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Terrible Company to Deal With
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Rating: 1/51

OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- If you want a great looking tree, are willing to pay good money for it and expect good consistent customer service DO NOT BUY A TREE FROM THIS COMPANY,! The problem we had is so ridiculous I plan to post this almost daily for one year. Here is what happen.

The trees are gorgeous. We were delighted with our tree. It was simple to put up. The problem started after Christmas as we were putting away the tree. We discovered we misplaced replacement light bulbs. We accepted our error and need to buy more replacement bulbs. I called the company. They informed me they were out of stock. No problem, right? WRONG! The day was 1-28-13.

They informed me they were out of replacement lights and it was up to me to call them back IN SEPTEMBER or OCTOBER of 2013, (8 months from now), when they would get more stock. I was shocked. Year long service, supply and demand is evidently not this company's business plan. What if a business wanted to have “Christmas in July?”

I told the's initial “management rep” - as he described himself - this was not acceptable. They were asking me to accept THEIR responsibility of selling more product. I was the customer, not the buyer or sales person! I refused to keep any note reminding me to order more bulbs in Sept. 2013. They were not willing to assist. After many fake apologies by them and my insistence to complain higher up, the same representative called me two hours later telling me they would send the bulbs out. He tried to take my order but it would not go through. I was asked to wait.

A new person got on the phone and acted like he knew nothing of the issue and also informed me they do not get new stock in until Sept. or Oct. 2013. I patiently asked him to read the notes they surely must have made on my account. He still did not act like he knew the problem. I was flabbergasted. He had complete information on me and my personal info, yet did not act like he had notes on the two earlier discussions with them that day - or communicated to the person forwarding the call to him?

Bad Company: These trees are expensive. They are obviously made and come from overseas. The box says China. If this company is not going to have the “business brains” to maintain small inventories of accessory stock for their trees DO NOT BUY them. I strongly discourage buying from Why?

Who's to say the bulb style will stay the same next year? They will - but should you believe them? Who's to say they won't run out of other tree parts, and there are many? They will - but should you believe them? Who's to say they can look at your records and intelligently help you? They will - but can you believe them? When you spend good money for quality artificial Christmas trees buy it from someone that will be able to help EVEN “after” Christmas too. Search for “Best Artificial Christmas Trees” and DO NOT CHOOSE!

Faulty Wiring on a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree and Worthless Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- We purchased a pre-lit Christmas tree in late November. Shortly after arriving strands of lights started to go out. When we called we were told to change the fuses on the effected light strands. The idea that (a week after receiving a new tree) having to replace the fuses seemed a bit unreasonable, never mind mind the difficulty (including several broken ornaments) in reaching such fuses and trying to figure out which fuses were for the affected lights. Even considering the issues noted above, we replaced all the fuses and bulbs but the lights still did not work.

I called customer service to complain. I was then told that we bought a "Clearance" item (all their trees are marked down, so all are Clearance) and we only had 10 days to receive a refund or replacement. I pointed out that the lights were under a 30 day warranty and the customer service representative took my number and told me that someone would call back. When over 24 hours passed, I called again and spoke with a gentleman who told me that they would send me a replacement tree and he would send via 2 day mail. After I received the tree he said I was to donate the original tree to a non-profit.

After several days passed, I tried calling back multiple times but could not get through to a live person. I was on the phone multiple times listening to their recording, only be disconnected after over 40 minutes of waiting. I then started to send more emails but never received a reply.

Finally, on Dec 21 we received a phone message that I needed to send them a copy of the donation receipt to continue the replacement process. I did not get the message until 12/24 and called customer service. The woman on the phone told me that I needed to donate the tree that day, otherwise, it would be considered "using the tree" over Christmas and they would not honor the request for replacement.

I pointed out that it was completely unreasonable for me to donate a Christmas Tree on Christmas Eve and furthermore, they had not engendered any level of trust with us to make me believe they would live up to their end of the agreement. Even if I had someplace to donate the tree and was willing to do without a tree on Christmas, I had no reason to believe they would honor the request for replacement. The response was silence and then the service representative noted that she would enter the fact that I was refusing to abide by their return process, so I was now on my own.

