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Worst Customer Service Ever!!!
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Rating: 1/51

WEB, CALIFORNIA -- I unfortunately had to cancel a hotel and airline reservation due to an unexpected medical emergency. I had called to get a refund since this was a medical emergency. Bottom line, Travelocity has not refunded my hotel expense. After speaking with both the hotel and Travelocity to verify and confirm the process that I'd have to go through to receive the refund, I ensured that every step was followed. Each time I had called Travelocity, a different representative would give me a different answer in terms of the status of my refund, and made me go through different processes to obtain my refund than originally explained. Basically, they were stonewalling me.

I have spent over 7 hours on the phone (not exaggerating one bit) with Travelocity, going back and forth between, "Wait a couple days for the refund," to "We do not handle the refunds, the hotel does," to "You need to talk with our finance dept." (who transferred me right back to the original person...)

After being disconnected twice when trying to reach a supervisor (each attempt a 1/2 hour long), the third representative finally told me that they could not patch me through with the supervisor because he suddenly became unavailable. With the fourth call, after finally reaching a supervisor (after waiting another 40 minutes), he was suddenly not able to hear me even though I was able to hear him loud and clear. This was on a land line, not a mobile phone, mind you. He had threatened to hang up if I didn't respond after 10 seconds. I somehow managed to get his attention after demanding that he call me back after leaving my number.

The supervisor was even worse than the CS reps. He had me repeat the entire story again (for the 7th time), even though all of this has been documented in their systems. He then had me on hold for a 1/2 an hour just to tell me that Travelocity cannot refund the hotel expense until the hotel itself issues the refund. This is NOT true. This is also contrary to what a previous representative had told me (that my refund should post in a couple of days - another stonewalling attempt). The hotel does not charge Travelocity the cost of the hotel stay since it was cancelled. The hotel payment was prepaid to Travelocity.

The only charge that the hotel issues is a penalty fee to Travelocity if the reservation is cancelled late. I have called the hotel multiple times, and have been told that this fee has been waived. Travelocity would not even see a charge in their systems because of this. This leaves Travelocity to issue my refund for the unused hotel stay that I paid directly to them! This has been going on for almost two weeks. No refund is on the horizon since Travelocity refuses to pay up and blames the hotel.

My word of advice to all hotels (Venetian, Las Vegas, in my case) - DO NOT PAIR UP WITH TRAVELOCITY FOR ANY VACATION PACKAGES. I will be filing a claim with my credit card company and a complaint to the BBB. I have dealt with many travel sites before, and Travelocity is the only one I would NEVER use again. I am sorry for the rambling since it is very difficult and time-consuming to put eloquently put together the chain of events that occurred. I think you'd understand if you also just got off of a 2 1/2 hour call, speaking to a person that was following a script to stonewall you, and with a terrible understanding of the English language.

Caribbean Packages Are NOT Their Specialty
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- Recently, my significant other and I decided to take a week-long vacation to the Caribbean. While reviewing many websites, my better half opted to use Travelocity due to having good reviews in the past and feeling as if the company had a legit background. My personal preference was to use due to lower prices and better deals. Nonetheless, I let him book everything accordingly and we opted to go to the Dominican Republic, Dreams La Romana Resort and Spa in the city of Punta Cana.

Upon completing the reservation, I noticed that no shuttle services were provided or even offered via Travelocity so I made an attempt to call Travelocity and inquire about shuttle service. Customer service rep 1 said, "Nothing we can do about it," and hung up. # 2 told me, "Just rent a car." My reply was, "What if I can't drive?" and they said to take a taxi. It probably doesn't seem like a big deal to you but our hotel was over 2 hours away from the airport SDQ and there was no way I was going to get slammed by outrageous fees of a taxi cab driver or mugged in route.

I personally wasn't comfortable driving or taking a taxi so I called back and rep number 3 said, "Call the hotel and figure out their shuttle service." Rep #4 finally explained that Travelocity does not offer shuttle transportation at all for Caribbean vacations. So my thoughts, why offer the round trip flight, all inclusive resort and no means to get there? I called again and tried to speak with a supervisor, which honestly I think it was one customer service representative after another trying to play the role of the "boss" to avoid conflict. When I couldn't get a hold of a manager, I was told they would either call me back or I could wait on hold for 2 hours.

