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Posted by Amandanicole528 on 02/25/2012
INDIANA -- There are many issues within your company I feel should be brought to your attention. You have lost a at least 6 TracFone users and letter has been written to BBB and Washington State Attorney Generals office for further investigation of your company.

We ordered this cell phone for an 85 year old family member to be able to contact and communicate with family and friends. It arrived very promptly and online order was very easy.

Upon, trying to activate it all else within TracFone FAILED. After sometime of trying to activate the cell phone on line I was directed to call customer service. At which time I waited 14 minutes to speak to a customer service representative. I spoke to a gentleman named Michael who seemed to not be very knowledgeable and was unable to get the phone to activate. Code after code it still would not allow for calls in or out. All he kept saying was "it is activated, so let me try this." This went on for AN HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES before I asked to finally asked if this was something he thought could be solved if not I would like to be transferred to get an exchange or refund. Nothing else was said to me the line on the other end went dead and I was on hold for another eight minutes.

Where I got your #1 worst employee. She refused to say her name, the tone in her voice was unpleasant, she appeared to be eating in my ear the entire time we were on the phone. I explained the situation to her that I we had just spent an hour and twenty minutes on the phone trying to get this phone to be functioning and she replied " maim I don't think it is us I think it maybe you." Let me tell you I work a hospital HR department with many cell phones and computers everyday where we depend on them. (and not just TracFones) I know cell phones and technology and have used cell phones everyday for the past 15+years. HOW RUDE of one to challenge ones intelligence especially the paying customer. After this I admit I was not happy. I asked about returning the phone because I was done with her and the lack of customer service. She told me I would have to PAY to send it back and then I could get some kind of a refund. I said "Why should I have to pay to send it back when you sent me a faulty phone." She replied "you are the one who wants the refund!" If we can't figure it out an 85 year old sure would not be able to. I did ask for her to explain to me what I could do different for it to work and finally after I saw her tone getting worse I asked to speak to a supervisor in which I was told "there is not a supervisor on at the time." and was put on hold. She came back and said "I SPOKE TO MY SUPERVISOR and you will just need to mail it back using USPS, FedEx, or another carrier where the package can be tracked." Funny how she can talk to her supervisor but when I ask there is not one working! I said again I will need to pay for it? In which she replied "Yes, maim you will need to pay for it and after we receive the phone we maybe able to reimburse you something!" Something is not good enough.
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Tracfone won't honor double minutes for life plan
Posted by Sol45 on 10/23/2009
I bought a LG200C at the local Walmart with double minutes for life included in January of 2009. In March the screen started to go blank. In August, it quit working completely. Tracfone replaced the phone under warranty. I just added a new phone card to discover that the minutes did not double. I contacted Tracfone with the serial numbers of both phones. Their reply was they could not verify by the serial number that the original phone had the DMFL feature, but they know by the serial number that the replacement phone does not have the DMFL feature. Go figure that one! I emailed them a second time and told them the original phone most certainly did have the feature as it did double the minutes every time I added a new card. I told them I paid for a double minute phone and I expect the replacement phone to have the same features as what I paid for. They then called me and told me their records could not show that the original phone had the DMFL feature. How convienient for them! They still won't honor the original purchase. What a bunch of scumbags. I am now filing a complaint with Walmart, the Better Business Bureau, and the FCC.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-23:
"I am now filing a complaint with Walmart,"

How is this Walmart's fault?
Or are you filing a complaint with Walmart about Tracfone?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-23:
It's not too often that features that come with one phone don't translate well with another phone.
I know when I upgraded my phone, all the features and downloads I had with my previous phone weren't either available or I had to re-purchase my ringtones I had from my previous phone.

"They still won't honor the original purchase"

If your new phone doesn't have that feature, they can't honor the purchase. The most they would be able to do is, perhaps, refund your money of what time you have remaining.

Perhaps you could find a replacement phone that *does* have that feature and try and get it straightened out from there.

