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Outrageously rude claims adjusters
By -

Stay away from Traveler's Auto Insurance. I had the worst claims adjuster ever. She was very aggressive, rude, and spent time berating me after my recorded interview concerning the accident. She announced that she was turning off the recorder, then proceeded to blast me! She was very condescending and preached to me about what I had to do to avoid the accident I had been in.

How can Travelers put this kind of person on the phone to settle claims? People are upset enough when they have an accident. They don't need claims adjusters verbally attacking them. I have been checking out complaints and reviews on them since my experience and see that I am not alone. I'll research better before choosing my next Insurance company out my next company.

Claim Handlers Need a Course In Customer Service and Tact
By -

I am insured by Travelers and was involved in a collision with another car, where the other driver received a ticket for improper use of lane. The police officer told me it was the other driver's fault, and that he had no business driving where he was driving. Of course, the other driver's company denied responsibility for the claim, so I asked Travelers to pursue it.

They refused, saying that I was at least 1% responsible for the accident. They would NOT listen at all to the facts, that the other driver should not have been driving where he was, insisting that I should have yielded to him. My explanation of the impossibility of yielding to someone who shouldn't have been there in the first place fell on deaf and patronizing ears, and the claims supervisor told me, "Ma'am, I am a licensed driver. Don't tell me how to drive." They had no interest in helping me at all.

However, the part that REALLY got me upset was when the claims supervisor told me, "You really would have been better off if your child had been injured." Excuse me?!?!?!?!? Yes! He suggested that I would have a better chance of getting my insurance company, who I have paid on time for years, to help me if my child had sustained an injury! What kind of person says such a thing? That is when I hung up. As soon as my car is repaired and the claim closed, I am terminating my policy with this company and advise all of you to think twice about dealing with a company with such values.

Travelers Insurance Company: A vicious, scandalous, agency of crooks
By -

I got into a wreck with one of Travelers' insurers. It was not my fault to start with, however, the adjuster wanted a tape recorded conversation, then wanted to visit my house. As if I were lying, even though the other party admitted to be at fault, I felt like the adjuster was interrogating me. Then, the adjuster offered pennies for my loss and they're concierge center gave the lowest estimate to fix my car. The estimate they gave would not be half way enough to fix my car. Dealing with this insurance company is a big headache. I feel sorry for anybody who has to deal with them. They will give you the run around and they care nothing for their insurers or the loss claimee's.

I think they should be outlawed. So, don't look forward to resolving any claims with Travelers unless you retain an attorney. These people are non caring and ruthless. I would recommend that consumers run far, far, away from this company because they do not have no one's best interest but theirs. I am completely dissatisfied with them and plan to contact The Federal Trade Commission and The Insurance Commission. This is the only way to resolve conflicts like this because these agents don't respond, so a Government official is likely to be able to put fire under their noses!!!!!!!!

Beware When Dealing With Traveler's
By -

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This is an updated in reference to my previous post about Traveler's Insurance. Traveler's gave us a very low ball figure to replace a classic car that was totaled by their insured. We were forced to file a claim with our insurance company. Within 4 days our insurance company came back with a fair offer for the car.

Unfortunately our insurance company will now have to sue Traveler's for the money as well as our deductible. They may or may not get the money back and we may be out our deductible if Traveler's refuses to pay. The insurance laws in Georgia seem to favor the Insurance companies NOT the INSURED. Traveler's has been awful to deal with from the beginning. I would have not problem if this accident had been our fault, but it was not and we may be out $1000 just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Loyalty Gets You Ripped Off
By -

MERRICK, NEW YORK -- I am a Travelers customer for over 20 years. I recently priced car insurance from 3 companies and found out I am overpaying as much as $2500 a year. Yes that amount is correct and I have had 0 accidents, and between my wife and I drive 12000 miles a year. That's nothing. The best part is that one of the companies I checked was Travelers themselves. I input my current coverage from them and got a quote of $878 for 6 months. That's $976 less than they charge me now. I called them and was told my policy started in 1985 was a different kind of account. Outrageous.

Auto Insurance Adjustment
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I just got insurance with Travelers Insurance Company. I was happy with the rate until I made a stupid mistake of calling them to see whether everything is okay with the papers. It took like an hour of interview with the customer representative and somehow she decided to put my old roommate (I even don't know his name correctly) under my insurance. We were just living in the same condo with separate rooms and bathrooms, and I even did not know that he got a learner's permit long time ago.

I was frustrated with her adding him under my insurance without my consent. I will hopefully be able to cancel the insurance and get my money back. It would be hard though. I can't believe that these people are still in business. No wonder they do not accept credit cards since they are doing dirty business! STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!

Unresolved claim
By -

CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND -- I have just had an experience with Travelers insurance that was not only frustrating but also profoundly unjust. One of their policyholders hit my brand new car when I was stopped. It was patently clear to the Travelers employee who came to look at the car that it was not my fault and yet I could not get Travelers to act on the claim. After driving around with a damaged new car for 2 and a half weeks with absolutely no cooperation from Travelers I had to go to my own insurance and pay the deductible. I am hoping that my insurance company manages to recover this money but given the Travelers uncooperativeness there's no guarantee that it will happen.

NOT the company to have if you have a DUI
By -

OHIO -- I had Travelers Insurance as my auto insurance coverage from about 2000 - 2007. Mostly, I was quite happy with the premiums. I never had any accident claims, so I cannot comment on the claims service. However, I received a policy renewal notice from them in August of 2007, as I did every August as my policy always expires at the beginning of September.

Well, they had found that I had a non-accident-causing DUI on my record from December of 2004. I feared that it might eventually show up (there is nothing else on my record), and that I would almost certainly pay a higher premium. I understood that. BUT, they rose me from a yearly premium of about $1600 for 3 OLD cars (a decent rate) to a yearly premium of over $10,600!!! ...A rate hike of over 800%!! I about fell over in my chair when I saw that, and then had it confirmed on the phone. Even the Travelers rep was surprised!

For all of you drivers with a blotch on your driving record, I was able to secure HIGH-RISK coverage from Progressive Insurance Co for LESS than my REGULAR, NO RISK rate with Travelers ($35 per month less!). THAT almost made me fall out of my chair too! :-)

The Quickest Handling of a Claim Ever
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

When I reported my accident, the rep. was extremely courteous and prompt. I reported on a Wednesday, took my car to the garage of my choice on Friday. They sent the estimate to Travelers the same day and Travelers called me back THE SAME DAY and told me to take my car in. And I took it on Monday morning and Travelers had already arranged for the rental car to pick me up, and I had my car back by Wednesday. So Travelers, and Enterprise, and the Chevrolet Center of Winter Haven, FL were all 3 incredible - all thanks to how ** handled my claim.

Denied Insurance Because Roommate Is Disabled and Has a License
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Rating: 1/51

HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA -- I have great credit, great driving record. All was going well and then they stated since my roommate who is disabled does not own a car but has a license has to be put on my insurance. I told them he had a heart attack and was on medication and would not be driving my car. However, they will not insure me unless a doctor gives them a note stating my roommate can drive. Got to love an insurance company that will not ensure you for having a disabled roommate. This tells me this company is a sunny day friend, and the first time something happens they will drop you. I will not be doing business with a company that denies coverage based on disablement.

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