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Worst customer service. They stole my money
Posted by Dayannechang20 on 06/06/2013
I purchased 20 cans of formula, they were all dented and the rotted milk all over the box. I called them over a month ago to let them know and they keep telling me a refund should show in my account from 3-5 business days. I keep calling them every week and nothing gets done. I don't recommend babies r us/ /Toys R Us. Go to buy buy baby, they are great.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-06-06:
I suggest disputing the credit card charge.
Posted by Buddy01 on 2013-06-07:
It is possible they are trying to stall you until it is too late to dispute the charge.
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Rude Manager and Associates
Posted by Celticromancequeen on 03/29/2013
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I went to store # 7031 3/28/13. I asked the associate ringing up my item if the discount had been given – all he had to do was say yes instead – he was rude and inconvenienced me – Instead he said – “No, it’s buy one get one 30% off – the sign clearly said all scarris dolls – 30% off – no bogo at all. He sent the manager to check it out – as she was gone he continued to be rude to me so I left to make sure she knew what the issue was. I was surprised to find she didn't care – Tonya does not require associates to know promotions – Tonya not know promotions even though she is the manager of the store - she made that clear – Tonya does not require associates to ring people up in order – I had to wait while he rung up several people who came after me – because I knew the price of the item and the associate didn't – Tonya doesn't require the associates to be friendly or helpful and she’s fine with them being extraordinarily rude.

I went through all that for no reason – it turns out the discount had automatically gone through – so the associate gave me wrong information twice – the associate remained very confident and cocky in being allowed to give wrong information – he never apologized or showed any remorse and Tonya supported his actions and his attitude in full. She does not feel as the manager that she needs to know promotional information either – this promotion began four days prior to this incident on one of the biggest sellers they have – the monster high dolls and she had no knowledge of it even though the sign had been in her store for four days.
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Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-03-29:
I am sorry for your experience. It was nice, however, that the store rang up other people behind you while waiting to verify the price. It was nice of you not to complain about that at the time and graciously let others go ahead.

There is nothing worse then standing in line and some price question comes up, so everyone has to wait until the price is verified. I wish more stores would do like Toys R Us so that customers behind could check out while the price issue is settled.
Posted by Chaparrita on 2013-03-29:
It's impossible for the employees to know every single price of every single item and promotion. That's why they have to go verify it. And you got out of line to check on the other employee. The sales associate did no wrong in ringing up the people behind you. Personally, I wish more did that. Nothing worse than waiting in line for 30 mins cause the customer at the front has an issue.
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Gift Cards, Promo Codes, Online Purchases
Posted by Goonie_b1 on 02/04/2013
ONLINE, CALIFORNIA -- I was on the phone today for about an hour with a customer service representative for Babies R Us.

I was trying to place an order for crib bedding that is only available online. However, it was not allowing me to use my 10% coupon sooooo I called to place the order online. THEN, after I went through the motions of giving the representative all my card info and promo codes, she couldn't process it because there is no expiration date listed on the Babies R Us card. ARGH! Oh, and because my gift card was run, that money can take up to two days to be credited back. Also, I read that if I have the item shipped to the store for an in-store pick-up, I cannot use my gift card. Although the representative was incredibly kind and patient, I was extremely frustrated. I was given the option of placing the charges in another card but that would've defeated the purpose of what I was trying to do - charge it on the Babies R Us card. Incredibly disappointed that I will not be able to purchase my daughter's crib bedding on time for her arrival. :(

