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Horrible Customer Service
By -

With TracFone you have the ability to purchase minutes "on demand" from your phone. It is a convenient feature. I had the payment connected to my debit card. I lost my debit card so I needed to change my payment method for the TracFone. TracFone's website allows you to enter a checking account as the payment method. So I did, because I was waiting for my new debit card to come. I tried to buy minutes but I kept getting a text message that said "Credit card denied, call customer service". I thought maybe I had to wait for the database to be updated with the new payment info so I kept trying it periodically. I tried 7 times and finally called customer service.

They said, "We don't accept checking accounts". I said, "Well, then why is it an option on the website?" Since most of the customer service people barely speak English they will just keep repeating the same line to you like a parrot, so you finally have to give up and just accept that answer. Monday comes and I look in my checking account and lo and behold I have a hold placed on my account for 7 charges from TracFone. So I call them and tell them that they charged my checking account and I didn't receive any minutes.

They say, "We don't take checking accounts only credit cards or debit cards." I say, "I know but you charged my account anyway." Well, they keep repeating this same line like a parrot. They don't have a clue. I say I want to talk to the billing department. They say, "This is the billing department. We don't take checking accounts, only debit or credit cards." AHHHHHHH I hang up before I start shouting at the top of my lungs. I go to bank and explain. They take holds off money.

Today I look and lo and behold they took the money out and I got 2 bounced check fees. I went to the bank and filed fraud charges and it's going to take me up to 30 days to get my money back. I explain to bank that it is impossible to get my money back from TracFone. They are complete idiots.

Luckily the bank (Bank of America) took the claim because normally when you permit a vendor to take the money out you have to get the money back from the vendor and the bank will not file a claim for you. So hat's off to BofA for having some compassion. I start look for new cell phone plans. Don't bother going to Walmart's Straight Talk - TracFone owns them and it's the same crappy customer service you get with TracFone. TracFone has the worst customer service on the planet.

BBB gives Tracfone A+ rating, how?
By -

1st off the good things about TracFone. We wanted a prepaid cell phone and tried several other companies they did not work in our service area so we switched to TracFone. We have been customers for 2 years. I never had any problems with until June 2010. On 6/7/10 I tried to purchase minutes online. I used my credit card and it said the transaction could not go through to call customer service. But I later found out they charged my credit care almost $70.00. Then I tried my debit card and said the transaction went through but I never received my minutes. I called my credit card company who said they could not reverse the charges until they posted on my account.

I then called TracFone which was closed so I had to wait to the next business day. I got a gentlemen who said no problem my credits would appear in the next 24-48 hours on my credit card and debit card. Well I waited nearly a week and still no credits nor minutes. I had to buy a card from the store to get minutes on my phone. I am unemployeed and on my resumes I have submitted to employers have my TracFone number on it. I am 3 payments away from foreclosure, so I need a job and fast. So after adding minutes by a card I was able to use the phone then one day it said sim card is unregistered.

So I had to spend more time on the phone with TracFone only to find out they want me to send $21.58 to them to turn the phone on. They said they gave me to many minutes which is not my problem. I also had to dispute the credit card and debit card charges again, after several emails and calls to them they still had not resolved it. They never answer emails. Also they would not let me port my phone number to a new phone because I owed the $21.58 which still puzzles me since I paid for minutes before I received them. I spent a total of 6 hours on the phone with people that don't speak English and are not helpful.

I ended up getting a new phone but now all my resumes I sent out still have my old phone on it. Oh and by the way I went with a different company which seems to be much better so far. I get 1000 minutes 1000 text for $30 a month... wow. I was spending about $150 a month on TracFone so this will be such a saving I hope.

I did finally get my credit back on my credit card but still have not got it back on my debit card plus they closed my online account so I can't take away my payment information. I was sadly disappointed with them and feel they took advantage of me. Do some research before you pick a prepaid cell phone or any cell phone. I am not saying that TracFone was totally bad we had great service until June but then all heck broke lose. I filed a BBB complaint. But have not heard anything yet. I am very curious what they will say about there A+ rated company. Buyer beware.

Lost 8 hours of my life on-hold
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I added minutes to my account on-line the night before I was to make an 8-hour car trip. When I checked my phone the next morning at 7am (when I was ready to leave), the minutes had not registered to the phone. I called & had to call back at 8am (when the technical department opened) to speak with a representative. This representative was able to get the minutes to show up on my phone, but the phone would still not make or receive calls. I called TracFone back & was transferred between a few people until I reached someone who tried to reactivate the phone number on the phone.

