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Time Warner Cable & Customer Dis-Service!!
Posted by WyckedQueen on 11/07/2009
I have been fighting with TWC for the last few days and I'm ready to lose my mind!!! I had an unfortunate issue with money being stolen out of my checking account, which caused me to have a returned payment on my TWC account. When I called to explain my situation, I was told that since I was now past due and had a returned payment that they required me to make my payments in cash for a time (which given the situation, was fine by me). So on Weds Nov 4th, I made arrangements to get the account caught up and pay half the balance on the account in cash by the 10th of Nov and the rest within 2 weeks (my next pay date) while I was sorting out my issues with my bank. At that point, I was satisfied that we had reached an agreement and went about my day.

Much to my surprise the following day (Nov 5th), my services were disconnected at the pole!!! I immediately called the customer service number and was told that due to my past due account and the returned check that I was scheduled to be disconnected and someone had moved that date from the 11/10 to 11/5, when I argued that I had JUST SPOKE TO SOMEONE the day before about it, she told me that she didn't know why the other representative had made arrangements with me, also that there were notes about my bank account being hacked, but no payment agreement was listed in the notes...I was furious!! I then demanded that they pull the call from the previous day and verify what I was told, the representative placed me on "hold" and after about 5-10 minutes I was disconnected!!

I called back, this time I was ready to rip someone a new a$$ and I went off on the first person who answered the phone!! This representative told me that since service was disconnected that I had to pay all charges on my acct, PLUS a reconnect fee and the full next month of service!! I told her that she was out of her mind and that I had just made arrangements the day before and that TWC should honor that commitment. At that point the woman told me that I could take my cash payment to the local office the next day and discuss it with them. So the next day, I made the effort to take time off work to get to the local office with my CASH payment. When I arrived, the lovely woman, Dee, who by the way is one of the ONLY TWC employees that seems to give a damn about customers, pulled up my account and said that it was "locked" by a supervisor and that she couldn't take my payment. She advised me to call the 800 number while I stood there in the office to get this cleared up. I called and spoke to a billing representative "Nikki" whom I relayed the WHOLE story to once more, she then said that I could speak to her supervisor "Kaylee." Kaylee had to be briefed on the situation AGAIN and once I had her up to speed, she immediately said that she could request that the call be pulled and that someone would get back to me in a day or so. She told me to make the payment, and I explained that TWC had not done much to earn my trust in this matter so I would hold onto my money until the issue could be addressed and once I was assured that my service was being restored. She said under the circumstances that she would do the same thing and took my callback number, assuring that someone would call me back as soon as the call was reviewed.

Today I came into work and waited until 11am for someone to call me back, when no call came to EITHER numbers that I'd left for contact, I decided to call them again and check on the progress of this issue. I was not really surprised that when I FINALLY got through to a "supervisor" I was told that "Kaylee" was not, in fact, a supervisor, but "Ta" was and she informed me that they would not be restoring services as promised by the previous reps. Suffice it to say I totally blew a gasket at that point!! I told Ta that I wanted BOTH calls pulled and reviewed, the one from Weds making the agreement, and the one from Friday that assured me that they would back up that agreement. She said that she would do that and call me back within the hour. To my shock, she actually did call me back and said that she pulled both calls and that I was correct in everything that I was saying, however due to the returned check issue that they would not restore service unless I paid everything in cash. Once again, reneging on the previous reps assurances that the original request would be honored once they proved what the first girl told me!! I flipped out and requested Ta’s supervisors name and phone number and told her that I wanted the calls forwarded to her boss and I will be calling to follow up on Monday. I also have acquired the number for the office of the President of TWC (203-328-0600 for anyone interested) and The BBB and I plan on calling both on Monday as well to try and get this matter resolved.

TWC seems to think that they can treat customers like garbage and get away with it!! While I have repeatedly admitted my fault in this matter (which was getting behind in the first place). I also expect any company that I do business with to uphold any verbal agreements (especially when it’s being recorded) and I will fight this matter until it is resolved to MY satisfaction. I hope that someone from TWC monitors sites like these and decides to resolve this problem before it gets any worse.

