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Mediocre Customer Service No Return Policy
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Rating: 1/51

HATO REY -- I had a very disappointing experience yesterday in Toys R Us Hato Rey Puerto Rico. I recently purchased a 7 inch Tabeo Tablet for my daughter during the month of December. The thing is the equipment turned out to be defective tablet won't turn, the screen didn't work.

So I went yesterday to the Toys R US where I bought it the one in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico to have it exchanged by another tablet or for a refund. And not only did I wait so long in line I was attended by this obnoxious assistant manager, whom which after looking @ the tablet just simply told me she couldn't accept the tablet because the manufacturing company wouldn't accept it.

I told her the Tablet had arrived like this yet she didn't do much or anything to help out in this situation. All I can say is that Toys R US should emphasize more on customer service which is very low quality. They don't seem to hire a lot of employees although the stores are very big. Sometimes you have to walk around for a while threw out the whole store in order to receive some assistance by an employee.

As far as this situation I feel totally robbed/scammed for my money. Employees are supposed to assist customers diligently and efficiently on any situation. But I just sensed they don't really care even though my daughter was next to me while I was trying to exchange the item (which obviously made her very sad, she wouldn't stop crying on the way back home).

I simply don't understand why wouldn't Toys R US exchange my item or give me a full refund. It seems there's always some sort of controversy or excuse to their own benefit when it comes to exchanges or refunds. Other stores like Game Stop, Electronics Boutique, Wal-Mart, Amazon won't give those obstacles when it comes to exchanging an item which they also sell a whole lot CHEAPER.

I am beyond indignant because the store manager totally wiped her butt with my receipt (the purchase had been made less than a month ago) and even though she did admit the Tablets were in fact coming with defects she declined to offer any assistance or an exchange, refund, store credit whatsoever.

Usually I never really buy often in Toys R Us... because there isn't located where I live & because I don't find the prices of the items cheap or affordable... compared to Wal-Mart or K-Mart or Game Stop, AMAZON. But this incident totally made it for I am never BUYING ANYTHING ON TOYS R US... EVER AGAIN... and will give NEGATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS to relatives and close ones based on my personal EXPERIENCE. I WILL NEVER BUY HERE EVER AGAIN. EVER AGAIN, EVER AGAIN. THEIR RETURN POLICY IS A VERY FICTIONAL POLICY.

Free Shipping Not Honored and Membership # Not Accepted
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Rating: 1/51

MICHIGAN -- Started by the site not accepting my membership # so I logged on via an email hyperlink. I placed six approved "ship to home" items in my cart, which amounted to almost $100. (Video games and controllers). Shipping was supposed to be free for purchases over $49 but the site demanded almost $15 for S&H. Tried to checkout to see if that would change but the site suddenly forgot I was logged on and again wouldn't accept my membership # so of course I wasn't able to use my points payout dollar they sent to me.

Called 1-800-869-7787 and after listening to the recordings, was transferred to a squealing fax line. Called again, and again endured the same heavy call volume recording but eventually a human answered. After I complied with the request for my name and phone number, I proceeded with explaining what happened. I was told I'd have to place my order over the phone to remedy the issue.

I had hoped my order would be visible via my membership number but I was informed that wasn't possible. Frustrated, I asked for a supervisor. Eventually one came on the line but she reiterated that I'd have to repeat my order all over again. I declined and tried to select the pick up in store option instead. Unfortunately the site kept going to a blank page so I was unable to complete the purchase.

I used the "rate this page" link to complain. Now this was around midnight. I received a reply around 10AM. In other words...jump through hoops to get that free shipping. I just wonder how many other people have been cheated by that phony free shipping offer. I do not appreciate wasting my time like that. I've ordered from many online sites and haven't had any issues with anyone else. This experience with Toys R Us has been very disappointing.

Worst Online Purchase Experience! Misleading And A Scam
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON -- I am writing this complain letter in regards to my online purchase experience at Baby'r'us. (Order no: **). I live in Vancouver-Canada and bought a DaVinci crib ($179.9) online at US Baby‘r'us website on June 22,2012. Baby'r'us's front page had a promotion for ALL DaVinci cribs-Any purchase of DaVinci crib will get a FREE DaVinci crib Mattress which worth $119.99 value. I thought it was a great deal so I bought it, paid $16 tax, extra $15 for shipping and extra $10 to pick up at US shipping pick up center at Point Robert. The promotion was still showing up at the Baby'r'us FRONT page for at least one more week after I ordered the crib.

