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Do Not go to Tri County Lexus In Little Falls, NJ Horrible Customer Service
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LITTLE FALLS, NEW JERSEY -- Do not go to the Lexus Dealership in Little Falls, NJ on Route 46 Westbound. This establishment is unprofessional and out right rude to customers. There lack of customer service astonishes me as a customer that bought a $25K vehicle from them. I initially received poor customer service on my initial visit in looking for a pre-certified car. We got up to leave 3 times and of course they played the game and called us back. I really liked the car and looked beyond there sub-par salesman antics. Fast forward to 2 days after I bought and took the car home, I called the dealership because the salesman said he would have the fog light replaced (since it was broken) and the small scratches taken care of. The salesman I just dealt with 2 days prior no longer works there, OK no problem Who else can help me? After I got the run around and spoke to every department there, I got another salesman to assist in scheduling time to drop the car off for these things to get done. I dropped the car off before work and left it there an entire workday (8 hours). I picked the car up Wednesday night to come to find out they didn’t do any of the work because it rained. WHAT? They don’t do body work in the rain – again OK what about the fog light – no that wasn’t fixed either. So I would have to bring the car in AGAIN – oh and they only do body work on Wednesdays.

I told them I would call to schedule another time when it’s not raining. I received a call a few days later asking about the survey I received. I told the "service guy" that I still had some open things that needed to be done prior to me filling out the survey. He attempted to get my user name and password for the survey (I’m sure they shouldn’t be doing that). I told him I will complete the survey when the work is completed so I can give a good review. He insisted I submit the survey prior to the “close of the month”. I stated that I wanted to wait until the work that was promised to be completed was just that completed. He “promised” me it would be. I told him I will fill the survey out now according to the how service has been thus far – since he wanted it so bad. And at this point in time I had still not received a payment book or first bill for me to pay my first car payment. He was supposed to check into that for me and didn’t. I called Lexus Financial and took care of it myself. The dealership sent over wrong information – again another mistake on their part.

I sent the survey in and apparently the "service guy" did not like the ratings. So he thought it would be OK to call me be indignant, rude, threatening, and then hang up on not just me but a separate call from my boyfriend as well. He said Lexus would not be “doing the work that was promised” and that “I was so wrong for sending in those marks” he said “he didn’t care and to f – off” they would not service my car. I told him “yes you will because I paid for a pre-certified vehicle and you will honor your contract with me” he then hung up.

I called corporate and they contacted the dealership and their general manager declined to call us back – WHAT? How is this possible? Your employee treats YOUR customers like this and you decline to call us back. So ridiculous. Now dealing with corporate was crazy because they said they can’t do anything since each dealership is independently owned. So this gives the right for employees to speak to customers this way? They have the Lexus name and corporate can’t do anything about it. The point of the survey is to rate the dealership and if they get low scores they won’t be “Elite” dealerships – who cares and what does that mean to the customer when you have people like this working for your companies name. I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will post this anywhere I can to ensure potential Lexus customers do not go to the Little Falls, NJ location. I have read similar stories on varies websites from California to New Jersey. This is obviously something that happens more often than it should. The workers/managers know they can get away with this and so they will continue to deface your company’s name. Good job corporate for allowing this to occur. I’ve had much better experience with Honda and Mazda and for a luxury car company this experience has been anything but luxurious. I would take this car back if I could and never buy another Lexus again as corporate will not back any dealership. This was my dream car and I’ve worked so hard to accomplish what I have to own a Lexus now this experience has ruined it. Mercedes Benz has just won another customer – they can thank Lexus for this one.
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