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Canadian Toys R Us Service - Just As Bad
By -

RICHMOND HILL, ON -- I had just about the worst customer service experience of my life yesterday upon trying to return an organic cotton crib mattress cover to our local TRU. We had our first baby, a 4 month old girl, and have our baby registry at TRU. We've had several baby showers, and have probably directed over $1000 in gift card and product revenue to the company, and I regularly shop at my local TRU Richmond Hill, Ontario store.

I recently purchased a $300 crib mattress there. The crib mattress manufacturer details & sheet in the display claimed it was made of "organic cotton", and also recommended an organic cotton mattress cover be used with the mattress. So I purchased a special cover for $26.99. Upon bringing the items home, I tried to fit the cover on the mattress, and it was too small. I even pulled the mattress out of the crib and forcefully tried to stretch the cover onto it, to no avail. It was simply too small to fit onto a regular crib mattress. I put the item back in the packaging and kept the receipt.

I tried to return the item quickly but due to travel and finding the time to go back to a store with a baby at home, I only went back to the store over a month later. If any of you have seen organic cotton, you know the fabric a bit more tufted and rough and not as "bright white" and soft as regular cotton. When I brought the item to the return desk, the manager said the item was "obviously used", and refused to give me a store credit without a receipt. I then produced the receipt, and he accused me of washing the item and trying to return it! This would imply it was actually usable!

I explained to him several times it was defective, and didn't fit the crib mattress I bought at Toys R Us. I wouldn't even have bought it if not for the recommendation at their crib mattress display. But he refused to credit me for the item. I am so angry and disappointed at this store, as we still have many gift cards for TRU. I was also planning to purchase more expensive baby items from the store the night I was so rudely treated.

The worst part is being accused of lying and somehow trying to scam them for a $26 item, and turning a blind eye to the hundreds of dollars I spent at this store (I still have our baby registry there!) I'm going to take pains to take my business to Sears and Walmart in the future where I haven't had to deal with this crap!!

Thanks for Putting a Damper on Christmas
By -

ST. CHARLES, MISSOURI -- Thank you Toys R Us for robbing me of an opportunity to give my two nieces their special gifts this Christmas. First, the online ordering experience was tough. Your company charged my credit card twice. So my bank shut the card down because they suspected funny business. Second, I ordered two Barbie Diamond Castle carriage sets online in plenty of time before Christmas. In fact, I ensured they arrived promptly by paying extra for UPS two-day shipping. However, your shipping department packed only one carriage set instead of the two that I ordered and PAID FOR! Even the packing slip indicates "Quantity: 2." But there was only one in the box.

I couldn't recover from your mistake in time. I live in Chicago. I had the toys sent to my sister's house in Missouri, where I would be spending the Holiday. So when I arrived from out of town, sat down to wrap gifts with my sister, I discovered your mistake. I am not going to be able to give the one toy you did decide to send to one niece and not the other! How dare you!

I had no hope that I would reach your office on Christmas Eve. But I looked on your website for an email address. Nothing. And by the way... your website claims your 800 number is available 24/7. But when I called customer service, I was given a schedule... Monday through Friday 24 hours, Saturday closed at 8pm, Sunday closed at 8pm. That is NOT 24/7. The "7" part of 24/7 means SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!

This is absolutely the wrong economic climate to be treating existing, paying customers this way. I am posting this story on my networking sites, and telling coworkers, friends and family. You didn't ruin my nieces' Christmas. But they will wonder why their Aunt decided not to get them something this year. So thanks for ruining mine!

Toys R Us and their sketchy return policy
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I bought a copy of the DVD of "The Aristocats" at a Toys R Us a few weeks back, but the disc would not play. It ran for 10 minutes and locked up- it was clearly defective. I stopped by the TRU and tried to accomplish what has to be the most innocent refund transaction anyone can attempt in a retail store: exchanging a defective item for a working version of the same item. I'll admit I had lost the receipt, but since I'm a regular customer, and I'm not asking for anything special, and since I felt that such a low-impact return to a regular customer would be no big deal, I couldn't see any reason there would be a problem.

But the answer was a flat out "no". Not without a receipt. They tried to track my purchase through my debit card, but only found three other purchases I'd made in the last 8 weeks using my debit card totaling about 70 bucks: proof that I'm a regular customer, wouldn't you say? Still, that was a nope.