When I finally connected with a "real" manager after explaining my dilemma for the 18th time, he told me he wasn't the correct manager regarding my complaint. I am irritated by now. Not only have I called the hotel in the Dominican Republic to try to figure out a quality shuttle services they use, I had also called Orbitz and to find out who their shuttle services were. To make matters worse, the shuttle per person was $215.00. Had I used Orbitz, Kayak, or even, the MOST I would have paid for shuttle was $60.00 per person. Not to mention the other websites used airports closest to the city in which I was flying to.

When I explained to Travelocity reps that the airport was over 2 hours away, they said the resolution was to book me in a hotel closest to the airport which I didn't want to go to the Dominican Republic for the airport. I wanted a specific resort and to enjoy my vacation. In the end, Travelocity is worthless. Why that have Caribbean "packages" without offering shuttle services, I find to be quite pointless. The $430.00 I spent on a shuttle was a huge burden as well. Not to mention the $200.00 voucher they provided for the resort was a huge scam. Absolutely worthless. or other sites a $200.00 is good for anything generally and holds cash value. These vouchers were only good for a % off. Such a waste of money, waste of time talking to rude individuals and did I mention a huge waste of money? I will never use Travelocity in state or overseas again. P.S. It rained in the Dominican Republic for an entire day and most sites give you a credit for a "day ruined" but not Travelocity.

Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

TABERNACLE, NEW JERSEY -- In April 2011, I booked 5 airline tickets through Travelocity. After a week, I noticed an error I made in the reservation. I had purchased the insurance so I wasn't concerned and called them to advise my error. I 100% take responsibility for the error. I was told that I could receive a credit of $1,937 for the tickets and that we had the credit for one year from the date of our "trip." I called in June 2011 to book flights to Atlanta. The total was only going to be $745. I was told that I would lose the rest of the money.

I was told by that representative that I could roll the $180 per ticket into the cost of the ticket. I told the representative that I would hold on to the credit and use next April. In January 2012, I called to book flights for Florida in April 2012. The cost of the tickets were 189 + 180 equals $369 close enough to my credit. I was told by that representative that I could not roll the $180 into the ticket price. I explained everything I went through and he was unable to help me. I told him I would need to wait for my tax return to book the flights so I had the extra $900 in transfer fees.

In February I called to book the flights again. I again told the representative my dates of travel. They were still quite lower than my original credit so I decided to wait until they were closer to my credit price so I didn't feel like I was giving them "free" money. This week I called to book the flights. The rep, after telling me I didn't have a credit, finally found it in the system. She then said that she was transferring me to US Air. I told her that I was told I needed to go through Travelocity. I was put on hold for 20 minutes and the call was disconnected.

I looked up US Air's phone number and called. I was told by them that I needed to travel by March 30th, one year from booking, not traveling. I explained that I was told by three different reps that I had one year from the date of travel. He told me I was misinformed. I immediately called back to Travelocity and asked for a supervisor. I was on hold and disconnected 3 times. I decided to email. I received a standard email saying that someone would call me. In my email I told them that I needed an immediate response. No call as of yet.

I tried again today to get through to a supervisor with no luck. Seems I always get disconnected when wanting to speak with a supervisor. I looked at my cancellation and it doesn't say anything about a date I needed to travel by. I would have used the credit already. What sane person wants to ignore $1,937 and let it just go? Not me. I have contacted my attorney. He asked that I send him everything. In my email to Travelocity, I asked to have copies of my conversations for proof. I hope they have them because if not, I will sue them for my money.

I WILL NEVER USE THIS SITE AGAIN. I posted on FB today telling everyone to stay away and I think I will sign up for a Twitter account and put it on there as well. I have never felt so betrayed.

