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Where's the meat?
By -

Bought a 12oz package of Ole Carolina Hickory Smoked Sliced Bacon today at WalMart.

I brought it home and hubby decided to use it for BLT's. He started to take it out of the pack while I put away the rest of the groceries.

He stops me to show me what he has. The bacon is EXTREMELY fatty (the slice veiwed in the 'representative slice' tear-away hole is much less so). In many places the 'slices' are one stringy piece, and not separated from one another.

Was NOT equal to what the quality of this product has been before (have bought this brand name a few times). This brand name is cheaper than many others, and I have often bought it for that reason. It has never been of an equal quality with the other brands that I sometimes buy, but this time was of even lesser than usual.

(Usually for such as sandwiches or breakfasts I buy the better stuff; this was actually intended for potato soup. I can usually get away with using this in soup; this time I would've been disappointed even had I used it for that.)

Terrible Bacon
By -

This bacon was so bad it prompted me to take the time to write this. Mostly fat, terribly sliced - The worst bacon I have ever bought.

Dirty chicken breasts and 2 male hairs!
By -

I have been buying this chicken for about 2 years without any complaints until tonight. About 3/4ths of my chicken breasts had weird blue and black flecks over top of it like someone grabbed them with dirty gloves.

I also found two male beard hairs within the package. one on top with the paint flecks and one underneath the chicken.

I think I have lost my appetite to ever buy this product again!

Dirty Meat
By -

OK ground beef in general is not that great but the ground beef from these guys was horrible in every sense of the word.... there wasn't fragments but chunks of bone and what felt like dirt in my mouth. I will never buy this again.

Ground Sirloin was NOT meat !
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I purchased a pkg of ground sirloin at WalMart Super Center in Fort Worth, TX. Pkg stated it was 90/10 All Natural Ground Beef Sirloin with no artificial ingredients. Guaranteed 100% freshness.
It did not even resemble meat and had no taste whatsoever. I would say it was 90% artificial.

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