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Time/Warner lies! Do not believe anything they tell you!
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Just like the other review I just read on this sight about Time/Warner, I too, was lied to about what services I was getting, and how much it was actually going to cost. Again, the srevice lady who originally took my order was sweet and nice, and promised me that there was no installation fee, that all equipment was included, etc. I also was very specific about the fact that I had 2 TV's that needed a box, and one desktop pc, and one wireless laptop that would both need internet access. She promised me that both TV's would be included, and that my laptop could access the modem wirelessly, no problem. Well, when the tech showed up (an hour later than the 3 hour time frame they originally scheduled, by the way), he said that only one TV box was included, and that the laptop would not be able to work from that modem, and that we needed to pay for a wireless router, even though I had speciffically asked if those two things were in included. In addition to that, he said we would have to pay for the install of the second TV box, and additional monthly fee for the equipment. One of these two people, either the lady taking the order(most likely), or this tech were completely ball-face lied to me! Very frustrating. So I just told the tech to cancel the order and not to do anything.
In addition, after I cancelled the order, I checked my bank account(since I needed to give my credit card info to them at time of order) and saw that they went ahead and billed my card for services anyway. So I called the next day to have them reverse the charges on my card, and the first thing the service lady said was that they would mail out a refund check, and that I should get it in 3 to 4 weeks!! WTF?! I said "Hell no! That's B. S.! I 'm not waiting a month to get my money back!" So then she puts me on hold, comes back, and says she made a mistake, and that she would reverse the charge on the card, and would take 24-48 hours to process and be put back in my account. So I said fine, even though I know that credit card charges can be reversed immediately, since I have done it for past clients of mine that wanted refunds, so I knowe that's crap that it takes that long. So I wait, and 4 DAYS go by and still no refund. So I call again, and ask to speak to a supervisor, who goes on to tell me that the reversal has been issued, but that it takes 5-7 business days to process! Complete B. S. again!
LIES LIES LIES!! Everyone there is full of crap! Even when I threatened to report them for fraudulent practices, the guy just shrugged and said that that was company policy. What a horrible bunch of cheats they are!
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH TIME/WARNER CABLE, unless you like being lied to and taken advantage of.
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Time Warner service SUCKS!
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On 6/16/08, I inquired about initiating cable service for my apartment via phone call. I had scheduled an installation appointment for 6/19/08 for 2 cable boxes and internet service.

On 6/17/08, around 9 PM, I had called and requested that an extra cable box be installed. The rep had confirmed the added box on the phone. However, when the technician arrived 2 days later on 6/19/08, he had only brought 2 boxes. I was not too surprised as I have had previous experiences with these morons who can't get their stuff straight, but what am I going to do.

So to follow-up, on 6/25/08, I had called Time Warner again to re-schedule a time to have the 3rd cable box installed. Time Warner stated that an activation fee would be charged to me for adding the box. The rep said that the activation charge (approximately $20) would not have been charged to me if the technician had brought the 3rd box on the original 6/19/08 installation date. I told the rep that as Time Warner screwed up this simple task, they should have waived the fee for me as it was their incompetence that they did not bring the 3rd box on 6/19/08. However, the rep said they cannot waive the fee and that they conveniently do not have a record of my order change. I told them the date and time of my call, but they claim they only record the calls for “quality and training purposes only”. Repeated requests to speak to a manager were ignored. Convenient, right? All the while, this so called "customer-service" rep is giving ME an attitude and sighing, and just being plain unhelpful. Have I wrote how much I hate Time Warner??? It must be the fact that they know they are a big corporation and we are all little people to them.

Incident 2
In addition, another example of Time Warner incompetence is that AFTER I had the internet installed on 6/19/08, I kept receiving calls daily to my voicemail following up on my 6/16/08 request for internet service. Finally, after 5 days of this, I called them to tell them to stop calling since I had the . Time Warner and their employees do not seem to have the common sense to check their customer status before bombarding them with useless phone calls. Did I mention it wasn't even automated messages, but an actual person each time???