Travelocity Loses Customer
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Rating: 1/51

ROGERS, ARKANSAS -- I would like to recount a recent experience I had using Travelocity's site and the follow-up conversations and email exchanges. I want to point out that I have used Travelocity's site before and it worked without any issues. This time though, after entering the search criteria, it returned dates that were not as I had entered (I know I should have verified and I do admit this, but when you have a site, you should ensure it is working properly). Like said, I should have caught this, but I was focused on the flights available and presumed the info was as I had entered. I proceeded with the purchase and afterwards realized the error.

I decided to send an email to Travelocity to change the flight and since it was a time-sensitive issue, I phoned them. I spoke with an agent. She explained Travelocity charges $180 to cancel. I explained I had just purchased the ticket and then she stated she was trying to explain that she was not going to charge for canceling the ticket because I was cancelling within 24 hours. I said, "OK, so you are going to cancel this flight, right?" She stated yes. I inquired if she would assist me in getting another flight. Her response - "You will need to do that yourself." I replied, "OK, just cancel the flight." She replied it's cancelled.

I confirmed this with her, and went online and re-booked the flight. Then I receive an email replying to my earlier email stating I could in fact cancel without charge and I could have applied my first ticket toward the second ticket without waiting for a refund. I checked the next morning, and I still have two tickets. I called Travelocity and spoke with another agent. He stated that according to the first agent's records, I had hung up before she could complete the cancellation. I informed him this was not the case and felt like I was being called a liar. He stated he would cancel the ticket and send me a confirmation.

He did cancel and send the confirmation assuring me the ticket price and the travel insurance would be refunded. I have received the ticket refund, but not the travel insurance fee. I had previously sent an email to Travelocity stating the situation regarding the experience and they apologized for any inconvenience and offered a $25 discount on a future flight or purchase. If this is the best Travelocity can do for the a repeat customer, they will not have to worry about me using the discount. I will be sure to let everyone I know about how I was treated and advise them to use a different booking service.

I might add that I am pretty sure due the to the accent that the first agent was not located in the US, probably India. Maybe Travelocity ought to bring their customer service back to the US. At this point it doesn't matter as I will be utilizing another booking service, but I thought I would let others know to beware.

Worst Service Ever!
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In May I booked a flight and from May to August my flight changed 5 times. Since it was with Midwest/Frontier, I can expect some changes such as a flight number during their merge. One night I receive an email saying my flight changed AGAIN. And instead of leaving for home at night, it was now at 11 in the morning. Over a 6 hour difference in a flight change is insane so I called Travelocity to see if they could get me on a later flight. After being "disconnected" and being on hold for over 2 hours, I was told that there was only 1 flight leaving out for the entire day and I was already on it. Nothing they could do.

I asked if I could cancel and was put on hold yet again. I was told I had a week to decide if I wanted to cancel or to see if the airline had a later flight out in a week. I called back the next day and told them I wanted to cancel. I was then told I can't cancel. I have to take the first leg of my flight first and then cancel it to get my money refunded. I thought that sounded a little weird so I asked for documentation in their notes. The man assured me it was in there and there was nothing to worry about. A week later I got a call from Travelocity that my flight changed yet again.

When I called back I told him I already knew it changed and I was going to cancel it and I asked for an email so I could have it in writing from them saying I had to cancel after I took the first leg of my flight and could cancel with no fees. The representative flat out refused to send me an email saying he can't do that. I got to a supervisor who also said they can't send a email like that and then informed me if I take the first leg of my flight, I can't cancel because I already took half the flight I booked. At that point I was P.O.ed. I told him it was in the notes and he agreed it was.

I asked again for an email confirmation and his response was he can't. So send a letter. Can't do that either. The reason? "They don't have any stationary or letterheads so they can't mail me anything". After all the hassle and changing stories, I cancelled my entire flight with them. Supposedly I'm getting a refund in "6-8 weeks". I was also told that I wasn't "abiding by their policies" when I asked for a email and asked why they couldn't do that for me. I was also charged for flight insurance that I never wanted and called immediately to get that portion cancelled.

I never saw the refund so when I called about it, they said I can't get my money back for that because you have to do it in 24 hours. If they would communicate there, they would've seen I called back minutes after booking. They just never ran the refund. They did refund that portion of what I paid after first saying it was my fault. I would never recommend Travelocity to anyone, ever.

