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HORRIBLE Service- Cable, Internet and Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was forewarned by both friends and co-workers that I should not get TWC. Unfortunately, I had no choice since my new neighborhood has no other service for cable.
My first issue was convincing TWC that they had already run lines to my neighborhood and could provide me with service. I phoned at least 3 times, getting increasingly frustrated each time because no one was calling me back. I live in a new town home and my neighbor, as in we share a wall, had TWC. One day they were having service issues with their Internet, I ran outside and spoke to the tech who finally got me a phone number where someone at TWC realized I could have service.

When trying to get service, the salesperson "qualifies" the caller. They questioned me regarding what is my favorite channel, what do I like to watch, do I watch movies on my computer, do I play games. All of this to determine what service is best for me.
A few days after I ordered the service, I received a call from a salesperson, clearly trying to "upsell". She told me that for $5 more I could get faster-than-the speed-of-light Internet. I asked her, "exactly how slow is the service that I ordered?" I was trying to get her to compare it to Fios, which I recently had in Bmore. She couldn't relate the two. She scared me into thinking that I was going to be waiting for pages to load and so I allowed myself to be suckered into the next step up in Internet service.

Three days after I had cable service connected, it went belly up. No cable. I looked up the number on the Internet to call TWC and noticed that there was such a thing as a "Triple Play" which included phone, Internet and Cable for $15 less than I was paying for Internet and cable. Hmph. New issue. In addition to trying to get service to repair my cable, I also attempted to discuss why I wasn't offered that deal. I was told it was because I said that I didn't want phone service. I asked to have my service changed to the Triple Play, again this is three days after my service was connected, and I was told that it was only available to NEW customers. I spoke with a supervisor and was told that same spiel.
Instead of trying to determine for me what is best, maybe they should have told me the special offers and let me decide.

In the last two months that I have had Time Warner, I have lost service AT LEAST five times and had to wait at home three times for the not-so-customer-friendly 3-4 hr timeframe they provide for repair. Additionally, the call hold time each time that I have called is almost laughable.
For the last three days I had been repeatedly dropping my Internet signal on my laptop. I thought that the problem was with my laptop until tonight when I tried to use my notebook. I called TWC and they "simply" had to reset my wireless modem remotely. But WHY? Again, I've been frustrated for three days and it turns out that the equipment they supplied is the cause. What kind of service will I have in six months if it's this bad now?
As soon as another company provides service to my area (I'm told ATT&T is on the way) I will be moving on. In my experience, I would absolutely rank TWC as the worst company, as a whole, product and service, that I have encountered. The cable service sucks and the customer service is no better.
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wjk898 on 12/03/2012:
TWC's standard internet dogs down to the speed of Prodigy dialup everyday when the kids come home from school and on weekend mornings. They have a total and complete monopoly here. And my association doesn't allow a discretely placed dinky 2' X 2' external antenna so one could get about 12 stations off the air.
jonthethird on 12/04/2012:
Tell your association to read and review OTARD:
Your condo association CANNOT prevent you from putting up an antenna as long as it remains in an area under your exclusive control.
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Time Warner Cable & Customer Dis-Service!!
Posted by on
I have been fighting with TWC for the last few days and I'm ready to lose my mind!!! I had an unfortunate issue with money being stolen out of my checking account, which caused me to have a returned payment on my TWC account. When I called to explain my situation, I was told that since I was now past due and had a returned payment that they required me to make my payments in cash for a time (which given the situation, was fine by me). So on Weds Nov 4th, I made arrangements to get the account caught up and pay half the balance on the account in cash by the 10th of Nov and the rest within 2 weeks (my next pay date) while I was sorting out my issues with my bank. At that point, I was satisfied that we had reached an agreement and went about my day.

Much to my surprise the following day (Nov 5th), my services were disconnected at the pole!!! I immediately called the customer service number and was told that due to my past due account and the returned check that I was scheduled to be disconnected and someone had moved that date from the 11/10 to 11/5, when I argued that I had JUST SPOKE TO SOMEONE the day before about it, she told me that she didn't know why the other representative had made arrangements with me, also that there were notes about my bank account being hacked, but no payment agreement was listed in the notes...I was furious!! I then demanded that they pull the call from the previous day and verify what I was told, the representative placed me on "hold" and after about 5-10 minutes I was disconnected!!

I called back, this time I was ready to rip someone a new a$$ and I went off on the first person who answered the phone!! This representative told me that since service was disconnected that I had to pay all charges on my acct, PLUS a reconnect fee and the full next month of service!! I told her that she was out of her mind and that I had just made arrangements the day before and that TWC should honor that commitment. At that point the woman told me that I could take my cash payment to the local office the next day and discuss it with them. So the next day, I made the effort to take time off work to get to the local office with my CASH payment. When I arrived, the lovely woman, Dee, who by the way is one of the ONLY TWC employees that seems to give a damn about customers, pulled up my account and said that it was "locked" by a supervisor and that she couldn't take my payment. She advised me to call the 800 number while I stood there in the office to get this cleared up. I called and spoke to a billing representative "Nikki" whom I relayed the WHOLE story to once more, she then said that I could speak to her supervisor "Kaylee." Kaylee had to be briefed on the situation AGAIN and once I had her up to speed, she immediately said that she could request that the call be pulled and that someone would get back to me in a day or so. She told me to make the payment, and I explained that TWC had not done much to earn my trust in this matter so I would hold on to my money until the issue could be addressed and once I was assured that my service was being restored. She said under the circumstances that she would do the same thing and took my callback number, assuring that someone would call me back as soon as the call was reviewed.

Today I came into work and waited until 11am for someone to call me back, when no call came to EITHER numbers that I'd left for contact, I decided to call them again and check on the progress of this issue. I was not really surprised that when I FINALLY got through to a "supervisor" I was told that "Kaylee" was not, in fact, a supervisor, but "Ta" was and she informed me that they would not be restoring services as promised by the previous reps. Suffice it to say I totally blew a gasket at that point!! I told Ta that I wanted BOTH calls pulled and reviewed, the one from Weds making the agreement, and the one from Friday that assured me that they would back up that agreement. She said that she would do that and call me back within the hour. To my shock, she actually did call me back and said that she pulled both calls and that I was correct in everything that I was saying, however due to the returned check issue that they would not restore service unless I paid everything in cash. Once again, reneging on the previous reps assurances that the original request would be honored once they proved what the first girl told me!! I flipped out and requested Ta’s supervisors name and phone number and told her that I wanted the calls forwarded to her boss and I will be calling to follow up on Monday. I also have acquired the number for the office of the President of TWC (203-328-0600 for anyone interested) and The BBB and I plan on calling both on Monday as well to try to get this matter resolved.

TWC seems to think that they can treat customers like garbage and get away with it!! While I have repeatedly admitted my fault in this matter (which was getting behind in the first place). I also expect any company that I do business with to uphold any verbal agreements (especially when it’s being recorded) and I will fight this matter until it is resolved to MY satisfaction. I hope that someone from TWC monitors sites like these and decides to resolve this problem before it gets any worse.
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tnchuck100 on 11/07/2009:
"TWC seems to think that they can treat customers like garbage and get away with it!!"

