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Simple Economics
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- For those of you dropped out of high school or never finished middle school, I can see why you can't grasp return policies. A receipts sole purpose in its existence is for the consumer's ability to exchange a good - whether defective or inadequate - for another. In the case that the product cannot be replaced, then - and only then - can a refund or a store credit be registered.

For a store to accept your double / defective / unwanted item without a receipt stating that you had in fact purchased it at that selective store, would be unruly and wrong for them to do so. See, there is a thing called space. Matter takes up space. Firsthand, working in warehousing, I can say that defective items that are issued refunds interfere with what is needed to be done in the back of a store whose functions include stocking, emptying trucks of products, and ordering new ones. If you cripple productivity by reducing the usefulness of the workers, while on shift, you are hurting profit gains in the long run.

Another aspect to consider are the three main types of profit (stay with me, latch key kids): Economic profit, loss and normal profit. If your open threat of, "I will never shop here again!" is going to harm them, you are wrong. Most of the products you buy at any department store (especially TRU), are of normal profit.

The money put into purchasing them directly from the manufacturer isn't that much less than you buy them for. Granted, specific types of hardware (such as controllers for a video game system or a DVD player) are of economic profit - they generate more than they are purchased for, first hand. But most of the things that FILL stores are just to bring you to shop there.

The Buyer Protection Plans (which cost them practically nothing because they have one large contract that pays an insurance company a large amount of money over a short period of time; the insurance companies rely on the reliability of the products they are backing and TRU gains a large net profit because the extenuating sum they paid will be less than what they will make over a certain period of time) and the credit cards (25% interest payments after 6 months to 2 years) are what make them money. Not the products.

If you never bought these plans, you are basically worthless to them. If you return an item that they cannot resell or do not offer, it has no use. It is an economic loss and as a general courtesy, unless you intend to become a shareholder in the company's finances, you're one of millions that they can afford to lose.

Stores aren't in the business to lose money. If you have a legitimate problem with an item and you have a receipt, there is no reason they should disregard your ability to exchange it. They had lost more money on their open-ended return policy than they had gained.

To whomever stated in an earlier review that TRU's reason for failing is their return policy, newsflash: They've been going down before this. They ALTERED it to save themselves from getting worse. The only reason Walmart and some other stores can afford to keep open-ended return policies is because they are monopolies.

There is competition, sure, give another four years and everything will be destroyed by big bargain chains. They ship the economy and jobs to places overseas for the cost of cheap production and low efficiency. It's the realization that customer service doesn't exist anymore. Some stores have the ability to exchange your item because it's pennies on a dollar to them; others struggle to keep themselves afloat.

You can refuse to shop from them all you'd like - it's freedom of choice. But I hope most of you are content shopping at bulk stores and eating McDonalds for the rest of your lives because Americans are what's killing the economy - not the housing market. You can't buy into a system that doesn't give back into it.

Poor Customer Service, Bad for Babies!
By -

SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE -- I purchased all of my necessities for both of my babies at Babies R Us, thousands of dollars worth. The crib I purchased for my daughter was recently recalled, as it seems that babies died using these Jardine cribs. As soon as I became aware of the recall, I contacted the recall center. This is where it becomes very baby unfriendly. The recall center mailed me an envelope to send them all of the crib's hardware in. Unfortunately, you have to take your crib totally apart and your baby has no place to sleep while you mail the parts in.

Several days later, meanwhile my daughter is still without a bed. Jardine cribs sends me a voucher for a new crib, which is only good at Babies R Us. I go to Babies R Us in South Portland, Maine and they tell me they have no cribs for my voucher amount, but I can use the voucher towards a new, more expensive crib. Fine, I want my daughter to have a crib that is safe and she needs it straight away. Next, I choose a crib which is $60 more than my voucher and I go to order it, only of course they have none in stock. I check on a couple of other cribs that are more than that and they are not in stock either.

Now what do I do? They tell me that I have to order the crib, from their warehouse, but it will only be 7 to 14 days and I will have my new crib. I explain to them how my infant daughter has nothing to sleep in and they seem not to care. Babies R Us promises to call me as soon as my new crib arrives. I wait, and wait, and wait... 14 days has gone by and I call Babies R Us. They still do not have my crib and they are not sure when it will be in. I tell them that it is truly unacceptable and I need to get my daughter a crib ASAP. I ask if they will refund me my voucher and they said they will not.

