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Posted by Jag.300 on 07/18/2013
I booked a hotel reservation, tried to cancel, when FREE CANCELLATIONS WERE advertised I got charged a fee! It was 12 hours after I made the reservation! The lady never cancelled my reservation the first time I called or refunded my $$. I had to dispute it w/ my bank. I'LL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN! Their phone numbers don't work too btw. Save yourself the headache!

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They Will DEFRAUD You and STEAL Your Money!
Posted by Karen6269 on 07/07/2013
ONLINE -- I called and booked a vacation to Madrid, Spain for 3 people - 2 with flights and 1 just hotel room. I was lied to about the flights when booking them at 10pm at night, did not find out the truth until after 11:30pm. Went to bed and called immediately at 8am the next morning to cancel the entire trip. They refused to cancel the hotel rooms, hiding behind small print in their confirmation notice that was never disclosed to me.

The entire experience was horrible and I spent many hours on the phone with their customer service representatives getting the run around. In fact, it took me the entire day and the next several days, even completing their online survey several times and calling over and over again. I tried to fight this through my credit card and they are standing with Travelocity! Travelocity lied about the flights, and the seating. If I am not flying there, how would I use the hotel rooms? This was a package!

I highly recommend you don't ever book through Travelocity! This was my second bad experience with them. I tried to give them a second chance and got badly burned. My friend found out through one of their attorneys who he met with offline that they actually are out to defraud you and lie to get your money and credit card number!!! They are a huge money making defrauding, out to lie to you machine. Watch out!!! It only looks less expensive when you start to plan. You will be so sorry in the end. You will be SO much better off going directly to the airlines and hotel! Don't be defrauded like I was!

It cost me $2,000 USD!!! $2000! Can you imagine! For 2 hotel rooms in a location that I was not going to and could never use. How's that for a plan to defraud me out of $2,000? And they blame it on the hotel. I called the hotel and found out that Travelocity actually buys the block of rooms in advance and so the hotel has nothing to do with the cancellation. It's all part of their scam. Don't fall for Travelocity ads!
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Canceling a Reservation
Posted by Imoney1963 on 07/06/2013
I would strongly recommend anyone NOT using Travelocity to book ANYTHING!! I am from Ohio and booked a 2 night stay at St. Louis, MO, then a short time later booked a 3rd night to add to it. After staying the first 2 nights at St. louis we decided we did not want to stay a 3rd night and tried to cancel our 3rd night while still at the hotel.

First time I was told I would be put on hold and waited for over 15 minutes. I got tired of waiting, hung up and called again on my cell phone. This time I was on hold for close to 20 minutes. While on my cell phone waiting on hold, I used the hotel's phone to call them a third time pretending to book a reservation. WOW...amazing how fast I got someone when they wanted to make a reservation (to get my money). Remind you I was still on hold on my cell phone waiting to cancel a reservation.

While on the hotel's phone I asked to speak to the Travelocity's reps superior. After waiting a few minutes on hold again, I explained to the superior what I wanted to do, simply cancel my 3rd night's stay. That's when I found out they do not offer any refunds. At this point I was quite upset, told the guy how amazing it was to get help when one wanted to make a reservation, and how they keep you on hold forever when you want to cancel something...I feel they do this on purpose hopefully waiting for you to hang up.

If their policy was never to offer a refund then why didn't their customer reps say that right away instead of transfering me???????? DO NOT USE TRAVELOCITY!!!
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Posted by Paty on 2013-07-10:
We had the same experience when trying to cancel a reservation because of a car accident. On hold for almost 1/2 hour and never received any help.
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Travelocity is a Scammy Website, Horrible Outsourced Customer Service
Posted by Lygiarecioli on 07/04/2013
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I rarely write reviews on anything but I am so frustrated with Travelocity that I am taking time off my holiday to write a review on them. This is the first time I purchased a travel package on Travelocity and it will be the last. They keep changing the deals they offer online, so if you found something that you may have liked in the morning most likely it will be more expensive or not the same deal at night.

