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Caribbean Packages are NOT their specialty
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TEXAS -- Recently my significant other and I decided to take a week long vacation to the Caribbean. While reviewing many websites my better half opted to use Travelocity due to having good reviews in the past and feeling as if the company had a legit background. My personal preference was to use due to lower prices and better deals. None the less I let him book everything accordingly and we opted to go to the Dominican Republic, Dreams La Romana Resort and Spa in the city of Punta Cana. Upon completing the reservation I noticed that no shuttle services were provided or even offered via Travelocity so I made an attempt to call Travelocity and inquire about shuttle service.

Customer Service Rep 1 said "nothing we can do about it" and hung up
# 2 told me "just rent a car" my reply was what if I can't drive and they said to take a taxi.

It probably doesn't seem like a big deal to you but our hotel was over 2 hours away from the airport SDQ. and there was no way I was going to get slammed by outrageous fees of a taxi cab driver or mugged in route.

I personally wasn't comfortable driving or taking a taxi so I called back and Rep number 3 said "call the hotel and figure out their shuttle service"

Rep # 4 finally explained that Travelocity does not offer shuttle transportation at all for Caribbean vacations. So my thoughts why offer the roundtrip flight, all inclusive resort and no means to get there.

I called again and tried to speak with a supervisor, which honestly I think it was one customer service representative after another trying to play the roll of the "Boss" to avoid conflict. When I couldn't get a hold of a manager I was told they would either call me back or I could wait on hold for 2 hours.

When I finally connected with a "real" manager after explaining my dilemma for the 18th time he told me he wasn't the correct manager regarding my complaint. I am irritated by now.

Not only have I called the hotel in the Dominican republic to try to figure out a quality shuttle services they use I had also called Orbitz and to find out who their shuttle services were.

To make matters worse the shuttle per person was $215.00. Had I used Orbitz, kayak, or even the MOST I would have paid for shuttle was $60.00 per person. not to mention the other websites used airports closest to the city in which I was flying to. When I explained to Travelocity reps that the airport was over 2 hours away they said the resolution was to book me in a hotel closest to the airport which I didn't want to go to the Dominican republic for the airport I wanted a specific resort and to enjoy my vacation. In the end Travelocity is worthless, why that have Caribbean "packages" without offering shuttle services I find to be quite pointless. The $430.00 I spent on a shuttle was a huge burden as well. Not to mention the $200.00 voucher they provided for the resort was a huge scam. absolutely worthless. or other sites a $200.00 is good for anything generally and holds cash value these vouchers were only good for a % off. such a waste of money, waste of time talking to rude individuals and did I mention a huge waste of money. I will never use Travelocity in state or overseas again.

P. S it rained in the Dominican republic for an entire day and most sites give you a credit for a "day ruined" but not Travelocity
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clutzycook on 12/26/2012:
When the hubby and I went to Jamaica last year, we used Travelocity as well. We didn't have a shuttle service offered either, but I just googled shuttle services and found one on my own. I think to and from the airport for the both of us was roughly $50, so either you had a limo (even then I can't understand a $400 transport), the resort was a long way from the airport, or you got seriously ripped off.