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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-11-07:
"TWC seems to think that they can treat customers like garbage and get away with it!!"

That is an absolute fact! And TWC isn't the only one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-07:
I think TWC and Comcast took lessons from each other. They both stink.
Posted by EdwardThompson on 2009-11-09:
looks like Gethuman.com is behind you as well

Posted by WyckedQueen on 2009-11-10:
Still dealing with TWC, President's Office has not yet called me back as promised (go figure!) So I am calling them back on my lunch break, will keep you all updated!
Posted by beanbagbritches on 2009-12-05:
Please update. How did things work out?
Posted by WyckedQueen on 2009-12-06:
Hello all, sorry for not updating sooner, I've been super busy at school and at work. Anyway, I did finally get someone from TWC to call me back, this was a local-ish office in Cleveland, OH. This woman let me spill my whole story and then said that she would review my calls and see what she could do. She actually called us back as promised and said that as soon as we made the originally agreed upon payment that she would be getting our services back on. My husband went in, made the payment and called her back, she got the order for reconnect put and they were out the very next morning as promised. In the end it took almost 2 whole weeks of us calling and escalating this issue for it to be resolved. I also used the info I found on GetHuman's site to Twitter Jeff (who I guess is an Exec at the company) Jeff responded to me after someone had been in touch to see if things had been worked out, so I'm not sure if my messages to him had any effect or not. I honestly just wish that TWC would look at stories like mine as a way to project a positive image to conusmers. Giving your front line reps the latitude to solve these kinds of troubles isn't hard to do and at the end of the day it would make for a more pleasant relationship for all. I also feel that if TWC had more competition in my area that they would have less of a sense of entitlement to treat customers like they are not important.
Posted by filipino_kid555 on 2012-07-29:
Constant disconnections every single day. Customer service is dishonest when it comes to the reasons why it was disconnecting, it was obviously due to their terrible service.

Ugh. As most people know, I'm an online gamer and having the internet go out every freaking hour is ridiculous. I have to sit there and wait for the stupid internet to reconnect for 5-10 minutes at a time and what do you know, the other team is ahead and I died while I disconnected. Unbelievable.

My family and I have called over 5 times to address the problem and they have not helped us AT ALL. One of them had the audacity to tell us that she switched the server our internet based in and telling us the disconnections would stop...And you know what? You guessed it! THEY DIDN'T!

I'm so over Time Warner. Do NOT sign up for their stupid internet or cable. I repeat, unless you want incredibly slow internet, clueless customer service operators or other things that can make the most patient of the monks in Tibet tear out their (non-existent) hair in RAGE, do not get Time Warner.

TO RECAP: They don't care about you as a customer! They care about the money they're shamelessly sapping from your own pocket in exchange for terribad service.

If you're cursed and have the same ill fortune of being stuck with it in the meanwhile like me, switch out as soon as possible. Or move. That's what I'm doing...

What Time Warner is doing should be considered robbery. I'm not exaggerating here. Believe me. I am fed up.

Down with Time Warner.
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HORRIBLE Service- Cable, Internet and Customer Service
Posted by Wittesrj on 12/03/2012
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was forewarned by both friends and co-workers that I should not get TWC. Unfortunately, I had no choice since my new neighborhood has no other service for cable.
My first issue was convincing TWC that they had already run lines to my neighborhood and could provide me with service. I phoned at least 3 times, getting increasingly frustrated each time because no one was calling me back. I live in a new town home and my neighbor, as in we share a wall, had TWC. One day they were having service issues with their Internet, I ran outside and spoke to the tech who finally got me a phone number where someone at TWC realized I could have service.

When trying to get service, the salesperson "qualifies" the caller. They questioned me regarding what is my favorite channel, what do I like to watch, do I watch movies on my computer, do I play games. All of this to determine what service is best for me.
A few days after I ordered the service, I received a call from a salesperson, clearly trying to "upsell". She told me that for $5 more I could get faster-than-the speed-of-light Internet. I asked her, "exactly how slow is the service that I ordered?" I was trying to get her to compare it to Fios, which I recently had in Bmore. She couldn't relate the two. She scared me into thinking that I was going to be waiting for pages to load and so I allowed myself to be suckered into the next step up in Internet service.