The package I purchased had a deal of $2000 credit to be used at the resort and after I checked out and received the confirmation that deal is not confirmed, instead the deal I got was Free Green Fee, which is not what I purchased. Spent half an hour on the phone getting transferred and explaining to 2 different people that could not help and when I got transferred to the third one I got disconnected.

In addition to my unhappiness the flight I selected was not the same that was confirmed. Now my husband and I will spend 10 hours in Atlanta before getting to our destination. Nice way to start a vacation.

I always buy at Cheaptickets.com and never had a problem. I thought it would be the same with Travelocity but these travel websites are all scumbags and they are all trying to rip you off!

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-04:
You lost me in the last paragraph. You say you never had a problem with cheaptickets, but also that all the travel websites are "scumbags". I believe there is a discrepancy.
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Worst Service Ever!!!!
Posted by Ran2808 on 07/03/2013
I made a international return flight reservation. They changed flight on the day of departing without any notification or email confirmation.

While coming back they did same thing. They changed flight without any notification or email confirmation. I was my luck I went online just to re-confirm my trip and noticed that flights has been changed.

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Awful Customer Service!
Posted by Deleonsguate on 07/03/2013
VALLEY STREAM, NEW YORK -- I booked a flight for my parents, they sent a confirmation e-mail and a week before the day of travel they realized their flight was cancelled without their consent. Travelocity claimed that they sent an e-mail and called their home phone but they never received an e-mail and if they called they never left a voicemail. They couldn't send me a copy of the e-mail they supposedly sent to my parents and when they did it was dated that same day I asked for proof which was proof to me that they never sent an e-mail. Then they claimed it probably went to the spam folder.

It was so upsetting specially when they kept telling me there was nothing they can do. This company is horrible and they don't care!
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Horrible Customer Service!
Posted by Lia.varana on 06/26/2013
SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- 2 Major things have happened.

1st: I tried to purchase a lap infant flight on-line to Travelocity, and it would not allow me to do that. It kept charging me a full priced ticket. So, I went ahead and purchased 2 international tickets for my husband and I. It took 3 one hour phone calls, 3 customer service reps and 2 managers to Finally, yes Finally added a lap infant ticket for my daughter. Apparently, when making any changes... Travelocity has to call the airline directly.

2nd: Since we are flying internationally, we have multiple planes and changing carriers. Well, I received an e-mail regarding one flight was changed and conflicted with a connecting flight. I needed to make arrangements to change the flight. That was when the nightmare continued! You would think it would be easy to change the flight. Every time I called, there was an extremely long hold time for the airline, so each time the agent said they'd call me back once they got in touch and made the appropriate change. Of course they did not. Travelocity employees Lie!

I am still currently working out the issues. This is my 6th one hour plus phone call dealing with thus far 6 customer service agents, and 5 managers to get this resolved. 3 calls and 3 representative over a month time frame kept telling me "they are still in the process of reaching the air line to fix the flight change!". 3 agents and 2 managers said they would call me back within 72 hours, which they did not. 1 agent said they booked the flight change and would receive and e-mail within 72 hours. Did not receive any e-mail, and when I called back... the flight had not been changed. Once I threw a fit and asked for a managers manager, the lady Finally made the flight change. But... when I received the e-mails, they made a mistake and the tickets now don't match my passport, and did not show my daughter having a ticket.

So... I yet again have to call to change the ticket information and make sure my daughter has a ticket! Each time I called, I said to give me the information needed and that I would contact the airline myself. They would not do that, and said they would "correct" the problem. Never never never again will I use Travelocity.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-06-26:
Travelocity, Priceline, Hotwire etc. They are all garbage and problems. Book direct, call direct, cut these idiots out of the middle. You will get far better service and often prices by calling direct.