After few days I picked up the crib, I discovered there was a crib ONLY, no mattress! So I called customer service immediately and they told me the FREE mattress was in first time first serve basis and they have no more stock? Really what the hell? I can't believe it is a SCAM and MISLEADING on an international company website. There is no sentence that says it is first time first serve on website, and the website never notify customer it is out of stock and the promotion is no longer available when purchase.

It should at least notify customer whether we should still buy it or not when the promotion is no longer available. OR it should notify customer before they even ship out the crib ONLY to customer. I paid $220 (including tax, shipping, pick up fee) to purchase online and picked up in US just because I believe it comes with a bundle of TWO items, not just one item. VERY DISHONEST COMPANY! I spoke to customer service, they don't have any recommendation for us, they said even the mattress is in stock again, they will not ship to me for free and asked me to get and pay for another mattress? How BS you are?

Customer service said I can refund the crib and use the mailing slip they can offer to me? Are you kidding me? I live in Vancouver and I have to drive all the way down to US just to refund the crib to your company but not getting my shipping fee that I first paid? What a disaster! Your company totally waste my money and time!

I am still very upset about this online shipping experience at US Toy'r'us. With this price I paid, I have so many options to get the crib at other places such as Amazon & Walmart. I don't even need to shop at your company and pick up in US. I have lots of options in Canada too. I will ask all my friends never go shopping at Toy'r'us again. Such a misleading and dishonest company!

Too Bad Customer!
By -

I was looking for the Barbie & The Diamond Castle Playset for my daughter for Christmas. I had looked everywhere. I looked at all the Wal-Marts, Targets, and KMarts in El Paso, TX and Las Cruces NM. I had also had to travel for work so I checked the Deming NM and Silver City NM Wal-Marts also. I was not able to find it anywhere.

On 12/12 I went onto Toys R Us web page to try to order it there. They were out of stock but they had this feature that you could get an email when it was in stock. I get email on my phone so I thought that would be great because no mater where I was I would get the email and then I could order the Barbie & The Diamond Castle Playset right then and there, so I signed up for the notifications. The next morning on 12/13 @ 6:30 AM I got the email that said they were back in stock. I got up from my bed and ran up stairs and ordered it over the phone.

The guy I talked to told me that it was in stock and would ship within one to two business days. That would make it ship on 12/15 or 12/16 because it was Saturday. He assured me that I would have it on time for Christmas. The Toys R Us web page also said if you order anything before 12/19 you would get it by Christmas Eve. The guy told me I qualified for some makeup kit for free also I just had to pay for the shipping. I said fine and added it to the order.

On 12/13 @ 7:28 AM I got the email confirming my order with the items in stock and ready to ship. At 10:30 AM I got another email from Toys R Us saying the items are being processed and I would be charged $111.46 for the items with shipping.

On 12/15 without fail the first item was shipped. I went on to track it and found out that it was just the makeup kit from Toys R Us. Not the Barbie & The Diamond Castle Playset that I had really ordered. Just like clock work the Makeup kit arrived from Toys R Us on 12/17, but the item I really ordered still had not shipped out. I then called Toys R Us when I got home from work and the person I talked to said that she was not sure why it had not shipped out but would look into it but I should still not have any issue with getting it here before Christmas. I said OK thanks.

I waited until 12/19 to call again to see what was the status because it still showed processing the Barbie & diamond Castle Playset on the Toys R Us website. When I finally got to a person it was around 12 PM. The lady I talked to told me that it had still not shipped out and could not understand why. She put me on hold for about 10 min and said that she would get an email to her supervisor and they would be calling me back. She also told me I would be getting it before Christmas. Once again Toys R Us was lying to me.

I never received a call from anyone. I got an email @ 4:22 PM on 12/19 saying that the item had shipped. I went on UPS to see when I would be getting it and it only said the billing information had been received. I had to wait until 12/20 to see when I would be getting it. I was glad it had finally shipped.

