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Fat & Parts Added
Posted by on
PO BOX 2020, SPRINGDALE AR 72765-2020 -- I purchased a 10lb bag of Goldleaf leg quarters and as I was repackaging them for freezing I found a large chunk of fat, not attached to anything. Also in the package was a neck with lots of skin and fat on it. I feel like these parts were added as filler to make it to the 10 lbs.

So I feel like I was cheated and did not get 10 lbs of leg quarters.

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User Replies:
karleebarlee on 09/30/2009:
did you contact the company?
Skye on 09/30/2009:
Yes, you should contact the company. They can't help you, unless you notify them.

Good luck!
Starlord on 10/01/2009:
I once bought a bag of lump charcoal, the only kind I use. In the bag I found a partially melted bottle. WAs my reaction that I thought they stuck said bottle in bag to meet the weight on the label? Of course not. I contacted the company and suggested they keep an eye on the charcoal burners working for them a bit better. They sent me a coupon for a free bag of the charcoal. I still feel they are the best product of their kind on the market, and feel that the bottle was just an abberation. Contact the company and let them know about the unusual inclusions. They can't fix it if they don't know it's broken.
jktshff1 on 10/01/2009:
Starlord, what kind of charcoal is it and why do you like it so much?
Anonymous on 10/01/2009:
You buy chicken that is processed in a slaughterhouse and don't think once in a while you will get an off piece or two? Have you ever weighted those 10lb bags? Some are close to 10 pounds, some are more. When they are more, so you pay extra?
Marian VandenMeydenberg on 07/07/2013:
Today I bought a one-pound roll of prepackaged 93/7 ground beef, and found many chunks of unattached fat in it!! Gross!!! I bought it at Wal-Mart in Georgetown, Delaware.
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Where's the meat?
Posted by on
Bought a 12oz package of Ole Carolina Hickory Smoked Sliced Bacon today at WalMart.

I brought it home and hubby decided to use it for BLT's. He started to take it out of the pack while I put away the rest of the groceries.

He stops me to show me what he has. The bacon is EXTREMELY fatty (the slice veiwed in the 'representative slice' tear-away hole is much less so). In many places the 'slices' are one stringy piece, and not separated from one another.

Was NOT equal to what the quality of this product has been before (have bought this brand name a few times). This brand name is cheaper than many others, and I have often bought it for that reason. It has never been of an equal quality with the other brands that I sometimes buy, but this time was of even lesser than usual.

(Usually for such as sandwiches or breakfasts I buy the better stuff; this was actually intended for potato soup. I can usually get away with using this in soup; this time I would've been disappointed even had I used it for that.)
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/05/2007:
I think this is true with most brands of bacon I buy. One day, it's perfect, the next time you buy it, it's too fatty.

I prefer center cut bacon for BLT's, which I LOVE occasionally.

Mmmmmm, BLT's. Now you've made me hungry!
Nohandle on 05/05/2007:
I've never yet found bacon consistent no matter the price or the brand, from the most expensive down to the store brand. That representative slice doesn't tell any of us much... except that it looks nice in the package.
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/06/2007:
If you can find a box marked "bacon ends and pieces" you will save quite a bit of money and the quality is usually very good, they are just pieces of bacon that were miscut or just not "pretty" enough for a clear pack. But for cooking in recipies it's just fine.
imjustasteph on 05/10/2007:
Hugh I'd love to know where to find that!! I haven't ever seen it!
*Brenda* on 05/11/2007:
Try asking the deli imjustasteph! If they sell bacon back there (usually the thick cut stuff) they probably have some.
imjustasteph on 05/15/2007:
Thanks for the suggestion Brenda!
Starlord on 05/19/2007:
Aw-w-w-w-w-w, poor baby, you can't use bacon because it is not pretty enough. You really must have led a sheltered life. We shop a lot at our local IGA store, and once in a while they have Covered Wagon brand bacon on sale, and we get a box. It is sold during these sales for $10 per 10 lb box. Most of the time, the strips of bacon are pretty much like you would fix for breakfast, or even fora BLT sandwich. Sometimes, the slices are as thick as three or four slices of regular bacon. I am not so picky that I can't eat bacon if it is not absolutely perfect. As long as it is crisp and has good taste, I don't care if it looks like Osama bi Laden. Plus we only pay $1 a pound. If we had more freezer space, I'd get two or three boxes.
imjustasteph on 05/19/2007:
Starlord, I really can't recall saying anything about the look of the bacon. I said that it was extremely fatty. I'm sure you know that when you cook bacon, the fat changes, some sort of dissolving, some shrinking, etc.
The bacon was next to impossible to turn, because it was similar to 'turning' over pieces of yarn....try doing that with a spatula!!
The end result is, we had the choice between mostly-burnt or almost-cooked.
If I cared what the bacon LOOKED like, I wouldn't buy the cheap stuff anyway. I care that after it was cooked we had next to nothing left, and what we did have was hardly fit for consumption.
BanditOne on 11/20/2007:
Bacon_very Disappointing_pkg IS 75% FAT...
I do NOT recommend it.
DStanley from NYC
mycents on 11/24/2008:
I too purchased this product and it was mostly fat. I took a picture of it to send to the company asking if they would like me to make them a FLT(fat,lettuce,tomato) sandwich. Don't buy this product, it sucks.
DebtorBasher on 11/24/2008:
Have you noticed when you look through that little viewing window on the package, they "Fold" the bacon strip around another to make it look more meaty than fat. I always peek downside the front window where you can see a whole slice, which will show what fat is on it and what meat is on it. Viewing them through those two little back windows mean nothing because they expect you too look through those. Sometimes they even just put littlepieces of the meat in view of those two little back windows and when you get it home, those slices are all chopped up covering the fat.
old fart on 11/24/2008:
Basher.. I always suspected that you were a window peeper..
DebtorBasher on 11/24/2008:
Yup...got to check out that meat before buying!
old fart on 11/24/2008:
I'll bet you squeeze the tomatoes and then pick out the ones next to it too...
Starlord on 11/24/2008:
I understand about the being too fatty. But I was raised ina frugal home of necessity, and learned early on about 'ends and pieces. Hugh hit the nail on the head. Most grocery meat counters will have ends and pieces for people who can't pay the high prices to get perfect-looking bacon. Farmer John's has about the best, and locally there is an outfit that vacuum seals the ends and pieces in a lump, and it is also too fatty. No bargain there. I misspoke and apologize.
hubbard53 on 11/24/2008:
what's with the necro?