Then, it got weird. The young woman told me the same thing she'd told the man in line ahead of me, basically making it the new store policy. "Take it back to Fred Meyers store (another retail chain in the area) and since they have a more lax return policy than TRU they'll exchange it for me no questions asked." I was flabbergasted. I asked her, "Are you actually suggesting to me that I should go defraud another store because my return business means so little to you?" Yes.

Emailing TRU a couple of times established that this policy is completely inflexible, and I was on my own. I informed them that the actions of the employees of TRU was going to end my business with them- something like 600 dollars a year or more. They claimed that sending customers to other stores was not official policy, and that basically I should not count on any action on my behalf, even though the "investigation" was ongoing.

That was a couple of months or more ago, and I haven't been back to any TRU since. It's amazing that with their share of the market drying up and blowing away TRU still arrogantly refuses to meet their customers halfway on returns without receipts. There is no way that there is enough fraud to justify treating all customers like criminals.

Toys R Us also does not have an email address for complaints and customer service issues not related to their website. Instead, they have an e-form to fill out- also annoying as hell. I understand they're in real trouble now, and have brought in new blood to save the franchise. Good luck. Unless they change almost everything about the way they sell toys they'll be history within 2 years.

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Rating: 1/51

ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I went to Toys-R-Us at Christmas time because they had promo gift cards for certain items. I purchased more than I originally wanted and racked up a $40 gift card. At check out, I specifically asked if there was an expiration date. He said, "no. It's a gift card." Cool. I'll save for my step daughters birthday in July. I took card and put in the compartment in my purse for future use, grabbed all my bags and kept it moving; long lines!

I went to use it for its intended purpose and it expired in February. I would have let my son use it long ago, had I noticed! I never looked. He answered my question. Rang me up. Card went away. I contacted customer service thinking they would have good service like other retailers such as Amazon and replace my card. Ha! No assistance. Just an apology. I informed them neither me or my family will shop there again! With stores that have same or better prices with better customer service, I don't need them! Terrible customer service. If you ever have a bad experience with customer service, LOOK ELSEWHERE!

False Advertising/Cancelling Orders
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Rating: 1/51

MILLSTONE, NEW JERSEY -- Toys R Us has been and still is offering great deals on "Nerf" products. Based on these prices, I placed my Holiday Order's through the Toys R Us website the first week of December 2012. All of the items I ordered were listed as "In-Stock" and were said to be delivered before Christmas. I am now (less than a week before Christmas) getting emails from Toys R Us indicating that they have cancelled some of my items, saying they are "Unavailable". I went online to order these items elsewhere, only to discover the prices were (in some cases) over $100 more than what Toys R Us was (Is) advertising them for!!! I will never order from Toys R Us again.

Toys R Us' Hypocritical Censorship on Facebook
By -

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY -- The Toys R Us Facebook page is being flooded with posts from frustrated customers complaining of false advertising, canceled orders while payment was still being held and "merchandise credit" being offered when a REFUND was requested. But to save face, Toys R Us has methodically been deleting several negative posts and comments, and when confronted on it, they give an auto-response.

However, I have personally taken several screenshots of comments before they were deleted to show proof that they did not contain any of the supposedly prohibited content. Unbelievably, comments that actually DO contain offensive words (such as **) that have NOT been deleted, but completely left ALONE. That's when I decided to create my own Facebook Page, "Boycott Toys R Us," a place where people can give their testimonies without having their stories being deleted and "swept under the rug."

Because of the amount of traffic the site has received from angry customers, Toys R Us has now BLOCKED us and several of our members from posting on their page, and is now attempting to report our page as "abusive" or "spammy." We have broken no rules or guidelines; our comments on Toys R Us Facebook page were in response to upset customer's posts, encouraging them to share their stories on our page, and even offering congratulatory comments in responses to posts detailing exceptional customer service by Toys R Us staff!

It is not only offensive to us that we are being blocked for not breaking any rules, but are being denied our right to Freedom of Speech. Facebook is a social media site designed for people to communicate with each other, and businesses should not have the right to "hide" information that they deem "bad for business," especially when that information is perfectly legal.

