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Scam Of The Financial Service Transouth
Posted by on
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I recently read a review that submitted by a fellow member. Thanks for laying out like it is. This Transouth Financial Corp. has taken me for a ride for 11 years. They ruined my creit by not releasing my title. It appears that I have not paid it off. But they did send me a copy of it. Seems that the actual car dealership filed bankruptcy because they were caught in some shady practices. I was explained by these people that they could not be contacted due to the bankruptcy lawsuit. I still have yet to get this matter cleared up event though I have made several complaints to the Attorney Generals office and filed numerous and unGodly amounts of forms for the NC division on motor vehicles. So, what can you do next? If any one has any suggestions please reply.

Thank you for the time!
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tnchuck100 on 03/14/2009:
Sounds like you are doing all you can. What response are you getting from these agencies? I would think at least the DMV would have something to say.

Is the vehicle paid for? Can you document this? How is your credit being impacted by the dealer's bankruptcy? 11 years? Need some more details here.
madconsumer on 03/14/2009:
once a vehicle is sold, the dealership has no further attachement. the attachment is by the lender. was the vehicle note 11 years?
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Transouth & Citi Financial Holds Title For Over 10 Years
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TEXAS -- I made the mistake of getting a loan through Transouth who was acquired by Citi Financial. The loan was paid off while still Transouth and they refused to process the release for me to get clear title to my vehicle. This was in 1994. It is now, 2008.... AND AFTER 14 YEARS!!

They are so screwed up they can't find the doc's to release my title... so I can drive my car!!
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Mario The Great on 02/12/2008:
This is an easy fix AND you don't need them to help you. Almost all states allow the owner of the vehicle to get their title if it's been longer than 8 years from the date of the original loan. Here's where you have to go to get your duplicate title.

Hope this helps.
madconsumer on 02/12/2008:
if you did not act upon this before now, to bad. after 14 years you are just now getting to it, guess you won't mind waiting a bit longer.
RichL on 02/12/2008:
I moved from Texas and it is difficult from Ohio...and besides..I have been "acting"....calling..sending mail..since. Do you know how many times they changed hands until now and how hard it is to find who knows where the records are from one exchange to the next? So madconsumer...before ya practice attitude that provides no constructive benefit...try it on for soze yourself once and see what ya get.
RichL on 02/13/2008:
Mario, Your comment is very helpful and I appreciate it, but it isn't a matter of getting a duplicate title. It is a matter if getting the previous lenders name/lien, off of the existing title. A duplicate title, with the unwarranted lien against it, doesn't permit you to sell the vehicle or even have it titled in another state so it may be driven in another state, which sucks! These things cannot be accomplished unless the lien holder is removed. I am lucky in the sense that it is a vehicle that I intended to store and maintain as a classic anyway and have not been and am not reliant on it for transportation. I recently got hold of Texas and they gave me the number of someone from Citi that has processed titles for them but after leaving several messages, haven't received a return phone call as yet.
mischievousb on 02/20/2008:
We are in the same boat.. Unable to sell a vehicle due to an old lien (Transouth).
Luckily, we spoke to a very nice person at DMV and we were informed that if we sent a registered letter to Transouth's last known address and the letter came back to us unopened, that in DMV's eyes, the title was clear and they would take action from there (issuing a clear title).
We are in NC.. and I hope that your DMV follows the same procedures for you.. good luck!
John H on 09/30/2013:
I had a car loan with Transouth Financial, now part of CitiFinancial.
I was directed to call 1-800-525-2004 where a 'Lindsey' told me to simply email to:
with the VIN# and my mailing address
I emailed the info 9/26/2013 and received the lien release today 9/30/2013 via UPS express! GREAT RESPONSE!
Joe F on 10/15/2013:
I can confirm this from John. I just got off the phone and they gave me the exact information. Contact them or just follow the instructions John H provides above. Thanks Johh! Truly!
oscar on 10/17/2013:
this information was great I follow Jonh H instructions and that are sending my lien release also you can fax them your request 888-2495595
rae on 02/28/2014:
thanks to all of you attempting today to get lien release on truck. I will keep you posted. thx again phx,az. very informative.
Ethel Pope on 11/15/2014:
I payed my truck off years ago I need for Your company to take your lean Off of my truck please iam trying to sale my truck my address Is 49 king Detroit Michigan 48202
My phone number Is (313) 471-4814
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Transouth Lien Release
Posted by on
NORTH CAROLINA -- When I tried to get a lien release form from Transouth I got a run around but mine came from my state DMV. My Transouth office had closed down so I did what DMV said to do, I sent a letter to the address I was given. I waited 2 months like they told me but no lien release. Next I sent a registered letter, it was forwarded to a new location. I waited 2 more months, no lien release. Dmv - send another registered letter. I decided to investigate. I found a phone listing for Transouth in another county, I called. Citifinancial answered. They had bought out Transouth? I don't know but they did give me a customer service number. I kept calling and trying the different auto options until I spoke to someone, got another number and so on until I spoke to someone who took my info and promised my lien release would be here in 3 weeks. It was here in 5 days.

