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Worst Internet Provider
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Rating: 1/51

COEUR D ALENE, IDAHO -- WiFi is constantly going out. My laptop gets kicked off every few minutes. I'm forced to use up my data on my phone because of this. Outages frequently. Replaced my box 3 times, a couple days later same issue. Rude customer service. They raise prices when their internet is just getting worse. I can't watch a single show or movie on Netflix or Hulu without losing internet.

What's pathetic too, is that every time I called for help, they always tell me to unplug it. I do it every time even before I call them but if that doesn't work then they tell me there's an outage when none of my friends or neighbors are having this problem. I know more ways to fix internet issues than they do. This provider is a joke. Don't get it! It's a complete rip off. They don't even deserve 1 star rating - it's so bad.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- Time Warner's sales department is atrocious. I called to set up high speed internet, and was told to pick up a self install kit b/c our apt already has a cable outlet. I went to pick one up, waited an hour in line, and then brought one home, only to realize that the cable outlet has been deactivated. So I had to call and schedule a technician appointment. The sales team told me that they had no record of an outlet ever being installed in our apartment, and a tech would have to come and install one, but that he could install the outlet anywhere I wanted.

When the tech showed up, he said he needed to connect to the existing connection, which was in a room that happened to be locked at the time (roommate's room). So I had to reschedule ANOTHER appointment with the tech, who finally installed our internet. I'm paying for 50mbps ultimate internet, but my connection is currently 1.5Mbps, and I'm contacting them yet AGAIN to have this issue resolved. This is ridiculous. It wasn't even worth it to go through the hassle of switching over from Verizon! Not to mention their ridiculously slow phone service.

When I call, they're able to pull up my account with my phone number, but I have to reprovide my account information to whoever I speak with; what is the point of obtaining it in the first place if the person on the other end of the line won't have that information? Moreover, they give you an option to leave a message rather than wait on the phone. When I selected that option, I was told that the mailbox is full and I had to disconnect, and call again.

I get that they have a monopoly and I can understand if that meant their technical service would be poor. But the best interactions I had with them was with their electricians, who were efficient and knew what they were doing. Everyone I dealt within sales has been thoroughly, embarrassingly incompetent.

Pay for 20 Mbps Getting Less Than .5 Consistently for a Week
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- Every year, six times a year, Time Warner throttles our internet. My roommates and I are three students and for the past 2 years that we've lived at our current address. We've had issues with consistency of service from Time Warner. We have only Internet from them and we pay for the highest we were told we could as residential, 20 Megabits per second.

Every time we start using our Internet heavily, (beginning of semester, mid-terms, and end of semester) our download speed drops from an average of 13-17 Mbps to 2-.03 Mbps. I've called multiple times whenever this happens, only to be walked through the regular BS of turning the equipment on and off, etc... Our equipment is not the issue. When we're running several different speed tests and Time Warner's is the only one telling us our speed is correct, something's up. When it takes Time Warner's speed test 3 minutes to load just the PAGE, and then they tell us we're running 17.8 Mbps for our weekly average? Lies.

I have Time Warner out of necessity. The second Google Fiber comes to town, I'm out.And no amount of price dropping will convince me to stay. Time Warner needs more knowledgeable people answering their phones. Someone who knows something more technical than 'plugging and un-plugging the router'. I've been using the internet, TECHNICALLY, for the vast majority of my life and I know hardware issues. I know what the error messages look like and I know how to fix hardware issues.

My biggest issue with Time Warner is they never want to take responsibility for their own issues. I'm tired of calling and being blamed for their ineptitude and lack of knowledge on the subject, while my issue STILL goes unresolved. Fix. My. Internet.

The Worst Cable Service I Have Seen in 25 Years
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Rating: 1/51

SHERBURNE, NEW YORK -- I moved to CNY several months ago and I was surprised at the bad service and high rates of Time Warner cable. I paid over $100 for cable and internet. I have to reboot that cable modem and my TV cable box on a weekly basis. Calling customer service does nothing. They just ask you to reboot which takes 20-30 minutes by then the program you are watching is over. Their equipment is old. Their monthly charges are ridiculous. $34.99 for internet + $5 to rent modem + $10 for wireless!! What the hell is $10 for wireless after you have paid for the internet and modem? Are you running invisible cables from my modem to my computer/TV. Such a scam

Everywhere else I lived, I had Comcast - excellent service. Never had to reboot my boxes. $60/month for internet and cable. Being a cable customer for 20 years made it difficult to cut the cord. Well! I finally did it. Cut my cable, bought a Roku for the price of one months cable bill and I could not be happier. No more monthly cable bills! Woohoo! Have not paid for Netflix or premium. The free channels are more than I can handle. I watch shows at my convenience instead of cable programming. I can even watch free Indian movies and listen to Bollywood music.

