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Tree Classics
6508 S 27th St, Suite 9200
Oak Creek, WI 53154
1-877-699-6278 (ph)
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Horrible Tree, Horrible Warranty, Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- We purchased a new tree from Tree Classics in 2010. They had to replace 2 sections because the tips get breaking off. The next year, in 2011, we continued to lose tips and called them. We find out that the previous owners declared bankruptcy and anyone with a tree purchased prior to a specific date in 2011, were no longer covered. One year old, and we were out of luck with any warranty issues. We were provided a form to file a claim against the previous owners to be considered in the bankruptcy, which probably wouldn't happen because they owed so many other vendors.

The new owner offered a "one time deal" to use a coupon toward another tree. It was for much off, I don't remember now, but it would have been too much money to buy another tree, even with their "one time offer" toward another tree. The lights on our tree also keep burning out. Each year when we put it up, there are tons of lights to replace. I purchased replacement bulbs from the "new owners" of Tree Classics, however, these don't really fit and we have to pull the bulb out and thread it into the old light base - a real pain.

We've had this tree for 4 years now, and we really feel like we are stuck with a poor quality, expensive tree. Every year, I dread putting it up, in fact, I just want to sit down and cry! I can't believe that people are still having the same problems even though they just bought a tree from the new owners this year, 2014! I also don't understand how the new owners can still call themselves Tree Classics and say they've been in business since 1976, when this just isn't true.

Who protects consumers from businesses like this? There is absolutely no recourse. I agree with a previous reviewer - Frontgate's products and customer service are by far superior. We have a beautiful pre-lit garland that we've have 4-5 years now, and have never replaced that first bulb!

Company Response 12/10/2014:

Hi Sharon, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience the transition has caused you and for the issues you are having with your tree. Please know that Tree Classics Inc. (TCI) was founded in 1976 by Triumph International and in 2011 it was purchased by Heavenly Holidays LLC. More information can be found online at this address: Please email us at if there is anything else we can assist you with.

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Rating: 1/51

WISCONSIN -- Was refurbishing a home with a huge brick wall fireplace and 22 foot high pine ceilings and so with a fantastic picture of a future Christmas in my head, I ordered a 15 foot Cascade Fir end of December 2011 for $899.77. Tree arrived timely in January 2012. House finally ready in Spring 2013 and one of the things I was looking forward to was Christmas and that great tree! Till we took it all out of the four boxes it was shipped in on Monday, 12/16. The good thing was each section of lights worked even after sitting in its boxes for nearly two years. The very bad thing? No instructions! FOUR boxes of tree and the instruction CD is blank!

It was too late to call customer service back east (I am on Oregon coast) so I called Tuesday and explained but customer service cannot help. Huh? Cannot email me instructions? Cannot get a tech on the phone? No, but they could forward my request to Support and suggested I email my questions also since I would probably get a faster response. So I sent an email advising problem with connectivity of lights from section to section (too many males, not enough females) and inquired as to what are/how to use/why all the extra metal bars enclosed and then included my telephone number and email address.

Wednesday, 12/18, received an email reply thanking me for my inquiry and to please provide a telephone number! I again sent my telephone number via email. Then I called customer service again in hopes of getting faster action. Not a chance. Thursday, 12/19, I received an email thanking me for my telephone number and received assurance someone would get back to me. A FULL WEEK LATER, ON CHRISTMAS DAY, I received an email stating Tree Classics could not help me. Ya think?

Good thing we bought a cut tree, donated our $899.77 Tree Classics fiasco to a shelter, and had a pleasant holiday. And there is no refund, no partial credit, NO APOLOGY, no return shipping unless at my expense, etc... I would never, never, never, never purchase another item from Tree Classics and will spend time on review sites, talking to anyone who will listen, notifying the Better Business Bureau, etc... to warn against this company.

Awful Customer Service—Don't Buy From This Company
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- A century ago, the poet Joyce Kilmer famously wrote that "only God can make a tree." Mr. Kilmer, of course, had no way of anticipating the advent of the artificial Christmas tree industry. On the second Saturday of this past November, my wife ordered a manufactured Christmas tree with LED lighting from Tree Classics. That night, **'s sleep was interrupted by the sudden precognition that our large collection of Hallmark electric ornaments would be incompatible with an LED configuration. "Don't worry about it," I told her. "In the morning you can call and change the order to a tree with standard lighting. Certainly they don't ship over the weekend."

Unfortunately, although the folks at Tree Classics are skilled at approximating divine arboreal creation, they proved to be absolutely incapable of preventing the shipment of the LED-lit tree that still resided within their warehouse at the time of the call. The representative explained to my incredulous wife that the only means of exchanging trees was for us to ship the unwanted tree back to the warehouse that it had not yet departed—at our considerable expense—and order the second tree. Tree Classics agreed to cheerfully return the purchase price of the first tree when it was once again in their possession.