reminds me of the Jimmy Dean Sausage Complaint:

DebtorBasher on 11/24/2008:
They also sell bacon ends and pieces her too. I used to see deli counters sell ends and pieces of lunch meats. when the end pieces were too small to slice through the slicer...or the "Heel" as I would call it and they would have odds and ends of cheese as well. I don't see that anymore and I think it's because they just cut it up now for Anti-Pasta salads and charge like $4.99/lb for it, insead of selling them cheap as ends and pieces.
DebtorBasher on 11/24/2008:
Hey wait a minute! This review is 1 1/2 years old!
Anonymous on 11/24/2008:
It is mycents fault for waking this dead beast!
jktshff1 on 11/24/2008:
John, no, they are not paying attention to the post, but the responses.
Shame on you genral!!!
orville l dean on 09/06/2013:
my family buy 2 10 lb boxes o f the covered wagon sliced bacon per months an always has been great but the last 2 boxes have not been to good most of the tome it has been slicwd thin but the last 2 were about 1/4 inch think not bacon anymore more like cured sclced pork
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Dirty Meat
Posted by on
OK ground beef in general is not that great but the ground beef from these guys was horrible in every sense of the word.... there wasn't fragments but chunks of bone and what felt like dirt in my mouth. I will never buy this again.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 10/12/2010:
You might not want to eat ground beef at all after reading this:

Anonymous on 10/12/2010:
You can always buy a chuck roast from your butcher/grocery store and grind it yourself at home. That way, you don't take chances. Alternately, you can also have a butcher do this for you. It really takes the guesswork out of what you're eating.
Venice09 on 10/12/2010:
I think I'll buy myself a grinder for Christmas. I just have to find a place to put it. I really need to have a garage sale.

I miss hamburgers and meatloaf. :(
Anonymous on 10/12/2010:
Buy one, Venice--you will be very happy you did. Having a garage sale is a good idea right about now--before the cold sets in.
Venice09 on 10/12/2010:
My house is filled to the hilt. I don't have room for a toothpick. I thought when my daughter moved out she'd take a lot of her stuff. But her place is so small. And now my son has taken over the house with his stuff. I don't think he's ever going to move out. We talk about having a garage sale but then don't know where to start. It really has become overwhelming. Sometimes I wish I could just put a For Sale sign outside and start over.
trmn8r on 10/12/2010:
People really have a bad taste in their mouths when it comes to ground beef. More for me. I still eat my burgers medium rare. May I go ahead and add all the my3c members to my will?

To the OP - you seem to have a marginal opinion of ground beef. If that is the case, it would seem you would want to buy the highest grade available. I couldn't figure out what TSD is. Did you buy the beef at a grocery store?
Anonymous on 10/12/2010:
Venice I had a "yard sale" in the house. No way I was lugging crap all over my yard. I got big yellow stickers and stuck them on everything that was for sale. I even sold some things that weren't for sale. Made my move a lot easier. Took the money and bought a Macbook Pro. I am glad I finally bit the bullet and moved but now that I have the house all painted and pretty and ready for sale, I want to go back! lol!

