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Will Not Honor Any Warranty Saying 'Manufacturer Out of Business' So Not Our Problem
Posted by Terrybran613 on 11/30/2013
BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- We purchased a tree 6 years ago with a 10 yr warranty on the lights and half the lights are now out and we asked for help and their refusal was based on the "manufacturer of our tree went out of business - so we can't honor the warranty". They never even asked the type tree or my order # so they had no idea what model I was referring to and would not provide any support. I told them YOU warranted the tree - you Sold us the tree so you are responsible. I see this as just a 'line' and lame excuse and they should be run out of business.
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Company Response on 12/01/2013:
We are sorry to hear about your lighting issues, Terrybran613. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We have replacement light bulbs for the Worry Free lights used in many trees from 2007-2010. Information on ordering these bulbs can be found here: http://www.treeclassics.com/20072010bulbs-s/181.htm.
We’d like to personally help to resolve this issue for you. If you could send us your Order ID and email address in which you used to order the tree, to marketing@treeclassics.com, we’d like to review your account details and your conversation with our Customer Service team to possibly pursue further options on your behalf. Thank you.
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New Tree Does Not Work
Posted by Jstuek on 11/26/2013
Purchased new tree 11/2013. Only worked for 2 days. Lights stopped working on middle section. Service of no help. Maybe get replacement part by February 2014.
Do not buy tree from this company.
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Company Response on 11/27/2013:
We are sorry to hear about your lighting issue. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this caused. We’d like to resolve this issue for you. If you could send us your Order ID to marketing@treeclassics.com, we’d like to review your account details and provide a solution to your concern. We’ll do all we can to assist.
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Terrible Customer Service
Posted by Jenniferpedigo on 11/25/2013
MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Customer Service is terrible. I purchased a prelit 9ft. large tree with multicolored star-shaped lights approximately 4 years ago. I spoke with "customer service" and was told they acquired the company in 2011 and chose to no longer carry that particular bulb. I said "ok, what other multicolored bulb do you have that would fit?". I was told none and after being interrupted many times, I was then told I should take the strands of lights off of the tree and put new ones on myself. Are you kidding?????? She actually answered "NO". I then asked to speak with a supervisor, was put on hold for a couple of minutes, then told that the supervisor was unavailable at the moment. I said that I would wait until he was available. I was then told that he won't be available.

Bottom line, I spent almost $1000 for a tree that was gorgeous and needs replacement bulbs. I wasn't asking for them to pay for them, but told too bad and we don't have any that will fit, take them off yourself and put new ones back on yourself. That's my only option?????

I see the company has responded wanting to know the Order ID for possible options. But really, I do not have that from over 4 years ago!

And the funny thing is that I was also calling to order an additional tree for my den at the same time! Safe to say, I did not place that order. Merry Christmas!!!!
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Company Response on 12/03/2013:
Thank you for reaching out to us, Jennifer. We're truly sorry to hear about your experience. Please allow us to assist in resolving your lighting issue. If you could send us your Order ID to marketing@treeclassics.com, we'd like to look into the specifics of your order and also review the conversation you've had with our Customer Service team, so we can provide you possible options.
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Buyer Beware!
Posted by RCatherK on 11/17/2013
BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- Twice I have written negative reviews on this company but neither was ever published. The 5 star ratings products are deceptive and misleading since all negative reviews are suppressed.

The expensive tree I ordered was defective after its first year of use-- from frequent breakage of the ends of branches (fortunately, so far you can't tell) to burned out lights after one season. Each year after the first year of use, I have had to replace 100 lights on my 800 light tree. Not only that, I have to order from the company because the size is so odd only their replacement lights fit. WAIT! IT GETS WORSE!!! The replacement lights don't fit the light strands; their bases are too big.

So you have to pull the bulb out of both the new and old light base and then thread the new bulb into the old base. Can you imagine the trouble it has been to keep this up for the last 2/4 years of ownership? Since the company supposedly changed hands, the new CSRs are sympathetic to the mess I have with this tree, but can only process my order for new bulbs. Two packs of replacement lights (100 lights) cost more than a string of 100 incandescent lights.

So I am now stringing my own lights into this tree so it is sufficiently lit. How is this convenient? Worry-free? If you look carefully on the company's FAQ page, they will tell you that the replacement bulbs don't fit the old strands of lights on the tree and that you have to go through a bulb swap. And still customers give these replacement lights 5 stars and glowing reviews on how great it is to have a way to keep a tree going that would have otherwise burnt out in a couple years! Unhappy consumers like me can't warn potential buyers with our reviews. I can go in my account right now and see my reviews, and even edit them if I want, but no one sees them but me.
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Company Response on 11/22/2013:
We are sorry to hear about the experience you are having with your lights. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. We would like to review the specifics of your order so we can provide possible options for you. Please send your Order ID to marketing@treeclassics.com. Thank you.
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-11-19:
Not to defend them but it's their web site and they can control comments. I have a habit of never believing any comments on a vendors own pages, even if they are negative.