Very Important Info for Occasional Travelers
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Very important info for Occasional Travelers (How not to get Gnomed by Travelocity and Screwed by United Airlines). Preface: The whole family was very excited to go see Grandma and Grandpa over Spring Break. My parents spend the cold Wisconsin winter months down in Gulf Shores, Alabama and Grandma was super excited to have us come down and visit. We purchased tickets, partly with credit card miles/partly with cash in January for the trip in late March.

A red flag went up when Travelocity called a month later - flight times had been changed and they would have to change our flights. After a long time talking to customer service, our original flights were still on but we were left with a feeling - did we really have flights?

On Friday, March 26th we drove to Oregon to catch our 11:40a plane. We arrived early, went through security, got our boarding passes issued, then found that our flight was delayed - they were "€œmissing a part"€. The guy at the gate said we should still make our connection in Chicago (there were 14 of us catching that flight from Chicago to Washington Dulles). We waited.

The flight was delayed again. We probably weren't going to make our connection. The flight was delayed until 1:15p, the same time our flight left Chicago. The desk agent told us there were no other flights, everything was booked up solid for spring break. The best he could do was Monday, from Oregon or Chicago.

I called Travelocity, there were no flights available according to "Brian"€. The next available flight was Sunday, there were no other options. We were stuck, no other options. "Would you like to cancel your reservation, you will get a full refund"€, said €œ"Brian"€. What else am I going to do? I canceled the reservation. No trip, no vacation, no Grandma. She was devastated. The family regrouped at my wife's sister's house a half hour away. We decided to look at any other options and went back to Travelocity's website. There WERE flights available, a whole screen full of them!

Rule #1. Don't believe the Gate Agent when he says there are no other flights available -€“ THEY LIE! I should have known when he causally looked down at the screen, like he looking down at a monitoring screen from the "œMatrix", and said there are no other options.

Rule #2. Don't believe the Tavelocity Agent when they say there are no other flights available -€“ THEY LIE! How can Travelocity customer service not have access to the same technology that I have on my home computer? I spent over two hours combined on the phone with those clowns, and it took me 5 minutes to look up what flights were available.

Rule #3. Do NOT cancel your reservation until all other options have been exhausted. Call the airline directly, look for flights on travel websites, call other airlines. Once you cancel your tickets, Travelocity and the airline will not help you anymore, even if it is their fault. Once you cancel your reservation, they hang you out to dry. You're done. Of course Travelocity will sell you a new ticket that YOU just found, but at a super inflated price/triple the points.

Oh, and by the way, you won't get your money/points back for 1-2 credit card billing cycles, even if you want to buy another flight. Truthfully, I think they really don't want to accommodate you on other flights that ARE available, because then they can sell that expensive ticket to some other sucker that needs it at the last moment. Travelocity and United Airlines LIED to me. Don't let them ruin your vacation.

Lousy Customer Service, Arbitrary Flight Cancellation
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SOUTHLAKE,, TEXAS -- Upon learning that Air Trans had adjusted my reservation so that my arrival time in Rochester, NY was moved from approximately 5 pm to midnight, I called the airlines to see if other arrangements could be made to accommodate an earlier arrival. I had a scheduled business event for that evening which could not be rescheduled. It was either be there or there would be no event. Air Trans told me that since I made the reservation through a travel agent, Travelocity, I would have to work through the agency to change the reservation.

I called Travelocity and was told that I needed to call the airline! Upon informing the Travelocity agent that I would not accept a runaround being bounced from the airline to the agency and back again, she agreed to attempt to work with Air Trans to get the matter settled. With very little luck and a lot of telephone holds, nothing was accomplished and the conversation ended.

Today, Saturday, July 25, I called Travelocity again and this time inquired if the reservation could be changed to an earlier day so I could still make the business event. After several on holds and attempts to get some assistance, I was told that the best that I could expect is that Air Trans would be willing to cancel the reservation and issue a refund. I VERY EXPLICITLY TOLD THE AGENT TO NOT CANCEL THE RESERVATION AND TO NOT HAVE A REFUND ISSUED.