The only 3rd party I would even think of using would be an established, real travel agent that I know and can trust.
Posted by Travelocity Customer Care on 2013-06-27:
Hi. We’re sorry for the problems you’ve experienced and want to help. Please send an email with your Trip ID and contact information to mediacustomercare@travelocity.com.
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Outrageous Customer Service!
Posted by Adamcsenger on 06/23/2013
June 9th: I bought 2 flight tickets on Kayak. com (through Travelocity); the total amount (5,268.06 AUD) was displayed in my bank account’s “pending transactions” under the heading "SABRE INC KE KOREAN AIR KE SAN ANTO".

June 12th: Travelocity deducted two times 2,642.71 AUD (under the heading "USD2484.40 Korean Air 18072345"), plus 79.28 USD "Foreign Currency Conversion Fee". However, the above mentioned 5,268.06 AUD remained in the pending transactions list until June 17th!!!! This meant that even though I had money on my account, I was unable to access it (since it was less than 5,268.06 AUD). My available balance was 0 AUD.

June 13th: I called my bank (St. George) and they told me to talk to Travelocity and ask them to send the bank a fax authorizing the bank to delete this pending transaction. My bank said they would delete this pending transaction one hour after receiving the fax. After this I called Travelocity immediately (at around midnight US time). I was put on hold for half an hour; then finally I was put through to an operator. After I explained the situation to her she promised to send the fax within an hour. She read back to me all the details I’d dictated to her and I confirmed she had all the right details.

The next day I checked my bank account and the pending transaction was STILL THERE. I called my bank again and they said they never received a fax from Travelocity. They also said that the pending transaction would automatically be removed after one week, and that until that time there was nothing I could do about this unless Travelocity sent them an authorization fax.
After this I had no success in reaching Travelocity, but to be honest I didn't see too much point in trying to reach them since they’d failed to send the authorization fax the first time I asked them.

I had to wait until June 17th – that is, FIVE DAYS – until the pending transaction was finally deleted from my account. This meant that I HAD NO ACCESS TO MY OWN MONEY for 5 days!!!

My question to you is this: how is it possible for Travelocity to take the Liberty of locking 5,268.06 AUD on my account, after you had already deducted the price of the 2 flight tickets? Do you guys at Travelocity think that I have an extra 5,268.06 on my account AUD that you can freely lock in?? Well, since I did NOT have this much extra money, I ended up being unable to access my own money for five full days. And what about my electronic fund transfers? But I don’t know why I suppose you care about this…

I have bought quite a few flight tickets (and other things too) in my life which also involved having a certain amount of money locked in on my account (in “pending transactions”). However, I have NEVER had an experience like this one, namely that the money was STILL locked even after the price of what I’d paid for had already been deducted from my account!!!! I simply cannot believe that a company would take such liberties with its customers!! Not to mention the fact that your colleague promised me she would send a fax authorization and then completely failed to do so. Shame on you, Travelocity, for outrageous customer service.

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-23:
What you describe is quite common with debit cards, and it shows the benefit of using a credit card. If a company preauthorizes something and later deletes it, I am never even aware of it. With a checking account, the (my)money becomes unavailable. I don't like others having that kind of power over my cash.
Posted by Lynn on 2013-06-23:
That is shameful! That should never happen... I experienced them not doing what they promised too
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Booked and paid for my flight 2 days ago, found out that it got cancelled w/o my consent and knowledge!
Posted by Babielizzie on 06/20/2013
INDIA, TEXAS -- I booked my flight (Toronto to Hong Kong) 2 days ago through Yahoo travel and paid $1606.99 with my credit card. The payment already went through (I've checked with TD) and this morning I received an email from Yahoo travel saying that my reservation has been cancelled!
I was shocked so I called them to find out what's going on. The call got transferred to one of Travelocity's call centers in India.

(I managed to get the reason fr the cancellation after speaking to 4 highly incompetent reps in India)..they failed to reach a representative (he said nobody picks up the phone, I think he doesn't know how to dial international #) at TD Canada to verify the cardholder info.

