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Customer Service
By -

I called the customer service on June 04, 2010 to get some information and the possibilities of changing only my return flight to Canada (originally bought in April 2010). I was told that I would have to pay the extra $4000 difference to change only the date of my return flight. On Saturday June 05, after contacting a couple of times to customer service I was told that there would be a fine and a differential fee of $900 for change of date.

The quality of voice was poor and I had to disconnect in order to redial the number. Keep in mind that every time I called the customer service, I was on hold for 10-15 minutes repeating the whole information until I got connected to the reissuing department. After disconnection, I was successful to talk to a person in reissuing department but I was told that there is absolutely no right to change the dates of my ticket. Keep that in mind that 2 people suggested that I could change the date of my return flight before.

At this point, I asked to talk to the manager. After being on hold for almost 1/2 hour and insisting on being on hold instead of disconnecting and being contacted later, I was able to talk to the supervisor of reissuing department and he was trying to explain to me the policy again. He contacted to the airline and again after being on hold for 1/2 hour he mentioned the current price of ticket (approximately 3500) and suggested the payment of fine and the differential fee ( $1500-1700).

As I mentioned, customer service's lack of information, misleading the customer, trying to cover up of employees' misbehavior and misleading by supervisor and keeping the customer online for a long time all bothered me and made me frustrated and disappointed with Travelocity online service. I strongly believe that customers don't deserve such a long waiting time and misleading information provided by customer service.

My Birthday Ski Trip
By -

Today is my birthday and I booked my BD ski trip to Utah a while ago via Travelocity. I overslept this morning and arrived at airport for my American flight 40 min. before the departure, but American would not let me check into my flights. They would not let me standby for next available flight because I BOOKED FLIGHT VIA TRAVELOCITY. I was asked to call Travelocity to get help, but when I called them, a customer help agent was not able to help me because American Air would not allow me to standby on any of sold out flights. I was told that either I pay $1500 for a brand new tickets or lose everything.

I could not afford to pay $1500 for new tickets, so my birthday trip and $1600 I paid in advance was gone. I called American Air and hotel directly to see if I can get any credit for future trip, but they told me there is nothing they can do because I MADE A RESERVATION WITH TRAVELOCITY. You can imagine how I feel right now on my birthday sitting in my house not being able to go on my birthday ski trip and lost $1600 just because I missed check-in time by 30 seconds. Absolutely, nobody was willing to help in any way.

I have been using Travelocity for all my vacation booking for many years. I know I don't save much by booking through TRAVELOCITY. I will get similar price by booking hotel and flight directly with airline company and hotels, but I was using Travelocity for a bit of convenience.

Today, I realized what a huge risk I was taking by using Travelocity. I lost everything on my trip because I booked through TRAVELOCITY. I know they warn us in fine print etc. and I am sure they are not liable for any part of my loss today, but this situation does not seem fair. They basically kept $1600 of my money for nothing because I missed my flight by 30 seconds. I just wanted to warn everybody should know what you are risking by using Travelocity.

Triple Billed for My Flight.
By -

NOTE: I am on the phone for the third time while I write this. I got so tired of waiting on customer service who constantly put me on hold, I decided to register on this site and fill out this review. I just got hung up on after being on the phone for almost an hour.

Booked some tickets for Ireland. The first time I put the flight through the system it bounced back and said that my bank had a limit so that it couldn't charge me for the flights. Unbeknownst to me, it would charge me for the 79.20 in travel insurance but not my flight. I guess they thought I wanted travel insurance for a flight that wasn't booked. So, I try again with another card and then it says that the flight is not available but to try again. I do and the final time I get a confirmation.

The next day when I look at my statements. I have been charged for travel insurance on the first card once. Travel insurance on the second card TWICE, and charged for the flight TWICE on the second card. No big deal, but customer service was not helpful at all. The first guy simply said that it was not their problem and that I would need to call the airline. So, I called Air France and they said that they had numerous problems with Travelocity and that I had to call back and demand to speak to a supervisor.

Which I did, the second guy was more helpful, but still nothing happened. He at least took my information. I waited a couple of days to see if the charges would disappear, but they did not...How this story ends doesn't even really matter does it? It's a matter of dealing with a company that is incompetent and lazy. Hopefully, I don't get double charged for this flight. I would simply warn others to not bother using this company. The customer service is absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous. Never use this company. At this point, I am just calling my credit card and telling them to block charges.

