding the time to go back to a store with a baby at home, I only went back to the store over a month later.

If any of you have seen organic cotton, you know the fabric a bit more tufted and rough and not as "bright white" and soft as regular cotton. When I brought the item to the return desk, the manager said the item was "obviously used", and refused to give me a store credit without a receipt. I then produced the receipt, and he accused me of washing the item and trying to return it! This would imply it was actually usable!

I explained to him several times it was defective, and didn't fit the crib mattress I bought at Toys R Us. I wouldn't even have bought it if not for the recommendation at their crib mattress display. But he refused to credit me for the item.

I am so angry and disappointed at this store, as we still have many gift cards for TRU. I was also planning to purchase more expensive baby items from the store the night I was so rudely treated. The worst part is being accused of lying and somehow trying to scam them for a $26 item, and turning a blind eye to the hundreds of dollars I spent at this store (I still have our baby registry there!)

I'm going to take pains to take my business to Sears and Walmart in the future where I haven't had to deal with this crap!!
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User Replies:
TGT101 on 03/19/2009:
"We had our first baby, a 4 month old girl". lol. You had given birth to a 4 month old girl?
Anonymous on 03/19/2009:
TGT, now that's getting right to the root of the problem. We have a great support system on this site.

As for the complaint at hand, TRU should have taken the item back after you explained that it was defective. Stores are really taking it too far. I would no longer shop there either as there are plenty of other stores where you can buy the same things, and maybe some sheets that will fit the mattress.
Principissa on 03/19/2009:
This is just getting out of hand now. What do these stores expect us to do. You want receipts fine, you want original packaging fine, but now you tell us that because we are opening items, which in this case actually needed to be opened to ensure it fit right, that we still can't return things even though we are following your rules. On what planet does this actually make sense. You would think with the economy in the crapper stores would actually want to keep what little customer base they have, obviously I am wrong.
Ytropious on 03/19/2009:
You guys aren't reading it right, TRU didn't NOT take it back because it was open, but likely because the OP had an expired receipt. Conventient how it's only mentioned she has a receipt, not if it was expired. Some items have a 45 day return policy, others 90. The OP was likely out of the return policy. Her exact words "I only went back to the store over a month later. " We don't know how long that is, but it's likely out of the 45 days. OP didn't give the receipt to begin with because they knew it was expired. Would YOU want to buy a used crib cover for your oh so precious baby who requires organic cotton? I doubt it.
CanadianMom on 03/19/2009:
Ytropious - I have returned other items to that TRU, without receipts. It is completely at the discretion of the manager to give a credit note for an item.
The point is, the manager first refused to give me a credit note without a receipt. Then when I gave a receipt, he accused me of washing and using the item, when it was in fact being returned defective.
Ytropious on 03/19/2009:
I can't vouch for Canada, but in the US the policy is very strict you can only return within the return period, and no receipt no return no exceptions (usually). Maybe they're more lenient up there.
CanadianMom on 03/20/2009:
In a lot of big box stores here that I go to now (Walmart, Home Depot, Costco), I have not needed the receipt at all, just bring the item to the store. So to be turned down with a receipt and the item, with a legitimate defect (Plus being accused of lying to boot!) is draconian and over the top in my experience.

PS.. It is not "precious" to want an organic cotton mattress cover. If you do your research, the toxic chemicals in the foams and materials of many baby crib mattresses have been linked to SIDS - sudden infant death syndrome.
VA mom of 2 on 03/23/2009:
I sympathize with your dilema! TRU has lost my business as well for refusing to accept a new, unopened item for return. I used to love this store, but their strict return policy is ridiculous!
yoke on 03/23/2009:
Sounds like the stores in Canada are much more lax in return then here in the states.
Ytropious on 03/23/2009:
Sounds like VA mom is another "I don't keep my receipts and still expect a return" customers.
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Thanks For Putting A Damper On Christmas
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ST. CHARLES, MISSOURI -- Thank you...Toys R Us...for robbing me of an opportunity to give my two nieces their special gifts this Christmas.

First, the online ordering experience was tough. Your company charged my credit card twice. So my bank shut the card down because they suspected funny business.