Incident 3
As I have finally started to complete the move-in process to my new home, after getting a TV for the bedroom, I noticed that the cable box they gave me was not an HD box (As I specified for HD boxes). My wife had called the so called "customer service" line again (since I really don't want to deal with these idiots especially when I am at work) to tell them their mistake and this rep (Aisha) tells her that Time Warner will have to charge us $30 installation fee... just a few weeks ago, they said the installation fee was $20. Do they just make up random numbers for fees on the fly or something? And what the heck are they installing? Isn't it just a simple exchange of boxes? Anyway, back to the story, this Aisha (pronounced I-EE-Sha) starts sighing again and giving my wife an attitude just for trying to help solve our problem. Is that part of Time Warner "customer service" rep training 101? I mean, how does a big company like that not realize how bad their customer service is.

I can just picture their training material titled "How to P.O. your paying customers":

1) Put your customers on hold at least 15 minutes prior to picking up. This way, you whittle down the number of people who you have to deal with as they will probably get bored and hang up. The customers that actually wait for a rep, will be too tired to argue effectively.

2) Don't solve their problem. Just keep giving them the run-around and try to charge them for so-called installation fees, maintenance fees, whatever fees you can think of on the fly to get more money for Time Warner

3) Give customer attitude. (Sighing loudly, or even getting belligerent with the customer is highly encouraged)

4) Refuse to let the customer speak to your manager.

I feel like that Time Warner really has those 4 steps noted above as part of their employee training programs!

Incident 4
To top it off, I used to have Time Warner when I was living in another apartment with roommates and I had cancelled service on 3/31/08. I had a credit of $37 coming to me, and they have yet to send it to me. It is not a lot of money but it just shows how under-handed Time Warner is... It is just the principle of Time Warner not refunding money due back to their customers. Yet, I noticed now, that these Time Warner characters, are so quick to cash my monthly checks. I sent out my check on a Tuesday and guess what? The check clears on the Thursday of the same week! Of course, after calling them twice regarding my refund of a measly $37, they still cannot send out a simple refund check after 3 months??? UNBELIEVABLE! (yet believable with Time Warner)

Time Warner is the WORST! Their product is so-so at best, but their customer service and business ethics are horrible to non-existent. I am just unfortunate to live in a building where Time Warner is the only available cable and internet service provider. If you can avoid using Time Warner, do it! You will avoid countless headaches, and retain some sanity and brain cells by not dealing with these bunch of incompetents! I hope no one has to go through what I went through, but just reading some of these complaint logs, I see I am not the only one Time Warner is screwing over. Good luck to all who have to use Time Warner. You'll NEED IT!
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Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- Time Warner's sales department is atrocious. I called to set up high speed internet, and was told to pick up a self install kit b/c our apt already has a cable outlet. I went to pick one up, waited an hour in line, and then brought one home, only to realize that the cable outlet has been deactivated. So I had to call and schedule a technician appointment. The sales team told me that they had no record of an outlet ever being installed in our apartnement, and a tech would have to come and install one, but that he could install the outlet anywhere I wanted. When the tech showed up, he said he needed to connect to the existing connection, which was in a room that happened to be locked at the time (roommates room). So I had to reschedule ANOTHER appointment with the tech, who finally installed our internet.

I'm paying for 50 mbps ultimate internet, but my connection is currently 1.5 Mbps, and I'm contacting them yet AGAIN to have this issue resolved. this is ridiculous. It wasn't even worth it to go through the hassle of switching over from Verizon!

Not to mention their ridiculously slow phone service. When I call, they're able to pull up my account with my phone number, but I have to re-provide my account information to whoever I speak with; what is the point of obtaining it in the first place if the person on the other end of the line won't have that information? moreover, they give you an option to leave a message rather than wait on the phone. When I selected that option, I was told that the mailbox is full and I had to disconnect, and call again.

