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Toys "R" Us Return Policy

Here is the TOYS R US return policy… “GENERAL RETURN POLICY: Refunds gladly given within 90 days of original purchase date on most items. For ALL refunds and exchanges: A dated sales or gift receipt is required.; Item must be returned in original carton or package, with all parts; A merchandise credit will be given for gift receipt and internet returns; Manufacturers' customer service information is available by calling 1-800-TOYSRUS; We reserve the right to limit or decline refunds.”

“Electronics/Video policy: Video Games-Accessories-Systems; Computer Software/VHS/DVD/Music;
Electronics/ Radio Control/Trading Cards; Collectibles/Consumer Electronics. Refund gladly given within 45 days of original purchase date; A dated sales receipt or gift receipt is required; For refund, item must be returned in factory sealed, unopened package; Opened item can only be exchanged for identical item. Why do they have a policy like this one? It saves the company money and keeps the cost of the product down. Now lets break down their return policy and explain it in depth.”

For all refunds and exchanges: "Refunds gladly given within 90 days of original purchase date on most items." 90 days=3 months. That's a good amount of time for someone to buy an item and still have enough time to give the item as a gift and for the gifted to return/exchange it.

"A dated sales or gift receipt is required." They want to make sure the item was paid for and purchased from their store. They shouldn't have to take back other companies merchandise, that is why they have this policy. They should make sure that the person paid for the item. It would be easy to return an item by taking it off the shelf and going to customer service if they didn't have this policy. It would be easy to steal from the store or even another store and return the item(s) for credit if they didn't have this policy.

"Item must be returned in original carton or package, with all parts." This one is tricky. Sometimes you open a gift, tear open the box, and throw the box away. But, it is the UPC on the box that the store needs to see to match with the receipt. Someone could bring in a similar item that the receipt describes and could return it as that item without the box. Its the box that makes sure they are returning the correct item.

"A merchandise credit will be given for gift receipt and internet returns." Half of this one makes sense to me. It makes sense to get a merchandise credit for a gift receipt. You didn't pay for the item so why should the retailer give you cash back and spend it at another store. But I don't understand why I get merchandise credit if I purchased an item online. Maybe their system isn't capable of tracking the method of payment.

"Manufacturers' customer service information is available by calling 1-800-TOYSRUS." If you have a defective item and no receipt, then you can call up Toys "R" Us to contact the manufacturers number to see if they anything can be done. See below to bypass this problem.

"We reserve the right to limit or decline refunds." The only way I see this policy put into effect is if the store knows that a person maybe found a receipt and stole the items to return them.

Now for the electronics return policy: “Refund gladly given within 45 days of original purchase date.” I'm not sure why it is 45 days and not 90 days as their return policy for all items “A dated sales receipt or gift receipt is required.” See above for same policy detail.

“For refund, item must be returned in factory sealed, unopened package.” You can't open a video game/DVD and expect to get a refund. I could easily buy a DVD, copy it to my computer, burn it to a CD, and return it to the store. I believe this is a copyright law. I feel if I buy a DS lite and I don't like it I should be able to return it. I understand if it were a video game/DVD but not for all electronics. “Opened item can only be exchanged for identical item.” This refers to the above. If I open a DVD and try to return it, I should only be able to get an exchange for the exact same item.

This is their policy and it makes sense. But you can break the policy… If you have a broken item, you can easily buy the same item (now you have a receipt) and return the defective one. Maybe this is why they have the “We reserve the right to limit or decline refunds” in their policy. Don't worry, I'm not affiliated with the company. I have a good friend that is affiliated with the company and told me the details of their policy.

Toys R Us Return Policy Sucks
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- This year, I did all my shopping for toys on I found many great deals, many at half the price of TRU, Target or even Wal-Mart. Plus; I got free shipping on almost all of it. With that said, I ended up spending a great deal for my kids. All of it was great and delivered. Unfortunately, my parents, who live in another state, drove down with a bunch of toys for my kids (They spoil them rotten, I'm their only son). They are not into the internet. So they bought all their toys at Toys R Us.

Come Christmas time, the kids opened their toys. And we had our fair share of duplicate toys. I asked my parents how much they paid for them. And the prices where nearly double of what I paid. I then told my mother that I could take the toys she bought at TRU and get a refund. She told me she didn't have a receipt with her, nor did she think that she kept it.