The tree that we now own is pretty much like all other artificial trees: convenient, but—as if to confirm the words of the poet—not likely to be confused with the trees found in nature. It was in every way as advertised; my low rating has nothing to do with the quality or construction of the tree. The single star represents my experience with what Tree Classics curiously refers to as "customer service." I am writing this review nearly two months (and three telephone calls) after the original purchase and we have yet to receive our refund. A fourth call informed me that if I ever see my refund, it will reflect a 10% restocking fee.

Company Response 01/10/2014:

We sincerely apologize for the service you've received thus far from our customer service, wise1245, and for any inconvenience this has caused you. We'd like to review the conversations you've had with our customer service team and hope to provide you with further options for this issue and also follow up on your refund. Please send to us your Order ID at Thank you, and we hope to hear from you soon.

Extremely Disappointed With Tree and Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

Buyer Beware! We ordered this tree in November and were disappointed with the tree style and quality. We contacted the company for an RMA, and were told to send the tree back to the address on the box (in Georgia) for a refund. Well that is where all the problems started.

The tree was received in the Georgia warehouse on 11/29. We called several times during the first part of December to check the refund status and were told they were processing the refund. In late December we called to confirm they were processing the refund, and were then told the tree should have been shipped to Fresno, California. So why did they not tell us this sooner?

OK... so the nice lady said they would need to ship the tree to Fresno for the return (and a $50 fee in addition to the 10% restocking fee). She assured me that it would ship and the refund would be processed. I called a week later and another nice person told me "this is our busy season and it may take more time to ship the tree out to Fresno, but we will expedite the process." So this same conversation took place every few days throughout the end of December and until 9 January 2013.

I called today (21 January) and was told they have no records of the tree being shipped to Fresno, and that it can take up to 3 weeks to check the Georgia warehouse. Really, 3 weeks to check a warehouse! I was then told it may take 2 weeks to arrive in Fresno, and 30 days after that before the refund would be processed. Are you kidding me!?!

Oh... not to mention that when we originally received the tree it was covered in dust and smelled musty... great tree... not! Just forewarning if you are considering buying a tree from Tree Classics... better be sure you want the tree because they are HORRIBLE with returns! We will NEVER buy another tree from this company.

Poor Quality and Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

This was my first pre lit artificial Christmas tree. Paid in excess of $1500 for this disaster. Although the 12 foot tree is very nice, after one season of storage according to manufacturer guidelines I assembled the tree the next year and found that I needed to replace almost 1/3 of the lights that had burned out. I called customer service to complain and got the runaround about their bankruptcy/new ownership and inability to honor any warranty. They said the "New owners" just bought the company name and were not responsible for product problems prior to re-organization.

I swear to God the customer service representative was the same lady who took my order the year before! I did some research and found that they lost a court fight with some Chinese manufacturer for poor quality light products in 2010 and filed for bankruptcy to avoid paying the damages awarded. Looks like I am the unlucky recipient of whatever product quality they were fighting about. They sold me a product that they knew they were in trouble within 2010. In 2011 I had to purchase 15 replacement packages of fifty lights each (750 individual lamps) and could not even secure a lousy 10% discount on them in lieu of the lost warranty coverage.

I am out of replacement lights now in 2012 as I have spent the last three nights replacing about four lights on every branch as I assembled the tree. There is clearly something wrong with the product quality of lights in the pre lit tree product line sold by this company prior to 2011 as it looks like they have moved to a different mini light vendor in later products. I would be very wary of buying here. I understand that bankruptcy changes things. But you would think that a purchase in excess of $1500 would at least get you some consideration and perhaps keep me as a returning customer by providing some free replacement lights or at least a discount on a new tree.

I won't buy from this company again. In fact I might just go back to non lit. It's a heck of lot easier to string your own lights than to replace a couple hundred every season. The replacement bulbs they sold do not fit into the socket so I have to take each each new lamp bulb out of the socket it was shipped in and replace it into the socket of the burned out lamp. Not fun. The bulbs do not release easily and it's a real ordeal.

Poor Communication on Tree Order
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Rating: 1/51

OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- My wife and I purchased a Christmas Tree with on Nov 18, 2012 and were informed that the tree would be delivered in 5-7 business days. No problem, right? Well we called on day 5 to inquire if the tree had been shipped because the online order status showed to be 'processing.' The representative told us that he showed the tree to be shipped and that a tracking number was not available because of the quick delivery special that they were providing. In the special they don't take the extra day to assign a tracking number and get it out sooner.

I waited until day 7 and called back again and the representative said it had shipped and they would escalate the case to another department that could locate a backup tracking number. We received a call the next day stating that the tree was out of stock and they would not have more. All this time our credit card had already been charged for the tree. We were given the option to order another tree and only after asking if we could receive a discount because of the inconvenience did they offer a $50 credit toward a new tree.

I asked why we weren't notified earlier, before our card was charged, that it was out of stock. Their response was that they were only able to track this after I had called in. The company does not have a good system in delivering trees. Since we were notified of this on Dec 1st, we decided to buy a tree elsewhere. Save your money and time and purchase with a different company.