I know this is a long shot, but do you still have your receipt from when you made the purchase of the double minutes?
Posted by sol45 on 2009-10-24:
First of all, yes, I filed a complaint with Walmart about the garbage they are selling called Tracfone. Secondly, I did not upgrade the original phone to lose any features. The phone was defective and it was replaced under warranty with the same exact phone, therefore, ALL FEATURES SHOULD BE TRANSFERRED!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-10-24:

Am I to assume you spoke to the representative with Tracfone and/or WalMart in the same tone as above? If so, it's no surprise you didn't get anywhere.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-24:
Walmart is going to laugh in your face, it isn't their fault. It might as well be plenty of other places fault because last time I checked you could get Tracfone at stores other then Walmart. You're barking up the wrong tree missy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-24:

If they say the phone doesn't hold that feature, that means exactly that.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-10-24:
Perhaps mobile phone capabilities and company procedures should be modified to suit her demands and retain her business.
Posted by sol45 on 2009-10-25:
bearkatkitten, are you a Tracfone representative or are you just plain ignorant? Pay attention to the facts this time, otherwise keep your comments to yourself. The original phone came with the double minute feature. Got that? It broke because it was defective, not because of something I did. Got that? It was replaced by Tracfone under warranty. Understand? It was replaced with the same exact model phone. Following the situation so far? If not, go back to the beginning and start again. Replaced with the same exact phone means exactly that, EXACT REPLACEMENT, not the same phone with less features than I originally paid for. I am Canadian, no you are not to assume I talked in that tone to anyone. The capital letters are for bearkatkitten who is completely oblivious to the facts. Ytropius, why don’t you go bark up someone else’s tree. I never said I had a problem with Walmart. I said I filed a complaint with them to alert them to a problem with one of the products they sell. I suppose you’re the type of person who buys defective products all the time and says absolutely nothing when they break. It must be nice to be filthy stinking rich in order to buy a new product every few months because it keeps breaking. You must like keeping warranty providers in business. Warranty people love that you buy a new one of their product everytime instead of them replacing the original product like they are bound by law to do.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-10-25:
sol45, good response to the hecklers. I do sympathize with your issues with TracFone. They are definitely in the wrong here.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-25:
Lots of assumptions OP, lots of assumptions. You completely misread my comment. If you complain to Walmart about carrying a "defective" product (they don't care, by the way, no matter how much you whine they aren't going to stop carrying them), then you need to co complain to every store that carries the phones. I don't tend to have any problems with my items, maybe I'm just lucky like that, or maybe I don't expect as much as you seem to.
Posted by Frenchie on 2009-10-25:
Since I sell Tracfones and consider them a good phone (however the cost per minute is expensive). That said some things in your post leave many questions.

Bought in January, Screen going blank in March. Phone quits in August. Why didn't you do something in Mar after just 3 months? That was the time to return. Was it defective from Mar to Aug ? How did you get the replacement from Tracfone? Direct from them or did The WalMart sales person help you?

Too many unsnswered questions. I am sure if you had been respectful(?) it could have been solved. I know for a fact as I do it quite frequently, solving problems.
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Posted by Sunnyryanj on 03/20/2006
COLORADO -- I have had contract phones for a long time. I am not a person who lives on their cellphone. I decided to try prepaid cellphone service instead. I tried Verizon, T-Mobile, Virgin, etc.. I still found that my minutes were temporary, meaning that they would be erased after a month. I also had trouble with coverage at home and when I traveled. My friend suggested I try Tracfone. I did my research and purchased one. Here is what I found. Unlike any other carrier, Tracfone doesn't have their own service (towers,etc..). They have agreements with all the carriers, so their phones piggyback off whatever carrier is available. Since having Tracfones for a year now, I have experienced the benefit of this in that I have more coverage in more places that any phone I've had previously. When I purchased my first phone (I have 2 Tracfones now-Nokia 1100,Motorola v60icdma), I got a yearcard for it. My minutes are safe for a year. Before I activated my Tracfone, my friend sent me a "referral" from the company. It gave me one hundred minutes on my phone for free! I though that was a great addition to everything else. There is a lot more detail I could give about the phones themselves etc. If you have any questions or need a referral for yourself, feel free to email me, sunnyryanj is my address at yahoo.

