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False Itinerary, Missed Flights, and Worst Customer Service Ever
By -

I DO NOT recommend using Travelocity at all. Other agencies (such as Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, direct bookings, etc.) have never given me any trouble, but with Travelocity I have had the worst experience ever! I will not be booking with them ever again.

I booked a one-way flight home from LAX to SFO via Virgin America. I received confirmation from Travelocity for my flight/itinerary and had the information posted on my account page on their website. On the day of my departure, I arrive at LAX an hour before my flight (I had 1 bag to check in and the last flight out for the evening). I go to check in at the counter only to find that Travelocity never sent any information to the airline regarding my flight.

The ticketing agent calls Travelocity to try to get the issue cleared up so I can make my flight. The Travelocity agent confirms my itinerary to the airline, but also recognizes that there were "technical errors" in sending my information to the airline. Instead of fixing this issue, the Travelocity agent offers to refund me my ticket, but makes no offer to fix my flight situation.

I asked the Travelocity agent what I was supposed to do with no flight. The airline agent then notifies her (Travelocity agent) that it is still possible to make my originally scheduled flight, and so the Travelocity agent then offers to rebook a flight, but demands I pay a new rate for the ticket, which is twice the original ticket price!

Of course I protested to the additional costs, since Travelocity is responsible for the error in my reservations. Long story short, I was placed on hold A LOT and had to demand to speak to her supervisor before she offered to try to fix the issue with no additional fees, too late to make my scheduled flight.

And another 2 hours, 2 airlines, 3 airline agents, Travelocity agent, demand to speak to the supervisor, additional airline fees, extreme emotional distress and frustration, additional expenses incurred due to my late arrival at my destination, and vow to never book with Travelocity again was I able to catch a late flight to my destination. The Travelocity agent did not care at all about any inconveniences that this situation caused due to their error. I was extremely ticked off by that the most.

I did not even request any inconvenience compensation or anything. All I was asking for was to be placed on a flight to get me to my destination somewhat around the time I was supposed to be there! That isn't asking for anything outside of what I should expect in a regular transaction. But I guess it's asking too much for Travelocity...

By the way, the Virgin America airline staff at LAX was EXTREMELY helpful and caring in this situation, especially the agent I originally tried checking in with. Not only did she try talking to Travelocity to figure out what was wrong, she also escorted me through the whole process, including dealing with 2 other airlines up to 2 terminals away (American and United, also both nice), to ensure that I got on a flight to my destination at a reasonable time. Without her help and the help of the other airline agents, I wouldn't have been able to reach my destination.

Worst Possible Customer Service
By -

Since I sent the following information, I have made an additional 6 telephone calls additional emails. I was unconditionally promised a call back no later than 4 days ago and have still heard nothing. Customer Support refers me to Consumer Relations. Consumer Relations refers me to Customer Support.

Here is the original written complaint to Travelocity which any idiot should be able to understand: I have spent several hours writing emails and talking with at least four different Travelocity Customer Support representatives trying to resolve an outstanding issue. I've explained this from the beginning several times and I'll try to be patient and explain it again, this time in writing per the suggestion of your representative.

On the 11th of August I attempted to book two trips online. The first was no problem. I then tried to book a second trip online but kept getting an error message when selecting the return flight. Subsequently I telephoned Travelocity to book this trip by phone. I was advised, by the representative who supposedly booked the flights, that I would receive a confirmation email shortly. I did receive an email confirmation for the first trip. However, I did not receive a confirmation for the flights booked by telephone.

The following day I sent an email to Customer Care. I received a reply not relative to the inquiry. I sent a reply email clarifying my original question but received no response. I telephoned Customer Care and was asked for the Travelocity Trip ID. I did my best to explain that I did not have a trip ID number because I never received a confirmation which was the problem I was calling about. The representative suggested I wait a little longer for the confirmation. It never came.

I then went back online and successfully booked the trip. I then immediately emailed Customer Care stating the problem (still no confirmation from the telephone booking), subsequent action (new booking), advised that no charges had yet been posted to my credit card for the “missing” booking and requested that no charges be incurred. I received a “boiler-plate” response that did not address the issues.

