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When expecting baby do not expect to be treated nicely at babies r us
Posted by on
SOUTH PORTLAND -- My finance and I are 5 and a half months pregnant we received our tax money early excited to prepare for our baby girl. We had gone into babies r us at 2 months pregnant and found the stroller that would be perfect. We had received a flier, the baby trade in flier which had a 20% off coupon on the cover that did not require a trade in. We went into babies r us on a whim filled with excitement we wanted to buy the stroller travel pack by chiccos. I did not have my flier with the 20% coupon however I work at Macys and know how important customer service is so figured that wouldn't be an issue. We spoke with a manager and asked him to honor the coupon we did not have it with us but were excited to spend 300 dollars on our first big baby item. The sales associate said no and recommended us to look a coupon up on a mobile phone which we do not have so we spoke with a manager. The manager had no sympathy or excitement instantly turned us away no apology no smile just a simple no can't help you even if I wanted to. Reading reviewsx online I have mothers saying their local babies r us has fliers at the store not a problem. It extremely hurt my feelings to be so excited to buy this big purchase, one of MANY TO COME!!! Turning us away was a terrible mistake considering the amount of items we will need to purchase in the future. I am a specialist at Macys and have manager override abilites if a customer has forgotten her coupon it is my judgment to suplly the coupon which I do almost everyday to please our customer. Such an important event I as a manager would have congratulated us honored the coupon and asked if there were other items we needed or just wanted toknow more information about. Babies r us did not care to look at building a relationship now and in the future with my fiance, myself and the baby they simply based their decision on a 20% profit. We were able to find a 15% coupon online but that upsets me more knowing the manager would have simply given us an additional 5% off totaling about $20. We called Target and Target was pleased to honor any pricing from babies r us as long as a flier was present. Our business will go to Target. I did cry after leaving babies r us so sad not to leave with a smile and stroller travel pack but I'll simply take this experience as a learning lesson on my travels to becoming a manager and never wanting a customer to be as upset or embarrasssed as babies r us made me feel today.
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Anonymous on 02/17/2011:
This is precisely why I love to shop at Fred Meyers for almost everything I need. I never clip coupons, never bring store ads with me, and rarely remember to go online and load coupons onto my rewards card..but without exception, every time the cashiers will pick up the copy of the weekly store ad they keep at the register and scan any items I buy that will get me a discount. I suggest you take your business elsewhere..I know others will say too bad you forgot the coupon it's your fault, but you are absolutely correct, they can and should make the's what customer service is all about. Good review
b1ackm8tal on 02/17/2011:
I understand your frusteration, and I mean no offense by this, but wouldn't Target be no better than Baby's 'R Us, seeing as they also required a flier? I don't see why you would swear off one store when the other has the same requirements. The only difference is you were given warning beforehand that you need to bring the coupon along, thus making the trip worthwhile.
Venice09 on 02/17/2011:
I agree, b1ack. I didn't know that Target price matched or that Macy's honored missing coupons. I'll keep that in mind the next I'm in Macy's without a coupon.

The manager said he couldn't honor the coupon even if he wanted to. Perhaps that is true. Just because Macy's does it one way doesn't mean all stores do the same. I wouldn't hold it against them. Also, you can't expect a BRU manager to be excited because you are pregnant. He probably sees so many pregnant woman on a daily basis that it is second nature to him. I wouldn't hold that against the store either.
yoke on 02/17/2011:
Macy's is the worst for customer service. If you do not have a Macy's Credit Card you do not get the discount. You needed the coupon for the discounted price, that is the rules, just like Macy's you need to have the card that is the rules. Would Macy's allow a non card holder the discount that states Macy's card only, NO! Trust me I have tried it at Macy's and that is why I refuse to shop there.
PepperElf on 02/17/2011:
good point yoke.

it sounds like the OP wasn't an exception to the rules

I wonder if the OP told the store about how she would have handled it at her job...
Venice09 on 02/17/2011:
Kohl's has the most lenient policies, but even they require the coupon and Kohl's card to get the discount. These stores can't just give stuff away based on the customer's request. Where would they draw the line?
Anonymous on 02/17/2011:
But obviously stores can do it. If was a store and I had an ad for 20% off an item and a customer forgot to bring in the ad, and they were going to take their business elsewhere if I didn't honor it, what decision should I make? Hold my ground and lose a customer, or give them the discount that they would have received anyway with the coupon and know I'd probably just made a customer for life? I choose the latter. It's one of the reasons I go back to FM..even though they don't always have the lowest prices, I know they appreciate my business enough to give me the weekly ad prices even when I forget or don't care enough to bring them myself.

Also, coupons are different than store credit cards so I don't see how that is relevant at all.

Bottom line, this review is just another good example of poor customer service.
momsey on 02/17/2011:
That's crazy that someone would expect a store to give $60 off an item on the word of someone. What's to stop you from going in the next week and then using the actual coupon? We're not talking a few bucks here. It's nice to ask for an exception to be made, but it's very unfair to complain when they don't do you a favor.

Go home, get the coupon and come back and make your purchase!
PepperElf on 02/17/2011:
momsey - ba.

and an excellent point about 'reusing' the coupon.
Anonymous on 02/17/2011:
Ya'll are too cynical, lol. I seriously doubt there is any sort of baby stroller scam going on.
Venice09 on 02/17/2011:
Just, she could use the coupon on something else. If it's one per family, that would be wrong. As momsey said, it's not a matter of a few bucks. It's a substantial amount of money.
PepperElf on 02/17/2011:
jc - a stroller scam no.

I do disagree about "service" however. the OP received good service in that the employees were able to find her a similar coupon for a sale price.

Good service does NOT mean "give in to all demands"
if it does.. I'd like to know which macy's the OP works at. I believe I have a flyer here for 90% off. I'm sure the OP will give me good customer service and grant me that discount, even if I don't bring the flyer in.
Anonymous on 02/17/2011:
I agree Venice, but I also think that's one of the drawbacks of being a regular member here and reading complaint after complaint after complaint...pretty soon we get jaded and start to blame the customer in almost every scenario. I just think that when it comes to store ads like this one, the store could make the decision to do an exception. My guess is most customers don't forget their ads so even if there was some risk in the customer getting a double discount at the end of the day, the bigger risk is losing a life long customer that will probably spend many more dollars at BRU over the long haul.
Ytropious on 02/17/2011:
A lot of times the store ads do not include the coupons that are in newspaper ads. The ad in store is usually the same on available online, which doesn't always include coupons. Unless they have another one of those coupons in store they CAN'T just magically give you the discount. They need the number off the coupon. Why you continue to compare to Macy's I don't understand, Macys policies are no where near the same as most low on the totem pole retail establishments like Target, Walmart, and TRU. They don't look at "building relationships" because it means nothing to 99% of the population that will shop wherever's cheapest. If Target had the coupon you'd be buying there! There's no guarantee that giving you that discount would make you shop at BRU and only BRU.

Also there is an event at BRU right now where you trade in any old junky stroller or high chair or whatever and get 25% off one baby item. Just go get yourself one from goodwill and get an even BETTER discount.
danny54 on 02/18/2011:
It could also be that BRU has a bookkeeping policy that they have to account for all the discounts they give. I'm just guessing, but it's possible they have a special button on their cash register and it would probably show on the reports how many discounts were rung up and they'd need the coupons to back them up.
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Boycotting Babies "R" Us
Posted by on
My husband and I purchased $81 worth of merchandise that consisted of 2 baby shirts and baby food. We used 2 rewards coupons - $5 & $4 off any purchase. Instead of taking $9 off at the end of the order they take a certain amount of money off of each individual item. The 2 shirts did not fit our son. So when my husband did the return, we lost full value of the coupon because they used $1.22 of the $9 coupons towards the 2 shirts. This is not fair. Our purchase was $81 and therefore the full $9 should have come off at the end and not applied to each item purchase.

My husband spoke with Chuck the Manager at Commack (Long Island) NY location and he said he could not give my husband a credit of $1.22 and would need to speak with corporate re: their return policy. Chuck stated he speaks to at least 2 people a day complaining about the same type of situation.

When we spoke with Frances, a Mgr at Corporate Customer Relations, and explained to her the situation, her response to us was "we stand by our return policy". This is not an acceptable response. I asked to speak with consumer relations dept and they denied transferring me. They told me they would file a complaint and someone will call me in 7-10 business days. This is ridiculous customer service. Not to mention the day prior I called customer relations up and was told they were transferring me to a Manager when in fact the line got disconnected and no one called me back. They even confirmed my phone # before the transfer took place. Babies R Us has wasted my time and we feel they are mistreating their customers. We are boycotting Babies R Us/Toys R Us and will take our business to Buy Buy Baby, Target, Walmart and online.

Even though the economic damage is $1.22 it comes down to principle. The way they apply their rewards coupons and 20% coupons are not in line with their competitors and other retailers. They do the same thing with their 20% off coupons. The coupon for 20% clearly says " Save 20% on any one regular-priced baby item." So why then are they taking a percentage of the 20% and applying it to all items in that purchase. They are ripping their customers off and we want to be the voice of the people!
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User Replies:
BEJ on 01/20/2011:
By all means shop elsewhere--it is your right. If you are unhappy about their return policy and how them implement their coupons then do not return. I have encountered many retailers who apply coupons in this manner--they are not the only one.
Anonymous on 01/20/2011:
I know Shopko does that with their $10 a certain amount purchase.
Luckly, they just let me exchange the jeans for the correct style and I didn't lose any money.
yoke on 01/20/2011:
Many retailers do the coupons that way. You got the shirts at a discount and therefore you got back what you paid for the shirts.
Fufu487 on 01/20/2011:
This is common among some retailers. Otherwise, you could, in theory, return every item on the receipt and walk out $9 richer. Not a lot of cash, I know. But think of it on a bigger scale. Also, you got the item returned at the exact price you paid for it. You didn't LOSE anything.
PepperElf on 01/20/2011:
indeed. The only thing you can possibly have the *right* to ask for is a new coupon, provided the one you used wasn't a limited time offer (like a one-day sale).