That is an absolute fact! And TWC isn't the only one.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I think TWC and Comcast took lessons from each other. They both stink.
EdwardThompson on 11/09/2009:
looks like Gethuman.com is behind you as well

WyckedQueen on 11/10/2009:
Still dealing with TWC, President's Office has not yet called me back as promised (go figure!) So I am calling them back on my lunch break, will keep you all updated!
beanbagbritches on 12/05/2009:
Please update. How did things work out?
WyckedQueen on 12/06/2009:
Hello all, sorry for not updating sooner, I've been super busy at school and at work. Anyway, I did finally get someone from TWC to call me back, this was a local-ish office in Cleveland, OH. This woman let me spill my whole story and then said that she would review my calls and see what she could do. She actually called us back as promised and said that as soon as we made the originally agreed upon payment that she would be getting our services back on. My husband went in, made the payment and called her back, she got the order for reconnect put and they were out the very next morning as promised. In the end it took almost 2 whole weeks of us calling and escalating this issue for it to be resolved. I also used the info I found on GetHuman's site to Twitter Jeff (who I guess is an Exec at the company) Jeff responded to me after someone had been in touch to see if things had been worked out, so I'm not sure if my messages to him had any effect or not. I honestly just wish that TWC would look at stories like mine as a way to project a positive image to conusmers. Giving your front line reps the latitude to solve these kinds of troubles isn't hard to do and at the end of the day it would make for a more pleasant relationship for all. I also feel that if TWC had more competition in my area that they would have less of a sense of entitlement to treat customers like they are not important.
filipino_kid555 on 07/29/2012:
Constant disconnections every single day. Customer service is dishonest when it comes to the reasons why it was disconnecting, it was obviously due to their terrible service.

Ugh. As most people know, I'm an online gamer and having the internet go out every freaking hour is ridiculous. I have to sit there and wait for the stupid internet to reconnect for 5-10 minutes at a time and what do you know, the other team is ahead and I died while I disconnected. Unbelievable.

My family and I have called over 5 times to address the problem and they have not helped us AT ALL. One of them had the audacity to tell us that she switched the server our internet based in and telling us the disconnections would stop...And you know what? You guessed it! THEY DIDN'T!

I'm so over Time Warner. Do NOT sign up for their stupid internet or cable. I repeat, unless you want incredibly slow internet, clueless customer service operators or other things that can make the most patient of the monks in Tibet tear out their (non-existent) hair in RAGE, do not get Time Warner.

TO RECAP: They don't care about you as a customer! They care about the money they're shamelessly sapping from your own pocket in exchange for terribad service.

If you're cursed and have the same ill fortune of being stuck with it in the meanwhile like me, switch out as soon as possible. Or move. That's what I'm doing...

What Time Warner is doing should be considered robbery. I'm not exaggerating here. Believe me. I am fed up.

Down with Time Warner.
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Time Warner Have No Code of Ethics!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- TWC is the worst cable company I ever dealt with. I have gone without Internet service for 3 days now but cannot spend another 2 hours on the phone trying to get it fixed. I pay for service that I do not receive, this in addition to my cable service interruptions.

It first started when I signed up for Time Warner 1.5 years ago, I was advised by the TWC account representative for my apartment complex, due to me moving from Direct TV to cable, I qualified for 2 year contract at a set price. Well, after the 1st year, the bill hiked 45%. After many hours, disconnection and no one able to help me with TWC Customer Service, I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. I was contacted by the escalation department, who credit my account and extended my promotional free movie channels. After another month due to scheduling conflicts, I had a technician come to my home to figure out the Internet and cable service interruptions. I was told the box used for HD (Cisco) always loses the HD IP Address and this is something that cannot be fixed until TWC changes companies who issue the boxes. And to add, my bill is always incorrect and have to call the lady whom I spoke within escalations at least once a month so she can properly correct my bill. Normally it takes about 10 messages before I get a return call. TWC wants to be paid on time, but do not want to provide the service.

Long story short, here we are 5 months later from my first complaint and 5 technicians later to still have service interruptions 2 to 3 times per week. The technicians were very professional and friendly, but TWC will not admit they cannot fix these service interruptions, Therefore, I finally asked the tech manager if I could just receive a fair permanent credit rather than a 6th person come out to my home. He stated he would escalate the matter, when I asked for them to get back to me the following day, he responded he could not guarantee a response that quickly and the matter was escalated. I asked for an expected time frame, that was 15 days ago and yet to get a courtesy response. So, this even gets better......I received a certified letter that Time Warner is elected to cancel my service due to my unreasonable demands! Are you kidding me! Unreasonable, I pay for service I do not receive and was asking for a fair credit and I was going to PUT UP with the service interruptions. Fair to me would be $5 per month. TWC does not care about customers, as a prior business owner, I understand we all need to make money to stay afloat but this is just plain taking advantage of consumers.

This monster of a company should be stopped. I feel bullied because I filed a complaint. They need to be held legally responsible for treating customers this way with legitimate complaints. I spoke with the person who sent me the disgusting letter and they stated due to a total credit of $1000 to my account and me demanding a time frame to respond to my escalation, they felt it necessary that we end the contract. Seriously, the credit you nitwits are referring to is the $29.99 per month for the free promotional movie channels, the credit to bring my bill back to the PROMISED promotional price I was given for 1 more year. There is no other credit! The person I spoke to couldn't care less. I find it hard to understand a company can disregard the truth and get away with it. I am glad to be returning to Direct TV, I should have done it months ago. Service may interrupt during storms, but at least my bill was always correct!

FCC needs to take a closer look at TWC.
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Bait & Switch
Posted by on
I ordered service from Time Warner Cable based on an online promo I saw on their website. I was to get Cable and Internet service for $79.99. I ordered an additional box which was $6.99 and I was told that my total, including tax, was $94.00 (and some change). This price was confirmed in a phone call before my installation date on 06/23/11.

When I received my first bill, I was charged $109 (and some change). My first contact was via chat and it was confirmed that I was to pay $79.99 + tax. Please keep in mind that this charge includes being charged for 2 digital boxes; the online promo says that one box is included.

My next contact was with Velma, ID #PVD on July 22, 2011. I explained my issue and she said that my recorded calls would be pulled by a supervisor to confirm and I would receive a call back. After waiting a week, I didn’t hear from her or anyone at Time Warner so I called back. On 07/28/11, I spoke to Fernando, ID # 12634 (FOM). I told him about my previous conversation with Velma and he looked at the notes. The notes that Velma took indicated that I hung up and didn’t provide all the necessary information necessary to have the calls pulled. A total lie and an excuse for someone not wanting to do their job.

I haven’t received a call back from Time Warner as of yet, but wanted to let you know about my experience with the company so you can decide if you guys want to deal with them. Their chat is a joke too...

me: I appreciate your help ( I thought she was even going to try to help)
agent: thank you for appreciating

Everything went downhill after that coz she had no idea what she was doing. I also sent a complaint with FTC.

Follow up:
Filed with BBB and here's TWC Response: the surf n view package IS $79.99, however, you have 2 cable boxes, the 1st one is $7.99, the 2nd is $9.99. for a total of $97.96 plus tax, as agreed upon during the Sales call.