I telephoned Customer Care once again, now concerned that a $36 charge had been posted to my credit card for the telephone booking and additionally concerned that I would be charged twice for the flight. I was advised “not to worry” that a credit would be forthcoming for the service charge and that I would not be charged for duplicate flights.

Today, when checking my credit card account, I see that I was charged for the duplicate flight. Not having the “necessary” Travelocity Trip ID to be able to discuss this with Customer Care, I called the airlines who provided me with the airline reference code for the trip for which I never received a confirmation. I again called Customer Care and after a good 45 minutes on the phone the representative finally grasped the problem and was able to find the unconfirmed trip after taking my credit card number and the airline reference code. He advised me that the duplicate trip was now cancelled but that I would have to contact Consumer Relations regarding credits.

I trust that I have provided enough detailed information for someone to piece this together and to credit back the charges relative to the unconfirmed flights. Just to be clear, I have two outstanding bookings in “My Stuff”. These are fine just the way they are. My credit card has been billed by Travelocity and by the respective airlines. I do not wish to change anything in regard to these bookings. It is the “phantom” telephone booking, for which I still have not received a confirmation or booking number, that needs to be cancelled and credited. I can be reached via email or telephone should any addition information be required.

This all occurred weeks ago and although I have been billed by my credit card company, I have never received anything in writing from Travelocity regarding the booking, the cancellation, or a refund of the charges despite many calls & emails.

Pathetic Service
By -

It's nice to see that they made the effort to contact my bank to validate my details. However, as my mobile phone refused to ring and kept diverting my bank to my voicemail, there was no way to contact me and therefore validate the transaction. So, they sent me an email telling me the trip was cancelled and the money refunded. When I called to find out how long it would take for the money to be refunded, that's when the holes came out faster than Swiss cheese.

First, the recorded message during the on-hold music suggested that the funds after cancellations get refunded "within 2 billing cycles". I'm guessing that means 60 days, which is ridiculous to begin with. Secondly, after getting hold of an operator, with a thick Indian accent no less, I am put through to a division called the "Revenue Protection" department who would then go on to explain why the trip was cancelled, as I explained above.

I was also told by this department (over a very bad Voice-Over-IP line it seemed) that it would take 30 days for the refund. When asked if there was a way to stop the refund and just reinstate the trip and this time the bank would be able to get through to my mobile phone, I was told that the only way was to rebook it online. I asked if the refund could be expedited as the trip was planned for one and a half weeks from now. The straight answer was no.

So I called my bank to find out what could be done since the funds were indeed already drawn from my account. I was told about how the merchant could (at their discretion) fax a company letterhead with the card number, amount and approval code and request it be cancelled, which would then take effect within 20 minutes of receiving the fax. I called Travelocity back and this time got through to another fellow with a similar accent who went by the name "Ben".

After explaining to Ben what my bank told me, he then called the bank to confirm and obtain the fax number (since I did not have it). He seemed very helpful at the time and promised to send the fax within 20 minutes as well. Well, that promise fell through. After checking with my bank some 2 hours later, still nothing was received by their administration.

So, after spending almost another hour with another operator by the name of "Patrick", he then insisted that there was no need to send the fax as the refund had already been processed. He was unwilling to understand that the cancellation by way of fax would nullify everything and I tried to explain it in as plain simple English as possible.

Then he told me it would take no more than 48 hours to receive the funds back in my card. Let's see if that happens... I'll keep you posted. However, I did question him on that based on the recorded message saying it was 30 days, "Revenue Protection" telling me it was 30 days and yet he was suggesting 48 hours! He insisted that's what he had in his notes but when I asked him if he knows this for a fact based on his own experience or that of others, he persisted with the validity of his notes.

I asked him if he could provide me with an exact timeframe and guarantee it and he put me on hold as he checked with his supervisor. He got back to me and told me he would put me through to another department who could give me that information. Guess who that department was? Yes, "Revenue Protection" who once again had a really bad VoIP line and once again told me 30 days. When I asked them why their customer service operator would suggest 48 hours, they said that they are only aware of it being 30 days.