Not knowing, the new BS Toys R Us policy, I took all those toys there to get a refund, credit or whatever. They flat out told me that they couldn't. My mother who was with me, got upset because she paid good money and told the lady that she lived in another state. And that she drove down with all these toys that she purchased at their store where she lived.

The lady didn't budge and said no. There was nothing that they could do for us because of no receipt. I had to drag all those toys back to my car and go back home. My mother, who is a very gentle person, lost it. She was so angry. I never in my life see her like this. She felt insulted as if the lady was calling her a liar in that she didn't buy the toys from Toys R Us (because the lady made a comment on "how do we know that you bought it from us").

She nor I will ever go to Toys R Us. Geoffrey the Giraffe could kiss my a$$ good bye. And for what, I got my toys at half price on Amazon. Shopping at Toys R Us surely isn't on price. And now, we know it surely isn't on customer service. Never again.

Terrible Experience Ordering and Returning Damanged Item - Will Never Order Again From Toys R Us
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- The item arrived in a damaged box from FedEx, it was clear it had been previously opened. When we opened it, the item was very flimsy - product not as advertised, multiple missing parts. Never order Folding Slide (for toddlers). Hassle-free return is a joke. Calling customer service, working online and finally taking the item to the store for only a refund for the damaged item, lost as much on the shipping. Will never again order any item online from Toys R US. I am out the shipping costs and lots of time and frustration.

Toys R Us Does Not Deliver!
By -

I placed an order online at Toys R Us yesterday (Dec 4). During the evening, I received an email stating all 3 items were back ordered. When I checked my email this morning (8:00 am), I immediately went online to cancel the order. It was not possible. I called customer service to inquire if the items would be delivered by Xmas. No confirmation, so I requested to cancel the items. I was told it could only be done by a supervisor and would take 24-48 hours to tell me if they can be cancelled (no guarantee). Then, it will take another 3-5 days for the funds hold pre-authorization to be removed from my card (if they agree to cancel that is).

This is an abuse of consumer rights. If Toys R Us does not have the product, the consumer should be given the choice to cancel immediately. Not wait 24-48 hours to find out if I can cancel. They are not the only online provider and a week is a very long time to hold up my funds and for me to have to wait to order from another site. The company should be more accountable to their customers.

I will not order from Toys R Us again. There are plenty of other good companies out there to buy from and that have stellar customer service, including understanding that it is our money (not theirs) they are playing with and doing everything possible to rectify their mistakes. No more Toys R Us for this family!

Large Corporations Like Toys R Us Make The Rules
By -

I have a small business called toysareruss. I get a threatening letter from Toys R Us about a cease and desist from any and all uses infringing name, TOYSARERUSS and TOYSRRUSS. Specifically, to avoid swift and decisive LEGAL action by TRU (TOYS R US), I must immediately transfer the owned domain names to TRU or any other name that is confusingly similar to the R US family. I am just wondering why TOYS R US has a monopoly on the WORD "ARE" and my name **. These large corps have 100s of lawyers on retainer to fight the little guys.

If you go to the Large corporation domain providers, they will sell the names to you, you can buy THETOYSRUS.COM PLUS 10 other r-us combinations from Go Daddy, another large corporation. You get a provider, spend money to design a site, buy your products from large Corps, all done on the pretense of opening a small business to make a couple dollars. And then, the LARGE CORPS. seek their attorneys on you to surrender your hard work to them. Well, there ought to be a law against selling those names that are similar, then the small guy gets screwed... And yes, I am going to court with TOYS R US to voice my opinion about how they operate this SCAM.

P. S I don't sell their kind of toys.

Toys R Us Does Not Care For Their Customers
By -

I originally began attempting to contact someone at Toys R Us in regard to a small issue that I have with their return policy. In that attempt, I have been shown what little respect or concern Toys R Us has for its customers. At every level, from the employees at the store I was in to the Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Deborah Derby, I have been treated as if I am just wasting everyone's time and that they wish I would just go away and leave things be. “Documenting my concerns” seems to be the only thing that anyone is willing to do. No one, at any level, is willing to listen to my concerns with their policy or why I have an issue with them.

