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No product, no contact
By -

I ordered a tupperware set a month ago. It has not arrived and the consultant from whom I ordered does not answer the phone and has no message option. Tupperware Corp says I can only deal with this order through the consultant. This is absurd. First, there is no reason that a purchase should take more than a few days to arrive, not a month; that is ridiculous!!! And second, if the consultant is absent, then the company needs to step up. I work full time too, and do not have time to chase down a person or an order. Will never order from them again and suggest you do not, either... FYI, their BBB rating is D+.

Tupperware Sippy Cups Now Suck
By -

Tupperware products were once reliable. Don't expect the same performance now. I bought "sippy cups with seals" that toddlers can drink from but minimize spills. These were in addition to similar cups I bought years ago. The old seals worked well - semi-transparent ones that held on, yet could be snapped on and off easily by an adult. The new "domed" white sippy seals are next to impossible to put on and take off - can't use the word "snap" anymore! In addition to being downright painful to use, how long can these seals survive? What a disappointment! Tupperware company, why replace a great product with one that is sure to infuriate customers?

Defective chrome-plating
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I have purchased many Tupperware items over the years and have enjoyed them all until now. Recently the ice cream scoop I own (3 yrs) with chrome-plating on the scoop itself has started deteriorating. The chrome has become acne-like and little pieces of the chrome are coming off. I am not going to buy anymore Tupperware products since I attempted to reach the Tupperware Corporation with no resolution. How can a company claim they have quality products if they aren't willing to stand behind them. Thanks for nothing.

misleading advertising

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I bought a container at my aunts party she had for your company. Received the product a few weeks later. It was much smaller than the picture, the wrong color and I called the representative and she never called back. To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: At this point in time, any response at all would be appreciated. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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Tupperware Corporation Rating:
4 reviews & complaints.
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Tupperware Corporation
P O Box 2353
Orlando, FL 32802-2353
407-826-5050 (ph)
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