The only thing one should consider about Tracfone is which phone is right for your needs. I started with a Motorola v60i w/cdma technology. I find it gets the best coverage when traveling but it does charge double minutes when roaming. Because of this, I also purchased a Tracfone Nokia 1100 w/gsm technology. It actually get better signal in the town I'm in but not as good when I'm traveling through the mountains. I doesn't have roaming charges, same rate anywhere in the country.

Overall, Tracfone has been exactly what I needed in a cellphone, because I don't live on mine, if I did, I'd get some contract plan. I use my phone maybe once or twice a day and I don't stay on it for hours.
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Posted by Feisty on 2007-05-03:
My experience with Tracfone has been very much as already described here.

Prepaid cell phones in general wouldn't seem to be the solution for people who use their phones either as their sole means of telecommunication or those who use cell phones extensively for whatever reason. But for myself, who uses the cell phone only on an as-needed basis, Tracfone has worked out well.

It is true that the customer service reps to whom I have spoken are people with moderate to heavy Asian accents, but to this date, that has not adversely effected my ability to conduct service with them. Just be prepared to proceed a little more slowly to ensure understanding of information on both ends; your patience will be rewarded.
Posted by MissOrioles on 2007-10-02:
If you live back ward state it does work as well. plus the card bonus air time do not honor it.Say they expired the card does not have experation date. when give number for bonus time it expired the dy before they give to you. One nice thing you can load minutes without help.
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I Did Not Receive the 400 Minutes That Was With Phone
Posted by Smitdo79 on 04/14/2014
I bought this phone for my mom and when I activated the phone I did not get the promotional 400 minutes why not? That's why I bought this, not sure what happened but I had to buy the minutes when I should have gotten 400 minutes with this phone.
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Tracfone has NO CLUE as to what they are doing!
Posted by Mvalle31 on 01/31/2014
PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA -- I have been trying to transfer my sim card # as well as minutes, service days, and of course my contacts to my second new Tracfone and neither one are working. I have been trying for 14 days now. This has me furious!! I have gotten a different answer from each representative that I have spoke with. I still have NO PHONE!! What happened to the "24 hour" down time I was told this would take to solve (2 weeks later)? I noticed this same problem posted back in 2000. Come on guys.... do you see the problem(s) here. All other carriers seem to have figured it out. Give em' a call... if you can!
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Beware. Tracfone Will Sell Your Phone Number and Lie
Posted by Gjlvn63 on 01/25/2014
I had the same Tracfone number for nearly nine years. Then, there was a "Verizon" recording on my phone saying my phone number was no longer active. This also deactivated my phone which still had minutes and air time. I contacted customer service, after being transferred several times, was told that Verizon owned their phone number and they just took mine back. I contacted Verizon and was told they would never do such a thing. I filed a complaint with the FCC and after some digging found out that Tracfone sells phone numbers at random whenever they want. I'm not done yet. Will be contacting every consumer reporting agency I can find.
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Phone Minutes
Posted by Betty721a on 01/03/2014
We were going to replace a Tracfone with a newer model and had 1002 minutes on our phone. Tracfone told us we only had 293 and would not honor anything more. I have a picture of the phone showing the minutes but they did not want to see it.
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You Can Take Your Phone # With You But Only For 2 Weeks
Posted by Wandak49 on 10/05/2013
I wanted to upgrade my Tracfone, purchased another Tracfone from HSN. HSN and Tracfone both said I could take my Tracfone # with me on the upgrade. There were still minutes on the old phone. CS for Tracfone and HSN said no problem you can keep your same Tracfone #. I got the new phone and activated it. I had my old # and it was working on the new phone so I put minutes on the new phone and the phone worked for about two weeks then stopped working. It said the SIM card was unregistered on face of phone. After 1.5 hrs on the phone CS said they would send a new SIM card, but it would take a week to get it. Waited a little over week no SIM card called CS again, where is SIM card? Told it was cancelled, but could not say why, another 1hr + on phone they said would request for SIM card again.

I got the SIM card called in to get activated was told my phone # was not available even though I had that # on my Tracfone for almost 2 years and it was working on the new phone. Now they will not give me my phone # back, nor will they refund the minutes I put on the new phone that no longer works. I do not want a new phone # for obvious reasons, numerous notifications to medical sources, family, friends and business sources etc. A big pain! I am out of almost $150.00 for less than 30 days of service and a phone that does not work.

