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Poor Quality and Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
This was my first pre lit artificial Christmas tree. Paid in excess of $1500 for this disaster. Although the 12 foot tree is very nice, After one season of storage according to manufacturer guidelines I assembled the tree the next year and found that I needed to replace almost 1/3 of the lights that had burned out. I Called customer service to complain and got the run around about their bankruptcy/new ownership and inability to honor any warranty. They said the "New owners" just bought the company name and were not responsible for product problems prior to re-organization. I swear to God the customer service representative was the same lady who took my order the year before! I did some research and found that they lost a court fight with some Chinese manufacturer for poor quality light products in 2010 and filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying the damages awarded. Looks Like I am the unlucky recipient of whatever product quality they were fighting about. They sold me a product that they knew they were in trouble within 2010. In 2011 I had to purchase 15 replacement packages of fifty lights each(750 individual lamps)and could not even secure a lousy 10% discount on them in lieu of the lost warranty coverage. I am out of replacement lights now in 2012 as I have spent the last three nights replacing about four lights on every branch as I assembled the tree. There is clearly something wrong with the product quality of lights in the pre lit tree product line sold by this company prior to 2011 as it looks like they have moved to a different mini light vendor in later products. I would be very wary of buying here. I understand that bankruptcy changes things. But you would think that a purchase in excess of $1500 would at least get you some consideration and perhaps keep me as a returning customer by providing some free replacement lights or at leas a discount on a new tree. I won't buy from this company again. In fact I might just go back to non lit. Its a heck of lot easier to string your own lights than to replace a couple hundred every season. The replacement bulbs they sold do not fit into the socket so I have to take each each new lamp bulb out of the socket it was shipped in and replace it into the socket of the burned out lamp. Not fun.
The bulbs do not release easily and its a real ordeal.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 12/13/2012:
Was this a purchase made in 2010 or 2011? It sounds as if you've had the tree for a couple of years.

I can appreciate the frustration. I don't think I'd feel much different. On the other hand, I prefer to purchase more locally, but expect a little more in local support. Some retailers will even offer extended warranties on these forms of purchases so that, in the event something doesn't work correctly, they're the ones standing the expense and problems, not you as a consumer.

Thank you so much for posting.
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Poor Communication on Tree Order
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- My wife and I purchased a Christmas Tree with on Nov 18, 2012 and were informed that the tree would be delivered in 5-7 business days. No problem, right? Well we called on day 5 to inquire if the tree had been shipped because the online order status showed to be 'processing.' The representative told us that he showed the tree to be shipped and that a tracking number was not available because of the quick delivery special that they were providing. In the special they don't take the extra day to assign a tracking number and get it out sooner. I waited until day 7 and called back again and the representative said it had shipped and they would escalate the case to another department that could locate a backup tracking number. We received a call the next day stating that the tree was out of stock and they would not have more. All this time our credit card had already been charged for the tree. We were given the option to order another tree and only after asking if we could receive a discount because of the inconvenience did they offer a $50 credit toward a new tree. I asked why we weren't notified earlier, before our card was charged, that it was out of stock. Their response was that they were only able to track this after I had called in. The company does not have a good system in delivering trees. Since we were notified of this on Dec 1st, we decided to buy a tree elsewhere. Save your money and time and purchase with a different company.
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Never buy from this company
Posted by on
PINCKNEY, MICHIGAN -- I paid A LOT of money for a tree that has an entire section that doesn't light and the plugs don't work properly between the sections. Now I am using two extension cords snaking up the $750.00 tree and I'm unable to use just the white lights (which I paid extra for). I am EXTREMELY dissatisfied with this company and wish I had checked these online reviews before purchasing this tree. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! They have no interest in resolving this issue, believe me, I have tried. I went to the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint and they have an "F" rating. Run away!
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 12/16/2011:
Before your complaint can be properly addressed, it is critical to know when you bought it.

While there is a new company named Tree Classics, it bought only the assets of the old company that is in bankruptcy and did not assume any of the liabilities (including warranties) of the old company. This is explained somewhere on the Tree Classics website, that is maintained by the new company.

