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BISMARCK, SOUTH DAKOTA -- This company is not legitimate and should be shut down. I was a potential customer until this morning. My mother ordered your product (Lipitone) a week ago as a result of a program she heard on our local radio station, KURM. I researched your website and decided to give it a try for one month. My mother mentioned some high pressure sales tactics when she ordered over the phone so to avoid that I decided to order online.

First I clicked on the return policy just to make sure of the guarantee. Because it does not mention a full refund, I placed a call to your toll free number to ask additional questions before ordering. I spoke with ** and he assured me of the 100% money back guarantee. I asked him how it worked if I returned the product and how soon I would receive a refund. His answer to me was as soon as we have the returned product we will issue a refund to your card within 5 minutes. It's that quick. Hopefully that conservation was taped and you will be able to listen to it yourself.

After talking to **, I felt confident that your company was legitimate and I proceeded to place my order online. First I got an error message back saying my billing address did not match the card. I remembered the card I used had our office address on it so I changed that and hit continue. After 2 or 3 more error messages I finally thought everything was corrected. Because there was a message on the webpage that said I would have an opportunity to review the order before it was finalized, I did not have a concern.

Then as I reviewed my final order, I saw it was showing Alaska instead of Arkansas for the shipping address!!! So I clicked on edit and changed it to Arkansas. I proceeded once again with my order. Two more times it came back changed to Alaska. At that point I became very suspicious and decided to call back and talk to ** again. When I did, he told me the two charges already made would be credited back to my account and he would just take my order over the phone.

I was shocked that two charges were applied to my account already when I was unable to finalize the transaction. I called my bank and they confirmed I had been charged not twice but three times by a company called Wellness Group. {Once at 10:48 am, again at 10:52 am, and a third time at 10:56 am.} I called again and spoke to another gentleman whose name I do not recall. He told me they would fax something to my bank stating the charges were incorrect but he needed to let ** handle it.

He forwarded my call to ** and when I asked him about a fax he said he did not know how to fax something. He agreed to call the bank which he did as a conference call. We spoke to a bank representative named ** who said to go ahead and send the fax and he would get it to the right person. I was relieved, thinking we were getting everything taken care of finally. To my surprise, ** told me the lady named ** who could take care of it at your office had just stepped out.

I told him I would stay on hold for her. He put me on hold but came back on the line and said she was gone to lunch and would be back in an hour. I asked to speak to her supervisor and he transferred me to a guy named **. ** said he was unable to send the fax but assured me ** would do it in about an hour. I waited an hour and a half and called back. ** answered the phone and told me both ** were in a meeting and unable to speak to me. I just wanted to know is if the fax had been sent or not. It's a very simple request.

All I want is to have some proof that the money (over $200 total) that is on hold in my account be taken off hold and credited back to me. I contacted the Better Business Bureau online to file a complaint and found your name and number. It says to call you first which I tried to do at the 701-530-0090 number. Once again ** answered the phone. I asked to speak to you and he said you were out of the office today. Please respond asap.

Billing Scam
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BEDFORD, ILLINOIS -- If you're thinking of buying this product, be happy you looked here FIRST! I should have, but didn't and am I now sorry. I thought ordering this (useless) product might be a good idea. It was advertised on a Christian radio station 1160AM station WYLL. The company is a total scam. They are super aggressive and pushy. Now three months later, they sent me more product (not ordered) and charged my credit card. They over charged me the first time too. As I now do web searches (I should have before) I see so many complaints on this company. Why are they still in business?

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