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Travelocity Incentives Pulls Bait And Switch; Beware The Price Match Guarantee!
By -

A friend and I wanted to book a room for Vegas and went looking for good deals online. I found much better deals through MLife, BookIt, and, but my friend had a certificate through Travelocity Incentives, so we investigated that option further in order to use the certificate. She spoke to someone at Travelocity, who said that even though we found a better price somewhere else, they have the price matching, so she sent us a form to fill out to get the match. All over their website, and in fare rules, it states that we can get the price match until the day before check-in, so I took my time to fill out the form.

After I submitted it (weeks before the trip, I might add) we got a reply stating that our request was invalid. The reason they gave was that the reservation was actually purchased through their affiliate travel company, World Choice Travel. Nowhere in the whole process of investigating fares nor purchasing the reservation did they ever make it clear that we were purchasing through another company! Everything said Travelocity on it, but now that we bought the reservation, they are telling us their price matching doesn't apply. They told me I had to call World Choice Travel to find out what their matching policy is.

I called three times before I could actually talk to someone, as they have outsourced to India and the connection was bad. When I finally did talk to someone, they weren't helpful at all, so I asked for a manager. Once the guy agreed to let me talk to a supervisor, he put me on hold and then told me they were not available so he would have one call me back. Four days passed and they never did. I called again and this time the agent let me talk to a "supervisor". The supervisor "Justin" just kept repeating their policy of only allowing a 24-hour window for price matching and refused to work through the problem with me.

I demanded his manager, so after some argument about letting me speak to his manager, he put me on hold and left me on hold until I hung up 10 minutes later. In my opinion Travelocity pulled a Bait-and-Switch and will NEVER be trusted to provide what they promised. I am very upset, as we could have saved an additional $40 had they been upfront and honest with us!

Bait and Switch
By -

This morning I opened up my email inbox to find an email from Travelocity that read: "As one of our valued customers, we'd like to extend you an exclusive offer so that you can save even more on your next trip: GET AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF our already discounted rates on your next hotel or vacation package booking. Simply use the exclusive promo code on the right at check-out to receive your instant savings."

I was excited to get this, as I was already thinking about using Travelocity to book a vacation package. I went through the entire process of choosing my flights, picking the seats, choosing the hotel, upgrading the room at an additional cost, and adding the discount code provided in the email. It showed me the discounted price, with the 10% off applied.

I then went through and added my payment information. I hit the submit button and received an error message that read, "The promo code you entered is valid for use by Travelocity VIPs only. If you have not been designated a Travelocity VIP, you will not be eligible to receive the discount."

I contacted Travelocity about this and received a response a couple of hours via email later from a Max ** in Customer Service that read, "We would like to inform you that the promo code is valid for all Travelocity VIP customers. Per our record we see that your profile is not listed below VIP list."

Why did they thank me for being a special customer and then renege on their offer? How elitist and ridiculous is that? I've always used and preferred Travelocity over other travel sites, and this is how I'm treated as a result? Like a third-class customer because I was sent an email that they won't now honor? That's called Bait and Switch and it's illegal.

Travel Protection Plan insurance is a scam
By -

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS -- Travelocity charged me $39.95 for Travel Protection Plan insurance that I did not need, did not want and did not choose to buy. I did not even realize that they had charged me for it until my credit card statement arrived. When I complained and asked for a refund, they refused to re-pay what they had charged me. They claimed that they were entitled to place the travel insurance product in my online shopping cart and charge me for it simply because I neglected to click on the "I decline" button on their web page. What a scam! What a rip-off!

If you want to receive a refund for unwanted travel insurance, then phone Travelocity's 1-888-872-8356 number (and/or send email to their address) to report the problem and ask for reimbursement (but don't expect them to quickly and willingly grant your request). At least, your first step should be to contact Travelocity directly and give them a chance to fix the problem.

If Travelocity refuses to reimburse you, then contact your credit card issuer, explain the problem to them, and ask them to dispute the charge with Traveloity. Your credit card issuer ought to defend you in any situation of a vendor charging you for something that you did not agree to purchase, so they should ask Travelocity to correct the problem.

You should also file a complaint against Travelocity with the Better Business Bureau's Fort Worth office (via their web site), to explain the situation and ask for a refund. This is fairly quick and easy to do. Go to and to file your complaint.

