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Grab the Money and Run
Posted by Hvdb on 08/16/2013
Travelocity canceled my flight 4 hours in advance and on top of that refused to immediately send my money back. Don't do business with them!

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This Company Will Steal Your Money. Please Avoid.
Posted by Tracymaisch01 on 08/10/2013
INTERNET -- I warn you, do not use Travelocity to book your vacation! I used this service assuming that booking an all-inclusive vacation through a company that had experience with travel and primary connections with hotels, airlines, and events would save me time and money. I made a huge mistake and hope you don't do the same. They are not just incompetent but deceitful as well, and the time you spend fixing the mistakes they make will not only ruin your vacation but will cost you money. If I had just spent a little time doing my homework before I gave them my credit card I would have saved myself and my family a lot of grief.

Wow, where do I start? I booked a five-day stay in Las Vegas including flight, hotel, car and tickets for my family to see Blue Man Group and Cirque. My agent quoted me a price, which I paid before realizing that it was about $200 more than what I would have paid had I booked online. When I called them to point this out (the first of many long phone calls to India, I will add) they said they would check it out and issue a refund, which they later refused to issue, saying they could not find the cheaper price online I had mentioned. I got back online, took a screen shot of the lower price and sent it to them. They emailed back saying, sorry, case is closed. My first clue.

Once my family arrived in Vegas we discovered that all the tickets we had purchased, I mean all of them, would have been cheaper (overall by hundreds of dollars) had we purchased them directly from the companies we were dealing with. More phone calls, more time with customer service in India and more money wasted. a lot of money, I will give you one example, but there are many. Travelocity sold us tickets to Blue Man Group at the Monte Carlo hotel. When we arrived for the show we were told that our Travelocity "dummy" tickets wouldn't scan in their machines so we would have to wait in line and exchange them for real tickets. Annoying, but oh well.

While in line I discovered that the face price on our tickets was SIGNIFICANTLY higher than what the hotel was charging for them. I mean, $75 apiece higher! When I asked about this at the counter the agent explained that Travelocity buys large blocks of tickets to their shows and then can charge whatever they want for them. They are basically ticket scalpers. Mind you, this event was not the return of The Beatles, it was an ordinary performance of BMG that happens every night.

There were good tickets available at the box office right up to the time of the show. I won't bore you with the details of my lengthy conversations with customer service trying to get explanations about this because other reviewers have already covered this in detail. Let me just say that all the complaints are pretty much what I encountered as well. I wasted huge amounts of time and money because I used Travelocity. All I can say is that if you book your vacation with them after reading these reviews you are dumber than I am, and believe me I feel pretty damn stupid right now.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-08-10:
They are not a charity. How would they make a profit if they charged you what each company charged them? Their profit is generated from people who let them book their reservations.
Posted by Susan on 2013-08-10:
Travelocity did not steal your money. You booked your trip with them and agreed to their terms and conditions when doing so. It is your responsibility as a consumer to verify you're getting the best deal and of course 3rd party travel agents are going to mark up prices as that is how they make a profit.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-08-10:
Tracymaisch01, you have a valid complaint and review. Try to ignore people jumping on you over this. Anyone with basic knowledge of how travel agencies operate know they are supposed to make their profit off a percent of the list price of a ticket. Or in the case of these slimy 3rd party agencies like Travelocity and Priceline etc are supposed to buy in bulk/group rates at a lower price, sell at retail and make their percent.

They are not supposed to scalp show and travel tickets and rip off their clients with higher than retail prices. Which is what Travelocity got caught doing here. If you had not taken time after the fact to do your home work you would have never known they got you. Lesson learned, stay far away from all the 3rd party travel sites. Most do not even operate as a real travel agency.

Unfortunately you did not check out what the list or retail prices were beforehand so you were taken advantage of by Travelocity. They like all the other 3rd party sites are only too happy to separate you from your money and rip you off.