I get that they have a monopoly and I can understand if that meant their technical service would be poor. But the best interactions I had with them was with their electricians, who were efficient and knew what they were doing. Everyone I dealt within sales has been thoroughly, embarrassingly incompetent.
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OK so now TW has outsourced it's chat line to India
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WOW where do I start. The area in which I live does not have 24/7 phone support for billing/ bill reduction. however there is a billing chat line available 24/7. When finally an "analyst " enters the chat room his name is "michael chapman". I am assuming that he has all my info from the form I filled out at the start of the chat. he proceeds to ask for the information all over again. Mind you there is a place on the form to asking if you would like a copy of the chat transcript via email which I checked and never received, which leads me to believe that the chat was never logged. after about 5 minutes of reconfirming my account, apologizing and asking for my patience when I finally asked if he could lower my bill he states he is a billing tech. well that's what I am inquiring about. he states that he will have to transfer me to another queque. OK fine, the next "rep" states his name is "Steven" (sorry I forgot the last name) again he asks me to confirm all the info I have already given 3 times so far. a little frustrated I ask "you cannot read the notes??" again he apologizes and asks for my patience. I copy and paste the notes from the beginning. about this time I have no patience and couldn't care less about their apologies. all I want to do is lower my bill...........

The length of time between responses was getting longer and longer and finally I asked where their call center was located and was told it is in India. GREAT MORE JOBS BEING OUTSOURCED TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES.

The representative then asked what services I had and I am wondering to myself, no access to my account info so what is the use. Time Warner has figured out a way to discourage customers who have paid their bill on time every month for over 3 years to actively seek another provider.
great job.

I also received a postcard in the mail thanking me for being a "valued customer". it was to inform me of rate increases. I wish I had a way of informing them that they do not make me feel valued and maybe instead of providing all employees with free cable, internet and phone services, they might consider charging their full time employees a nominal monthly fee so that they wouldn't have to raise consumer pricing plans.

I am researching now and have found that by using 2 different services I can save $100 a month. Bye bye Time Warner and thanks for outsourcing all those jobs to India.
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User Replies:
NickL11354 on 05/29/2011:
Cable companies typically have a monopoly over a certain area. your choice is either to accept the posted rates or do without television & internet service.
momsey on 05/29/2011:
That's not really true anymore, Nick. It used to be the case, but in most areas, there are different options for cable.
Nohandle on 05/29/2011:
Agreed Momsey for metropolitan areas. There are still many rural areas and smaller towns with no choice if they want cable. Just as they have no choice if they want a telephone at home. They have to accept what's there and often competition has no desire to come into those areas.

The OP was obviously complaining about telephone support for problems. At least he found some alternatives. With some there are none.
GenuineNerd on 05/29/2011:
Other TV options include DirecTV and Dish Network (subject to many My3Cents complaints as well) and converter box/antenna. Internet options include DSL (not available in fringe areas) or 3G/4G internet via cell phone carriers and Clearwire (also hot for complaints.) And there's good old fashioned dial-up. I don't like it when customer service is outsourced to countries where people speak broken English with thick accents. Fortunately, TWC in my area (Cleveland, OH) still uses US-based support, which helped when I cancelled my digital phone/Road Runner service last year due to numerous problems-hopefully that customer service hasn't changed. The AT&T reps who connected my phone/DSL service was US-based as well, although AT&T outsources overseas as well. Hopefully companies will take a hint over the sheer number of complaints about overseas outsourcing of phone-based customer service that they start hiring customer service representatives in the US again...already some companies and banks are doing just that.
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Fake speed test with Time Warner
Posted by on
Did you notice that the techs from Time Warner always send you to speedtest.net or speakeasy.net or their own website for your speed test?

Well, sorry but 95% of TWC customers are fooled by the results. The 3 websites give you between 10 and 20 mbps in download and 1 to 2 mbps in upload, it depends on what kind of plan you have, right? When you read the results you're satisfied, right But in the reality, when you're downloading or uploading from different servers you are far from this "blasting" speeds, right?

It's simple, it's an ugly conspiracy and a thievery. Why? because there is a booster behind these servers installed by Time Warner techs to give you false results. Let me explain. My plan is a Turbo+ and a Mac G5 desktop which means I should be getting between 18 to 20 mbps in download. My results with Time Warner website, speekeasy.net and speedtest.net is between 20 mbps and 25 mbps in download... WOW!! ...... Great! you'll say, but, mysteriously, when I make a test with other websites (and they are legion), I get a maximum of 3 to 6 mbps in download and this result is completely accurate with my actual download. Believe me I did several tests and I downloaded and uploaded different size and kind of files from different servers.

My question is why all this websites are accurate and saying the same thing in term of speed except speekeasy.net, speed test.net and Time Warner website?