Since you did not actually spend those $9 you are not entitled to "get them back".
Angelanna on 01/20/2011:
Some people are not understanding. I don't know how else to clearly explain this. Yes, I am losing money. I had a $9 coupon and spent $81. They should have just taken the $9 off period - not off of each item. So when I returned my shirts I lost part of that $9 coupon. And they would not credit that lost amount to the other purchase. I honestly don't know any other retailer that plays these type of games. Buy Buy Baby, Target, Walmart - none of them do this. And that is where I am taking my business now.
biomajor on 01/20/2011:
Actually Target does this with items that give you a Gift Card as a reward for purchasing them.
Ytropious on 01/20/2011:
No OP, I'm still pretty sure you don't understand. When you use a coupon most places, including BRU, you are only going to get back WHAT YOU PAID for the item after the coupon, especially if you are doing a full return. Say an item is 10 dollars and you used 9 rewards dollars, paying only 1 dollar. If you choose to return that item, why should you get 10 dollars back? You only SPENT 1. Says right on the coupon that you forfeit the value upon return. Maybe you should read the coupon next time? Or better yet don't use coupons on an item you have the slightest chance of returning. Usually to circumvent that you do an even exchange. Why can't you just exchange it for a size up?
trmn8r on 01/20/2011:
This is a common policy. I know Lowes and HD does it. I have lost discounts myself when items were returned - discounts that could have been used for something else INITIALLY.

Let's say I get $20 off when I buy $100 of merchandise, and I buy items worth $20, $30 and $50. The $20 discount is portioned $4, $6 and $10. I return the $50 item for the $40 I paid, and I want them to apply the $10 discount on the $50 item to the other two items. Now I have $20 off a $50 purchase.

That isn't fair to the store, is it? No. And what they usually do is say you just lose the ability to use that $10 discount on some other item. It isn't ripping you off, it is just saying that you get one chance to use the discount.

The only thing they could do is say you have to buy an item that cost at least as much as what you returned, but this would create a bookkeeping nightmare. It is much easier to just give you a giftcard or return of your $40.
Venice09 on 01/21/2011:
I have to agree with everyone. Unless you make an exchange, you lose a portion of the coupon. Kohl's also does it that way with the cash back rewards. So does Macy's.
Riverhawk on 06/08/2011:
Angelanna typical customers wants something for nothing. Go shop elesewhere and run into the same thing BRU won't miss you.
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Babies R Us Diapers and customer service
Posted by on
BRANDON, FLORIDA -- I had two stockpiled boxes left of the yellow babies r us diaper since my son was born. I took them in and exchanged "up" for the purple boxes labelled "surpreme" same price with a receipt. I finally got around to trying them on Monday the 3rd. The first diaper the tab ripped off immediately. The diapers are rough and thick with padding in the front. I used a few more than last night the 5th my son was crying, the diaper had exploded and gel was all over him and the crib as well as smelly urine. I had to wash him at 3 am when he sleeps through the night usually. I also usually use a different brand of diaper (luvs) that babies r us doesn't carry around here.
Today the 6th I took the unopened size 4 and the opened 3 back to the store with receipt. The clerk asks the manager if they can take open diapers, he says no, I ask to speak to him and he has a "tude" you wouldn't believe to be a manager. I explained to him about the diapers how I wasn't going to use an inferior product just because the box was open. My son obviously needs diapers at 7 months old. I didn't drive 30 minutes out of my way for fun when Walmart is five minutes away!He makes a "one time exception" and takes the return. Behold store credit only????Why when I had a valid receipt...I was tired of fussing, took the L and purchased one box of extremely over priced Pampers, losing out on 70 diapers I would have had....moving on.
At the register when I use the store credit a box of baby cereal brought my total to an owed balance, so I kindly asked the cashier to remove the item. She says I can't you have to pay then go to customer service to return it...WTF? Kidding right? I just let them know I wasn't spending another cent. I shop thereby choice not necessity. I hope everyone who reads this realizes that a loyalty to a store brand doesn't equal consumer satisfaction when you need it most. Bottom line if you are going to create an inferior product you should have a customer satisfaction garuntee or money back. Makes since huh? Oh the Toys R Us batteries suck too!
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 01/07/2011:
Why should they accept an open and used package of diapers? You can't just use a diaper or 2 out of the box then decide to return them. I don't think you can return an open pack of diapers at your beloved Walmart either. You are indeed lucky they at least gave you store credit. TRU/BRU doesn't make the diapers, they just sell them as a store brand.

As for the cashier, it sounds like you had a total, gave the store credit, then found out you still owed money. At that point they can't go back and take an item off because a payment has been tendered, it has to be pushed through and voided out. You technically did not need to pay for them to do that, that's the lazy way. The other way would have involved the cashier calling someone over for a void, which would have taken the same amount, if not more time then the buy/return route, depending on how busy the store was. There is nothing wrong with that here.

Lastly, the TRU batteries are fine in my book. I use them in my video game controllers. When I earn a rewards certificate and there's nothing I want in the store I buy batteries.
Venice09 on 01/07/2011:
An exploding diaper sounds dangerous. I was going to suggest contacting the manufacturer, but then I realized this is a store brand. A store should stand behind their own products.
Ytropious on 01/07/2011:
Many store brands come from well known manufacturers. For all we know TRU/BRU diapers are made by the same folks as Pampers... P&G.
Venice09 on 01/07/2011:
The diapers are probably made by some major manufacturer, but if Babies R Us is going to put its name on a product, I think they should be held responsible. The consumer has no way of knowing who made the diapers, and their only recourse is the store.
Ytropious on 01/07/2011:
And the store took them back, after the pack was partially used. I don't think the OP realizes that most places aren't going to take back an open pack of diapers.
Venice09 on 01/07/2011:
Stores should take them back if they are defective. And the only way to know if something is defective is to try it. It doesn't sound like too many diapers were missing from the pack when the OP returned it. If gel exploded on my baby, I'd want more than a refund. I'd also want an explanation. Perhaps a recall is in order.
Skye on 01/07/2011:
I'm so sorry the diaper exploded. Your poor son, I feel bad. Those diapers sound like they may have been defective. It can happen. Glad they stood by their brand and took them back.

I bought diapers one time at King Sooper's, that were supposed to be organic for our twins, and they made them itch, (so much for that organic factor). King Sooper's took them back, gave me a refund, and purchased my usual good ole Pampers.

The diapers days are over, but the memory of the itchiness of those diapers is still in my mind. but King Sooper's took them back, without any hassle's whatsoever.
Venice09 on 01/07/2011:
Skye, since when do diapers contain gel? I don't like the sound of that.
Skye on 01/07/2011:
It's like a gel in the diaper, to absorb the urine. It's squishy and mushy feeling, once the diaper is full.
momsey on 01/07/2011:
Disposable diapers have this gel substance in them. I assume it has something to do with absorbency. Really gross.
Skye on 01/07/2011:
I believe some feminine protection products also have that gel in them now.

Venice09 on 01/07/2011:
This doesn't sound like something I'd want to use on my baby. It doesn't sound safe. It could leak or even explode, as in this case. Somewhere down the line, we'll find out the gel was toxic.
Venice09 on 01/07/2011:
I don't like the sound of that either, Skye. Sometimes progress is just an illusion.
Ytropious on 01/07/2011:
I don't think the OP meant literally exploded. This is pretty much a physical impossibility. The diaper was probably weak and tore somewhere, or was ripped, perhaps when opening the package? Gel in a diaper sounds gross anyway.
trmn8r on 01/07/2011:
I'm not so sure an exploding diaper is an impossibility. I think the terrorists have them.
Ytropious on 01/07/2011:
Harmless looking diaper bombs? ::shudder::
Venice09 on 01/08/2011:
The gel was all over the baby and the crib. I hope he didn't get any in his mouth or eyes. That could cause a bigger concern for Babies R Us than a refund or replacement.
KF on 11/07/2013:
For those of you that do not know about babies and diapering you have a lot of choices.

Diapers are plastic and cotton. Sometimes the plastic can cause actual burns on the child depending if they may or may not have allergy issues or sensitive skin. And I am talking about serious burns. Red red rashes.
I don't think you want to be awoken every glaring moment of why your child is screaming at the top of his lungs because of a diaper where the manfu is at fault.

Diaper exploded means poo running outside of the diaper and all over the sheets blankets and everything else you can think of.

Most of the time, when a diaper explodes its time to move up in sizes.

And for the last fact. If you buy cheap diapers, you will get cheap diapers, exploding diapers, and diapers that do not necessarily go through a thorough quality control test.

I have never bought those store branded diapers due to the fact and fear of burns and rashes. I bought the luvs and the huggies. Yes more money, but we never had a problem.

And ps I had one open box of huggies pullups which I "opened" I has purchased the wrong size. They took them back no problem.

BRU could have and should have taken them back with no problem. Again this is why their cs has fallen very short in the past few years.
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A long-winded rant from an "insider."
Posted by on
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- Avoid the Clearwater Toys R Us/Kids R Us store on US 19 at all costs. Take it from someone who knows the inner workings of this corporate monster - it is absolutely NOT worth the hassle that they will give you there.