As for the "day ruined" credit, I've never seen that with any vacation service. But Travelocity is basically just a facilitator. If you wanted the kind of service you were describing, you should have probably used a travel agent.
trmn8r on 12/26/2012:
Travelocity is bargain basement, and that is what you got. You can't assume something like airport transportation is included. As for a rainy day credit, I've never heard of that. It doesn't surprise me that Travelocity doesn't participate in them.
candacemd84 on 12/27/2012:
Trust me rainy day credits exist and you don't need a travel agent... As far as the shuttle goes I didn't have an issue paying for one within a reasonable price but Travelocity provided no shuttle assistance services etc unlike or
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Rip Off
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TABERNACLE, NEW JERSEY -- In April 2011 I booked 5 airline tickets through Travelocity. After a week I noticed an error I made in the reservation. I had purchased the insurance so I wasn't concerned and called them to advise my error. I 100% take responsibility for the error. I was told that I could receive a credit of $1937 for the tickets and that we had the credit for one year from the date of our "trip". I called in June 2011 to book flights to Atlanta. The total was only going to be $745. I was told that I would lose the rest of the money. I was told by that representative that I could roll the $180 per ticket into the cost of the ticket. I told the representative that I would hold on to the credit and use next April. In January 2012 I called to book flights for Florida in April 2012. The cost of the tickets were 189 + 180 equals $369 close enough to my credit. I was told by that representative that I could not roll the $180 into the ticket price. I explained everything I went through and he was unable to help me. I told him I would need to wait for my tax return to book the flights so I had the extra $900 in transfer fees. In February I called to book the flights again. I again told the representative my dates of travel. They were still quite lower than my original credit so I decided to wait until they were closer to my credit price so I didn't feel like I was giving them "free" money. This week I called to book the flights. The rep, after telling me I didn't have a credit, finally found it in the system. She then said that she was transferring me to USAir. I told her that I was told I needed to go through Travelocity. I was put on hold for 20 minutes and the call was disconnected. I looked up USAir's phone number and called. I was told by them that I needed to travel by March 30th, one year from booking, not traveling. I explained that I was told by three different reps that I had one year from the date of travel. He told me I was misinformed. I immediately called back to Travelocity and asked for a supervisor. I was on hold and disconnected 3 times. I decided to email. I received a standard email saying that someone would call me. In my email I told them that I needed an immediate response. No call as of yet. I tried again today to get through to a supervisor with no luck. Seems I always get disconnected when wanting to speak with a supervisor. I looked at my cancellation and it doesn't say anything about a date I needed to travel by. I would have used the credit already. What sane person wants to ignore $1937 and let it just go? Not me. I have contacted my attorney. He asked that I send him everything. In my email to Travelocity I asked to have copies of my conversations for proof. I hope they have them because if not I will sue them for my money. I WILL NEVER USE THIS SITE AGAIN. I posted on FB today telling everyone to stay away and I think I will sign up for a Twitter account and put it on there as well. I have never felt so betrayed.
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User Replies:
Alain on 03/10/2012:
While you might (not always) save some money with a third party contractor, if there is any sort of difficulty or change of plans you will probably run into problems. In many cases, such as your review demonstrates, poorly trained customer service people are not capable of assisting you. Thank you for warning your fellow consumers!
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Travelocity loses customer
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Rating: 1/51
ROGERS, ARKANSAS -- I would like to recount a recent experience I had using Travelocity's site and the follow-up conversations and email exchanges. I want to point out that I have used Travelocity's site before and it worked without any issues. This time though, after entering the search criteria, it returned dates that were not as I had entered (I know I should have verified and I do admit this, but when you have a site, you should ensure it is working properly). Like said, I should have caught this, but I was focused on the flights available and presumed the info was as I had entered. I proceeded with the purchase and afterwards realized the error. I decided to send an email to Travelocity to change the flight and since it was a time sensitive issue, I phoned them. I spoke with an agent. She explained Travelocity charges $180 to cancel. I explained I had just purchased the ticket and then she stated she was trying to explain that she was not going to charge for canceling the ticket because I was cancelling within 24 hours. I said OK, so you are going to cancel this flight, right? She stated yes. I inquired if she would assist me in getting another flight. Her response, you will need to do that yourself. I replied OK, just cancel the flight. She replied it's cancelled. I confirmed this with her, and went online and rebooked the flight. Then I receive an email replying to my earlier email stating I could in fact cancel without charge and I could have applied my first ticket toward the second ticket without waiting for a refund. I checked the next morning, and I still have two tickets. I called Travelocity and spoke with another agent. He stated that according to the first agent's records I had hung up before she could complete the cancellation. I informed him this was not the case and felt like I was being called a liar. He stated he would cancel the ticket and send me a confirmation. He did cancel and send the confirmation assuring me the ticket price and the travel insurance would be refunded. I have received the ticket refund, but not the travel insurance fee. I had previously sent an email to Travelocity stating the situation regarding the experience and they apologized for any inconvenience and offered a $25 discount on a future flight or purchase. If this is the best Travelocity can do for the a repeat customer, they will not have to worry about me using the discount. I will be sure to let everyone I know about how I was treated and advise them to use a different booking service. I might add that I am pretty sure due the to the accent that the first agent was not located in the U. S., probably India. Maybe Travelocity ought to bring their customer service back to the U.S. At this point it doesn't matter as I will be utilizing another booking service, but I thought I would let others know to beware.
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Complaint-Notification Procedures
Posted by on
Here's my statement I wrote to consumer.