I went through the channels set up by Toys R Us for customers to send their complaints and when that was not satisfactory, I pursued other avenues to get into contact with someone at the company that could address my concerns. At this point, I have given up on anyone with Toys R Us caring or doing anything about my original issue, but I am not going to give up on the issue I have with how Toys R Us treats its customers.

Never Buy From Toys R Us For Christmas - Kids Disappointed
By -

On 12/7, I ordered a Minnie Mouse Chair for my granddaughter. On 12/12, I received a notice that it had shipped FedEx and would arrive 12/17. On 12/16, I went to the FedEx site to view the tracking and found the item had not been picked up. I called Toys R Us - they assured me it would arrive by 12/17 as indicated. I was told by ** that if I did not receive the item to call on 12/20 and they would reship Express Overnight guaranteed to arrive on 12/21. Item did not arrive.

I called on 12/20 and spoke to **. ** tells me ** doesn't know what he's talking about - item shows not picked up, but he can't call the manufacturer. In fact, he can't overnight it to me. He can't guarantee anything and he doesn't know anything but he's happy to send an email to the manufacturer. No, he can't copy me on the email. No, he can't give me the phone # to the manufacturer. No, he can't get a manager on line since they are all too busy. Really? Clearly, no concern for customer service.

Never again will I hang the hopes of my granddaughter on Toys R Us. She wanted this chair -- I was assured it would come -- and now I have to go shopping with the masses to try to find something for her and dash her hopes of getting this chair since it now nowhere to be found. Great job Toys R Us! I just spent $700+ in your local store this past weekend for my other grandkids and the local Toys For Tots Drive -- and I am going to return everything today and shop at Target. Same items at a discount.

Unreasonable Return Policy
By -

I purchased 2 Transformers at Toys R Us that were on special… “Buy 1, get 1 for half off.” When I got home, I discovered my grandson already had the "Bumblebee" one. The next week, I attempted to EXCHANGE the Bumblebee Transformer for a different one for which I had the receipt. I was told I could not EXCHANGE the item because the special was no longer being promoted. I did not want any money and I did have the receipt. But they refused. I called Customer "NO service" and got the same answer.

I came home and read their return policy online which made no statement that related to my situation of exchanging with a receipt. I emailed the company with my complaint and, to date, have not received a reply. This was a $13.00 item. I told them I would NEVER shop there again and was surprised that they were willing to lose a customer over $13.00. They showed no sympathy or apology in the store or on the phone. I am advising all my friends and family to beware of shopping at Toys R Us. As someone else said, you can get anything they sell somewhere else which is what I will do in the future. I will NEVER shop at Toys R Us again.

Toys R Us - A Nightmare
By -

I used to be a big fan of Toys R Us. Over the years, I have worked for several large companies that place very large, expensive toy orders yearly. Because I was a Toys R Us fan, it always seems to make sense to purchase our order from Toys R Us. However, actually, getting someone on the phone who can help make this happen has been unsuccessful. The customer service folks are unable to provide basic vendor information that companies require before placing a large order. Customer service defers me to the corporate office, which is fine. However, getting someone to answer the phone is impossible.

When you call the corporate office, you get an automated voice system that doesn't allow you to connect to a real person. We spent years at my old company trying to get a real person on the phone to help. Now at a new company, we recently spent several hours again, trying to get a real person on the phone to help. We were unsuccessful. Seems like really bad customer service to me.

Warning: Do Not Spend Money Here Toys R Us
By -

BEAVERCREEK, OHIO -- Exactly 18 days after purchasing this pool from my local Toys R Us, the air release valve broke, so I got out my receipt and called store to find out if I needed to bring the entire pool back or would the just exchange the piece. But to my surprise, I was informed they do not take exchanges on this item even with the receipt using a wonderful line in their return policy as the excuse ("We reserve the right to limit or decline refunds").

I talked to the store manager at the store that would only give his first name as ** which informed that is the policy on all of their pools. So, be warned spending your money on one. Then I contacted the corporate office that gave me the same excuse. So just letting you know, hopefully before you waste your money, their of the policy that if they decide a product may cost them too much in returns, they will not take back even with your receipt in hand.

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