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Poor Quality
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RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased my first set of TV Ears a couple of years ago. I immediately complained that the ear buds hurt, and was told to call back in a few months and they would provide new, improved earbuds that they were developing. I also complained about static and was told to turn off all the lights in my room to improve reception, which I did, but still had crackling sounds. I did call back in a couple of months and was told that the person who gave me the previous info had been let go and that what he told me was not true! I was asked to return my set, and sure enough there were several technical problems. I was provided with a new set.

Within a short period of time, a month or two, one of the arms snapped. I called again and was told they were having quality problems, to send the set back and they would replace it, which they did, except they did not send priority mail as requested, and they had an incorrect spelling of my address. (UPS looked up my name because they couldn't find the address on the package and delivered the set to my OLD address. I had to track down the package and personally go and pick it up from the owner of my previous home!)

All was well until about 14 months after receiving the replacement, and now both arms have broken off. Let me clarify, I am in my 60's and take very good care of my possesions. I still have many things that I received as wedding gifts 45 years ago! I called TV Ears, and they basically said "Sorry, you have to buy a new headset, warranty is only for one year". Once I pay for shipping (again), and tax, this will come to about another $100.

My complaint is that the headset is very flimsy and it appears to be built for planned obsolesence. I can't afford to keep buying new (refurbished) headsets every 14 months. The sound quality of the product is fine, but the quality of the product is not. I am currently looking for another brand of wireless headset, one that will stand up to daily use and not fall apart! I would not recommend buying this product due to the poor quality of the materials used on the headset.
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Darlene on 11/18/2014:
I have the same situation. I have purchased 2 sets of TV ears. While the base worked fine on both sets the flimsy headsets did not. I too am a very careful person and handle my things accordingly. The headsets are not made to the quality standards to allow them to be worn on a daily basis, only occasionly and then they still don't last very long. Both headsets broke and when I contacted the company they offered to sell me a headset at 50% off their regular prices. My cost was either $49.99 or $79.99. SUCH A DEAL! They should be ashamed as they know no one with half a brain would do that as you can replace the entire set for the $79.99 price. That is what I did when my first headset broke. Now I am stuck with 2 working bases and two snapped headsets that do nothing. I wonder how the people in this company would like to get continuously "hosed" over and over again. This company has a good idea but has decided to make it a piece of junk with their headsets and their horrible, horrible rules of "customer service." My advice, search until you find a better built system and a company that truly cares about their customers. This company does not care about the quality of their product or their customers satisfaction.
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TV Ears Is A Rip-off!!!
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RESTON, VIRGINIA -- First I had problems fitting the headset "just so" in the cradle so it would charge correctly. Then I noticed that they became very uncomfortable in my ears after about 30 minutes. Finally, after months of a bad connection (where I had to tap the circuit in the bottom of the headset until I heard sound), my TV Ears suddenly ceased to function. Now all I hear is static when I switch it on. I wonder how often this has happened, because when I call 1-888-TV3EARS or their HELP # (866-611-9944), the greeting I get is "MAILBOX IS FULL."

And I wouldn't be so foolish as to pay the company $99 (per their "Lifetime Service Guarantee") for a new TV Ears System--only to be faced with the same problem later on!
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GenuineNerd on 12/27/2008:
TV Ears is also controversial because these devices tend to work like a poorly designed hearing aid. It is basically a "black box" about the size of an old-style Walkman radio, attached to Walkman-type headphones, which are designed to amplify the sound of a TV set or other sounds.
GenuineNerd on 12/27/2008:
Actually, TV Ears is wireless; what I described in my other post describes some other "as seen on TV" devices that are designed to improve hearing. I think one of these devices was called "Super Ears". I bought one of these things for my grandmother several years didn't work very well. Again, these devices are not substitutes for hearing aids.
Starlord on 12/27/2008:
As Jamie Hyneman says on MythBusters, "Well, there's your problem." Every item like this I have seen tells you that the device (whatever it is) is not a hearing aid or a substitute for a hearing aid, and if you have impaired or defective hearing, consult a professional. GN nailed it in his/her last sentence.
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Happy with product
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CALIFORNIA -- I have been looking for a wireless headset for my father, who is in his 70s, to use while watching TV. I had been looking at a few on line, and didn't really care for the bulky design of most of them.

I stumbled across TV Ears, and after looking at some on line reviews decided to purchase a set for him.

The headset itself is plastic, and wears like an old style airline headset, hanging down. It has foam earbuds, which are changeable. A transmitter is connected to the TV and plugs in to the wall, this is also the charger for the headset. The headset has an on/off/volume switch built in.

The transmitter attached easily to his TV, and after a few hours of charging he was using it. This has greatly improved his enjoyment while watching TV.

He is able to hear, without having to crank up the volume on the television. Silly as it sounds, he no longer falls asleep while watching TV.

If there are any draw backs, it would be the headset has to be placed in the transmitter just right to charge. There are lights on the front so you can see if it is charging or not. Also, it is an IR device, and relies on line of site to the transmitter, so if you happen get up and move around, you can get some static.

TV Ears also advertises that their original set works at movie theaters, per the ADA. We haven't found this to be the case as yet, so would recommend you check with your local theater to see if they support this particular device.

I was so happy with the first purchase, I purchased a second set for my TV, for when he visits.

You can purchase them from TV Ears website, or on line retailers like Target, Amazon or Costco.

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User Replies:
Sparticus on 08/12/2007:
Interesting... thanks for the review. My mom might like to try something like this.
Anonymous on 08/12/2007:
Good info, interesting that it's an IR device.
Skye on 08/12/2007:
Nice review.
m80-knoll on 08/11/2014:
I have to a gree with the quality of the headset. I had one side snap, after two months and they would not replace it without cost. Their customer service is very poor.
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