He then assured me that he had solved the problem and, if I would wait for 1 hour, my phone would work correctly. I waited for 1 1/2 hours and tried the phone only to have the same problem. I called back, was transferred between a few people again, and reached someone who issued me a new phone number. He assured me that this would solve the problem and that I would need to wait another hour before my phone would be active. I waited yet another hour only to have the phone still not work. I called back again, was transferred around again, and spoke with someone who told me she was working on my account.

I waited on hold for over 40 minutes, although she did periodically check in with me to assure me that she was working hard to resolve my account problems. After the last time she checked in with me, she must not have put me back on hold properly, because after she assured me that she was hard at work on my problem, I could actually hear her having a lengthy conversation (with laughing) with someone else on a topic that did not seem like it was related to my account at all. When I tried to get her attention, I was ignored. I hung up and called back, requesting a supervisor.

This supervisor attempted to reassign me another phone number only to determine that there was some sort of a system problem. She transferred me to another department who informed me that there was a system error with the company's computer system and that they could not get my phone to work for 48-72 hours. This was at 2pm, a full 6 hours after I first called the company.

When I informed her that, since at this point I had been trying to resolve my phone issues for over 6 hours and had no longer had any interest in keeping my TracFone, I wanted a refund of the money I spent to purchase additional minutes. She replied that the company did not issue refunds. When I protested, she said she would transfer me to a supervisor. I was placed on hold where I waited for nearly 30 minutes before I finally gave up and hung up. I called back and waited on hold for 10 minutes before being able to speak with someone and then another 10 minutes before I was able to be transferred to a supervisor.

I explained the entire situation to him and requested my refund again. He looked at the account and tried to figure out the problem himself, coming to the same conclusion as had already been determined. I told him I had no interest in keeping my phone and wanted a refund of the money I spent putting minutes on the phone. He looked at the account and transferred me to someone in the credit card department to try to issue a refund. I was placed on hold AGAIN and waited for over 20 minutes to reach a real person.

I have tried repeatedly to get a refund for the money I spent on minutes only to be told that the company doesn't issue refunds on airtime purchases. I finally got a hold of a supervisor who authorized a refund, but can't get anyone in the Direct Sales Customer Service Department to actually perform the refund transaction. No resolution has occurred and I wasted an entire day on the phone and had to ultimately reschedule my trip.

Don't ever buy from Tracfone!
By -

I purchased a TracFone on 12/24. I could not receive calls on this phone. Called customer service. They were unable to fix the issue so I bought a 2nd phone of a different model that same evening as I needed a working cell phone. 2nd phone had same issue. Could make but not receive any calls. Calls would not go through at all. Would just receive a fast busy signal or message to check the number and try again.

Spoke with customer service December 24, 26,27,28,29, 30 and 31st. No one was able to resolve the problem with my phones. On 31st a representative "accidentally" deactivated my 1st phone and caused me to lose all my minutes I'd paid for. (She laughed when I told her the phone was showing a message that said "disabled".)

After speaking with her superivsor, the supervisor stated she'd send me ONE replacement phone. I received the replacement phone on Jan. 4th. Called to activate and got message that phone was already active. Called Executive Customer Relations and representative had me enter codes and a phone number was assigned to the phone (he never asked for my zip code) It was an area code for New Mexico.

I live in Ohio which means if I used the phone I'd incur roaming charges (double minutes). I advised the representative the phone number needed to be changed and he tried to do this but just made the sim card invalid (the message that came up on my screen). He said he'd have to send me a new sim card.

I received the new sim card on Jan. 6th and called to activate the phone. I received the same message saying the phone was already active (means it is a refurbished phone, even though I paid for two brand new phones). Called customer service Executive Relations again and was assigned a local phone number. A long story short- this phone has the same problem as the first two phones. I can not receive calls on this phone!

So the replacement phone they sent me has the same defect as the two I purchased. I called customer service again to report the problem and the representative said I had to wait twenty four hours to see if the problem corrected itself. It is not going to correct itself. I have two other phones that have not worked since Dec. 24th and now the replacement has the exact same issue!

I have requested a refund on several occasions and the reps refuse to honor this request. Tracfone has had more than enough time to correct the problem but instead I have 3 tracfones that do not work properly. They advise me to return them to the retailer but the stores I bought them at will not take them back as they are open and have been used(or at least attempted to use). It should not be the retail stores' problem when it is obviously TracFone's error as the phone they sent me has the same issue as well.

I have spent over 10 hours on the phone with customer service and during this time I've never been rude or abusive and yet I've been hung up on without warning, had my phone deactivated and minutes lost, been laughed at, been kept on hold for 20 minutes, had a representative take my info and pretend to help me for the next 15 minutes and then ask for my info all over again admitting she didn't' do anything in the first place!