I just wanted to share my experience for anyone thinking of switching but nervous about technology. The hardest part was canceling cable. I emailed and called TW several times. They transfer you from person to person and then leave you on hold for 45 minutes to discourage you from canceling. You have no choice but to take off from work, drive 15 miles, do it in person.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

EAST WATERBORO, MAINE -- So I was really considering switching from Dish TV to Time Warner but have now changed my mind. Time Warner's customer service is the worst. It took me three days to just order the service because of the long wait times. Eventually, I went online and open a chat conversation with one of their customer service associates. I must say he was helpful and I was able to place my order. Every time I have called the wait times have been so long that I have simply given up.

Today I received an email stating there was a problem with my order and I needed to call. Dreading having to call I did so and once again I had a 21-minute wait period. The person that answered the call spoke broken English. I could hardly understand his accent. He told me the problem was there was existing service at my address and I would have to take the modem to a Time Warner Office and have the service disconnected. I would then have to wait for a technician to come to my house and reconnect the service.

I explained the service belongs to my soon to be ex-wife and she has left the house and I was not responsible for it. Furthermore the modem belonged to me. He then wanted me to pay her bill, well I don't think so. I have now cancelled my order and I guess I will stay with Dish TV. At least when you call them someone answers the call.

Charged Twice, Non Existent Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

WINCHESTER, KENTUCKY -- I called to get internet set up on 10/20/13 at my new house. I was on the phone with Time Warner for 1 hour, talked to 2 different people and gave them 2 phone numbers and my debit card twice for the charges (first month and install $56.29). They said they would call 40 minutes before install. The installer did not call, my father in law happened to see him in the driveway and let him in. After installer was finished he asked my father in law to pay the $56.29 that was due. My father in law wrote him a check for the charge.

When I found this out I called Time Warner. Talked with 3 people before getting a manager. They had the wrong phone number and spelling of my name and couldn't find my account. The manager assured me my card would not be charged since the installer had been paid with check. I got home to find the router had been installed but no modem and the internet did not work.

I called Time Warner again and spoke with 3 different people before getting another manager. He scheduled another install. Today 10-24-13 my card was charged for the $56.29 that my father in law already paid at the first install. Now I have paid Time Warner a total of $112.58 (double payment) and spent a total of 3 hours on the phone with them and still no internet.

This is the worst company on the planet. They have no clue what they are doing!! I have now reported them to the BBB because they are refusing to credit my debit card back for the double payment. I am afraid to cancel service because I may never get my money back!

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Rating: 1/51

EL PASO, TEXAS -- Time Warner has the worst service around, and I have had Comcast. I first started my journey with Time Warner February of this year (2013). As of March of this year I have had a tech come out once a month, including one coming by Wednesday and that is the least amount of times they have been here. It is possible they have been out here more.

Crappy customer service has me on the phone for hours "troubleshooting" my issue each time I call in with the same problem that they STILL have not fixed. With the amount of money I am paying I should be getting far better service. I have had my box replaced SIX times. Not once, not twice, not even three times. No, SIX times. Each time they come out they switch my box for a new one. So why am I paying premium prices for less than subpar service? Half the time I can not even get online or my videos don't load. If I am paying you $80 a month I expect better or I expect my money back.

I am currently locked in to Time Warner since my area only allows Time Warner, but the moment my lease is up and I move, I can guarantee I will NOT be taking Time Warner with me. On a scale from 1-10 I give a 1. Never. Again.

HORRIBLE Service - Cable, Internet and Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was forewarned by both friends and co-workers that I should not get TWC. Unfortunately, I had no choice since my new neighborhood has no other service for cable. My first issue was convincing TWC that they had already run lines to my neighborhood and could provide me with service. I phoned at least 3 times, getting increasingly frustrated each time because no one was calling me back. I live in a new townhome and my neighbor, as in we share a wall, had TWC.