I worked at the 8728 store for nearly a year, and it was in no way, shape, or form an enjoyable experience. Training for new Sales Associates was essentially non-existent. A concept would be briefly explained, like "Piecing means pulling all of the items on the shelf to the front and straightening as necessary." The Associate would then be sent out into the store to figure things out for themselves - where things are located, how to point Guests in the right direction, whether or not a particular brand or item is carried.

Some things were never even explained at all. Even a year later, I'm still not entirely certain if there is a purpose to those obnoxious Key Items or how to program a Sapphire or an LRT for a registry (something I asked to be shown a number of times, but there was never actually anyone in the store who knew how to do it and explain the process to me).

Because of outrageously low wages for the competent employees (I made minimum wage the entire 11 months I worked there) and incredibly rude upper management, the turnover rate was embarrasssingly high. I could easily name 20 different associates who worked there during my time in that store. Although Associates are "not permitted to discuss wages amongst one another" lest they "be fired for doing so" (director quote from the Store Director), it was impossible to avoid seeing pay rates when we cashed one another out. There was absolutely no reason why the pay discrepancies were so huge. Associates who had only worked at the store for a week were being paid $9, $10, and $11 an hour in several instances, while some people who had been working for more than 6 or 8 months were STILL only being paid minimum wage.

Someone who is reliable, experienced, and trustworthy should NEVER be paid significantly less than someone who is unreliable, unexperienced, and still new to the environment when the two hold the exact same position.

And let's be honest, here - a company that has zero respect for their employees is bound to have just as much respect (if not a little less) for their customers. Toys R Us is no exception.

For starters, there's the heinous corporate-wide return policy that has certainly gained more enemies than friends since its implementation last year. Yes, I realize that the goal is to try to eliminate fraud and the phony returns for items not even purchased at a TRU store. But it's pretty asinine to sit there and argue with Guests about this return policy while making no efforts to eliminate shoplifting, which is like a plague at the Clearwater store, and probably at many other locations.

(Recently, a couple of guys managed to successfully walk out of the store with over a thousand dollars' worth of stolen electronics from the RZone - half a dozen television sets, DVD players, PlayStation games, etc. Neither the RZone Associate, the Customer Service Associate, nor the Cashier so much as batted an eyelash when the sensors beeped as these two pushed shopping carts loaded with stuff out of the store. It wasn't until later, after the store closed, that the security cam's tape was reviewed and everyone finally realized what had happened.)

On a personal level, it is extremely rare to find a Sales Associate in the store itself who is courteous and helpful, especially considering the turnover rate and the lack of legitimate training. Most workers in the store hate what should be, in theory, an interesting and fun job because of the way they are treated by their superiors.

The rule of thumb at the Clearwater TRU is that if you need a manager, he or she will be hiding in the office, which is in the corner of the apparel section. Typically, the manager(s) will be talking to the "favored" employees (and believe me, the quasi-nepotism/favoritism present in the store is disgustingly apparent) and ignoring requests of assistance from other Associates. Guests are always kept waiting 5 minutes or more, with no apology or explanation from the manager for whom they were waiting.

If you should happen to have a complaint or an issue at this store, my advice is this: avoid the Store Director, who is meddlesome at best and completely incompetent at worst (true story: when opening the store one morning, she asked to have the key to open the registers. First of all, she's the Director and if anyone should have a key, it's her. Secondly, it doesn't even NEED a key - the monitor screen says in bold, with nothing else listed below or above it: "PUSH F1 TO OPEN REGISTER". How someone with little common sense and no practical knowledge of how the store runs becomes a Director is something that I have yet to figure out). She is dismissive, cold, and downright rude to customers and employees alike.

Around St. Patrick's Day of this year, I caught some kind of nasty flu virus and was out of work for three days. I asked my mom to call the store for me on the second day and tell them that I was really, really sick and wouldn't be able to work that day or the following one. The Director proceeded to tell my mom that she absolutely would not accept a substitute caller on my behalf, and she proceeded to accuse my mom of being a liar, insisting that I wasn't as sick as I seemed. My mom was also informed that if I did not bring in a signed note from a doctor (hello, terrible flashback to grade school), I would not be permitted to work in that store again, "a report would be placed in [my] file," and I would be "reprimanded accordingly." As if that means anything.

At that time, I had been working there for 8 months and had only called out of work a total of three other days, all for legitimate reasons (when my best friend was rushed to the ER and had emergency surgery, because of a car accident, and one day because I had a nasty cold). And not to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm a good kid - good grades, showed up early for work everyday, always willing to stay late or come in on days when they needed an extra hand...and that was the treatment I received for being a more than halfway decent employee.

I know for a fact that Guests often receive similar treatment from managers and Associates alike, because I have witnessed it. Often times, when someone phones in a question, the Associate says they'll check on the status of an item for them; what really happens is that the person is put on hold, there's some chit-chat between employees, and then someone picks the line back up and makes up an answer for them (usually it's "No, we just sold out of [whatever you're looking for!] Sorry about that. Maybe you should try the store in St. Pete, or perhaps New Port Richey."

Sadly, the same often happens to people who come in the store and ask about an item. I was one of only two or three Associates who actually bothered to look in overhead storage for a toy, or to check the back bays and see if Maybe the item had not yet been put out on the shelf for some reason.

It probably doesn't seem like much, but I know that my honesty and willingness to help as much as I possibly could were appreciated by the Guests. It's a shame that the managerial staff disrespected me so much that I finally sought employment elsewhere because I did genuinely enjoy helping out the parents and working with the kids.

Anyway...I'm glad I got that off my chest. All in all, consumers are better off shopping elsewhere, and potential employees are better off applying elsewhere.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/08/2007:
I hope that you currently have a job that's more satisfying than the TRU experience you describe. Maybe discussing wages in the store might because for getting fired but doing so outside on your own time is legal. All big box discount chains have huge turnover rates. That's one way they keep wages low. Why some were being paid a higher wage than others is a mystery known only to the Store Director. They might be friends or very close friends (if you catch my drift).
*Brenda* on 08/08/2007:
People get paid low wages because accept it. When you were offered the job and they said OK we're going to pay you minimum wage (or whatever you were paid) you said Okay. Other people ask for higher wages when they apply. If you had asked for a higher wage in the beginning you may have got it. This is why ANY store asks you not to disclose your wages, to avoid reviews and complaints like this.

When I was 16 I was working at Office Max. Me and a friend threatened to quit if they didn't raise our wages. I had only been there about a month. They gave me a 50 cent increase and oh boy, somehow one of the other associates found out and threw a FIT because he had been there longer and made less.

I'm not sure why you are complaining about bringing in a DR's note, unless you were lying about being sick. Really, really sick people go to the doctor.
TruthBeTold on 08/08/2007:
PassingBy - we didn't discuss the wages amongst one another on company time or anything, but there was no way to avoid seeing it. There were even some rather inconsiderate Associates who bragged about making three or four bucks more an hour than everyone else. It's just so disappointing to think that a store that was once a mecca for me (though it was 12 or 13 years ago, heh) is not so respectable afterall.

Thank you for bothering to read! :)

Brenda - I'm kind of insulted that you're insinuating that I'm complaining about wages that I agreed to in the beginning. I was asked what I thought my starting pay should be at my interview. I replied that I thought $7 was reasonable, and there was a verbal agreement between the Store Director, the Manager, and myself. When I got my first paycheck and asked about the difference, they told me that if I remained with them for the next month, they would be giving out raises then. (That was bull - there wasn't a round of raises until several months later, and even then I didn't benefit from it.)

As many other users on here have mentioned, however, TRU is interested first in their own convenience. It was more convenient for them to treat a young employee terribly if they knew that she would not know the best way to combat it or try to change it. By definition, wouldn't you say that that's taking advantage of someone?

Really, really sick people who have the flu and know that a doctor won't be able to do anything to help them don't waste their time OR the doctor's...
runaway on 08/08/2007:
Welcome to the world of big box retail! What you've described could be anywhere. None of it will change until everyone gets together to put their foot down, and most likely at that point you will all simply be replaced with the newest group of eager new applicants. Getting more money is a double-edged sword; you'll be expected to do 4x the work.
However, as someone who worked in the retail world for MANY years, 4 callouts in 8 months is considered excessive, and depending on their policy, they are well within their rights to demand a doctor's note.
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Baiting People To Their Stores-False Advertising
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THE WOODLANDS -- Couple of weeks ago, my wife and drove about 10 miles to our local Toys R Us, to buy one item from them for our granddaughter for Christmas. It was advertised $ 24.99. That was 10 dollars off. Normally it is $ 34.99. I had checked their website prior to us going to Toys R Us and the Imaginarium Double-Sided Easel - Pink--Item#: 018346, was in stock at this store. We checked the area of the store where these items are usually kept and found none. I found one of their associates who had one of the inventory scanners and a walkie-talkie. I showed him the small cards which you usually take to the front and an associate will go and get your item and bring it to the register. He checked the item number and it showed 6 of them in stock. He and another associate went looking for the easel. They were gone for some time, about 20 minutes. He said he could not find them. I went to customer service, and her computer records showed 6 of them in the store. Somewhere. She sent someone else to look for the easel. No luck either. I asked for a rain-check since the sale was over that night on the easel. She gave me one and told me to wait a few days and come back.

We waited a few days. My wife and I went back to the Toys R Us, located in the Woodlands, Texas by our local mall, again. They looked for about 1 hour, and found not a single one of them. Their computer, just like their website, showed they had the item. Six of them. And they were $ 34.99 now. But they would accept my raincheck price if they found even one of the 6 easels. No luck. Just wasted more time. Aggravated..This time customer service told me to wait a few days and call them to see if they found them.