TRAVELOCITY Price Guarantee is a joke!
By -

I booked a roundtrip air and hotel package for my daughter on January 21, 2010 at a price of $1420.77. On February 16, 2010 I returned to the Travelocity website to check recent prices and found that the identical trip was now selling for only $1308.73. I figured this was a slam-dunk case for their "Price Guarantee"€, but to my surprise it wasn'€™t!

It seems that in the fine print they have numerous dates that your trip must fit within, so be forewarned to read ALL their fine print prior to feeling warm and fuzzy about the trip you just booked. Below you will find a Copy/Paste of their infamous "Price Guarantee"€ take directly from their website on (Feb. 21, 2010). The date this is being posted:


  1. The Travelocity Price and Service Guarantee ("Price and Service Guarantee") is available to travelers who have booked travel on ("Travelocity") on or after August 25, 2006.

  2. For a prepaid "Good Buy" Hotel (excluding Top Secret Hotels) and Vacation Packages (such as Flight + Hotel, excluding Last Minute Packages) if you find a Qualifying Lower Rate until the day before check in, we will provide you with the following per booking: For bookings made by March 22, 2010 with departure date by April 30, 2010: One $50 Promo Code for a future "Good Buy" Hotel or Flight + Hotel vacation package (excluding Last Minute Packages) booking on Travelocity and a refund of the difference between the price you paid through Travelocity and the Qualifying Lower Rate up to $500 per booking.

  3. For Flights, Top Secret Hotels, non-prepaid Hotels, Cars, Cruises, Last Minute Packages, and Activities, if you find a Qualifying Lower Rate within twenty-four (24) hours of your booking, we will provide you with the following per booking: one $50 Promo Code for a future "Good Buy" Hotel or Flight + Hotel vacation package (excluding Last Minute Packages) booking on Travelocity and a refund of the difference between the price you paid through Travelocity and the Qualifying Lower Rate.

  4. Customers must opt-in to receive e-mails from Travelocity in order to take advantage of select promotional offers. A Qualifying Lower Rate is a lower rate found on Travelocity or another U. S.-based Web site that satisfies the requirements of these Terms and Conditions, as determined by Travelocity in its sole discretion.

Please refer to item #2 in the "Price Guarantee"€. My daughter'€™s trip has a scheduled departure date of June 5, 2010 so I realized that I wasn'€™t deserving of the $50 Promo Code. The next bullet though, which clearly has no date stipulations, states that I should receive the difference between the price I paid and the lower rate. Judge for yourself, but I feel that I was misled and done an injustice. Next time I choose to travel it will not be through!

Cancelled my flight
By -

BOMBAY -- On Feb 14, Yahoo! Travel, which is backed by Travelocity, sent me an e-mail to inform me that one airline had changed departure time, so I would have to call to re-book my connecting flight. I called. I was patched through to India, and "Shaun," as he so winningly called himself, proceeded to cancel my international flight. I now have TWO internal domestic flights one hour apart, but no international leg! I have the connecting flights on the other side, again domestic within that country, but, again, NO FLIGHT BETWEEN THE COUNTRIES!

The Indian so-called "customer service reps" say they cannot do anything, that I will have to wait 24-48 hours, that I will have to be patient, that someone is working on the problem. The fact is that Travelocity's India-based customer service strategy is to make you wait on hold for hours, then do absolutely nothing. I would love to be a fly on the wall at their call center because I am CERTAIN that not one representative has a computer that does anything with reservations, so they just sit there and tell people "So sorry for the inconvenience, you will have to be patient, wait 24-48 hours, we will call you back."

IT DID NOT TAKE 24-48 HOURS TO CANCEL MY FLIGHT. Travelocity's moron customer representative accomplished that while I waited! An absolute shambles of a company with everything outsourced, scraping the bottom of the barrel for "representatives," happy to take your money and have no accountability for your booking experience and reservations.

I paid US$4000 for these flights. FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. And right now, because of Travelocity, I have no international flight to get to my destination. This is Travelocity's mistake, not mine. In my hundreds of thousands of air travel, I have never had any company behave in such an irresponsible, cavalier, and downright uneducated fashion.