Second, I ordered two Barbie Diamond Castle carriage plenty of time before Christmas. In fact, I ensured they arrived promptly by paying extra for UPS two-day shipping. However, your shipping department packed only one carriage set instead of the two that I ordered and PAID FOR! Even the packing slip indicates "Quantity: 2." But there was only one in the box.

I couldn't recover from your mistake in time. I live in Chicago. I had the toys sent to my sister's house in Missouri, where I would be spending the Holiday. So when I arrived from out of town, sat down to wrap gifts with my sister, I discovered your mistake. I am not going to be able to give the one toy you did decide to send to one niece and not the other! How dare you!

I had no hope that I would reach your office on Christmas Eve. But I looked on your website for an email address. Nothing. And by the way...your website claims your 800 number is available 24/7. But when I called customer service, I was given a schedule...Monday through Friday 24 hours, Saturday closed at 8pm, Sunday closed at 8pm. That is NOT 24/7. The "7" part of 24/7 means SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

This is absolutely the wrong economic climate to be treating existing, paying, customers this way. I am posting this story on my networking sites, and telling coworkers, friends, and family. You didn't ruin my nieces' Christmas. But they will wonder why their Aunt decided not to get them something this year. So thanks for ruining mine!

Wendy, Chicago, IL
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clutzycook on 12/25/2008:
You might explain to your nieces that they will get their gifts a little later. Once you get this mess straightened out with TRU, FedEX both gifts to them. I know that this kind of puts the damper on things, but at least they know that their aunt didn't forget about them. Plus, it'll give them something to look forward to.
wkgawlik on 12/26/2008:
Thank you for the suggestion! I did just that. Toys R Us wasn't willing to take responsibility for this. They were going to charge me for shipping on the first order and only 10% off the toy. So I cancelled the order and went to Amazon.
Chitwngirl on 12/31/2008:
This is nutty. Yes, I would be pissed. But you had 1 toy. Why not give it to them...let them play with it and tell them the 2nd one is one its way.
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Terrible Experience Ordering and Returning Damanged Item - Will Never Order Again From Toys R Us
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NORTH CAROLINA -- The item arrived in a damaged box from Fed X, it was clear it had been previously opened, when we opened it the item was very flimsy - product not as advertised, multiple missing parts - Never order Folding Slide (for toddlers). Hassle Free Return is a joke - calling customer service, working online and finally taking the item to the store for only a refund for the damaged item, lost as much on the shipping. Will never again order any item online from Toys R US. I am out the shipping costs and lots of time and frustration.
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It was a sad day.
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What should have been a fun day for our kids turned very sad. We went to Toys R Us to buy them gifts. When we got home one of the toys broke as we tried to get it out of the box and the other toy didn't even work at all. Of course all the toys came from China. If we can't count on Toys R Us to supply us with great toys for our children, who should we count on!?
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Anonymous on 12/30/2011:
Did you take them back to TRU and exchange them?

What store doesn't sell cr@p made in China these days? Sadly, it's hard to find anything made in the USA..the demand for cheap has made it nearly impossible b/c most people wouldn't pay the increased cost.
trmn8r on 12/30/2011:
What specific toys were they? Not all the toys that TRU sells can be like this, or they would not be able to stay in business.

Have you taken them back for exchange or refund? What happened if you did?
JayByJay on 12/30/2011:
Are you aware of what a manufacturer is?
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Never Buy From Toys R Us For Christmas - Kids Disappointed
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On 12/7 I ordered a Minnie Mouse Chair for my granddaughter. On 12/12 I received a notice that it had shipped FedEx and would arrive 12/17. On 12/16 I went to the FedEx site to view the tracking and found the item had not been picked up. I called Toys R Us - they assured me it would arrive by 12/17 as indicated I was told by Charlie that if I did not receive the item to call on 12/20 and they would reship Express Overnight guaranteed to arrive on 12/21. Item did not arrive.

I called on 12/20 and spoke to Drew. Drew tells me Charlie doesn't know what he's talking about - item shows not picked up, but he can't call the manufacturer. In fact he can't overnight it to me. He can't guarantee anything and he doesn't know anything but he's happy to send an email to the manufacturer. No, he can't copy me on the email. No, he can't give me the phone # to the manufacturer. No, he can't get a manager on line since they are all too busy. Really? Clearly no concern for customer service.