In September, 2011 I booked a round trip to Las Vegas for myself and C******* through you (Travelocity), the trip included 2 round trips on American Airlines (AA), and 3 nights hotel at the Cosmopolitan. The outbound leg and the hotel stay were both fine and I have no complaints, it's the return flight that is the issue here.

On December 3rd I looked on AA's website just to make sure everything was good for our travel on the 12th, and I found a significant problem. It showed our return flight was on the same day as our inbound flight (both Dec 12th). I called AA to fix this and they did, by booking us on an earlier flight (1450, as opposed to 1745), on the original date (12/15) which I knew would be an issue, just wasn't sure how much of an issue. They could not issue seats due to the flight being fully booked and was told by AA to check in 4 hours early to see if any exit row seats were available (they only issue exit row seats at the airport 4 hours before flight time). I now was booked on the return flight, but with no guarantee as to seats being available for us. I asked who re booked us for the same day (Dec 12th) and they told me you (Travelocity) did. In addition to no seats being available for us, we needed more time in Las Vegas, which is why I originally booked the later flight, but AA had no more flights to ORD on 12/15.

I found out yesterday by speaking to AA that it was AA that canceled the original flight, which is why you re booked us. AA also said it's not their responsibility to inform us of a change when the flight was booked through and agent, it's the agent's responsibility, which leads me to my next problem.
I was not informed by anyone (AA or you) about this! That's why the outbound flight was changed to late. It was canceled in early October, and re booked by you at the same time, but nobody informed me. Had someone informed my about all this, other alternatives could have been made, but when we tried to rebook and another airline, yesterday (12/15, at 1400hrs) all were sold out, except on flight on Spirit Airlines flight 356 at 1845hrs. The cost of this re booked flight was $549.38, but was necessary for the 2 reasons I stated above, which was re booked, and paid for by us over the phone with Spirit Airlines, the receipt was faxed to you at 210-764-4772 this morning.

My basic issue with all this is that NOBODY informed my of this at the time the flight was canceled. Had I been informed in early October when it was canceled in sure there would have been many options for re booking, but when you rebook 4 hours prior to your flight time, the options are limited at best.

I called a representative of yours and was told an email was sent to me when the original flight was canceled An email? No phone call? No letter? Just an email? I didn'tt not recvieve your email probably due to it being sent to my junk folder, so your solution was just the email for contacting me? It went until December 3rd when I found out about all this, on my own, with your solution of just re booking our flight for return on the SAME DAY as our arrival, with zero confirmed notification.

I find that thoroughly unacceptable for you to just send an email with no confirmation that I actually received it. What should have happened was I should have been called my phone, or barring that, a letter to my mailing address. You have all my contact information.

I was told yesterday by your representative to write this statement and fax the receipt for the new flight on Spirit in order for you to look at the facts of this case and make a determination as to weather we should be reimbursed for your expense of the new flight. Based on the facts I've laid out for you here, I think this should be a case for reimbursement because you had ample opportunity to rectify this but didn't, other to rebook us for the same day as our arrival and sending an email that I didn't receive. This whole thing caused a ton of problems for us yesterday and none of this was our fault. I fault AA for canceling the original flight, and you for not contacting me properly.

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User Replies:
Alain on 12/21/2011:
An official complaint to and may be helpful here. While it won't solve your immediate problem, these complaints do add up and eventually the numbers compel some sort of action.
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Why should I continue to use Travelocity?
Posted by on
Travelocity has failed to provide service or satisfaction. My recent experience with them is described in the following e-mail correspondences between Travelocity and me.