In the end she said they would send me replacement strands for a pre-lit tree. The idea of removing all the lights and then attaching new lights for a brand new tree seems completely unreasonable, and doing so in the week before Christmas is ridiculous. We paid for a pre-lit tree but received a potentially dangerous product (lights worked initially and then started going off, so there could be a short) that they will not stand behind.

Bottom line, this shop did not honor their warranty and seems to be a complete scam. I wish I did a little more research before doing business with them. I do not recommend doing any business with Tree Classics or their owner Heavenly Holidays LLC. They do not stand behind their product.

Company Response 01/08/2015:

Hi! Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We are sincerely sorry for the lighting issues you encountered with your tree and for your experience with us thus far. Please send your Order ID to We would like to review your order and further assist you with your concern.

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Rating: 1/51

OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- My wife purchased a tree from this company. In some website debacle somehow we received confirmation for 3 trees. We called immediately to report the problem and were told the trees were already shipped which would make this company the fastest shipping company in history. After calling FedEx and finding out that indeed the packages were not shipped we called back to let the customer service reps of the info we received from FedEx. (Phone call durations were 25 minutes before you actually would speak to someone at your company).

We thought that would be the end of it but just when you think it couldn't get any worse the customer service reps informed us that either they would escalate the problem to a manager, or that we were inevitably responsible to pay for your mistake.

Your company decided to take the second option and charge our credit card for all 3 trees. In case anyone was doing the math that would be $900 for the purchase of 1 tree but force fed 3. We called back again and told them that the extra charges had occurred and again we were told that the problem will be escalated to management. Well, we had to go to our credit card company and tell them what had occurred to get the extra $600 removed from the credit card balance. Then we had to call your company back because the emails that were sent went unanswered.

Again, 25 minutes of hold time only to be told again that we were responsible for the charges and if we tried to reject the extra 2 Christmas trees that we would be charged a $75 restocking fee and $50 each for the return shipping. At the end of the day the only correspondence that occurred that we did not initiate were 2 emails that we just received on 12/18/14 and 12/19/14. Each said that you were sorry for the inconvenience but you were really busy.

The first one spelled out your process for returns and charges that would apply. The second email said you apologize again but that you couldn't find our orders. (You had no trouble finding my credit card number to charge me 3 times.) We still have yet to receive a phone call from anyone at your company. Not 1 email apologizing for the inadequate treatment from anyone at your company. And just so you don't think that I think that I was very friendly to your reps, I was not and neither would anyone have been if you were put in the same situation.

All I can say is that your gestapo tactics and trying to strong arm people into paying for your mistakes leaves an extremely bad taste in my mouth. Your company turned what should have been a cheerful jolly experience of buying a Christmas tree and made it complete hell. I'm sure even after this review nobody from your company would feel compelled to pick up the phone and simply apologize for ruining this experience. But from the ** family in Duluth Georgia, I hope you have a Merry Christmas. But, perhaps reviewing your processes and the way you try to get people to pay for things they didn't order or pay for mistakes that your company makes might be a very important new years resolution for the powers that be at your company. Thank God this is finally over!!!

Company Response 12/22/2014:

We sincerely apologize for the mishap on your order and the resulting customer service you experienced with our team. We would like to attend to your concerns and help resolve this issue immediately. Please send us your Order ID to so we can review what happened to your order and determine what course of action we can take on your behalf. Thank you.

Company Response 12/28/2014:

Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback, Eric. Our sincere apologies for your customer experience thus far. Please send your Order ID to We would like to review your order and further assist you with your concern.

Order Not Yet Shipped
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Rating: 1/51

WISCONSIN -- Terrible!!! Placed order on Nov. 30th and it is the 3rd now and it still has not shipped. On their website it states, orders placed before midnight go out the next day. My wife placed the order knowing she would need it by a certain date and it definitely isn't going to make, hope it makes it for Christmas?? Called to check on order and the guy has no clue when it will go out. Will never order another thing from this company and will leave reviews as well so people know to never order from them.

Company Response 12/10/2015:

Hi, we understand how frustrating this must be and we cannot apologize enough for this. We'd like to check the status of your order, please send us an email at so we can review and update you accordingly. Thank you.