If you ask me, they should have ditched the name, because all the previous customers who have crappy expensive non-functional trees are going to hold the new company responsible.
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Tree Classics - Beware
Posted by on
WISCONSIN -- Do not purchase from this company. They were "supposedly" purchased by a new company in January and do not have information from the previous owner and cannot help you if you bought a tree from them. Although their website boasts since 1976. They will charge your credit card when they do not even have the product. They also cannot tell you where your order is when you call, and hang up on you when you ask where it is and when it was shipped. POOR and rude service! Since I did not receive my order I wanted to know what type of bulbs were on the tree and they said they didn't know, and that I could not purchase them in a store. Do not waste your money!
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trmn8r on 12/03/2011:
There are two things going on here. First, yes they are a new company and do not support the trees sold prior to their ownership.

Did you order replacement bulbs from the new company, and if so, when? How did you know which to order if the new company doesn't sell bulbs for the trees sold by the previous one?

There is no call for the CSR's to be rude.
Nohandle on 12/03/2011:
It's my understanding these trees are very expensive. Why would a new company boast of being in business since 1976 when they apparently don't know anything about the previous business? It doesn't sound as if they bought the *Good Name* franchise. Good grief, tell prospective customers you are the new boy on the block and tell them what you have to offer.

I've heard of individuals purchasing pre-lit artificial trees and having to buy strings of lights if they wanted any working lights at all. Somewhat defeats the purpose. Thanks for the warning.
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Posted by on
BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- Bought a $1,000 Christmas tree from Tree Classics after the season in January 2010 with a 1 year/10 year warranty. At 11 months middle section stopped working. Called Tree Classics for return authorization. As instructed sent middle section back to Tree Classics January 2011. Called in April to check status of repair, no response. Finally figured out that this company was out of business/bankrupt even though their internet page was still up although not operational! Surprise in fall 2011! Tree Classics internet page operational again in fall 2011 but with different address/phone, different state. Same look, same feel, 10 year warranty, etc. Called for my missing section. Advised that this is "new" company that bought assets from previous bankrupt company but know nothing about my missing section -- they didn't buy company records or the my pending warranty work. "Sorry" -- I'm out of luck. But they have a "special" discount deal for old customers of the previous Tree Classics. How would they know if I was an "old" customer if they didn't have the records? My experience, my recommendation: don't get snookered, don't buy from this company that advertises decades of service.
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User Replies:
swimjim on 11/27/2011:
Seems you're out of luck, and the "new" owners don't appear to be to sympathetic or enthusiastic. I'd inquire if they'd give you a deal on only the section you need in exchange for not reporting them to the BBB, not that they'd likely care.
Red Foreman on 11/27/2011:
Good review. I agree swimjim. Changes of ownership are usually a turn for the worse for established consumers.
Helpful on 12/01/2011:
Just an FYI, there is a new company that opened up in that location in Barrington called Treetime. Different company but selling Christmas goods. They managed to actually save hundreds of Tree Classics customer's warranty trees that were being thrown out by Balsam Hill who bought Tree Classics last Spring when they were moving all saleable goods out of the Illinois location. I know because part of my tree section was one that was saved and thankfully there are some nice people left in this world or we would have been out nearly 1000 bucks with 1/2 a tree missing. I went there and spoke to the Treetime owner who managed to find my tree part. Call up Treetime 847-527-8880 and ask them they might actually have your tree part in their warehouse!!!!
Aqua on 01/18/2012:
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM Tree I have a 12 ft prelit LED tree that I purchased a couple of years ago for over $2000 and when I called today they told me about the buyout and said they didn't have any replacement bulbs and didn't know where I could get any. This company is a total rip-off. They probably just wanted to get out of all their warranties.
Boston on 12/02/2012:
I found actually that the original Tree Classics' owner / founder had passed away. Company went bankrupt and was bought by Balsam Hill (terrible rated company as well). Some of the people who lost their jobs and others started, same place old Tree Classics used to be. No affiliation to the old company. It's a shame though that the new owners of Tree Classics don't stand by the brand. It used to be a very reputable business.
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Poor lights on tree, garlands & wreath
Posted by on
LAKE BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- In Nov '07, I spent $800 and purchased a 7' Barrington frasier fir tree with multicolored lights and two Monaco spruce garlands and wreath with clear lights. After the first season I had to replace approximately 50 lights. I called Tree Classics about this and they sent me additional bulbs. The next year the same thing happened and I called again since I was still within the warranty period.