Three days after I had cable service connected, it went belly up. No cable. I looked up the number on the Internet to call TWC and noticed that there was such a thing as a "Triple Play" which included phone, Internet and Cable for $15 less than I was paying for Internet and cable. Hmph. New issue. In addition to trying to get service to repair my cable, I also attempted to discuss why I wasn't offered that deal. I was told it was because I said that I didn't want phone service. I asked to have my service changed to the Triple Play, again this is three days after my service was connected, and I was told that it was only available to NEW customers. I spoke with a supervisor and was told that same spiel.
Instead of trying to determine for me what is best, maybe they should have told me the special offers and let me decide.

In the last two months that I have had Time Warner, I have lost service AT LEAST five times and had to wait at home three times for the not-so-customer-friendly 3-4 hr timeframe they provide for repair. Additionally, the call hold time each time that I have called is almost laughable.
For the last three days I had been repeatedly dropping my Internet signal on my laptop. I thought that the problem was with my laptop until tonight when I tried to use my notebook. I called TWC and they "simply" had to reset my wireless modem remotely. But WHY? Again, I've been frustrated for three days and it turns out that the equipment they supplied is the cause. What kind of service will I have in six months if it's this bad now?
As soon as another company provides service to my area (I'm told ATT&T is on the way) I will be moving on. In my experience, I would absolutely rank TWC as the worst company, as a whole, product and service, that I have encountered. The cable service sucks and the customer service is no better.
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Posted by wjk898 on 2012-12-03:
TWC's standard internet dogs down to the speed of Prodigy dialup everyday when the kids come home from school and on weekend mornings. They have a total and complete monopoly here. And my association doesn't allow a discretely placed dinky 2' X 2' external antenna so one could get about 12 stations off the air.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-12-04:
Tell your association to read and review OTARD:
Your condo association CANNOT prevent you from putting up an antenna as long as it remains in an area under your exclusive control.
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Bait & Switch
Posted by Krstfr on 08/04/2011
I ordered service from Time Warner Cable based on an online promo I saw on their website. I was to get Cable and Internet service for $79.99. I ordered an additional box which was $6.99 and I was told that my total, including tax, was $94.00 (and some change). This price was confirmed in a phone call before my installation date on 06/23/11.

When I received my first bill, I was charged $109 (and some change). My first contact was via chat and it was confirmed that I was to pay $79.99 + tax. Please keep in mind that this charge includes being charged for 2 digital boxes; the online promo says that one box is included.

My next contact was with Velma, ID #PVD on July 22, 2011. I explained my issue and she said that my recorded calls would be pulled by a supervisor to confirm and I would receive a call back. After waiting a week, I didn’t hear from her or anyone at Time Warner so I called back. On 07/28/11, I spoke to Fernando, ID # 12634 (FOM). I told him about my previous conversation with Velma and he looked at the notes. The notes that Velma took indicated that I hung up and didn’t provide all the necessary information necessary to have the calls pulled. A total lie and an excuse for someone not wanting to do their job.

I haven’t received a call back from Time Warner as of yet, but wanted to let you know about my experience with the company so you can decide if you guys want to deal with them. Their chat is a joke too...

me: I appreciate your help ( I thought she was even gonna try and help)
agent: thank you for appreciating

Everything went downhill after that coz she had no idea what she was doing. I also sent a complaint with FTC.

Follow up:
Filed with BBB and here's TWC Response: the surf n view package IS $79.99, however, you have 2 cable boxes, the 1st one is $7.99, the 2nd is $9.99. for a total of $97.96 plus tax, as agreed upon during the Sales call.

This wasn't what I was told because I kept verifying the price including tax and they (2calls) kept agreeing to $79.99 plus tax.

BEWARE the cable amount on the web doesn't include a box as you can see in their response. Since they PAY the BBB a fee, TWC isn't worried about their A rating being affected. They'd rather lose their customer than work with a $14 discrepancy.
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Charged Twice, Non Existent Customer Service
Posted by Allisontippins on 10/25/2013
WINCHESTER, KENTUCKY -- I called to get internet set up on 10/20/13 at my new house.I was on the phone with Time Warner for 1 hour, talked to 2 different people and gave them 2 phone numbers and my debit card twice for the charges (first month and install $56.29).