I reported that to Time Warner, the answer was, "sorry we don't use these websites for our speed test"... Yeah right!!!! It's much easier to still our hard earned money by faking the results.
The proof is bellow and it's your turn now to try any of these 8 speed test websites like I did and compare the results you have with Time Warner or Speedtest.net or Speakeasy.net. You'll see that the results are more accurate with your actual speed and you'll be enraged.
Please count me in for any class action lawsuit.
http://www.america/. myspeedtestonline.com/
http://performance/. toast.net/
http://www.wugnet.com/myspeed/speedtest. asp
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/28/2011:
I wasn't enraged...but I am confused. I just randomly tried 4 different ones from your list and I got different results every time. I'll have to try this when I get home and see if the same thing happens.
azRider on 03/28/2011:
I'm not so sure you have a basis for a lawsuit. I'm guessing your paying for a speed with them of 10mbps from them. when you test your showing at least 10mbps from the company sites, you should do a ping on the company sites and a ping or trace route on the other sites as well. it could be argued that your getting the speed you pay for on TWC while your on networks controlled or within scope of their networks. however, when you leave their network and go out of scope to some other network to access a site they cannot warrant your getting full speed. this may because of multiplier hops, or poor topography design, or latency in the network your trying to get to. all out of TWC control. so their stand is, your getting full 10mbps download provided from their network. but once you go outside of their network they cannot warrant full speed. I bet if you have a contract, and read it, there is a clause about out of scope networks.
tnchuck100 on 03/29/2011:
Your effective speed will be the slowest one in a series of network hops. Analogous to a chain is no stronger than its weakest link.
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
I don't know about Time Warner but Cox has something they call PowerBoost which basically can drasticaly increase your download throughput although it only kicks in when certain conditions are met... Like when you first initiate streaming video or a large download and of course when you test you internet speed at popular speed testing internet sites.

Is it a scam? I don't think so. Deceptive.. eh perhaps. Personally, I kind of like testing the effectivenss of the powerboost however I realize that's not going to be my constant speed.

The best test for me is how Cox performs with my everday usage.

Good luck with that lawsuit.
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
Try google web accelerator.
Levy on 04/07/2012:
I just had a TWC Tech in my house yesterday and we got into a bit of an argument when he pulled this crap on me. Saying the same BS line about how "We only use our site for testing speeds.". That's pretty much like asking the fox how many hens are in the henhouse without being able to see for yourself. It's a lie! Just like Russ28 I tried numerous other speed tests and got an average of 6-8 mbps. When tried with the TWC speed test, I got 20-24 mbps. And the biggest test is just in using the service, I click on a link and wait for the page to load and wait and wait. I swear, I was getting faster, more consistent access when I was on their basic plan. I spent the extra money for a faster connection because we turned off cable TV and now use Hulu and Netflix for our viewing. I believe that TWC may actually stall or slow down people who choose to cut off their TV service. As a way to teach us customers that we might be better off with their service. It's a scam plain and simple.
Lee1942 on 10/08/2012:
I supposedly have TW 10 mps down, 1 mbps up. MY VOIP studders and hangs up, my Netflix movies always go into buffering, etc. Wen I am having these problems, I try 4 different, recognized speed test sites from nearby, but different cities and on different networks. They will give me various speeds all below 2 mbps download, but usually .8 mbps or better upload. If I go to TW's speedtest, it will show 6 mbps download and .95 mbps upload. I am thinking of adding turbo to see if they release more bandwidth priority to me.
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BUYER BEWARE - Time Warner lies and does not give consumers what they promise them
Posted by on
CULLMAN, ALABAMA -- I am currently in a dispute with Time Warner Cable Company and have filed a BBB Complaint (not sure if it will do any good or not). However this is the situation and I feel that other consumers should be made aware of it.

