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How Tricks/Entices People To Sign Up.
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How is it possible that I get appx 12 emails from different people each day when my profile doesn't have any information or picture. That's how tricks people in signing up. Of course, when you see "Just wanted to say hi", "how are you", "hey had to say hello", "you have a message from crocket71" "hi" (actually subj lines in my Inbox by the way), you want to see who's it's from. Normally, if I had gone through the trouble of setting up my profiles, I'd jump at finding out who's trying to contact me.

But knowing that I didn't put anything out there except basic info that I chose from drop-down box, it was easy to figure that there's a great possibility that True paid people to contact prospective customers. Do you, or do you know of anyone who, contact people whose profile is just stuff they selected from drop-down list, and don't have any photo on their profiles? is running a scam.

Scammers and Dating Sites
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IRVING, TEXAS -- Through my research, I have concluded that the scammers are truly a problem but they are not the only problem. Dating sites, the vehicles which carry the scammers are just as much a problem as the scammers themselves are. Without the aid of dating services, which also have problems outside of just being a carrier for scammers, these people would have no way of getting in contact with consumers in this country as easily as they do now. All dating sites seem to be very dishonest and misleading in their own way.

Customers are led to believe that they are receiving the services they are paying for but is getting something totally different in return. And in some cases, if anything at all. To me scammers and dating sites together show great relations between one another. They actually fit like a hand in glove. While searching for someone to date on Yahoo Personals I experienced, and was scammed by someone supposedly from Russia posing as a resident here in the state of Wisconsin.

I was contacted by this person solely due to a lack of security provided by the dating site I was searching on. This is just one of the many problems dating services seem to all have in common. Without proper security on the site there leaves a great chance for someone like a scammer to get into a company's database to steal such information and contact those who really wish not to be bothered by someone like themselves or in some cases steal personal information relating to another person's account.

For any company to imply that they are operating a secure site when they really aren't, is really not good business practices at all in my opinion. Companies that operate secure sites do not have all these problems dating sites have and they certainly do not have all the complaints filed against them like dating sites, who tend to have problems that are quite common among them. Another problem dating sites seem to have in common is dishonesty.

Customers are led to believe that they are getting great service as well as free service in some cases, being lured in for a scam that only steal their money and leave them wondering why things didn't go so well for them or how a company could get by with what these people get by with on a daily basis and still operate. Everything done by these dating sites seems to be under a very enclosed and controlled environment. By that I mean, The way they implement their systems tells me that people are only getting minimum service and are being fooled when they should be getting all they pay for and was promised.

The contacts of the people on the sites with profiles appears to be controlled by the sites rather than openly and by the people themselves. People are being tricked, lied to, mislead, you name it, and the dating sites are laughing all the way to the bank just like the scammers do when they trick people out of their money by promising them something they never get. The scammers seems to be the only intruder who pops into peoples mind when they think of the problems that are posed upon consumers using the internet. Russian scammers are being used as shields for those who do just as bad as they do.

I happen to know that the scammers are not alone and they are getting to everybody through dating sites one way or the other who are ripping people off left and right as well. Security should be the utmost important thing for businesses like those of dating sites. For some reason it is very sloppy and the problems are still accumulating as the days go on. A lot of information is being passed through these sites concerning people's lively hood. If they cannot keep a scammer from stealing their I.P. addresses from their database then what else is at risk?

Revenue should not be a concern because when people get ripped off, money is actually lost through the process in some form or another. Scammers and other crooks do not pay taxes and therefore gets by with a nice chunk of money that he/she does not have to account for. So who is really being ripped off!!! I think the problem will have to be solved through the process of elimination. The bottom line is that, if the dating sites were taken out of the equation then that would leave only a Monday, March 31, 2008 fraction of the problem to be solved.

Dating sites are not just operating unsecure sites, being dishonest with their customers, Lying, seducing, and misleading consumers, but they happens to be the carrier of the scammers (rather than protector of the consumer) who pose the problems upon consumers in this country. These are problems consumers do not want to deal with and therefore should be eliminated as soon as possible if trust will ever have the chance to be restored in those who use the internet often to do business. To allow something like this to continue will certainly ruin all trust in due time.

As far as who should pay for all the problems, I can only see the dating sites themselves being responsible because they are the carriers of the scammers who rip people off and they choose to run unsecure sites which allows consumers to be ripped off in every way possible due to the poor security they provided to the consumers.
Money gets past over the internet in many different ways and those who use the internet to do business expect to be able to do so without interruption from a crook in any way. We cannot see who we are dealing with over the internet, and people like scammers and dating sites take advantage of the situation to rip people off.

For the business they are in, this is the perfect set up for them to do what they do, while at the same time, make it easy for them to get away with a lot. The fact that we cannot see who we are dealing with should not be as much of a deal as it is but since things are the way they are then we all have to try to be as cautious as possible because there are people out there who just do not want to earn a living honestly if they can find a so called much easier way by ripping others off.

Dating sites even lead people to believe that there is nothing they can do to stop the scammers when they provide the vehicles that carry the scammers, when they are aware of the hackers who steal their information from their database then sell it to the scammers, when they are the only ones who can defend the consumer but fail to do so because of the lack of security provided to consumers, when they know people obtain stolen / fraudulent information and get onto their sites, and when they know that scammers exist but fail to alert their customers in any way before they operate on their sites.

So we can see that datings sites do know a lot but they do very little to stop the predators. Although there are websites that post photos and profiles of scammers, this brings no guarantee when dating sites do not make it mandatory for people to post their photo on the site as well. Scammers are aware of the different site that expose them and their ways so they use the information they get from the sites to get around what is being said about them.

The truth of it all is that dating sites do not want to stop the scammers because if they did then they would make their sites a lot more secure than they are and people would have less worry of being contacted by a scammer through a dating site. Those who operate dating sites happens to know more than they say they do and they appear to know exactly what is going on.

In opinion, every time a consumer is contacted by a scammer through a dating site and gets ripped off, the dating site should be held responsible to the fullest! In my case, I have contacted IC3 and the Moscow Embassy. If there is any other advise you may have for me I will be more than happy to hear from you. Thank you for your cooperation.

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