So today 12/20 I went onto to track my Barbie & The Diamond Castle Playset and what a surprise… I was not getting it until 12/30. THAT IS FIVE…FIVE…DAYS AFTER CHRISTMAS. I am so disappointed. I called Toys R Us again now for the fourth time and talked to another lady. She told me there was nothing she could do for me. She said the package was too heavy or they could have expedited it. Why was I not called? I would have paid the extra to get it on time. I was told I would be called by a manager. It seems to me that the “managers” at Toys R Us are afraid to talk to the customers.

The lady on the phone from Toys R Us told me that she would have to send another email to the manager and they would call me. I told her I wanted her to ship me a new doll house and make it two day. Then I would get it by Christmas and I would send back the one that gets here on 12/30. She said that she would send that request to the manager in the email. I asked if I could talk to a manager and she said there are no managers there. I asked it there was another phone number I could call to talk to someone above her and she said NO.

I asked how long it takes for a manager to call me and she said, “I don't know.” I can't believe this is the way Toys R Us runs it business. I am a manager for a major communications company and if one of my customers, I don't care who it is, wanted to talk to me I would expect my techs to put me on the phone with them right then and there.

I would never treat a customer like Toys R Us is treating me. If we are nothing else in this would we are all connected by the human race. How is it that Toys R Us is so disconnected that they can't simply talk to their customers? An email has to decide if my daughter is going to have a good Christmas or not. Man Toys R Us you really blew it.

Here is the info. If you would like to do an internal investigation. I sure you will not but I really don't care at this point. I will also be posting this on every site I can find so that everyone will know what Toys R Us did to me and my child on Christmas.

A long-winded rant from an "insider."
By -

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- Avoid the Clearwater Toys R Us/Kids R Us store on US 19 at all costs. Take it from someone who knows the inner workings of this corporate monster - it is absolutely NOT worth the hassle that they will give you there. I worked at the 8728 store for nearly a year, and it was in no way, shape, or form an enjoyable experience.

Training for new Sales Associates was essentially non-existent. A concept would be briefly explained, like "Piecing means pulling all of the items on the shelf to the front and straightening as necessary." The Associate would then be sent out into the store to figure things out for themselves - where things are located, how to point Guests in the right direction, whether or not a particular brand or item is carried.

Some things were never even explained at all. Even a year later, I'm still not entirely certain if there is a purpose to those obnoxious Key Items or how to program a Sapphire or an LRT for a registry (something I asked to be shown a number of times, but there was never actually anyone in the store who knew how to do it and explain the process to me).

Because of outrageously low wages for the competent employees (I made minimum wage the entire 11 months I worked there) and incredibly rude upper management, the turnover rate was embarrassingly high. I could easily name 20 different associates who worked there during my time in that store. Although Associates are "not permitted to discuss wages amongst one another" lest they "be fired for doing so" (director quote from the Store Director), it was impossible to avoid seeing pay rates when we cashed one another out.

There was absolutely no reason why the pay discrepancies were so huge. Associates who had only worked at the store for a week were being paid $9, $10, and $11 an hour in several instances, while some people who had been working for more than 6 or 8 months were STILL only being paid minimum wage.

Someone who is reliable, experienced, and trustworthy should NEVER be paid significantly less than someone who is unreliable, inexperienced, and still new to the environment when the two hold the exact same position. And let's be honest, here - a company that has zero respect for their employees is bound to have just as much respect (if not a little less) for their customers. Toys R Us is no exception.

For starters, there's the heinous corporate-wide return policy that has certainly gained more enemies than friends since its implementation last year. Yes, I realize that the goal is to try to eliminate fraud and the phony returns for items not even purchased at a TRU store. But it's pretty asinine to sit there and argue with Guests about this return policy while making no efforts to eliminate shoplifting, which is like a plague at the Clearwater store, and probably at many other locations.

(Recently, a couple of guys managed to successfully walk out of the store with over a thousand dollars' worth of stolen electronics from the RZone - half a dozen television sets, DVD players, PlayStation games, etc. Neither the RZone Associate, the Customer Service Associate, nor the Cashier so much as batted an eyelash when the sensors beeped as these two pushed shopping carts loaded with stuff out of the store. It wasn't until later, after the store closed, that the security cam's tape was reviewed and everyone finally realized what had happened.)

On a personal level, it is extremely rare to find a Sales Associate in the store itself who is courteous and helpful, especially considering the turnover rate and the lack of legitimate training. Most workers in the store hate what should be, in theory, an interesting and fun job because of the way they are treated by their superiors.