This wasn't what I was told because I kept verifying the price including tax and they (2calls) kept agreeing to $79.99 plus tax.

BEWARE the cable amount on the web doesn't include a box as you can see in their response. Since they PAY the BBB a fee, TWC isn't worried about their A rating being affected. They'd rather lose their customer than work with a $14 discrepancy.
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Posted by on
LANCASTER, CALIFORNIA -- Wow, where do I begin. Before I moved over a year ago, I had Time Warner for two years. Had no other choices so I was stuck. They sent a contractor to hook up my cable. I didn't realize how sick he was until I heard him coughing and saw him break in a sweat. I stayed away from him, he did what he was supposed to do do and left. Later I found out that he dug holes in my doors, crown moldings and floor. I was a renter and didn't want to be responsible for the damage. I complained and they sent in his supervisor. He said too bad I should've inspected. I told him the guy was sick. He said I shouldn't have let him come in the house. I told him that he shouldn't have sent him to my house sick and I didn't realize how sick he was until a few minutes later. He said that he's not fixing it and I said fine let me call Time Warner's Office and he then said OK that he'll fix it. He did and in the meantime, he broke my daughter's hinge on her closet and hid it up on the shelf.

Another time I called to have my email setup and the guy had me on the phone for at least an hour complaining about the car accident he was in, the pain he was in, how much he hated his job and at the end of the call, didn't know what he was doing as far as helping me setup a new email account and by then I just wanted to get off the phone with him.

I had only a few minor problems after that which were worked out with continuous changing of my broken down cable boxes.

Last Sept I was moving because I bought a house. When I called to have my service moved, I was informed that I did not have to take my cable box to the office near me and to take it to my new home and if they needed to change it, the tech would take it with him. The tech came. He was there no more than 5 minutes and realized the work that needed to be done and started complaining that he can only stay for 15 minutes because that's all they give them in between jobs. I told him that I don't believe that all they give them is 15 minutes to do a job and then send them off on an hour drive to do another job. This guy complained for 1/2 an hour. He started to do the work. He couldn't run a line from one of my room to hook up my internet to the other end because he was in a hurry and it's something he's not supposed to do because they didn't tell him he had to do that. So this idiot hooked up my internet in my closet. That's right folks, my computer was put in my closet. He told that he couldn't take the modem from the old apartment because if he looses it I'm still responsible and would have to pay $250. He then told me that I have to call the office to schedule another appointment to transfer the computer from the closet to the spot I wanted it and that it shouldn't cost me anything for a return visit. Oh, he did hook up the cable. I called and got this ignorat representative, who happened to have a very heavy accent and I could barely understand him. He told me I had to pay $19.99 for the return visit and when I'd ask him why and explain, again, that I'm not supposed to, he would tell me a reason, but due to his accent I couldn't understand. I explained that I was having a hard time with the accent and apologized and he said "you don't know to know why, all you need to know is that you owe $19.99." By that time I wasn't very pleasant with him and told him he better watch how he talks with me and that it's my money and I want to know what I'm being charged for. We made the appointment for the next tech visit.

Finally 2 tech show up at my door. Come to find out, the initial tech didn't hook up my phone line. This idiot Mickey Moused it. He just put up the piece to make it look like I have a phone. Also, my internet wasn't working because he didn't hook it up right. The cable kept going out....same reason. A supervisor comes in and calls in 3 more guys to help. They were there all day (well over 10 hours). The techs told me that I should be getting credit for 2 months for internet and phone. In the meantime, they broke my bed moving it, they drilled a hole in my wall and without my knowledge, went into my garage and took a metal piece to open the cover in my closet ceiling and left it on the floor, and since I didn't know about it, I cut my foot on it when I went barefoot into my closet. Oh and did I mention that they were supposed to take the old modem with them, but they didn't. I called the office a few days later about my credit and they didn't want to give it to me. I asked for a supervisor and she was rude and told me that I should've called and complained about the internet and phone not working. I told her that I had an appointment and didn't see why I should have to wait on the phone for another hour wait time, only to get disconnected. She basically said that the techs didn't mention anything and I told her to ask them. She said that she will and will call me back. Of course, the liar never called me back. I had delt with a few different customer reps. One representative Rena, said that her supervisor Reni is good at investigating and that she will give her a message and she guarantees a call back within a couple of days. That was months ago. I called continuously and six months later I get a representative to say that she's sorry but it's been six months and she can't give me credit. WOW talk about playing games and jerking your customers around. Now in between all that, I had a few more techs in and out of my house trying to fix the crappy job everyone else did. Each tech was amazed at the crappy work that was done by the ones before. Each one was supposed to fix the phone, the cable and the internet. I constantly had to run up and down the stairs to reset the modem so my phone and internet would work.

I was driving home one night (about 8 months after I moved from the apartment I was renting) I get a phone call from a collection agency. Only to tell me that they've been sending me letters to my old address to pay up for the cable modem box that I was supposed to return. I explained that I was told to take it with me and that the techs had failed to take it. I told her that I'm not paying for it and I"m not driving out of my way to the next town to drop it off because they were lazy, careless and incompetent. She was trying to charge me a $17 surcharge fee for having to collect. I told her she better call Time Warner for that because I'm not paying. I called Time Warner and explained the situation. The woman set up a time for a tech to come and pick up the box and told me to make sure I get a receipt. She wanted me to call and deal with the collection agency as far as the $17 and I told her no way, I'm not doing it because it wasn't my mistake and incompetence. So she said she would.

I finally got tired of paying $155 a month and figured I can watch my programs online and the phone never worked so it was useless anyway. I finally got rid of their cable and home phone and down graded my internet. Of course even though they knew of all the issues they charged me $20 for installing or downgrading...even though the tech was there to shut off the other services.

I have not had working internet since that day. I have called and complained. They still could help me. The last representative I spoke with couldn't help me trouble shoot so she told me she'll put me on hold and get another department on the line and will explain to them what I'm going through. Well, she just passed me because I got a tech and she acted as if she didn't know anything (what a surprise). I was frustrated and told her that the other tech was supposed to put me on hold and let her know the story so I don't have to repeat it and she hung up on me. Today, I get a call from a tech saying that they're scheduled for a hard cut off and if I want the service to call billing and pay the bill. They want me to pay for something that's not working. Are you kidding me? I called the billing department and the lady was rude and asked me if I was going to pay my bill. I said no have it shut down and told her that I've been having issues with Time Warner for over a year and she got even ruder. I told her that I had already disconnected the box and to please ask the tech to knock on the door so he can collect the modem. She said no, that he won't knock on the door. I said why not he's going to be here anyway. She said I'll ask him but he won't you can just take it to the office...which is 20 minutes away.

So what I did was move my vehicle on top of the box so he can't get into it and would have to come and knock on my door. He didn't. He either didn't come or just decided that he wasn't doing it. Fine by me, I'm sick as a dog and not going anywhere for a few days so they can keep driving by.