You can contact (via web or email) various federal law enforcement agencies and elected officials, to request them to either prosecute Travelocity for violation of existing laws, or to urge them to enact new laws which prohibit such "opt out" deceptive sales tactics: 1. US Federal Trade Commission (FTC): 2. US Dept of Justice (Criminal Division): Criminal. 3. US Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): 4. Your Representative in the House:

  1. The two US Senators from your state:
    You could also contact various law enforcement agencies and elected officials at the state level. For example, in California: 1. Dept of Justice, Office of Attorney General: 2. Department of Insurance: 3. Your representative in the Assembly: 4. Your state Senator:

This situation would seem to offer some potential for a class-action lawsuit. If there are some opportunistic trial lawyers out there who are eager to file a class-action lawsuit against Travelocity (and any other online vendors who charged unwitting consumers for unwanted travel insurance), then there could be many thousands of ripped-off consumers who are eager to sign on as plaintiffs. With enough grass-roots condemnation of deceptive "opt out" sales tactics by online vendors, our law enforcement agencies and elected officials ought to feel motivated to crack down on such unethical practices, and the online marketplace will be better for all of us.

Pitiful Customer Service
By -

After booking a family trip of a lifetime to Europe, 10 days before our departure, we realized that our connecting flights that we needed to catch were in fact NOT IN AND OUT OF THE SAME CITY. On an unfortunate oversight on our part, we had booked 4 tickets to Germany with connecting flights that were in fact in different cities. They had us flying into Newark, New Jersey... but expected us to find out own transportation, somehow make our way through New York traffic during rush hour, go through customs yet again, and make a connecting flight out of JFK. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

I had no idea this was even allowed to be offered as a connecting flight as I have never seen anyone asked to travel to a different city to make a connection there. After realizing this situation in which we had mistakenly got ourselves into, I immediately called Travelocity to see what they could do to help accommodate us with a direct fly into JFK (instead of Newark, New Jersey). Much to my surprise, their only response was for us to pay $100 fee per person to change the entire reservation, as well as pay the difference in the cost of the new tickets we would be purchasing... which would only result in an additional cost of $2000!!

Supervisor, after supervisor could only read me their script of what their company policies were and offered no compensation for these ridiculous connecting flights that they had arranged for this trip. Nobody would have ever KNOWINGLY booked these ridiculous tickets. It's just unfortunate that Travelocity even felt like they were feasible connecting flights to offer. After the frustration and additional costs that we endured, we will no longer be using Travelocity. I don't think I have ever experienced such poor customer service in my life.

Customer Service
By -

I called the customer service on June 04, 2010 to get some information and the possibilities of changing only my return flight to Canada (originally bought in April 2010). I was told that I would have to pay the extra $4000 difference to change only the date of my return flight. On Saturday June 05, after contacting a couple of times to customer service I was told that there would be a fine and a differential fee of $900 for change of date.

The quality of voice was poor and I had to disconnect in order to redial the number. Keep in mind that every time I called the customer service, I was on hold for 10-15 minutes repeating the whole information until I got connected to the reissuing department. After disconnection, I was successful to talk to a person in reissuing department but I was told that there is absolutely no right to change the dates of my ticket. Keep that in mind that 2 people suggested that I could change the date of my return flight before.

At this point, I asked to talk to the manager. After being on hold for almost 1/2 hour and insisting on being on hold instead of disconnecting and being contacted later, I was able to talk to the supervisor of reissuing department and he was trying to explain to me the policy again. He contacted to the airline and again after being on hold for 1/2 hour he mentioned the current price of ticket (approximately 3500) and suggested the payment of fine and the differential fee ( $1500-1700).

As I mentioned, customer service's lack of information, misleading the customer, trying to cover up of employees' misbehavior and misleading by supervisor and keeping the customer online for a long time all bothered me and made me frustrated and disappointed with Travelocity online service. I strongly believe that customers don't deserve such a long waiting time and misleading information provided by customer service.

My Birthday Ski Trip
By -

Today is my birthday and I booked my BD ski trip to Utah a while ago via Travelocity. I overslept this morning and arrived at airport for my American flight 40 min. before the departure, but American would not let me check into my flights. They would not let me standby for next available flight because I BOOKED FLIGHT VIA TRAVELOCITY. I was asked to call Travelocity to get help, but when I called them, a customer help agent was not able to help me because American Air would not allow me to standby on any of sold out flights. I was told that either I pay $1500 for a brand new tickets or lose everything.

