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Confidence Scheme
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
YUBA CITY, CALIFORNIA -- For the past 7 months I've stayed with my girlfriend at the Yuba City Travelodge formally the Palisades. In the beginning we were approached by one of the maids who also lived in the room across the hall. We became friends and she spoke of her need to get out of her room and find another place to live. Her daughter who happened to be the manager was preasuring her because she couldn't continue to hide the fact that she was giving her a free room.

Many times she came to the room and sought my girlfriend to share expenses to get different lodging. Finally finding a small house close to the hotel they entered into a lease agreement together. One stipulation to the agreement was that it was to be rented to only these two and that no boyfriends could live there. On the first day this gal broke the contract having moved her boyfriend in. My girlfriend not wanting to live with her less than scrupulous boyfriend declined to move in.

We have been at Travelodge ever since at considerable cost. My girlfriend being on a set income can not raise the funds to move into another place. Now with no money to pay for the rest of the month Travelodge will not let us back in our room thereby leaving us homeless. My girlfriend is disabled. Her medications are in the room along with all her personal belongings.

Today we will go to the police to try to resolve this matter legally. We are prepared to take Travelodge to court to sue for considerable damages as a result of the treatment by the employee of Travelodge and the nepatism of the employee/mother relationship and deliberate con of Travelodges guests.

Lastly we were just informed that another employee of the same hotel has moved into the house that my girlfriend is still on the lease of. Correct me if I'm wrong but this whole thing is a blatant violation of her civil rights being we had established residency having been there 7 months and certainly unethical behavior of the management of Travelodge.
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leet60 on 08/23/2012:
I don't believe that you will find a court to consider the relationship between the two employees to be implicit as to any confidence scheme. At best, a very poor decision, perhaps based on emotion was made to help this person enter into a lease agreement. Like many with no ethics the party broke the agreement and you find yourself on the short end of the stick. Sorry for your situation, perhaps check with local charities to see if they can assist.
melissa253 on 08/23/2012:
I didn't know that Travelodge Hotels offered long term rentals.
macdave on 08/23/2012:
I'm not sure how you lost the room at the travel lodge. After your girlfriend moved out, where were you planning on staying? If it was specified in the lease at the house that no boyfriends were allowed to move in, you should be able to contact the owners of the house and break the lease she signed, or have the boyfriend move out. I don't see how travel lodge is involved in this as it appears to be an agreement between 2 different private parties that they are not privy too.
sandy on 08/23/2012:
Please tell me your girlfriend isn't paying on this lease when she isn't living there. If the unscrupulous person's boyfriend is living there with her, let the two of them pay for the house, contact the owners of the house, explain the situation, get out of the lease and let the owner's deal with the two people who are staying there.

But like macdave posted, knowing you couldn't stay with your girlfriend when she moved what were your plans for where to live? Why can you not continue with those and have your girlfriend stay with you there. Since you were staying at the Travel lodge with her, were you not helping her with expenses there, can you not continue to help? I hope you are able to at least resolve being able to get her things back from Travel lodge and hopefully this will work out in the end.
CowboyFan on 08/24/2012:
The phrase "I stayed with my girlfriend" indicates the OP was living at Travelodge and the girlfriend was paying for it--as evidenced that they are now homeless.

The only reason that Travelodge would have their possessions is if they did not pay the hotel bill.

This has nothing to do with Travelodge, but is an arrangement between adults that did not work out.
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Bad Experience with Travel Lodge/Super 8 - Shelburne, VT
Posted by on
SHELBURNE, VERMONT -- In October 2007, I blocked off 36 rooms with Travelodge for my wedding this October 2008. I received Group Code #CG2200. Guests booked their rooms. In early May, I left a voicemail on Trey's answering machine stating I wanted to check on how many rooms were left. Two weeks later, I left another voicemail message. I never got a response.

