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PAID but No Delivery After 3 Weeks - Will NOT Refund
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MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA -- Ordered a rug Feb 9 and was told delivery would occur in 6 days. We did not receive rug and we called a week post-expected delivery date and was told it was 'misplaced' or 'lost'. New estimated delivery date was for the following week. We called 03/02/2013 (2 weeks AFTER initial delivery date and 3 weeks after purchase) and was told that the rug wasn't in. After my wife said we were told it was already ordered and in he said the binder was sick.

I called back and spoke with John the "Manager" and I told him we did not need excuses. They should have communicated with us. They did not. Additionally, he couldn't comment on when we would expect the rug --- still --- after 3 weeks! Also said didn't know how long it would take but expected their binder to be back Monday or Tuesday. We asked for a refund and he proceeded to try to 'explain'. I responded that I did NOT need an explanation. I wanted a refund. If we wanted our product a week (or indeterminate days from today) we wouldn't have ordered it a month ago. John --- the manager --- hung up on me.

Customer Service --- unresponsive, rude Product Quality --- UNKNOWN we have no received it. I just wanted the product we PAID for. If you can't deliver it, we want OUR money back.
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User Replies:
Obsfucation on 03/05/2013:
How did you pay? Is it a credit card that will step in and reverse the charge?
Old Timer on 03/05/2013:
Not sure what a "binder" is? But if you paid by credit card, dispute the charge.
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Avoid this Home Flooring Retailer
Posted by on
COCOA, FLORIDA -- 1) The company lied when quoting the material receive date without notifying or correcting.
2) The company required full payment on the order date even though the material was not a special order.
3) The Install Contractor was sent to measure for material also quoted unrelated and non-flooring work to us and neighbors. He has since disappeared.
4) The material listed on a hand written invoice #1292 was not delivered or received in full.
5) This company initially quoted an inflated restocking charge for refunding, insinuating the manufacturer's requirement. My direct communication with the manufacturer disproved Tropical Floorz allegation.
6) Tropical Floorz has refused any refund. We are stuck with a blotched flooring order that we cannot use.

Avoid this merchant........
Company Response 01/24/2010:
1)Received date: Material is not stocked at Tropical Floorz! It had to be ordered, making it a special order. On the bottom of the invoice it clearly states (NO REFUNDS ON SPECIAL ORDERS).

2)All material is paid in full before installations. Labor is paid to the installer(flooring contractor) when the job is completed to customer satisfaction.

3)This is between customer and installer.

4)All material was delivered and customer knows this.

5)Tropical Floorz offered to take it back even though they did not have to. With a restocking charge from the (distributor) not the manufactor! Customers threatning e-mails (that are on record)stopped any customer service at that point.

6)Customer ordered the flooring and can hire another contractor to do the job.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 01/23/2010:
I suggest suing them in small claims court for breach of contract and faulty workmanship.
dan gordon on 01/23/2010:
Soaring, that's quite a recommendation. I have no idea what they bought ordered or received? You must read minds better than me. I was a flooring rep for 20 yrs so have no idea what type of product was even ordered let alone 'sue them for faulty workmanship?
Ponie on 01/23/2010:
Dan, I think we'd all be floored (pun intended) if Soaring had any other comment except sue them in 'small claims court' for any perceived complaint posted. I read this complaint three times and although no expert in flooring matters, have absolutely no idea what Ripp't_Off is trying to say. Is it against Tropical Florz, is it against the 'install contractor?' Who knows?
dan gordon on 01/23/2010:
OK that makes me feel better. I thought I missed something.
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