My initial E-mail to Travelocity: 10/31/2009 12:14 PM
Why should I continue to use Travelocity?
I booked a round trip flight from Boston to Tel Aviv via Newark on Continental Airlines. A friend who is making the same trip booked directly through Continental and 'was told that the BOSTON/NEWARK flight that I had booked through Travelocity would not arrive in Newark in time to allow 2 hrs for the check-in on the NEWARK/TEL AVIV leg and Continental suggested that she change to an earlier and less expensive flight out of Boston. She informed me of these facts and I changed my BOSTON/NEWARK flight. The cost: $280 for the change. The new Continental BOSTON/NEWARK flight (which left Boston 2 hours earlier) was $20 less expensive but the Travelocity representative told me it would cost me $28 to receive the $20 voucher, which I obviously refused.
So, why didn't Travelocity advise me to take the earlier Continental Boston/Newark flight as Continental did for my friend? Why should I have to pay a $280 penalty for poor service by Travelocity? Why should I have to pay $28 to receive a $20 voucher? Why should I continue to use Travelocity when I would make out better dealing directly with the airline?
Respectfully, XXXXXXXX
Response: 10/31/2009
Thanks for contacting Travelocity, we appreciate the opportunity to serve your travel needs. Our goal is to respond to all e-mails within 12 hours, however sometimes a high volume of e-mails prevents this. We want you to receive the help you need in the timeframe you need it. Please note that you can view your current itinerary at any time by accessing the "My Travelocity" tab from our home page.
Also note that the following issues cannot be handled via email:
- Urgent requests (travel within 48 hours)
- Changes to your itinerary
- Trip cancellations
- Price quotes
For help with these issues, our Customer Care Center is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week at: In the USA: 1.888.872.8356 Outside the US: 1.210.521.5871
11/08/2009 04:06 PM Dear XXXXXXXX,
After reading your e-mail describing your disappointment in us, it's easy to understand why you would question our commitment to quality. It is clear we let you down in several ways and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience with reference to:
Trip ID: 592880766224; Destination: Tel Aviv, Israel; Travel Date: Wed, Jan 27, 2010
It is our policy to notify customers by e-mail or phone of any airline-driven schedule changes that may impact their itinerary. Since, we did not receive any notification from the airline with regards to the insufficient check-in time. Hence, we didn't notify you for the same issue.
We apologize if these penalties were unexpected, however this information was provided at the time of booking. Please understand these penalties are charged by the airline and are necessary in order to provide the guaranteed low rates we offer. Hence, being a travel agency, Travelocity has to abide by the rules and regulations of the airline. You were informed about the $29.95 FedEx delivery fee for the voucher of $20.00 as we do not pay for the FedEx delivery charges.
Travelocity Trip ID #: 592880766224; FTD Code #: F-B97F38; FTD Amount: $50.00; Expiration Date: 11/8/2010 12:00:00 AM
We appreciate your business and hope you will come back to Travelocity. To assist in your future travel plans, we are offering you a Future Trip Discount off the purchase of a TotalTrip package or GoodBuy Hotel stay on Travelocity, within 1 year of date of issue of the Code subject to the Terms and Conditions shown below.
• A Travelocity Future Trip Discount Code may only be applied to the purchase of a Travelocity TotalTrip or Good Buy Hotel offered by Travelocity during the validity period.
• Future Trip Discount Awards in the amount of $50 or more are subject to a minimum stay of two nights.
• FTD Codes are valid for a single use only; the customer may use the FTD Code only once.
• FTD Codes are not combinable, either with other FTD Codes or with other Travelocity promotional codes. Only one code may be applied to any given reservation.
• Travelocity is not responsible for lost or stolen FTD Codes. Lost codes will not be replaced.
• Travelocity prohibits posting the Travelocity FTD Code on the Internet or in any public forum, and/or forwarding the Travelocity FTD Code to any other person.
• The Future Trip Discount Codes may be applied to bookings made within 1 year of date of issue of the Code.
• To obtain the Future Trip Discount, please enter must enter the FTD Code in the Promotional Code, field when prompted on Or provide the FTD Code to the Travelocity Agent if booking on 1-888-TRAVELOCITY.
• In either case, the amount of the discount will be deducted from the final price of the trip.
We regard all customer feedback as a welcome opportunity to improve and are grateful you took the time to share the details of your recent experience with us. Although things didn't go very smoothly, the specific criticisms you provided will help us handle things a little bit better the next time.
Your understanding, patience and cooperation are much appreciated.