I asked if the cancellation had already taken effect and was told that it was not, that I had the option of either accepting the refund or the rescheduled flight itinerary. I informed the agent that no refund or cancellation should be issued and that I would call back. She agreed. After about 90 minutes, I felt uncomfortable about the situation and again called Travelocity. Without going into all of the details of the conversations I had with the agent and her supervisor, I was told that the reservation had been canceled, a refund had been issued and that I had agreed to it. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

I was further informed that there was nothing that could be done about it. I requested to speak to the next line up supervisor and after being on hold for another long period, I was told that **, the next person on up the line, was on a telephone call that would last two hours and could not be interrupted but that he would call me back. I asked for **'s full name and a way to contact him directly only to be told that that would not be possible. I demanded to speak to someone with **'s authority level and was put on hold. After another long period, I was told that ** was not his real name but that he promised to call me back in 45 minutes.

The only information I was given about ** is that his employee ID is **. That conversation ended 30 minutes ago. I am expecting a call back from ** in 15 minutes. It is now an hour later and having not heard back from **, I again called Travelocity and was told that it was impossible to transfer a call to **. I am now on hold after having been told I would be transferred to a supervisor. After being on hold for over 5 minutes, I called again. I am now on hold again and it is 1 hour and 15 minutes since I was told that ** would call me back. I am still on hold and it has been over 7 minutes.

After 10 minutes on hold, I was connected with someone named **, employee ID: ** who asked me to hold to see if he could find out if ** was available to take my call. It is very difficult to be able to speak to anyone with authority to correct any mistakes. Well, I was once again told that I approved a cancellation and refund and nothing could be done. This is so wrong and so incorrect, I am seething right now. Oh yes, I am on hold again.

By the way, I was told that ** says nothing can be done. Not sure if ** really exists but this runaround is really ridiculous. If Travelocity doesn't correct their error, I will have to reschedule my trip through another source and right now my cost would double. This is not right. I now have been on hold for 45 minutes total. **, #** informs me that he called Air Trans, spoke to ** #** who said that I would have to call Travelocity on Monday morning at 6 am Central Time and request that Travelocity again call Air Trans and speak to ** who will be able to handle the matter.

Since I know that this is another runaround, I did not accept that attempt to dump my call off and again demanded to speak to someone who could accept Travelocity responsibility for the mistake and secure me a reservation to Rochester, NY on the same days as my original reservation and at the same price. I insisted that Travelocity step up and admit the error. I am on hold again awaiting someone named ** #** who is going to help me. I am sure she will tell me the same things, so I will only speak to her if she assures me that she can solve the problem in my favor. I have been on hold for 15 minutes for ** to speak to me.

After 20 minutes, I finally spoke to ** who informed me that “nothing could be done.” A long conversation ensued and she finally told me she would transfer the call to the ubiquitous **. But before that, she promised me that someone would call me on Monday to once again inform me that my reservation could not be reinstated. I will be amazed if ** ever comes on line and even more amazed if Travelocity ever rectifies the situation.

Well, believe it or not, ** came on line! He offered to find me the new lowest fare and confirmed that the new fare would double my original cost. He then said that he would listen to the tape of my conversation with the person who cancelled the reservation and determine who was correct. He indicated that if the tape showed that I did not cancel the reservation, he would issue a new ticket at the original price. He has committed to calling me back within 48 hours. We'll see.

Change Fees / Penalties / Poor Client Retention
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- From now on, I stick to Expedia. Never book through Travelocity again. Today I have cancelled my flight/hotel package with Travelocity dated August 26 - September 19 after speaking with ** (**) because I needed to make changes to the dates of my reservation. It was my error to book the vacation the wrong week, the total price was $688.00. Instead of August 16 through 22, my reservation is supposed to be for July 29 through August 15, 2009. I called in to get assistance with this correction and spent a little over an hour on the phone trying to get this accomplished.