One day they were having service issues with their Internet. I ran outside and spoke to the tech who finally got me a phone number where someone at TWC realized I could have service. When trying to get service, the salesperson "qualifies" the caller. They questioned me regarding what is my favorite channel, what do I like to watch, do I watch movies on my computer, do I play games. All of this to determine what service is best for me.

A few days after I ordered the service, I received a call from a salesperson, clearly trying to "upsell". She told me that for $5 more I could get faster-than-the speed-of-light Internet. I asked her, "exactly how slow is the service that I ordered?" I was trying to get her to compare it to Fios, which I recently had in Bmore. She couldn't relate the two. She scared me into thinking that I was going to be waiting for pages to load and so I allowed myself to be suckered into the next step up in Internet service.

Three days after I had cable service connected, it went belly up. No cable. I looked up the number on the Internet to call TWC and noticed that there was such a thing as a "Triple Play" which included phone, Internet and Cable for $15 less than I was paying for Internet and cable. Hmph. New issue. In addition to trying to get service to repair my cable, I also attempted to discuss why I wasn't offered that deal. I was told it was because I said that I didn't want phone service.

I asked to have my service changed to the Triple Play, again this is three days after my service was connected, and I was told that it was only available to NEW customers. I spoke with a supervisor and was told that same spiel. Instead of trying to determine for me what is best, maybe they should have told me the special offers and let me decide. In the last two months that I have had Time Warner, I have lost service AT LEAST five times and had to wait at home three times for the not-so-customer-friendly 3-4 hr time frame they provide for repair. Additionally, the call hold time each time that I have called is almost laughable.

For the last three days I had been repeatedly dropping my Internet signal on my laptop. I thought that the problem was with my laptop until tonight when I tried to use my notebook. I called TWC and they "simply" had to reset my wireless modem remotely. But WHY? Again, I've been frustrated for three days and it turns out that the equipment they supplied is the cause. What kind of service will I have in six months if it's this bad now?

As soon as another company provides service to my area (I'm told ATT&T is on the way) I will be moving on. In my experience, I would absolutely rank TWC as the worst company, as a whole, product and service, that I have encountered. The cable service sucks and the customer service is no better.

Time Warner Cable & Customer Dis-Service!!
By -

I have been fighting with TWC for the last few days and I'm ready to lose my mind!!! I had an unfortunate issue with money being stolen out of my checking account, which caused me to have a returned payment on my TWC account. When I called to explain my situation, I was told that since I was now past due and had a returned payment that they required me to make my payments in cash for a time (which given the situation, was fine by me).

So on Wed Nov 4th, I made arrangements to get the account caught up and pay half the balance on the account in cash by the 10th of Nov and the rest within 2 weeks (my next pay date) while I was sorting out my issues with my bank. At that point, I was satisfied that we had reached an agreement and went about my day. Much to my surprise the following day (Nov 5th), my services were disconnected at the pole!!! I immediately called the customer service number and was told that due to my past due account and the returned check that I was scheduled to be disconnected and someone had moved that date from the 11/10 to 11/5.

When I argued that I had JUST SPOKE TO SOMEONE the day before about it, she told me that she didn't know why the other representative had made arrangements with me, also that there were notes about my bank account being hacked, but no payment agreement was listed in the notes... I was furious!! I then demanded that they pull the call from the previous day and verify what I was told, the representative placed me on "hold" and after about 5-10 minutes I was disconnected!! I called back, this time I was ready to rip someone a new $$ and I went off on the first person who answered the phone!!

This representative told me that since service was disconnected that I had to pay all charges on my acct, PLUS a reconnect fee and the full next month of service!! I told her that she was out of her mind and that I had just made arrangements the day before and that TWC should honor that commitment. At that point the woman told me that I could take my cash payment to the local office the next day and discuss it with them. So the next day, I made the effort to take time off work to get to the local office with my CASH payment.

When I arrived, the lovely woman, **, who by the way is one of the ONLY TWC employees that seems to give a damn about customers, pulled up my account and said that it was "locked" by a supervisor and that she couldn't take my payment. She advised me to call the 800 number while I stood there in the office to get this cleared up. I called and spoke to a billing representative ** whom I relayed the WHOLE story to once more. She then said that I could speak to her supervisor **.