Defective Products -Sub-Standard Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- Received the tree and put it up the same day just to test lights, etc. One light socket doesn't work. Tried replacement bulbs (most of which are defective and don't work) but even the ones that did didn't resolve the problem. Sent an e-mail to Classic Trees yesterday evening (same day of receipt and discovery) notifying them I am returning for full replacement.

  1. They will not pay for shipping on defective products.
  2. They will charge me a 10% "restocking fee" on defective products.

This place is a scam. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THEM.

Update 11/04/2015:

Tree Classics,

I have e-mails from your office referring me to your return policy, which states I MUST pay for the return shipping. There is no offer to send me a shipping label, even though I specifically asked. Let's not play games here.

Days later, when I filed a complaint with PayPal (the means by which I paid) your company suddenly sends me a Fedex return label AFTER I confirmed I returned the tree to you AT MY EXPENSE. The e-mail replies still say I must pay a 10% restocking fee. However, suddenly you have refunded my entire purchase price (no 10% restocking fee) via PayPal, at least that was your companies response to PayPal. I am still monitoring for credit to my account.

Your company is still silent regarding reimbursing me my nearly $100.00 return shipping costs.

My order number is 143608. Let's see if you reimburse my return shipping fee. Had you advised me you would pay for return shipping and sent me a return label, I would not have had to pay for it myself.

I believe only when a consumer goes public with your firm do you actually take notice. This is not customer service. Let's see what you do now.

Company Response 11/03/2015:

Hi Karen, we're sorry to hear about your experience with our customer service and that there were charges for returning your tree. We understand how frustrating this must be and we'd like to help you. Tree Classics would never expect you to pay for a defective product. We would like to request for your Order ID, please send it to so we can review the specifics of your order and find a solution as soon as

Horrible Product, Awful Customer Service, Stay Away!!!
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Rating: 1/51

OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- I purchased a Christmas tree from Tree Classics just over 2 years ago. The tree cost $670! Supposedly a "quality" tree, well the tree is defective. It is a tree with pre-installed lights and two years into owning it and half the lights on the tree have gone out. The tree is low quality, defective and now useless. Along with either receiving a refund or a replacement for the tree I want to make sure others know not to do business with this company.

I called their customer service department and followed all of their instructions in terms of how to fix the tree lights. After all of their suggestions failed (replace fuses, wiggle the lights, etc) ** (worst representative ever) tells me that I was out of luck and good luck with the tree. Are you kidding?! Just barely outside the warranty and nothing they are willing to do to help with their defective product. Just an awful company with horrible customer service. Seriously, stay far away from this company. Their products are horrible/defective as is their customer service.

Company Response 01/23/2014:

Hi Rooneys2006, we are sorry to hear about your disappointment regarding your tree's lights and the service you received from us. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. We would like to help you with your Tree Classics Order and resolve this issue. Please forward your Order ID to so we can personally verify the specifics of your Order and look into further possible options for your tree. Thank you.

Company Response 02/07/2014:

Hi Robert, we apologize for any inconvenience the lighting issue may have caused you. After sending initial troubleshooting steps to you, we have escalated this concern to our Management team to look into your account. We have determined that unfortunately, your tree's light warranty has expired. We deeply apologize that we are unable to service your tree and if the outcome is not what is expected. Please let us know if we can answer any further questions by sending us an email to Thank you.

Favorable Experience
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Rating: 5/51

JACKSON, MI, MICHIGAN -- My tree arrived soon after it was ordered. It was in good shape and was easy to put together. All lights worked and I was fascinated that I could choose clear, multi-colored or the chase feature of clear & multi-colored lights. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend Tree Classics to anyone who may be shopping for a new Christmas tree.

Buyer Beware!
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Rating: 1/51

BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- Twice I have written negative reviews on this company but neither was ever published. The 5 star ratings products are deceptive and misleading since all negative reviews are suppressed.

The expensive tree I ordered was defective after its first year of use-- from frequent breakage of the ends of branches (fortunately, so far you can't tell) to burned out lights after one season. Each year after the first year of use, I have had to replace 100 lights on my 800 light tree. Not only that, I have to order from the company because the size is so odd only their replacement lights fit. WAIT! IT GETS WORSE!!! The replacement lights don't fit the light strands; their bases are too big.