The shift supervisor just got on the phone, and she tried to tell me that the airline cancelled that international flight! Oh my, I have never heard such lies and untruths. How far down can Travelocity go? I just got off the phone with the airline before I called Travelocity for the umpteenth time, and believe me, the airline is not responsible for canceling that flight. I WANT TO BE REINSTATED ON THAT FLIGHT that Travelocity cancelled.

Impossible to Resolve Cancellation issue
By -

I would NEVER, NEVER make a reservation with Travelocity again. I will not even provide you the details of my four phone calls over three days with their customer service department that ended up lasting over 3 hours. You would think I was crazy to keep pursuing a refund of one nights hotel stay. We were initially refused a refund because we did not provide 24 hrs notice even though our flight was cancelled due to weather LESS THAN 24 hrs prior to our reservation date.

Travelocity said they could not refund the money without authorization from the hotel and the hotel said that only Travelocity could refund the charges. I had one conference call with both Travelocity and the hotel manager in which the Travelocity representative and the manager argued back and forth about the charges and confirmation/cancellation numbers. Still didn't get any satisfaction although the hotel said they were only going to charge a penalty amount and not the full nights stay charge. They argued about who had spoken to who and what they said.

Then the representative said they would give me partial credit and that he felt the hotel manager had been lying when he talked about the contact dates and that he had a contact noted in Travelocity records for one day earlier than the hotel had noted. He said they would credit me for part of the charged amount.

I asked to speak to a supervisor. After another 20-minute wait, the supervisor came on the line and said that I had not contacted them until one day later than I actually did. I told her that the representative had already confirmed the initial call in their records - she said that note didn't exist and again offered a partial refund. I refused and will dispute this total charge with my credit card company.

Any reputable company would have done a full refund just because they had provided such unbelievably poor service, but not Travelocity. The other posts that talk about the only word they know is "NO" were absolutely right. That have no concern for providing customer service, just for making the reservation and collecting the money.

Never Use Again
By -

I reserved a hotel via Travelocity and paid $170.77 on the spot. Dec. 4 - Checking out of the hotel, I was charged again with the same amount of money. Dec. 14 - I sent a mail to Travelocity reporting the double-charge, to cancel one of the payments. Dec. 30 - After several mail exchanges confirming the facts, I was informed that I should get a refund on Jan. 7. Jan. 11 - I confirmed the cancellation on my credit account, but the canceled payment was only $135.53, i.e. $35.24 less than what I have paid. Jan. 14 - I asked why the refund was as it was.

Jan. 18 - Anthony ** replied: The room in question was at Good Buy Rate, an offer exclusive to Travelocity, hence the less refund. (Why am I supposed to be explained the negotiated rate between the website and the hotel, when all I'm asking for is as simple as getting one of my two payments back?) As a gesture of apology, they will give me a $25 discount when I make a future reservation with them. (Despite all the inconveniences the whole process has already caused me, I should accept that discount on some future reservation very unlikely to happen, which is less than what they still owe me anyway, and be satisfied?)

Jan. 19 - I made it clear I do not need a future discount offer but a complete refund. I told them I'll take next actions if the refund does not take place by 22nd. Jan. 21 - Anthony **, apologizing for my inconveniences, told me to wait as he asked his manager to look into my case. Jan. 22 - Victor ** replied, "after a careful review of your file, we observed that changes to your flights were made by the airlines and not Travelocity." Huh? So careful a review on a file that has nothing to do with my case whatsoever.

Jan. 24 - I complained about the total irrelevance of the mail sent, saying I was still waiting for the manager's proper response. Jan. 27 - Victor ** told me to ignore the previous mail, and said that his supervisor will examine the file again. Jan. 28 - I received another mail from Victor **, which says the same thing Antony ** has sent me on the 18th. It must have been copied from some protocols, since the two were using matching phrases even.

All right, judging from my experience, this is how they call their customer service: Make sure not to refund, with whatever a reason you can provide. Organize your customers' files to mess up all the cases. Confuse your customer with the information like who's the manager and who's the supervisor. There's no such thing as an individual case. Find a category your customer's mail belongs to, and make the same response whatever the occasion. Make your customers get sick of complaining, so as to never use Travelocity again. I had no idea.

Poor Customer Service
By -

I will NEVER use Travelocity again. Due to a schedule change via the airline we needed to make a change on the reservation. Contacted AirTran and they were wonderful and agreed to fly us to another airport so we could make the original plans we were going to Florida for. The only thing I needed to do was contact Travelocity and have them make the change (no charge) - all of this was noted in AirTran's notes.