Sincerely, Robert T - Travelocity
11-12-09 10:00 am; Reference - Trip ID: 592880766224
Dear Robert,
With reference to your recent e-mail, it is small comfort that I am receiving a Future Trip Discount off the purchase of a TotalTrip package or GoodBuy Hotel stay on Travelocity in the amount of $50 in compensation for having lost $280 because of Travelocity's failure to initially notify me of insufficient time between flights from Boston to Tel Aviv. However, I do thank you for the consideration.
With regard to the $29.95 FedEx delivery fee for the voucher of $20.00, why couldn't Travelocity simply have mailed me the voucher via U.S. mail instead of by FedEx and avoided the $29.95 fee?
Sincerely, XXXXXXXX
Your reference number is: 091112-004053
Response: 11/12/2009 12:22 PM

Thank you for providing your feedback.
We firstly seek a sincere apology for all the inconveniences caused to you due to the issue detailed by you.
We understand your concerns regarding mailing your $20.00 voucher through US mail instead by Fedex. In this regards, please be advised that it is practically not possible to send one mail through a separate mail services.
We appreciate your understanding.
Sincerely, Steven T; Travelocity Customer Care
My questions: Why is it impossible for Travelocity to send a voucher through a separate mail services. I do it every day. Since I paid with a credit card, why couldn’t Travelocity apply a credit to my credit card account? Does anyone at Travelocity really care about providing service to their customers? Is it has possible to locate and correspond with anyone in authority at Travelocity? Telephone dealings are with people at a service Travelocity uses in India. That person has no authority to do much except make changes and read from a script.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 12/06/2009:
You should not.
stephenm on 12/06/2009:
Msybe some years ago there was a reason to use third party booking agents, I don't know, but now there is not.
You can get better deals with the airlines directly. Also if something goes wrong the airlines are more likely to try to help you if you have booked with them directly.
Third party booking agents do not want to deal with any changes or problems most times.
RestaurantGuy on 12/06/2009:
WHile I do not like 3rd party booking sites I am not sure this is the fault of Travelocity. When you booked online you chose your flight itenerary. You chose the flight that wouldn't get you there in time so the way I see things this would be your fault not theirs. Unless I am reading this wrong
Anonymous on 12/06/2009:
Travelocity is never a good idea. You subject yourself to both the airline and their policies.
BeNicerUllGetSomewhere on 12/08/2009:
Being a Travel Agent I can assure you that the safest form of mailing option is FedEx. Vouchers are considered by the airline as a form of money. If it is sent VIA us mail and lost there is no way to track it. I'm not sure what Travelocity's stance is on UPS but they may have a contract with FedEx hence not being able to send the packages any other way. You can always find out by submitting a complaint through BBB to see if that is accurate.
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Lousy customer service, arbitrary flight cancellation
Posted by on
SOUTHLAKE,, TEXAS -- Upon learning that Air Trans had adjusted my reservation so that my arrival time in Rochester, NY was moved from approximately 5pm to midnight I called the airlines to see if other arrangements could be made to accommodate an earlier arrival. I had a scheduled business event for that evening which could not be re-scheduled. It was either be there or there would be no event. Air Trans told me that since I made the reservation through a travel agent, Travelocity, I would have to work through the agency to change the reservation. I called Travelocity and was told that I needed to call the airline! Upon informing the Travelocity agent that I would not accept a run-around being bounced from the airline to the agency and back again she agreed to attempt to work with Air Trans to get the matter settled. With very little luck and a lot of telephone holds, nothing was accomplished and the conversation ended.

Today, Saturday, July 25, I called Travelocity again and this time inquired if the reservation could be changed to an earlier day so I could still make the business event. After several on holds and attempts to get some assistance I was told that the best that I could expect is that Air Trans would be willing to cancel the reservation and issue a refund. I VERY EXPLICITLY TOLD THE AGENT TO NOT CANCEL THE RESERVATION AND TO NOT HAVE A REFUND ISSUED. I asked if the cancellation had already taken effect and was told that it was not, that I had the option of either accepting the refund or the rescheduled flight itinerary. I informed the agent that no refund or cancellation should be issued and that I would call back. She agreed.
After about 90 minutes I felt uncomfortable about the situation and again called Travelocity. Without going into all of the details of the conversations I had with the agent and her supervisor I was told that the reservation had been canceled, a refund had been issued and that I had agreed to it. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! I was further informed that there was nothing that could be done about it. I requested to speak to the next line up supervisor and after being on hold for another long period I was told that "Nick" the next person on up the line was on a telephone call that would last two hours and could not be interrupted but that he would call me back. I asked for "Nick's" full name and a way to contact him directly only to be told that that would not be possible. I demanded to speak to someone with "Nick's" authority level and was put on hold. After another long period, I was told that "Nick" was not his real name but that he promised to call me back in 45 minutes. The only information I was given about "Nick" is that his employee ID is ASE. That conversation ended 30 minutes ago. I am expecting a call back from "Nick" in 15 minutes.