They said they would call 40 minutes before install. The installer did not call, my father in law happened to see him in the driveway and let him in. After installer was finished he asked my father in law to pay the $56.29 that was due. My father in law wrote him a check for the charge.

When I found this out I called Time Warner talked with 3 people before getting a manager. They had the wrong phone number and spelling of my name and couldn't find my account. The manager assured me my card would not be charged since the installer had been paid with check. I got home to find the router had been installed but no modem and the internet did not work.

I called Time Warner again and spoke with 3 different people before getting another manager. He scheduled another install. Today 10-24-13 my card was charged for the $56.29 that my father in law already paid at the first install. Now I have paid Time Warner a total of $112.58 (double payment)and spent a total of 3 hours on the phone with them and still no internet.

This is the worst company on the planet they have no clue what they are doing!!

I have now reported them to the BBB because they are refusing to credit my debit card back for the double payment.I am afraid to cancel service because I may never get my money back!

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Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-10-25:
Now you understand why using a debit card is dangerous to your financial health. Always use a credit card for transactions like this. Once they have the money, you will find it very difficult to get your money returned, if ever. Why are so many people so enamored with using debit cards, anyway?
Posted by Paul on 2013-10-26:
My advice would be to take a few deep breaths, and resolve to spend some more time on the phone getting this straightened out. I would start Monday morning since we are now in the weekend. One thing does look concerning if it is true. Why are they "refusing" to credit the second install charge? Assuming they do correct it, be prepared to wait at least a week, since debit credits can take several days. Good luck - sounds like a rocky start.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-10-26:
You should be able to contact your bank and have the amount charged back.
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No Internet for a Long Period of Time Twice in a Month
Posted by Borhanuddin.1 on 10/12/2013
Time Warner is unreliable. It's the second time we don't have Internet and that's not cool. It takes them a while for them to come and get it fixed. We have to travel elsewhere to get work done.
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Posted by Mystreederais on 09/03/2013
EL PASO, TEXAS -- Time Warner has the worst service around, and I have had Comcast. I first started my journey with Time Warner February of this year (2013). As of March of this year I have had a tech come out once a month, including one coming by Wednesday and that is the least amount of times they have been here. It is possible they have been out here more.

Crappy customer service has me on the phone for hours "troubleshooting" my issue each time I call in with the same problem that they STILL have not fixed. With the amount of money I am paying I should be getting far better service. I have had my box replaced SIX times. Not once, not twice, not even three times. No, SIX times. Each time they come out they switch my box for a new one. So why am I paying premium prices for less than subpar service? Half the time I can not even get online or my videos don't load. If I am paying you $80 a month I expect better or I expect my money back.

I am currently locked in to Time Warner since my area only allows Time Warner, but the moment my lease is up and I move, I can guarantee I will NOT be taking Time Warner with me. On a scale from 1-10 I give a 1. Never. Again.
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Time Warner Have No Code of Ethics!
Posted by Kfant70 on 08/19/2013
MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- TWC is the worst cable company I ever dealt with. I have gone without Internet service for 3 days now but cannot spend another 2 hours on the phone trying to get it fixed. I pay for service that I do not receive, this in addition to my cable service interruptions.

It first started when I signed up for Time Warner 1.5 years ago, I was advised by the TWC account representative for my apartment complex, due to me moving from Direct TV to cable, I qualified for 2 year contract at a set price. Well, after the 1st year, the bill hiked 45%. After many hours, disconnection and no one able to help me with TWC Customer Service, I filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office. I was contacted by the escalation department, who credit my account and extended my promotional free movie channels. After another month due to scheduling conflicts, I had a technician come to my home to figure out the Internet and cable service interruptions. I was told the box used for HD (Cisco) always loses the HD IP Address and this is something that cannot be fixed until TWC changes companies who issue the boxes. And to add, my bill is always incorrect and have to call the lady whom I spoke with in escalations at least once a month so she can properly correct my bill. Normally it takes about 10 messages before I get a return call. TWC wants to be paid on time, but do not want to provide the service.