Once again I was sent additional bulbs. Each season when I put away my tree and garlands, I replace any burned out lights. When I put up my Christmas decorations the following year, there are more bulbs that have burned out. I don't understand that. This year, I replaced about 20 bulbs at the start of the season and then about 50 after the one month they were used. The bulbs are very hard to remove and this annual job is becoming very frustrating to me.

You assume that when you pay top dollar for the Christmas decorations that they would work properly. I noticed on the internet, that quite a few customers have experienced the same problems as I have had. I sent two e-mails to Tree Classics this month ( Jan '11) in order to get more clear bulbs and have received no response, so customer service is lacking as well. Recently, when you go on their website, you have trouble getting to their customer service.

Tree Classics is obviously using poor quality string lights. My hopes were to have little work with a prelit tree, garlands, and wreath. I thought I was buying a good product from a reputable company, after all they have "The World's Finest Artificial Christmas Trees". Instead I am spending more time replacing bulbs (50-70 per season) than ever before.

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User Replies:
timmyj3 on 01/25/2011:

This company sells defective import junky trees and advertises them as a high end full warranty product. I too have had nothing but grief with the lights. I replaced 150-200 after the first year and finally just pitched the tree out as it was a fire hazard.

I suggest filing an online complaint with the Barrington,IL BBB. It won't do much good but at least it will be on file. They have many many complaints with the BBB. A credit card chargeback could be tried but if its over 6 months you probably won't have any luck.

All we can do is get the word out on any consumer web-site we can. Tree Classics is a fraud and doesn't stand behind their products.
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Tree Classic pre-lit tree - Had to buy more lights to make up for problems.
Posted by on
LAKE BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- Purchased an expensive (over $700) multi-color mini-lite Christmas tree in 2009 from Tree Classics. The tree was functional for the 2009 Christmas. We were looking forward to setting up our tree for the 2010 Christmas - an activity that gradually turn into frustration. There were a large number of bulbs that would no longer lite. We contacted the Company and Linda (customer service - very polite and helpful) sent out 25 replacement bulbs and then (after a second call) an additional 25 bulbs. However, we soon learned that not all of our outages could be resolve by replacing lights. We had one entire section that was not functioning, even after replacing (multiple times)the fuse for that light section.

Contacted the Company again, and were informed that they did have some "lighting problems" and we could return the problem tree section for repair - after Christmas. I was not happy about the unnecessary aggravation factor (tree sections are heavy/awkward), but it seemed a reasonable solution. Then during the Christmas holidays two additional strings of lights went out - on other sections of the tree. Now we had a tree with "holes" in it. Our only solution was to go purchase "stand alone" light strings to supplement the lights on our pricey and dysfunctional pre-lit tree.

Once again I contacted the Company and spoke with friendly Linda. Explained my problem - I was sold a "bad" pre-lit tree. I offered to return the non-functioning tree and was willing to pay the difference in price to upgrade to LED pre-lit tree. (I know I may be throwing good money after bad.) Linda said she would explain the circumstances to Alex (supervisor) and he would contact me. He never called. After several days I called back and was informed that Alex would surely contact me - he never called. I called back again and happen to catch Alex in the office. He knew nothing about my problem. After re-explaining, he said that he would have to refer the matter to the owner - Leon Ganze. Either Alex or Mr. Ganze would contact me.

Waited several days for a call back which never came. So I called again on Jan. 18, 2011. Their answering machine message stated that their business was closed until April 1, 2011. Their web site was also frozen on their home page. I sent an email looking for anyone to call me - no response.

I just didn't believe that this Company would ignore a customer and disappear for months - particularly after committing to a call back. I choose this Company because they had been in business for a long time. Apparently longevity is not necessarily an indication of quality products or timely customer service.

I am still hopeful that this Company will do the right thing - starting with contacting me and replacing a defective product. This tree was not worth $700.

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User Replies:
joeyvv on 01/24/2011:
Sorry to hear about your problems. We are all in the same boat with this fraudulent company. They offer NO service after the sale. My worry free lights are anything but.

Some posters have urged BBB online filings. It is probably too late for CC chargeback. At least these crooks are being exposed on consumer websites.