Last week I ended up buying a cell phone which allows me to use it as a modem. So, for $85 a month (including tax) I get unlimited phone, text and internet on a phone that I can use as a modem for my laptop, as well as my daughter being able to connect with her laptop and IPod. GOOD BYE TIME WARNER. And I'll be damned if they're going to get the payment right away. They can take me to court...that's if I don't take them to court and sue them for my time first, as I have all the phone calls, all the reps names, all the times and dates and what was said. I think that if we all start keeping track and taking them to court and sueing them, then and only then will they start taking us seriously.
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 12/16/2009:
"I told him the guy was sick." Guess what, like every work place they don't have to tell someone to stay home if their sick. Everyone has to work for their money, so sorry you have the comfort of getting to call off when your sick. Others don't have that luxury! And so he was coughing. I cough all the time but I'm not sick or contagious! Sweating is only because I KNOW the type of shirts TW employees wear (my husband is one) and if they come into your home with a coat forget about it, it's sweat city. Also just want to point out it was a CONTRACTOR not a Time Warner tech. Contractors largely govern themselves. Lighten up lady!

Also, the tech was NOT LYING when he said he only had a certain amount of time for the job. If you tell them on the phone what you need done, and that job only takes 15 minutes (switching out a box or hooking something up, I can't even tell what you had him come out for) and then when they get there you tell them to do something else THEY CAN'T because their day is scheduled in advance. Every job they get is given to them at the beginning of the day. He was scheduled for you for only 15 minutes because you asked them to come out to do a certain job. You wanted him to do something else. Guess what YOU have to call and get another appointment then. Sheesh, don't call someone a liar when you have no idea what their job entails.

Lastly, be a big girl and deal with collections yourself. It may have been TWs fault but demanding they take care of collections for you after taking your box for a new one? That's just stupid, AND it's not their job. Deal with collections yourself.
Anonymous on 12/17/2009:
Nicer than I would have been Yt. The OP is the kind of nightmare I dread at work.
Anonymous on 12/17/2009:
My god.....This OP is out for blood, IMO. Drilled holes without knowledge, broke all the furniture, cut foot, used a piece of his scrap metal to do work....seems like TW did a lot for you......working 10 hours for you? sheesh.....drilling holes for wiring is NORMAL. if anything was broken, its YOUR JOB to watch what got broke. you must not have been watching where you were going if you cut your foot.....get over yourself.
Anonymous on 12/17/2009:
I am trying to figure out how the OP thought the wiring was going to be done if not through drilled holes in the wall and floor?
CrappyCustomerServiceEverywhere on 12/17/2009:
Get ready, this is a long one...

Yropious, My ex used to work for Sears repair department (going out to homes etc) as well as working for a telecommunications company. Started out as a tech doing installations and working his way to a supervisor, as well as dealing with outside contractors. I have heard the horror stories, on both sides. The stories of the nasty customers who try everything, including breaking their own entertainment centers etc. so it can be replaced for free by the company. But I also have heard stories of the techs damaging property in homes and businesses, such as breaking expensive computers, making extremely large holes in walls etc. because of incompetence or trying to rush through a job. As well as the ignorant customer service reps who don’t care and jerk the customers around and leave the poor techs to deal with the irate customers. I’ve heard it time and time again from tech’s…and not just cable companies, and not just tech’s from my ex’s company, but tech’s who I have dealt with on a personal and business level. They’re so rude to customers that by the time the techs get there, they pretty much get the crappy end of the stick from the frustrated customer. I realize all that. I also know that they’re supposed to stay there until the job is done. I’m not a difficult customer, but I also don’t like getting jerked around. If I pay for a service, I expect to get that service. But I’ve been paying for crappy service for well over a year and they don’t care. They care when you want to shut them down. Then they scramble to keep you as a customer. It shouldn’t have to be like that.

As far as the guy who came to my apartment sick….this guy was as sick as a dog. He wasn’t sweating from the shirt, he was sweating from a fever. I felt bad for him and when I told him that he shouldn’t be out like that, he told me that they wouldn’t give him the day off and he couldn’t afford to take it off anyway. You know when someone has the flu just by looking at them….that’s what he looked like. I gave him water, he asked for tea and I made him some and I offered him fever reducer/cough meds. He wasn’t at fault here, his boss was for sending him out in that condition. Trust me, I kept my then 9 year old daughter and myself away from him so we don’t get sick, because I didn’t have the luxury of taking time off from work. So no, they shouldn’t send him out that sick to people’s houses to infect them and their children. Would you want your husband to be so sick that he could barely stand and not being able to take the day off? Or would you want someone that sick coming into your home? I don’t think you would.

As far as me dealing with collections, what’s stupid is that you expect the customer to fix TW’s mistake. Yea they make the mistake but it’s not their job to fix it? That makes no sense at all. If you reread what I wrote, I offered to take the box to their office before I moved and I was told no don’t take it and if a new box is needed the tech will take it. But he refused and made up excuses that if he loses it I’m responsible to pay for it. He said even if he gave me a receipt that he took it I would be responsible. So yea he was a liar all the way around. They knew I moved, I moved my service, they had my new address, but yet sent the collection agency after me to my old address for months, which means they reported it to the credit agencies. So you think that even though it’s their mistake, it’s not their job to correct the mistake, it’s mine. Well, that’s your opinion and I have to respect that and if it happens to you and you think you should have to do all the leg work, then go ahead, I won’t do it. They made the mistake and screwed my credit and they fixed it. Why should I have to call the collection agency and pay them their fee for a mistake that TW did. Why should I have to write letters to the credit agency. All they had to do is call the collection agency and tell them the situation. Again, they contracted the collection agency, not me. It is their job to fix what they ruined. And as far as its true he only had 15 min to do a job….they knew that I wanted cable, internet and phone and installing the cable takes more than 15 minutes so he just didn’t want to do it. It’s not my fault if in fact they didn’t tell him…but guess what, they did.
For the record, I never filed a complaint for the bed the tech broke or the hole in the wall he left there…and that’s because he told me about them…I appreciated his honesty. He was the one who told me that the contractor Mickie Moused the phone and internet. I’m sure he forgot to the piece of metal and I figured it was an honest mistake…I mentioned them in my review just as a note of some things I have put up with. I’m sure if you ask your husband, he will tell you that the tech was responsible for patching up the wall. Why didn’t I make him, because they were there for 10 hours and worked very hard and it’s something I can patch myself. In fact, I cooked and fed them, because I saw how hard they worked and I did appreciate it.
I am on both ends here, I work with the public. I cater. I have turned staff members away because they were sick….the first thing I tell them, if you’re sick, don’t come in, I don’t want to spread it to my clients. When I hire contractors/vendors in addition to my staff, just as TW has techs and contractors, I deal with the contractors if they don’t do what I hired them to do. I am paying them. I’m not going to tell my client they’re contractors and govern themselves. My client’s going to tell me to go screw and not hire me again. At the end of the day, I pay TW, not the contractors so I don’t give a rats ass who governs them. Maybe if the contractors knew that they won’t get rehired, then they’ll do their job right.
Let’s say you hired me to cater an event at your home. You expect me and my staff and contractors/vendors to do an excellent job, and if my staff members, regardless of whether they were my employees or contractors/vendors, did a bad job, you are going to deal with me and not them. I would then turn and deal with them. Not say to you sorry my contractors govern themselves. Are you kidding me, I’d fire them. Contractors or not, that’s my name on the line and it’s my business reputation. The contract was between us, as in you and I, not you and I and all my vendors. I hire the vendor, I deal with them, you hire me, you deal with me. If you call my office with a complaint, I expect that you are treated with respect and that the issue is resolved in a professional manner and you will hang up the phone satisfied…not pissed off and frustrated because you’ve been dealing with crap for over a year and getting jerked around.