I've given up. I'm taking my money elsewhere and I'm going to book my return flights to Tokyo directly with a Northwest office here in Beijing where it seems to be 30% cheaper as well (hindsight is 20/20, right?). One thing is for sure though, if I do not see this refund within the 60 days as suggested, the first thing I'll be doing is requesting my bank to do a chargeback and leave it to Travelocity to suffer the consequences. Nobody walks away with US $1624.22 from my pocket! For those of you who have been cheated and already said that you have lost money to these guys, haven't you been able to have your bank perform a chargeback?

Overcharged and Outsourcing Customer Service
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Here is the letter I wrote to Travelocity which sums it up. Last night I booked a flight for my 2-year old son and myself to Europe. I agreed to $1790.35 plus Travelocity's delivery fee of $19.95. I printed the page to confirm this. I got an email about 10 minutes later stating my credit card had been charged $1,949.35. I immediately called customer service who couldn't explain what had happened. The first agent I spoke with said maybe the flight had gone up or maybe Travelocity didn't offer a child's fare even if the airline did.

I stated a child's fare was printed on the page I was looking at on the Travelocity site so that didn't make sense and I re-entered the exact flight search that I was having problems with and got a quote of $1790.35 so the flight hadn't gone up in the hour since I had booked mine. For some reason the agent was unable to see this. I offered to fax the page to her which she didn't think was necessary.

I asked to speak with a supervisor and spoke with Sam in Bombay who got on the phone and to my dismay asked if I would be calling about this problem if the price had gone down, which is of no relevance to the situation. Appalled I requested to speak to a supervisor in the United States.

I was told no one could be located and to try back in the morning. I was told I would have to go through the 1-888 line and ask for a supervisor in India who was the only one who could connect me with a supervisor in the United States. I was offered a full refund by the first agent I spoke to but that was not the solution I was after.

After purchasing my ticket and my son's, I booked my husband's on the same outgoing flight so cancelling the ticket is not an acceptable solution. I spend thousands of dollars on the internet every year and I have never agreed to a price and been billed a higher one later without my permission.

This morning I called the 1-888 number and asked for a supervisor. I was put on hold and there I remained for an hour before I hung up. The agent never returned to the call. I tried again around lunch and was again put on hold for 20 minutes before I hung up. I am furious and would like a call from a U.S. Travelocity supervisor. My cell number is ** and the trip ID is **.

I would like to see Travelocity rectify this situation by honoring the agreed to purchase price of $1790.35. I also realize there is an additional $12 per ticket fee which I don't have a problem with. The response to my email was an email saying sorry the fights have gone up and the higher price stands. So I went back to the website and they are still offering the lower fare! I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will post the outcome.

Frightening Travel Experience
By -

EL PASO, TEXAS -- I purchased 2 airline tickets from Travelocity through their online service on September 25th. These were round trip tickets departing from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (El Paso, Texas border) to Mexico City on December 23 and returning on December 27th. Both tickets were charged to my Chase Visa credit card and paid in advance. Travelocity provided me with multiple online confirmation emails as well as a Travelocity trip ID. The most recent confirmation email was sent by Travelocity and received on December 22.

On December 23, upon arriving at Juarez International Airport, I was informed by the check-in agent that without a paper ticket I would not be able to board the plane. According to the agent, the ticket did not show up as paid on his system and neither my confirmation number nor the online reservation printout would be sufficient. The agent informed me that the ticket showed as "not paid" on his system and that I needed to go to the Azteca Airlines ticketing office in the airport "to try to solve the problem".

Upon arriving at the ticketing office, the ticketing agent once again reiterated what the check in agent had informed me, that I would not be able to travel unless I paid for the tickets again. The agent called Azteca Airline's customer service line to reconfirm the information she had on her system and subsequently informed me that what she had on her system was accurate. She then informed me that I could use one of their phones to call Travelocity which I immediately agreed to. The agent called another airline employee to lead me to another office to use the telephone. I tried Travelocity's customer service number multiple times to no avail.