You have done the proper thing by using a consumer forum to post your complaints.
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Disappointed With Warranty Guarantee of Strings of Lights
Posted by Abgraham5352 on 07/26/2013
BARRINGTON, ILLINOIS -- We bought a beautiful 7 1/2 ft Prelight Christmas tree in 2009 at the Barrington store. It cost $800 but we loved it. The first Christmas the middle string of lights failed. We took it back and the string was fixed after 4 months. On the second Christmas, the string failed again and our son replaced fuses and it worked for a while. We have continued to have problems with this tree every year!! Many lights do not work and two strings in the middle are dark. This has been more work and frustration than we ever planned. Today I talked to a customer service agent and found out that the 10 year warranty is no longer in effect. Needless to say we are very disappointed and upset that we spent so much money on this "lemon" of a tree. We will probably be going to Costco in the fall to get a new tree.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-07-26:
Nice to see an honest non-paid real review on Tree Classics again. My3Cents was buried with the fake paid ones for months.

Tree Classics is probably a good company to stay clear of just based on their fake reviews everywhere.
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Great Tree
Posted by Kato123 on 03/22/2013
We were very happy with the 7.5ft multi-colored, pre-lit tree. It took about 15 minutes to assemble it the first time and the tree looked great. The pre-lit feature saved a lot of time and looked better then when I string the lights myself. We have no complaints with the tree received or the time it took to ship it.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-03-23:
There are so many complaints against this company that all the people putting up trees in February and March have not yet offset the 1.5 star rating.
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Never thought I'd ever get a fake tree
Posted by Harland.jan on 03/02/2013
OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- This past year after being in Arizona for the past 3 Christmases and realizing a real tree here doesn't really work since they dry out very quickly I caved in then started searching on line for the perfect artificial tree...

I really did not think they really existed. Then I found Tree Classics website. The satisfied customers and the "look" of the trees.
I decided to pick out one with multi led lights. The Grand Fir is one of their real feel trees and took a chance and ordered it.

It's helpful to have 2 people unbox it and put it together which is pretty easy. Then forming the needles which is also easy.

When it was together the moment arrived and I plugged it in. Led lights are vivid in color and take getting used to but once you do it's magical
The tree is beautiful and I love it. And yes....it looks and feels like a real tree. Thank you Tree Classics for making my home in Tucson a Christmas delight.
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My Favorite Christmas Tree Store
Posted by Treemom_99 on 03/01/2013
OAK CREEK, TEXAS -- This is our second Christmas tree from Tree Classics. We were tickled with the first, which we bought after a bad tree-farm experience(aphids). Twelve years later we needed a smaller tree and are impressed with the ease of set-up with our new Wisconsin Fraser Fir tree. It looks very nice, then folds like a large umbrella and stores neatly in its compact box in a closet. We got the tree without lights so we could change the mood from year to year. The tree was delivered within days of ordering, exactly what we'd ordered.
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Tree Classics the Best!
Posted by Kdscarboro on 02/27/2013
ONLINE, FLORIDA -- I purchased our slim fir tree 4 years ago and it's proven to be a great investment. The tree still looks good, the lights work perfectly and the slim design is a space saver, for sure! This year I purchased one of their rolling storage bags which was easy to set up and facilitated rolling the tree out to the garage for safe-keeping until the next holiday season. I highly recommend this company for quality products!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-27:
Interesting. Your tree came from the old company, before bankruptcy in 2011. Most of the numerous complaints are about the old company's products, and the new company does not support the old products or have replacement parts. Therefore I would say you got lucky.
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Looking Forward to Christmas 2013!
Posted by Geejay05 on 02/22/2013
OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- We ordered and received our new Pine Crest Lighted Slim Spruce tree shortly after Christmas in 2012 after realizing that our old one desparately needed replaced. Even though it was after Christmas with all decorations put away we couldn't wait to open our new tree and set it up when it came. It is so beautiful! Everything is as advertised and we did receive it right away.

The toe switch for turning the tree on and off is wonderful and the lights are plentiful and beautiful. Also, the zippered storage bag for our new tree is also a pleasant bonus. We live in Iowa and in no way do we want to wish away our warm spring, summer, and fall BUT we will be so anxious to put this tree up for Christmas 2013!
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-22:
Okay Tree Classics this is getting a bit spammy now. Whomever you're paying for all of these posts is going a tad overboard. Four warm fuzzies in one day? Really?
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-23:
It's amazing all the Tree Classics compliments that have popped up the past few days.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-02-23:
these reviews for this company is nothing more than what ideal image is doing.
Posted by Alain on 2013-02-23:
It could be real. Really. Honest & Truly. Just because these things multiply faster than rabbits and pretty much look the same doesn't necessarily mean they are written by request or e reputation. You just have to trust me on this.
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