LadyScot…Don’t assume that all your customers are out to get you, or they’re all out to get free things. In fact, I’m not the customer you dread, I’m the customer you appreciate. If you did a good job, I will go out of my way to call your supervisor or write a letter or even call your headquarters to tell them you did a good job. I don ‘t complain after the first offense, or second, or even third….realize, this has been going on for over a year and I’m fed up.
I currently have Verizon for cell phone and I LOVE THEM. However, I am moving to TMobile because the economy, as you know, sucks, and I’m trying to find ways to survive like everyone else. The Verizon rep was so polite and professional, even though she knew that I was moving on to another company after all these years and I asked to speak with her manager to give her an excellent review. I NEVER got a bad customer rep with Verizon, always a good one and I’ve been with them for years. And I always do the survey at the end of the call to give that particular customer rep positive feed back because he/she deserve it. I have done the same with other companies. If I ended up with someone who didn’t do an even fair job, I didn’t do the survey, because I don’t like jeopardizing people’s jobs, so I don’t give any feedback. But with TW, enough is enough. I can work with the techs…but customer service SUCKS.

It does seem that customer service reps and people who have nothing better to do with their time can’t wait to jump down someone’s throat for a bad review. Don’t assume that everyone’s out to get you or get something for free. I turn down free products because that’s not what I want….at the end of the day, I want good service, service which I pay for. I think we’re entitled to review a company we’re not happy with. I know many people who got rid of TW for the same thing and some who are stuck because TW is the only cable company in their city. Some are going with the dish and some like me, are going with a cell phone to use as an internet modem and the internet to watch programs. Honestly, it sucks that I had to get rid of my cable and internet and go this route….but the aggravation just wasn’t worth it for me anymore.
As a business owner, I go above and beyond for my clients and as a customer, I expect to at least receive the service for what I pay for, with a smile, especially if I’m being a descent customer. But it seems that nowadays, everyone has a stick up their ass, and they take out whatever one crappy customer puts them through on their next customer.

Ytropious on 12/17/2009:
"his boss was for sending him out in that condition."...BUT didn't you just mention that he also said he couldn't afford to take a day off! Even if his manager said go ahead we can cover your shift, he wouldn't be getting paid for that day. If he can't afford it he can't afford it, just like you! And also the flu is everywhere, you could catch it anywhere. It's not like you're going to die if you get it. You act like you were being exposed to anthrax or something. It's the flu, it's a fact of life. Berating him because he's sick and acting like it's the companies fault is pointless. Also you act like it wasn't an issue, but then complain to his manager? You can't be both angel and devil in this situation, and we both know which one you were being.
CrappyCustomerServiceEverywhere on 12/18/2009:
Wow, where did you see that I berated the tech? Perhaps by giving him water and making him hot tea when he asked for it. Maybe it's by offering him meds or better yet, not throwing him out. Yes the flu is everywhere, but you don't take it into a person's house. Did I mention that my daughter has severe asthma...oh wait, you'll probably come back with then I don't care about my daughter and should've thrown him out. Yes, I did complain to the manager, but because the manager didn't want to fix all the holes in the door frames and crown moldings, and told me that I should've babysat the tech....that's when I told him that he was sick and stayed away from him. But no, you're just stuck on the fact that I complained that he was sick and get over it the flu's around everywhere. Good God are you one of those people who have nothing better to do then to watch for posts and jump down someone's throat...that's obvious by the number of posts you have on here. Lady, apparently someone got your husband in trouble at work, and it wasn't me. Talk about wasting my time and my breath. Don't bother responding, because I won't be reading your useless responses holding on to something that I'm the bad customer here. Have a good night sweetheart and hope no one else screw's your husband at work, so the next person who writes a review doesn't get jumped on. LOL
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Digital Cable
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IDYLLWILD, CALIFORNIA -- I have two homes in which I have subscribed to Time Warner for digital Television and Internet access. As a customer for years in my first home I have had no problems and still do not. However, in my second home, I have nothing but problems.

From the first day of installation, my cable has worked only part time, not working approximately 6 to 8 hours per day at various times. My internet access speeds vary tremendously as the quality of signal varies, and at times access is not there at all, or just drops out. This also creates problems with my VOIP phone service.

After numerous visits by Time Warner techs, I was told that where I live digital access is not available as the system is out-dated and is scheduled for an up-grade some time next year. Complaints via e-mail to Time Warner Cust. Ops. has proven to be time wasted as on one hand they say they can fix my problems, and on the other hand, they admit they do not have digital access where I live. I have repeatedly asked why then am I paying the premium price for digital access and cable when it is non-existent where I live? I have asked many times for some sort of discount and all I get is scheduled for yet another visit by their techs who then tell me the same thing each time; "This system is out-dated and not capable of providing digital anything" "Time Warner is aware of this and this area is scheduled for a system up-grade in the future" "There is nothing I can do to repair your problem".

I will add paste a few pages below of the e-mails I have sent and the replies I have received from Time Warner. You will either be amazed or amused at the inept handling of my problems by Time Warner.

(The following has had names, addresses, etc. removed)

(this is after several e-mails and visits by Time Warner Techs)( most recent at the top)

It seems to me that you have again done no more than try to placate me. You apologize for the issues and say that you are going to assist me to resolve these problems. Now I ask you, what do you expect me to repair on your system? With or without your assistance?

You have stated that my problem has been "escalated." Does this mean that it has finally been passed on to a supervisor as I have requested?

If the best possible level of service is your goal as you have stated, then you have already achieved the best possible with this out-dated system. Again, I am paying for premium service and not receiving it. This brings us back to several e-mails ago whereupon I request a discount on my subscription as I am not getting what you claim is "premium service."

Again, I ask that this be passed on to a supervisor for his or her immediate attention.

Thank you,

(name removed)

Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 14:10:43 -0800
From: cust.ops@twcla.com

Dear (name removed),
Thank you for your e-mail inquiry. I apologize for the issues you have been having with your services and I can certainly assist you to resolve this issue. We apologize in regards to any inconvenience that you may have had due to this matter. Time Warner Cable is committed to providing you with the highest quality of service, so your feedback is very important to us.The information you have provided will be escalated so that we can continue to offer the best possible level of service and support. I have also included our customer assistance group address for you to direct any legal manners to. We thank you for your ongoing support and patience with this issue.

My message,
I am including our previous correspondence to show our history with this ongoing problem.
As per your last response to our problem, your technician has just left our home and the problem was handled in exactly the same manner as before, "this system is not intended for digital equipment. It will be up-graded at a future time."

Evidently, as you sit in an office in Los Angeles, you are not familiar with Idyllwild and the system serving this area. This is not a Fiber Optic system. It is the old wire on the poles system. Your technicians have told me that until such a time as the system is upgraded, this problem will not be repairable. By your own response to my e-mail, you have stated that the system is scheduled for an up-grade in the first quarter of 2008. Therefore, you are aware of this situation and are in denial.