The frustration goes on and on! There is NO excuse for such poor customer service. It is as though they try to be as useless as possible and just keep putting you on hold while they "work" until you just hang up out of frustration or the fact that you don't have over an hour to spend on the phone with them.

TracFone needs to be in time out
By -

Have you ever felt powerless as a consumer? How about neglected or ignored by a company? If so, maybe you've tried to get service from Tracphone! My son gave me his old Motorola Tracphone with 500+ minutes left on it. He wanted me to have a cell phone to use for emergencies - him dialing in or me dialing out. It seemed like it should be a simple task to reactivate a phone with minutes on it. Not so with Tracphone! The customer service voice-response series of dead-end recordings is confusing and frustrating to navigate. If one is fortunate enough to speak with a live person, the solution that's promised is not delivered.

Online customer service seemed to be more responsive at first. So, I followed the directions given to me as a solution, and Tracphone charged my credit card $74.88 May 26, 2009. This charge was to cover a month of service, which was supersized to a year to give me time to use the new and old minutes. In order to reactivate the phone, however, I was told I had to wait for the arrival of a new SIM card, "which should arrive in 3 - 5 business days." That was 7 phone calls, 10 e-mails, and 60 days ago. I'M STILL WAITING FOR THE SIM CARD.

Meanwhile, the 60 day "grace" period for reactivation has passed, the 500+ minutes should have expired, and I have been without a phone for three months. I have requested assistance from the Better Business Bureau. Three things I've learned from my experience with this company: Take Note: Never let the reactivation date for prepaid minutes expire.

If you do, you have fallen into "their" trap and might not get out without damage to your pride and/or pocketbook. Tracphone needs competition. I would like to work for the competition. If you have a friend with a wireless network, ask to join in. You may be fortunate enough to deal with real people that speak your language when you need customer service.

Broken Record
By -

I know customer service has gone downhill in the last few years but attempting to talk to TracFone customer service was one of the worst experiences that I have had.

First my daughter had lost her phone and I called to stop service and asked them the steps I need to take once I purchase a new phone. The call center (wherever it is overseas) has their representatives reading from a script and every time I asked a question that was not inline with the script the person would just repeat the script over and over again.

After I purchased her new phone, I wanted to transfer the over 200 minutes she still had on her lost phone. Once I activated the phone, they only gave us 70 minutes back. The test call worked but later that day and for the next 3 days (they say the transfer can take up to 72 hours to take effect) she could not use her phone. It kept saying Unregistered SIM. So I called back on the 5th day (because the online re-register did not work) and was placed on/off hold for over 45 minutes while their "special" department was working on building documentation for my case (whatever that meant). Finally, after several minutes of turning the phone off and waiting for them to run test calls, we could make a receive calls. I asked them about the 200 minutes that she had and was repeatedly told that I must have the "lost" phone in order to verify minutes and that I must deactivate the phone. I told them I deactivated her phone right away. I know they must have a server or database out there that records each phone's minutes but at any rate, the woman on the other end would not answer direct questions.

I asked to speak to their manager which took another 20 minutes of being placed on hold. I guess they do not consider how much time and money they are wasting on 1-800 customer service calls. Once I got the supervisor on the phone, she went through the exact same script. I let her know that it took 5 days to get my daughter's new phone working and that only a portion of her minutes were transferred and asked what they could do for us in regards to credit. Again, she just repeated her broken record. What a waste of time.

Needless to say, I will never buy a TracFone or their services again. It's so disappointing that these companies are so narrowly focused on profit that they send their customer service overseas and they do not care whether or not they have satisfied customers. Well, they just lost another one.

My TracFone Experience
By -


I have used Tracfone for 3 years, because it seemed the most economical option. I have put up with their inconvenient methods before (such as streams of codes to fill in, bad customer service), but this time I have had it.

My Tracfone died, so I ordered a new one. I was told I would have to wait for the new one before I could have the number from the old phone "ported" into the new one, and I would have to call back to have that done.

So I called back when I received the new phone, and was told the number transfer process should take 3 to 5 days.

I phoned back at that time and was told I need to give it 5 to 7 days.

I phoned back and was told I should give it 10 days.

It has been 12 days, and still no resolution. This is unacceptable.

I just emailed about my situation through their website and received an automated reply that said to give my situation 7 to 10 more days. You've got to be kidding me.

To further frustrate things, no one I have spoken to speaks English well (Tracfone has clearly outsourced their customer service to foreigners), they are hard to understand, they are not friendly, they are not helpful, and they don't even attempt to not sound like they are reading from a script.

When I spoke to a supervisor, same thing--it was only after about 7 minutes that she finally began having a real conversation with me instead of just mindlessly reciting lines. Of course, this still didn't do me any good.