The rule of thumb at the Clearwater TRU is that if you need a manager, he or she will be hiding in the office, which is in the corner of the apparel section. Typically, the manager(s) will be talking to the "favored" employees (and believe me, the quasi-nepotism/favoritism present in the store is disgustingly apparent) and ignoring requests of assistance from other Associates. Guests are always kept waiting 5 minutes or more, with no apology or explanation from the manager for whom they were waiting.

If you should happen to have a complaint or an issue at this store, my advice is this: avoid the Store Director, who is meddlesome at best and completely incompetent at worst (true story: when opening the store one morning, she asked to have the key to open the registers. First of all, she's the Director and if anyone should have a key, it's her.

Secondly, it doesn't even NEED a key - the monitor screen says in bold, with nothing else listed below or above it: "PUSH F1 TO OPEN REGISTER". How someone with little common sense and no practical knowledge of how the store runs becomes a Director is something that I have yet to figure out). She is dismissive, cold, and downright rude to customers and employees alike.

Around St. Patrick's Day of this year, I caught some kind of nasty flu virus and was out of work for three days. I asked my mom to call the store for me on the second day and tell them that I was really, really sick and wouldn't be able to work that day or the following one. The Director proceeded to tell my mom that she absolutely would not accept a substitute caller on my behalf, and she proceeded to accuse my mom of being a liar, insisting that I wasn't as sick as I seemed.

My mom was also informed that if I did not bring in a signed note from a doctor (hello, terrible flashback to grade school), I would not be permitted to work in that store again, "a report would be placed in [my] file," and I would be "reprimanded accordingly." As if that means anything.

At that time, I had been working there for 8 months and had only called out of work a total of three other days, all for legitimate reasons (when my best friend was rushed to the ER and had emergency surgery, because of a car accident, and one day because I had a nasty cold). And not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm a good kid - good grades, showed up early for work everyday, always willing to stay late or come in on days when they needed an extra hand...and that was the treatment I received for being a more than halfway decent employee.

I know for a fact that Guests often receive similar treatment from managers and Associates alike, because I have witnessed it. Often times, when someone phones in a question, the Associate says they'll check on the status of an item for them; what really happens is that the person is put on hold, there's some chit-chat between employees, and then someone picks the line back up and makes up an answer for them (usually it's "No, we just sold out of [whatever you're looking for])! Sorry about that. Maybe you should try the store in St. Pete, or perhaps New Port Richey."

Sadly, the same often happens to people who come in the store and ask about an item. I was one of only two or three Associates who actually bothered to look in overhead storage for a toy, or to check the back bays and see if maybe the item had not yet been put out on the shelf for some reason.

It probably doesn't seem like much, but I know that my honesty and willingness to help as much as I possibly could were appreciated by the Guests. It's a shame that the managerial staff disrespected me so much that I finally sought employment elsewhere because I did genuinely enjoy helping out the parents and working with the kids. Anyway...I'm glad I got that off my chest. All in all, consumers are better off shopping elsewhere, and potential employees are better off applying elsewhere.

Toys'R'Us Overzealous Policies
By -

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY -- I had an upsetting experience while trying to purchase a toy for my son during Toys'R'Us's "Cyber Monday Sale." I tried to log onto the site Monday night and it was running very slow. I suspect the traffic was just overwhelming, and it took me about a half an hour to get the item to show up in "My Cart." When I went to check out, I selected "Store Pick Up" for the shipping method and proceeded to start a payment with Paypal. I was taken to the Paypal page, but when Paypal tried to return me to the Toys'R'Us website to confirm the payment, the page wouldn't load at all.

Not wanting to try it again for fear of being billed twice, I called the local Toys'R'Us on Rt. 31 in Clay. I asked if the item I wanted was in stock and was told they had "a couple" left, so I asked if they could hold one until the website could process the payment. I was told, "No, we don't hold anything at this time of year." So I asked if I could come down there and pick it up and pay for it in the store, since the website wasn't working. I was told that I would be charged full price since the sale was on "online sale" only. When I asked how this is fair, being that the website wasn't working properly, I was told I'd have to talk to the online dept.