As I have stated in my previous complaints, I am paying for premium service and getting somewhat less than my moneys worth. I have suggested that we receive a discount for our service until such a time as system has been up-graded, and your response was to schedule another visit by your technicians and telling me that this time it would be repaired. Again, this has not happened.

I am not the only customer in this area with this complaint. Anyone living here and subscribing to your service has the same problems as I have. I would imagine that they are as annoyed at this ongoing problem as I.

Your immediate attention to this problem will be appreciated. I sincerly hope that your response this time will not be to suggest another visit by yet another technician that will tell me exactly what I already know, "there is nothing I can do."

Thank you for your time,

(my name removed)

> Dear (name removed),
> Thank you for you e-mail. We are more than happy to assist you with your
> question regarding your service, At this time we can schedule another
> technician to go and look for the problem, Your appointment is on the
> 12/22/07 between 9-12, Technician will go and fix the problem, Just
> let you know technician will attempt to call you 3 times before he get
> to your house to be sure someone over 18 years old in the house.
> We do apologize for any inconvenience regarding this issue
> If you have any further questions, Please do not hesitate to contact us
> back by calling us at the number that listed below or reply to this
> email
> Thank you for choosing Time Warner Cable,
> My response

> Assuming that you can read, the problem was not fixed! How can I make
> this any clearer?
> Your technician said that there is nothing that he can do because the
> system is not intended to be used for digital use. You have stated that
> also, although in a different manner by telling me that the system is
> scheduled for an update in the first quarter of 2008.
> If you still cannot understand this, then please pass it on to your
> supervisor.
> .

> Dear (name removed)
> Thank you for your e-mail. We are sorry to hear that you have had
> problems with your premium channels. We will be more than happy to
> assist you with this issue.
> We do see that a trouble call was performed to correct the issue and
> that you were credited for the time between when the issue was reported
> and the time it was corrected. Unfortunately, we can only provide credit
> for the time that the issue was reported to be out. If you experience
> problems in the future, please contact us as soon as you experience
> them. That way, we will have the exact dates of when the issue occurs
> for your service and be able to apply the correct credits.
> If you have any further questions, please respond to this email or call
> our customer service office where agents are available 24 hours a day, 7
> days a week to assist you.
> Ask us how we can save you money with the new All The Best package!
> My response

> Thank you for the credit for the four days between the date I
> reported this incident and the date the problem was not fixed.
> As this problem has existed from the first day of installation,
> why haven't you addressed the remaining time we have not received
> value for our money. We pay for premium service and instead have
> received substandard service.
> If you would refer to our account, you will find that we also
> have the premium service at (address removed) in Bloomington and
> have not experienced problems such as this.
> A it stands, you are expecting me to pay for premium service
> while receiving substandard service at my Iyllwild home, and paying for
> and getting premium service at my Blomington home. Do you see
> anything wrong with this picture?
> I don't think that this is a fair deal at all. Surely there must
> be some sort of discount available for situations such as this?
> Thank you for your time,
TW cable response
> Thank you for your reply. There are system upgrades scheduled for the
> Idyllwild area to allow serviceability for Digital Phone in the first
> quarter of 2008. It is, however, not possible to guarantee that your
> residence will be included in this maintenance work, particularly if it
> is located in a rural area. I apologize for any inconvenience this may
> cause.
> I have applied a credit to your account for your cable services from the
> time the issue was reported, 12/11/2007, to the date of the most recent
> trouble call, 12/15/2007, which came to a total of $7.51.
> If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reply to
> this message, or contact us at the number listed below. Our telephone
> representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank you
> for contacting Time Warner Cable; have a nice day!

> Thank you for your inquiry. To provide the billing information you
> requested, we need you to verify the billing name on the account,
> service address, account number, as well as the last four digits of the
> social security number provided on your account. If you are unable to
> provide this information, please contact our 24 hour customer care
> center at 1-888-892-2253 for further assistance. Once again we thank you
> for choosing Time Warner Cable and have a wonderful day!

>My response to a previous e-mail
> From the day of installation of your cable service we have not had a
> single day without some sort of outage, We have had your technicians out
> on two occasions and have been told the same thing by both technicians.
> "This is an ongoing problem in this area due to outdated system
> components. This system was not designed for digital access. Time Warner
> is aware of this and at some point in the future it will be corrected"
> Now I ask you, why should I be paying for something I am not receiving?
> What do you propose to correct this situation?

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User Replies:
Ponie on 01/16/2008:
For what type service are you paying extra? If it's digital and they don't have that capability yet, can't you just go back to what you had previously? Seems they're just giving you canned responses without knowing what the situation is in your area. Until a couple of years ago, Comcast didn't have digital capabilities in my area. As they began installing fiber optics, one block at a time, we were notified when we would be without service. Now that installation has been completed, we have no problems. Sounds to me as though the same thing may be taking place for you but the right hand doesn't seem to know what the left is doing. Good luck.
badaddidude on 01/16/2008:
The "Premium" service I pay for is the fastest Road Runner they have for internet access, and digital cable for my TV. What they are supplying is somewhat less than what I am paying for. I have Vonage for my phone, and it will not work right as the cable doesn't.
I agree with you about the "canned" responses. It seems all they are told to do is "placate the customer"
If they would discount their service until such a time as they could provide the service, I could live with that. As it is at this time, I may have to take them to Court and demand all my money back. You nailed it when you said the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. The bigger the company, the more impersonal are. And the C.E.O. is as happy as a clam in saltwater, not close enough to what is going on to see it. Kind of like it must be for the C.E.O. of Home Depot. He thinks his on-line catalog is great! I'll bet he has never tried to buy anything from his company on-line, "IF" he can even find what he wants!
Dr. Jeecheroo on 01/16/2008:
I suggest getting HDTV.
Anonymous on 01/16/2008:
All the more reason to get DirecTV. Superior fully DIGITAL HD signal with none of the hassles. Cable is clearly a second choice.
Anonymous on 01/16/2008:
Your more technologically enlightened consumer realizes the benefits and advantages of DirectTv while at the same time seeing through the cable companie's three card monte con game.
Anonymous on 01/16/2008:
An HDTV isn't going to solve the problem.

Pirate: I have FIOS TV and it surpasses satellite in quality.
Anonymous on 01/16/2008:
doubtful PB.
nivek1 on 01/16/2008:
Time Warner SUCKS!!! Do what I did, make them remove there wires from house & repair and paint the holes they left behind.
Anonymous on 01/16/2008:
Agreed, an HDTV isn't going to solve the problem.