Another option is to use someone like Kayak to do your research. They will list everyone's prices, even the actual carrier or event's direct prices. Which are more times than not lower than the likes of Travelocity and Priceline, then you can book direct. One last item, they all work on what is called breakage, they love to take your money and never make a refund even though they never forwarded your funds forward to pay for your travel. You book, can't make it or they screw up your trip, they keep the cash and you get nothing. Breakage is included in their income, it's a huge profit center.
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Horrible Flight Experience - Lack of Communication
Posted by Cphardy85 on 07/27/2013
SOUTHLAKE, NEW YORK -- The day of my international flight, I showed up at the airport and was told by the front counter that they tried to contact me, but Travelocity hadn't provided any contact info. My flight had been delayed and I would miss my connecting flight. When I called Travelocity to ask why I hadn't be informed the representative said he could see the flight was delayed but had no reason why I hadn't been contacted. So after about an hour the Delta employees got me going (i would arrive at my destination 10hrs late and miss the free shuttle). But along the way, approx 3 hours after my original flight time I received the email say my original flight was delayed... DUH. Travelocity could have booked me on a different airline that morning as seats were available to get to NYC to catch our connecting flight, but told us we would have to pay $800 extra per ticket. I will never deal with Travelocity again, so much for any sort of guarantee.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-28:
Did you expect Travelocity to pay for the rebooking? They didn't cause the delay.
Posted by cphardy85 on 2013-09-06:
While they didn't cause the original problem, there lack of communication with me, and the airline prevented me from arriving at my destination without a large amount of headaches. If they would have contacted me as soon as the flight was delayed I could have made the earlier flight thus making my connecting flight, or if the airline would have had my contact # I would have been contacted by them.
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Never Again Travelocity!!!!
Posted by Deblan on 07/25/2013
KELOWNA WESTBANK -- Booked hotel and was not sent cancellation policy until after booking was made. Phoned Travelocity to cancel booking within the stated time as our friends had to cancel, so no reason to go on this trip. Could not hear or understand the gentleman on Travelocity customer service line, had to keep asking him to slow down and speak louder. When he did, he started yelling at me. I asked him if he was seriously yelling at me and he kept yelling. We have just lost 243.00 Cdn dollars. Thanks for nothing Travelocity!!!!!!!!

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-25:
Aside from the communication issue, what was the actual reason you didn't get a refund/lost $243cdn? Was it because of the cancellation policy?
Posted by Bee on 2013-07-25:
Their cancellation policy is posted on their website, so you have access to it prior to making a booking. It is also part of the terms and conditions agreed to BEFORE you book.

from the website:

"Can I change or cancel my hotel rooms?

When you purchase a reservation where the hotel name is not revealed until after purchase you do not have the option to change or cancel the reservation. This is the reason our hotel partners provide discounted rates.

When you use our published price service, you may be able to cancel the reservation based on the cancellation policy presented to you at the time of purchase."

Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-25:
You made a non-cancellable, non-refundable reservation. What do you expect?
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-07-25:
Deblan, sorry you are being subjected to questions and being told you are in the wrong, nature of the beast around here. "Never Again Travelocity!!!!" is a very wise choice, along with avoiding all these scam ridden Internet travel sites. So what and who gives a rats behind if they have some obscure well hidden rule enabling them to take your money. They should not be trying to run a business based on customer breakage and theft. How about trying to help the consumer out instead of finding sneaky was to steal their money?

Book direct and save yourself all the agony and grief of having to deal with the idiots.
Posted by deblan on 2013-07-25:
Thank you Old Timer, I appreciate that. I did not purchase a reservation where the hotel was not revealed until after the reservation was made. Bee, I knowingly booked a hotel at The Best Western in Kelowna, British Columbia. And I did look into the cancellation policy beforehand. Nowhere did it state that I would have to cancel 2 full days prior to 12:01am the day of the reservation. And Weedwhacked, I did not make a non-cancellable, non-refundable reservation. There was a cancellation policy in place for this reservation that I adhered to. When the man that I spoke to at customer service spoke to me he changed the said time to 1:01 pm of that day, shortchanging me my agreed upon cancellation time period. I am going to assume that these are shills sent out to discredit me on this website by Travelocity. I will NEVER again use them. I lost this money because they did not uphold the stated cancellation policy for the reservation that I purchased. We are not going to more expense to take a holiday that has now been cancelled so we lose or forfeit the entire night that was booked as that is what they are going to charge us. In the future, I will for sure book directly with the hotel and not deal with these idiots. By the way, the person I spoke to at customer "service" was hard to hear, and had a very heavy east indian accent, spoke very fast, I had to keep asking him to slow down and speak louder, and when he did he started yelling at me. Did I mention NEVER AGAIN?????
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Posted by Jag.300 on 07/18/2013
I booked a hotel reservation, tried to cancel, when FREE CANCELLATIONS WERE advertised I got charged a fee! It was 12 hours after I made the reservation! The lady never cancelled my reservation the first time I called or refunded my $$. I had to dispute it w/ my bank. I'LL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN! Their phone numbers don't work too btw. Save yourself the headache!
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They Will DEFRAUD You and STEAL Your Money!
Posted by Karen6269 on 07/07/2013
ONLINE -- I called and booked a vacation to Madrid, Spain for 3 people - 2 with flights and 1 just hotel room. I was lied to about the flights when booking them at 10pm at night, did not find out the truth until after 11:30pm. Went to bed and called immediately at 8am the next morning to cancel the entire trip. They refused to cancel the hotel rooms, hiding behind small print in their confirmation notice that was never disclosed to me.