We waited about 5 days and called them at Toys R Us. I held on the phone for about 20 minutes while they looked again. Supposedly. The lady came back on the phone and said they just must be lost, or possibly somebody had just walked out with them. Big as they are I do not see how and they have security devices attached to them. She just advised to try to find another store that might have it. I told her honestly, they needed to remove the ITEM AVAILABLE from their website, instead of having customer after customer coming to their store looking for the same easel, which does not exist. (It has been 2 weeks since our first visit) and their website still lists this item (easel) is available. Bait and switch, like a car lot.

I called another Toys R Us about 15 miles away that said they had it, per the website. Bad mistake. They put me on hold. And never came back. After 20 minutes on hold, I called the 800 number for customer service on my home phone. I spoke with Jack, who amazingly, seemed to care. I explained to him we were trying to buy this kides easel for our Granddaughter for Christmas, and having no luck, since they were the only one that sold this type. He gave me reference number after typing in all the information. He Apologized. And said I would receive a call from them within 3 days. I was still on hold on my cell phone from being put on hold. It had been 35 minutes on hold at the time. I let Jack even listen to their music that is played after being on hold. Jack told me that I could go ahead and hang up. He said his main computer showed that the store I was calling now had no kids easels in stock. Sold while I was on hold I guess.

I waited 4 days, and never heard from anyone at Toys R Us. I emailed them at their main email address, and was advised back the next day via email that I would be hearing from them in 3-5 days. That never happened either.

I went to their website and it showed they had plenty for online purchase. I ordered it online and paid full price $ 34.99, plus tax, and shipping, just to make sure my granddaughter got it for Christmas. It has arrived, and is wrapped now.

Toys R Us are just a bunch of scam artists, and it seems bait and switch. While in the store they had tried to sell me the much more expensive kids easel ($ 49.99). Toys R Us does not care about its customers. They just try to get you to the store with phoney ads, and hope you buy something while their. We will never shop at their store again, and I told all our friends and relatives that we would hope they did not either.

All that read this story should stay away from the Toys R Us. It will save you a lot of time, and aggravation. Especially the one by the Woodlands Mall in Conroe, Texas (Montgomery County). Maybe our Attorney General here in Texas needs to look into the way Toys R Us runs its business in Texas.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 12/23/2010:
Sounds as if there was a mixup in their inventory system. Stuff like that happens. Oh, I'll bet you go back when your grand daughter wants something that only TRU carries:)
SteveWiginowski on 12/23/2010:
There are various reasons why it would show as 6 in the store, but there actually be 0. I used to work at a TRU, and come Christmas time, this would happen often, especially with bikes.

Sometimes there would be people who would take a ticket, buy it, then pick the item up on another day. After some time, the item probably gets scanned back into the system since they see it back in the physical inventory. Eventually, the person who purchased the item comes to pick it up, and it won't be scanned out since it has already been paid for. Also, items could be on a truck that has just arrived, but was not unloaded yet.

The worst was when people would buy a bike in November or early December and then say they were going to pick it up. It would get to about a week before Christmas and I would have to call people to pick up their bikes (that were probably ready a day or two after the purchase) as we are not a storage facility. I would explain that if they do not pick up their bikes by a certain day, we will sell the physical bike that was for them, and that we would build them a new bike after Christmas when we got them in. I've had a few times where a customer would come in Christmas Eve looking to pick up their bike that they purchased over a month ago, I would tell them what I told them on the phone and that we already sold it. They would get mad at me. I really didn't care at that point. I would call at least twice (talking to the person each time), so it was their own fault.
Anonymous on 12/23/2010:
Good info, SteveWiginowski.
jktshff1 on 12/23/2010:
+10 steve
momsey on 12/23/2010:
Steve, very good info.

I don't think the people at Toys R Us are scam artists. They don't need to be. They are the biggest toy store in most areas and they have a LOT of toys for sale. I do understand your frustration, but there are other places you can get easels. I don't see this inventory issue as a reason to never do business with a place again and definitely not a reason to tell everybody else to never shop there.
Anonymous on 12/23/2010:
This isn't bait and switch.
trmn8r on 12/23/2010:
I honestly don't think this is bait and switch, or even bait. And I don't think the plan was to force you to order it online to pay more. I think it is simply another case of an inventory system that isn't accurate for whatever reason, and a popular item. I salute you for your persistence - I would have given up after about 50% of the effort you invested. I am glad you got the item.
Ytropious on 12/24/2010:
"Big as they are I do not see how and they have security devices attached to them"

They are only 34.99, there are NO security devices attached to them. It's completely plausible for someone to steal one or more, trust me. As Steve said, there's plenty of reasons why inventory shows X amount but can't be found. They may have been manifested to be on a truck, but never came on a truck. SO the item was updated as being X quantity delivered but X quantity never existed due to error. IT HAPPENS.

Also as for the hold're calling a TOY STORE a few days before Christmas. Their phone is ringing off the hook. Getting through is half the battle, having someone on the floor who isn't swamped with needy customers answer the call is the other half.
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Was Not Sold What I Was Told I Was Buying - Worst Customer Service Experience I Have Ever Experienced
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1. Told me I was buying an XBox 360/Kinect Bundle Package for $200. It was black Friday, last box on the shelf, 3:30 in the morning, and the sales associate told me it was what I was asking for. What do you do? You scoop it up before anyone else does, without thinking twice. (I know the bundle is supposed to be $300, but I thought maybe since it was black Friday I was getting a deal).
2. Really it was just the XBox.
3. It was black Friday, so I was not able to return.
4. Because of this mishap, I was not able to get any of the real deals. For example, If I had wanted to buy just an Xbox, I could have picked one up at any of the other stores I went to that day shopping and would have gotten 2 to 3 free games to go with it. FOR THE SAME $200. Needless to say, I felt wronged, and thought maybe customer service would be there to help make it right. I wasn't expecting anything for free, I understood it was early, and a busy day, lots of commotion, but I should not have been lied to. I would have gladly paid the extra $100 to get what I was originally seeking, however, by the time this whole fiasco was over, the bundle I was looking for was sold out everywhere. If nothing else, at least get me the Kinect system for $100, instead of the $150 its supposed to be. You know, since that's what I was told I was getting in the first place. All I wanted was both components, and was absolutely willing to pay the difference.
5. Had to file an 'incident report' with 800 number customer service line 5 times over the next 2 weeks. The first 3 got 'lost' in the system, never to be found. 1 was 'accidentally closed' when it was supposed to be 'elevated' to corporate (who was supposed to get back into contact with me. The final, got me to a supervisor, who basically told me it was my fault for not knowing what I was buying. (shouldn't you just be able to trust the sales associate?) and there was nothing she could do and I should call the store. When I called the store they told me "All of our employees were informed beforehand that we didn't have any of the bundles in stock anyway, so there's no way that could have happened."

How it happened: I was in the electronics dept., browsing, when I was reminded by my wife that we wanted to get this for the family (it was early in the morning and I wasn't ready to start thinking yet). I asked the nearest associate if they had any 'XBox Bundles' in stock. His reply was, "No, We don't even have any XBox's" I looked over his shoulder to the glass case and saw one box, with a picture of Kinect on the side (now I know the picture was just advertising it, and not meaning it was being included). So, I asked him, "Isn't that one right there?" still referring to the Bundle. He said "Yes, it is, I forgot we had that one". I guess it was a 'ticketed' item, someone had reserved it and not picked it up. After checking to see if it was available, he told me it was, and told me it was $200. I was concerned about the low price, so I verified WITH THE ASSOCIATE" that this was the box that included the Kinect and the only thing I was not getting was a bigger hard drive and the headset that comes with the other package. He agreed and nodded the whole time.

My biggest complaint here is that because of all of this mess, I was not able to actually get any of the best deals on what I was trying to buy, and their customer service did not even attempt to accept fault or make it right. Absolute worst customer service I have ever seen, and coming from a well-known company this large was absolutely shocking.

3 weeks later, I was able to come across the bundle I was looking for, at target, for $300, with a free game. Again, that's all I originally wanted. So I purchased it, and returned the one I got from toys r' us.

Toys R Us has absolutely no concern or regard for its customers, will not ever even attempt to admit that one of their employees may have made a mistake, and you have even less of a chance getting them to try to make it right.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/15/2010:
Not to be rude, but did you not even look at the box?
All of the 360/Kinect bundles are very clearly labeled as so.
The 360 you purchased has a bid 4G or 4gigabite on the front of it showing it's the 4 gigabite version.
If I remember black Friday correctly, no stores had the 360/Kinect Bundle on sale, you didn't miss out on any saving by having to wait to purchase it.
Also, it hasn't been 3 weeks since black Friday
momsey on 12/15/2010:
But, Jamey, if that is your real name (;P) sales associates can and do make mistakes too! Yes, they should not have given out wrong information, but everyone makes mistakes. And I bet an associate working at 3:30 am who isn't used to that hour will make more mistakes than usual.

I blame society. Why Toys R Us is open at 3:30 am any day just for us to buy garbage at a few bucks cheaper than normal is beyond me.
Venice09 on 12/15/2010:
At 3:30 a.m. customers and employees better be awake and alert so mistakes like this don't happen. This is understandable if the store is chaotic at the time. I would have triple checked the box to make sure I was getting what I wanted, especially if the price sounded too good to be true.
clutzycook on 12/15/2010:
A word to the wise--trust no one; especially at 3:30 am.
Anonymous on 12/15/2010:
The sales associates don't read minds. Maybe you didn't explain exactly what you were looking for in detail
spiderman2 on 12/15/2010:
Were you able to return it or not because in the first part of the complaint you state "It was black Friday, so I was not able to return." and then later you state "3 weeks later, I was able to come across the bundle I was looking for, at target, for $300, with a free game... So I purchased it, and returned the one I got from toys r' us."
Also, from your exchange with the employee it was very easy to believe that he thought you were talking about the x-box not the bundle. Mistakes were made on both sides IMHO.
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What ever happened to customer service
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We received a trike as birthjday gift for my son. He already owned one!

