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Efficiently, Professionally and Fairly Resolved Extensive Lightening Damage Claim.
Posted by Glenndibart on 12/24/2013
The claims representative of the company contacted me immediately and walked me efficiently through each step of the process. He did what he said he was going to and kept me informed throughout the process. Could not have had a better experience.
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Great Service From Travelers
Posted by Pminkin on 12/19/2013
LAWRENCE, KANSAS -- A huge tree limb fell on my house during a wind storm. It happened on a Friday and the tree service couldn't come until Monday. It took 2 trucks, 5/6 men about 6 hours to remove the limb. The Travelers agent, Bobby Taylor, was here the next day. He assessed the damage, worked on his computer and explained the process to me. He then wrote a check on the spot that I thought was a fair settlement. I was surprised and very satisfied.
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Travelers Is An Insurance Company That Values Its Policyholders
Posted by Netwritergran on 12/14/2013
P.O. B. 10891, CHANTILLY, 20153, VIRGINIA -- Initially when I filed my claim with Travelers there was a slight disconnect concerning which Claims Adjuster was assigned to my Claim. However, within a day or so it was resolved, and my Claim was assigned to a Claim Representative for the VA-DC Service Center Claim Services, whom after working with her as closely as I have, I believe that she is the best, effective most efficient, and detail oriented Claim Representatives in the VA-DC Service Center. Although, she stayed focused on the job at hand, she was extremely compassionate with respect to both my loss and the emotional trauma of my loss, as well as the impending ordeal that from her experience she felt as a single woman, 70 years old, living alone and suffering from PRM/RA that I might encounter. Although, her objective was to process my Claim with urgency, she was extremely patient with me. She kept me informed of everything step by step, and assured that I understood what each phase of the process was, and continued to make herself available either in person, by phone, or by Email to assure that any and every question that I posed was answered. But, I had to draw the line when she advised that she would be on vacation and offered to check her Email for any follow-ups I may have had. I insisted that she works hard enough on Travelers time, that I would not allow her to keep that option open to me in that short window that she had for herself to relax.

Subsequently, I unfortunately had a very unsettling experience and was outraged with the poor quality of service that I received from one of their vendors: EVANS Garment and Restoration Mid-Atlantic, who destroyed more than $8,000 worth of my property and marked many of them UNACCEPTABLE so I would have had to pass the loss on to Travelers to pay for garments that they damaged and/or destroyed in their MD Plant.

However, although it was outside of the scope to Travelers responsibility to my claim, with the support and guidance from her Manager, in an effort to resolve this arduous dispute, and make me whole, she set-up several meetings with the EVANS Garment and Restoration, VP, which ultimately proved in the end to be of no avail, and my Claim Representative's manager informed me that Travelers values its Policyholders and would make every effort to make me whole and offered and agreed to reimburse my loss, and pursue reimbursement from EVANS at their own expense, as well as use the detailed evidence and oversight that I provided to make the necessary internal recommendations within the Travelers chain-of-command to assure that henceforth Travelers Policyholders will not be subjected to the level of gross damage, negligence and mishandling of a claim by a vendor that I suffered from EVANS Garment and Restoration -- whom as an aside represents itself as an ISO 9001 certified company with superior quality management processes. Notwithstanding, none of which at any level of EVANS operations measured up to the performance or administrative management of what I later discovered are used and practiced by older more established, and family owned and operated garment restoration companies in the industry.
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Very Pleased With the Kind Consideration Involved With Claim
Posted by Msjsandora on 11/28/2013
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Danielle (who handled the claim) was extremely cordial, knowledgeable and able to answer my questions in great detail giving me comfort during a time a driver that had been found guilty on one DUI charge and had another case pending had collided with my car after speeding, driving recklessly and not yielding to my right-of-way.

Danielle, did a superb job holding up our end of the claim and quickly returning calls and emails.

Having an insurance company like this by my side and my wife's side, really makes the difference.

I work in the automotive field and will be the first to refer OR reinforce why anyone should continue to hold their policy with Travelers.

A very satisfied and confident customer.

Mike S.
Baltimore, MD
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Insurance Cancelled After Small Claim
Posted by Spogoloff on 11/09/2013
HARTFORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- For 10 years, our homeowners and landlord insurance were with Travelers. For the first time, we submitted one small claim for a stolen computer. Four months later, just a few weeks before the renewal date, we received a cancellation letter by snail mail--not even a phone call or email or advance notice. Even worse, the only reason they cancelled was because we didn't have our auto policy with them.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-11-12:
That's all it takes these days. Don't you know that you're "never" supposed to ask them to pay for anything that you are covered for? At least that's how they think.
Posted by Lori on 2013-12-10:
I have been with Travelers for three months, and it has been three months of hell. First of all, they sent me a device to install in my car so they can track my driving. I didn't ask for this and refused to install it. Then they lost my auto with draw authorization. I sent the auth in and two months later I was told my payment was denied by the bank...not true! They went to my rental unannounced and the tenant became frightened and turned the inspector away. I got a letter in the mail stating my insurance would be cancelled due to lack of access to the property...This was a HUGE mess. last but not least, I was told by Travelers that I had to replace my ENTIRE roof because a few shingles were lifting...This roof has 5 good years left on it. Their way of doing business is intrusive, stressful and non communicative. HORRIBLE!!!
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Not a Right Insurance to Get
Posted by Arvind_talwar on 10/27/2013
CANYON COUNTRY, CALIFORNIA -- I had to do my floors through Travelers. They sent me a check for the repairs but when I asked them to give me the accommodation for a week because the house is not in livable condition the supervisor did not contact me for 3 days and after that they denied. I do not think I should recommend anybody to get this insurance because when they asked me to sign up they gave me the most expensive deal and whenever the time came up to pay back these guys they ripped me off.
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Customer Service
Posted by Cranfieldm on 10/23/2013
Everyone I came in contact with was very kind, explaining everything completely, answered all my questions and did it all quickly to get me back in my car ASAP .
You must be very proud to have such quality people working for you.
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Car Accident Handled by This Company, Led by the Hand With Each and Every Step. Easy as One, Two, Three.
Posted by Bath4439 on 07/11/2013
WARWICK -- I had a minor fender bender, where I hit a car as we were stopped in traffic for a red light but all moving slowly coming to a stop. I was attempting to make a right hand turn into a side street and the car in front of me was blocking the intersection. I thought I had enough room and didn't. I damaged her rear passenger side bumper and my front drivers side bumper. No injuries, both cars drivable.
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Posted by Pat on 2013-09-26:
How much did your coverage increase?
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Wonderful Experience
Posted by Msmath7777 on 06/04/2013
My car had hail damage and Travelers is my insurance. They did a wonderful and expedient job
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The Best in the Business.
Posted by Alphasi on 05/17/2013
The very best in the Insurance business and great customer service.
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