Furthermore, when I initially called about my dead phone, I said there were minutes on it that I'd need to transfer to the new phone. The rep said fine, I could do that after the number ported, and after it was activated, etc.

However, when I brought this up to the second representative, she told me that I wouldn't be able to recover those minutes since I can't turn my old phone on (because, er, it's BROKEN!, that's why I was calling!). I challenged her on this based on what the previous rep had said (and based on the fact I already paid for those other minutes). She told me "what you SHOULD have done is . . ."

And I must say I lost my cool then. I've followed their instructions just as they've given them. I will avoid them and counsel others to do the same.

I propose a new motto for Tracfone:


2/24/06 update

Yesterday, 2/23, called TracFone customer service line and immediately asked for a supervisor. Was transferred to "Emma" who identified herself as an assistant supervisor. (I've worked in a call center before and more likely than not, Emma, and any other "supervisors" are merely regular reps with good stats). End result of that conversation: "Sorry for the inconvenience. We will give you 20 free minutes, here's the Interaction number for that. The problem will be resolved tomorrow."

Let's see, first it's 5 to 7 days, then 7 to 10, then a couple more days, then "tomorrow." Wouldn't you know, it is "tomorrow," and it's still not ready.

My first call today, I spoke with "Supervisor Onicka." After about 10 minutes the line was disconnected. Perhaps that was an accident?

My second call, I asked for Onicka, gave her ID number, and the rep put me on hold. He came back and said she was off the floor. Hmmm . . . Maybe she was, it's possible.

She transferred me to another supervisor, and this time I spoke to "Supervisor Alex" who said he was in charge of the floor. I confess that although I was fairly calm, I did use a few expletives, such as "This is going to be fixed today, because I am tired of this BS." (I did no name-calling, though, but I want to accurately portray everything here.)

"Alex" put me on hold and talked to other mysterious departments (who I was not allowed to speak with directly) and after 10 or 15 minutes, he said it would be done on Thursday, which just shy of a week from now (today is Friday), which would be 3 weeks total (minus 1 day) from when I first called.

I explained that this was unacceptable and told him to transfer me to his supervisor. He seemed reluctant to do this at first, but he did transfer me, to an "Oliver." I briefly explained the situation to Oliver (no expletives), made it clear that this needed to be resolved today, and he hung up on me.

Yesterday I mailed a certified letter to TracFone's EVP of Operations, and a copy to their CEO and the person in charge of Executive Resolutions, explaining the situation to date and listing my expectations.

I may go ahead and file a complaint with the BBB as well.

I really don't understand why, in 2006, it would take more than 1 hour to "port" a number internally anyway. But 3 weeks? I just don't get it.

Taking Minutes Away
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- We have two Tracfones and tried to transfer 600 minutes from the one least used to the one that had 1700 and used all the time. Before, you could transfer just the minutes, this time I was told the number also had to be transferred. I agreed and after all was done the 1700 minutes were gone and I had the same number on both phones, of course only ONE could be used.

For two weeks tried to get my minutes back and a new number for the other phone and all I get from their "customer disservice" is to go in circles and nothing can be accomplish. They say to get a new number for the other phone
they had to cancel my regular number in the active phone. Forget about push 1 for English, you'll get a foreigner trying to speak in English. PLEASE WE NEED A CLASS ACTION SUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY.

Tracfone Will Not Add Minutes From Card, 6 Weeks No Help From Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BRUNSWICK, GEORGIA -- Bought Tracfone flip phone, very hard to activate. Added 60 min. no worries. Went to add 120 min. and screen said to call customer service. I have called 11 times and burned up almost all my minutes. First they tell me that my phone needs to be activated, (but it is activated and I have been using it for months) then they say I have an invalid airtime Pin, then they tell me I do not have a Tracfone, then they tell me that my Sim is bad, then they say they will send me new phone.

No phone so I ask where it is (this is after 6 weeks) then they email me about turning the phone on but by now my 43 min. is down to 4 min, and they tell me 4 min. is not enough time to activate the phone. Round and round. This is not good.

Tracfone Has No Clue As To What They Are Doing!
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Rating: 1/51

PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA -- I have been trying to transfer my sim card # as well as minutes, service days, and of course my contacts to my second new TracFone and neither one are working. I have been trying for 14 days now. This has me furious!! I have gotten a different answer from each representative that I have spoke with. I still have NO PHONE!! What happened to the "24 hour" down time? I was told this would take to solve (2 weeks later)? I noticed this same problem posted back in 2000. Come on guys... Do you see the problem(s) here. All other carriers seem to have figured it out. Give 'em a call if you can!

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