It is now an hour later and having not heard back from "Nick" I again called Travelocity and was told that it was impossible to transfer a call to "Nick".
I am now on hold after having been told I would be transferred to a supervisor. After being on hold for over 5 minutes I called again. I am now on hold again and it is 1 hour and 15 minutes since I was told that "Nick" would call me back.

I am still on hold and it has been over 7 minutes.

After 10 minutes on hold I was connected with someone named “Andrew”, employee ID: A6A who asked me to hold to see if he could find out if “Nick” was available to take my call.

It is very difficult to be able to speak to anyone with authority to correct any mistakes.

Well, I was once again told that I approved a cancellation and refund and nothing could be done. This is so wrong and so incorrect I am seething right now. Oh yes, I am on hold again.

By the way, I was told that "Nick" says nothing can be done. Not sure if "Nick" really exists but this runaround is really ridiculous. If Travelocity doesn't correct their error, I will have to reschedule my trip through another source and right now my cost would double. This is not right.

I now have been on hold for 45 minutes total. Andrew, #A6A informs me that he called Air Tran, spoke to Chris #260 who said that I would have to call Travelocity on Monday morning at 6am central time and request that Travelocity again call Air Tran and speak to Brenda who will be able to handle the matter. Since I know that this is another runaround, I did not accept that attempt to dump my call off and again demanded to speak to someone who could accept Travelocity responsibility for the mistake and secure me a reservation to Rochester, NY on the same days as my original reservation and at the same price. I insisted that Travelocity step up and admit the error.

I am on hold again awaiting someone named Rene # ARR who is going to help me. I am sure she will tell me the same things, so I will only speak to her if she assures me that she can solve the problem in my favor.

I have been on hold for 15 minutes for Rene to speak to me.

After 20 minutes I finally spoke to Rene who informed me that “nothing could be done”. A long conversation ensued and she finally told me she would transfer the call to the ubiquitous “Nick”. But before that she promised me that someone would call me on Monday to once again inform me that my reservation could not be reinstated.

I will be amazed if “Nick” ever comes on line and even more amazed if Travelocity ever rectifies the situation.

Well, believe it or not, “Nick” came on line!. He offered to find me the new lowest fair and confirmed that the new fare would double my original cost. He then said that he would listen to the tape of my conversation with the person who cancelled the reservation and determine who was correct. He indicated that if the tape showed that I did not cancel the reservation he would issue a new ticket at the original price. He has committed to calling me back within 48 hours. We’ll see.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 07/26/2009:
If they still refuse to fix this mess, this contact info may help you:
Anonymous on 07/26/2009:
I've worked for an airline and a travel agency. Here's the situation. Part of the agreement that travel agents have in order to issue tickets is to also handle schedule changes, flight cancellations, and ticket exchanges on the tickets they sell. They of course don't like doing this because the exchange fee and fare difference goes to the airline and they get nothing. That's why they refer you to the airline. They know the airline will refer you right back to them, but that agent at least got you off his/her line.

If the ticket is an electronnic ticket the airline can do the change even if a travel agent issued it. Again, they don't do it because of the agreement that states the travel agent agreed to handle the exchange. More than likely, the Travelocity agent reissued it so that they wouldn't have to deal with the situation anymore. Once refunded, it cannot be reinstated without a change fee and upgrade to the present fare. They knew that!
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No Refund Given Despite Purchasing Insurance
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I booked a one-way international ticket 5 months in advance. Since I was unsure whether or not I would be able to take that ticket, I purchased the insurance. Which advertised itself as being 100% refundable.

I could not take the flight I booked. I called Travelocity attempted to cancel the ticket for a refund, since I had purchased insurance, but was advised I could only cancel a ticket and get a refund if I was a) part of a military deployment or b) was sick and could provide a medical note. There was no way I could get around this restriction, and I advised them the way they advertised their insurance was deceptive. They said they would take my comments into consideration.