I could not afford to pay $1500 for new tickets, so my birthday trip and $1600 I paid in advance was gone. I called American Air and hotel directly to see if I can get any credit for future trip, but they told me there is nothing they can do because I MADE A RESERVATION WITH TRAVELOCITY. You can imagine how I feel right now on my birthday sitting in my house not being able to go on my birthday ski trip and lost $1600 just because I missed check-in time by 30 seconds. Absolutely, nobody was willing to help in any way.

I have been using Travelocity for all my vacation booking for many years. I know I don't save much by booking through TRAVELOCITY. I will get similar price by booking hotel and flight directly with airline company and hotels, but I was using Travelocity for a bit of convenience.

Today, I realized what a huge risk I was taking by using Travelocity. I lost everything on my trip because I booked through TRAVELOCITY. I know they warn us in fine print etc. and I am sure they are not liable for any part of my loss today, but this situation does not seem fair. They basically kept $1600 of my money for nothing because I missed my flight by 30 seconds. I just wanted to warn everybody should know what you are risking by using Travelocity.

Triple Billed for My Flight.
By -

NOTE: I am on the phone for the third time while I write this. I got so tired of waiting on customer service who constantly put me on hold, I decided to register on this site and fill out this review. I just got hung up on after being on the phone for almost an hour.

Booked some tickets for Ireland. The first time I put the flight through the system it bounced back and said that my bank had a limit so that it couldn't charge me for the flights. Unbeknownst to me, it would charge me for the 79.20 in travel insurance but not my flight. I guess they thought I wanted travel insurance for a flight that wasn't booked. So, I try again with another card and then it says that the flight is not available but to try again. I do and the final time I get a confirmation.

The next day when I look at my statements. I have been charged for travel insurance on the first card once. Travel insurance on the second card TWICE, and charged for the flight TWICE on the second card. No big deal, but customer service was not helpful at all. The first guy simply said that it was not their problem and that I would need to call the airline. So, I called Air France and they said that they had numerous problems with Travelocity and that I had to call back and demand to speak to a supervisor.

Which I did, the second guy was more helpful, but still nothing happened. He at least took my information. I waited a couple of days to see if the charges would disappear, but they did not...How this story ends doesn't even really matter does it? It's a matter of dealing with a company that is incompetent and lazy. Hopefully, I don't get double charged for this flight. I would simply warn others to not bother using this company. The customer service is absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous. Never use this company. At this point, I am just calling my credit card and telling them to block charges.

TRAVELOCITY Price Guarantee is a joke!
By -

I booked a roundtrip air and hotel package for my daughter on January 21, 2010 at a price of $1420.77. On February 16, 2010 I returned to the Travelocity website to check recent prices and found that the identical trip was now selling for only $1308.73. I figured this was a slam-dunk case for their "Price Guarantee"€, but to my surprise it wasn'€™t!

It seems that in the fine print they have numerous dates that your trip must fit within, so be forewarned to read ALL their fine print prior to feeling warm and fuzzy about the trip you just booked. Below you will find a Copy/Paste of their infamous "Price Guarantee"€ take directly from their website on (Feb. 21, 2010). The date this is being posted:


  1. The Travelocity Price and Service Guarantee ("Price and Service Guarantee") is available to travelers who have booked travel on ("Travelocity") on or after August 25, 2006.

  2. For a prepaid "Good Buy" Hotel (excluding Top Secret Hotels) and Vacation Packages (such as Flight + Hotel, excluding Last Minute Packages) if you find a Qualifying Lower Rate until the day before check in, we will provide you with the following per booking: For bookings made by March 22, 2010 with departure date by April 30, 2010: One $50 Promo Code for a future "Good Buy" Hotel or Flight + Hotel vacation package (excluding Last Minute Packages) booking on Travelocity and a refund of the difference between the price you paid through Travelocity and the Qualifying Lower Rate up to $500 per booking.

  3. For Flights, Top Secret Hotels, non-prepaid Hotels, Cars, Cruises, Last Minute Packages, and Activities, if you find a Qualifying Lower Rate within twenty-four (24) hours of your booking, we will provide you with the following per booking: one $50 Promo Code for a future "Good Buy" Hotel or Flight + Hotel vacation package (excluding Last Minute Packages) booking on Travelocity and a refund of the difference between the price you paid through Travelocity and the Qualifying Lower Rate.