I had been a Dish Network customer for several years. When I discovered that Time Warner had brought cable service to my area I decided to call them to see what they could offer me. I called the company's toll free on 01/24/07 and was told they had a special "Dish Winback" promotion, in which I would get a 50% discount off my cable service as well as all my digital box equipment and fees for free for one year. At this time I asked if there was a limit as to how many boxes this applied to and I was told "NO". So I ordered the service since it was supposed to be saving me money and it was connected the following day on 01/255/07.
The first bill I received dated 01/25/07 was for $62.28 which included an activation fee of $29.95. It also reflected the 50% discount and all the equipment and fees for free as promised when I signed up for this service. However the next bill I received dated 02/26/07 was for $151.65. On 03/05/07 I called the company and asked them why my bill was so high. At this time I spoke to operator # MWL, he informed me that I had been told incorrectly and that only one digital box was for free and that not only did they need to correctly charge me for this month but that they were also going back and charging me the difference for the previous month as well. at this time I told him that I felt as if I was misled and led to and would like to talk to a supervisor. He told me that he would "escalate" my complaint and someone would be in touch with me. I also asked him if all phone conversations were recorded and he said yes... so I said it should not be a problem to review the original conversation I had with the person who signed me up to hear what I was promised. He simply said he would have a supervisor contact me. I told him if someone would be calling me during working hours that they needed to call me at my work number which I provided to him. He said that would not be a problem.
By 03/07/07 I still had not heard from anyone, so I called the company again. This time I explained my complaint to operator # TXT. I was placed on hold several times. Finally he came back and said that the problem had already been addressed and there was nothing more to be done. He said someone had already called and spoken to be about the situation. I told him this was news to me since I had not talked to anyone since the phone call I placed on 03/05/07. I asked him who had spoken to me and when.... Finally he said well there was a record of their phone contacting my phone. I asked them what number they had called and if there was a record of me requesting them call me during business hours at my work number. He said there was no such request in his notes. I again asked if phone conversations were recorded and he said yes and I told him that if he checked then it could be verified that I did provide my daytime work number. I again asked to speak to a supervisor, and he told me that my case had already been handled and there was nothing that could be done. Basically I was told incorrect information and this was now the amount I owed. I asked if there was a corporate number I could call or anyone else I could talk to since basically his company had liked to me about the service, promotion, and price just to make a sale. He said there was not a number but I could write a letter if I wanted. I asked if there was a local office. He gave me the address and I went there on my lunch and explained the situation again. However their supervisor was at lunch also. I told the woman at the front desk how upset I was and how I was lied to and wanted my situation resolved. I asked for access to the original taped conversation in which I was promised the "Dish Winback" promotion and the free equipment for a year, she said she didn't know who had access to those tapes but they are supposed to be recorded. She also said that there have been several complaints about the customer service or lack thereof from the company's toll free number. I left my number and asked for her supervisor to call me. Sometime later I finally received a call from the Cullman Office supervisor who explained to me that her hands were tied and she was sorry that I had been given incorrect information when I signed up for their service. I have written and mailed a letter to the General Manager of the local office to have him forward my complaint to their corporate office.

In my opinion Time Warner is a large company and this is not the way they should conduct business. I feel as if they have broken the law, misrepresented their company and lied to me as a consumer. I feel that even if their authorized sales representative did give me incorrect information Time Warner should honor the promotion that was explained to me. Why would I change companies not only to pay more but to be treated with such disregard and disrespect?

I looked up Time Warner and am including a link of their values as a company.


(The following is an inclusion from Time Warner's website)
These elements form the foundation upon which we build our continued success.

We thrive on innovation and originality, encouraging risk-taking and divergent voices.
Customer Focus
We value our customers, putting their needs and interests at the center of everything we do.
We move quickly, embracing change and seizing new opportunities.
We treat one another with respect-creating value by working together within and across our businesses.
We rigorously uphold editorial independence and artistic expression, earning the trust of our readers, viewers, listeners, members and subscribers.
We attract and develop the world's best talent, seeking to include the broadest range of people and perspectives.
We work to improve our communities, taking pride in serving the public interest as well as the interests of our shareholders.