I ask if they will give me credit to use at Babies R Us for the amount of my crib, so that can go elsewhere and buy a crib, without losing hundreds of dollars. They say they cannot do anything for me and will not help me out. The only thing I can do is wait for my crib to arrive. I call every day and check to see if the crib is in. Finally on the 21st day after I placed my order, it had arrived. I went to pick it up with my older 3 year old daughter. The box it was in was all smashed up on one end and I was worried it was going to be damaged, in fact, at that point I felt like crying.

My 3 year old daughter asked if she could go on the Elmo ride in the lobby of Babies R Us, but I didn't have any quarters. So I asked the clerk who was checking us out if we could have 4 quarters for a dollar bill. You know what she told me??? She said "No" that she couldn't open her drawer without a cash sale. Well, I'll tell you what, don't waste your money supporting Babies R Us, because they do not care about your children! I am so upset with them, yet can do nothing but warn other consumers. :(

Horrible System Once Place Order
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE ORDER, TEXAS -- I have placed order early morning. Then I realized that I made mistake on the message. I called them right away but their customer service was closed and no option for making changes online given. I even try to look for order from the link they have provide and it didn't find my order. Later in the morning when I call in for customers service they are like "you can't change order once 15 minutes pass." All I wanted to change the message which they can't do it which is very ridiculous. Even though I choose standard shipping.

Don't Buy Tabeo
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Rating: 1/51

My daughter was overjoyed to receive a Tabeo Tablet for Christmas. I was not as thrilled as I noticed right away there was a problem with the battery holding a charge. It would be charging all day and then she would only get maybe 45 minutes of playing time before it had to be plugged back in to charge. I wanted to return or exchange it right away but my daughter was reluctant because she didn't mind that it had to be constantly plugged in to charge. Then less than two weeks after having it the charging mechanism inside the Tabeo came loose and was moving around inside the tablet. We can no longer even plug it in to charge it because that mechanism is broken.

As if it's not bad enough that Toys R Us is selling what it knows is a defective product they are handing it like a non-issue. The store refused to do an exchange for us even though we had the receipt because it was past the 30 days allowed to do exchanges and because the gift giver had purchased a protection plan. I had to have the gift giver file a claim online to replace this defective product. We have to mail the defective Tabeo back and then wait a week to get a gift card in the mail so that we can go and purchase another defective product!

(Please note that you will never ever get your cash back from Toys R Us even if the defective product is their fault! They will only exchange for another bad product! Is this customer service really?). What about the poor people that didn't get the protection plan? They are out $150.00 for something that Toys R Us knew was defective? This is a HORRIBLE COMPANY!

So now when we get the gift card in and go back to buy another defective product because we have no other choice. We also have to buy another protection plan because the chances of this happening again are 100% because they have not fixed or even acknowledged this issue! What a SCAM!!! I will never buy from Toys R Us or any of their affiliates and I will tell everyone I know not to buy from them! Awful experience for myself, my daughter and the gift giver!

Worst online experience
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Rating: 1/51

ONLINE, NEW JERSEY -- I placed on an order on your website on Tuesday, August 4th. After I placed the order I called to make sure that it would ship yesterday. The items are for my daughter's birthday this coming Sunday, September 9th. The associate on the phone assured me that the items would ship out yesterday or today. He provided me with the warehouse zip code. UPS Ground is a guaranteed 2 business days in transit from your warehouse to my home.

This morning when I had not received tracking I called your service line back. This time I was told that my order would arrive between the 9th and the 14th. They stated that there was no way to determine when it would arrive. What this means is that my order might not ship today. There was no way to cancel the order (even though it has not shipped yet) and refund my money. I am now unable to simply go to the store and purchase her presents in person. No one was able to assist me and I truly was tired of hearing the word unfortunately which the associate used at least 15 times.

So now my daughter's birthday is approaching and I might have to tell her that she will not receive any presents from her mother. I shop online all the time and this is the 1st time I have run into such a wall when dealing with customer service. It seems that Toys R Us does not know the meaning of going above and beyond for the customer.

If my daughter does not receive her presents on time for her birthday this weekend I will be sure to follow this letter with pictures of her tear stained face as well as post the pictures on your Facebook page with a nice thank you from us. I have been a loyal customer for the past 20 yrs. Every Christmas and Birthday I buy presents for my 5 children from Toys R Us. Well no more. The little guy might not count for much for the big corporation but you have just lost this little guy!

