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I went to my local Tuesday Morning to purchase a special sale item. There was a mirrored table with a "hold" ticket on it and nearby was the mirrored nightstand that I wanted. I carried the heavy piece to the register to pay for it only to be informed that it was on hold. I noted that there was a ticket on the table but not my item. I was advised that someone had called the day before to place both special sale items on hold. There were only 2 items available in this store and it only took a phone call to make them unavailable for the weekend, the sale period? Their policy is 24 hr. holds but since a time was not noted, it was on hold for Saturday and Sunday. First, there was no ticket on my item and second, a phone call should not be able to reserve the only sale items. I placed a call to Corporate but had to leave a voice mail. I have yet to hear back from them.
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Skye on 05/09/2010:
This an excellent review. Thank you for taking the time to post it. I like Tuesday Morning, but this policy they have, does not seem fair if they only have one of the items available. It should be first come, first served, on sale items. Please come back and let us know if you receive any follow up information, from them.

I would contact the corporate office with an email also. Here is the corporate contact information. I'm also providing their website, in case you may not have it.

Corporate Office Headquarters
6250 LBJ Freeway
Dallas, TX 75240-6321
(972) 387-3562

Ytropious on 05/09/2010:
Sometimes items in a group only get a ticket on one of the items. If it's on hold it's on hold I guess. It sucks but this is why I almost ALWAYS deny phone holds where I work. It's just not fair to the person in store ready and willing to buy the item.
Obsfucation on 05/10/2010:
If there is any justice in the world, they'll get stuck with both pieces.
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Return Policy
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REDWOOD CITY, CALIFORNIA -- Beware of purchasing some products at Tuesday Morning. While the discounts are often good, the merchandise may not be. No returns are allowed after 45 days and you are dependent on the manufacturer for replacing defective products because Tuesday Morning sells close outs and does not back up what they sell. The electric blanket I purchased failed after 3 months and I must mail it at my expense to the manufacturer for replacement - I believe from the phone conversation with the manufacturer's customer service that Tuesday Morning had some awareness of the potential for defects in this discontinued merchandise. 45 days is too soon to refuse to give refunds for electronic products which are intended to be usable for years.
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Justusryan on 04/09/2007:
Intended to be used for years? No one can say how long a roduct will last! If you buy from a retailer, they back you up with their return policy, after that it is the job of the manufacturer, that's why its called a manufacturer's warranty!
heaven17 on 04/10/2007:
45 days is a reasonable return window for retail items. But just curious, how long a return window do YOU feel is appropriate?
rhondam718732 on 04/10/2007:
You should have a problem with the manufacturer..they made the faulty thing! Tuesday Morning simply sold it. 45 days is generous. After that you call the mfr as you did. However, you neglected to find fault with the mfr...not sure why.
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