My wife brought the bike back to the store and was told that there was a “policy” in place that said she could not return anything without a way to validate it was purchased there (a receipt or the credit card it was bought with). Other than the few fortunate times you get a gift receipt, how would anybody have either of the things they are asking for? The thought of going to my son’s great grandfather and asking for this would be insulting to him and, simply, rude. I would never do that. Well, the store manager decided to keep placing all of his blame on the store policy. He told her that this happens “every day” and he has to “turn away unhappy customers all the time, but that is the “policy.” Wow- some policy! He suggested we call the corporate customer service phone number and lodge a complaint, so I did.

The woman on the phone states that the “policy” is correct as it was told to us, but there is also a “no quibble policy.” She then puts me on hold to speak with somebody, comes back on the phone and says that original policy of “no returns” trumps the “no quibble” policy. Interesting. She was kind enough to agree that the situation was asinine, but her hands were tied. She suggested I ask my son’s great grandfather for the receipt. I asked if she would be so rude in her family and I was told she would not do that either. She then agreed to escalate my concern and complaint to the corporate office, but it would be 3-5 days before I heard back from somebody there. I sat stunned to think that a company would allow a customer to brew in anger for 3-5 days. But that is their “policy.”

I was at a point where I just wanted some justice. I then e-mailed the CEO of Toys R US, Gerald Storch, my story. I figured somebody at the top should know how crazy the policies are and they don’t always work out so well. I figured, as a business owner myself; this is something I would want to know. I sent off my note only to get an e-mail back from the Coordinator of Executive Guest Services (some title!) stating “On behalf of Toys “R” Us, please accept my sincerest apologies for the difficulties you encountered when attempting to return your unwanted item. While it is never our intent to inconvenience you with our policies, I am sorry that we are unable to make an exception at this time.” Seriously, am I dreaming? For $35 this company is going to alienate a customer? Do they realize they are treating me like a criminal?

I decided that I was done wasting my time trying to make them a better company and that the best thing I could do was post something on Facebook letting my 300+ “friends” that there are better places to buy toys. What I did not realize was that posting was also going to pop up on their corporate Facebook page. I am not sure if it was that Facebook posting or my earlier email, but within 30 minutes of my Facebook posting I received a phone call from their district manager with a totally different attitude. This man apologized. He told me I was right and they were wrong. He said the right things. He ended up overriding the previous poor decisions that were made by his company and asked for us to come back for the store credit. He hung up after giving me his cell phone number and asked that if I were to ever have a bad experience again, to please call him.

This is a story about too little too late.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 11/04/2010:
Sorry, My kids and grand kids have asked for one before and I'm not insulted. Heck, he might have bought it at Sears or Walmut for that matter.
Toys R Us(eless) is in the right in this case.
unhappy999 on 11/04/2010:
Agree with you. Toys R Us had no way of knowing that the trike did come from their store. Policy is policy. In the end, you said you did get a promise of store credit from a district manager. I think they were very generous to do this and you should go back with the trike and get your store credit.
Fufu487 on 11/04/2010:
Most stores require SOME proof of purchase, otherwise, it's just taking your word for it. You can thank the dishonest people in the world for policies like this. The fact is, they are willing to escalate your concern. Is that REALLY so bad???
yoke on 11/04/2010:
What is wrong with the policy? They asked for proof that the item was purchased there. Why would it be embarrassing to ask for the receipt from the grandfather? I bet he would be mortified to find out what you have put Toys R Us through.
Venice09 on 11/04/2010:
Yoke, that's my feeling, too. I would want someone to ask me for the receipt regardless of the reason. I would rather know the money I spent on the gift did not go to waste. It's a fact of life that people exchange gifts all the time. Whenever I give a gift to family members, I always say, if you need the receipt for any reason just let me know.

Just as an observation and meaning no disrespect to the OP, I think the relentless pursuit of getting what you want is a form of bullying. It would never occur to me to go on Facebook and badmouth a company or organize a boycott. I realize that company policies can be annoying, inconvenient and even asinine at times, but that doesn't give me the right to publicly bash the company. I wouldn't want a business to post an entry about me on Facebook if they didn't like the way I behaved.
Ytropious on 11/04/2010:
"The thought of going to my son’s great grandfather and asking for this would be insulting to him and, simply, rude."

That sounds like a personal problem. HOW in the world is TRU supposed to know the bike was bought there otherwise? You need your grandpas telephone number or rewards card and they could look it up that way. I bet he told them no when they asked for his number and declined to sign up for the FREE rewards card. Both, again, not the problem of the store. I also don't like the fact that you think 300 of your Facebook "friends" will just stop shopping there because you say so. I for one love TRU, and I couldn't care less if someone on my Facebook hates them.
jktshff1 on 11/04/2010:
feel better Y??:)
FlShopper on 11/04/2010:
I would've asked the gift-giver for a receipt. Nothing rude about it at all. You still would've gotten the same result but with a lot less bother and aggravation.
Anonymous on 11/04/2010:
If you feel that it is not OK to ask your son's great grandfather for the receipt, or CC info, consider quietly donating the tricycle to Toys For Tots, or a similar organization. The holidays are right around the corner, and donations were down last year, it would really brighten some child's Christmas.
Fufu487 on 11/04/2010:
excellent suggestion, ript :)
Ytropious on 11/04/2010:
LOL good idea ript, considering there's a donation bin at every TRU anyway!
andbran on 11/05/2010:
davecccc, the people you should be blaming are the scammers. they are the reason retailers have to make these crazy policies. I worked in retail for over 20 years and I still have not seen everything. its truly amazing how creative people get. I pretty much always give gift receipts but a few have slipped by me. I have been asked for the receipt by my relatives and not been offended once. I am still going to shop at Toys Are Us anyway.
Tall Shopper on 11/05/2010:
The store did the right thing by not accepting something that may have been purchased who-knows-where. Since you had no proof of where it was purchased, you could not expect them to just take your word for it. There are too many scammers that would abuse things if the store didn't have this policy to prevent it. You might try selling it or re-gifting it.
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Treated like DIRT for returning dud product (for the 3rd time)
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CALGARY -- I had the most horrible service at Toys R Us on Mcleod Trail in Calgary, Alberta tonight.

I went to return a toothbrush (only $7 but still it is the point of the matter) as it did not play music or even rotate as soon as I opened it. The employee, instead of greeting me proceeds to gossip for a couple of minutes while I wait for service.(gross, inappropriate things) When I explain that I was not impressed that a product that I opened did not work, she barked that I should have known to replace the batteries. I said that I did not think it my responsibility to go to the trouble and expense to do that as it was a brand new product that should work as it says, 'batteries included'. So we continue to argue for a bit, her being very nasty and unreasonable and passing the buck, saying, "blame the manufacturers- it's not our problem"! OK, I am feeling really disrespected here, what happened to consumer confidence in products or the faith knowing that if you get a faulty product, you can return? I buy many thousands of dollars worth of toys and return things with no hassle at the Bay or Wal-Mart.

I tell her this and she ACTUALLY says to me, "So Shop There"! Can you believe that?!! You better believe that I will, no way will I give my money over to a business that has their people follow no protocol or professionalism! This same employee had given me a really hard time months ago when I tried to return a faulty stroller! It was dangerous and even the manager I spoke to just told me to send it back to the manufacturer! (total passing the buck just to save money) I gave up on that one, why would I send back something that would cost me $50-$100 to post, and have no guarantee as I am sure they would make an excuse or simply not reimburse me? I asked to speak to a manager at this point and complained about all the things mentioned above in a calm (yet angry) voice, simply stating facts in an appropriate manner. I can't say the manager made me feel better, she never apologized, never told the girl to stop arguing with me. The manager even stood there and said nothing as the girl shouts, "Don't blame ME for all your problems!" (that was ridiculous actually- pathetic as the only problem I mentioned was...a toothbrush...What a stupid and rude thing to say to a customer, especially since the issue at hand was HER attitude.

I replied, "Yeah, it CAN"T be YOU that is the problem" So she says,
"You're the only one that has a problem with me..." And I laughed out loud, that was so funny, the rudest girl I have ever come across that says absolutely shocking things to people, never has any issues with customers? So I laugh and say, "I'm sure, I'm really sure".

Toys R Us are really cheap (and dumb) to save a few measly bucks they have lost me as a customer, as I will never return there, I will only go to places that have good return policies. (and expectations of staff to not abuse people)
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 01/21/2010:
Those singing toothbrushes are like any other thing on the shelf, they get played with. People press the demo button and let it play, and of course that kills the batteries. Common sense would dictate "I should change the batteries" before you would think to head to the store and return it for another one that would likely do the same thing. I'm willing to bet 100% it says in the directions to change the demo batteries out. The zhu zhu pets have a disclaimer on their website and in the directions about changing the demo batteries as soon as you get it home for best results. Batteries included doesn't mean they will be LIVE batteries by the time you use it.
Also, why bother arguing about it. Yes the girl shouldn't have an attitude, but face it, you started it the second you wouldn't drop it and admit fault. I'm willing to bet you were just as rude to her as she was to you.
Critical_level2 on 01/21/2010:
I agree with the other. You should have just changed the batteries yourself. I just get batteries from the dollar store for them. 4 batteries for a dollar and it keeps the kids happy.
bunnyhead on 01/21/2010:
Did you have the receipt for any of the things that you tried to return? TRU is just like any other store, if you have the receipt there is usually no problem returning things. Sounds like you didn't have the receipt.
andbran on 01/21/2010:
I never had problems with TRU.
Venice09 on 01/22/2010:
I think you entered the store with a bit of an attitude, possibly due to past experiences, and maybe the employee picked up on that. I'm finding it a little hard to believe that if you had the receipt and you were within the return period, they didn't just accept the return. I think one word led to another between both of you to the point where you were shouting. It doesn't sound like the manager was much help either.