Sorry that you got rip-offed too.
timmyj3 on 05/22/2011:
This has to be one of the worst internet sellers out there. They have light issues big time and then sell their junk as "worry free". yeah right.

I suggest the credit card chargeback. Some cards will go back a full year. As above comment. the bbb is just a good way to hang another report on them.
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Worry free lights tree is defective. Terrible Company.
Posted by on
I bought a worry free lights tree this past summer. It was over $450. I started to put it up for the holidays in early December. I get this tree assembled and up and the lights don't work! Probably a third of the lights are out. I call Tree Classics and no one answers the phone. You get into this endless voicemail loop. I am not happy.

I finally get through to customer service. They are clearly under staffed and don't want to hear about problems. They tell me they don't have any of the lights for my tree. I can send it back to them AFTER Christmas and they will repair this crappy tree. I ask for a refund and they say no. This is the worst service I have ever had. We packed it back up and put it back in the garage. What a rip-off. I have started a charge back with my CC company. TOTAL RIP-OFF. $450 gone!
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User Replies:
timmyj3 on 02/01/2011:
This company is awful. I too have "worry-free" lights that are junk. They sent me a handful of replacement lights and that was it. They do NOT stand behind their own warranties.

You may file an online complaint at the BBB of Barrington,IL. It won't do much good but at least your complaint will be on file. Maybe its time to write to the Attorney General of Illinois about this awful company.
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Very Disappointed With Customer Service
Posted by on
FOREST, VIRGINIA -- We purchased the 9' Regency Evergreen in October 2007 and paid extra for the bright white LED lights. That season it looked great.

When we set it up for Christmas 2008, all the lights with the exception of 2 branches had gone to a dingy yellow color.

It's not an electrical problem as we did a test to swap out bulbs to different branches and the color of the LED lights followed when we plugged them in different locations. It is definitely a bulb problem.

We have been working with their customer service now for over 4 mos. to get resolved. We have been told by their representatives that most people prefer the "soft" color. We do not and it seems this is just an excuse for a difficult problem they seem not to be able to resolve.

We have had the tree returned and sent back to us twice now. They admit they had issues with a batch of white LED lights back when we purchased the tree. They have yet to fix the problem.

When we sent it back we spent a lot of time on the phone with them and specifically mentioned the two white branches. What they did was simply removed all the white lights from those two branches and replace them with the dingy yellow LED lights, say it was fixed, and then shipped it back to us. However, they missed two single lights thus proving our point.

On both occasions we have specifically mentioned details about the tree while they had it there for repair; however, they tree comes back to us in the same condition.

During the last time, I even mentioned I wanted the floor on/off pedal switch replaced as it had broken. They never fixed it, never said a word about it and just shipped the tree back.

At this point I am very disappointed with them and would not recommend them to anyone. Unless they can make good on this situation, my opinion of the company will not change.

I do have names of people I talked to; however, I do not feel it appropriate to mention names in a public forum such as this as it would not be professional, but would gladly discuss this with a company representative if they would like to contact me.
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Like a Bad Dream
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- I bought a Christmas Tree last week from this site, the very next morning, the price went down $20. I asked for a price adjustment and was told that I would get the credit. But customer service at tree classics didn't verbalize this to me in the normal way a retailer would. Instead of saying, "we will credit back $20 to your credit card and you will see it on your statement in 3 to 5 business days", they told me that I qualified for the credit and that they would send the information on to other managers. What?? Huge red flag.

Since then, I have been calling and emailing with no resolution. Now, a week later, I got an email from a customer service representative telling me that they would adjust the price to $369, which is more than I paid for the tree in the first place!!! Please be warned of this fraudulent bunch of people. I have watched (and you can too) how they manipulate pricing and percentages on their website.

Also, at the bottom of TreeClassic web page, there is a picture of an intelligent/sophisticated looking blond customer service woman. Check it out, then call them on the number provided and engage them in conversation.
Company Response 11/03/2014:
Thank you for your valuable feedback. We are sorry to hear about the experience you've had with us thus far. Please send in your Order ID at We would like to review the conversations you've had with our customer service team and check the details of your order, so we can hopefully assist with your credit back request. We hope to hear from you soon.
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