So you have to pull the bulb out of both the new and old light base and then thread the new bulb into the old base. Can you imagine the trouble it has been to keep this up for the last 2/4 years of ownership? Since the company supposedly changed hands, the new CSRs are sympathetic to the mess I have with this tree, but can only process my order for new bulbs. Two packs of replacement lights (100 lights) cost more than a string of 100 incandescent lights.

So I am now stringing my own lights into this tree so it is sufficiently lit. How is this convenient? Worry-free? If you look carefully on the company's FAQ page, they will tell you that the replacement bulbs don't fit the old strands of lights on the tree and that you have to go through a bulb swap. And still customers give these replacement lights 5 stars and glowing reviews on how great it is to have a way to keep a tree going that would have otherwise burnt out in a couple years! Unhappy consumers like me can't warn potential buyers with our reviews. I can go in my account right now and see my reviews, and even edit them if I want, but no one sees them but me.

Company Response 11/22/2013:

We are sorry to hear about the experience you are having with your lights. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. We would like to review the specifics of your order so we can provide possible options for you. Please send your Order ID to Thank you.

Tree Classics & Balsam Hill Review - Buyer Beware Pyramid Scam
By -

REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA -- First off, I'm a former Balsam Hill customer who then bought a tree from Tree Classics in the hopes of getting something of a better quality. That didn't happen. Not only was my "Balsam Fir" rated "overall best" by Good housekeeping (yea right what a joke) completely fake-looking and sparse, but after 1 season lights all over it started going out. They claim that if one goes out the rest stay lit, that was a complete lie.

Next year in 2010 I bought a tree from Tree Classics "the worlds finest artificial Christmas trees"... so they claimed. Well, found out again that this time not even 1 season went by before lights started going out all over the place. I called the company and was told that after Christmas we'd be able to bring the tree there for a fix, no problem.

February comes 2011 and I find out the company phone was disconnected, they are out of business! To make matters worse, I find out two weeks ago through emails and online reviews that Tree Classics' name and website address was bought out by NONE OTHER THAN BALSAM HILL. Hilarious and ironic as that is, they are using some made-up parent company name called "Heavenly Holidays" to hide their own horrible brand and trying to separate themselves from another horribly rated brand.

It's like trying to put out fire with fire with these people. So now I find out that is owned by, Balsam Hill also owns and So they have all these pyramid scam sites all over the place selling the exact same products to different, unsuspecting clients. It's abominable and should be shut down!

After calling the new owners of (Balsam Hill) I talk to a rude individual who knows nothing and says they cannot help us in regards to ANY Tree Classics warranty. So they buy the name and take no responsibility for any customers. It's an absolute joke.

Very Disappointed With Customer Service
By -

FOREST, VIRGINIA -- We purchased the 9' Regency Evergreen in October 2007 and paid extra for the bright white LED lights. That season it looked great. When we set it up for Christmas 2008, all the lights with the exception of 2 branches had gone to a dingy yellow color. It's not an electrical problem as we did a test to swap out bulbs to different branches and the color of the LED lights followed when we plugged them in different locations. It is definitely a bulb problem.

We have been working with their customer service now for over 4 mos. to get resolved. We have been told by their representatives that most people prefer the "soft" color. We do not and it seems this is just an excuse for a difficult problem they seem not to be able to resolve. We have had the tree returned and sent back to us twice now. They admit they had issues with a batch of white LED lights back when we purchased the tree. They have yet to fix the problem.

When we sent it back we spent a lot of time on the phone with them and specifically mentioned the two white branches. What they did was simply removed all the white lights from those two branches and replace them with the dingy yellow LED lights, say it was fixed, and then shipped it back to us. However, they missed two single lights thus proving our point.

On both occasions we have specifically mentioned details about the tree while they had it there for repair; however, the tree comes back to us in the same condition. During the last time, I even mentioned I wanted the floor on/off pedal switch replaced as it had broken. They never fixed it, never said a word about it and just shipped the tree back.

At this point I am very disappointed with them and would not recommend them to anyone. Unless they can make good on this situation, my opinion of the company will not change. I do have names of people I talked to; however, I do not feel it appropriate to mention names in a public forum such as this as it would not be professional, but would gladly discuss this with a company representative if they would like to contact me.

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