Pirate: I have Fiber Optice cable and it surpasses satellite in quality and every other benefit.
layersny42 on 01/20/2008:
I get together with some friends to watch UFC pay-per-view aprox once a month, 2 months ago we were unable to watch the event due to pay per view channel not working, last night ...same thing! The first time Time Warner tried blaming it on our connection, but the friends went home in hopes that they would be able to watch the event at home and they had the same problem!!! Then last night I called the local Time Warner number and it had a message there was a problem, we were all pissed yet again!!! TIME WARNER FREAKIN SUCKS! I'm going to Direct TV!!!!!!!
badaddidude on 01/20/2008:
It seems that most of you have missed the point. It isn't just the TV, it is also my internet access. Telling me to get Direct TV is not going to help one bit. They do not have internet access, although when I had Dish Network they promised it was due in a few short months. That was 4 years ago, and they still do not offer it.
The point is, big companies couldn't care less about the individual customers. What does one customer mean to them? nada! If one leaves, another will take his place. Until such a time as customers leave in droves, they couldn't care less. Think about what it cost Time Warner to buy AOL. Doesn't that tell you something? There is big money in cable and the internet. I was a member of AOL from early on when they were little. At 25 bucks per, they made a ton. So much so, that they could afford to sell it to Wal-Mart for ? bucks a month. Wal-Mart charged 10 bucks for what AOL was charging 25 bucks for, and Wal-Mart was making a profit too! Does that tell you how much profit is in the cable and internet access biz? Then to have them take a dump on your face?
So, tell me now, who do I go to for my TV and internet access? Satellite only offers the TV. I'm stuck going to ATT or some other rip-off company for my interent access, and taking it in the shorts again! If I wasn't so freakin addicted to this damn electronic gizmo, I'd dump them all!
Whatever happened to making a reasonable profit and not raping the public? Greed and all those damn bean counters! The rich get richer, and the rest of us find out first hand about anal sex!
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Time Warner Drops The Ball and Doesn't Pick It Back Up
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I live in L. A. and recently my girlfriend and I moved from Sycamore Avenue, 3 miles up the road to Fairfax Ave. We rent a small one bedroom unit. When changing our Time Warner Cable and Internet Service(which we had been subscribing to for the past 2 years) the customer service representative suggested we close out the old subscription and start a new service because it would be cheaper than a transfer. We said sure, who would not want to save a buck or two in this economy. They said to have the old cable box ready as well as 100.00 dollars and they would mail us the old bill which was around 100.00 to the new apartment. The cable was installed on a Thursday. On Monday, we got home from work and noticed the service was interrupted. We called customer service and spoke with a very rude uncaring agent who said they had sent our old bill to their internal collections and that our new service would not be turned back on until we called the collections department and paid the debt in full.

We were very confused by this as we were instructed step by step how to proceed with the changeover by Time Warner themselves and followed precisely as asked. I asked how this could be as in two years we were never late or interrupted and never had a problem making payments. Also, they were JUST IN the new address installing the box 3 days prior!! Nothing delinquent here. They obviously made an error, either with paperwork, instructions to us or a glitch. Alright, I can understand that this is not a perfect world but when I asked the first agent I spoke with for help, not only was he rude but he was not trying to understand what happened and said we had to pay first and call collections between 9-5 the FOLLOWING DAY! We just worked 12 hours and want to relax in our new place after moving all week.

He did not even listen. Annoying, but HERE IS THE REASON I AM WRITING THIS.....I called back and asked for a supervisor immediately and got one named PETER. When I explained the situation he said sorry there was nothing he could do. He said he cannot or will not make any customer exceptions. He did not offer any type of compensation or even a kind word. When all I wanted was for him to at least admit that it was an error on their part and not fair he said "it is a matter of opinion"!!!!

Being in customer service for years I was shocked that someone with no empathy or people skills could be put in a position such as that. I also asked for a manager and he said it would take 24-48 hours for a call back. I said that if a manager calls me and apologizes for this inconvenience and accepts responsibility for their mistake I would not write any bad reviews and move on. Well...I paid up my bill in full so they got their money but I never heard back from a manager. Extremely unsatisfactory customer service from PETER and Time Warner. Sorry Pete I gave you a chance.
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 08/26/2010:
It's not going to affect them at all. They're all about getting the money that's owed to them.
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Time Warner Cable 3 services for $99 Internet switching scam
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DESERT HOT SPRINGS,CA, CALIFORNIA -- I call to set up an installation for new service, and was holding in my hand a coupon for the package deal Internet/phone/cable for $99 dollars. I asked for that deal and was told that they do not honor other branch offers or coupons. Funny though it said nothing on the coupon about any branch listing or limitations to where the coupon could be used. OH well just hook it up then, so it cost me a total of $124.99 a month for what they said would cost $99 a month. They came 4 days latter to do the install, great To get the cable on now. The install guy dropped off the cable box, and modem, but did not activate my Internet service. I turn on my computer and see the Road Runner service page that walks me through the activation process just to find out that I do not have the RR service that I signed up for, and instead I have Earthlink Internet service. I called TWC to ask why, and was told that that is what I ordered. I did not ask for Earthlink service as I have had them in the past and they really suck as an ISP. Then I was told that they could switch me over to the RR service, but would have to charge me even more per month. Even though the info packet that was dropped off by the installer ONLY list RR and says nothing about Earthlink, and that all they advertise for internet service is the Road Runner ISP. After 2 hours on the phone trying to get things straight I was told that I myself would have to call Earthlink and cancel my service with them, as they could not do it for me. After an hour on the phone with Earthlink, and being told that they needed a secret password that was set up with my service in order to cancel Earthlink, I was unable to cancel the service because I DID NOT SET IT UP AND WAS NOT GIVEN ANY SUCH SECRET PASSWORD. I am stuck with the Earthlink service that is 12 MB per second slower than the RR ISP. They baited me with the 3 for 99 dollars and then switched my ISP with a cheaper service, and charged me 25 dollars more a month for doing it. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM, AND WILL TELL YOU MANY LIES JUST TO COVER THEIR A$$ES. They tell you one thing then do the opposite. They are the only cable company here, and have a Monopoly on this. I thought that I lived in the USA where Monopolies were against the law, and when you broke the law you had a price to pay, but I was wrong. If you are a big enough company you can do what ever you like and get away with it. Just like our wonderful Government corruption is the new law of the land, and all the small people that actually made this country get screwed in the end(and not the fun screwed)Welcome too America land of the screwed.
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Worst Customer Service of My Lift
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I had the worst customer service experience I have EVER had several days ago, when I called Time Warner. I had just moved from an address in Cleveland, Ohio and had called approximately a week before I moved to cancel my cable/internet and get the information of the office that I would drop of my DVR and road runner cable modem. The representative game me the wrong address (added an East to a road that wasn't there) and told me I could drop it off on Jan. 2nd (which was a Saturday). I had to drive out of town that day. When I went to drop it off, I couldn't find the address, I had to call Time Warner AGAIN, and you know how it is virtually impossible to get a real person on the phone, but finally got the write address, and found out the office was closed. There was nothing I could do at that point, so I took the DVR and road runner modem with me and figured I could drop it off in an office in North Carolina, where I was moving.