I asked if there was a phone number, and was given "1-800-ToysRUs." I called and spoke to a representative who told me they were having problems with the "Store Pick Up" feature of the site (which was not true, as it was confirmed later on that the entire ordering process was broken), and was told there was nothing they could do, but that they were extending the sale because of all the issues. I asked if there was a way that the item could be held for me until the website was running properly, and I was told, "No, but you can call your local store. They're the only ones who can do anything for you."

So I called the store back and after 15 mins. spoke to the manager, **. She said there was nothing they could do because "we don't price adjust." This upset me the most, because it is a flat-out lie. My family used to visit children in hospitals during Christmas; my brother would dress up as "The Grinch," and we'd give out toys to the children. We were in the Toys'R'Us on Erie Blvd. at the time, and all "Grinch" toys were on sale.

My father explained our charity to the manager, and they literally price adjusted an entire register to ring up items at an extra 20% discount! My father purchased 3 cartloads of toys that day. I was so upset that I canceled my "Rewards'R'Us" membership and vowed never to shop from those stores again. Ironically enough, the nicest person I spoke to was the woman who canceled my membership, and she told me they price match other stores all the time and was baffled as to why they wouldn't price match their own store in this situation.

How Babies 'R' Us Rips People Off
By -

Here's how Babies 'R' Us sucks today: My mom bought me a glider "nursing" chair for ~400$. Looked amazing, had great reviews. It was shipped to the house, we assembled it, and it felt like it was made for a Munchkin. So, we had to disassemble it and return it to a store that would ship it back for us. When we took it to the store, they said they would re-assemble it and keep it as a floor model, which is what I suggested on the phone to them, when I called to see if we could just return it assembled, rather than run the risk of damaging it by disassembling it. No, they wanted it back in the box.

Babies 'R' Us put the $ on a merchandise credit card that I have to use it in the store or online. I found a chair in the store models that I prefer, so I went home to order that one. Well, to have it shipped to my house would cost 200$ for just the shipping alone... I don't think so! So, I opted to have it sent to a store for pick-up. I placed the order only to have it cancelled within the hour, for ambiguous reasons. I decided to call customer service.

After a long conversation and the woman offered me a whopping 50% off on the shipping (yeay, only 100$ shipping!), I said, "So, unless I pay a massive shipping fee for a freight delivery, which should be the cheaper option, there is no way I can obtain this chair? It cannot be sent to your store so I can pick it up???" "Yes ma'am, that is correct." I told her this is the kind of experience that causes people to say, "I am done with Babies R Us and their inconvenient policies. I will get my chair elsewhere." She obviously didn't care. It's a massive chain. This isn't even a drop in the bucket. And she's probably making minimum wage.

The exact scenario is happening to my mother-in-law who has been trying to order a bassinet for us. Basically, Babies 'R' Us has a bunch of products that they keep out of the stores, in some mysterious warehouse, and when you want to order them, they slap a massive "shipping" fee on it or else you can't have it. And because my money that I can use for this purchase is on their merchandise credit card, I am basically at their mercy. I'm sure that, somewhere, when my mom bought the first chair that we returned, she, as we all have done, clicked "OK" to a statement that said, "All returned items will be refunded in the form of store credit only." Meaning, I HAVE to spend my money there.

I am unbelievably frustrated. I just want a nice place to nurse my baby. Once this is said and done, even if I do have to give them my money for this, I will NEVER shop there again. I hope you will give it a second thought too. Pretty much every other option is better; even Wal-Mart...I can't believe I'm saying that! Gross.

Baiting People To Their Stores-False Advertising
By -

THE WOODLANDS -- Couple of weeks ago, my wife and drove about 10 miles to our local Toys R Us, to buy one item from them for our granddaughter for Christmas. It was advertised $ 24.99. That was 10 dollars off. Normally it is $ 34.99. I had checked their website prior to us going to Toys R Us and the Imaginarium Double-Sided Easel - Pink--Item#: **, was in stock at this store. We checked the area of the store where these items are usually kept and found none. I found one of their associates who had one of the inventory scanners and a walkie-talkie.

I showed him the small cards which you usually take to the front and an associate will go and get your item and bring it to the register. He checked the item number and it showed 6 of them in stock. He and another associate went looking for the easel. They were gone for some time, about 20 minutes. He said he could not find them. I went to customer service and her computer records showed 6 of them in the store. Somewhere. She sent someone else to look for the easel. No luck either. I asked for a rain-check since the sale was over that night on the easel. She gave me one and told me to wait a few days and come back.