Instead of starting the conversation by saying you weren't impressed, you should have simply said that the toothbrush didn't work and you wanted to return it. Maybe then the employee would have been less defensive.
airprincess on 04/13/2010:
Last I heard, you get what you give. If you were giving the c/s girl all of your pent up anger from your last visits, than I wouldn't blame her at all for being snippy with you.

It also sounds like the manager got an earful before being able to even try to help you with your return. Any manager in their right mind would have refused the return just based on the way you were treating their staff.

Also, you can't blame the manager for not disciplining their c/s girl in front of you because in degrading and embarrassing. I sure hope your $7 toothbrush was worth the damage that you may have caused someones livelihood.

Besides the fact that I can name off at least 100 major companies that would refuse your return just based on you not providing a receipt. Here is a question - did the manager return your product in the end? If they did then you are lucky, because then that's more than I would have done for you.
ticked42 on 04/14/2010:
I posted this review in the attempt to warn others so that they do not lose out if they think it will not be a problem to return things at TRU. A few people who commented simply jumped to conclusions and made assumptions about my experience. (these 'postings' sound very much like weak responses from the girl herself or employee(s) of TRU that are trying to dismiss my experience for their own benefit-highly suspect) First of all, I had my receipt thanks, and I also had one when I tried to return a faulty baby stroller. I was given the impression TRU was not interested in standing by their products but simply regularly passed the buck by telling me to send it back to the manufacturer at my own cost. Perhaps this is a fault of the particular store but I believe the fact that I have had 3 negative experiences involving returns says a lot about TRU as other companies have acted appropriately and have not created negativity with customers over saving a few bucks. Maybe it can be assumed that I should not have bothered to cause negativity for such a small amount of $. Don't you think the same should apply to TRU, do you think it was worth it to treat me badly all for the sake of saving $7?
It is very small minded to assume that I must have shown attitude first, this employee has previously been ridiculously aggressive and arrogant, despite me being totally professional and polite. Don't you think it could be her that has a horrible attitude that started the conversation on a terrible tone?
To the person who stated, 'hope the toothbrush was worth it', that was not the point, it was not the money, I simply was tired of getting product from TRU that does not work and wanted it to be sent back to the manufacturer to make a point in the case that a lot of them are duds.
By the way, the manager tried to replace the batteries for me while I was there, and after 10 minutes of struggling with it and finally getting the batteries in, it still would not work. I can't say that I was surprised.. I am not interested in letting companies get away with junk, we have a right to return in these cases, and if they give me a hard time, I will not shop there. I also have a right to review companies, good or bad.
It is easy to assume that 'It can't be the whole story', or that 'You get what you give out' which made me laugh actually because in this case I was simply being assertive and stating very calm (yet direct) points.
Just because it sounds unlikely that an employee would say those things, does not mean it did not happen, it is a fact that there are bad employees out there who just do not care. Let's not be naive here..
I was not shouting, in fact, I doubt people in the other till would have even heard everything that I was saying. As surprising and unlikely as it is, the girl 'went off' on me and 'got back what she was giving out' as I was not going to be disrespected and told, "So Shop elsewhere" without letting her know that it was very rude and unnecessary to say.
I do not mind that some 'posters' (TRU) will defend the girl, I know they are trying to protect their profits by trying to put the blame onto me. All I care about is that I have warned hundreds (at least) of customers of this issue and they can make their own minds up about it. (along with all of their many friends and families) At least it will not be as easy for TRU to continue to employ such people and refuse to return things to loyal customers unless they want to lose a lot of money and eventually go bankrupt. I will not read any more response postings, I do not have to defend myself, either take the info and use it or not...this issue is over for me as I am Happily Shopping elsewhere...
Alain on 04/14/2010:
Thank you for the review.
PepperElf on 04/14/2010:
actually, just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they work for the store.

I know you were angry but... I'm not sure what you wanted them to do other than replace the item? I could be wrong but it does sound like you wanted someone to yell at and they weren't willing to be punching bags.
Ytropious on 04/14/2010:
"(these 'postings' sound very much like weak responses from the girl herself or employee(s) of TRU that are trying to dismiss my experience for their own benefit-highly suspect)"...yeah you've lost all credibility. Anyone who can't take criticism without assuming that the people doing the criticism are in fact this girl or TRU employees has issues.
goduke on 04/14/2010:
You do have to wonder, though, irrespective of how much the OP may have baited the associated with comments about how the thing should have worked, etc., why the associate didn't just do a return on the $7 toothbrush. I mean, really, mountain meet molehill.

As for me, I absolutely hate having to drive to a store, stand in line, etc., just to get a few dollars back. I'll try a lot of self-help first, including swapping out batteries. But that's my cost/benefit thing showing up again.
Starlord on 04/14/2010:
You claim to have been nothing but professional and polite, but your very own words belie your claims. I agree with goduke, before I fire up the car to go back to a store because something doesn't run when I push the button, the first thing I do is swap out the batteries. I, myself, like to push the demo buttons on stuff, and have found many that were already dead.what is it with people that if someone disagrees with you, they are wrong or they work for the store. How often we see this on this site, "The person said no, so they were very rude to me." Horse puckey! BTW, I don't work for TRU, I am a retired disabled former police officer.
Anonymous on 04/14/2010:
Now I thought one of the commentators on this review in fact does work at Toys-R-Us.

Yet another case of a front line retail worker who has no business dealing with the public. This could have been resolved so simply but TRU employee but instead the employee chose to be a butt. Typical these days.

Good review!
PepperElf on 04/14/2010:
stew which one of us?
Anonymous on 04/14/2010:
PepperElf, It's really not up to me to answer that. That would not be cool. If the TRU worker wants it to be known then he/she can speak up. If not then chalk it up to just another stew comment cast into the sea of craziness.
PepperElf on 04/14/2010:
which is perhaps a reason to not bring it up?

I mean technically one could say that with every post, whether or not it was true.

then again most of us are honest about it when we reply to posts that pertain where we work.

I haven't had to say much myself since of my 4 major jobs only one of them gets complaints and I worked there like 18 or 19 years ago ;)

(of the other 3, two went out of business and the third... well there's not many complaints filed about the navy lol)
Anonymous on 04/14/2010:
Nope, that's not a reason to not bring it up because on this one the the OP is getting flack for suggesting it and I believe the OP is correct.
PepperElf on 04/14/2010:
so it's not a certainty then?
Anonymous on 04/14/2010:
I'm certain that earlier this year a member posting on this review claimed to work at TRU. I'm 100% certain about that. That being the case then it's relevant to the discussion at hand. Wouldn't you agree?
Anonymous on 04/14/2010:
I can confirm what Stew has said. A member commenting on this post has previously confirmed that they are (or were) a TRU employee.
Slimjim on 04/14/2010:
then the OP must have removed it.
Venice09 on 04/14/2010:
So what if someone who works for TRU posted? What's wrong with that? I've seen comments from employees that were very helpful and full of inside information. They're not always confrontational and are sometimes even apologetic. Is there a rule that says employees are not allowed to post?

When an OP doesn't see the responses they were expecting, it's not uncommon for them to accuse people of working for the company. All that does is cause them to lose credibility.

I'm sticking with my original comment here. I think it rings truer now than it did before.
Ytropious on 04/14/2010:
I might have worked for TRU, I might still, I might not, I might never have. To me it's irrelevant because I am not the person who helped the OP, nor have I ever been in the same state. I make the same comments on every company page regardless if I work there or not, so I don't see why that would matter.
FlShopper on 04/14/2010:
"When an OP doesn't see the responses they were expecting, it's not uncommon for them to accuse people of working for the company. All that does is cause them to lose credibility."

Very true. Remember how many of us supposedly work at Applebee's because we didn't agree with one of the OP's complaints?
PepperElf on 04/14/2010:
and banks. we all work for the banks too

hell one lady was convinced I worked for winn dixie and started posting "warnings" about me being an employee.

I've never even been inside a winn dixie but... she decided I *MUST* be an employee since I didn't agree with her.
airprincess on 04/15/2010:
For the record - I don't work for TRU - I do however, work in retail and have to deal with people like you on a fairly regular basis. I bet that if you had approached the situation calmly, things would have gone differently for you.
Ytropious on 04/15/2010:
lol Pep I remember that lady, she was so convinced you were a covert WD employee. Didn't she think we ALL worked for the same store?
Anonymous on 04/15/2010:
Again you all are obscuring the point. It's not about banks or whether or not a TRU worker should post. The point is the OP brought up the issue that some of the comments came from a TRU worker to which the OP was mocked but in reality the OP was correct. You can re-frame the argument all you want but bottom line this time on this one the accusation that 'you must work at the store' was correct. Simple.
PepperElf on 04/15/2010:
actually we're not missing the point.
if anything the point is that the person in question had a very reasonable and knowledgeable reply

a reply that did not mock the OP in any way shape or form.