On June 24th, my sister in law called to book a room only to be told they had no more left. I called the front desk and was told that they had no record of my room block, nor any record of anyone's reservations. I told them I had booked in October 2007 with [snip]. At that time I was told that Trey had left the Travel Lodge back in December 2007. However, his voicemail was still on their phone and there was no indication that he was gone. I was instructed to call back on the 25th and speak to the manager Orhan. I called on the 25th and Orhan also said he could not find any information for the group code, although he did say the group code belonged to their hotel. He stated that they were in the process of changing owners from Travelodge to Super 8. He asked to have until Friday 6/27 to see if they could cancel other people's reservations to fix their error.

On Friday 6/27, I called Orhan and he stated that he spoke with the owner about the issue, and they tried to cancel a bus tour, but couldn't because they had already paid. So he said they were not able to accommodate our guests, even though we had the room block booked a year in advance. I asked to speak with the owner [snip], and was told that Orhan would have him call me that day. At 4:00, I never received a call, so I called back and was told that he was not in for the day. I left a message to have him call me on Saturday 6/29. I never received a call on 6/29. I called again Monday 6/30 and was told the owner would be in around noon. I said I'd call back. I called back at 1:00 and was told that he was still not in. I left another message for him to call me. On 7/1, I have yet to hear back from the owner.

I have made my reservations elsewhere, but this has been a huge inconvenience to all of my guests who had rooms booked and now had to scramble 3 months before the wedding to find other accommodations (and now have to pay a higher price). Many of my guests are concerned because they had given credit card numbers to hold the rooms and now they wonder where that information went. I have at least 12 names of people who had booked rooms with the Travel Lodge/Super 8, and some had their confirmation numbers. Now those are not going to be honored.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/01/2008:
I believe both Super 8 and Travelodge are owned by Wyndham Hotels - you might try their corporate headquarters to see if they have other properties in the area that could help out. Good luck!
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False advertising, dangerous
Posted by on
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My family stayed at the San Antonio Travelodge on NW Loop 410 West July 10, 2004. Right from the start it was not up to par. However, the kiddos were tired and we stayed. They advertised this large 1 bedroom suite with a kitchenette, perfect for my budget (79.99). I called the hotel twice before leaving to verify the room had cooking utensils and dinnerware. Well, they did not! I called the operator at 8pm and 9pm both times assured they would bring them right up, never did. $20 out for pizza. The next morning I tried the stove (gas) to make breakfast. Pilot was not lit. After calling the front desk and being assured once again they would light it AND bring the utensils I waited 45 minutes then called the Travelodge customer service. Within 20 minutes we had everything however we had gone downstairs for the "Continental breakfast". Their version was white toast, wheat toast or frosted flakes. $15 out for Jack in the box. We then went to SeaWorld. After 8 hours there we were exhausted and ready to relax in our lovely room (sticky kitchen floor, stained carpet...). When we opened the door (had to kick it cuz it sticks bad) at 5:20 we were hit in the face with GAS! We went around the corner and called the front using our cellphone (prime minutes, roaming) and were assured someone would be right up. 30 minutes of standing on the 3rd floor balcony (no elevator) we left the kids by the door and packed up. 15 minutes later the place still reeked of gas and we went to check out, only to be told there would be no refund. WELL, I'm a redheaded yankee and after some "sweet talking" lol the man in the wrinkled and torn shirt did not charge for that night (7/11) but refused to refund or discount the previous (7/10). Almost ruined our vacation but Comfort Suites saved the day! That place is wonderful!!! Thanks for listening and hopefully you will not stay with Travelodge. ps: I filled a complaint with the company and if the hotel does not contact us in 7 days I have to call back and THEN the company will investigate. What a crock
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User Replies:
compwiz on 07/19/2004:
Crappy hotels = Crappy service. I would never stay in a Travelodge. You should always ask to see the room before checking in.
qtpi on 07/24/2004:
I had a bad experience with Travelodge recently too. I had stayed at this hotel once before and was familiar with the rooms so when I made the reservation, I paid a premium for a large suite since I was traveling with an elderly person and I knew exactly what I wanted. I even e-mailed to verify that I had the room I wanted. When we checked in and went to our room, it was very small and not at all what I had asked for. When I spoke to the manager, he told me if I would take that room, he would give me a reduced price. How nice of him since we had paid for an oversized suite and if we had not complained, they would have been more than happy to charge us a premium price for a regular room. What a scam.
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