The entire experience was horrible and I spent many hours on the phone with their customer service representatives getting the run around. In fact, it took me the entire day and the next several days, even completing their online survey several times and calling over and over again. I tried to fight this through my credit card and they are standing with Travelocity! Travelocity lied about the flights, and the seating. If I am not flying there, how would I use the hotel rooms? This was a package!

I highly recommend you don't ever book through Travelocity! This was my second bad experience with them. I tried to give them a second chance and got badly burned. My friend found out through one of their attorneys who he met with offline that they actually are out to defraud you and lie to get your money and credit card number!!! They are a huge money making defrauding, out to lie to you machine. Watch out!!! It only looks less expensive when you start to plan. You will be so sorry in the end. You will be SO much better off going directly to the airlines and hotel! Don't be defrauded like I was!

It cost me $2,000 USD!!! $2000! Can you imagine! For 2 hotel rooms in a location that I was not going to and could never use. How's that for a plan to defraud me out of $2,000? And they blame it on the hotel. I called the hotel and found out that Travelocity actually buys the block of rooms in advance and so the hotel has nothing to do with the cancellation. It's all part of their scam. Don't fall for Travelocity ads!
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Canceling a Reservation
Posted by Imoney1963 on 07/06/2013
I would strongly recommend anyone NOT using Travelocity to book ANYTHING!! I am from Ohio and booked a 2 night stay at St. Louis, MO, then a short time later booked a 3rd night to add to it. After staying the first 2 nights at St. louis we decided we did not want to stay a 3rd night and tried to cancel our 3rd night while still at the hotel.

First time I was told I would be put on hold and waited for over 15 minutes. I got tired of waiting, hung up and called again on my cell phone. This time I was on hold for close to 20 minutes. While on my cell phone waiting on hold, I used the hotel's phone to call them a third time pretending to book a reservation. WOW...amazing how fast I got someone when they wanted to make a reservation (to get my money). Remind you I was still on hold on my cell phone waiting to cancel a reservation.

While on the hotel's phone I asked to speak to the Travelocity's reps superior. After waiting a few minutes on hold again, I explained to the superior what I wanted to do, simply cancel my 3rd night's stay. That's when I found out they do not offer any refunds. At this point I was quite upset, told the guy how amazing it was to get help when one wanted to make a reservation, and how they keep you on hold forever when you want to cancel something...I feel they do this on purpose hopefully waiting for you to hang up.

If their policy was never to offer a refund then why didn't their customer reps say that right away instead of transfering me???????? DO NOT USE TRAVELOCITY!!!
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Posted by Paty on 2013-07-10:
We had the same experience when trying to cancel a reservation because of a car accident. On hold for almost 1/2 hour and never received any help.
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Travelocity is a Scammy Website, Horrible Outsourced Customer Service
Posted by Lygiarecioli on 07/04/2013
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I rarely write reviews on anything but I am so frustrated with Travelocity that I am taking time off my holiday to write a review on them. This is the first time I purchased a travel package on Travelocity and it will be the last. They keep changing the deals they offer online, so if you found something that you may have liked in the morning most likely it will be more expensive or not the same deal at night.

The package I purchased had a deal of $2000 credit to be used at the resort and after I checked out and received the confirmation that deal is not confirmed, instead the deal I got was Free Green Fee, which is not what I purchased. Spent half an hour on the phone getting transferred and explaining to 2 different people that could not help and when I got transferred to the third one I got disconnected.

In addition to my unhappiness the flight I selected was not the same that was confirmed. Now my husband and I will spend 10 hours in Atlanta before getting to our destination. Nice way to start a vacation.

I always buy at Cheaptickets.com and never had a problem. I thought it would be the same with Travelocity but these travel websites are all scumbags and they are all trying to rip you off!

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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-07-04:
You lost me in the last paragraph. You say you never had a problem with cheaptickets, but also that all the travel websites are "scumbags". I believe there is a discrepancy.
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Worst Service Ever!!!!
Posted by Ran2808 on 07/03/2013
I made a international return flight reservation. They changed flight on the day of departing without any notification or email confirmation.

While coming back they did same thing. They changed flight without any notification or email confirmation. I was my luck I went online just to re-confirm my trip and noticed that flights has been changed.

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Awful Customer Service!
Posted by Deleonsguate on 07/03/2013
VALLEY STREAM, NEW YORK -- I booked a flight for my parents, they sent a confirmation e-mail and a week before the day of travel they realized their flight was cancelled without their consent. Travelocity claimed that they sent an e-mail and called their home phone but they never received an e-mail and if they called they never left a voicemail. They couldn't send me a copy of the e-mail they supposedly sent to my parents and when they did it was dated that same day I asked for proof which was proof to me that they never sent an e-mail. Then they claimed it probably went to the spam folder.

It was so upsetting specially when they kept telling me there was nothing they can do. This company is horrible and they don't care!
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