(and no I'm not talking about the one that was deleted since it was gone before I saw it)

it sounds like you want us to disregard some advice that borders on common sense just because of the comment-writer's employment status.
goduke on 04/15/2010:
Wasn't me. I'm not a Toys R Us kid.
Anonymous on 04/15/2010:
Wasn't me, either.
Anonymous on 04/15/2010:
I never said that PepperElf. Again, you're re-framing the argument. All I did was point out that indeed one of the commentators does work at TRU just as the OP implied. I never said it was good or bad. It does however validate the OP's claim for which they took some grief for claiming.
PepperElf on 04/15/2010:

sounds like the new catch phrase to dismiss a valid opinion

it doesn't matter if the OP was right that someone was an employee
it doesn't matter if you keep saying 'reframing'

the reply was a valid polite answer
it just wasn't what the op wanted to hear
which is why there was an attempt made to dismiss it
Anonymous on 04/15/2010:
Is it just me, or can feel the anger in the OP's post. Wow! I can only imagine how she reacted to the return desk at TRU. But I agree with 99.9% of the world (not very often does that but common sense tells you that you change the batteries in the product you purchased. Especially something in a toy store that gets toyed (forgive the pun) with all day long. TRU gets merchandise shipped to them in packages. Are they supposed to open and replace the batteries in each and every box, and then repackage it? What rock has the OP been living under?
Anonymous on 04/15/2010:
PepperElf, I'm not dismissing anybody's opinion. I'm merely pointing out that when the OP thinks that a TRU worker must be commenting on this one then they are indeed correct. That's not opinion. It's fact. Ya know If somebody's watering the yard I'll say they're watering the yard just as when somebody is re-framing an argument I say they're re-framing an argument. It's not dismissive. It's an accurate use of the English language.

As they say, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not their own facts.".
Venice09 on 04/15/2010:
I don't think it matters whether or not an OP is correct when they accuse a commenter of working for the company. If an OP uses that accusation to try to validate their complaint, it usually doesn't work, and more often than not makes the OP look desperate. Just because a commenter *might* be employed by the company doesn't make their opinion any less valid. Look at how many complaints we see here from disgruntled employees. I don't see too many people going out of their way to defend their employer. I have, however, seen explanations from employees that were helpful and made sense. But that's never what OPs want to hear.
Ytropious on 04/15/2010:
Look, the way I see it is it is not obvious that one of us works/worked for TRU, the OP was saying it in that way all OPs say it, in a way of disbelief that anyone could possibly disagree with them without having some sort of alternate motive. It's RANDOMLY semi correct, but it has no point. So the OP got lucky, it doesn't mean they had any factual proof one of us was a TRU employee, THAT is what matters. Anyone can shoot randomly into the sky and get lucky enough to shoot down a bird.
jktshff1 on 04/15/2010:
depending upon the company, I get from .10 to .25 for a good comment about a company,,,,ya'll ain't in on that?? The more stars ya get the more they give ya.(lol)
Venice09 on 04/15/2010:
That's what I was getting at, Ytrop. This OP got lucky.. nothing more, nothing less. It's basically irrelevant.
Anonymous on 04/16/2010:
Bottom line the OP was correct. I don't understand jumping on the OP for making a correct observation. That just seems silly.
PepperElf on 04/16/2010:
who said we were jumping on the OP
you're "reframing!"

all I've said is that the reply in question was dismissed
even though it's full of merit and common sense
Anonymous on 04/16/2010:
Opinion -- "even though it's full of merit and common sense"

Fact -- A TRU employee commented on this topic just as the OP claimed.

PepperElf on 04/16/2010:

most of those things can be tested while in the package

this was the third one? yet the op didn't consider asking to have it tested before purchasing it?

that the worker was attempting to dismiss the complaint in the reply
Anonymous on 04/16/2010:
"that the worker was attempting to dismiss the complaint in the reply "

Okay, I can agree with you there. Finally we found some common ground. It was a long journey but we finally got there.
PepperElf on 04/16/2010:
not really.

I don't think the worker was trying to do that

but the OP's opinion was that the worker was.
Anonymous on 04/16/2010:
Well I wasn't there and they only thing I know about this incident is what the OP posted and well of course that a TRU employee posted comments to this review.

The following are the key facts as offered up by the only firsthand witness (OP) posting on this review:

1. "The employee, instead of greeting me proceeds to gossip for a couple of minutes while I wait for service."

2. "she (TRU employee) barked that I should have known to replace the batteries."

3. "her (TRU employee) being very nasty and unreasonable"

4. "she (TRU employee) ACTUALLY says to me, "So Shop There"!"

Okay, just these four facts alone tells me that instead of doing their job this TRU employee instead chose to antagonize and demean the customer. What should have been a routine non-eventful exchange got blown up because of a TRU worker with a bad attitude. As occurs far too often these days just another case of an employee who has no business dealing with the public. Simple.

Ytropious on 04/16/2010:
So it's OK for the OP to go in there with an obvious chip on their shoulder and MAKE the CS person angry? Why should they return something:

1) Out of package
2) After they proved there is no issue with it
3) They know the exchanged tooth brush will behave in the same way

The OP thought "I have an issue", their issue was apparently that the toothbrush just needed a new set of batteries to work fine. At that point WHY did she still want to return it for another one that will act THE SAME WAY? Also this is a TOOTHBRUSH out of package. I don't even think Walmart would return one of those.

Lastly, who cares if the OP was right, again, they had no proof a TRU employee posted, they just randomly got it right. I don't commend "lucky shots", I commend actual proof. Being correct doesn't mean the reason they said those words in the first place is wrong, we all know why they said that, they couldn't believe other people would disagree with them. I also choose not to reward that kind of ignorance, regardless of my work place and regardless of the company the review is about.
goduke on 04/16/2010:
No one makes the CS person angry, Ytrop. The CS person allows themself to become angry. If in this case, the CS person had simply ignored the comments about "the brush should've worked," etc., and given the customer the $7, it would have been a very differetn experience. If TRU has a policy that opened toothbrushes can't be returned, that should be politely explained.
Ytropious on 04/16/2010:
I think it's common sense that an open toothbrush can't be returned. TRU does require original packaging for most returns. Case closed.
Anonymous on 04/16/2010:
Case re-opened. First of all OP was right to wonder if some of the comments were posted by a TRU worker because in fact that was the case on this one. Call it a lucky short or intuition but either way make no mistake about it the OP was 100% right.

The point here isn't about returning a toothbrush or what would walmart do or the OP's astute observations about the motive behind some of the comments. No, that's not the issue. The only issue here is simply a TRU employee who should not be allowed to deal with the public. An employee who has no respect for the customer, their job or TRU. In the end this reflects poorly on TRU and not the customer. It's just that simple.
PepperElf on 04/16/2010:
"The CS person allows themself to become angry"

that applies to all people.
Being an employee does not magically turn you into a robot with no emotions.

yes customers expect you to be professional
but to expect employees to adopt an attitude of "yes I'll gladly be your punching bag. Please yell at me some more. It makes my day!"?... that's not realistic

Sure you might really get more flies with vinegar than you do with honey
but people aren't flies.

there's NOTING wrong with approaching an employee politely
instead of starting with anger

cos when you *start* with the attack mode it's much harder for the employee to do *anything* that will make the customer happy.
even if that employee is really trying
Ytropious on 04/16/2010:
Exactly, we are humans with feelings and sometimes it's hard not to take things to heart. Just because we put on a uniform doesn't mean we leave our humanity behind. It's hard not to get emotional when someone is basically acting like you're a worthless POS. No one in retail gets paid enough to be anyone's verbal punching bag, I don't even think I have a price for that. Point being, if you come into a situation with guns blazing, don't be upset if someone else brandishes their weapon. Retail or not.

Lastly, did anyone even SAY the OP was wrong Stew? No. I don't care, and no one cares if they are right. We are pointing out that the REASON she believes what she believes is wrong, not that she is factually wrong. Geeze, don't act like you don't agree. She was acting like we ALL work for TRU, and lets face it, that is FALSE.
goduke on 04/16/2010:
The first step is coming to the realization that I am in control of my emotions. Once you really believe that, controlling the emotion in a volatile situation isn't really that difficult. I'm not saying the OP wasn't intentionally picking a fight -- looks to me they were. But if I am really paying attention to what's going on inside my head, and not just kind of riding the surf, there comes a point where I say "I can either blow this off and go on with my life" or I say "I'm going to give in the the emotions." I make the choice. I stay the better person. I'm not a wreck when I go home.
Anonymous on 04/16/2010:
Goduke, interesting. I had a teacher in high school who asked this "Is it really going to matter in 5 years?".

Anonymous on 04/16/2010:
I still fail to see where the OP was trying to pick a fight. Speaking of 'pick' stores like TRU don't pick their customers but they do pick their staff. In that regards there is naturally a higher standard put on the employee than the customer. It takes two to tango. As the employer I don't want my employee leading in that dance.

I agree goduke it's a choice. Good point Dryad.
Venice09 on 04/16/2010:
"A few people who commented simply jumped to conclusions and made assumptions about my experience. (these 'postings' sound very much like weak responses from the girl herself or employee(s) of TRU that are trying to dismiss my experience for their own benefit-highly suspect)"

My interpretation of that statement is that the OP is accusing the person who posted here as being the "girl herself" (which we know is not true), or as being "employees(s) of TRU that are trying to dismiss my experience for their own benefit-highly suspect". Unless the OP is referring to employees of the TRU that is the subject of this complaint, how would employees of other TRUs benefit from dismissing the OPs experience?

I don't think the OP was making a broad statement about TRU employees. I think she was specifically saying that the person who posted here works at the TRU mentioned in the complaint. How likely is it that? ? Zero? That's why it's irrelevant.
Ytropious on 04/17/2010:
Good point, Venice.
airprincess on 04/24/2010:
Sometimes its hard to make a customer happy who already has their mind made up. I have seen situtations where the customer continued to yell at me even after they had gotten what they wanted...