As for the beef....blech! Skip it. I was not fond of it before but reading that description makes me ill. I hope you got a refund.
Venice09 on 10/12/2010:
Incrediblelee, that happens to a lot of people. The house looks so good when they're done getting it ready to sell that they want to stay. That's exactly what would happen to me. Moving seems to be the only way to really clear out a house. If I could do it again, I'd save nothing.. or rent a storage unit!
GenuineNerd on 10/12/2010:
Is this the type of ground beef that is sold in a 5-pound plastic-wrapped chub? Most stores sell this type of ground beef, which is a much lower grade than ground beef that is freshly ground at the supermarket or butcher. Once I bought a 5-pound chub of ground beef, and I was very disappointed. The meat was bloodier than usual, and had a slightly off taste and smell only days after I portioned and froze the package. This package of ground beef came from Walmart, which sells only prepackaged, case-ready meats. The only place I buy ground beef now is Giant Eagle. At least they grind it fresh on the premises, and it stays fresher longer when frozen. I was never a fan of case-ready meat, ever since Tops laid off their butchers and went the prepackaged route, shortly before the grocery chain pulled out of Ohio. Marc's, Aldi, and some Save-A-Lots sell prepackaged meats as well as Walmart.
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Ground Sirloin was NOT meat !
Posted by on
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I purchased a pkg of ground sirloin at WalMart Super Center in Fort Worth, TX. Pkg stated it was 90/10 All Natural Ground Beef Sirloin with no artificial ingredients. Guaranteed 100% freshness.
It did not even resemble meat and had no taste whatsoever. I would say it was 90% artificial.
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User Replies:
bargod on 05/15/2009:
Did it say "Soylent green" anywhere on the label?
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
Wal*mart without a doubt has the worst meat I've ever seen at a grocery store. It's low quality corn fed feedlot rejects.

There is absolutely no excuse to be eating bad meat in Fort Worth Texas. Do yourself a big favor and find a local butcher shop that sells locally raised pasture beef. You'll pay a little more but boy is it worth it.
Starlord on 05/15/2009:
Maybe you aren't aware of the fact that labeling is controlled by the federal government. If it says the package contains something, it had better contain justwhat it says. There is no benefit to mislabeling a product and facing a megabucks fine. Maybe we don't hang merchants today for mislabeling, but Uncle Sugar carries a big hard stick.
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
BA, Starlord.

BokiBean on 05/15/2009:
Meat is one department in Walmart that I skate right by. They inject WAY too much dye, causing it to look bright red. I've got a local butcher that puts up with my fussiness.
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
MG, that was beef but it was WALMART beef and 90/10 is way too lean if you are looking for taste. You need the extra fat to to "tighten up" the taste.
*Crabs agrees*
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
Walmart is the last place I would go for meat,but that's just me...I like to hit up our local butcher....
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
ZZ -- Indeed fat is the flavor superhighway. BUT I would never buy meat from wal*mart or any other grocery store that sells corn fed, antibiotic and growth hormone injected cow. That's just scary.
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
We bought steaks at Walmart once and after two days in our fridge, they were turning shiny and multicolored. I'll never get meat there again
Ponie on 05/15/2009:
Crabman, I'll take the corn fed--but let's omit all that other 'stuff!'
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
I've been trying to talk my husband into letting me buy some miniature cows.
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
You going to make mini sirloin burgers Miss M?
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
Ponie you can't have corn fed without the antibotics because the corn makes the cows sick. It's not their natural diet. Grass fed beef is not only better tasting but it's better for you.
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
I want to try some of that Kobe beef from Japan..
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
I like grass.

lmao @ MM!!
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
Crabs, I didn't know that? (BA)
Kobe Steaks do look good.
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
Do they even sell Kobe beef in the USA?
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
Oh yeah.
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
I want to see Kobe cry. Go Rockets!!
Ponie on 05/15/2009:
Crabman, any time someone tells me something is 'good for me,' I want no part of it. Disagree very much that grass fed beef is better tasting. When visiting my Sis and her husband in Europe when he was stationed in Weisbaden with the military, I several times commented on the poor taste of their beef products. Others from the US didn't care for it, either. It was only after we were there almost three weeks that one of the locals told us it was because all their beef was grass fed rather than grain fed as in the USA.
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
Ponie, I thought the beef (and all meats, for that matter) in the Czech Republic and Warsaw was outstanding.
Ponie on 05/15/2009:
MissM, I found it to be very bland. I was particularly disappointed in the sausages in Germany. But it was explained to me (again by the locals) that when the Europeans came to the US, they 'spiced' up the foods. Being of German extraction, of course this is what I ate. The Bratwurst, even if smoked, made me feel I was eating vanilla pudding. Allen Brothers offers Kobe beef. Way EXPENSIVE! Just got one of their catalogs this week. Well, I can dream...
Anonymous on 05/15/2009:
Eh Ponie people have different tastes. I was raised on/around a farm. All of our cows were grass fed and delicious. That's what I grew up eating so that's my benchmark. I'll give you this there is a noticeable difference between the taste of grain fed and grass fed. As far as the health warnings all I can say is I'm not too keen on eating second hand growth hormones or antibiotics. I can't see it being anything other than bad for me but that's my own personal choice and I don't force it on anybody. We do agree that cow is awesome food.
BokiBean on 05/15/2009:
I miss those German bratwurst from the street venders..with brochen. I have tried and tried to recreate the taste here but can't.
Ponie on 05/15/2009:
Right, Crabman. Cow--good. Zucchini--blek! :) If a diet change is continual, I suppose a person can get to like just about anything (edible). When my spouse was diagnosed with high BP and I certainly wasn't the cook in the home, I got very accustomed to eating lightly salted or not salted food. But I'm back it again.
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