We waited a few days. My wife and I went back to the Toys R Us, located in the Woodlands, Texas by our local mall, again. They looked for about 1 hour, and found not a single one of them. Their computer, just like their website, showed they had the item. Six of them. And they were $ 34.99 now. But they would accept my raincheck price if they found even one of the 6 easels. No luck. Just wasted more time. Aggravated... This time customer service told me to wait a few days and call them to see if they found them.

We waited about 5 days and called them at Toys R Us. I held on the phone for about 20 minutes while they looked again. Supposedly. The lady came back on the phone and said they just must be lost, or possibly somebody had just walked out with them. Big as they are I do not see how and they have security devices attached to them. She just advised to try to find another store that might have it.

I told her honestly, they needed to remove the ITEM AVAILABLE from their website, instead of having customer after customer coming to their store looking for the same easel, which does not exist. (It has been 2 weeks since our first visit) and their website still lists this item (easel) is available. Bait and switch, like a car lot.

I called another Toys R Us about 15 miles away that said they had it, per the website. Bad mistake. They put me on hold. And never came back. After 20 minutes on hold, I called the 800 number for customer service on my home phone. I spoke with **, who amazingly, seemed to care. I explained to him we were trying to buy this kid's easel for our Granddaughter for Christmas, and having no luck, since they were the only one that sold this type. He gave me reference number after typing in all the information.

He apologized. And said I would receive a call from them within 3 days. I was still on hold on my cell phone from being put on hold. It had been 35 minutes on hold at the time. I let ** even listen to their music that is played after being on hold. ** told me that I could go ahead and hang up. He said his main computer showed that the store I was calling now had no kids easels in stock. Sold while I was on hold I guess.

I waited 4 days, and never heard from anyone at Toys R Us. I emailed them at their main email address, and was advised back the next day via email that I would be hearing from them in 3-5 days. That never happened either. I went to their website and it showed they had plenty for online purchase. I ordered it online and paid full price $ 34.99, plus tax, and shipping, just to make sure my granddaughter got it for Christmas. It has arrived, and is wrapped now.

Toys R Us are just a bunch of scam artists, and it seems bait and switch. While in the store they had tried to sell me the much more expensive kids easel ($ 49.99). Toys R Us does not care about its customers. They just try to get you to the store with phony ads, and hope you buy something while their. We will never shop at their store again, and I told all our friends and relatives that we would hope they did not either.

All that read this story should stay away from the Toys R Us. It will save you a lot of time, and aggravation. Especially the one by the Woodlands Mall in Conroe, Texas (Montgomery County). Maybe our Attorney General here in Texas needs to look into the way Toys R Us runs its business in Texas.

Was Not Sold What I Was Told I Was Buying - Worst Customer Service Experience I Have Ever Experienced
By -

ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- Simply put, told me I was buying an XBox 360/Kinect Bundle Package for $200. It was Black Friday, last box on the shelf, 3:30 in the morning, and the sales associate told me it was what I was asking for. What do you do? You scoop it up before anyone else does, without thinking twice. (I know the bundle is supposed to be $300, but I thought maybe since it was Black Friday I was getting a deal).

Really it was just the XBox. It was Black Friday, so I was not able to return. Because of this mishap, I was not able to get any of the real deals. For example, if I had wanted to buy just an Xbox, I could have picked one up at any of the other stores I went to that day shopping and would have gotten 2 to 3 free games to go with it. FOR THE SAME $200. Needless to say, I felt wronged, and thought maybe customer service would be there to help make it right. I wasn't expecting anything for free, I understood it was early, and a busy day, lots of commotion, but I should not have been lied to.

I would have gladly paid the extra $100 to get what I was originally seeking, however, by the time this whole fiasco was over, the bundle I was looking for was sold out everywhere. If nothing else, at least get me the Kinect system for $100, instead of the $150 it's supposed to be. You know, since that's what I was told I was getting in the first place. All I wanted was both components, and was absolutely willing to pay the difference.

Had to file an 'incident report' with 800 number customer service line 5 times over the next 2 weeks. The first 3 got 'lost' in the system, never to be found. 1 was 'accidentally closed' when it was supposed to be 'elevated' to corporate (who was supposed to get back into contact with me. The final, got me to a supervisor, who basically told me it was my fault for not knowing what I was buying.