I don't feel that Time Warner has upheld any of their values as a company in the way in which they have lied to me as a consumer and treated me disrespectfully. I am sure I'm not the only person who this has happened to but I might be the only one willing to fight for what I believe in. Which is honesty and integrity in business practices.
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TRY working for them they are just as bad as the complaints I'm reading
Posted by on
The company in my area has gone through a lot of new changes and not for the good. New management new technology and new rates. None of it has beneficial to either customer nor employee. I read so many complaints about how they representative never called back regarding and issue and or an issue never got resolved and the mistake still going on. Most the employee's at this time are worried to lose their job a lot of them are threatened on a daily basis there is a lot of fear. First all they are not encouraged to call anyone back it is an inbound call center. Yes the packages and products get messed up and no in a lot of cases it doesn't get corrected, It gets passed on to next chain of command and than forgotten most of the time. I'm sure that most of the rep's you talk to would love to help you and try to get you the best package possible but right now they don't have any gone is the day of 99$ rate and the 2 yr contract is really just full price but they took cost of DVR off if you do contract vs. non contract. there still are a few cheater's most times these are the pets due to higher sales made so they don't monitor them as often as the rest these people slam customer's so much they lie about what the rate really is and than the rest of the call center has to field the complaints and try to keep you. Those people are the real agents but so many agents are concerned about their job TWC is cleaning house yet again right now and rep's lose there job if they discount you in any way and or try to help you. There are no tool's to help the customer now. People have lost there job transferring you to the right dept even tho you get an agent it doesn't mean they are fully trained or have the resources the correct department can give you and as far as getting you a better rate now even if you threaten to cancel you still won't get that great rate anymore. Most all of the seasoned agents are gone one's who actually cared about you the customer. And yes a lot of agents are to afraid to help you because if the do they will lose their job and fear is not very customer friendly. We get the service ourselves we know how much it really does suck. The system they work on is not very easy and the training is not very good they also do not update or teach the employees well about the services any good training would take them off the phone to long and TWC can't afford an agent to be off the phone they are restricted to how many times they can go to the bathroom the new system now monitors everything they do on the computer. Its past micro management its worse than the fbi checks or big brother watching you. Now the new agents tained in what is available now they don't care to negotiate to keep you and yes if you threaten to cancel they don't work with you if they do its bare minimum. Someone should really go undercover and find all the old scandals that changed the new office management. Employee's are not empowered to help and to dam scared to try. Also an employee has no one to turn to no one to protect them from the harshness or harassment from the job and when you complain because you have right's it secretly passed on and you get treated even worse and than when you think you can trust a human resource department to have your back they terminate you I know 20 people at this time scorned by this company and almost all of they were illegally and wrongfully terminated they lost there job merly helping you out. And yes it for stupid things like transferring you to thr right department so they can help ou better who would you want to help you someone who barely does the job your asking or speaking to someone who actually handles that same thing all day every day, or agents are losing their job for understanding your services were messed up and the company in the wrong and they give you an offer that it by standards there for cust and yet they lose there job due to a code on that item. This company advertises for new representative they put in there add that you must be able to work in an environment that changes rules and policies all the time. But they didn't say they could change from minute to minute and even if you do what your suprevisor ask's you to do if your on the hit list you will lose your job due to ever changing policy and they fit it to match what they want. So remember its not always that person is just bad at customer service I get that because I have exsperienced poor customer service but in most cases here it fear and in this economy no one wants to lose there job and there just trying to keep up with the hourly rule change.
All in all this is a company (well in this area) they do not care about the customer they are "all about the number's"
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User Replies:
beanbagbritches on 05/23/2010:
Good information.
DELF on 05/26/2010:
TIME WARNER CUSTOMER NO SERVICE. My Mom had TWC and died of Cancer. They told me I would be refunded all the months that I had overpaid. One day all is good and then the next week the Person has left or the manager has left and the saga goes on and on and on. I posted a blog about the current round of problems with TWC. They owe me money and still have taken me to collections. Hard to believe. DELF. PS after reading your post it's just what I went through back in late 2008- 2009 and again in 2010. STILL WAITING FOR ONE PERSON AT TIME WARNER TO QUIT LYING and settle my complaint. And I paid the firm to boot during the process. Up and down. Left is right. White is Black. Day is Night. From the office of the president to the low level workers...TWC has a problem...or I have the problem and they do NOT CARE. TWC DOES NOT CARE. delf.
DELF on 05/26/2010:
I have a feeling the one Person that was helping me in Palm Desert may have been fired. I never got the credits = money due. I suppose all he records are gone as well. She told me She was on the 3rd manager and that was the reason for the delay. If true I sure wish an attorney is reading this. Take Care. DELF
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Horrible service
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ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- We have had nothing but trouble with Time Warner since day one but the last six months were ridiculous! Cable, internet, phone ALWAYS down. When we call to report problems, we always have to wait and then get transferred several times and things never get resolved. We finally switched companies after we could take no more. We first had a problem with our bill. I had paid it monthly on the internet forever and then one month it had locked me out. We tried numerous times to change passwords and get help and my bill became late. We finally spoke to someone who helped us get back online and paid the bill. After that, they called constantly month after month threatening because we were behind. We finally had to get copies of the past 12 months of our bill being debited from our bank to get it straightend out. Soon after that, our internet was out for about 10 days, which resulted in no land line and our picture was all scrambled and some channels were out for about a week. The help desk had us bring the controller to the facility to replace it but that didn't solve the issue so they told us to bring in the modem cable only to be told that they needed to send a technician out and the first available was four days later. While in the facility, a representative asked us what was going on and after explaining the situation, he promised that someone would call within 24 hours to resolve everything and that we would receive credit for all of the lost service. Of course no one ever called and after two service calls several days later, everything was fixed but still would mess up once or twice a week and then come back on. I finally decided to change companies and when I called to cancel Time Warner I was told I would be charged for service until equipment was turned in and the first available time for them to pick it up was in THREE weeks... whatever... so we drove the equipment to the Arlington facility the next day and turned everything in. At that time we were told that we would receive a final bill in approximately six weeks. After about that time I still hadn't received a bill but they began calling my husband's cell phone constantly. He would stay on the line to be connected but would always end up getting disconnected. We tried to pay online but our account was closed. A few days later on June 29th I received a final bill for $54.30. I wrote a check that day and took it to the post office and it was postmarked June 29th, the SAME day I got the bill. A week later, I received a bill from a COLLECTION agency saying we had been turned in, long after Time Warner had cashed my check.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I was so mad I couldn't see straight. Hsd to spend another half hour of my time straightening that out. After the horrible service and the empty promises of credit we were supposed to receive for no service, they have the nerve to turn us in to a collection agency. I will NEVER do business with them again and will tell everyone I know about my horrible experience. The funny thing is everyone I mention it to, already knows and has or plans on switching...
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A disgrace
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I wish I could say I was a satisfied customer of TWC, but at this point I am not even a customer...Let me preface this story by telling you that I work nights and don't get home till 6 am.