** had to be briefed on the situation AGAIN and once I had her up to speed, she immediately said that she could request that the call be pulled and that someone would get back to me in a day or so. She told me to make the payment, and I explained that TWC had not done much to earn my trust in this matter so I would hold on to my money until the issue could be addressed and once I was assured that my service was being restored. She said under the circumstances that she would do the same thing and took my callback number, assuring that someone would call me back as soon as the call was reviewed.

Today I came into work and waited until 11 am for someone to call me back. When no call came to EITHER numbers that I'd left for contact, I decided to call them again and check on the progress of this issue. I was not really surprised that when I FINALLY got through to a "supervisor" I was told that ** was not, in fact, a supervisor, but ** was and she informed me that they would not be restoring services as promised by the previous reps.

Suffice it to say I totally blew a gasket at that point!! I told ** that I wanted BOTH calls pulled and reviewed, the one from Wed making the agreement, and the one from Friday that assured me that they would back up that agreement. She said that she would do that and call me back within the hour. To my shock, she actually did call me back and said that she pulled both calls and that I was correct in everything that I was saying, however due to the returned check issue that they would not restore service unless I paid everything in cash.

Once again, reneging on the previous reps assurances that the original request would be honored once they proved what the first girl told me!! I flipped out and requested ** supervisors name and phone number and told her that I wanted the calls forwarded to her boss and I will be calling to follow up on Monday. I also have acquired the number for the office of the President of TWC (203-328-0600 for anyone interested) and the BBB and I plan on calling both on Monday as well to try to get this matter resolved. TWC seems to think that they can treat customers like garbage and get away with it!!

While I have repeatedly admitted my fault in this matter (which was getting behind in the first place), I also expect any company that I do business with to uphold any verbal agreements (especially when it's being recorded) and I will fight this matter until it is resolved to MY satisfaction. I hope that someone from TWC monitors sites like these and decides to resolve this problem before it gets any worse.

Time Warner Drops The Ball and Doesn't Pick It Back Up
By -

I live in L. A. and recently my girlfriend and I moved from Sycamore Avenue, 3 miles up the road to Fairfax Ave. We rent a small one-bedroom unit. When changing our Time Warner Cable and Internet Service (which we had been subscribing to for the past 2 years) the customer service representative suggested we close out the old subscription and start a new service because it would be cheaper than a transfer. We said "sure". Who would not want to save a buck or two in this economy? They said to have the old cable box ready as well as 100.00 dollars and they would mail us the old bill which was around 100.00 to the new apartment.

The cable was installed on a Thursday. On Monday, we got home from work and noticed the service was interrupted. We called customer service and spoke with a very rude uncaring agent who said they had sent our old bill to their internal collections and that our new service would not be turned back on until we called the collections department and paid the debt in full. We were very confused by this as we were instructed step by step how to proceed with the changeover by Time Warner themselves and followed precisely as asked. I asked how this could be as in two years we were never late or interrupted and never had a problem making payments.

Also, they were JUST IN the new address installing the box 3 days prior!! Nothing delinquent here. They obviously made an error, either with paperwork, instructions to us or a glitch. Alright, I can understand that this is not a perfect world but when I asked the first agent I spoke with for help, not only was he rude but he was not trying to understand what happened and said we had to pay first and call collections between 9-5 the FOLLOWING DAY! We just worked 12 hours and want to relax in our new place after moving all week. He did not even listen.

Annoying, but HERE IS THE REASON I AM WRITING THIS... I called back and asked for a supervisor immediately and got one named **. When I explained the situation he said sorry there was nothing he could do. He said he cannot or will not make any customer exceptions. He did not offer any type of compensation or even a kind word. When all I wanted was for him to at least admit that it was an error on their part and not fair he said "it is a matter of opinion"!!!! Being in customer service for years I was shocked that someone with no empathy or people skills could be put in a position such as that.

I also asked for a manager and he said it would take 24-48 hours for a call back. I said that if a manager calls me and apologizes for this inconvenience and accepts responsibility for their mistake I would not write any bad reviews and move on. Well... I paid up my bill in full so they got their money but I never heard back from a manager. Extremely unsatisfactory customer service from ** and Time Warner. Sorry ** I gave you a chance.

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