No Travelocity agent ever answered. The airline employee informed me, in the meantime, that if I "did not pay for the ticket at that moment I would not be able to board the plane and also that all remaining flights were booked", which meant I would not be able to take my trip. He then left my wife and I where we were. We had to find our way back to the ticketing office. Once back at the ticketing office, the agent asked if we were going to pay for the ticket or miss the flight leaving me certainly no other choice but to hand my credit card again. The total charge was 7,574.30 pesos, which is roughly 700 dollars.

I was given a receipt and then informed that I needed to rush otherwise I was going to miss the flight. My wife and I were forced to run up the escalators and then ask the security check point officers if we could cut to the front of the line, which was very long. We just made it into the plane. Once I arrived in Mexico City, I contacted Travelocity to inform of the situation as well as seek for reimbursement for my ticket. The first agent I spoke deeply regretted the situation and informed that I would receive reimbursement. However, he informed me he needed to speak to his supervisor first. I was left on hold for 35 minutes and then the call "somehow" got disconnected.

The entire call lasted 1:11 minutes. I called back immediately and was on hold for 12 minutes before an agent answered. After explaining again what had occurred, to my surprise, I was informed by the agent that "2 paper tickets" had been delivered to my home through FedEx and that those tickets should have been used to check in. Additionally, I was informed that a "C. Savino" had signed for the package. No "C. Savino" lives in my residence. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and requested that it be quick as I was calling long distance.

I was left on hold for 27 minutes before an extremely rude and difficult to understand supervisor came on the line simply to inform that no refund would be issue as I should have had the tickets in my possession for check in purposes. I tried to explain the situation again but again, I was abruptly interrupted and informed that no refund would be issued. The call was ended. The second call lasted 52 minutes. Both calls totaled 2:03 minutes and cost $61.50. I have purchased tickets as well as a vacation with Travelocity multiple times over the course of the last year and a half.

I am absolutely disappointed and traumatized by the horrifying travel and customer service experience. The credit card used to make the repeated purchase was the card I had brought to pay for the travel expenses thus greatly limiting my ability to use it for trip expenses. In addition, the poor customer service treatment received by Azteca Airlines employees on such difficult and psychologically straining situation was absolutely unacceptable. I vouch not to ever use Travelocity or Azteca Airlines again and hope both companies re-evaluate the communication between themselves as well as the handling of such situations.

Travelocity's Customer Service Department is unprepared to handle urgent customer service situations. I hope no other passenger goes through such ordeal. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as the U.S. Department of Transportation. In addition, I will be contacting the Attorney General. My consumer rights must be respected.

Poor Service
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

Booked and flight and car with Travelocity. Plans changed and did not need the car. Tried to call and go online to delete the car. No luck - call wait time said 10 to 20 minutes, never answered after 40 minutes. Website was no better to cancel the car. Call and went to Enterprise and they removed the reservation but could not give a cancellation number since Travelocity booked it. Returned from trip and still trying to get Travelocity to refund the money to my credit card. All I get is delays. Never will use them again.

Travelocity Booking for Rental Cars Is Horrible
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Rating: 1/51

Made a reservation on Travelocity website for a car but had to cancel it. I called Travelocity Customer Service only to find out that they had computer problems for a whole day. I then went to their website to cancel the reservation but the website said I needed to contact Customer Service. I have been getting this run around for 2 days. I then contacted Customer Service again, this time their computers were working but the representative said she still couldn't cancel it and I had to contact the car rental service directly. I will never use Travelocity again.

Worst Company in the World
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

Travelocity screwed up my travel plans to the point where I had to cancel my entire trip. They also kept me on the phone for an hour, and never acknowledged their mistakes. I would NEVER deal with this outfit again.

Unannounced Fees Appearing on Credit Card.
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I booked a ticket with Travelocity. When my credit card appeared I had an extra unauthorized fee listed. When I called they told me that the airline set the fee. I have two tickets with airline... one with Travelocity and one with Priceline. It was ONLY Travelocity who charged me. So not only did they add and unauthorized fee to my credit card, they lied about where the fee came from. Never again will I order from this company.

No Refund Policy
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Rating: 1/51

NOT SURE, TEXAS -- No refund policy is unethical and was never mentioned at time of booked. Also overcharged and in wrong currency.

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