Dmv said they would not change the addresses that they had or even attach a note so customer would know to contact CitiFinancial. I hope this helps someone.
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dcleblan on 03/10/2008:
Let'see, I bought a 2001 Mustang GT, and Transouth Financed it, and everything was going well. About 3 years ago, when Hurrican Katrina blew through my state, making everyone leave, I and my family was in that as well. When we returned, I got a phone call from Transouth, aka Citi Financial, and told me that since I was in the path of the storm, I was defered for 2 months. 2 years went by, and here it is March 10, 2008 and they are teling me that I HAVE to pay over $2,000.00 for them 2 months. I mean come on! When I speak to them, they are rude, crude, and totaly unacceptable!! On Saturday morning, a black lady came to my house and took pictures of my car, house, and my husband's truck! I called the law and they told me that it was against the law for someone to do that. They can not set foot on your propoerty, and they can not take pictures of your personal belongings. if they do so, CALL THE LAW AND PRESS CHARGES!!! They are a no good company and they WILL COME AFTER YOU FOR "THEIR" mistakes!! I had to chage my number and talk to them on a pay phone. They call all hours of the night and all day. Please, DO NOT FINANCE ANYTHING THROUGH THESE SICK PEOPLE! They will screw you, like they have done so many others. And worst of all, they have "Out of the Country" people working for them. I can not understand what they are talkin about. I tell them, "Hello this is (
My name) and I want to speak to an AMERICAN that can spak ENGLISH!!" They get mad, but I love it.
Jackie on 09/30/2014:
Who took your info. to send you your Lien release in 5 days? I'm having same issue since 2000, no title.
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Transouth won't give me my title
Posted by on
ABERDEEN, NORTH CAROLINA -- I made my final payment to Transouth in February 2003. I have also made numerous attempts to obtain my title but I have not been successful yet. After being transferred from rep to rep and having made complaint after complaint, they starting reporting on my credit that a settlement was made. Therefore not only do I not have my title, I also now have a negative credit report from them.
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Noneill on 06/21/2007:
Have you sent a written request by certified mail? If you have done that the next step is to take them to court.
jktshff1 on 06/21/2007:
Unless you are not telling it all, you need a lawyer NOW!
Anonymous on 06/21/2007:
I had a similar experience once with Wells Fargo, at the end of my loan they told me they couldn't release my title, because my loan had been with another financial institute that WF had bought out and they needed to make sure that I had satisfied my debt in full first. That sounded fishy to me so after I waited for 3 months for them to resolve it, I finally just filed for a lost title through the state and discovered that WF had actually lost the original title and just didn't want to tell me!
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
Once a loan is paid off the financial institution has little incentive to quickly provide the title or paid off notice. There are some places that once the loan is paid off, they forget you ever existed.

I suggest that you contact a lawyer to file a suit to force them to produce the title and compensation for your 'suffering'. That usually brings swift results.
Hugh_Jorgen on 06/22/2007:
PB is right - send them a final demand letter and then be ready to sue them for the cost of getting a "bonded title" for your car. Most states allow this if the original is lost. Some folks will tell you having a conditional title like this will hurt your resale value, so you might want to consider hitting them for diminished value as well. Best of luck.
rhondam718732 on 06/22/2007:
Not adding up... a bank isn't going to indiscriminately decide to start negatively reporting on your credit that a settlemenmt was made when you ask for a title????? And aer you saying you have been waiting for 4+ years for this title?
Anonymous on 06/22/2007:
Good question rhondam, I didn't even catch that it was the year 2003 noted in the post.
poppapia on 06/22/2007:
I'm still confused on the settlement issue. Did you reach a settlement agreement with them on your debt, or was it a mistake on their part? If there is some sort of settlement, are you 100% positive the debt was paid in full, per the settlement agreement? If there is no settlement, then you will probably have to seek legal assistance in getting this resolved.
judith hunter on 07/07/2011:
I bought a car from someone who I have now learned has the title involved with this company. after 5 months now, I did my own research. the lady keeps telling me that my title has not come in her mail. so is this true that even if you pay off your vehichle they play games with the title return? what can a person do?
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