I am due to give birth in a few weeks.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-02-04:
Congrats on your impending new arrival! I'm sorry your crib bedding won't be there before your baby either. BRU and TRU have some rather Byzantine restrictions to using their gift cards and discount/rewards coupons. Is that particular bedding only available at BRU? Try looking at other stores/websites for the same or a similar type. Even if you can't find it, your baby will be just fine with whatever bedding you have.
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Mediocre Customer Service No Return Policy
Posted by A_kinorev on 01/06/2013
HATO REY -- I had a very disappointing experience yesterday in Toys R Us Hato Rey Puerto Rico I recently purchased a 7 inch Tabeo Tablet for my daughter during the month of December. The thing is the equipment turned out to be defective tablet won't turn, the screen didn't work. So I went yesterday to the Toys R US Where I bought it the one in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, to have it exchanged by another tablet or for a refund. And not only did I wait sooo long in line I was attended by this obnoxious assistant manager, whom which after looking @ the tablet just simply told me she couldn't accept the tablet because the manufacturing company wouldn't accept it. I told her the Tablet had arrived like this yet she didn't do much or anything to help out in this situation. All I can say is that Toys R US.. should emphasize more on customer service which is very low quality, they don't seem to hire a lot of employees although the stores are very big. Sometimes you have to walk around for a while through out the whole store in order to receive some assistance by a employee. As far as this situation I feel totally robbed/Scammed for my money. Employees are supposed to assist customers diligently and efficiently on any situation. But I just sensed they don't really care even though my daughter was next to me while I was trying to exchange the item ( Which obviously made her very sad, she wouldn't stop crying on the way back home.) I simply don't understand why wouldn't Toys R US exchange my item or give me a full refund it seems there always some sort of controversy or excuse to their own benefit when it comes to exchanges or refunds. Other stores like Game Stop, Electronics Boutique, Wal-Mart, Amazon won't give those obstacles when it comes to exchanging a item which they also sell a whole lot CHEAPER. Iam beyond indignated because the store manager totally wiped her butt with my receipt ( The purchase had been made less than a month ago) And even though she did admit the Tablets were in fact coming with defects she declined to offer any assistance or a exchange, refund, store credit whatsoever. Usually I never really buy often in Toys R Us... because there isn't located where I live & because I don't find the prices of the items cheap or affordable.. compared to Wal-Mart or K-mart or Game Stop, AMAZON. But this incident totally made it for Iam never BUYING ANYTHING ON TOYS R US ... EVER AGAIN.. and will give NEGATIVE RECOMMENDATIONS to relatives and Close ones based on my Personal EXPERIENCE. I WILL NEVER BUY HERE EVER AGAIN. EVER AGAIN, EVER AGAIN. THEIR RETURN POLICE IS A VERY FICTIONAL POLICY.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-01-07:
I suggest disputing the charge with your credit card company. You are absolutely right that store employees should not be refusing to honor their own return policy let alone make excuses about it.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-01-07:
was it over 30 days between the purchase and return?
Posted by At Your Service on 2013-01-08:
While disputing a charge transaction seems to be a very common response on this site, I might respectfully suggest that it is not something that can, nor should, easily be done. Unless there's an actual case of fraud, a bank is not likely to find in favor of the card holder.

Retailers have a right to set their own return qualifications. And even though you may think other retailers act differently, you might want to search this site and around the web to see differently. As far as them being cheaper -- with respect, I think we all realize that is not actually the case. Sometimes you may find a price better one place, other times you will not.

It sounds as if the problem with the tablet was very apparent upon inspection. It's unfortunate as it was for your daughter. Maybe you can save up and replace it sometime soon. Hopefully so.

Best of luck.
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Deceptive Selling
Posted by Jayfra2004 on 12/06/2012
I purchased a toy online, which had a free toy offered along with the purchase. Toys R Us shipped the item I paid for and cancelled the free item which was the selling feature for me. A very underhanded way of doing business.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-12-06:
It's disappointing but it DOES say "while quanitites last". I understand your frustration. I had planned on getting my 1 year old a Little People Race Track and 2 weeks ago Toys R Us had a special promotion giving you a free Little People Taking Sounds Zoo with any Little People purchase. Well that sealed the deal and I went ahead and ordered the race track and $150 worth of other merchandise. The free toy was automatically added to my cart. The Little People race track was sold out at my store so I opted to have everything shipped but pay cash in-store.As soon as I hit "submit", I got 2 e-mails from Toys R Us, 1 confirming my order and 1 canceling the free toy! I was pissed! I'm glad I chose the "pay in store" option because they automatically cancel your order if you don't pay in 48hrs. So it saved me the hassle of calling & canceling the order. 2 of my friends had the same problem that day and their free toy was cancelled as soon as the order was submitted. I almost want to believe that TRU is deceptively advertising these free items knowing they are out of stock, with the hope that people will place orders and not cancel them when they find out they are getting the free toy.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-06:
Contact them to find if they would be able to still send the additional free toy. If it was advertised as limited, they may not. In such a case, return the purchased item for refund.
Posted by april on 2012-12-17:
call them and find out what happen they messed my on line order all up i bought a online scooter an received a empty box they say it was all sold out online thank god my local store had in stock
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Free Shipping Not Honored and Membership # Not Accepted
Posted by Steveedgar on 12/05/2012
MICHIGAN -- Started by the site not accepting my membership # so I logged on via an email hyperlink.

I placed six approved "ship to home" items in my cart, which amounted to almost $100. (Video games and controllers)

Shipping was supposed to be free for purchases over $49 but the site demanded almost $15 for S&H.

Tried to checkout to see if that would change but the site suddenly forgot I was logged on and again wouldn't accept my membership # so of course I wasn't able to use my points payout dollar they sent to me.

Called 1-800-869-7787 and after listening to the recordings, was transferred to a squealing fax line.

