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Trinity Roofing Is Not Fraudulent
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ACCORD, NEW YORK -- I am the owner of Trinity Roofing and construction and I was very disappointed when I learned that a potential customer wrote a very hurtful and untrue blog about my company and myself the truth is that she wanted me to commit a crime of insurance fraud when I didn't accommodate her request she became outraged. Everyone that knows me knows that I am a God loving person and that I would give the shirt off my back and will help anyone in their time and need but I won't go to jail for fraud and I won't lie for anyone and risk my family well being. I wish my 3 cents would take her blog off and don't feed into someone's deceitful lies and hurt someone for no reason. The fact that I answered should be proof that I exist and that I have a DBA in the city of Kingston.

My name is Vincent thank you for putting my 3 cents in.

Yours truly
Vincent C from Triny
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trmn8r on 02/22/2013:
There is a feature to post a company response to a complaint. For example, on this page I am seeing "Business owner? Post your company response!" on the top right.

That would be a better way to approach what you are trying to accomplish, in my opinion.
onyxanne on 06/26/2013:
I'm sorry Vincent, but I just don't believe you. As someone who has hired your company in the past, I was consistently disappointed by workmanship and professionalism. My young children could hear you cursing into your phone and to your workers while you stood outside our house. Your employees left bottles, cigarettes, and other trash around our property. You never, not once, arrived when you said you would. In the end we paid you more than you were worth, just to be done with you. We were thoroughly disappointed by the work that was done. Worst of all, we found large nails scattered in our front and back yard that could have seriously injured our pets and our children. Is this how a professional does business? Only thing I am happy about is that I know better, and will never contact you again, nor will I recommend you to anyone again.
us on 06/26/2013:
Can someone please give me an accurate rating and opinion on this Trinity as I had planned to hire them for a roofing job. Am I taking a risk here? for this job. Thanks
onyxanne on 06/28/2013:
To the poster above, instead of going into contract with Trinity Roofing and Construction, just flush your hard earned money down the toilet. We welcomed this man into our home and talked with him about religion and our families, but he utterly used us. He claims that his work has a lifetime guarantee but that is a complete lie, at least in our experience. I have never worked with a company that spoke so highly of itself, only to prove to be the complete opposite. I know that in today's time it's easier to choose a company that promises to do their work in a week and offers you a price that is too good to be true, but that's because it is. Trust me, you're better off spending a little bit extra to go with a more trustworthy company. Perhaps talk to neighbors or friends and see if they know anyone in the area who has done work for them.
Angela Mcdermont on 07/21/2013:
to tell you the truth it was a very good experience with Vincent he walked us through the whole job and finished earlier then he was supposed to have and as a bonus he treated us and built a blue stone flower bed for us thathat came out beautiful .I would use Vincent from trinity again if neeinlaw ded .PS my sister in law also had a patio installed by Vincent and she loves it
mark weissman on 07/21/2013:
Wow I'm a little confused we must stop these rumors about Vincent from trinity I don't get it actually I do after speaking with Vincent and listening to his side of the story you can see it's a jealous contractor and after looking on Craigslist and seeing that a vicious contractor posts right on top of his ad on a daily base multiple times you can tell that Vincen is being bullied by himhim and his fan club .I am a very good friend of Vincent and I know what is being said about him is untrue and cruel he has helped out so many people out and never once asked for anything from it people can be so evil at times I hope and pray for you that one day the dark cloud that's over your head will move and the Sun shine upon your face and all your bitterness will be gone and to you my friend Vincent God will bless you for you are a humble man l wil pray for you and ask god to protect you and forgive them for they do not know what their doing
susan9915 on 07/22/2013:
Well I had work done from Vincent and the work was done and the price was fair and he was a gentleman.I all so checked out his references and met with one of his customers and saw the work he completed and the project that I saw was beautiful . And the lady that I spoke to had nothing bad or negative to say about Vincent. I like the work he did for me I would recommend him I truly believe that you can't always make everyone happy but I don't think its customers that are writing these negative blogs about trinity I think it's a jealous contractor . Once again thank you Vincent you were patient with me and took the time to give me time to make my decision without rushing me and without any pressure you're professionalism paid off
Teresa Angelina on 07/31/2013:
I was surprised when I read the negative blogs on my 3 cents of the bad service that trinity has provided for his customers I had Vincent do several projects for me and to be honest I was very pleased with his services there was no mess the job was great I never heard him curse his workers we're very professional and the price was great I would definitely use Vincent again
onyxanne on 08/02/2013:
I would like to apologies to Trinity Roofing he made me realize how wrong I was. I have made a big mistake I am truly sorry.I have had some health issues and I wasn't at my right frame of mind . Vincent you are a kind hearted person and I hope this gets posted . Ann
Commander on 08/03/2013:
This is a text that shows how professional this company is