Toys R Us Does Not Deliver!
By -

I placed an order online at Toys R Us yesterday (Dec 4). During the evening, I received an email stating all 3 items were back ordered. When I checked my email this morning (8:00 am), I immediately went online to cancel the order. It was not possible. I called customer service to inquire if the items would be delivered by Xmas. No confirmation, so I requested to cancel the items. I was told it could only be done by a supervisor and would take 24-48 hours to tell me if they can be cancelled (no guarantee). Then, it will take another 3-5 days for the funds hold pre-authorization to be removed from my card (if they agree to cancel that is).

This is an abuse of consumer rights. If Toys R Us does not have the product, the consumer should be given the choice to cancel immediately. Not wait 24-48 hours to find out if I can cancel. They are not the only online provider and a week is a very long time to hold up my funds and for me to have to wait to order from another site. The company should be more accountable to their customers.

I will not order from Toys R Us again. There are plenty of other good companies out there to buy from and that have stellar customer service, including understanding that it is our money (not theirs) they are playing with and doing everything possible to rectify their mistakes. No more Toys R Us for this family!

Large Corporations Like Toys R Us Make The Rules
By -

I have a small business called toysareruss. I get a threatening letter from Toys R Us about a cease and desist from any and all uses infringing name, TOYSARERUSS and TOYSRRUSS. Specifically, to avoid swift and decisive LEGAL action by TRU (TOYS R US), I must immediately transfer the owned domain names to TRU or any other name that is confusingly similar to the R US family. I am just wondering why TOYS R US has a monopoly on the WORD "ARE" and my name **. These large corps have 100s of lawyers on retainer to fight the little guys.

If you go to the Large corporation domain providers, they will sell the names to you, you can buy THETOYSRUS.COM PLUS 10 other r-us combinations from Go Daddy, another large corporation. You get a provider, spend money to design a site, buy your products from large Corps, all done on the pretense of opening a small business to make a couple dollars. And then, the LARGE CORPS. seek their attorneys on you to surrender your hard work to them. Well, there ought to be a law against selling those names that are similar, then the small guy gets screwed... And yes, I am going to court with TOYS R US to voice my opinion about how they operate this SCAM.

P. S I don't sell their kind of toys.

Toys R Us Does Not Care For Their Customers
By -

I originally began attempting to contact someone at Toys R Us in regard to a small issue that I have with their return policy. In that attempt, I have been shown what little respect or concern Toys R Us has for its customers. At every level, from the employees at the store I was in to the Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Deborah Derby, I have been treated as if I am just wasting everyone's time and that they wish I would just go away and leave things be. “Documenting my concerns” seems to be the only thing that anyone is willing to do. No one, at any level, is willing to listen to my concerns with their policy or why I have an issue with them.

I went through the channels set up by Toys R Us for customers to send their complaints and when that was not satisfactory, I pursued other avenues to get into contact with someone at the company that could address my concerns. At this point, I have given up on anyone with Toys R Us caring or doing anything about my original issue, but I am not going to give up on the issue I have with how Toys R Us treats its customers.

Never Buy From Toys R Us For Christmas - Kids Disappointed
By -

On 12/7, I ordered a Minnie Mouse Chair for my granddaughter. On 12/12, I received a notice that it had shipped FedEx and would arrive 12/17. On 12/16, I went to the FedEx site to view the tracking and found the item had not been picked up. I called Toys R Us - they assured me it would arrive by 12/17 as indicated. I was told by ** that if I did not receive the item to call on 12/20 and they would reship Express Overnight guaranteed to arrive on 12/21. Item did not arrive.

I called on 12/20 and spoke to **. ** tells me ** doesn't know what he's talking about - item shows not picked up, but he can't call the manufacturer. In fact, he can't overnight it to me. He can't guarantee anything and he doesn't know anything but he's happy to send an email to the manufacturer. No, he can't copy me on the email. No, he can't give me the phone # to the manufacturer. No, he can't get a manager on line since they are all too busy. Really? Clearly, no concern for customer service.

Never again will I hang the hopes of my granddaughter on Toys R Us. She wanted this chair -- I was assured it would come -- and now I have to go shopping with the masses to try to find something for her and dash her hopes of getting this chair since it now nowhere to be found. Great job Toys R Us! I just spent $700+ in your local store this past weekend for my other grandkids and the local Toys For Tots Drive -- and I am going to return everything today and shop at Target. Same items at a discount.

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