(Shouldn't you just be able to trust the sales associate?) and there was nothing she could do and I should call the store. When I called the store they told me "All of our employees were informed beforehand that we didn't have any of the bundles in stock anyway, so there's no way that could have happened."

How it happened: I was in the electronics dept., browsing, when I was reminded by my wife that we wanted to get this for the family (it was early in the morning and I wasn't ready to start thinking yet). I asked the nearest associate if they had any 'XBox Bundles' in stock. His reply was, "No, We don't even have any XBox's" I looked over his shoulder to the glass case and saw one box, with a picture of Kinect on the side (now I know the picture was just advertising it, and not meaning it was being included).

So, I asked him, "Isn't that one right there?" still referring to the Bundle. He said "Yes, it is, I forgot we had that one". I guess it was a 'ticketed' item. Someone had reserved it and not picked it up. After checking to see if it was available, he told me it was, and told me it was $200. I was concerned about the low price, so I verified WITH THE ASSOCIATE that this was the box that included the Kinect and the only thing I was not getting was a bigger hard drive and the headset that comes with the other package. He agreed and nodded the whole time.

My biggest complaint here is that because of all of this mess, I was not able to actually get any of the best deals on what I was trying to buy, and their customer service did not even attempt to accept fault or make it right. Absolute worst customer service I have ever seen, and coming from a well-known company this large was absolutely shocking. 3 weeks later, I was able to come across the bundle I was looking for, at target, for $300, with a free game.

Again, that's all I originally wanted. So I purchased it, and returned the one I got from toys r' us. Toys R Us has absolutely no concern or regard for its customers, will not ever even attempt to admit that one of their employees may have made a mistake, and you have even less of a chance getting them to try to make it right.

What ever happened to customer service
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We received a trike as birthday gift for my son. He already owned one! My wife brought the bike back to the store and was told that there was a “policy” in place that said she could not return anything without a way to validate it was purchased there (a receipt or the credit card it was bought with). Other than the few fortunate times you get a gift receipt, how would anybody have either of the things they are asking for?

The thought of going to my son's great grandfather and asking for this would be insulting to him and, simply, rude. I would never do that. Well, the store manager decided to keep placing all of his blame on the store policy. He told her that this happens “every day” and he has to “turn away unhappy customers all the time, but that is the “policy.” Wow- some policy! He suggested we call the corporate customer service phone number and lodge a complaint, so I did.

The woman on the phone states that the “policy” is correct as it was told to us, but there is also a “no quibble policy.” She then puts me on hold to speak with somebody, comes back on the phone and says that original policy of “no returns” trumps the “no quibble” policy. Interesting. She was kind enough to agree that the situation was asinine, but her hands were tied.

She suggested I ask my son's great grandfather for the receipt. I asked if she would be so rude in her family and I was told she would not do that either. She then agreed to escalate my concern and complaint to the corporate office, but it would be 3-5 days before I heard back from somebody there. I sat stunned to think that a company would allow a customer to brew in anger for 3-5 days. But that is their “policy.”

I was at a point where I just wanted some justice. I then e-mailed the CEO of Toys R US, Gerald Storch, my story. I figured somebody at the top should know how crazy the policies are and they don't always work out so well. I figured, as a business owner myself; this is something I would want to know.

I sent off my note only to get an e-mail back from the Coordinator of Executive Guest Services (some title!) stating “On behalf of Toys “R” Us, please accept my sincerest apologies for the difficulties you encountered when attempting to return your unwanted item. While it is never our intent to inconvenience you with our policies, I am sorry that we are unable to make an exception at this time.” Seriously, am I dreaming? For $35 this company is going to alienate a customer? Do they realize they are treating me like a criminal?

I decided that I was done wasting my time trying to make them a better company and that the best thing I could do was post something on Facebook letting my 300+ “friends” that there are better places to buy toys. What I did not realize was that posting was also going to pop up on their corporate Facebook page. I am not sure if it was that Facebook posting or my earlier email, but within 30 minutes of my Facebook posting I received a phone call from their district manager with a totally different attitude.

This man apologized. He told me I was right and they were wrong. He said the right things. He ended up overriding the previous poor decisions that were made by his company and asked for us to come back for the store credit. He hung up after giving me his cell phone number and asked that if I were to ever have a bad experience again, to please call him. This is a story about too little too late.

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