Buyer Protection Plan A Fraud
By -

CLINTON, MARYLAND -- We bought 2 iPod touch 4th gens from Toys R Us, we immediately were offered the buyer protection plan and told and shown on the brochure items under 300 dollars are replaced. 3 weeks after Christmas one of the iPods begins to experience problems, and now the truth comes out about the buyer protection plan. IT DOES NOT GET replaced, you get a shipping label and have to return it to the buyer protection people, when they receive it, they will take a week to process it, then they will send you a CHECK for the original purchase price... but wait... that price is minus an gift cards or money off you used and minus sales tax, state tax, fed tax or any other taxes you paid.

So since we had used a 10 dollar gift card we don't get that back or the taxes... so now the buyer protection people will take 3 to 5 weeks (I was told probably 5 or 6 weeks because they are so busy) and they will mail the check to you, now we would have been out the 10 dollars, out of the sales tax, have to drive to drop it off, have to take a check to the bank, and have to pay extra to replace the item, their advertising is totally misleading and it is not a replacement plan. Instead of that hassle we went to an apple store used the 1 year warranty they give you free, and walked out with a new iPod since it was a software failure and hardware defect.

THAT IS THE OTHER PART THEY WON'T TELL YOU AT Toys R Us they give you 1 use of the plan EVEN if it is a manufacturer defect once you use the plan it is over and you have to purchase a new plan, EVEN for a manufacturer's defect that has nothing to do with you. As for the defective item, they fix it and resell it and that is straight out of the mouths of the buyer protection people. You loose all the way around with a 25.00 Buyer Protection Plan.

Return Policy
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SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- Little Tikes 18 x 48 InZip Pool was purchased for $529.59 on 06/02/08. Pool was set up on 06/14/08. Product was used once. On 06/21/08, we noticed that one of the vertical pool rods had bent in the middle. On 06/26/08, the pool sprung major leaks around two of the port hole windows. I call Toys R Us and spoke with Customer Service Associate Ann **. She frequently put me on hold to speak with her manager. She stated that because we did not purchase the extended warranty we could not return a defective product to the store within 30 days and we would need to call the manufacturer.

She stated that there were signs at each register that were recently posted on the 9th. She still could not return the product. I asked to speak to her manager. The Manager was extremely rude. He stated that the policy was clear and that the policy was available at the returns desk before the 9th. I asked if we could exchange this pool for a different one and get a gift certificate for the difference. He said no.

I advised that I was filing a complaint with, the BBB, consumer affairs and the corporate office. He advised that "everyone says that". I told him that this was why Toys R Us keeps closing stores like they did in Sioux City, IA because Walmart gives better customer service and he would be lucky to have a job in a year. He said, "Whatever" and hung up.

I called Little Tykes customer service they offered to exchange the pool after we provided supporting pictures and it could be shipped (approx. 4-6 weeks). I told them we lived in SD and summer would be over in 4-6 weeks. The supervisor and asked for a refund and he referred me to their returns department and said he could only exchange the product with the above restrictions. He would not send the product overnight or make any effort to resolve the issue. I called the returns department at 1-800-321-4424, x3024. I left a message and they called me back 6 hours later.

This representative offered me a redemption check (you have to use it to buy Little Tykes products). I asked her what I was possibly going to buy with $530.00 since Toys R Us was the only place that sold this Little Tykes pool and I wasn't going back there. She didn't know. Her supervisor was very polite but still unwilling to resolve my issue. He said to get a refund he would need to escalate the issue to his corporate office.

I again offered to have product sent next day air (We are having a 4th of July party at my parent's where the pool is located so timing is very important). He could not do this. He said the returns department would contact me in 3-5 days. Bottom lines - neither company supports the products if they are defective.

Item Purchased
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Rating: 1/51

I will never ever purchase anything from that scam artists company ever again! On February 21, I purchased the Graco Forever All in 1 Car Seat on Babies R Us website for $326.61. A few days later I viewed my bank statement and the money was returned to my account and was taken out again. On the 25th I got an email stating that my order was shipped. On Thursday I got a call from the FedEx driver that he was outside my house, I told him that no one is at home, so he then replied I will return tomorrow the same time with the package. I said "Ok I will have someone there to sign for it."

Friday the 26 the FedEx driver never came. I decided to track my package and realized that it was actually delivered on the 25, so I decided to call Toys R Us, spoke to a representative, and I was told that a claim will be made to investigate that situation and I should get an email within 24-48 hrs which I never did. I decided to call 72 hours later and the representative told me that FedEx stated that the item was delivered so I then replied "So where the hell is my product and why the hell should I waste my time to call If I received my item?" She stated that she will then send in a request for either a replacement or a refund so I will have to wait another 24-48 hours, heard nothing from them nor an email.