  4. Customers must opt-in to receive e-mails from Travelocity in order to take advantage of select promotional offers. A Qualifying Lower Rate is a lower rate found on Travelocity or another U. S.-based Web site that satisfies the requirements of these Terms and Conditions, as determined by Travelocity in its sole discretion.

Please refer to item #2 in the "Price Guarantee"€. My daughter'€™s trip has a scheduled departure date of June 5, 2010 so I realized that I wasn'€™t deserving of the $50 Promo Code. The next bullet though, which clearly has no date stipulations, states that I should receive the difference between the price I paid and the lower rate. Judge for yourself, but I feel that I was misled and done an injustice. Next time I choose to travel it will not be through!

Cancelled my flight
By -

BOMBAY -- On Feb 14, Yahoo! Travel, which is backed by Travelocity, sent me an e-mail to inform me that one airline had changed departure time, so I would have to call to re-book my connecting flight. I called. I was patched through to India, and "Shaun," as he so winningly called himself, proceeded to cancel my international flight. I now have TWO internal domestic flights one hour apart, but no international leg! I have the connecting flights on the other side, again domestic within that country, but, again, NO FLIGHT BETWEEN THE COUNTRIES!

The Indian so-called "customer service reps" say they cannot do anything, that I will have to wait 24-48 hours, that I will have to be patient, that someone is working on the problem. The fact is that Travelocity's India-based customer service strategy is to make you wait on hold for hours, then do absolutely nothing. I would love to be a fly on the wall at their call center because I am CERTAIN that not one representative has a computer that does anything with reservations, so they just sit there and tell people "So sorry for the inconvenience, you will have to be patient, wait 24-48 hours, we will call you back."

IT DID NOT TAKE 24-48 HOURS TO CANCEL MY FLIGHT. Travelocity's moron customer representative accomplished that while I waited! An absolute shambles of a company with everything outsourced, scraping the bottom of the barrel for "representatives," happy to take your money and have no accountability for your booking experience and reservations.

I paid US$4000 for these flights. FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. And right now, because of Travelocity, I have no international flight to get to my destination. This is Travelocity's mistake, not mine. In my hundreds of thousands of air travel, I have never had any company behave in such an irresponsible, cavalier, and downright uneducated fashion.

The shift supervisor just got on the phone, and she tried to tell me that the airline cancelled that international flight! Oh my, I have never heard such lies and untruths. How far down can Travelocity go? I just got off the phone with the airline before I called Travelocity for the umpteenth time, and believe me, the airline is not responsible for canceling that flight. I WANT TO BE REINSTATED ON THAT FLIGHT that Travelocity cancelled.

Impossible to Resolve Cancellation issue
By -

I would NEVER, NEVER make a reservation with Travelocity again. I will not even provide you the details of my four phone calls over three days with their customer service department that ended up lasting over 3 hours. You would think I was crazy to keep pursuing a refund of one nights hotel stay. We were initially refused a refund because we did not provide 24 hrs notice even though our flight was cancelled due to weather LESS THAN 24 hrs prior to our reservation date.

Travelocity said they could not refund the money without authorization from the hotel and the hotel said that only Travelocity could refund the charges. I had one conference call with both Travelocity and the hotel manager in which the Travelocity representative and the manager argued back and forth about the charges and confirmation/cancellation numbers. Still didn't get any satisfaction although the hotel said they were only going to charge a penalty amount and not the full nights stay charge. They argued about who had spoken to who and what they said.

Then the representative said they would give me partial credit and that he felt the hotel manager had been lying when he talked about the contact dates and that he had a contact noted in Travelocity records for one day earlier than the hotel had noted. He said they would credit me for part of the charged amount.

I asked to speak to a supervisor. After another 20-minute wait, the supervisor came on the line and said that I had not contacted them until one day later than I actually did. I told her that the representative had already confirmed the initial call in their records - she said that note didn't exist and again offered a partial refund. I refused and will dispute this total charge with my credit card company.

Any reputable company would have done a full refund just because they had provided such unbelievably poor service, but not Travelocity. The other posts that talk about the only word they know is "NO" were absolutely right. That have no concern for providing customer service, just for making the reservation and collecting the money.

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