Dealing with people like that can be difficult at the best of times, and if the customer service girl happened to be having a bad day, it certainly wasn't helped by a woman who stood there and treated her like a punching bag..

BTW - did we ever find out whether TRU returned the toothbrush or not?
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Bike Bah humbug
Posted by on
I bought a bike for my child for Christmas amongst other toys for family & friends. I price compared several retailers at the time and they had the best price of all. SO I thought. Buyer must always beware they say.

At check out $30 additional dollars was added to price of the bike.
I asked how the price went up $30? And pulled out my Sunday fl yer ad to show why I chose them for my shopping needs.

The cashier explained it was a Warranty. I said I would forgo the warranty. Only $10 was taken off. I then asked why it was $20 more excluding tax.
I was told that was the bike assembly fee I had to pay. I said an unassembled bike was fine.

They had 5 none of which were disassembled she said. I asked for a manager on duty. (kindly I am no stranger to retail or customer service industry. I am always respectful knowing employees have no control over policy but have had my fair share of negotiations to make a sale and keep a customer). That is business and I am holding their flier after all.

I asked for a manager and explained that I came in for the bike at the advertised price and would like to purchase said bike at that price as advertised no upgrades. The manager did not respond to me just whispered to the girl. The girl said the manager would honor that. I said thank you to them both. Manager walked away.

I was told another employee would bring out the bike. The manager whispered to that employee not in my ear shot. I assumed to go get the bike. I had many other items too so was glad I did not have to walk away from sale. Punishing employees on ethics in advertising to the hassle of restocking my cast off items due to failure of negotiations is not ideal. They got far more than $30 additional out of me excluding bike. Win win I thought. Smart manager.

A different employee was sent back to retrieve the bike for me. It took 20 minutes. My husband called and asked what is taking so long. I thought maybe they were taking bike apart I thought-well ...a little odd but hey.

Instead a complete bike came out. I thought all was well just busy holiday season- hard working employee. One has to wait. I said thank you to this employee too. And was on my way hustling for my children were hungry and restless and crying in the car with hubby. Upon getting home- It's tires were low and a plastic chain guard a little lose. I thought no biggie I have a bike pump and a screwdriver and they worked with me so OK. I tightened the screw the guard popped up in that one area that did not lay flat. Tried again and got it I thought. I pumped the tires and packed and hid it for the big day. Christmas morning the tires were flat and the guard once again ill fitting.

My hypothesis-Every lemon piece from all 5 bikes must have been combined into one in those 20 minutes. My son was broken hearted not to be able to test ride it Christmas morning and he is too young to understand why Mom has to take it to the bike shop. I could buy a Schwinn from a professional for the end cost of all these shennanigans. TRU clearly knows kids love character bikes etc and use it to their advantage. Like taking the bike back would not tramatize a child-it does. Making me the bad guy-what parent wants to further ruin Christmas for a 2 1/2 yr old- kid after TRU already has.

And what fool who would actually bring the bike back to complain just to test their ethics further and prove the cliche -fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Bike shop it is!

A very expensive lesson in retail to learn TRU is not the company it once was. Yuck! In the 70's Venture and the like would just advertise and have your "rain check" last forever with no product ever arriving-Not sell you a lemon. So just as my parents felt heartache for the Barbie Dream house rain check that never was honored for me. I too have that parenting experience with a lemon bike.

At least one day should my grandchildren and son have this unfortunate event. I know it won't be due to TRU because surely its customers will drop like flies one shenanigan at a time, another retailer is just dying to swoop in and take their business, or BBB will uncover them for whom they now have become.

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User Replies:
yoke on 01/16/2010:
You bought a floor model that every kid who comes into TRU has tried out, what did you expect?
Anonymous on 01/16/2010:
I call shenanigans. You state your kids were hungry, tired and crying int eh car with your hubby. Then you say you took the bike home and hid it. Ummmm...were the kids so hungry, tired and crying they didn't see you put it in the car with them?!

This review contradicts itself and makes no sense on many levels. And if your parents had such a horrible experience with this barbie Dream House rain check that clearly scarred you for life, why did you choose to shop there?
Ytropious on 01/16/2010:
"My hypothesis-Every lemon piece from all 5 bikes must have been combined into one in those 20 minutes."...conspiracy much? You do know that would have taken like at least an hour since you're not the only one buying something from the back room around Christmas. They just gave you the used up floor model because you were unwilling to pay for assembly. All bikes that leave the store built are charged a 10$ assembly fee. If there is no bike in box to give you the floor model is given as is. This is 100% your choice. Also who takes kids shopping and LEAVES THEM IN THE CAR with dad? Geeze just hire a baby sitter or drop them at grandmas and spare me the "crying hungry kids" story.
Ponie on 01/16/2010:
Yeah--what they all said.
ndrulez on 01/16/2010:
I, for one believe your story because you said an unassembled bike would be fine. That was the deal that had in their flyer And you was OK with that. Now, I know that there is an assembly fee for bikes. I also believe that the stock room persons that work there put them together. Which could explain why the bike they wheeled out for you wasn't assembled very well. Anyway, if they don't have any un-assembled bikes, then they could possibly bend the rules a little. Which they did. Of course at this point when they brought that bike out, I would of asked for the one I saw out on the floor! Of course if it's me, I spin the wheels to make sur they're not bent try the brakes, look over everything etc. My only difference of opinion is that I also would of understood if they couldn't swap the assembled bike for the unassembled bike. That was the deal in the flyer. I would not have negated the rest of my purhase. TRU in my neighborhood always does a good job! Also your hypothesis and everything after that is just venting.
Ytropious on 01/17/2010:
"I also believe that the stock room persons that work there put them together." WRONG TRU employs an actual bike builder at every store. He usually works before the store opens and leaves around noon. Bike builders can also work as back room, but not all back room people are bike builders. They have to prove themselves capable of being able to build a bike for safety reasons, so you need to understand it's not just any old person building the bikes and power wheels at any given TRU store.

As for why they couldn't sell one unassembled? Because they ran out! The ones in the box always go first. They have to build some for display and for people who want to take a build one home and not have to build it themselves. If they run out of boxed bikes, you have to either wait or take a build one for 10 bucks. There is no scam here.
TD on 11/25/2013:
I agree with most comments listed here. One thing that always cracks me up working in retail for several years is the threat of notifying the BBB! They have no power. They're a paper tiger that the older generation still refer to thinking it will make the manager quake in his shoes! That's all. Just had to snicker a little.
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Gift cards and PayPal
Posted by on
My grandson is turning 10 tomorrow and I have been very ill, so I decided to purchase a gift card for him. With express shipping it would have been there tomorrow and on time.

On 28 November 2009 I went online to the TRU website and purchased a $100 gift card, this transaction was paid for with PayPal. A great option for online shopping. I received a confirmation email at 10:48pm that the order was being processed. At 11:24pm I received another email stating that "after attempting several times to contact you, unsuccessfully" the order had been cancelled. NOw I am really confused at this point as obviously in the time frame between emails no one tried to contact me, and I know the funds are available for the transaction, so what is going on?

Beginning at 7:00am the following morning I first called my bank, yeap the funds were on memo hold just waiting for TRU to claim them. So nope that is not the problem. Called TRU who informed me that it was a PayPal problem. Called PayPal and was told the funds were just waiting for TRU to pick them up and there was absolutely no problem on their end. This ping-pong action went on for the better of 4 hours and finally I am at screaming match point. I was told after screaming at the top of my head in frustration that...TRU does not take PayPal for some purchases. Now you have to understand THEY offer PayPal as an option at checkout. Also the woman told me that all I needed to do was repurchase the card using a different mode of payment. Here is the true dilema. I am mother of 6, grandmother of 9, have 3 birthdays this month and Christmas to boot. At that moment I did not have an additional $119.17 for them to just hang on to until they felt like giving it back.

So to date I have filed with the BBB, with whom TRU has an *F* rating. They do not respond to complaints, nor do they feel the need to recify them. I have also filed a complaint with PayPal, as they had never heard of anything like this, unless funds were not available. Also just a bit of information from PayPal when a comapny contracts with them to use this as a clearing house they MUST stipulate in the contract what if anything PayPal would not be good for. TRU has not done this. So here it is Monday morning and I have no money and no gift for the grandson, my bank said that although TRU said they removed the hold on the funds there has been no such order. I want to find others who have, had this done to them and I would like to file a class action. I also think it is time to hurt them were it hurts the most, their pocketbooks. I would like to gather any related stories and turn them over to the media. I am using this venue because I do not want this to be a local story. I live so far out int he woods we don't even have a YRU by us.

So please, send me anything related to TRU/PayPal. You can send it to:leeswillow@AOL. com
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User Replies:
JR in Orlando on 12/01/2009:
The Toys R Us website under payment options sets for the following statement: "Please note: Third-party forms of payment ("R"Us Gift Cards, Bill Me Later®, PayPal™, Google Checkout) cannot be used for all purchases." Also, it says "Gift Card purchases are not available at Google Checkout. You must complete the standard Toys"R"Us or Babies"R"Us checkout process to purchase "R"Us Gift Cards." Perhaps this will help you better understand.
Ytropious on 12/01/2009:

Also OP, if you have 100 dollars in your PayPal account you should sign up for the PayPal debit card. It lets you use money from your PayPal like a bank account, meaning you could go into the store and use your PayPal money. It would probably suit you better. And I'm pretty sure TRU doesn't have an F rating with the BBB.
Plots on 12/01/2009:
I don't think screaming at the top of your lungs helped things, BUT it is a horrible situation. And I am curious as to how they supposedly attempted to contact you. I've never liked There's always something.

As for the 'F rating' that's interesting. Is that the lowest possible rate?
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