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Tozai Calculator sold at Walgreens
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PALATINE, ILLINOIS -- Purchased a Tozai ATC-362B calculator for $1.00 at Walgreens. This product is manufactured in CHINA and was purchased for $1.00, but retails for about $3.00. That was $1.00 too much. Half of the buttons on the calculator do not function. This is a case of a product that should not be allowed to be sold at anyprice in this country since is is basically used as landfill material. Walgreens and retailers as such should do a better job of reviewing products before importing garbage into our country.
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glc on 09/10/2006:
ChinaSyndrom: You paid ONE DOLLAR for a calculator, I agree that it "should" work, but what did you really expect for $1? It's not a Texas Instruments. Walgreens probably bought thousands of these (for $.10 each). Bring it back or as you say, contribute it to the landfill.
Sparticus on 09/10/2006:
They probably sent the execs a bunch of their best quality calculators hand picked from the lot guaranteed to work. Once they signed off on it, they started shipping from the non-tested lots. I would take it back. I know it is only a dollar, but that is the best way you can tell them not to sell crap. Return it.
rah332 on 09/10/2006:
chaulk it up as a loss. it may cost you more in gas $$ to return to the store for your $1..
Sparticus on 09/10/2006:
Good point rah332... especially with gas prices these days!
Anonymous on 09/11/2006:
I think there is way more to this complaint than meets the eye, China Syndrom. Let me get this straight. You used a PC (I'm sure has a calculator function, as do most cell phones), then, complain about a calculator manufactured in CHINA (that's how you put it, all caps), that you paid 1 U.S. dollar for. And, to top it off, somehow, this is Walgreen's fault. They were just providing what the consumer wanted : CHEAP. You are cheap, admit it.

In a nutshell, I think this complaint is BOGUS.
Koi Ko on 12/07/2008:
I have the same calculator... It works just fine.. Isn't it possible you got a dud? Assuming the company produces hundreds of those, a crappy one could have gotten through. At any rate, I have a the same one, got it at Wal-Green's too, and it's one of the best ones I've ever had.

:/ Sorry, I think this is just a case of you being whiny about getting what you paid for. It's only a dollar, for real. You can't get anything decent for a dollar these days anyway.
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