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Bed Bugs!!!
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LAS VEGAS -- My wife and I along with another couple booked two rooms for three nights at the Tropicana for what should have been a relaxing weekend. Upon entering the rooms we noticed our room had no towels and our friends room had only one dirty towel, a used bar of soap and trash in the ice bucket. We called for house keeping and the bathroom oversight was corrected in a timely manner. We also called and requested our luggage be brought up and were told it would take 20 minutes. Over an hour later, and only after placing a second request did our luggage finally arrive. This was after 10:00pm on a Friday evening, and very few people were checking in or out at that time so it seemed rather peculiar that our luggage would take so long, never-the-less we brushed it off.
Trying to sleep that night was not easy. we were very tired from our long trip so we chose not to request that the bed be re-maid because that the bed was short sheeted. Also, because all the pillow cases were too small for the pillows a good portion of the pillows were exposed. Just imagine how many heads laid on those pillows without a clean, proper pillow case - gross! Sleep that night was fitful at best. The second night I got up at 3:00am to use the bathroom. Upon returning to the bedroom I noticed something on the bed and turned on the light. It was a bug so I grabbed a napkin that was on the nightstand and picked it up. This was a bed bug, and it was filled with fresh blood that left a very large stain on the napkin when I squished it. To say the least, my wife and I were in utter shock! What happened over the next three hours was almost surreal. The clerk at the front desk told me "to be honest with you we've had many complaints like this in the past, before the remodel." The security supervisor said "we can't control the bugs." and the security officer assigned to us couldn't get his camera to focus when he tried to take photos of the bug, so I took the photos for him! I was then told that the only way I could report this If I filled out an accident report, so, at 4:15am I filled out the report including describing the incident in "my own words." We were then offered a new room and a reduction of one night off our 3 night stay. Wanting nothing more but to go home - but being exhausted, we accepted the new room. So - we then had to go back to the room pack up all our stuff and wait for the bellman. After the security man called a second time for the bellman he finally showed up - without a cart. Eventually by 6:00am, we left our 6th floor room with a view of the strip, and got settled in the first floor room with the roar of the ventilation fans just outside the window. This room also had pillows sticking out of the ill fitting cases - plus - the TV in this room would not bring in most the of the channels!
The last night we just couldn't sleep because we kept on checking for bugs! Three nights at the Tropicana without sleep, without relaxation & without satisfaction from management! We were told by every employee whom we encountered that they have done everything they can for us and to talk to the Risk Manager. When we checked out at 10:45am and asked for her we were told she was at lunch so we had to leave a phone message for her as nobody else was authorized to help us in her absence. Heather did call us at home the next day. she actually had the Gaul to request that we send her the bug! She clearly was not interested in putting our satisfaction first, her concern seemed only in analyzing the bug. We asked for nothing in compensation from anyone at this hotel, and what they gave us was the big run around, and one nights refund for a ruined 3 night stay. What totally pathetic customer service!
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azRider on 01/21/2011:
why did you wait for the bellboy? who knows how many bugs got on that suitcase waiting. I would have picked them up and took them out right away, and then checked them when I got to the other room. if just one of those buggers gets in your stuff you will bring them home.
Anonymous on 01/21/2011:
Are you sure it was a bedbug. They are real small and if there is one there is a million. The place sounds like a dump. Thanks for the review. It sounds like a place to avoid.
Venice09 on 01/21/2011:
It doesn't sound like a bedbug. Unless the room was fully lit, I don't think you would have been able to see a bedbug, as they are very tiny. And as throwback mentioned, there would have been more than one.. many, many more. Did you or your wife get any bites?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not letting the hotel off the hook. I'd expect much better from the Tropicana. Based on your review, I would hesitate to stay there.
SteveWiginowski on 01/21/2011:
I am confused on why you say that they offered pathetic customer service. They gave you a new room (although it wasn't better in terms of the view) and gave you a night for free. That's 33% of your money back. YOu didn't ask for any compensation, yet you were still given some. It's difficult to get angry about that.

Also, they may have asked for the bug for a few reasons. To see what type of bug it was, so that they can prevent these bugs from getting there in the future.
Anonymous on 01/21/2011:
Your stay sounds deplorable. Bed bugs or no bed bugs, the place did sound like a dump. Truthfully, that is probably one of the oldest hotels on the strip that they haven't torn down and rebuilt. Thanks for warning others.
Skye on 01/21/2011:
Those bed bugs also could have come from other luggage while your luggage was on the plane. It's horrible and they are on the RISE everywhere.

Sorry you had to experience a bed bug attack.
bhskittykatt on 01/23/2011:
She would have wanted the bug to forward to their pest control service. At my workplace, we have to capture any creepy crawlies we find so pest control can make sure they give us the right service to take care of them.

While the place does sound like a dump, you say you didn't ask for compensation. They gave you a 33% discount, but gave poor customer service? What would you have wanted them to do? They may have felt that the one night's refund was sufficient, since you did not request anything else. Guests have different ideas about what suitable compensation is, so if you do not speak up, they probably thought you were fine with the one free night.
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