I did every thing I was supposed to do, it was Tracfone who engaged in deceptive practices by saying I could take my # with me and actually giving the # to me for 2 weeks then taking it away and refusing to make me whole. As soon as the "shut down" is over I plan to make complaints with FCC as well as the Illinois Attorney General.
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Tracfone International Dialing False Advertising to Call All Cities in Country
Posted by Normanthiel on 09/16/2013
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Although their website (http://www.tracfoneild.com/destinations.aspx) states:
"International Destinations include cities within the countries listed below. " and Belgium (32) is one of those countries listed you cannot make calls to landline telephones in city code 71 (Charleroi). I have been through repeated calls to Customer Service (Ghana and corporate) and have been simply told that we do not provide service to that city code. (There may be others but that is one of the ones that I want to call) I filed a complaint with the BBB Miami and today a representative from Tracfone called me back to confirm that they do not provide service to City code 71 in Belgium, probably the second largest population area in Belgium. When questioned why she simply stated their carrier did not provide it. When questioned about the website statement, she stated she would let management know. I asked for a refund and she would only refund the last $20 card (120 minutes) when I have 241 minutes left on the phone.
Everyone need to be aware that when Tracfone says "cities within a country" they don't necessarily mean all cities.
I would not recommend Tracfone to anyone and when I burn up these minutes I am going to another carrier.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-16:
It's very misleading to show the countries but not to state that not all areas can be called. At least they ought to have a disclaimer somewhere on the page.
Posted by Lee on 2013-11-20:
My mom has a tracfone. She wanted to call the U.K., she has a friend there. They list it as an international call that can be placed by cell to land line. The 1st woman she talked to after calling the appropriate number said,"I can't help you." So I got involved. The 1st woman could not help me. The 2nd woman could not help me but transferred me to someone else. Poor guy...trying so hard..but he was reading from the same screen as the the other 3 and could not help either. Tracfone does not tell you the truth. They are a burn phone company. If you are able to call international it is only to places where they run drugs or hide cash. I'm sure if you are only calling local you will be fine....you will not be able to call all countries. If you want to call overseas from the U.S., buy another provider. Unless you are calling to countries that hide cash and run drugs.....Sad
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Tracfone "Everywhereness" Commercial Is a Lie
Posted by Kismet2000 on 08/23/2013
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Approximately late November 2012 bought thru QVC a Tracfone LG800 with very good deal of 1400 minutes, over a year of service with renew date February 2014, and lifetime triple minutes for every one minute you purchase. Initial cost was $100.00. Phone worked great from my home for about 5 months. Then one day from my home I could not get a signal. I called Tracfone and after 2 hours and a dozen or more of long sets of numbers to enter into the phone and constantly asking to repeat that I can't understand what you are saying (heavy accent) we finally got a signal. Phone worked until I hung up and tried calling a friend got a weird message “emergency calls only”.

A few days later I called again, and again was put through the same crap of entering long sets of numbers. I still could not get a signal. I insisted upon speaking with a superior and was given a number to their corporate headquarters. It turned out to be a detour to customer service. I told them to connect me with a supervisor and she said I have to enter all these numbers first. I told her that has been done several times it doesn't work, connect me with a supervisor.

During one of my calls to service she just hung up on me because it was quitting time. I didn't realize they have hours only until 11pm. Imagine that, no 24 hour service.

Then my sister-in-law spoke to them and got another phone number to call which turned out to be the same number I had. Again they had me entering long numbers So after fighting with them I finally convinced them to send me a new phone. Received the so called new phone which was really a reconditioned one. It still does not work at home. It will work in some areas outside the home and not others.

"Everywhereness"??? I really look forward to nights in dead of winter getting into my Jeep and driving down the road to call my friends. I have been cheated out of my $100.00. They picked my pocket! My recommendation is stay away from Tracfone. You never know when they may decide to change the signals. Oh and their commercial about “Everywhereness” is a lie. I'm everywhere and I can't get that “Everywhereness” signal.

Ticked off in New York.
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