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New Add Ons For Time Warner Cable--Lying, Swindling, Intentionally Misleading, Price Gouging
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I am being swindled, intentionally misled and am writing this letter under protest. Since November of last year my online bill has been $155.00 but when we get it by mail it is $200.00. Because I am being charged for the same two movies and 411 calls over and over again. I have been calling Time Warner Cable since November of last year, all they give me is the run around. In February I was told I was being billed 39.00 a month for 411 calls and for calling TWC to inquire about my bill. Time Warner and their reps said their digital phone service calls can be to anyone, anywhere, anytime and any number. The representative said she would credit the charges for the 411 calls to my balance. It never happened. I complained to Mr. Brad Phillips by email and post on 03/30/10at 11:27 AM. He nor has anyone else seen fit to call or write back. I called on the 19th of April, 2010 and made a payment arrangement, for $209.00 on the 30th of April. Today, April 27,2010 I came home to find my services had been shut off. I called TWC, the representative said he was looking at the agreement. But because they had already shut it off he would have to make another agreement for the 7th of May for $389.00. It’s not right nor is it fair that I have to pay another $200.00 dollars because they breached the agreement. I will not have $400.00 in 10 days. Besides it is they who owe me $278.00 for double charging two movies and for the same 411 calls over and over. He said the 7th is as far as he can extend it. Then he pretended toinvestigate the bogus charges on my account. He claimed that the representative who told me she would credit my account for the 411 calls failed to notate it but he could credit me $15.00 without making a notation on my account. What the hell is $15.00 when they have cheated me out of $278.00. I've heard this same lie from them a time or two before. Time Warner’s business practice of ripping off customers because they hold a monopoly on the market need to be investigated. I'm asking you to help rectify this situation.
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User Replies:
idontthinkso on 04/27/2010:
Rectify the situation??

Get away from Cable.
beanbagbritches on 05/10/2010:
The directory assistance charges (411/0) are always charged with the phone service. Stop dialing 411 & pull out a phone book to avoid those charges. You can also locate phone number information online. Stop by your local TWC office to dispute further charges.
Anonymous on 05/10/2010:
Yikes! Calling 411 is spendy...are you saying you didn't make the calls, and that's why you're disputing them?

You can also text GOOGL (46645) for phone #'s, addresses, etc and it's free...other than it does count against your text msg bucket.
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Horrific customer service
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On the morning of 10/30/09 I started calling Time Warner at 10 am to inquire about their packages, prices, etc. To make a long story short I was basically on the phone all day, until around 7 pm -- just basically trying to get the same answer from 2 people on ANY question. Over the course of the day I asked several questions, and Never once got the same answer from any 2 people on any question. These were not esoteric questions, mind you. They were questions like, "When does this special offer price end" (several representatives said that it ends tomorrow -- Sat. 10/31 -- absolutely positively. Several others said they didn't yet have an expiration date. One even said she'd call me a week before it expires. Other question was what is the penalty if I cancel (same problem). I even then started speaking to supervisors, but didn't do any better with them. I won't list my other questions & the conflicting answers I got, but suffice to say that the day was really bad. My blood pressure was way up, & I felt at the end of my rope with frustration. Unfortunately, Time Warner has a monopoly on cable in my area, & to keep my current phone service from Frontier is more expensive so I don't know what I'll do. I thought Cable Companies weren't allowed to have a monopoly -- what happened to that ??
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Telephone Phone Tree and Repair Service
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UNIONTOWN, OHIO -- Wow, its not like the old days is it! Wait time for repair service is at least 45 minutes holding on the phone for an operator, when you finally get through, it's 2-3 days before someone comes out! If the machines says they'll call you back, leave your number, no one calls back. All calls go through Cleveland, Oh, I don't live in Cleveland! One guy only works inside the house, 2 days later the other guy came to fix the outside line. *****BEWARE OF THEIR PHONE SERVICE SPECIALS***** how do you get help if your phones go down, plus your cable and internet?

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User Replies:
beanbagbritches on 04/20/2007:
Try e-mailing them. Also, please realize that sometimes it can take 2-3 days to schedule technicians to come to your home. This is due to outages, inclement weather & other reasons. You may consider rebooting your box or modem to see if that will help.
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Customer service
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GEORGIA -- Time Warner has the worst customer service, they do not care about their customer. They have the worst technicians and installers
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