I then spoke with a supervisor. The supervisor advised me I could change the ticket to another flight with the exact departure location and exact arrival location as before. I did not plan on having another itinerary with the same in departure location and arrival location, so I declined that option. They did not advise me that I could change the flight to any other booking. I canceled the flight.

I called back in the next day, remembering about credit from the airline. They advised since the ticket was canceled only the airline, Singapore Airlines, could attempt to re-book / give credit for the ticket. I called Singapore Airlines. They found my ticket, it showed as being an open-ended ticket now. They said they could not alter the ticket, because it was booked by Travelocity. They advised me to call back into Travelocity and have them alter the itinerary.

I call Travelocity (third time), explain the situation to another supervisor. They say Singapore airlines' system must be mistaken, that the ticket is, in fact, canceled and there is nothing they can do. They advised me to double-check with Singapore airlines.

I call Singapore airlines (2nd time), they confirmed they still see my ticket, but that there is not an arrival or departure date. They advised me to have someone from Travelocity call in to Singapore airlines, with myself still on the line, and then have the ticket get re-booked.

I call Travelocity (fourth time), speak with another supervisor, this time I was on hold for an 1 hour. Supervisor never came on the line. The previous times I only had to wait 3 - 5 minutes. I heard someone click in a couple of times, but I was clearly being ignored.

Do not do business with Travelocity.
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User Replies:
ssjtoji839 on 12/06/2014:
Update: 12/05/2014 - Ultimately waited on hold for 1hour and 30minutes. The supervisor came online, she muted her phone, waited...I advised her that her phone was muted I that I knew I was not on hold anymore, then she hung up on me.

Again, please do not do business with Travelocity.
Peter on 12/06/2014:
The insurance is normally for exactly what they say, it is not that you can simply cancel if you change your mind. This is the same for almost all travel insurance plans.
ssjtoji839 on 12/11/2014:
I understand. My issue was being provided incorrect information about being able to change my flight to another flight. And then, after calling Singapore airlines and having another option to try, they kept me on hold for 1.5 hours and hung up on me.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Never use travelocity!

They are so bad I don't even want to talk about it! I have been planning my trip for a week, on the internet all day, trying to find the best price, room and flight. I finally got to the part where I can enter my credit card information and as soon as I clicked submit, two separate credit authorizations placed on my bank card before even booking my trip, before getting an itinerary number, and before even charging me the amount for the trip!

One authorization hold for $3,992. At 4:00a.m! Then another authorization hold, four Hours later for $3,992.! My trip was only supposed to cost $7,500. My trip never got booked, my trip never even got charged for the $7,500!

Travelocity representative, of course, tried to give me some reasoning for this; they never fixed the issue. Instead, they put another authorization hold on the account! They don't know how to fix the issue, they keep reading me a script over and over like a robot about "the authorization is a temporary hold that will be lifted in 3 business days". 3 Business days? I spent a week planning this trip; prices change everyday! Now Travelocity is telling me I have to wait 3 business days for the authorization hold to be lifted! I told them I want my same prices honored that I spent time picking out, they told me "without an itinerary number, the costs cannot be guaranteed", they told me "I should call my credit card company and have them increase my daily limit to $11,000 so I can still book the trip."

They wanted me to still book the trip with two credit card authorization hold on my card! Are you kidding? No! Not only will I not book the trip through Travelocity, I will block that website from my Internet browser so I never, ever have to see it pop up on my browsing session, ever again!