Astonished at the change fees, the first representative confirmed that it would cost me over $500 to change the dates. (Just to change the dates) I quickly became irate and asked for a supervisor. After holding for 20 minutes, my options were to pay over $500 to change the dates keeping the same hotel, or to cancel completely and go back to the website and re-book with the correct dates. However, cancelling everything would not be that much of a difference either. I will only be getting a refund of $455.65.

After advising ** that I understand there is somewhat of a penalty involved due to my error, paying $233 to go right back on to your website and re-book the exact same trip plus the difference because your rates now increased. Seems just ridiculous. I am not expecting a free change at all, but I am expecting courtesy and understanding due to this simple mistake. My initial package was $688.00 but the exact same package now will cost me $897.00, and in addition to that I have to pay $233.00 to change this? I have to pay for the $233 airline cancellation fee PLUS the difference in the new pricing?

This makes no sense! I expect to pay a penalty, but not the entire portion of the flights that I will be re-booking for earlier dates. Is this the way you treat new customers? With the economy issues in place, is this the way that you expect to lead amongst competitors and encourage shoppers to travel? Not to mention that after the cancellation took place, ** advises me that it will take up to 30 days for a refund. I must have yelled above my lungs. I was livid at that moment. I had just spent over an hour arguing about going back onto your website to re-book and now I can't even do that until my credit posts on my statement.

I cannot have open credit over a certain limit on that card. Everything has just been such an inconvenience, I cannot believe that I have to experience this just due to a simple mistake of choosing the wrong week on your calendar icon! It is absurd! I will be writing a formal complaint to the corporate address ** has given me: 11603 Crosswinds Way Suite 125 San Antonio, TX 78233. I am requesting to have ** manager, ** or ** contact me at **. I will like to get in touch with a corporate officer in your Texas office immediately. There is no excuse for treating a client this way. This is definitely not the proper procedure to keep a customer's business.

Travelocity would rather charge $233, than have a client happily re-book a vacation for $897.00. This is not the way to do business, and your corporate office must acknowledge this feedback. I would also like to advise you that I have contacted Continental Airlines and British Airlines personally. They have informed me that they cannot refund me this $233.00 fee because this is not "their" fee. They cannot reimbursement even If I re-booked the flights with them directly and only re-booked the hotel portion with Travelocity. They would not discuss the $233.00 fee with me and referred me back to Travelocity. Both airlines did the gave the same response.

The best they could do was offer reduced pricing for the flights. They informed me that this is a Travelocity charge, and ** did not explain this to me. If you monitor the phone calls for training purposes, I dialed 888-709-5983 at approximately 1:13 PM eastern standard time. I encourage management to listen to my entire call, poor consumer relations. The way my call was handled was absolutely disappointing. For any comments, questions, and/or concerns I urge that I be reached at anytime **. I am looking forward to speaking with management or corporate as soon as possible. Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

False Itinerary, Missed Flights, and Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

I DO NOT recommend using Travelocity at all. Other agencies (such as Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, direct bookings, etc.) have never given me any trouble, but with Travelocity I have had the worst experience ever! I will not be booking with them ever again.

I booked a one-way flight home from LAX to SFO via Virgin America. I received confirmation from Travelocity for my flight/itinerary and had the information posted on my account page on their website. On the day of my departure, I arrive at LAX an hour before my flight (I had 1 bag to check in and the last flight out for the evening). I go to check in at the counter only to find that Travelocity never sent any information to the airline regarding my flight.

The ticketing agent calls Travelocity to try to get the issue cleared up so I can make my flight. The Travelocity agent confirms my itinerary to the airline, but also recognizes that there were "technical errors" in sending my information to the airline. Instead of fixing this issue, the Travelocity agent offers to refund me my ticket, but makes no offer to fix my flight situation.

I asked the Travelocity agent what I was supposed to do with no flight. The airline agent then notifies her (Travelocity agent) that it is still possible to make my originally scheduled flight, and so the Travelocity agent then offers to rebook a flight, but demands I pay a new rate for the ticket, which is twice the original ticket price!

Of course I protested to the additional costs, since Travelocity is responsible for the error in my reservations. Long story short, I was placed on hold A LOT and had to demand to speak to her supervisor before she offered to try to fix the issue with no additional fees, too late to make my scheduled flight.