Travelocity first said the call wait was too long, so they would get back to me in 24-48 hours. I told her that was not fine, I'd wait for her to contact AirTran. Next (after an hour) she returned and said the changes were made and that I would have a confirmation in 4 to 5 minutes. Needless to say, it didn't arrive. This was a representative from India and very hard to understand. 2nd phone call to person said it would take 24-48 for the Help Desk (No Help Desk) to get around to making the change. Said there were other reservations that needed to be done prior to mine. Again the person was extremely hard to understand, was I talking to India again?

3rd phone call - total of 1 hour and 2 minutes later, I was connected to Supervisor by the hard to understand Rep. Spoke to Supervisor (they don't have any lines to contact them directly) and received totally incorrect itinerary information from him. He told me I would hear back in 24-48 hours - stopped him right there and said no - contact your "reissue desk" now. Hold again, and finally told I would receive information and confirmation in 6-8 hours. When he told me to "trust him" I laughed and said that was not going to happen. I'm still waiting - but it did make it clear to me that I would never use Travelocity again!

Boycott Travelocity!!!
By -

So Yesterday I bought a ticket for my sister. I paid with my Debit card and I received a confirmation email from them. I printed out her "E" Ticket and I logged off so I could help her pack for her 6:30pm flight. About an hour later I received a phone call from an unavailable number. I didn't answer it in time so I waited to see if they left a message... No message was left so I didn't think anything of it.

I dropped my sister off at the airport and said goodbye. She went inside to go check in. I got a call from my sister who was hysterical saying that Travelocity canceled her ticket!! This was after they had already taken the money out of my account!!! I ran to my computer and I found an email there saying that the ticket was inactive until I called to confirm additional info.

So I called and asked why they canceled the ticket. They said because I didn't answer my phone when they called to make sure it was indeed me who purchased the ticket! I freaked because they don't indicate it on their site they have to call to confirm and they never left a message so I could have called back. I had no clue! Not to mention they SENT A CONFIRMATION EMAIL!!! Plus they should have never taken the money out of my account like they did if they were trying to be "Precautious" to make sure it wasn't someone else using my card.

So I had to buy another ticket for double the price of the one I had purchased earlier and I had to leave my sister stranded at Logan Airport! I'm in the process of complaining to them. This was their screw up not mine and the made a pregnant woman VERY mad!!!! They are going to be sorry they screwed with me! BOYCOTT TRAVELOCITY!!!

Travelocity: Not real travel agents
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I sincerely hope Travelocity will cease to exist so that individuals like myself will not have horrible experiences like the one I went through. The phone operators (and supervisors) are not real travel agents, just zombies following some imbecilic flowchart. They do not have the intellectual capacity or motivation to solve a real travel issue that THEY CREATED. They booked me on a cancelled Air France flight, but rather than acting like professionals and finding an alternative itinerary, they forced me into an infinite loop between Travelocity and Air France, where each company said the other company would have to make the necessary changes.

Meanwhile, I had to repeat my phone #, email, trip id, etc. probably over 50 times. I spent almost 6 hours on the phone, mostly on hold. I got disconnected numerous times, asked to speak to the supervisor at least 6 times, until I finally verbally forced the supervisor to not hang until he had cancelled the entire trip. Of course, I still have no documentation from Air France, that the trip was actually cancelled, and will be lucky if I get a refund, but at least Travelocity's site says it was cancelled. Which takes me to another point: Once the one segment (out of nine flights total) had a conflict, I was no longer allowed to view my itinerary online.

I just got a message saying to call Travelocity, at which point the operator would again explain to me that my flight had been cancelled and they would have to call Air France. Then they would put me on hold, call Air France, and come back in 5 minutes to say that the Air France lines were busy, so I should try back in a few days. Or that they would call back once they got through, then never call back. Or they would call me to say they were putting me on hold while they called Air France, then come back to say they could not get through.

Funny thing, I got through to Air France every time I called them. This went on for 3 weeks, until I finally lost my cool and managed to work my way up to some worthless supervisor who finally caved in and got through to Air France to cancel the whole trip. My lesson is, why use these services, when you can just make the reservations through the airline anyway? Not that they are perfect, but I don't see how the exact same problem could happen again. If I had done that, I could have made the changes myself. BTW, Air France seemed more competent than Travelocity, but equally unwilling to step up and solve the situation.

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