This was a 7 hour issue!!! It's 11:26a.m and now I'm on the phone with the credit authorization removal company so I can have my funds back!
never use travelocity!
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Travelocity Is Horrible!!! Unethical, Corrupt and Evil Treating of Its Customers
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Horrible!!! Warning stay clear of this site!!!! Never use their service. Unethical, corrupt and A SCAM!!! Totally disgusting and evil treating of its customers. This is the worst site ever. Will never use again I come from a large family and have informed all and friends and will continue to do so with everyone I come in contact with about this situation. I have never given any site a review but the despicable service I received from this company from the first agent to the manager on to Corporate Office. I booked a vacation package as they call it with the flight, car rental and selected the insurance because my mother was ill in the hospital and a chance that I wouldn't make it in time. I saved a screen shot of the final Thank you for booking with Travelocity which showed the total amount, and printed my itinerary which showed the same total amount. I received an email which showed the same total amount. Three different items showing the same amount which as I calculated before hitting the final purchase button was the cost for the flight, rental car and insurance seems like it makes sense. Wrong!!! My mother past before my travel arrangements so I called to cancel and guess what Travelocity informed me I didn't purchase the insurance. Hmmm the agent said well the total cost adds up to it but we only show we charged you for just the flight and rental not the insurance. I spoke with several people and they said things like maybe you selected the insurance then deselected before you clicked to make the final purchase or clicked on and off the insurance several times to create the error of showing my total price equals $49.00 more than the flight and rental car. Then I was informed later by corporate that the insurance was not selected and also informing me I encountered some errors which is why the total purchased showed $49.00 more than it should. Of course informing me again that I wasn't charged. Really Travelocity, well the charges didn't show up on my account until the day my mother past which was 3 days later. I even mentioned to the Corporate person well if I would have booked this package and the total amount would have showed what it should have been of course sending up a red flag. I would have called to inquire stating I selected the insurance but it didn't process could I add now. Well she informed me in that case I still would not have the insurance. Hmmm With all the emotions I am going through at this time in grieving then to deal with a so called merchant that doesn't want to own up to their system error was too much to bear of course I lost it. WHAT A SCAM!!! Steer clear, totally unscrupulous and dishonorable, and DOESN'T DESERVE YOUR MONEY.
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Paul on 02/22/2014:
Did anything that you printed show that you purchased insurance?
Travelocity Executive Resolutions on 02/24/2014:
We apologize for any inconveniences you have experienced with your reservation. We invite you to contact our Executive Resolutions Department to further discuss your reservation. Please provide us with your Travelocity Trip ID or Itinerary Number.

Executive Resolution Coordinator

Travelocity - Executive Offices
11603 Crosswinds Way, Suite 125
San Antonio, TX 78233
ph. 570-706-2528 |fax. 210-247-9489
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Never Use Travelocity - Poor Service Booking Hotels
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November 9 was our anniversary, we booked a trip to Vegas to enjoy the weekend. I got on Travelocity (first time using it) and found what I thought was a great hotel in Vegas. "The Palace Station" Ratings had the hotel at 4 out of 5 stars. The day comes and we take off for the road trip to Vegas. When we get there we check into the hotel. First thing the guy behind the counter says is do you want to upgrade your room for 50.00 more a night? I was like no thank you my room will be fine( remembering what the pictures looked like on Travelocity. He looks at me and with an attitude he said OK suite yourself. Tosses the keys on the counter and walks away. Well I wasn't going to let a pencil neck moron like that ruin my trip, so we walk towards the rooms to see them. Walked through the casino which smelled like a pissed on ashtray. We get to the hallway that leads to the rooms and I noticed that it's the back alley of the hotel. We walked past the loading docks and the dumpsters to a hallway where it smelled like a portapotty was tipped over. We get to the room and open the door and there are 2 full beds squeezed into a room that's about 10ft long by 8 ft wide. RIDICULOUS! By then I was pissed! I headed for the front counter and told the lady there I was not happy at all with the room they had given me and its not what I paid for. She replied with OK I have another room for you. It's 3 doors down from the one you have now. I FELT LIKE I WAS GOING TO EXPLODE!

Went to check the next room, even worse. I walked back to the counter again and told them that I was not staying in that room and that I would call Travelocity to help me make this right and the manager replied with OK. I'll check you out right now and I need you to leave. My Vegas trip was ruined thanks to Travelocity and The Palace Station Hotel! Bottom lines learned was to always use Expedia!
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The_pc_guy on 11/20/2013:
To make matters worse, I called Travelocity and was on hold for 8 1/2 hours. Just to hear them say sorry nothing we can do. It will take 7-10 days for a refund. Here it is November 20, still waiting for a refund. Travelocity is a joke!
Weedwhacked on 11/20/2013:
The same thing would have happened with Expedia. They would have booked the hotel you wanted and that would have been it. The only difference is that your reservation would have Expedia's name on it instead of Travelocity. Your request of "making it right" won't be taken care of if it costs the agency any money to change anything.
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