When I called Time Warner to tell them what had happened, and ask if I could speak to a manager (I felt like I had wasted a lot of time due to misinformation--even though that customer representative was at least really nice and respectful) I was blown out on the phone by a representative I wish I could have recorded that conversation, and I would have posted it all over U-tube it was so bad. He literally was yelling at me, saying "Ma'am! It was your responsibility, it is your fault! not ours! Ma'am! You cannot talk to a manager, I decide if it is appropriate if you talk to a manager, and this is not an acceptable reason!" He literally was yelling, and I was literally crying at the end of the conversation. I told him, that an apology would be nice instead of bullying me, which was exactly what he was doing, he gave me a sarcastic apology. I have NEVER, EVER been treated so badly. I told him that I thought they should make an exception and let me return it in NC, they refused, he told me I had to mail it to Ohio. I told him that they should have to chip in, he told me that wasn't even an option, that we would talk when it was returned. Here's the dilemma, I NEVER want to call them again. I still can't believe how rude this guy was, and that Time Warner allows their reps to yell at their customers, and not allow them to speak to managers. I would be fired from my job as a nurse immediately, if I spoke to a patient/customer like that! It doesn't take a genius to know how to give good customer service, if they had allowed me to talk to a manager, then apologized (without me asking for an apology, and were sincere about it), I wouldn't have been upset, just a little irritated to be inconvenienced. They have no idea how to give customer service. I wish you guys could have heard the conversation. Unbelievable!

I figured I would share to other examples of poor service I received from Time Warner as well:

Several years ago when I paid a bill, they credited someone elses account with my check, were telling me I was overdue, when I faxed them a copy of the cashed check to them (by them!), and asked if they would knock off some money for my inconvenience, they told me they would knock off the late fees only. The late fees that didn't apply to me, b/c my check was cashed by them on time...the idiots just credited the wrong account!

When I ordered my internet at this last apartment, I have a laptop, so I asked for wireless, I was informed, "Well, ma'am all out internet is wireless," which it isn't and of course the guy showed up at my apartment and hooked my computer up to non-wireless interent. The woman was so busy trying to sell me more services ( i.e. get this service and we can fix anything in your house...), that she didn't even listen to what I was ordering.

My question is, what do you do when Time Warner is a monopoly?!?
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GenuineNerd on 01/18/2010:
I know that the Cleveland Time Warner office is hard to find (3200 Lakeside Ave.) Different systems use different equipment. When I moved from the city of Cleveland to Berea I had to turn my cable boxes and modem in to the 3200 Lakeside address, since the equipment used in Berea was different (the company was Adelphia at the time.) It is a shame that TW in NC didn't make an exception to taking your Cleveland cable box back...they should have mailed it back to Cleveland at their expense, not yours. Time Warner is a "love it or hate it" company; for the most part I got good service, but once in a while problems do occur, mainly with digital channels pixelating or Road Runner running slow, but I'm happy.
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Time Warner wants to charge me more for this?!?! Come on!
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My termination letter to TWC:

I just wanted to let you know I will be canceling my cable service as soon as I can get a satellite dish on my roof!
I just saw your rate increases for 2010 and I could not believe my eyes! As a customer I feel abused and taken advantage of because of our limited choices in NYC.
Just so you know, this was enough to encourage me to check out my options and to my surprise, I CAN get a direct TV signal. So now, I have another option! And I can't wait to tell everyone in my building. In fact, I might put signs up around my block so my neighbors know they have choices, when they see how much higher their TWC bills are next month!
On top of this, TWC is loudly complaining about having to pay higher rebroadcast fees to networks? Come on... that's the cost of doing business for you. Direct TV and Dish can handle it without crying to customers for help and support and threatening even higher rates.
Also, you should know your service and equipment is horrible and your telephone support staff are not knowledgeable at all! (They are, however, very nice on the phone, which is refreshing, but that doesn't make up for the fact that they cannot solve basic problems without sending people out to my apt)
And that brings me to my next point... Multiple times, I've had to wait several days for a tech to come out after phone support can't restart my service when out of nowhere a screen would come up saying my box is not registered for access.
After more than an hour on the phone they schedule a tech and I'd wait and wait, only to have the tech get on the phone with someone else to fix it when he go to my home. Imagine how frustrated I was when after all that wasted time, they fixed it on phone! Twice! Incredible!
Your techs are frustrated workers. They admit to me it all depends on the phone representative you get when you call, because most of them "don't know what they are doing." The techs actually complain to me about how much of their time is wasted on pointless house calls like mine. (I have the same problems with TWC at work too FYI)
Any other businesses run like this get crushed by competition.
So here's my main gripe: you want me to pay 10- 15% more for this next year? That's insulting!
TWC you need to do a better job to earn my business. No competition is no excuse for consistent poor quality and poor service. And I am not the only one who feels this way, everyone I know who has TWC agrees with me.
I'm writing this, not just to get all my frustration out, but because I'm sure most customers don't give you an explanation when they cancel. So I hope you'll listen to what I have to say and take it to heart.

And, I'm very interested in what your response is to my complaints.

So please write back or call...and I'll be happy to give you more details if it will help you improve your service.
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goduke on 12/23/2009:
Ummm...Direct TV and Dish network raise their rates as well. You'll have a locked in price under the contract, and then once the contract is done, your rates will go up.
Anonymous on 12/23/2009:
I feel you, in regard to limited choices, but there are as many complaints about the Dish as there are TWC. Good luck to you.
Anonymous on 12/23/2009:
All these cable and satellite companies are the same, not matter which one you use....Everything is going up in price. When people raise fees to companies, it ends up trickling down and eventually the consumer pays for it, no matter where you are or what company it is. However, as far as cable companies, there are was around it. WHen your're locked in with a price, for say 2 years, after that 2 years they say they will raise your rates. When they are ready to raise your rates after your contract is up, just call them and tell them you are cancelling and U guarantee you they will allow you to pay what you were paying before.
beanbagbritches on 12/23/2009:
If you are having issues with your digital phone service, you should be receiving a pretty quick turn-around time for service appointments. You must be available to let the technician in your home. Are you having to wait for a tech because it isn't convenient to be home on the earlier days you are offered?

Also, everyone is raising rates. EVERYONE. The best way to get your issues addressed is to contact your local office (www.timewarnercable.com then choose your location in the upper right-hand corner of the site) & speak with a representative about recurring issues that must be handled to continue enjoying TWC's services.

I know it's hard to ask you to be patient with the company & to let the reps work with you, but it's a heck of a lot easier than starting new service & being dissatisfied, then returning to cable or being angry about something else. At least give your existing company some time to work with you for a permanent change in your service.

Regarding your billing, once your service appointment has been set up, simply ask the representative to transfer you to the "retention" department to discuss a lower promotional rate. You may be surprised by what they have to offer for limited periods of time.
merope on 12/23/2009:
Great letter--we too have had our share of problems with these nuts. I think we are all trapped unless we just stop watching T.V.
frustratedinMYC on 12/24/2009:
I got Direct TV yesterday and I love it so far! I can already tell the HD DVR works sooo much better than TWC's crappy equipment... I know there are lots of complaints about them too, but honestly I can't wait till the TWC tech comes to my house for the umpteenth time for this stupid issue I keep having and I tell him to forget it, just take the boxes with you. I'm Done with TWC....
BTW, still no response on my letter... which TWC promised would happen in 48 hours. oh well f-'em!
madconsumer on 12/24/2009:
lol you'll be back when directv withdraws money from your account at will, or when their service drops off for lengthy periods of time.

also, directv will renew or extend your contract any time you call into customer service for just about any reason.
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