Long story short, here we are 5 months later from my first complaint and 5 technicians later to still have service interruptions 2 to 3 times per week. The technicians were very professional and friendly, but TWC will not admit they cannot fix these service interruptions, Therefore, I finally asked the tech manager if I could just receive a fair permanent credit rather than a 6th person come out to my home. He stated he would escalate the matter, when I asked for them to get back to me the following day, he responded he could not guarantee a response that quickly and the matter was escalated. I asked for an expected time frame, that was 15 days ago and yet to get a courtesy response. So, this even gets better......I received a certified letter that Time Warner is elected to cancel my service due to my unreasonable demands! Are you kidding me! Unreasonable, I pay for service I do not receive and was asking for a fair credit and I was going to PUT UP with the service interruptions. Fair to me would be $5 per month. TWC does not care about customers, as a prior business owner, I understand we all need to make money to stay afloat but this is just plain taking advantage of consumers.

This monster of a company should be stopped. I feel bullied because I filed a complaint. They need to be held legally responsible for treating customers this way with legitimate complaints. I spoke with the person who sent me the disgusting letter and they stated due to a total credit of $1000 to my account and me demanding a time frame to respond to my escalation, they felt it necessary that we end the contract. Seriously, the credit you nitwits are referring to is the $29.99 per month for the free promotional movie channels, the credit to bring my bill back to the PROMISED promotional price I was given for 1 more year. There is no other credit! The person I spoke to could care less. I find it hard to understand a company can disregard the truth and get away with it. I am glad to be returning to Direct TV, I should have done it months ago. Service may interrupt during storms, but at least my bill was always correct!

FCC needs to take a closer look at TWC.
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Internet Is Crap
Posted by ALLDAWAREAL on 09/13/2012
MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I have been having trouble out Internet with Time Warner since they took over the Madisonville KY area. My Internet gos in and out about 50 times a day. I have had techs at my home three times with nothing to be resolved. What I don't understand is how they cant deliver service as they say they are able to do and continue to expect payment for there crappy service. To make matters worse, they went up on some of there service and equipment but the services have not got any better. Time Warner is a crock of bull.

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Worst Customer Service
Posted by Donnadanese.dd on 07/16/2012
When calling about increase you are told one thing and then charge something else. Their agents are rude and lie and debate with the customer .. Rates are what ever they choose and like any business, it should be publish so the consumer has a right to choose and not be lied too.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-07-18:
Since Time Warner doesn't seem interested in providing you with decent service, it might be time to check out their competitors in your area such as Comcast, Directv, Dish Network, AT&T U-Verse, etc. Although some of these companies have similar complaints, many times consumers find that one of them will offer superior service in their region.
Posted by Downey,CA on 2012-09-01:
You got that right. For 2 days about having internet installed. Well their customer service gives you a date and then it gets changed without contacting you and I had to call the Supervisor and said why is everyone on a different page? Well long story we had to install the modem ourselves and called technical dept to assist. It's been a nightmare for me and they didn't care enough to make sure if we were satisfied. It's the worst customer service I have every experienced. Will not recommend Timer Warner to anyone.
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Posted by Kadroxy2002 on 02/28/2012
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Time Warner Cable company is possibly the WORST cable company I have ever used! Not only does my internet SUCK, but it shuts off between the hours of 1-3! Cable is a completely different story! I have had it for over a week, but have not been able to watch it yet! They are now telling me that I need to pay extra for a box when they are only giving me 24 channels, AFTER I was told I was getting 2-75.

So not only did they sign me up for something different than I was told, I now have to purchase a box on top of that to be able to watch the cable that I have been paying for. Every time I have called to ask about the situation I have been given different information and different prices. The supervisor also let us know that we will not be reimbursed for anything. Not even the cable that we have not been able to watch because their technicians and company can't figure out how to set anything up! If you are looking to move, I recommend moving to an area that is NOT covered by Time Warner.
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