And another 2 hours, 2 airlines, 3 airline agents, Travelocity agent, demand to speak to the supervisor, additional airline fees, extreme emotional distress and frustration, additional expenses incurred due to my late arrival at my destination, and vow to never book with Travelocity again was I able to catch a late flight to my destination. The Travelocity agent did not care at all about any inconveniences that this situation caused due to their error. I was extremely ticked off by that the most.

I did not even request any inconvenience compensation or anything. All I was asking for was to be placed on a flight to get me to my destination somewhat around the time I was supposed to be there! That isn't asking for anything outside of what I should expect in a regular transaction. But I guess it's asking too much for Travelocity...

By the way, the Virgin America airline staff at LAX was EXTREMELY helpful and caring in this situation, especially the agent I originally tried checking in with. Not only did she try talking to Travelocity to figure out what was wrong, she also escorted me through the whole process, including dealing with 2 other airlines up to 2 terminals away (American and United, also both nice), to ensure that I got on a flight to my destination at a reasonable time. Without her help and the help of the other airline agents, I wouldn't have been able to reach my destination.

Worst Possible Customer Service
By -

Since I sent the following information, I have made an additional 6 telephone calls additional emails. I was unconditionally promised a call back no later than 4 days ago and have still heard nothing. Customer Support refers me to Consumer Relations. Consumer Relations refers me to Customer Support.

Here is the original written complaint to Travelocity which any idiot should be able to understand: I have spent several hours writing emails and talking with at least four different Travelocity Customer Support representatives trying to resolve an outstanding issue. I've explained this from the beginning several times and I'll try to be patient and explain it again, this time in writing per the suggestion of your representative.

On the 11th of August I attempted to book two trips online. The first was no problem. I then tried to book a second trip online but kept getting an error message when selecting the return flight. Subsequently I telephoned Travelocity to book this trip by phone. I was advised, by the representative who supposedly booked the flights, that I would receive a confirmation email shortly. I did receive an email confirmation for the first trip. However, I did not receive a confirmation for the flights booked by telephone.

The following day I sent an email to Customer Care. I received a reply not relative to the inquiry. I sent a reply email clarifying my original question but received no response. I telephoned Customer Care and was asked for the Travelocity Trip ID. I did my best to explain that I did not have a trip ID number because I never received a confirmation which was the problem I was calling about. The representative suggested I wait a little longer for the confirmation. It never came.

I then went back online and successfully booked the trip. I then immediately emailed Customer Care stating the problem (still no confirmation from the telephone booking), subsequent action (new booking), advised that no charges had yet been posted to my credit card for the “missing” booking and requested that no charges be incurred. I received a “boiler-plate” response that did not address the issues.

I telephoned Customer Care once again, now concerned that a $36 charge had been posted to my credit card for the telephone booking and additionally concerned that I would be charged twice for the flight. I was advised “not to worry” that a credit would be forthcoming for the service charge and that I would not be charged for duplicate flights.

Today, when checking my credit card account, I see that I was charged for the duplicate flight. Not having the “necessary” Travelocity Trip ID to be able to discuss this with Customer Care, I called the airlines who provided me with the airline reference code for the trip for which I never received a confirmation. I again called Customer Care and after a good 45 minutes on the phone the representative finally grasped the problem and was able to find the unconfirmed trip after taking my credit card number and the airline reference code. He advised me that the duplicate trip was now cancelled but that I would have to contact Consumer Relations regarding credits.

I trust that I have provided enough detailed information for someone to piece this together and to credit back the charges relative to the unconfirmed flights. Just to be clear, I have two outstanding bookings in “My Stuff”. These are fine just the way they are. My credit card has been billed by Travelocity and by the respective airlines. I do not wish to change anything in regard to these bookings. It is the “phantom” telephone booking, for which I still have not received a confirmation or booking number, that needs to be cancelled and credited. I can be reached via email or telephone should any addition information be required.

This all occurred weeks ago and although I have been billed by my credit card company, I have never received anything in writing from Travelocity regarding the booking, the cancellation, or a refund of the charges despite many calls & emails.

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