Called again, and again endured the same heavy call volume recording but eventually a human answered.

After I complied with the request for my name and phone number, I proceeded with explaining what happened.

I was told I'd have to place my order over the phone to remedy the issue.

I had hoped my order would be visible via my membership number but I was informed that wasn't possible.

Frustrated, I asked for a supervisor.

Eventually one came on the line but she reiterated that I'd have to repeat my order all over again.

I declined and tried to select the pick up in store option instead.

Unfortunately the site kept going to a blank page so I was unable to complete the purchase.

I used the "rate this page" link to complain.

Now this was around midnight. I received a reply around 10AM....that said:

Dear Valued Guest,

Thank you for recent visit to our website.

We appreciate the time you took to provide us feedback regarding your experience. I would like to take the opportunity to further assist you in placing your order or answering any questions you may have. We would appreciate a call back at your earliest convenience. We can be reached at 1-800-869-7787. We hope to hear from you soon.


Jordan 7345
Toys R Us Corporate Guest Relations

In other words...jump through hoops to get that free shipping.

I just wonder how many other people have been cheated by that phony free shipping offer.

I do not appreciate wasting my time like that.

I've ordered from many online sites and haven't had any issues with anyone else.

This experience with Toys R Us has been very disappointing.
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Babies R Us doesn't honor its gift cards, sells old merchandise as new
Posted by Whoknowsth on 11/27/2012
Three problems:
1) Babies R Us quietly expired my baby daughter's gift card after 1 year, even though the card has no expiration date. They tried to take away my baby daughter's present, instead of letting her use it.
2) Even though car seats are not supposed to be used past 6 years after they are built, Babies R Us sells seats that are 1 1/2 years old as new. That means that you lose 25% of the useful life of the seat. Both my local store and the Babies R Us Website sell models from the spring of 2011, even though it is now the end of 2012. The 2012 models that they should be selling, have new safety features that the old ones don't.
3) I called Babies R Us over an hour ago to complain, and am still on hold. They obviously don't care about their customers.
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Posted by At Your Service on 2012-11-27:
According to HealthyChildren.org, one should, "never use a seat that is more than 10 years old." As such, I don't think the 1 1/2 years is really a great length of time and definitely not 25% of it's useful life. It is a good point to be made aware of though.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-11-27:
If the carseat hasn't expired, they can legally sell it. 1 1/2 years past manufacturing date still leaves plenty of time for use. Carseats expire in 6-10 years. That doesn't mean a retailer has to stop selling carseats that were manufactured 1 1/2 years ago. Past models are almost always sold at a discounted price. They don't usually sell them at MSRP. So no your not losing any value. And again, the carseats are safe to use and far from expired.
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Poor, Poor Customer Service
Posted by Buchon72 on 09/06/2012
CORPORATE OFFICE/ WEBSITE, CALIFORNIA -- Used Toy R Us website and selected in store pickup option. The location listed stated it was 23 miles from me. After I placed the order I found out the store was actually an hour and ten minutes from me. Things really got frustrating when I tried to cancel my order 10 (yes 10) minutes later. Toys R Us would not bend, dispute the erroneous information on their website. They told me they had anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to cancel my order. I was 5 minutes too late! What about the hour? I was given some nonsensical answer that since I was in California and the call center was in Oklahoma... It was already an hour later there. What? Then I called again to see if my husband could pick up the order. Again, Toys R you would not bend. The answer I received again and again was "this is our policy". Since Iade the order only I could pick it up. How inconvenient is that? I will stick with Amazon next time - they actually treat their customers like they matter!

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Posted by Skye on 2012-09-06:
Why won't they let your husband pick up the order?
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-09-06:
You have to designate a pick up person if you aren't going to do it. They also have to have the emailed receipt. Odds are that since the OP intended to pick it up herself, she obviously didn't designate her husband. Odds are they wouldn't let her make a designation after the order was placed and she realized the error in store distance.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-09-06:
I could be mistaken but I think the reason her husband can't up the order is because it is in her name and it has already been paid for. They require a photo ID when you pick up the order. You would think they would have some way to bend the rule though, such as having the OP fax her ID & a note acknowledging her husband can pick up the order on her behalf.

