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Hyperion Air Handler air leak
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I just had the Hyperion Tam 7 air handler installed in my house. When I was inspecting the install I noticed air leaking from the door on the unit. I immediately pointed it out to the contractor. He then pointed to a sticker from the factory that said "if a small amount of air is leaking then the unit is working properly." So I decided to do some research which led me to this site. After reading someone else complaint. I have now came to the fOregone conclusion that there is a design flaw in the door or unit allowing air leakage aka I am now paying to cool my garage. Trane's knowing this issue is now slapping stickers on the unit saying "that's OK". Total BS cop out for train. Way to not stand behind your product and fix a poor design correctly.
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User Replies:
Texas on 05/15/2012:
I agree! Spending top dollar for a brand name unit like Trane and I find out after two service calls that the air leak is "normal"... I disagree. Seal up your air handlers Trane I am not paying to cool my attic!
MS on 06/04/2013:
I concur. Mine was installed in the spring of 2012 - New England. When I put the new filter in and started the system this year, I could feel air coming from the top and bottom of doors. The top has the electrical/electronic components and the wires to thermostat, condenser etc. I could feel it there and on the bottom, even with the screws in and locked into place. I get the 1% air thing but how are they not able to master this by now? There should be 0% through the air handler itself. What year is it?
Dave on 07/25/2014:
I do HVAC work in Baltimore MD for 30 years. The company I work for is a big Trane dealer I would put that POS in my house for all the money in the world. That air leak sticker is the biggest marketing BS I ever heard. It's a piss poor design, there's been problems with the EVC boards, stepper motors not correctly installed from factory, not to mention if something happens to the wiring harness your need to replace the cabinet. The flashing lights make it look high tech. Trances keeps trying to improve on the wheel and they are doing a lousy job at it. I would go without air cond if that was the only air cond out there. Hyperion means the high one I put that air handler at the bottom of the list for air cond.
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Trane Hyperion Variable Speed Air Condition Handler - Leaks And They Know It
Posted by on
DAVIDSON, NORTH CAROLINA -- After paying $5000 for a complete Trane A/C install my new Hyperion Variable speed unit had a tremendous amout of leakage around the front cover. I found was paying to air condition my garage more so than my home. Our contractor, and one of his competitors, said some of these units have had problems with leakage. They said Trane was aware, but is doing nothing. My choices were to have contractor install pipe tape on inside of cover, which we did and I still have a smaller amout of leakage. Or replace the unit. Both contractors said this is a very good design, but Trane did a very poor job of testing before saling it. And now they are doing little to correct the issue. One contractor said this unit has resulting in increased sales for Trane's competors. And for calling Trane support, I have called twice and emailed 3 times. Had one person hang up after saying government regulations allow 2% leakage, and the other admitted this unit is having problems. I have emailed them 3 times asking for someone to call, yet no response. I am giving the contractor one more chance to correct leaking cover with a new cover, or a new unit is replacing this piece of junk.

Unfortunately we don't know what we are getting from Trane until it is installed and the contractors try to jury rig a defective part that Trane is aware of. Their support absolutely sucks. Jacksonville Fl
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User Replies:
MRM on 07/26/2011:
The Trane can be stopped!
pulling a trane on 08/15/2011:
I just paid $4200 for a condensor and air handler. Hyperion air handler is a piece of crap. Cools house for 6 to 8 days then starts to creep back up. when installer comes out they says nothing is wrong (by the time they get out to my house the defective switch has cooled off and starts running properly again). however, insider friend of mine says this air handler has been known to have this issue and I should get a kit16151 (free from Trane parts). kit is to replace door switch whichs heats up and shuts off relay switch, causing unit to not work properly. I will not be buy another Trane again. they won't admit there are issues and won't back their equipment
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Trane Buyer Beware Xl20i
Posted by on
TYLER, TEXAS -- The Trane XL20I is listed as the top of their line. It is sold to consumers as being extremely well built and tested. My experience has been that after only 6 months BOTH COMPRESSORS FAILED, as well as some unknown electrical problems. Trane stated this has never happened, yet they are unwilling to replace the compressor unit to determine what has happened. They stated there needed to be three failure events before they consider replacing the compressor unit. They indicated the failure of both compressors is considered one failure. REF# 378339 If Trane is unwilling to stand behind a product which costs in excess of $10,000 then anyone considering Trane may want to think about how you would feel if this had just happened to you.
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User Replies:
saj80 on 03/02/2011:
I had a Trane central air unit installed in a house I owned many years ago, and it was junk. Time has not eased the financial pain for this mistake, and I will never install a Trane product again. I know this doesn't help your situation, but I empathize with you based on your experience.
Anonymous on 03/02/2011:
So sorry to hear this. I had Trane air conditioning unit and furnace installed last July. It didn't give me any trouble yet. I thought they were cream of the crop :(
Tom on 07/01/2013:
Trane seems to have built in timers to fail parts one month out of warranty - its happened to me 3 times
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