Long story short this thing escalated from the entire month of March. I then called back and spoke to a supervisor which then explained that my request was denied due to a glitch in their system and she is going to approve the request for my refund and I have to wait another 24-48 hrs and then 3-5 days depending on my bank.

Tuesday April 1st, I decided to call my bank and I was told that there is not pending refund in my account from Toys R Us so I called Toys R Us up again and another set of ** was said to me so I went ballistic and I also mentioned to them that I will have to get my lawyer involved. I requested to speak with a supervisor and she told me yet another story and I will have to give it another 24-48 hrs. I then said "Ok, but this is the last time that I am calling and I will definitely have my lawyer contact them including the news channels." I'm now waiting for April 3 to receive an email, indicating that my refund is approved.

Rude Manager and Associates
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I went to store # 7031 3/28/13. I asked the associate ringing up my item if the discount had been given – all he had to do was say yes instead – he was rude and inconvenienced me. Instead he said – “No, it's buy one get one 30% off." The sign clearly said all Scaris Dolls – 30% off – no BOGO at all. He sent the manager to check it out – as she was gone he continued to be rude to me so I left to make sure she knew what the issue was. I was surprised to find she didn't care. ** does not require associates to know promotions.

** not know promotions even though she is the manager of the store - she made that clear. ** does not require associates to ring people up in order. I had to wait while he rung up several people who came after me – because I knew the price of the item and the associate didn't. ** doesn't require the associates to be friendly or helpful and she's fine with them being extraordinarily rude.

I went through all that for no reason. It turns out the discount had automatically gone through – so the associate gave me wrong information twice – the associate remained very confident and cocky in being allowed to give wrong information – he never apologized or showed any remorse and ** supported his actions and his attitude in full. She does not feel as the manager that she needs to know promotional information either – this promotion began four days prior to this incident on one of the biggest sellers they have. The monster high dolls and she had no knowledge of it even though the sign had been in her store for four days.

Mediocre Customer Service No Return Policy
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Rating: 1/51

HATO REY -- I had a very disappointing experience yesterday in Toys R Us Hato Rey Puerto Rico. I recently purchased a 7 inch Tabeo Tablet for my daughter during the month of December. The thing is the equipment turned out to be defective tablet won't turn, the screen didn't work.

So I went yesterday to the Toys R US where I bought it the one in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico to have it exchanged by another tablet or for a refund. And not only did I wait so long in line I was attended by this obnoxious assistant manager, whom which after looking @ the tablet just simply told me she couldn't accept the tablet because the manufacturing company wouldn't accept it.

I told her the Tablet had arrived like this yet she didn't do much or anything to help out in this situation. All I can say is that Toys R US should emphasize more on customer service which is very low quality. They don't seem to hire a lot of employees although the stores are very big. Sometimes you have to walk around for a while threw out the whole store in order to receive some assistance by an employee.

As far as this situation I feel totally robbed/scammed for my money. Employees are supposed to assist customers diligently and efficiently on any situation. But I just sensed they don't really care even though my daughter was next to me while I was trying to exchange the item (which obviously made her very sad, she wouldn't stop crying on the way back home).

I simply don't understand why wouldn't Toys R US exchange my item or give me a full refund. It seems there's always some sort of controversy or excuse to their own benefit when it comes to exchanges or refunds. Other stores like Game Stop, Electronics Boutique, Wal-Mart, Amazon won't give those obstacles when it comes to exchanging an item which they also sell a whole lot CHEAPER.

I am beyond indignant because the store manager totally wiped her butt with my receipt (the purchase had been made less than a month ago) and even though she did admit the Tablets were in fact coming with defects she declined to offer any assistance or an exchange, refund, store credit whatsoever.

Usually I never really buy often in Toys R Us... because there isn't located where I live & because I don't find the prices of the items cheap or affordable... compared to Wal-Mart or K-Mart or Game Stop, AMAZON. But this incident totally made it for I am never BUYING ANYTHING ON TOYS R US... EVER AGAIN... and will give NEGATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS to relatives and close ones based on my personal EXPERIENCE. I WILL NEVER BUY HERE EVER AGAIN. EVER AGAIN, EVER AGAIN. THEIR RETURN POLICY IS A VERY FICTIONAL POLICY.

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