After a wait of 9 days for an installation appointment, a rookie tech showed up after calling and asking directions since he couldn't get his GPS to work. I guess that should have been my first sign.
After 3 and a half hours of fumbling, drilling a hole through the mall(did I mention I rent) removing all the wall plates and creating wire octopi using splitters and coax, he decided that both HD boxed he had with him were "broken" and he needed a new one...So he left, leaving the mess, the remote and power cable for the box and saying he'd be back after he picked up a new box at the office. Seven hours later, still no tech.
So I call, and the extremely unhelpful Help Desk tells me that he went home and that the best they could do for me is to schedule me an appointment for the following Saturday(a week in the future) or I could call back tomorrow.
Sunday Call 1 10:30 am - Apologies from the operator, and she will call Dispatch and get someone right out and call me right back...
Sunday Call 2 2 pm - Apologies from another operator and she will put a "request to call" in to her supervisor. I will be receiving a call within the hour.
Sunday Call 3 4:30 pm - Apologies from the operator and informed that Supervisors did not in fact come in on the weekends and that I will be getting the call instead on Monday, and that for my trouble he would do me the huge favor of waiving my $19.95 installation fee. Really, wow, a whole $20!!!
Monday Call 1 - I am finally given to a supervisor and he assures me that he can get dispatch a tech that same day and should be hearing from them shortly.
Monday Call 2 - Supervisor #2 no one is available to come out today, the best he could do is Tuesday morning at 10 am. Fine. Whatever.
Tuesday 8:12 am - Time Warner's automated appointment confirmation service wakes me after 2 hours of sleep, and I confirm my 10-12 appointment.
Tuesday 10:45 call from unknown/blocked number rings twice and hangs up....no message.
Just in case I go out front to see if anyone is there. Nothing. Building manager is in her office 10 feet from the door buzzer and no one has come by.
Tuesday - Noon Call to Time Warner, request supervisor, get the extremely snotty Anthony who informs me that the tech was at the building at 10:45 and that no one answered. I told him that that was impossible as both the Manager and I were available. He then changed his story and said the tech made "contact" via cell phone and when there was no answer didn't come to the scheduled appointment. When I asked if he understood the word contact, and informed him that calling and making contact were not the same I was warned that if I wasn't polite he would "force" me to terminate my service...I think he meant he would be forced to terminate my service, but either way, a pretty ridiculous threat. Since, as you can see if you have been paying attention, there is no "service", hence my anger.
It should be noted that every person that I spoke with lied to me at least once, and that every call took over an hour to complete with less than 5 minutes of actual talk time.
So here I sit, waiting for the tech...again. I now have an "All day appointment" with no guarantee that they will show up and I am wondering if it wouldn't just be easier to move.
If you have the option - go satellite, because Time Warner has got to be the worst company of all time.
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madconsumer on 06/23/2009:
"I mention I rent .."