You will be arrested and I will file charges first thing Monday morning for you saying that you we're a deputy sheriff I have a tape recorded conversatio
n that you made believing me that calls came from the sheriffs office I will make sure. you keep on posting and harassing me your getting your cousin
in more and more troub third party harassment papers will get filed I promise you and if it's not you and if it's your cousin he's going to jail the pos
ts are going to the sheriffs department last warnin and I am onyxanne by the way thank you and damondave snd Steve enjoy yourself
Samuel 19 on 08/03/2013:
I'm an attorney for trinity construction and I only think it's time I put my three cents in to the gentleman name Dave first of all the reason that yyou claim that you have one the judgment is that my client was in the hospital and since has passed away we have proof that my clients workers we're kicked off the job because Vincent didn't want to do extra work without getting paid because he has done extra work previously without getting compensated and the fact is you we're not the owner of the project and that Vincent and Dianne her daughter caught you trying to rob her mother into selling her home and you keeping the money that was not yours to take you are a scam artist that got caught and can't face the fact that you got caught you contradicted yourself in scam books and apologized and now you're starting again you are what your own family members are saying about you nothing but a $#^
Look, I can make up any name I want! on 08/08/2013:
I don't even know who these people are, but these posts are hilarious! Especially the last few where it sounds like they were all written by the same person. You know how I can tell that some of these posts are all written by the same person?? Because that person obviously doesn't know what a period is. You know, that little dot that ends a sentence. I mean seriously - a lawyer, well a real lawyer anyway, would never come and post on a site like this! Hilarious!!
Nancy on 01/29/2014:
He bounces checks. Promises payments and then does not follow through. Finally, his number and his wife's number are changed and/or disconnected. Choose your contractors wisely.
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Posted on
Rating: 1/51
ACCORD, NEW YORK -- Trinity Roofing Contractors advertises on Craigslist for the TriState NY area. "Vincent" wrote up a "contract" without putting his last name on it or signing it.(RED FLAG!) I asked for his last name, he gave as "[snip]" there is no such name in NYS as "Vincent [snip]." He gave the home address as [snip]. Not only does he not own the plot of dirt, there is no house there, but he is not even related to Axxxxx Wxxxx to whom the place is listed to. Upsot: No verifiable name/address/phone number. RED FLAG!!! He wanted money up front!!!

He wanted to give me "references" and showed me pictures of his work!!

We all know we can get relatives to lie as references. Pictures? Yeah! drive in the neighborhood take pictures of roofs and you can built a picture album, then pay the owner to lie for you. Got that?

MAKE THEM SHOW A DRIVERS LICENSE TO VERIFY NAME. Take down lic. plate number. Got to town hall to verify address they give you is theirs.

Just a reminder: J. Lent and Sons does crappy shoddy work also working the Hudson Valley area. He did my flagstone walkway in September-2012 it looks like it is ten years old in need of repair. Hurricane Sandy and a lot of rain removed the stone dust. The mortar is beyond soggy sitting in huge gaps between the stones(the gaps should never be more than a few centimeters......mine is inch to inch and a half big. NO pitch away from the house. Not enough stonedust underneat caved in under the heavy rain and last but not least it is uneven. Oh, did I mention J. Lent is also unverifiable.

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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 12/14/2012:
J Lent And Sons Paving And Masonary
53 Old Kings Highway
Stone Ridge, NY 12484-5711
PH: 800-613-2262

More Details for J Lent And Sons Paving And Masonary
J Lent And Sons Paving And Masonary in Stone Ridge, NY is a private company categorized under Paving Contractors. Established in 2010 and incorporated in New York.
mike on 02/08/2013:
I have recently have had work done by this company and I'm completely satisfied with the end results as for the other company JLent and Sons they are fraudulent I called them for an estimate and was surprised to find out they are listed as multipul companies on Craigslist
PARIDISIOPAINT on 02/17/2013:
shep123woods on 04/01/2013:
Hi my name is Patricia Weidner . I was very shocked when I read about Trinity Roofing on my 3 cents I had work done on my roof and o was very happy with his work that I gave him a referral and my sistet was happy with his work as well but that's not the moral of the story how I came across Vincent was that he donated a whole roof to a family that was in need and didn't even took a dime so I'm very confused why a person would say that he is a fraud I find that hard to believe I'm sorry but yourwro
David j on 08/03/2013:
I had work done by this company and he ripped me off. Took all of my insurance money and didn't finish the job. I took him to small claims court in the town Rochester and won the judgment and still have not been paid. Another customer was in court the same night and also won the case. He has done this to a lot if people. He is far from honest and not a good man
Samuel 19th on 08/03/2013:
We'll I'm Vincent's attorney first of all to the the guy named David you won the judgment because the owner of trinity has passed away he was in the hospital and second of all we have proof that you kicked his workers off the job for no apparent reason because you didn't like what his son told you on the phone you kept on adding more work without paying for the extras you apologies on another complaint blog called scam books you're tactics are not working you're not even the owner of the house that trinity was working on you were the boyfriend of the owner of the house that you have tried to robbed even your girlfriends daughter agrees with Vincent that's you were trying to take advantage of the whole situation you were more concerned about taking her money then the job that trinity was involved in you are nothing but a scam artist that takes advantage of innocent women but your plan backfired on you and you got stuck on your own scam she will catch on towards your scam one day and I hope soon remember love is blind but not for long you will get yours it will happen when you're not expecting it she will catch on towards your deceitful lies and scams and you will have to answer to someone . The truth will be on your conscious
Proactive on 08/03/2013:
He is a scam artist and beware of his sales pitch. Search website Google under his full name and read and satisfy yourself. DO NOT CONTRACT HIM.
DebtorBasher on 08/03/2013:
Samuel...Those are pretty harsh accusations for an attorney to put in writing on a public forum.
onyxanne on 08/04/2013:
This is getting out of hand everything that has been said about trinity is a lie you all had me believe that he was everything you told me he was and it's been all a lie you should all leave him alone Vito Dave John Cathy Bruce I will tell the the authority first thing in the morning about your plot to destroy his business I will not be behind this evil vengeance once again I'm sorry Vincent
Proactive on 08/04/2013:
Samuel, are you really an Attorney? Seems odd for an attorney to comment on the posting on a website? I doubt you are one if you are you should not be writing anything on the website. Secondly your client has a very poor and bad reputation. Did you Google his name and look at his record. Does your client give out his correct address to his clients.
Commander on 08/04/2013:
This company is a fraud. Stole more than 10g from me. Posts his own positives reviews and threatens anyone who posts negative reviews. Stay away
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