Trinity Roofing

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Trinity Roofing
15 Bank St
Accord, NY 12404
845-430-5104 (ph)
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Trinity Roofing Is Not Fraudulent
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ACCORD, NEW YORK -- I am the owner of Trinity Roofing and construction and I was very disappointed when I learned that a potential customer wrote a very hurtful and untrue blog about my company and myself. The truth is that she wanted me to commit a crime of insurance fraud when I didn't accommodate her request she became outraged. Everyone that knows me knows that I am a God loving person and that I would give the shirt off my back and will help anyone in their time and need but I won't go to jail for fraud and I won't lie for anyone and risk my family well being.

I wish My3cents would take her blog off and don't feed into someone's deceitful lies and hurt someone for no reason. The fact that I answered should be proof that I exist and that I have a DBA in the city of Kingston. My name is Vincent. Thank you for putting my 3 cents in.

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Rating: 1/51

ACCORD, NEW YORK -- Trinity Roofing Contractors advertises on Craigslist for the TriState NY area. "Vincent" wrote up a "contract" without putting his last name on it or signing it. (RED FLAG!) I asked for his last name, he gave as "**". There is no such name in NYS as "Vincent **". He gave the home address as **. Not only does he not own the plot of dirt, there is no house there. But he is not even related to ** to whom the place is listed to. Upsot: No verifiable name/address/phone number. RED FLAG!!! He wanted money up front!!!

He wanted to give me "references" and showed me pictures of his work!! We all know we can get relatives to lie as references. Pictures? Yeah! Drive in the neighborhood. Take pictures of roofs and you can built a picture album, then pay the owner to lie for you. Got that? MAKE THEM SHOW A DRIVER'S LICENSE TO VERIFY NAME. Take down lic. plate number. Go to town hall to verify address they give you is theirs.

Just a reminder: J. Lent and Sons does crappy shoddy work, also working the Hudson Valley area. He did my flagstone walkway in September-2012. It looks like it is ten years old in need of repair. Hurricane Sandy and a lot of rain removed the stone dust. The mortar is beyond soggy sitting in huge gaps between the stones (the gaps should never be more than a few centimeters...mine is inch to inch and a half big). NO pitch away from the house. Not enough stone dust underneath, caved in under the heavy rain. And last but not least it is uneven. Oh, did I mention J. Lent is also unverifiable?

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