Never again will I hang the hopes of my granddaughter on Toys R Us. She wanted this chair -- I was assured it would come -- and now I have to go shopping with the masses to try to find something for her and dash her hopes of getting this chair since it now nowhere to be found. Great job Toys R Us! I just spent $700+ in your local store this past weekend for my other grandkids and the local Toys For Tots Drive -- and I am going to return everything today and shop at Target. Same items at a discount.
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unhappy999 on 12/20/2010:
I understand your frustration but seriously, you complain about shopping with the masses for one gift, yet you say you are going to return $700 worth of merchandise to TRU and repurchase everything at Target. That sounds like an awful lot of work and time to me to prove a point. The people you will be dealing with only work there, they have no control over your order that did not come. I hope Target still has all those items you need. If you could get them cheaper at Target why didn't you just shop there to begin with?
Ytropious on 12/20/2010:
Last time I checked Target messed up online orders too. It happens. Also BA to unhappy, you don't want to shop with the masses YET you have no issue returning 700 dollars worth of merch and search, LESS THAN A WEEK before Christmas to buy it all at Target? I'm sorry but yeah right. A) That's a lot of work and B) They're probably sold out of everything you're looking for.

Lastly you DO know that it's completely pointless to punish the store by returning merch there when this was the online sections fault? They don't work with each other AT ALL. Punish the online side, don't punish the store for something they can't control!
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Unreasonable Return Policy
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I purchased 2 Transformers at Toys R Us that were on 1, get 1 for half off. When I got home, I discovered my grandson already had the "Bumblebee" one. The next week, I attempted to EXCHANGE the Bumblebee Transformer for a different one for which I had the receipt. I was told I could not EXCHANGE the item because the special was no longer being promoted. I did not want any money and I did have the receipt. But they refused. I called Customer "NO service" and got the same answer. I came home and read their return policy online which made no statement that related to my situation of exchanging with a receipt. I emailed the company with my complaint and, to date, have not received a reply. This was a $13.00 item. I told them I would NEVER shop there again and was surprised that they were willing to lose a customer over $13.00. They showed no sympathy or apology in the store or on the phone. I am advising all my friends and family to beware of shopping at Toys R Us. As someone else said, you can get anything they sell somewhere else which is what I will do in the future. I will NEVER shop at Toys R Us again.
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Weedwhacked on 07/27/2010:
Those rants of never shopping at a certain business because you don't get your way doesn't ever work.
MDSasquatch on 07/27/2010:
Since I stumbled across, I rarely go to a store to buy anything
FlShopper on 07/27/2010:
I don't think your request was unreasonable but I guess they had their reasons for not allowing the exchange. I'm not surprised they were willing to lose a customer over $13, I'm sure they figure there's plenty more customers out there and losing one over such a small amount won't make much of a difference.
Definitely shop elsewhere. Target sells most of the same stuff and at lower prices.
Anonymous on 07/27/2010:
Stories like this is the reason I never ever shop at toys-r-us. Toys-R-Us is one of the most inflexible customer unfriendly companies out there these days.

As FLSShopper stated Toys-R-Us offers nothing that can't be had somewhere else and usually for less money. Good review!
momsey on 07/27/2010:
That is a pretty ridiculous policy. But I am also not surprised that they aren't jumping at your threat of never shopping there again. A lot of times when people make such threats, they don't really mean them, and the stores know it. Toys R Us really almost has a corner on the toy market, so I guess they can afford to have ridiculous policies like this.
Ytropious on 07/27/2010:
That seems really unusual. I would try a different store because I don't think that's the norm. I could only think maybe that you paid half for the second one (the one you're likely returning) and you want to exchange it for one that is now full price. Maybe the change in dollar amount has something to do with it? Idk that just seems odd to me. You for sure could have gotten a merch credit or a return of the money you paid for it, why didn't you just do that, then give him the money or card to go pick something else out?
Sykofiend on 12/23/2010:
I used to be a bigbix retail manager and I can tell you: it was an expired promotion. These are typically offered by the manufactuerer for a set time. If you expect the retailer to take the hit because you selected an item your child already has; then all customers suffer because they would simply pass along such costs in their prices. In the future, you would do better to ensure that you are not getting a duplicate item for your child.
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