Apparently speaking to the cardholder is not enough and they insist that it is their responsibility to prevent potential misuse of credit card!!

HELLOOO..you are speaking to the cardholder now and she is authorizing the payment. So I asked when would I get my money back. And he said it will take 15-30 days!!

That is not acceptable. So I called again and guess what? They told me that the reservation is not cancelled. I said I got an email telling me that its cancelled and 4 of your colleagues checked and told me that it has been cancelled.

He said "ok, it's cancelled but I cannot confirm that."
Me: "is it cancelled or is it not? yes or no?"
Him: "well it's cancelled but not fully cancelled."
Me: "when will I get my money back?"

He said he would process the refund and if I do not get it within 48 hours I should contact him.

This is my worst experience ever with a flight agent. Not to mention the whole time he was yelling at me really rudely in a patronizing tone (I'm a female but I don't live in India so take your sexist attitude somewhere else)!

NEVER BOOK ANYTHING WITH TRAVELOCITY unless you enjoy being screwed by them.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-06-21:
Sounds like there were four players in this little screw-up. The customer, Yahoo (not sure why?), Travelocity and the airline. Next time cut out the two problems in the middle of it all, Yahoo and Travelocity. Call the airline direct, you will probably pay a lower fare and "maybe" not have to deal with any idiots in India named "Peggy".

Book direct and stay far away from Trcelocity, Priceline and all the other nightmare 3rd party travel sites.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-06-21:
I suggest immediately putting the charge into dispute with your credit card company.
Posted by babielizzie on 2013-06-21:
To Old Timer:

I booked my flight through yahoo travel and the email I received was from Yahoo@travelocity.com. I did not know that Travelocity was in charge before i booked the flight.
Posted by babielizzie on 2013-06-21:
I just reported Travelocity to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. I will dispute a charge with TD Canada.
What can I do if Travelocity does not return my money?

I asked them to email me a confirmation stating that the reservation is no longer active and they will refund me (I need everything in black-and-white).But the rep said he could not do that. That is what worries me.Usually if a good is not delivered to a customer, we get a confirmation email stating that the seller has failed to provide the service and a certain amount would be credited to our account.

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Absolutely Do NOT Recommend Travelocity
Posted by Wellnessmommy on 06/10/2013
I booked a flight in March. The amount I was quoted both online and in the confirmation email was NOT the amount that was actually charged to my method of payment.
I called them immediately. They requested I scan and email a copy of my bank statement showing the incorrect overcharge. This was done that day.
It has now been 11 weeks. I have NOT received my refund. I have documentation of 18+ emails, as well as 2 phone calls per week over the past 11 weeks.
When you call the customer service line, you are directed to India. There is a language barrier for starters. They are rude and NOT helpful. Every communications I had up until 3 weeks ago was them asking me to be patient. 3 weeks ago I started asking for managers. There is apparently ONE manager in the entire office and he is only there part time. I was advised that a manager would call me back within 2 hours. Nope. Didn't happen. He called me at 10:30 PM. The message he left was almost impossible to understand... but basically he told me that a refund takes 6-8 weeks (keep in mind we were past the 8 week time frame). He also requested that I send an alternate number where I can be reached.
Since then... it's been an absolute joke. I've gotten emails saying my trip has been canceled and they are working to re-instate... Ummmm I already traveled. And still NO refund to the amount I was overcharged.
I will never ever use Travelocity again and I will never recommend them to anyone... ever. Complete joke!
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-06-10:
I hope you charged the trip on a credit card! If so, then dispute the charge and provide them with proof of the over-charge, etc.

As for Travelocity, I would hope people reading of your, and others experiences with this outfit get the message that it is not only risky dealing with them but downright frustrating trying to deal with their "customer service." Caveat Emptor.
Posted by Travelocity Customer Service on 2013-06-11:
Hi. We’re sorry for the problems you’ve experienced and want to help. Please send an email with your Trip ID to mediacustomercare@travelocity.com.
Regards, Lawra A, Travelocity
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