Very Disappointed With Customer Service
By -

FOREST, VIRGINIA -- We purchased the 9' Regency Evergreen in October 2007 and paid extra for the bright white LED lights. That season it looked great. When we set it up for Christmas 2008, all the lights with the exception of 2 branches had gone to a dingy yellow color. It's not an electrical problem as we did a test to swap out bulbs to different branches and the color of the LED lights followed when we plugged them in different locations. It is definitely a bulb problem.

We have been working with their customer service now for over 4 mos. to get resolved. We have been told by their representatives that most people prefer the "soft" color. We do not and it seems this is just an excuse for a difficult problem they seem not to be able to resolve. We have had the tree returned and sent back to us twice now. They admit they had issues with a batch of white LED lights back when we purchased the tree. They have yet to fix the problem.

When we sent it back we spent a lot of time on the phone with them and specifically mentioned the two white branches. What they did was simply removed all the white lights from those two branches and replace them with the dingy yellow LED lights, say it was fixed, and then shipped it back to us. However, they missed two single lights thus proving our point.

On both occasions we have specifically mentioned details about the tree while they had it there for repair; however, the tree comes back to us in the same condition. During the last time, I even mentioned I wanted the floor on/off pedal switch replaced as it had broken. They never fixed it, never said a word about it and just shipped the tree back.

At this point I am very disappointed with them and would not recommend them to anyone. Unless they can make good on this situation, my opinion of the company will not change. I do have names of people I talked to; however, I do not feel it appropriate to mention names in a public forum such as this as it would not be professional, but would gladly discuss this with a company representative if they would like to contact me.

Horrible Customer Service.
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Rating: 1/51

VERY DISAPPOINTED with this company! Due to a website malfunction, I ended up with two identical trees. I called as soon as I received two separate shipping notices stating that the tree had shipped, Tree Classics said they couldn't do anything since the trees were in transit. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they said they would have someone contact me.

After multiple emails and several phone calls I still never directly spoke with a supervisor. I ended up shipping the extra tree back at my own expense, PLUS they charged me a 10% restocking fee. I have never experienced such shoddy customer service, Oh, and guess what, I wrote a negative review on their site and it never was posted (and no, there was no profanity, etc.). I would definitely NOT RECOMMEND Tree Classics!

Company Response 02/19/2015:

Hi! We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with the customer service you received from us and we apologize for the issues you have encountered while placing your order. Our customer reviews are not immediately seen on our website since we have to approve each one individually. Reviews that appear to be spammy, not product-related, or contain sensitive personal or company-related information will be rejected. Please send us your Order ID to as we would like to review your order details and assist you further with your concern.

Worst customer service experience EVER!
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Rating: 1/51

OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- I was shipped a defective tree on 12/2/14 (do you see a theme here? Bad suppliers!! Low quality products!!) I initiated a warranty claim and it took the company 10 days to figure out what to do. You never get to contact anyone from customer service directly. You sit on hold waiting on the general 1-800 number forever. Tree Classics finally got back to me and instead of shipping me a tree right away based on THEIR defective product they are requiring me to provide a receipt that shows that I took THEIR defective tree to a charity.

Why is it MY responsibility to fix their problem? They will not send a replacement until I take time out of my schedule to get them a receipt. You cannot talk to anyone empowered to make an exception to their "policy". It is such a typical customer service toll free attitude. Their reps are not given the authority to make sure the customer is taken care of. They can't send you to someone who does have the power to help. Really sad situation. DO NOT BUY FROM TREE CLASSICS!!! If THEY send you a defective product you are going to be the one who is responsible to fix it.

Company Response 12/22/2014:

Hi Matt, thank you for your valuable feedback. We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with the customer service you received and for the inconvenience you experienced. We have found your order and see the correspondence you've had with our representatives. Your feedback has been forwarded to our Leadership Team to help us improve our customer experience and how we process warranty claims. Please email us at if there is anything else we can help you with.

Company Response 12/29/2014:

Hi Matt, thank you for your valuable feedback. We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with the customer service you received and for the inconvenience you experienced. We have found your order and our notes indicate that your replacement has been shipped last 12/26/2014. Please email us at for the tracking information and if there is anything else we can help you with.

Horrible, Defective Product - Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a tree from this company and the lights do not work in two sections of the tree. I called customer service and waited for over an hour for a representative to answer the phone. Once I spoke to the representative they informed me the warranty was only valid for 30 days because I purchased a clearance tree... how on earth it was a clearance tree is beyond me. I purchased it on a discount, but it did not say clearance anywhere or state the ridiculous 30 day warranty. I purchased in October so I can have it for Christmas. Thanks for the crappy tree. I could have bought a better tree from Walmart for a quarter of the price. BUYER BEWARE!!!

Company Response 12/09/2014:

Hi, thank you for sharing your experience with us. We sincerely apologize for the issues you are having with the lights of your tree and for the time it took to get through our customer service. Clearance items are covered under warranty within 30 days of purchase. This is stated in our Product Warranties and Part Replacements: Please email us your Order ID to so we can review your order and hopefully provide other options for you.

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