if this is so, your landlord should have handled the instalation. you may be held responsible for any damagaes the tech caused when you move out.
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Worst. Company. Ever. Beware!
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CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I have lived in NY for years and never had a good experience with customer service. Then, I moved to the suburbs of Cleveland, OH and needed to deal with the service there. After having issues with getting the initial service connected, I decided we needed 2 more cable boxes. I called and had an appointment for the cable boxes to be delivered between the hours of 10am-12pm. I took time off of work to wait for the tech and everything. An unmarked truck was sitting in my driveway at 9:50 am. I was excited that they actually come on time - that never happens with Time Warner. There was a guy in the truck and he appeared to be on the phone, so I figured he was just waiting until our assigned time to come to the door. I kept an eye on the truck through the window so I would know when he was coming to the door.

Then, all of a sudden at 10:02 (I looked at the clock) he drove away! I went to the driveway so he could see me, but he just kept driving! He never even got out of the car to come to the door! I immediately called Time Warner, and after being on hold and listening to crap recording for 20 minutes, someone picked up. I told her that the man was in the driveway and then drove off. She asked me to check the doors for a note (I guess they are supposed to leave one if no one answered the door) but there was nothing there. She tried to get ahold of the tech for ANOTHER 2o minutes, but he was unresponsive. She said she would call back if she was able, but that the company was unable to call a cell phone number (we don't have a house phone hooked up). That made no sense... She promised someone else would be thereby noon, our scheduled end time for the delivery. At 11:45 no one had arrived, so I called back to see what the status was.

A different person, Tina in the Cleveland office, informed me that the company would NOT be sending someone out. When I told her that I was promised someone would be here by 12 and that it was not our fault the tech did not do his hob correctly, she pretty much said oh well, there is nothing we can do about it. I asked for a supervisor, but she refused to connect me to one. She said it would be another week before someone could come back out! Ridiculous! If the guy was here. why didn't he just come to the door!?!? I am furious with this company and currently looking into other options, primarily satellite.

Time Warner has no concern for their customers and their workers are completely incompetent. It amazes me that such a large company can have such disregard for its service department. I highly suggest staying away from this company - they are nothing but bad news at a high price!!! EVERYONE has issues with them - you will, too!!!
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Anonymous on 04/15/2008:
Now that's service.Directv has been great to me for a number of years now.
Ponie on 04/15/2008:
Your last sentence: 'EVERYONE has issues with them...' I don't.
Anonymous on 04/15/2008:
I'm puzzled. Not doubting the poster either. But, isn't it in a company's advantage to sell more service? I think the problem is with a tech who learned how to skate on his job and he is hiding behind the typical obfuscations of TW CSRs.
Badshah on 08/07/2008:
I have been a happy, loyal and vocal advocate for Time-Warner for many years. Now I am in a situation where I am not getting the service I am being billed for and no one at TW cares at all. It involves a transfer of service, a lying technician and a general all-round bad attitude on the part of TW personnel. Unfortunately I don't believe TW has a real competitor in the San Antonio market. We will just give up TV, stick to DVDs and get cell phones. C'est la vie!
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