OP, are you new to the area? When they give you the nearest location, it gives the name of the city. How did you not realize it was an hour away? As far as canceling and the excuses you received, that is definitely poor customer service.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2012-09-07:
It's not nonsensical, it's called a time zone. I have a lot of dealing with the eastern time zone and I live in the central time zone. If I don't pay attention to the time in there zone, which is an hour ahead of me, I'll miss them and have to try the next day. How is it poor service if there holding to there operating policy?
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Worst online purchase experience! MISLEADING AND A SCAM
Posted by Jennyytchan2 on 07/06/2012
I am writing this complain letter in regards to my online purchase experience at Baby'r'us. (Order no: 8376832898)

I live in Vancouver-Canada and bought a DaVinci crib ($179.9) online at US Baby ‘r’us website on June 22,2012. Babyrus’s front page had a promotion for ALL DaVinci cribs-Any purchase of DaVinci crib will get a FREE DaVinci crib Mattress which worth $119.99 value. I thought it was a great deal so I bought it, paid $16 tax, extra $15 for shipping and extra $10 to pick up at US shipping pick up center at Point Robert. The promotion was still showing up at the Baby’r’us FRONT page for at least one more week after I ordered the crib.

After few days I picked up the crib, I discovered there was a crib ONLY, no mattress! So I called customer service immediately and they told me the FREE mattress was in first time first serve basis and they have no more stock? Really what the hell? I can’t believe it is a SCAM and MISLEADING on an international company website. There is no sentence its says it is first time first serve on website, and the website never notify customer it is out of stock and the promotion is no longer available when purchase. It should at least notify customer whether we should still buy it or not when the promotion is no longer available. OR it should notify customer before they even ship out the crib ONLY to customer. I paid $220 (including tax, shipping, pick up fee) to purchase online and picked up in US just because I believe it comes with a bundle of TWO items, not just one item. VERY DISHONEST COMPANY! I spoke to customer service, they don’t have any recommendation for us, they said even the mattress is in stock again, they will not ship to me for free and asked me to get and pay for another mattress? How BS you are?

Customer service said I can refund the crib and use the mailing slip they can offer to me? Are you kidding me? I live in Vancouver and I have to drive all the way down to US just to refund the crib to your company but not getting my shipping fee that I first paid? What a disaster! Your company totally waste my money and time!

I am still very upset about this online shipping experience at US Toy'r'us. With this price I paid, I have so many options to get the crib at other places such as Amazon & Walmart. I don’t even need to shop at your company and pick up in US. I have lots of options in Canada too. I will ask all my friends never go shopping at Toyrus again. Such a misleading and dishonest company!

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-06:
I found a current coupon on a third party website for a free mattress with Davinci crib purchase at BRU, with no disclaimer about "while supplies last". Unfortunately, I can't find anything on the BRU website about this former promotion. There are multiple similar recent complaints on the BRU website.

I am inclined to agree this is false advertising, but I would have to see the actual ad. Also examine the fine print on the BRU website. One thing people complain about, which I understand, is why the website doesn't tell you none are left because you will need one after you get the crib. So there is the feeling of being ripped off as well as the inconvenience of not having a usable crib.
Posted by Robert Vaughn on 2012-07-18:
The same thing happened to me. Not only did I not get the advertised mattress, but it took almost three weeks for someone at BabiesRUs to tell me so. One email reply even stated that the promotion would be honored and I should expect a mattress, which I never received. Babies R Us is a very dishonest company. Dumb move on their part as they will lose far more money as a result not honoring their promotion. Neither me, my family, or any of our friends will be making purchases from Babies R Us.
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Conversion Cribs-Kits Never Available
Posted by Revusup on 04/14/2012
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- We purchased a crib from Babies R Us, conversion to toddler bed and full is available. That is all we were told. Low n' behold what they left out was, this is an exclusive crib to BRU only, special order comes from China or Japan, and they will not take your order for conversion kit until it is in stock in Babies R Us warehouse and then it still takes 10-15 WEEKS, yes WEEKS, even though manufacturer has them in stock and says it goes out 3-5 days after BRU orders.

We have now waited over 7 months for these rails and now our child has outgrown her crib and has no bed of her own due to waiting on these rails and cost over $200 for just the rails. Meanwhile, they no longer make the crib!!!!!

I would NEVER purchase again from Babies R Us. We call BRU and all we get is attitude and excuses.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-04-14:
Why can't you get them from manufacturer? Or better yet, just go to a mattress store and buy a frame? My daughter's crib was a BRU exclusive and we could of bought the conversion kit from the manufacturer but it was cheaper and faster to just buy a frame from Mattress Discounters. The crib should of come with extra hardware, as long as you still have it, you can use any frame.
Posted by Toys"R"Us on 2012-04-18:
Hi. We’d like to try to help. Please email guestservicessocial@toysrus.com with “Bed Rails” in the subject line. Please also included your full name and phone number where you can be reached, and we will reach out to you.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-04-18:
thank you Toys"R"Us for assisting with consumer issues on our site. i know they appreciate it!
Posted by Gina on 2013-07-27:
They do take your info and call you. However, they only call to repeat the same line of garbage. Lifetime crib my rear...
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